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2022 WCQ: ‘Why Black Stars Failed To Beat Nigeria In Kumasi’ —Ghana Coach, Addo

2022 WCQ: ‘Why Black Stars Failed To Beat Nigeria In Kumasi’  —Ghana Coach, Addo

Black Stars of Ghana coach, Otto Addo, has explained why his team could not overcome the Super Eagles in the 2022 World Cup qualifying playoff first leg tie in Kumasi on Friday.

Despite a massive home support inside the Baba Yara Stadium, the Black Stars could not break down a resolute Eagles side.

They were lucky not to even go behind as the Eagles had few opportunities to score but were let down due to poor finishing.

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With less than 20 minutes left to play the Eagles were awarded a penalty which was eventually overturned by the referee after consulting VAR.

And in his post-match presser, Addo admitted his players made few mistakes despite getting the upper hand in the early part of the game.

“First of all, we did well even though we made some mistakes but we started well, there was just a little bit of fatigue and it made Nigeria come into the game more.”

It is still all to play for as both teams will battle it out in the second leg on Tuesday inside the MKO Abiola Stadium in Abuja.

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  • Bomboy 2 years ago

    Nigeria created more chances and I think we had more shots on target. We didn’t play like an away team despite all the pressure from the fans.

    The second leg will be played in an atmosphere that is more favourable to Nigeria. I suggest that the NFF throw the gates open and make it free for all Nigerians to attend. They had a capacity crowd of forty thousand, so let us return the “favour” with our own capacity crowd of over 60 thousand. We need to put pressure on the Black Stars on and off the pitch. It’s part of the game.

    There is no way the Black Stars can perform better than they did yesterday when they come to Abuja. We have seen the best of them but they are yet to see the best of our Super Eagles. I am confident we will win with a good margin.

    Up Super Eagles!

    • I have my doubts about Eguavoen coaching skills. He also appears suspicious for always featuring Iheanacho and Chukwueze ahead of other players that can get the job done. Even if we qualify for the World Cup, we are going to crash out at the group stage.

      • Victor Nzemecha 2 years ago

        What are u trying to say,that we should loss the match cuz we goin to crash out in group stages

    • Israel 2 years ago

      You are on point my brother. Nigeria played the game the way an away game of such magnitude should be played. We were not just lucky to have won the game. Come Tuesday, there is nowhere to hide for Ghana. Up Nigeria!

    • Israel 2 years ago

      @Bomboy,you are on point. Nigeria played the game the way an away game of such magnitude should be played. We were not just lucky to have won the game. Come Tuesday, there is nowhere to hide for Ghana. Up Nigeria!

    • Sokyee 2 years ago

      Apt! The fans are the number 12 in the game

    • I like this analysis but Iheanacho should first rest for Idion Ighalo with Oshimhen. Troust Ekong should move more upfront away from goal and all may be well. Our wingers should be allowed to freely play their usual gzme with flare except after clearly seeing we cannot nick goals at the first half. Osimhen will need it and a greater supply of balls. Ekong should efficiently manage set piecies that are allowed to go astray. Why shold conner kicks be wasted for Gods sake.

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    On the basis of Kumasi there will be less talking and more hardwork on both sides before Abuja. All the boasting and posturing has been cooled down by reality. Eyes are now wide open Ghana played well, Nigeria stood its ground. Honours even! But come Tuesday night, only one country will be enjoying its Jollof rice.

  • KangA 2 years ago

    The boys need to be separated from the men.

    The atmosphere was polluted with unnecessary boasting.

  • Where is the lousy self made king? Has he suddenly disappeared into thin air?

    • Yaw opare 2 years ago

      Disappeared where? He’s discussing tactics with Otto Addo…lol. you guys should work on your midfield because you were completely outplayed. And your one dimensional wingers should understand that they are not robots. If situations change, they must change.ghana will surely win in Abuja. Go Ghana!

      • Swizborn 2 years ago

        One dimensional you said. With all the poor officiating just to please the Ghanaian Government officials. Let the players train for another 2 days then you will understand why we are Super Eagles. Outplayed in midfield you said, how many balls did Ghana win in midfield? Apart from committing fauls and getting support from the referee, how was Eagles outplayed. The Ghanaian players only tried to please their fans but super Eagles only had a full training session with the black stars. The real WC qualifier is billed for Tuesday at Abuja. Till then

      • Sauce 2 years ago

        Ghana played well, yes bcos they played with extra determination due to presence of a vociferous home fanbase.. but the fact remains that it was all bark but no bite..
        Personally i like that y’all are beginning to believe ur own hype and getting carried away with a home draw..
        Tick, tock…

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Disappear from where! U have disappear because NEPA just switch on the light for u and hence u just came here

      Am here from ystday

  • nagwandu 2 years ago

    Where is self-made? Am missing him here, please come out of your slumber

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Slumber fro where? Ur overrated and overhyped team with little talent was outplayed and outmuscle in Kumasi

      Is a pity Nigeria has such a lousy team and we ll score in Abuja!

      U ll open up in Abuja and with their technical abilities ll carve u guys open up!!

      I told y’all that Nigeria is about QUANTITY


  • Klistivivi 2 years ago

    That’s the issue with us Nigerians. Right before yesterday’s match, I could recall almost everyone boasting if beating Ghana hands down even when a few comrades in this site advocated for caution and respect for the opponent. Now that the game has been played, we are still opening our mouths to boast. Truth is the return leg on Tuesday is as much as any mans game, any of the two teams can win. We should try to respect our opponent and know that no game is a walkover.
    “Nothing is won, nothing is achieved. We have to continue to work in a serious and focused way, respecting the opponent but always believing in our abilities. Power Portugal! Go to Qatar!”

    For Ronaldo to say this ahead of Portugal match with N. Macedonia, I think Nigerian fans should take a clue from this.

    • You are wise. Are you a Ghanaian cos you seem very modest and measured. The others here are too boastful as though the whole world revolves around them and any other in existence is Soo inferior. No problem bigging yourself up but respect others and let the pitch decide.

      • The same way your citizens are boasting on GhanaWeb. I read your comments there.

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      He has a little of Ghanaian blood in him

      Real BOKOM born and raised in that space wldnt have this head to think clearly and precise like this!

      A few NIGERIANS has some brain cells and this dude is part of that 1%

      The rest which is 99 are all criminally INCLINED with very small IQ coupled with big mouth lol

      Aggressive for nothing lol

  • Anthony Raymond Omale 2 years ago

    With the Ghanaians boasting they defeated Egypt 6-0 and will beat Nigeria with same score line, I think they(Ghanaians) are humble now!? Learn to respect cos we are brothers. I was feeling afraid if our players were going to be attacked because of Ghanaians desperation.

  • prince 2 years ago

    The ghanaians thought we would crumble with the much talked about staduim… we have played in bigger games…they played 3-5-2….so many players in the midfield made our attackers drop back but we could have won the game…we showed class..again its ghana…I was surprised I thought they would come out and play…they were so scared!…we shall by the grace of God now have our own baba yara staduim

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      U didn’t obviously watched the match and I don’t blamed u because NEPA took off ur lights lol

      Or if watched the watch, then it means u need to grow some brain cells because u obviously doesn’t have one

      U dumb as a pair of socks in a basement at Alaska haha

      And what did ur coach player 4521 which is to choked the midfield and put 7 men behind the ball!!

      But Ghana was supremely talented and technically gifted than ur talentless team and in Abuja, ur one dimensional coach ll be force to open up to look for a goal and Ghana ll surely score in Abuja!!

      Egu has no tactics but has reinforced the British KICK AND RUN game lol

      He ll do the same in Abuja as the man is tactically inept and clueless and those spaces ll allow the technically gifted Ghanaians to carve Nigeria open in front of ur fans!!

      Go and buy a heart absorber for u and ur wife because u ll need it

      Overrated, overhyped and technically less endowed chickens!!

      What happened to HOME AND AWAY WIN? lol

      • Papafem 2 years ago

        “Supremely Talented, technically gifted,” yet bundled out of Afcon by Comoros Island. Continue dreaming.

        Supremely Talented, technically gifted, but only managed two meaningful shots on goal yesterday with all your noise and bragging. With the way you made your team look so good and the Nigerian team so poor, I thought SEs were going to come from Kumasi with bagful of goals.

        Overhyped players? I’m laughing in French. Put Osimhem on Google search and see the number of clubs looking for him. Guess you know more than these clubs who are ready to splash millions of euros on him. Tell me a single striker in Ghana commanding such interest in Europe. See how small boy Aribo completely neutralized your “world class star”, Partey. Was that guy even on the field yesterday? Oh my God!

        Nigeria did what they had to do in Kumasi and its a big shame that after so much puffing and hoffing, your “Supremely Talented and technically gifted players couldn’t score a single goal in your slaughter slab of Kumasi. Shame on you!

        Not surprised though, it was obvious you’re supremely Talented and technically gifted in dreaming. LMAO. The bad news for you is that Your Deem Stars can not be what they can never be, no matter how big you dream. Remember, if wishes were horses, beggers like you will ride.

  • Hmmmmmmmm
    These Ghana are noise making
    Believe in juju
    With juju you Will never achieve anything in sports.

    On Tuesday we are going to spell your country name.

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