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Weirdest Super Bowl Prop Bets

Weirdest Super Bowl Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is fast approaching. It is the 58th rendition of one of America’s favorite sports events. The game will take place on February 11, 2024, in the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, close to Sin City. The fans are, of course, excited. The gamblers are just as excited, however, waiting for a chance to start betting.

Popular Super Bowl Bets

Thanks to the ingenuity of oddsmakers, bookies nowadays offer different betting options. The most popular choice is straight moneyline bets or “to win” wagers. As the name implies, “to win” bets involve players betting on which team will win the Super Bowl championship and take home the trophy.

On the other hand, we have propositions or prop bets. A more complex betting option, where the odds makers set up certain possibilities, and the customers bet on how likely their outcome is. Throughout Super Bowl history, there have been a lot of serious prop bets. However, there has also been a tradition of crazy, weird and funny Super Bowl prop bets as well. In this article, we’d like to explore the weirdest.

Prop: Will Rihanna Show Cleavage

The half-time show is a 15-30 minute mini-concert that has been a part of the Super Bowl since its inception. It takes place during the half-time of the Super Bowl, and has varied from incredibly elaborate to simple and unexciting and finally to scandalous.

In 2023, the incredible pop star Rihanna, was booked to perform. Close to the 2023 Super Bowl, some bookies began offering very peculiar odds; “Will Rihanna show cleavage?” Fans were split on the concept. Some found it disrespectful, while others believed it was harmless fun.

Still, the odds remained up, and quite a few bettors wagered on the outcome. “YES” was by far the popular vote. However, Rihanna did not wear cleavage to the Super Bowl, instead choosing to appear in a bright, red, sporty outfit that remains iconic today.

Prop: The First Advertisement

The Super Bowl-specific commercials and advertisements are just as popular as the half-time show. Many companies with sponsorship deals with the National Football League come out with commercials during the Super Bowl game that somehow relate to said game.

For the past couple of years, online sportsbooks, specifically, and even some land-based bookies, have been creating odds on which company will get the first Super Bowl advertisement during the game. Beer and chips are the most likely ones and usually get shown first. However, there is always the chance for an upset.

Prop: Will a Player Leave Due to Concussion?

One of the more bizarre and just downright creepy bets that you would never see for the World Cup, or similar sporting events. Concussions have been a huge problem in football, and for a long time, the NFL has been trying to find ways to reduce the risks of a concussion. Regardless, concussions have only increased in the past couple of years.

Knowing this, a few odds makers have begun creating odds for the likelihood of a player getting a concussion during the Super Bowl. Like the Rihanna props, some people find this incredibly distasteful and disrespectful. On the other hand, some think it is hilarious. In either case, people are betting on the outcome.

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Prop: Will the Half-time Show Be Scandalous

It is hard to say whether the NFL has ever recovered from Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl. They’ve done their best to ensure that fans forget the incident, which of course, has had the opposite effect. Almost 20 years later, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone outraged about the controversy.

Still, the idea of a scandal persists in the general public’s mind. Odds makers have banked on that desire to see something go wrong and have created quite a few odds on whether or not a big controversy will occur during the Super Bowl half-time show.

For the 58th event, the NFL got the King of R&B, Usher, to perform. Though incredibly talented and engaging, Usher is not well-known as a “controversial figure.” Most believe that his show will be safe and go over smoothly.


Who will perform the 2024 Super Bowl LVIII half-time show?

The National Football League has secured R&B singer Usher to perform. The artist has said that his dream has been to perform at the Super Bowl for a long time, and he is excited about it.

When is the Super Bowl LVIII taking place?

The 58th iteration of the Super Bowl will take place on February 11, 2024, at the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

What is a prop bet?

A prop bet, or a proposition bet, is a type of wager that you will find at online and land-based sportsbooks. The idea is that the oddsmakers create a proposition, and bettors wager on the likelihood of its outcome.

What are some popular prop bets for the Super Bowl?

The most popular ones are props like “What player will score the first touchdown,” or “Which players from Team A will start the game?”

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