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2022 WCQ:’Why I’m Still Important To Super Eagles’ —Onazi

2022 WCQ:’Why I’m Still Important To Super Eagles’  —Onazi

Ogenyi Onazi has explained why he feels he is still an important player for the Super Eagles, as Nigeria look forward to this month’s 2022 World Cup qualifiers with Black Stars of Ghana.

Onazi was placed on the stand-by list by the coaching crew which raised questions from football fans in the country.

The 29-year-old joined Saudi Arabia second division Al-Adalah on 19 January 2022 but is yet to play for them.

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Also, prior to being placed on the stand-by list Onazi has been away from the Eagles for over two years.

And speaking exclusively with Omasports, the 2013 AFCON winner said:“It’s not a surprise for me because I’m still playing and I’m ready to play anytime and when it comes to the national team, I’m always at the service of the nation – to always give my best for the country.

“Yes it’s been a while I was in the Eagles, but when we talk about this very game – home and away that will take us to the World Cup [it is very important]. When I got a call from the coach, he told me how important it is – and I also know how important it is. We need experience to be able to tackle this game. It’s not a game of saying where do you play or where do you come from or whatever you’re doing.

“The likes of [Odion] Ighalo, the likes of Ahmed Musa and the rest who are in the list, we need to put our heads together. This is a national issue, not an individual issue. We are not playing a singles sport, we need to bring heads together to make the right things at the right time.

“Personally, I don’t listen to what they write online. I’m still on the reserve list, not yet on the main list so we can’t tell what’s going to happen. Let’s keep it that way and then we’ll see what’s going to happen.

“As far as I’m concerned, football in this present situation now – it doesn’t matter if you’re playing in Manchester United or you’re playing in Kazakhstan or wherever. You’re not taking your club to go and play in the national team, you’re taking your individual skill and ability to join with your fellow players and make a team.

“During my time at the national team, I never had a problem with anybody. I’ve always been a person in the middle – between the young and the old – to make them integrate into the team. When I’m on the pitch, I give my all until I’m almost dead.”

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  • Michel 2 years ago

    This call up is suspicious ,this is why most people don’t like home base coaches but I supported the hiring of one,I will take this as a mistake otherwise how do u invite onazi though on standby and not bonke who plays regularly for his club.

    • Edoman 2 years ago

      Agreed with you. It is a pay-to-play affair with these home-based coaches. Soon, Mikel Obi will soddenly reappear in the radar. They are so corrupt to the bone. How any saine coach would ever justify why a player in second division in Saudi Arabia will show up in the National team and expect to play in World Cup?
      the day they fire Rohr and replaced him with these hungry and selfish home grown coaches, that was the day Nigeria Football died.

      • FatherJP 2 years ago

        Pls do we have 2 EDOMAN in this platform?

        There is ONE who cslls EGUAVOEN ‘EGUA..PALACE’ and another who castigates EGUAVOEN the homebased coach.


        • Edoman 2 years ago

          Edoman is only one and Edoman. Eguaevon In his playing days for New Nigerian Bank, Benin City. Egueavon was admirably called Egue (palace). I don’t know if you seen Egueavon in Ogbe Stadium in 1978 against Belgium. Man !. Egua was at his best in that match. Belgium National coach was so impressed as well that he then arranged for him to join a first Division Club in Belgium. He is always a highly principle guy but, l am truly shocked that he would go so low to invite Onazi, and Etebo to play when he should have known that these two individuals are not fit to play for the Nation. ‘Egua’ in our Edo language means ‘Palace’ where our Oba N’edo resides.

      • Chinenye 2 years ago

        Rohr is no different from home based coaches in bribery selections. He brought Ighalo back into the national team now Eguavon is doing the same, so why not Mikel Obi showing up as well. Let us all be mad together

  • Ako Amadi 2 years ago

    Had Eguavoen watched Onazi play in his 2nd Division side in Saudi Arabia? The Nigerian national side should not become a Lagos party where anybody can come and dance to juju music and eat Jollof rice.

  • KangA 2 years ago

    We know why you’re on the standby list—a face-saving justification for placing “the other guy” on the main list. You did your best in your time; some even gave you the moniker Onazi The Wasp, for your persistence.

    This time, relax before the big screen and watch the boys who took over from you. You’re being used as a pawn. We know their tricks.

    • The ‘who know man’ syndrome is creeping in now. Eguavoen received praise for the Afcon first round display and now he wants to throw professionalism to the winds. I pray we qualify for the world cup. But then you will begin to see the negative side of our local coaches. He must be very professional and call up players who are deserving of a place in the National team. The Super Eagles is not a place to resurrect fading careers.

      • KangA 2 years ago

        Check out Senegal, the numero 1 team in Africa. They adhere strictly to merit. And they have been smiling to the bank with positive results. Has it even crossed our minds that they could possibly colonise the AFCON for years, now that they have broken in?

  • I don’t see Nigeria qualifying under these set of coaches. My own opinion though . Nigerian coaches will always goof n he is proving me right so far. Y’all be prepared for whatever the outcome might be .Good luck Nigeria

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    ONAZI you are 20 times welcome!

    That is how they carried some bunch of inexperienced junkies and R16 crash was the end result..

    • Naija 2 years ago

      Your thinking is always backward and negative. I can’t imagine how people around you feel on daily basis. I have hardly read anything rational from your comments.

      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        You that is always thinking forward and positive, you go tell me whether na ur papa get super eagles.

        A coach feels he still needs somebody experience and you are there talking like a DERANGED COW

  • Coache 2 years ago

    Onazi was plaqued by injuries and one stupid club in Turkey that almost destroyed his career by not paying him.

    His invite is with mixed feelings but merited. He is a workaholic and provided cover for Mikel. He used to play for young El Kanemi in Jos. I will not throw away an old boot because I have new one. Just my own HONEST OPINION

  • Four four two 2 years ago

    My people Onazi was our midfield engine when he was playing under keshi. However, Rohr vanished him from the national team for reasons yet to be divulged. For me Nidi is the only DM is trust in SE, so if Onazi can come and compete he is free. He is only 29 and hasn’t retired from active football.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      So a player in a Saudi league is better than a player in a top 5 league? Nigerians truly have a short memory. Have you forgotten how poorly onazi was against England prior to the wc? He was not good enough to play any game at the wc. This is why Nigeria will never win the world cup because we apply sentiments to everything. An old striker may still know his way to goal but a midfielder needs legs to carry him around the field.

      This is why I have my reservations regarding local coaches, you see questionable decisions. Which top country do you know who have players in Saudi leagues and are also are selected for their national teams? France, Brazil,England, Spain, Germany,Belgium,Italy,Holland?

      And Nigerians will be talking about winning the world cup.

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      He is free my brother. It’s a free world! I don’t know why this guys are hostile on ONAZI. Even yakubu Aigbeni that missed an open net didn’t receive bashing like this..

  • When we were saying Rohr should not be sacked, we knew why we were saying that then. Look at what is happening now. SE is now an open door for any kind of players; Onazi, Musa, Igalo, Sadiq etc. It will get worse as long as these people are still there

    • ayodele 2 years ago

      unfortunately the young players distroyed GR legacy by intentinally playi ng bad.

    • Chinenye 2 years ago

      Ighalo was brought by Rohr ironically. Musa was constantly used by Rohr even when he was clubless at some point. It was even the masses criticism that pushed him to join Kano pillars to keep himself fit and busy atleast

  • Sammie 01 2 years ago

    Hmm, hardly would you see me comment here, but I am a regular reader of people’s comments. I have witnessed very good writers here like Deo, Dr Dre, Greenturf and many others.

    Most times Dr. Dre commented on this platform, he has never said anything bad on local coaches but he only complained of their selfish act when given the job, just less than 2 months into the job, Locals are already making blunders, who is Onazi for God’s sake? What does he have to offer SE again? He complained not to have been watching a particular player the other day, I think in Turkish league, but he has the time to watch second division team in Saudi Arabia, what a nonsense!

    I have now seen it all why NFF is always willing to employ white coaches, would a coach coming into the country even thought about Onazi? He has many bloopers on the list, but the greatest of them all is inviting a recuperating Etebo for regulars like Nwobodo, Bonke. Oma se ooooo.

    We pray to win GH, but the way one lays his bed so shall he lies on it.

    I think we don’t need any Local coaches in this country again. #mytake

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      When a new username like this one… “Sammie 01” pops up and start hailing one individual it’s always corny because it could be the same individual morphing to hail themselves… Lol.

      • pablo 2 years ago

        JimmyBall, just like you morph into Mahmud Shuaib, Tamuno Offiali and Musa Yahaya.
        Na you be baba for morphing.

        • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

          You must be the biggest fool..you and your pay MASTER Dr. Drey. I told YOU sick heads no one gets paid here for enjoying themselves and so why must I be JIMMYBALL???? Is there a medal for who gets the highest THUMBS UP or penalty for highest THUMBS DOWN! Send me a message on MESSENGER if you are really keem on unmasking me little boy!

          I dont know JIMMYBALL from Adams and haven’t even bothered to check him out. Probably I tend to agree wity his position more than I do Dr. Drey the boastful, vain, insulting, saucy, area boyish and disrespectful loud mouth!

          Of course I must be DEO, POMPEI, DE STAR, OMO9JA, CHINENYE, GARRE, ABDUL HANSY, SUNNY B, HUSH, GLORY, CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES, JIDE DOLA, HENRY, NAIJA, CHIMA S, UGO IWUNZE, THE BELGIUM BLUEPRINT GUY etc since I tend to agree with them more. I also agree with GREENTURF some times just like I have applauded AYPHILLY and the rude DREY too. I only began to go against GREENTURF and AYPHILLY more when they became TURNCOATS as soon as EGUAVOEN (someone I was indifferent about anyway) failed to TUNISIA having initially hailed him to high heavens when the going was good! I even recalled PRAISING DREY as the only opposition person (ROHR SUPPORTER) alongside the very annoying but entertaining rather than disrespectful or abusive MONKEY NYANSH…oops POST who never really SUPPORTED EGUAVOEN throughout the AFCON! But because Dr.DREY was fixated on his obsession to denigrate and disparage people WHO do not agree with him; he was never MAGNANIMOUS for once to reciprocate me especially since his CRYSTAL BALL told him I am his NEMESIS; JIMMYBALL!

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha….Mahmud Shauibu….LMAOoo…writing with the emotions, bitterness and anger of jimmyball when facing humiliation…..LMAOOooo.

            Apparently somebody forgot to switch his emotions while changing names……the same way the idiot forgot to switch his thought-process while switching to Musa Yahaya the other day only to go and own up to a question he posed as Mahmud Shuaibu….LMAOooo. Senseless fool…LMAOooo

            Nice try ehn. Keep fooling yourself and keep giving yourself out….LMAOoooo. All things being equal, this was supposed to be a requital to Pablo not a tirade at Dr.Drey……you apparently forgot that…LMAOooo. Unfortunately, its not as easy for a complete fool to switch hatred and jealousy as it is to switch names….LMAOooo.

            Incase you have not been told yet, you are alone in this your foolishness. The world has already seen you for the cheap multifaced lying fool that you are. 1 person can be a guess, 2 can be a coincidence, many people cant be wrong. You cant deceive them no more…..LMAOoooo.

            Your game is up you shameless multifarious wannabe…!

            How easier can these things get…..LMAOooooo

    • Sammie 01 2 years ago

      You are also a great write here @Jimmyball, you could see I only mentioned 3 names that came to mind. I am myself and not in the shadow of anyone. I am Samuel Olaitan.

      • Sammie 01 2 years ago


        • pablo 2 years ago

          Oga, you no fit spell “writer”?. You failed to spell “writer” after 2 attempts.
          Person wey no fit spell “writer” dey identify good writers.
          Loolzz. Za Za Za!

          • Sammie 01 2 years ago

            Thank you very much Sir, I have forgotten that you helped me to write all that I wrote. I couldn’t forget the last time I went to school, so I don’t know it all. Teach me if you know everything, as you are the Omni knoweth…

            I want more of your teaching, don’t also forget to teach me how to make billions. Thank you

          • pablo 2 years ago

            Oga at the top Sammie, I hail o!
            So because I expect you as per big oga to know simple spelling, I don become omni knoweth? But you suppose know how to spell “write” now.
            Kai! As you miss am after 2 attempts, e shock.
            Abi you wan make all the school fees wey dem don pay for your head make e waste?
            No vex ehn. If you need lesson teacher in English, me I no qualify to teach you. But forumites dey wey sabi blow big big grammer well well. I sure say dem go dey happy to assist you.
            By the way, wetin you wan take billions do? You no need billions. What you need is your daily bread, and other essentials. Na love of big money dey finish Nigeria as we speak. Everybody wan hammer, no conscience again.
            Peace brother!

      • Guy you shouldn’t have said your name but it’s okay. I don’t know why people always assume that people use two names though it’s possible

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahaha Samuel Olaitan, leave that cheap criminal who has been found out times over….LMAOOoo…let him continue to think everybody is a cheap multifaced liar and impersonator like him.

        From the words of their mouths ye shall know their true characters. It indeed takes one to know one.

        Dr.Drey seems to be everybody on CSN….LMAOooo…from Pompei, to Greenturf to Dr. Banks to Ola, to Kel to Ayphilly, to just everyone and anyone with a dissenting voice….LMAOOoo. Their fake and fictitious IP filtering and Quantum Data Search software must be doing a damn good job….LMAOOoo

        Thanks for the acknowledgement though. You are highly regarded from this end too.

        The jealousy wey go hang some people for flyover still dey try cross Ukraine boarder enter Poland…….LMAOOooo.

      • Olamilekan Matthew 2 years ago

        Samuel olaitan, where are you chatting from, I like u, I want to know u better

        • Sammie 01 2 years ago

          Sammie Olaitan Olanrewaju on Facebook

          Samuel Olaitan Olanrewaju on LinkedIn

          I am chatting from Lagos. Connect with me, we may have a lot to do…

          Thank you

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    If the experience of MIKEL OBI is needed to win GHANA, I don’t care he is welcome. Let’s just cross that bridge then Israel can go back to his tent after words!

  • FatherJP 2 years ago

    There are few questions to ask about the men for the job – players who do not enjoy regular game time at their clubs and those who have no business being in the team.

    This is serious business and engaging Ghana in the playoffs which is considered as the mother of all battles on the African continent, cannot be a child’s play and the country cannot afford to bungle it for no known reasons.

    Football is serious business anywhere in the world and the country’s best players on current form must be invited at all times, but in the climes like ours, players are invited based on politics and sentiments.

    Continuity is the major component of the beautiful game and should a player leave a game for a day in an event of irregular action or injury at all levels, the game leaves the player for a week.

    Why is that only in Nigeria players who’ve left competitive football for a month are invited for a national assignment?

    The world football powers – Brazil, Italy, England, France – do not joke with the serious business, the beautiful game and would not invite players who have left regular club football for a period of time ahead of any national game, no matter the players’ achievements.

    Not only regular playing players but players on current form and there are no sentiments or politics about it because the national pride is at stake and must be protected at all times.

    Stand-in captain William Troost-Ekong and team mate Oghenekaro Etebo have not kicked a ball for their Watford side for some time and the rationale inviting them puts a huge question mark on any logical reasoning.

    Official statement by Watford manager Roy Hodgson confirmed a minor injury which many have explained his lack of action since he came back from the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon since January 23.

    His Watford statistics also reveal the former Bursaspor central defender has only been on the bench four times since the Cameroon ouster.

    An official of the NFF was quoted as saying “Troost-Ekong will be fit for the Ghana game on time” making the whole thing look like a gamble.

    In truth, as it is, Troost-Ekong lacks the competitive edge to lead his men for a game of this magnitude and gambling him in this crucial game could be disastrous as the bruised Black Stars are not in for a tea party and will take no prisoners in battling the bitter rivals with anything they have to be in Qatar.

    Extending invite to Etebo, for one, only confirms amusing side of the whole preparation for the Ghana clash – no doubt, a fit and competitive Etebo can always hold his own in a game and come out smelling of roses but not this Ghana game.

    ‘Cerezo’ got this wrong!

    Etebo was missing at AFCON due to a long-term injury, which also meant he’s been missing in action since September 25, 2021 when he came on for his compatriot, Emmanuel Dennis, in a 1-1 draw with visiting Newcastle United.

    Etebo’s injury worries meant he’s been on the pitch at Vicarage Road for 370 minutes in six appearances and only recently got off the treatment table and has yet to be considered even for a place on the bench by manager Hodgson.

    Etebo is the astute member of the erstwhile ailing Eagles’ midfield that was breathed enough life in Cameroon as Leicester City grafter Wilfred Ndidi and Glasgow Rangers’ star Joe Ayodele-Aribo kept things tight and moving, making Etebo’s absence not really felt.

    Eagles midfield still lack the numbers and further depleted with the absence of rejuvenated Everton star Alexander Iwobi due to card suspension, the question is were Lorient new signing Bonke Innocent and uncapped Goztepe of Turkey midfielder Obinna Nwobodo on Cerezo’s blind side that he opted for less competitive back-from-injury Etebo, if at all, he was looking for numbers to add to it?

    His defence for inviting Etebo at the expense of smoking competitive Nwobodo and Bonke will certainly be an interesting one.

    Genk striker Paul Onuachu seems to have unfinished business with standby selection for Super Eagles which could even leave Lionel Messi wondering if Onuachu has offended his ancestors for getting punished unfairly by his country’s team selectors.

    With 16 league goals and counting this season in the Belgian Jupiler League, added to his incredible 35 last season, will surely leave any World Cup-winning coach wondering the criteria for his recurring standby selection.

    Onuachu missed the AFCON in Cameroon due to injury and came back to hog the headlines again in his typical style with his impressive goal harvest to quash whatever reason for being named on the standby list.

    The less said about CYRIL DESSERS, the better!

    How about extending invitations to a second division player in a mediocre SAUDI LEAGUE? The shocking thing is ONAXI OGENYI has not kicked a ball in anher dor the club since he joined them in JANUARY! If an ORDINARY second division team in a lowly SAUDI LEAGUE doesnt trust a player; why should a countey like NIGERIA do pls??? What demonic experience are we talking about?? Why not invite MILEL OBI, ENYEAMA, EFE AMBROSE, GODWIN OBAOBONA etc since they are tested and trusted winners? We never learn as a country. No wonder NIGERIA invited CHRISTIAN CHUKWU, SEGUN ODEGBAMI, GODWIN ODIYE, EMMA OKALA etc to prosecute the doible header agaijst ALGERIA for the ESPANA 82 WC. The rest is history. I pray thunder doesnt strike twice with this questionable invitations!

    Union Berlin striker Taiwo Awoniyi whom Bundesliga defenders hate to see, is another surprise standby list member.

    In Victor Osimhen’s AFCON absence, Awoniyi was called up for bigger responsibilities in the Eagles attack and he didn’t disappoint only to be named on the standby list for the crucial Ghana clash.

    Watford striker Emmanuel Dennis, who missed AFCON after his club, Watford stopped him and the oft maligned IGHALO appeared to be traded for the duo of Onuachu and Awoniyi in the main list.

    It can be argued that both Onuachu and Awoniyi are natural arrowheads in the attack while Dennis is more of a forward from the wings, though the Watford striker has proved he could also lead the attack, and therefore, list naming could be swapped or worst case scenario, name the three on the main list. IGHALO had no business being in that list. SE is not struggling for goals! The only time they failed to score during AFCON, they missed gilt edged chances and that was because of desperation as they cjased the game with a man down.

    Generally, the names on the lists, represent the country’s best, but little details must not be isolated or face the consequence of it coming back to hurting the team when the chips are down.

    The old order must give way to the new order which should be that the Super Eagles is only for those players playing regularly at their club and NEVER bench warmers.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    What Ęgunję will cause in this country chai, even corruption its won’t be able to handle the challenges.

    What spoiled Nigeria? Corruption, “Ęgunję”.

    Kai, Ayphillydegreat, read section 419 for me quickly ooje.

    Sir, according to your constitution under section 419 and I read sir.

    dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.

    Example are, Amaju Pinnick, Sheyi, Diko and the coaching crew of the Super Eagles. Okay continue AY.

    the journalist who wants to expose corruption in high places,

    the process by which something, typically a word or expression, is changed from its original use or meaning to one that is regarded as erroneous or debased.

    Continue Mr. Ayphillydegreat kę. Don’t be afraid am with you. Okay sir.

    Forms of corruption vary, but can include bribery, lobbying, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, parochialism, patronage, influence peddling, graft, and embezzlement.

    Alright, is that all? Yes sir. Thanks a lot Ayo, you welcome sir omo9ja.

    Hmmm. As I said before, Amaju, Sheyi, Diko and the coaching crew have eaten “dodo” they are very corrupt
    and the system can not functioning properly.

    Before now, it was Akpeyi and Ighalo but now, Onazi have joined them.

    I don’t blame you Onazi, Ighalo and Akpeyi, three of you have no integrity and self control when it comes to national team football.

    Shebi three of you still have something to offer the Super Eagles abi? The time will tell soon.

    For you coach Eguavoen and co, remember that this is the last chance for you local coaches and if you don’t justify it then it will not be easy for any local coach to near the Super Eagles in the future.

    However, Mr. Pompei, go to section simple 101, arithmetic and solve the equation for me. Alright baba. According to your section 101 sir, Okay, go ahead Oga Pompei kę.

    1+1=2 but in Nigeria sir, ok, 1+1=12. I understand, this 9ja for you continue.

    For us to put corruption to an end in this country, we must protect our rights and set up new rules and regulations. Transparency has never existed in the system in the past and up to date, no accountability and we can not continue this way.

    If 1+1=2 is now =12, that means Nigerians are have been brainwashed by their leaders. Those we have presently and in coming that will rule the country or ruling Nigeria now are not serving the nation but themselves.

    Examples are, Amaju, Sheyi, Diko, Eguavoen, Buhari, Atiku, Tinubu and so on.

    The only solution to the problem in Nigeria is to use technology to catch up with our oppressors. We need transparency in Nigeria. That is what is making the Western world stand out among the rest.

    NFF/Government are using poverty as their tools to control the citizens/their employees.

    This is why the coachingcrew/citizens are taking the advantages of that to bring in players like Ighalo, Akpeyi, John Noble, Shehu, Onazi and no wonder the crimes are very huge in the country.

    You indigenous coaches should learn from Senegal coach, Cisse. He selected the best players to represent Senegal, he won Silver and Gold medals. Cisse have chosen good name instead of money but you our own have chosen money over integrity. It is a shame.

    So Onazi, you are a good person and well respected in Nigeria, please don’t come back. That is what I can tell you now. We all saw Ighalo against Cape Verde in Lagos. I have warned him but he didn’t listen. I don’t want such a thing to happen to you Onazi. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • I am surprised anyone could justify the placement of onazi on standby!!!!! It’s awful. Eguavon, it’s likely you were forced to do this but it’s a shame on you all. Only fools make fooflish decisions like this. Second division in Saudi and he is not even playing already. What’s the justification. Well the comments will give me the opportunity if who can be trusted in this forum.

    We blamed Rohr for a lot of things and I said a lot about him but I don’t think he would invite an onazi at this moment.

    Shame shame shame. I don’t want to write a negative thing here, I would have said we don’t deserve to ….

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      LMFAO! Did you just call your own a fool? Wow can’t believe. If I did now Heaven will fall. LMFAO!!

      But you need to drop this your name @Christain ministries whatever cos it doesn’t go with your behavior. LMFAO!!!

      • Okay Monkey Post. Foolishness is not an abusive word. I can escuse you that you don’t really know the meaning. It was a foolish decision so it is foolishness. You only need to let us know why it not a foolish decision.

        And on dropping pen names (you call it a name…you are wrong again), I think you are the one who should drop a pen name. You know the reason for that.

      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        LMFAO! Weldone o Oga u don see bomboy. LMFAO!!

        Only “fools” make foolish decision. LMFAO!! Indirectly you called your own a fool and you confidently say it’s not an abusive word… LMFAO!!

  • Apologies as this entry does not relate to the story above:

    _Ferocious Flamingos Cruise Past Hapless Congo in Kinshasa_

    Nigeria move closer to World Cup qualification with a ravishing 3 goals to nothing victory against their hapless hostesses the Young Leopards of Congo.

    Goals from beautiful Blessing Emmanuel, audacious Oluwatunmininu Adeshina and tantalising Taiwo Ajakaye were all it took to send their Congolese counterparts to the gallows.

    Congo Under – 17 Women’s coach Lry Mafobe had said her girls were capable of get causing a major upset against the more illustrious Nigerian Flamingos. But she must have been upset when her team’s defence was breached before Blessing blasted home for Nigeria’s first goal in 36 minutes.

    Before then, Nigeria goalkeeper Omilana had to be as agile as a leopard to keep out two sure-fire goal bound efforts in 32 and 35 minutes which sent a clear statement of Congolese intent.

    But in truth, the flamboyant Nigerians too had peppered Congolese goal with efforts that rattled the home fans as Afolabi, Ajakaye and Alvine all came closer to breaking the deadlock in the first 25 minutes.

    There had been much razzmatazz and build up to this match to suggest Nigeria’s 36th minute lead would not be the only goal of the encounter; but the first half ended 1:0 nonetheless.

    With the Congolese coach still expecting her girls to rise to the occasion, it was Nigeria goalkeeper Omilana who rose highest to deny a definite goal bound effort from Masanga’s free-kick in 50 minutes – the Nigerian coaching contingents could be seen heaving a sigh of relief.

    In fact, Omilana was having a career defining outing as she helped Nigeria repel wave after wave of Congolese onslaught with deft defying saves that provided reassurance that the Super Falcons should expect to replenish their stock of fabulous goalkeepers in seasons to come.

    There were injury scares for Nigeria as Bello and Adeshina had to be ‘repaired’ by medics.

    But what suffered the most brutal injury was the pride of the hostesses after Oluwatunmininu Adeshina stabbed home Nigeria’s second goal in 66 minutes with a goal that was swish and swanky.

    Still reeling from that shock, more tragedy was to befall the Congolese as Ajakaye’s irreverent effort in 76 minutes made Nigeria’s lead more or less unassailable even with 14 minutes to go; Congo had been reduced to 10 girls in 70 minutes following Nwaji’s reckless tackle on Nigeria striker Dah Zossu.

    The combat ebbed and flowed from that point with Nigeria even coming closer to increasing the lead but 3:0 it ended.

    This was an emphatic and uplifting victory for the Damsels of Nigeria who brought nothing but distress for their hostesses. The second leg is scheduled for the 19th of March in Benin City. The overall winners have to attempt to mummify the Nefertitis of Egypt who lie in wait in the next round of qualifiers.

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    If you don’t expose younger players. How will you discover ones who will replace the old ones. That’s why I like white coach

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Omo9ja, you see this is why I always have problem with you.
    How can you say 1+1=12?
    It makes no sense.
    If you have 1, and you add another 1 to it, no be 11 be dat?
    Simple mathematics, you dey here dey talk nonsense.
    Please, 1+1=11.
    Thank u very mush!

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      Lolz. This is why I love you too much Pompei. You are so funny. Kai. @Pompei, please bolęnbę kę lolz. So, in Nigeria of today, 1+1=11? Aba, that can’t be true kę.

      Are you kidding me ni? How come now?

      If you claimed that 1+1 in Nigeria of today =11, why are we seeing Ighalo, Akpeyi and Onazi names on the list then? Mba.

      That should tell you that 1+1 in Nigeria of today can’t be 11 but 12. Because NFF can not do things accordingly.

      In reality, 1+1=2 not 12 but since our leaders and government have turned Nigeria upside down, the final answer can’t be 11 but 12.

      That is why you can not see our best players such as Dessers, Adeleye, Osagwe, Kayode, Nwkaeme and Tosin Kehinde in the Super Eagles. Understood sir? Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    as l said above, the day Rohr was fired and got replaced by the Home-grown coaches was the day Nigeria football died. If Tunisia could stop Nigeria from going forward in AFCON, why would you not think Ghana will certainly do so with ease. Look at the way they are bringing in Etebo who is just coming back from his heavy injuries. To please their boss. Pinnick. To put Onuachu on the waiting list is an insult to his quality. If Paul was a Belgium citizen, he will be their first choice. All these local coaches are hungry individual who are faced by Nigeria local environments and conditions that makes demand so much from their local resources (women). Geee, Onazi of all people, for God’s sake. What a shame for the local coaches. Get away from bribery, folks.

  • OmoEsan 2 years ago

    I’m afraid turbulent times are looming again in Nigerian football. The same factors that killed our age grade teams have shown their ugly faces in the Super Eagles and it may just be a matter of time before reality dawns on us.

    Just like we had in the latter days of Keshi, questionable IVs are gradually creeping into the status quo.

    How do we justify the invitation of Etebo who hasn’t kicked a ball for Watford in 6 months, or an Onazi whom until January was clubless and since his January signing has not kicked a ball for his 2nd division club in Saudi? Moreover Onazi last played competitively in Lithuania several months ago. What exactly is wrong with our local coaches? I remember how Amuneke reportedly beat up an agent in Lagos during the transfer saga of one of the U17 players that featured under him. These things are shameful.

    Of course this is how it starts and very soon players from Finland, Latvia and Malta will soon start finding their way into SE’s camp.

    This was a major reason why some of us would rather have Rohr stay than have a local coach in the saddle.

    How do we explain Kevin Akpoguma’s absence since Rohr’s exit.

    I just hope we’re not back to the era of permutations and combination. Let me go and search for my calculator.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    If we are going to be honest, this is not the first time strange selections have occurred and it might not be the local coaches fault. People are complaining of the likes of ogenyi onazi and etebo but we have forgotten not too long ago how a clubless Ahmed Musa not only got called up but played a competitive qualifier.

    This suggest that the problem is deeper than imagined as this happened under the watchful eyes of a foreign coach. How about the training sessions with the NFF president and minister of sports before a crucial qualifier ? That happened under the watchful eyes of a foreign coach. Rohr later confirmed in a recent interview that he too was surprised by it and that he had never seen such in his entire football career (bear in mind he had coached Niger, Gabon etc); adding that he would write a book on it.

    All of this points to where these strange decisions are coming from. I repeat the greatest threat to Nigerian football is Pinnick and the gang.

    • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago


  • I am not surprised, at an Interview yesterday Coach Eguaveon opened His mouth and said he does not know if Onazi still Has what it takes to perform at Super Eagles level, but he just put his name ON STAND BY to pacify some people. This shows that the man is under serious pressure, that obviously cannot happen with a foreign coach.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Of course we all know Onazi is Dan Amokachi’s boy…only a novice in Nigerian football will claim he doesnt. He got into the SE through amokachi in the 1st place and now that Amokachi is now the sidekick of the sports minister, after failing to ressurect his career in Europe with 3 different low quality clubs, it is time to use his joker. If Nwakali and Ndah can go it, Onazi too can. Afterall some people have told us the “club where a player plays does not matter” in their bid to try to foist their clients on us. We have always said it that the gang up and intentional sabotage of Rohr was because he had blocked many people from barring their fangs on the SE. Its not even 3 months yet and we are already beginning to worry with the trend these “our owns” have chosen to start with.

      Nothing can surprise me henceforth. The only thing that shocked me about the list was not seeing their 4 homebased players and Junior Ajayi, the man Amuneke saw good enough to be in the SE only about a year ago when he was already diminished. It was easy to throw stones at Rohr then every week on CSN over anything and everything…Rohr is relying on foreing based….Rohr does not develop our league, Rohr has his loyal players, Rohr did this, Rohr did that…..LMAOooo.. Critics really never do better ey…..LMAOoooo. Now that they are on the saddle, they should start using any jack and harry to prosecute crucial games and lets see how long they will last…..LMAOOoo

      • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

        And why is the WORLD CLASS ROHR still jobless since he got his ass kicked by NFF sir??

        Was it AMOKACHIE who also foisted an in active EZENWA, clubless AHMED MUSA, bench warming JOHN NOBLE, ABDULLAHI SHEHU, retired IGHALO etc on ROHR?? The truth; like DESTAR and LARRY say often here; EGUAVOEN is only an upgrade on GERNOT ROHR! The almighty ROHR too made lots of strange calls in his invitations. He too was easily manipulated because he was an ordinary coach. Nobody can try that with a foreign coach who has won titles. ROHR and EGUAVOEN are in the same boat only that EGUAVOEN plays better football. That’s all!

        EGUAVOEN must tell us those he PACIFIED by inviting an inactive ONAZI. This is criminal!

        Imagine wasting slots that players like NWOBODO, ONYEDIKA, TOM DELE BASIRU, BONKE etc would have happily taken!

        • Dr Banks 2 years ago

          Eguavoen plays better football my foot………….how is a round of 16 exit or 0:4 bashing from Mexico being regarded as better football? You guy just can’t seize to amaze me.

          Please stop repeating those useless words on this forum, it’s irritating

  • FatherJP 2 years ago

    Please WHO are the EVERYBODY that EGUAVOEN PACIFIED in his invitations of IGHALO, ONAZI and ETEBO ???

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Who is fooling who between coach Eguavoen, Amaju and NFF?

    Please don’t be deceived with this. Why NFF did not talk about Ighalo and Akpeyi involvement?

    Even John Noble, NFF forced him on Oga Rohr and coach Eguavoen.

    Now Onazi. Amaju brought Ighalo back into the team and nobody talked.

    If truly NFF its Nigerians, here is what needed to be done on that list.

    No1. Dessers should replace Ighalo.
    No2. Adeleye should replace Akpeyi.
    No3. Nwobodo should replace Onazi
    No4. Tosin Kehinde should be involved.
    No5. Akpoguma should replace Shehu.

    If NFF can bring in these players before the Ghana match then NFF its serving us but if not, they are just cajoling themselves not us period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      Who is fooling who between coach Eguavoen, Amaju and NFF?

      Please don’t be deceived with this. Why NFF did not talk about Ighalo and Akpeyi involvement?

      Even John Noble, NFF forced him on Oga Rohr and coach Eguavoen.

      Now Onazi. Amaju brought Ighalo back into the team and nobody talked.

      If truly NFF its for Nigerians, here is what needed to be done on that list.

      No1. Dessers should replace Ighalo.
      No2. Adeleye should replace Akpeyi.
      No3. Nwobodo should replace Onazi
      No4. Tosin Kehinde should be involved.
      No5. Akpoguma should replace Shehu.

      If NFF can bring in these players before the Ghana match then NFF its serving us but if not, they are just cajoling themselves not us period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Dammy oko 2 years ago

    On Onazi, SadEast eventually found a space to congregate.

  • I think that Egu himself organise this interview and the reason is to let nigerians know what is happening in his backyard. And what makes me angry with him is that he can’t stand strong and Say no to all this mess from these thieves and not to come out to Say nonsense After accepting all their demand. Its very Painful to see Amu and Egu i mean EX Super eagles destroying our football, i know that if this Job is giving to some of my fellow forumites where like Dr dry, Jimmyball and many of us where that i know the love and passion we have for this SE and you will come with your bribe beleive me some will beat you with your bribe because for we Real Super eagle fans .. Super eagles pass money

  • Chinenye 2 years ago

    Ighalo was brought by Rohr ironically. Musa was constantly used by Rohr even when he was clubless at some point. It was even the masses criticism that pushed him to join Kano pillars to keep himself fit and busy atleast

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