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2022 WCQ: Blow For Eagles As Ndidi Picks Up Injury Ahead Playoffs With Ghana

2022 WCQ: Blow For Eagles As Ndidi Picks Up Injury Ahead Playoffs With Ghana

Wilfred Ndidi is set to miss this month’s crucial 2022 World Cup qualifying playoffs between Nigeria and Ghana, after picking up a knee injury in Leicester’s Europa Conference League game with Rennes.

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers confirmed Ndidi’s injury in his post-match, after the Foxes advanced into the quarter-finals 3-2 on aggregate despite losing the second leg 2-1.

Ndidi, who was in Leicester’s starting eleven against Rennes, had to go off in the 60th minute after sustaining the injury.

Speaking after the game Rodgers expressed disappointment over Ndidi’s injury, describing it as disappointing.


“It was disappointing. Marc (Albrighton) felt his groin a little bit. Ndidi is a block tackle so his medial ligament in his knee, so we’ll see how that is.”

It would be worrying news for the Super Eagles coaching crew with the game against Ghana just days away.

Earlier on Thursday, it was reported that Kenneth Omeruo is a major doubt the big clash due to a groin injury.

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  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    I wish Ndidi a speedy recovery. I have been saying this for a while even during Oga Rohr’s time. No replacement for Ndidi but why?

    Each position must have two best players. Now, who will replace Ndidi if he can’t play against Ghana? The midfield is very light am afraid.

    Who will complement Osimhen efforts or replace him if Ghanaian players doesn’t give him a space to operate?

    We can clearly see now that Oga Rohr did not do his job well? Our own have not impressed me as well so far.

    Now, you better have a rethink coach Eguavoen. If it is not too late, we need three players as quickly as possible before tomorrow night.

    Call Nwobodo, Azubuike and Dessers. I hope you coaching crew will now listen and stop doing a shabby job in the national team.

    Good luck to you Ndidi. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Selfmade KING 7 months ago

      Even if he plays through his injury, Ghana ll still destroy the eagles in ghana!! The steams are gathering and we are preparing briskly for u all!!

      I wish him a speedy recovery tho because we want the super chickens to bring all their best players to motivate us even more to completely annihilate them

      • Steve O 7 months ago

        The last time won Ghana won anything in football at senior level , Egyptian pharaohs was still holding the Israelites in captivity!!…even our under 21 team will still win this shabbily Ghanaian twinkle twinkle little star !!

    • Sportradio88.0 fm 7 months ago

      Some players shud use their brain.. ur coach will not tell u. Don’t go for rough tackle wen u have big games

  • Hmmm…Onazi from standby list…

  • Wilfred Ndidi is always getting Injured before Important games nawa o..I am starting to question his patriotism to our cause every big game we need him most he must be injured SMH!!!

  • I wish you a quick recovery Ndidi!

    For those clamoring for a Midfield trio of; Etebo, Aribo and Amoo, the stage is set. We shall see how it pans out.

    Coachie, you better call Bonke, that guy is a machine. At least we saw him play under Rohr vs CAR. However, invite and carefully assess the available DMs in training for a formidable force to combat Partey of Arsenal. Good luck SE.

    Pls all SE players should guide against injury this weekend o.. ejor!!!

    • I still don’t understand why Bonke is left out of the list.

      Nigeria is blessed.

      No panic Ghana will surely fall.

      Nothing for ghana.

  • Chinenye 7 months ago

    I will never panic or feel navous because of a coach who used his own hands to plan his downfall. Select ur list without bribery, interference, corruption even if it means stepping on people’s toes to do that. It’s bettee to quit with dignity snd honour for not tolerating anyform of interference be it from nnf or agents than making a mockery if urself. I will feel no sorry for Eguavon if he fails to qualify for Qatar 2022 due poor team selections

  • Lol…
    First of all, it was Omeruo.. Akpoguma can’t be call up
    Secondly, Umar, Dessers can’t be called up
    Now , Ndidi, No Bonke.

    Chance for Ndah, Onazi and Onuachu to come in. Good luck.

  • Sunnyb 7 months ago

    This guy never plays with his senses anyway, a typical South American player will rather play save in order to face their rival country. How can u pick up serious injury a week before the match of ur lifetime. Now Partey will ve a free day.

    • Emecco 7 months ago

      Guy, a professional gives his all in every game, you can’t be playing safe for your club because of National team games and vice versa, Ndidi gives his all in ever game and he should be commended. Germany’s Ballack got injured few days before 2010, World Cup, even Brazil’s Emerson got injured during training before 2002, World Cup, getting injured can’t be intentional, it’s part of the game. You can’t be playing safe, claiming you want to avoid injury and keep your body for another game, That’s not professionalism.

    • What a contradiction!
      How did Partey who played yesterday was adjudged the best player for Arsenal by playing safe right?

      Let’s be a reflective thinker.
      A true professional is a true professional. They give their all when duty calls. The hallmark of a true professional.

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 7 months ago

    Will the matra, given by our President Jimmyball come to pass with the lost of our key midfielder ndidi to injury? Only time will tell…

  • James 7 months ago

    Ghana. Juju be like bicycle bears the pain. From the head shouldn’t have been Ndidi but what is the consolation?

    • Omoba Greg 7 months ago

      I’m sorry Ndidi is the only consolation but he still has a chance within the few days and if not, Ogenzi and Amoo, Etebo is normally a regular MDF. Good luck SE.

      • Bemat 7 months ago

        @Omoba, it is painfully so but Ndidi can’t be a console. That is the truth.

        • Ako Amadi 7 months ago

          Tyronne Ebuehi is playing today against Samodoria, yet was not invited by Pinnick and Eguavoen. The entire Nigerian defence is a sick pack of walking wounded!

  • Ife Onikaw 7 months ago

    Why S.E lamentate, Ghana fans are in frenzy. Coach Egu obviously have options as we look up to lad Amoo to shake the middle.

  • Tellme468 7 months ago

    This people only used Ndidi to lick oyibo nyash. Hee o, he shouldn’t have played.

  • In fact, it is sad.

  • Golden Child 7 months ago

    The chicken is coming home to roost.when we tell them to select the best , they will call you enemy of SE. A knee injury before a crucial game? Very unlikely that his club would release him.Bonke would have been the best replacement but sentiments no go gree. Now we are stuck with onazi and Frank onyeka vs partly, there no basis for comparison. Partey is head and shoulders above him. Onyeka would need to play the game of his life.

    We still support the SE and wish you success vs eagles.

  • Warren Ola USA 7 months ago

    There is no juju though Nigerians indeed called on the coach to overhaul his midfield, replace some players. The good news is, Amoo has an opportunity to express himself and it could be a blessing in disguise for the S.E.

    • Raphael 7 months ago

      What cannot be taken away from Nigerians is to encourage and support their own so that they will ‘win with their own’ instead of to fail your own. Good luck Ndidi!

  • Aberuagba 7 months ago

    Sich a good players, is pity for cetozo.

  • Saturday 7 months ago

    Frankly speaking and just like coach Rodgers we’re disappointed over Ndidi’s injury, in fact, it is disappointing. Though coach Augustine Eguavoen has the list, Etebo or Amoo should serve as replacement. I wish Ndidi speedy recovery.

  • Obiano 1 7 months ago

    It can’t be a good news. Let’s continue to pray Ndidi and more.

  • Samni 7 months ago

    Hmmm, just as we are about to relax to watch playoffs? Medial Ligament, what’s that?

  • Edoman 7 months ago

    Amoo will do us justices in that area. Ejuke and/or Pual Onuachu will a be good replacement. Onazi who came to offer bribe-to-play to come in will be a disaster.

  • Ako AMADI 7 months ago

    Huge opportunity for Etebo and Onazi to step in. The Pinnick Prayers are answered!

  • Nelson 7 months ago

    Recovery time for an medial ligament injury depends on the severity of the damage. On average, these injuries take six weeks to heal. No matter the grade of the tear, initial treatment focuses on immobilizing the knee and reducing pain and inflammation. Copied.

  • Father 7 months ago

    Partey will certainly boss the midfield.
    I wish Ndidi speedy recovery.

  • pompei 7 months ago

    Bonke and Yusuf should be called up. I read somewhere that Eguavoen is a big fan of Yusuf, but refrained from calling him up because of the dicey nature of this encounter. With Ndidi’s injury, we no longer have that luxury. Yusuf is now needed.
    Out of Etebo, Onyeka, Yusuf, Bonke and Aribo, we should be able to field a midfield that can cope with the talented Thomas Partey.
    Speedy recovery to Wilfred Ndidi.
    Congrats to Iwobinho for his goal against Newcastle today! A crucial goal that has put some daylight between Everton and the relegation zone!

    • Olusegun.B. 7 months ago

      This means onazi will definitely come in . Since ndidi Is injured . And yet again Etebo will have to prove how much he’s ready to man Up for the game of his life .
      Same also goes to Frank Onyeka

      Super Eagles will make it. This match is a match that both teams will want to fight for this qualification. I’m aware that coach Eguavon and coach Amuneke knows what’s at stake for its either they qualify or their head is endangered .

      Every player being selected knows fully well that they need the world cup so much , so bad . Therefore they will give their all to win and they’re not underestimating the Black stars one bit . Since Ghana sees it as war, Super Eagles sees it as redemption for nations cup loss. So they won’t repeat the error of the AFCON.

    • Chris 7 months ago

      The Nigerian team does not lack replacement in any department. Being in the first 11 doesn’t mean second and third 11 aren’t good enough.

      The coach picked at least 2 players for each position and Frank Onyeka is the second Defensive Midfielder invited. Ndidi is in better form doesn’t mean Frank isn’t good, he can play that position for the team very well and there are other very good Midfielders who can replace Ndidi.

  • Michel 7 months ago

    This is a very bad news, and this coach did not invite bonke

  • Coache 7 months ago

    Onazi is as tough as Bonke and should serve. Ndidi shd be rested for the first leg then, but come to our aid in the second leg.

    • Chinenye 7 months ago

      Pls when was the last time you watched Onazi? Are you aware he has added more weight? For the umpteenth time football is by current for form not by former glories. There ‘re already dead woods in Musa and Ighalo in the team now Onazi is about to join the list of them with Ndidi’s news.
      It’s just a shame being a Nigerian at this point in time. No fuel, no light, increase in commodities prices and the only thing that we finds solace in which is football is being compromise with by some bunch of idiots who have sworn this country will never move foward

      • Coache 7 months ago

        My broda it’s just who we can choose. Those on standby can be called to replace those injured on the main list. No other midfielder there except Ajayi will step up and play the Ndidi role or Shehu.

        If there is a home based player that we trust,maybe. Nwobodo, Azubuike, Noble are wonderful replacements but none of them on standby.

  • Henri 7 months ago

    No doubt it’s painful.

  • Tancosports 7 months ago

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    I know he will reply this comment but I won’t EVER dignifies him with any response.

    And For Indidi, I wish him quick recovery. I believe Etebo will fit in well.

    • Thanks Tancosport.

      I have ignored the fool long ago.

      wise men alway ignore fools in comments. That a fool have access to the gathering of wise doesn’t indicate that he is wise. Pig will always be pig day or night.

      God bless Nigeria

      • Selfmade KING 7 months ago

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  • Xhuxhu 7 months ago

    A huge shame if Ndidi can’t play in this decisive dual fixture this brings to fore the issues always highlighted when a local coach is asked to take charge of the Super Eagles. Making questionable invitations has been the bane of local coaches and I ask myself why the Oyibo man will invite the best legs to their national teams, example is Southgate’s recent snubbing of Manuted duo, Rashford and Sancho, but our people will always make questionable invitations.
    In Europe, Apart from Semi Ajayi, no Nigerian defender has been more consistent with weekly performance than Akpoguma but Eguavoen because of sentiments of him refusing to replace Balogun..Dennis also refused to come to AFCON but he is on the list, deservedly though..Innocent Bonke, plays in one of the top five leagues in Europe and have been doing well but we choose to have Onazi who plays in Saudi 2nd division league on standby.
    Cyriel Kolawole Dessers, scored again yesterday, making it the fourth goal in as many appearances, I think he deserves a chance not coming to the media to say will he take a train to watch Dessers in Holland.
    IF EQUAVOEN FAILS TO QUALIFY US, He and his crew should stay forever far away from our Football…I am just so pissed with this Ndidi news.

  • Abdul Handsy 7 months ago

    Onazi should not come closeb to super eagles at all not even now… That guy had always spoken that he had an unfinished business with the team during Rohr’s reign but Rohr knew his onion and decided against calling him as he wasn’t the Onazi we used to know…

    Onazi had always been desperate to come back to the super eagles and I suspect that he can bribe his way-in that’s why I hate indigenous coaches in Nigeria. Corruption written all over their doings. Logically looking, it doesn’t make any sense that you listed 8 defenders, 9attackers but just 5midfieldfers with one untrusted listed on the standby…

    Eguavoen had started showing his lackadaisical approach to games of this magnitude once again… Alhassan Yusuf of Royal-Antwerp should been blended with these set of our midfieldders long time ago… But he went for unprofessional nwakali…

    What about Bonke? Eguavoen wouldn’t called him because had never watched him live or spoken with him…but went and listed onazi in the team’s sheet….

    I hope Ndidi can shake off this injury this time around because it is coming at the very wrong time wallahi… I wonder why can’t some players be logical enough…. Why not protect yourself with everything even if it takes you not playing well for your club so as to enable you stay fit and go play for country…

    I just pray Osimehn also can help me protect himself against Udinese over the weekend because I couldn’t sleep since last night while I noticed this Ndidi matter so Osimehn shouldn’t add to it for me o.

    But guys, you know what? Nigeria will qualify ahead of Ghana… Nigeria will win that match in Kumasi #markitdowntoday#

    • Childiomimi 7 months ago

      Nigerians please calm down. This is the time to rally support for supers. Negative comments cannot get us anywhere, rather it will impact our moral negatively.

      The truth is, if any of us is to make a list of 23 players that will represent the country, you can be sure that you may not please everyone. I don’t envy the coaching role of the super eagles because everyone in Nigeria is a coach and thinks he know what to do.

      If there is anytime to rally support for Super Eagles, this is the time.

  • Please Omo9ja stop blaming Rohr for not getting players for our coach did someone get players for Rohr in is time Eguavouen get your tactics and your players u can do it

  • Ndidi is not patriotic enough this thing of him always getting injured in these kind of crucial games is not funny at all. It shows he values Leicester more than Nigeria I don’t care how many crucial qualifiers are we going to miss this guy and it is always in big games when we need to acquire Bragging rights over our rivals.. SO frustrating SMH!!!

    • Golden Child 7 months ago

      I am taken aback by your comment, wow! Will a player intentionally hurt himself? Why call him unpatriotic because of that. It is unfortunate that it happened so close to a crucial match but to label him unpatriotic is very unfair.

      We are all frustrated by the news but please us be guided by contribution. Imagine if the player reads your comment now, how do you expect him to feel? Please treat these players like human beings that they are.

  • MONKEY POST 7 months ago

    We GENERAL ROAH FANS don’t do all those CHILDISH BLAME GAME AFFAIR.If not we would have blamed OLISEH for not giving us a replacement incase NDIDI goes injured. LMFAO!!!

  • Mr Eguavoan, get a DM who is tough and rugged; Can go down full length (flexible and agile) to stop plays, tackle, run round the entire field and can release quick counter passes to our strikers from deep (eagle’s eye).

    Etebo or Shehu? I’m not convinced.

    Innocent Bonke? YES. Bonke did it for us at a time like this during AFCON Qualifier away to CAR, he is still very fit and actively playing in a top league to do it again for SE.


  • Sunnyb 7 months ago

    How can u play urseif out of the match of ur life, either this guy is scared to face Partey or he’s not patriotic enough. Same guy rested against arsenal in a league match this week he did not face Partey now is injured. I’m saying it this guy patriotism or leadership needs to be questioned. A typical South American player would rather die on the field playing against rival countries than to chicken out.

    • @Sunnyb thank you bro GBAM!!! may you never be poor in your life and you shall succeed in all your Endeavours bros!..

      This seems to be a pattern with Ndidi crucial games him and Rodgers will form injury.. Napoli are now coming out to say Osimhen has been playing with pain since he came back from a knock.. these teams why do they keep on doing this to Nigeria players??.. it shows their importance to their clubs however our players need to be more patriotic to our cause.. they have not learned that if Nigeria misses out on World Cup their profiles will drop lower than players from other countries that attend the mundial that is how football is.

      I will not be suprised if Osimhen mysteriously pulls out with some sort of Injury against Udinese this weekend if, they are leading and he has achieved his feet of scoring 1 or 2 goals. Watch I know these patters and if that happens i will be the first to call for Ndidi and Osimhen not partaking in the world cup if we qualify however how important they are to our cause. If Nigeria Qualifies with out Ndidi and Osimhen they should not be part of our Mundial Period.

      I will advice the SE doctors to force Leicester to release Ndidi and assess Ndidi themselves this is becoming too much of a pattern with Rodgers and Ndidi

  • Sunnyb 7 months ago

    @Ugo, my brother thanks for ur boldness, for always calling it the way u sees it. ndidi can’t lead the guy nah yes Ma type, does these clowns watch the South American qualifications, three things are happening here folks, fear of Partey, lack of patriotism and no zeal to lead. He might need to talk to Roy Keene and Patrick viera.

  • Ndidi and Everton are Brats!! this guy must resign from SE if he continues with this rubbish!!

    • If eguavoen know what he is doing, this is the time to get a good replacement for Ndidi and Bonke is always available for him.

      God bless Nigeria

    • That is a reckless conclusion @Ugo Iwunze and you can be sued for deformation and character assassination.

      How can you come to a public domain to spew trash unfolded claims? My friend control your emotion jor… Ewebi

      • you are so Naive let them sue me now lol!! as if you don’t know what clubs do, something that has been happeneing for years. Was he stretchered off the field of play?????? NO!.. My friend stop being so gullible. This has become a pattern of Ndidi and Bredon Rodgers Ndidi just needs to show where his loyalties lie. I firmly do Not believe he is Injured and if so let our SE medical team assess that and guage for themselves this is world Cup and can’t be played with by a little city in England called Leicester! Nigeria is bigger than a town called Leicester city

        • MONKEY POST 7 months ago

          LMFAO @Ugo Iwunze When I was hailing IGHALO and MUSA as the only patriotic players in that group, shebi you rain curses on me?

  • So is it frank or the other guy playing in france that will man the midfield of the Super Eagles in place of ndidi? None of them look good enough to fill his shoes.
    I have always said we need more options in dmf. Players like alhassan, Raphael and nwobodo are there, ready to bring something new to the dmf of the Super Eagles but no, we always feel ndidi will be there.
    Lets see what the coaches will do about it. Im guessing they will hurry etebo on for the games. But without ndidi the midfield of the Super Eagles have no steel.

    • Greenturf 7 months ago

      Abdullahi Shehu will conveniently fill in that role just like wearing a flip flop that fit correctly.

  • Nijababe 7 months ago

    Pls fear Mohammed kudus not partey

  • Mercy 7 months ago

    The coach should replace ndidi with Awaziem. Draft shehu Abdullah to the midfield to partner onyeka and aribo. Let the coach go back to watch the SL away game and see how shehu stabilized the midfield in that terrible pitch.

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    1.Frank Onyeka(Brentford FC,England)
    2.Innocent Bonke(FC Lorient,France)
    3.Kingsley Michael (Bologna FC,Italy)
    4.Samson Tijani(Red Bull Salzburg, Austria)
    5.Azubuike Okechukwu(Yeni Malatyaspor,Turkey)
    6.Usman Muhammed(Hapoel Hedara,Israel)
    7.Afeez Aremu(St.Pauli,Germany)
    8.Anderson Esiti(Ferencvaros FC,Hungary)
    9.Abdullahi Shehu(AC Omonia Nicosia,Cyprus)
    10.Mikel Agu(CF Fueniabrada,Spain)
    11.Uche Agbo(SK Slovan Bratislava,Slovakia)
    12.Ogenyi Onazi(All Adalah SC,Saudi Arabia)
    13.Ifeanyi Matthew (Lillestrom SK,Norway)
    14.Joel Obi(US Salernitana,Italy)
    15.Obiora Nwankwo(GD Chavez,Portugal)


    16.Raphael Onyedika(FC Midtjylland,Denmark)
    17.Alhassan Yusuf(Royal Antwerp, Belgium)
    18.Obinna Nwobodo(Goztepe SK,Turkey)
    19.Abbas Ibrahim(Pacos de Ferreira,Portugal)
    20.Adewale Oladoye(KAA Gent,Belgium)
    21.Vincent Onovo(Ujpest FC,Hungary)
    22.Abdul Zubairu(AS Trencin,Slovakia)
    23.Tom Dele Bashiru(Reading FC,England)-has been capped at U20 and U23 levels by Nigeria
    24.Tim Akinola(Dundee United,Scotland)-has pledged allegiance to Nigeria
    25.Movie Ejaria(Reading FC,England)-has pledged allegiance to Nigeria
    26.Nnamdi Ofoborh(Glasgow Rangers,Scotland)-has been capped at U20 level by Nigeria
    27.Luke Ayodele Amos(Queens Park Rangers,England)-has pledged allegiance to Nigeria
    28.Nathan Oduwa(Kesla FK,Azerbaijan)-born in England but has since pledged allegiance to Nigeria
    29.James Igbekeme(Columbus Crew Ohio,USA)
    30.Lesley Ugochukwu(FC Rennes, France)-capped in a friendly by France at youth level but showed interest in playing for the last batch of Golden Eaglets but he was not properly scouted .Even ex-Eagles gaffer,Gernot Rohr once showed interest in him.Eligible to play for Nigeria without FIFA’s paperwork.

    By Hillary Ochiabuto,
    Umuahia,Abia State,Nigeria.

    Contact e-mail: [email protected]

  • Olusegun.B. 7 months ago

    This means onazi will definitely come in . Since ndidi Is injured . And yet again Etebo will have to prove how much he’s ready to man Up for the game of his life .
    Same also goes to Frank Onyeka

    Super Eagles will make it. This match is a match that both teams will want to fight for this qualification. I’m aware that coach Eguavon and coach Amuneke knows what’s at stake for its either they qualify or their head is endangered .

    Every player being selected knows fully well that they need the world cup so much , so bad . Therefore they will give their all to win and they’re not underestimating the Black stars one bit . Since Ghana sees it as war, Super Eagles sees it as redemption for nations cup loss. So they won’t repeat the error of the AFCON.

  • Knowing what’s at stake is always primary and very basic. But mapping out at least two tactics is another just in case one tactics doesn’t work out because as it the super eagles are just too predictable in their style of play that’s what differentiates European countries from african

  • Dicke 7 months ago

    Jesu, sure we al feel this painfully. Egu, watchau gonna do na?