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2022 WCQ Playoffs: Super Eagles Must Stop Dreaming Of Overcoming Ghana In Kumasi –Actor Dumelo

2022 WCQ Playoffs: Super Eagles Must Stop Dreaming Of Overcoming Ghana In Kumasi –Actor Dumelo

Celebrated Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo has warned the Super Eagles to stop dreaming of beating the Black Stars of Ghana in the 2022 World Cup qualifying playoffs.

Ghana will host the Super Eagles on Friday before the reverse fixture on March 29 at the Moshood Abiola National Satdium, Abuja.

Recall that the winner of the encounter will pick one of the five tickets that will represent Africa at the world showpiece in Qatar.

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In reaction to that, John Dumelo has asked the Super Eagles of Nigeria to quit dreaming because there is no way they will be winning against the Black Stars.

Taking to his Twitter, he wrote; The Super Eagles should stop dreaming. They can’t win their game in Ghana. If they do, I will……


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  • MONKEY POST 12 months ago

    Like I said the SE WINNING in that DREADED STADIUM, it’s like passing a DONKEY through the eye of a NEEDLE..

    Best is a DRAW..

  • Dreaded my foot. Whatsoever buried there is nullified by the blood of Jesus Christ. And the super eagles players and coaches are therefore bestowed with divine wisdom, strength and grace to overcome Ghana in Jesus Christ name. Amen

    • Selfmade KING 12 months ago

      We buried ur mamas grandma panties on the turf

      U useless son of bastard!!

      If at this age u still believe in juju, then u are the only idiot here!!

      Stupid scumbag

      • Please leave parents out of this conversation. The day they paired Ghana with Nigeria was the day Ghana missed the world cup. The match will soon start in the spirit when the final whistle sounds I will quickly come and give you the info. Let me remind you, Nigeria is a member of the participating team’s committee and we must be there as our seat must not be vacant.
        Seeing what Bubu and his cronies are doing, without the world cup to buffer Nigerians, it will be suffocating. It is true before now,”Ghana must go” but this one, Ghana goes nowhere. I rest my case.

      • This Selfmade nuisance is just so uncouth. Gosh! How do you manage to spew such bile from your mouth and yet claim to be human?

        Is this really how Ghanaians speak or is it just you? I need to know who raised you. They did an extremely poor job.

        How you pour out vituperative words with such passion and zest only reeks of bitterness and envy. Guy you really need to relax before you choke on your own curses and insults. It’s like you can’t breathe without hurling curses and hateful words.

        It’s a football match Nigga and not an invasion. Stop sounding like you are suffering from childhood trauma.

        It’s disgusting

  • Ghanaians Are really trying to punch above their weight here they really do not understand that this particular dynamic at this particular time they are about to encounter a team that is in a Golden Generation period/moment oh well tomorrow they will find out.

  • Ako AMADI 12 months ago

    A dream is the desire for what is not achievable. That is not the case here. Our hosts are in real panic and no one can blame their bragging out of fear.

  • Papafem 12 months ago

    Are you surprised this Monkey Post is taking like this? He’s got the same mind set with Genot Rohr, who would rather run his players down mentally before they step into the field of play. Reason this guy will will always support GR, because birds of the sane feather flock together.

    Nigeria has a fantastic away record in this qualifying series. We defeated all our first round opponents in their homes, including Cape Verde that had a fairly good nation’s cup campaign and CAR that beat us in Lagos. Our struggles have always been at home, due to a number of factors, chief among which was the pitch in lagos. It was evidently clear the SE were never comfortable playing in TBS.So Ghana should be ready. As a matter of fact, these are the kind of matches Nigeria easily wins.They tend to play their A game against strong oppositions. Remember Cameroon in 2018 WCQ series , and Egypt in 2021 AFCON. Reason Ghana should be weary of these Eagles. They are by far stronger than the team at 2021 AFCON, with the addition of Osimhen, Ighalo, Lookman, and Denis. These players impact won’t go unnoticed trust me. And to be Frank, I always prefer Uzoho to Okoye in goal. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen a single match Uzoho didn’t do well for Naija, unlike Akpeyi and Maduka. I’m so hopeful that Nigeria will pick the WC ticket.

    • Dennis 12 months ago

      That fantastic away record was under the leadership of which coach?

      • Papafem 12 months ago

        So, if he could muster very good away results, what stopped him from doing the same at home? Where is the balance? Those shaky home performances, starting from our match in Benin, got him the sack.

        In my post above, I mentioned the pitch at TBS as ONE OF THE MANY REASONS we struggled in those home matches. Genot Rohr’s tactical approaches and poor player selections were the others, bro.

    • But the same Rohr with the loosing mentality that usually run his players down before a match was actually the coach when they won all their away matches or you have forgotten? I used to wonder if some of you use to think before commenting here with your nepotism. You are all boasting you will beat Ghana up and down now if he hadn’t qualified for this round would that have been possible? The poor man did his best and leave with a record good record even if some of you will never appreciate that.

      • Noel Sani 12 months ago

        I love you for this. GH qualified SE for the 2021 AFCON with two matches to go. If he was at AFCON, We wouldn’t have suffered the technical blow against the Tunisians. The SE players we celebrate across the globe today, there individual records, club forms and club performances. Before now players are invited based on big names and godfather but he GR, ensured your are invited based on your club performance. So all of them must be up and doing at club level. Remember Kelechi Iheanacho missed 2018 world cup due to his form then etc.
        Anything the SE are currently is the orchestration of GR! Please let’s appreciate Ghernot Thor (GR).

  • Chibuike 12 months ago

    I hear people talking about dreaded kumasi stadium but after this match. Them go know say Juju dey travel. Anyway Brazil never jam you una for that stadium. Una go collect

  • I hate it when personalities on both camps start boasting on a match they can’t control the outcome.
    The game will be decided over 90 minutes and the better team on the day will win.