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2022 U-20 WAFU B: Flying Eagles Defeat Ghana In Group Opener

2022 U-20 WAFU B: Flying Eagles Defeat Ghana In Group Opener

The Flying Eagles of Nigeria got their 2022 WAFU Zone B qualifying tournament off to a perfect start after defeating defending champions Black Satellites of Ghana 2-0 in Niamey, Niger Republic on Sunday, Completesports.com reports.

The Group B game, which was played inside the General Seyni Kountche Stadium, saw the Flying Eagles score in each half through Aminu Muhammad and Ahmed Abdullahi.


Muhammad gave the Flying the lead just five minutes into the game before Abdullahi doubled their lead with 12 minutes left.

It is a case of revenge for the Flying Eagles who lost 1-0 to Ghana in the group stage of the WAFU Zone B qualifiers in Benin Republic in 2020 which was race for the 2021 U-20 AFCON.

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The Ghanaians went on to win the 2020 WAFU Zone B qualifiers in Benin Republic.

Ladan Bosso and his team will now take on Burkina Faso in their second Group B game on Wednesday.

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Meanwhile, hosts Niger Republic, Benin Republic, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire are in Group A.

Two teams will advance into the semi-finals from each group, with the two finalists qualifying to represent the WAFU Zone B at the 2023 U-20 AFCON in Egypt.

The 2023 U-20 AFCON is the qualifiers for the FIFA U-20 World Cup to be hosted in Indonesia also in 2023.

All four semi-finalists from the tournament in Egypt will qualify to represent Africa in Indonesia.

The Flying Eagles are the most successful team when it comes to the CAF U-20 AFCON after winning it seven times.

The last time they won the continental tournament was in 2015 when they beat hosts Senegal 1-0 in the final.

Other six occasions they were crowned champions was in 1983, 1985, 1987, 1989 and 2005.

Their last appearance at the U-20 AFCON was at the 2019 edition hosted by Niger Republic where they finished in fourth place.

At the FIFA U-20 World Cup, the Flying Eagles have finished as runners-up on two occasions ‚Äď 1989 and 2005.

By James Agberebi

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  • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

    Congrats to babe eagles lol

    At least they have salvaged a little pride after Ghana pulled the mighty one 


    Ghana ll still qualify …  we beat this babe eagles only last year lol

  • Coache 2 weeks ago

    Did anybody see the first goal? Fantastic! Yet somebody will say our best players are abroad. I laugh in Swahili.

    The amount of talents in Nigeria is inquantifiable. Don’t let euro transmission and live coverage of their matches becloud your sense of judgement.

    • @Coachie, calm down, Sunday Mba scored beautiful goal in 2013 Nation’s Cup Final. Where is he today?
      Babatunde scored beautiful goal against Argentina in 2014, the same tournament the likes of Messi, Pogba, Giroud, played, even our Balogun played in the build up to the tournament and got injured against Mexico.
      Balogun is still very much around, Mba, Babatunde, Reuben nko? May be we prefer players like Balogun, Iwobi, Odemwengie, and not Solomon Okoronkwo, Rabiu Ibrahim etc. Calm down , make we finish the tournament.

      • Coache 2 weeks ago

        @Sean, I am not celebrating the team albeit Bosso is worse than OUR OWN but the quality of the goal.

        Thanks for the memory lane.

      • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

        Babatunde did not score against Argentina.

        • Thanks..I mean an assist for Musa’s goal after a sharp speed.

        • Thanks.. I mean an assist for Musa’s goal after a sharp speed.

  • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

    Ghana bartered hahaha!!

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      These old daddies touting themselves as under 20 ll be caught by fifa and banned haha 

      This is going to happened to majority of the NIGERIAN squad 

      They should be very careful…. Those NIGERIAN players are cheats haha

      • ¬†Continue bleeding together with the Ghana grandpas you called under 20. I guess they lost because their blood is too old and weak to compete with our young boys. Enjoy your bleeding.¬†

      • Honestly 2 weeks ago

        Let’s be frank. Both Nigerian and Ghanaian players are over-aged. Let’s call a spade a spade for once.

  • Ghanaian Under 20 really tried,
    They will surely find clubs.
    Orlando Pirate , Keiser Chiefs and Polokwane City of South Africa will need them.
    Even club like Al Hilal of Sudan will need them, they really tried.

  • Fetch 2 weeks ago

    Age cheating has done a great deal of harm to African football. So these players are supposedly under 20. It becomes very embarrassing when people closer to these players expose their real ages

    • Zoomman 2 weeks ago

      There was MRI scan before the start of the competition bro. Kindly accept the defeat or victory and move on.

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        Nigeria man ll still cheat lol 

        Over aged NIGERIAN players no wonder they have won the under 17 and Africa under 20 more than any other nations on earth but choked at the senior wc lol

        These NIGERIAN old men touting themselves as under 20 are all fucking old haha 

        Just give them two years and u wldnt even see any of them around haha 

        When the real fifa under 20 starts and fifa starts their own examination, most of these age cheats ll be caught real handed and ban haha 

        • Kunle 2 weeks ago

          Because Ghana children dey chop kenke and Banku without fish, how can they grow well, no good balance diet

          • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

            Not true 

            Every thing in Nigeria is NA CONNECTION 

            How can a  country with no electricity produce healthy players than Ghana lol

            Never haha …..

        • Excuse, excuse and more excuse. Nigeria u20 team comprehensively beat their Ghana counterpart 2 kpondo not 1-1 draw “away goal” ruled out in Europe and other saner zonal football Confederations except CAF.

          Now diarhoea mouth running @Selfmade, Yaw,Yeboah and their likes want to attribute their defeat to “age cheating,” as if Ghana is nit guilty of age cheating!
          The likes of Ghana’s Dominic Adiyah who claimed to be 18 years in 2009 when Ghana won the under 20 Afcon pittered out by 2012 as the old mashed up bones could not meet up with senior team football at “24 cheating years!”

          Admit Nigeria is superior to Ghana in modern football, not pre-80s Afcon win when only 4 African friendly countries organised!

        • Steve O 2 weeks ago

          You sound useless , Ghanians are the worst cheat in Africa , they even use juju in what ever they do in football!!..I know sore loser like you won’t accept it but Ghanians are known all over the world as grandfather of cheating at age level !!

        • Supatemmy 2 weeks ago

          You dey console yourself shey? After u don spit full ground say una go win.

    • Baller 101 2 weeks ago

      Bro, it’s kinda funny how y’all scream age cheating when you lose a game, especially to 9ja but when you win, it’s all good! No one would say anything about age cheating. Haba! Na wetin???

  • Ifeanyi frank 2 weeks ago


  • chuks haifa 2 weeks ago

    Cyril Dessers again today! what a player

    • Diran 2 weeks ago

      Cyriel Dessers is a great striker and surely deserves to be in the Super Eagles. I hope the Nigeria super Eagles coaches are watching him. He is a quality addition that will inject good finishing and precision to the team. Cyriel Dessers is on top of his game at the moment.

  • Burkina Faso, please put on your A game and knock these wannabes out. I’m rooting for you guys. These noisy neighbors of only 20 million is disturbing our meeting of power countries with other 200 million+ nations like Russia, USA, Brazil & China. And we don’t want to bully anyone with our big size like Russia is doing at the moment. Stupid Yaw and selfmade idiot

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Ghana lost their first match last year but still qualify so it isn’t a problem for us at all

      A lot of Nigerians ll appreciate this 


      Than qualify to under 20 tournament that Ghana has already won it haha 

      These NIGERIAN players are age cheats with grand fathers calling themselves under 20

      Fifa ll surely ban a lot of these cheats like they did back in the days with ur under 17

      Most of them has passed the African MRI but they can’t pass the fifa MRI, u just watch it and see haha 

       Besides Ghana are the defending champions and we don’t even want this tournament anymore 

      In case u don’t remember this is the highlights 


      Bokom cheats haha 

    • @ Kel, you are a big fool. What did you do with your 200+ population. Boko Haram will drop a bomb on your head tonight. Kwasiato!

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Ghanaman don come fi area again!
    Flying Eagles 2 Ghanaman 0
    Ghanaman cry like a baby!

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Bokom age cheats haha 


      This is disgraceful…. When are Nigerians ever going to stop saying NA CONNECTION lol

      Even with football age, NA CONNECTION lol

      These under 20s are the real SUPER CHICKENS 

  • Excuse, excuse and more excuse. Nigeria u20 team comprehensively beat their Ghana counterpart 2 kpondo not 1-1 draw “away goal” ruled out in Europe and other saner zonal football Confederations except CAF.

    Now diarhoea mouth running @Selfmade, Yaw,Yeboah and their likes want to attribute their defeat to “age cheating,” as if Ghana is nit guilty of age cheating!
    The likes of Ghana’s Dominic Adiyah who claimed to be 18 years in 2009 when Ghana won the under 20 Afcon pittered out by 2012 as the old mashed up bones could not meet up with senior team football at “24 cheating years!”

    Admit Nigeria is superior to Ghana in modern football, not pre-80s Afcon win when only 4 African friendly countries organised!

    • Akosa Ike 2 weeks ago

      Tony when Ghana beat Nigeria and other countries in the same WAFU B zone and went ahead to win the Africa U-20 Nations Cup,to proceed to world cup,did Ghanaians talk about age cheats?

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Ghanaman cheat too.
    Ghanaman do ADVANCE FEE FRAUD, ROMANCE SCAM, and other vices.
    In fraud, Nigeria is quantity. Ghanaman is “quality”.
    Ghanaman cheat like crazy.
    See link below of Ghanaman that almost bankrupted Swiss giant bank UBS

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Ghanaman DJIKU has added another skill to his resume.
    He is an OWN GOAL SPECIALIST. Now he has added the new skill REVERSE PLAYMAKER.
    A reverse playmaker is an expert in giving assist to opponents strikers.
    Djiku now specializes in making accurate passes to opponent’s strikers to enable them score goals.
    Djiku did this expertly against PSG last week. A lovely “no look” pass to the opponent’s striker allowed PSG to score a goal against his team Strasbourg.
    With OWN GOAL SPECIALIST AND REVERSE PLAYMAKER Djiku, SCATTER-BRAIN Salisu, JITTERY Amartey as their center backs, and WOBBLY WOLLACOTT in goal, Ghanaman is looking really good for the world cup!

    • Baller 101 2 weeks ago

      Lol..lololol…looool…Can you please stop???? I don laff tire for here!

      First of all..Na who be dis cheerful giver wey you dey yarn about sef?

      Secondly, I know the bible says God loves a cheerful giver but gaddamn!!!! This guy own too much abeg!. Chai !!!

      • pompei 2 weeks ago

        Loool Baller 101, this cheerful giver of passes to opponent’s strikers is none other than ALEXANDER “THE GREAT” DJIKU.
        The center back is extremely generous indeed. A philanthropist to the core.
        He will do everything possible to give you an accurate pass if you are his opponent.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 2 weeks ago

      POMPEI oooooo….my belle ooooo


      Why are you like this nao??

      Am literally rolling on the floor here walahi…. chaiiiii

      Still laughing even as I want to press the send button. Lol

      • pompei 2 weeks ago

        My brother, I just dey catch fun with my lovely Ghanaman brothers oooo

  • Stiles 2 weeks ago

    If anybody reply that idiot again then they are like [email protected]

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Superior football is the one that has qualified to the greatest theatre on earth which is the wc and not this bullshit cup with CHEATING NIGERIAN PLAYERS haha

      How can u produce superior players with no electricity because modern football is technologically and technology requires light haha 

      Since there’s no light, how can these cheating old daddies learn the modern game then haha 

      Cheating BOKOM old daddies 

      • @stiles, you are the biggest idiot because you just typed his name. Age cheats!

        • Stiles 2 weeks ago

          You know what I won’t get into an argument with you. Cause firstly I knew you are jobless if not you won’t spend the majority of ur lifetime arguing and using false language with people you don’t know, you’re so mannerless that I wondered if anyone bothered to give you home training. Jobless idiot.

          • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

            Jobless? Thanks for describing ur dirty father to us lol

            U retarded son of slut!! Aboafunu 

            I have a job! I have job! Like we give a shit about ur minimum pay job!!

            Ugly BOKOM KID haha 

            Get the fuck outta of here with ur EXPIRED FACE 

      • A fool like you call people idiot. Kwasia, I will only insult people who insult Ghanaians. Be careful before u open your dirty mouths.

  • Ralph 2 weeks ago

    I don’t understand why some people are still responding to this guy, if he left Ghana football website and come here to be rude and disrespectful while hiding behind the scene, best thing is to ignore him.
    You don’t respond to people like this. 1-2 months after the WC qualifier he still coming on here, that should tell you a lot.
    If he comment and no one respond to him I’m sure he will stop coming , and if he keep coming then just leave him alone.

    • You are also commenting about him. Why don’t you leave him alone. Age Cheating is the reason why Nigeria football is not going anywhere. Where’s that chistenson Macauly or whatever his name is? He swept every junior award but faded out quickly because of age Cheating. Nigeria will continue to suffer heartbreaks at senior level because of Cheating. Look at the size and faces of your players? These are real grand fathers. Shame on you!

      • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

        @Yaw,but the Ghanaian team I saw yesterday looked older.
        Ghana has long history of age cheat.
        Since the introduction of MRI tests your under 17s have gone to sleep.
        You guys are the worst age cheat in the history of football.The fact that you cannot deal with your team getting comprehensively owned by our younger and much talented,skilful under 20’s hahahaha how the cookie crumbles!
        Sweet victory indeed Burkina Faso will complete the rout and send you back to Accra

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Block headed BOKOM DOG kwasia haha 

      Ao do u watch cnn?

      Do u watch YouTube videos?

      Do u have Facebook account?

      Ur big criminal head like a G SPOT haha 

      A still here because the law time I checked ur irresponsible father was jerking his small hairy dick when serious people were building this website 

      U piece of FART lol

      Did Nigerians created these sites? 

      U such an imbecile, retarded son of bitch lol

      When are u BOKOM dogs going to realized that we are living in a global community and hence anything that happens in that CRAZY zoo ll be broadcasted 

      Motherfucker!! U ugly punk haha 

      • Steve O 2 weeks ago

        You sound useless , Ghanians are the worst cheat in Africa , they even use juju in what ever they do in football!!..I know sore loser like you won’t accept it but Ghanians are known all over the world as grandfather of cheating at age level !!

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          U dumb as a pair of SOCKS lol

          U have an iq comparable to a PRISON PADDOCK haha 

    • Stiles 2 weeks ago

      That’s because he’s very useless both at home and to the community. A reasonable man with a job won’t spend his whole day assaulting people.don’t you have parents or family members to talk to you? even Ghanaian players won’t qualify for wc if they remain idle and utterly useless like you.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 weeks ago

    Selfmade king and Yaw, why can’t you guys accept defeat and move on to the next game?, is just sports. We don’t condone age cheats and Ghana has been banned in the past for age cheating. You condemn the Nigerian senior team and attribute some of their failures on age cheating at the junior level; but ask yourself what the Ghanaian senior team has achieved in recent times?, even at the AFCON, the poorest result, against Nigeria for the world cup qualification, you can’t even beat Nigeria ( the so called babies) in Kumasi or in Abuja, you were outplayed, just qualified on away goal rule. We are brothers men, and we love and respect you, but you have to accept results in soccer, when Ghana beat Nigeria at the junior level, why don’t you see the overage? except when you loose. The point is that Nigeria has talents and the better team won today.

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      My bro, did u watched the wc matches?

      Ghana outplayed u guys in Kumasi!

      In abuja, Ghana also outplayed Nigeria in the second half 

      https://www.facebook.com/nigerian football/videos/6811263173886/

      U can watch the full second half of the match in abuja and judge for ur self how Ghana outplayed in r r second half 

      No hard feelings bro and we have nothing against Nigeria but love! 

      • Baller 101 2 weeks ago

        I’m pretty sure you’re referring to a different world cup qualifying matches bro.

        • Top it 2 weeks ago

          The players themselves sometimes feel so bad about how drastically they have to reduce their ages to compete . This age cheating thing is identical to defilement

  • Is anybody still responding to these immatured and fake Ghanaians. The Ghanaians that I know are not like these. Have you seen a Nigerian president and Ghananian president abusing each other?

    It shows the strangers on this forum are the fake Ghanaians who are disturbed by what Nigeria is on the continent.

    But I wonder if they have a sports website in their country. I can’t imagine Nigerians commenting in a Ghanaian website.

    Hey the strange Ghanaians on this forum, stop disgracing the true Ghanaians. Ghanaians are not this rude.

    Nigerians please keep your love for your little brother – Ghana despite the rudeness of these fake Ghanaians

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      And who’s the little bro? Ghana?

      Maybe u didn’t learn history!!

      Ghana had its independence in 1957, the first sun Saharan nation to do so!!

      Stop lying to ur selfs that Ghana is little brother 

      At the end of the day, in academia, is well noted that Ghana is the senior brother to all west Africa nations with the exception of Liberia 

      Little bro, u see these are some of the lies thag make people scorned at Nigerians!!

      On 6 March 1957, the Gold Coast (now known as Ghana) gained independence from Britain. Ghana became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and was led to independence by Kwame Nkrumah who transformed the country into a republic, with himself as president for life


      Nigeria was granted independence on October 1, 1960….

      Someone born in 1957 and someone born in 1960 who is the oldest here? 

      Of course ur own kids ll tell u the 1957 is the oldest so Ghana is the oldest and Nigerians are our kid bothers so stop the lies and the misinformation 

      U are a CHRISTIAN and as a Christian u don’t have to twist the facts to suit ur own caprices!!

      Lying is a sin in the good books!

      Correct that mistake pls!! 

      Ur lies can’t change the fact that the world knows that Ghana is the first sub Saharan country to gained independence paving the way for u to follow 

      • Baller 101 2 weeks ago

        Lol.. Dude! you might wanna doublecheck the academia part of your write up. I think you got that part totally WRONG bro! Lol..

      • @Selfmade idiot, let me teach you small history. No cedis required. Nigeria had 4 independent regions during the colonial days. That was like 4 countries in 1. A motion for independence was moved in 1954 and it was granted to 3 regions per one. The Northern region only accepted independence in 1960.

        Tell me where in the world (apart from your own immature & backyard reckoning though) – news outlets, economists, historians, military analysts etc – does anyone mention Ghana in the same line with Nigeria. Dude, it’s like saying Ukraine is bigger than Russia. A total joke of irony.

        We are not mate in anything. In fact, for this rubbish you just spewed, if I were Buhari, I will order for the annexation of Ghana to form 3 satellite states (I’ll divide it up) – to add to our 37 states to make a total of 40 states.

        Small country with a confused, colour-riot flag and only Accra and Kumasi to talk about – whereas we have 15 and counting. Economically, militarily, population, size, sports, where do you want to start. Guy, shift and go and join the WhatsApp group of the Gambia, Liberia, Benin, Togo etc.

        And, oh, by the way, stars are not black. Stars are bright.

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          Blah blah blah …. Mxm 

          Tell me the official Independence Day of Nigeria in the record books period!! 

          This and that and that doesn’t add up!!

          U looked pathetic lol

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          Annexed Ghana? Haha 

          Even u can’t defeat 3 BOKOMS with just a colonial RIPLE and BOKOM sword how can u defeat the MIGHTY GOLD COAST haha 

          If BOKOM was in Ghana, they wldve been a thing of the past because ordinary Ghanaians wldve fight them unlike Nigerians who are loud but soft and cowards haha

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Read Ghana country profile on bbc and educate ur self because honestly u looked ridiculous … 

      With all due respect 

      • Papafem 2 weeks ago

        Just thank your stars that NFF gifted you WC ticket by thst terrible appointment of coaches at that critical time. No way you’d have beaten that Nigerian team to WC ticket with a better team management. Sentiment wil not allow you admit this, and its unfortunate.

        But that’s in the past now. It happens. However, you need to quit this your bragging up n down. I mean, by now, Nigeria shouldn’t be your problem anymore. Uruguay, South Korea and the other team should be. People hardly discuss Ghana over here these days. We have other obsessions, trust me.

        If we miss out on the WC, we have other global sporting events to look up to this year. Our men and women basketball teams will be taking part in FIBA WC later this year. Not sure Ghana even has a standing basketball team. Our Super Falcons will be at AWCON in few weeks time. Remember they beat your Ugly Queens to that ticket. Nigeria will probably win the cup, and even qualify for FIFA WC. Ghana for sure won’t be there. The point is, while you have a little fighting chance against Nigeria in football, in other areas you’re dead n buried. Not even in global music or movies. Your stars beg for roles n collabs in those stuffs. If football doesn’t give you joy in Ghana, nothing does,dude. Reason you wanna kill yourself because luck smiled on you this time. So grow up.

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          U ll as usual eat a humble pie comes the wc 

          U are underrating Ghana but u have forgotten that Ghana have superior in the wc than any other African nations and if there’s any country that’s capable of winning the wc for Africa, Ghana shouldn’t be discounted!!

          The records are there for any unbiased critic to follow 

          We went to the second second in Germany at our first attempt, better it in 2010 and did wonderfully well in Brazil against against Germany and Portugal 

          This group is going to be one of easiest for us and u ll see!!

          U can talker and bragged about all these other sporting activities, but of course the GREATEST HUMAN THEATRE on Gods planet is the WC and Ghana ll be there 

          Is greater than the SUPER BOWL and of course haa a global televised audience than a HEAVYWEIGHT fight 

          Console ur soul with these dwarfed events we don’t care and besides WITH THE EXCEPTION OF UR OLYMPICS gold medals Nigeria doesn’t beat Ghana in any sporting events!

          We qualified on ur expense and Ghana as usual is establishing a footballing tradition here by not losing in a playoff match and we ll beat u guys again after all we hood the superior head to head against u at all football levels 

          See how many times we have been BEATING U at most crucial stages!’

          Am not boasting here but counting from 92 to 2022, we have eliminated u in all other encounters 

          In 1992, Ghana eliminated Nigeria in afcon ¬†‚ÄĒ- quarter finals¬†

          In 2008, Ghana eliminated Nigeria at the quarter finals iin afcon 

          In 2013, Ghana eliminated Nigeria in the quarter finals at Afcon hosted by angola 

          In 2014 Chan afcon, Ghana again eliminated Nigeria to reach the finals hosted by South Africa 

           In 2017, Ghana again won the wafu finals at ur expense 

          And the biggest of it all is qualifying on ur own turf to the greatest human theatre on earth which is the wc 

          So continue to blame AMADU for ur failure to qualify to the wc but discerning minds knows that this isn’t any thing extra o  as we have been beating u from time immemorial and with ur mindset, Ghana ll repeat it again anytime, anyday!! 

  • KENNETH 2 weeks ago

    It’s so funny how you guys have the energy to respond to Dr Dry who is pretending to be selfmade from Ghana. Haven’t you all noticed he hasn’t commented about this game. He is one person that can’t stand our own. So Dry dry in disguise, keep it up. Aka Yeboah, Yaw

  • Top it 2 weeks ago

    African youth football is a sham. Everyone is aware of this. It really takes a courage for almost 30 year Olds to parade themselves as under 20s

    • They are thieves. Nigeria should stop age cheating. Aba!

      • Coache 2 weeks ago

        The Ghanaian goalkeeper is FATHER. BOTH 9JA AND GHANA CHEATED

  • Top it 2 weeks ago

    Nigeria’s worst case of age fraud dates back to 1989 when Nigeria’s youth national teams were slammed with a FIFA ban for fielding three over-aged players at the 1988 Olympics. Do you think is fair to cheat these youngsters. The players themselves sometimes feel so bad about how drastically they have to reduce their ages to compete . This age cheating thing is identical to defilement