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2023 AFCONQ: Super Eagles Begin Preparation For Sierra Leone, Sao Tome Games

2023 AFCONQ: Super Eagles Begin Preparation For Sierra Leone, Sao Tome Games

The Super Eagles will hold their first training session in Abuja on Sunday night ahead of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against Sierra Leone and Sao Tome and Principe, reports Completesports.com.

The training which will hold at the mainbowl of the Moshood Abiola Stadium, Abuja will start at 5.30pm .It will be open to the media.

The team will have two more training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday’s session will also be open to the media, while the team will train behind closed door on Wednesday.

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There will be pre-match press conference with the head coach Jose Peseiro and captain Ahmed Musa on Wednesday by 12 noon.

The media will have the chance to interact with the players on Friday.

The Super Eagles will host the Leone Stars at the Moshood Abiola Stadium, Abuja on Thursday.

The team will travel to Marrakech, Morocco for a a matchday two encounter against Sao Tome and Principe.

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  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    Ahmed Musa please make good your promise of playing your last nations cup in Cameroon.
    If truly you are a patriot,you should call it a day and we shall be grateful you did.
    Your presense in the super eagles is no longer welcomed,in fact you are very unpopular amongst football fans.Your decision to remain has also impeded young talents from the super eagles.
    Ahmed Musa please retire!

    • Thank you well said bro!

    • Why are the coaches still inviting Ahmed Musa? Its their duty to retire him and I don’t know why they are still inviting him, even after he said Cameroon AFCON will be his last one.

      • Michel 2 years ago

        The coaches should be bold enough to stop inviting Ahmed Musa the way they have done to ighalo who shamelessly came out of retirement knowing that he is no longer needed but greed will never let them quit.they will want to remain there till they start using clutches in the name of bringing experience

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Ahmed Musa is so disappointing, he is a reflection of our society as a whole. People always trying to hug positions of relevance despite when it is glaring they are not the best for the job. May I remind Musa that if others were as greedy and entitled as he continues to display, he would not have the honour of being the captain of the team. The likes of Okocha, Yobo, Oliseh, Enyeama all left when it became clear they could not be relevant on the pitch.Musa should be ashamed of himself ( clearly feels no shame). What captain leads from the bench for this length of time? Captain that has become a cheerleader, it is embarrassing! A proper should lead from the field of battle.

      What is gut wrenching is the fact that he is keeping other deserving players like ejuke out of the team. If he was like c Ronaldo who is still playing football at the highest level, still deciding games, I will be the one urging him to continue but that isn’t the case, Musa does not even make the 1st eleven at his club side most times and that is in a farmer’s league like Turkey. He sits on the bench for most SE games and when he does come on, he adds nothing. The dude must be a very self centred person .


  • Emmanuel 2 years ago

    Welcome Musa,captain fantastic

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Full house in Abuja. We might see an Osimhen/Sadiq combo in attack. 

    • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

      Well said brotherman AYphillytheking. Osihmen Umar Combo is the best. Heaven bless all deserving Super Eagles strikers.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    When you criticize Musa and leave out other inactive players who dont deserve to be on this he team, then you are not being fair..
    It is not difficult to know who is in control of SE, all you need to do is to look out for the list of invited players..Picnic is still controlling who gets invited to the team..
    Although, it is too early but Peseiro is acting like another front man for corrupt nff officials..

    • Tristan 2 years ago

      Who are the other inactive players on the team? Ahmad Musa is probably the only non-playing captain in FIFA’s top 50 ranking of national teams, if not the entire ranks of national teams.
      He couldn’t be bothered to turn up at the recent friendlies where he could have fought for his place on the team and convinced fans that he still has what it takes. He wants a title captain that he does not deserve and only wants to play a cameo role in games, like a movie star playing a small role in a film to help the sales of the film. The only difference is Ahmed Musa doesn’t help the Super Eagles when he plays. He comes on with 15 minutes to play and runs around as if he’s superman compared to his exhausted teammates and hasn’t even scored in any of his cameo outings on the field.
      Please captain “15 minutes” should do the honorable thing and retire, instead of increasing the fan’s resentment against him.

      • Larry 2 years ago

        There are more than 3 other players on that team who have played less than 90 minutes of club football this year..
        Inviting this set of inactive players at the expense of active and highly regarded ones like Ejuke, Awo, Akpo and Nacho is not a good sign of what to expect from Peseiro.

        • Tristan 2 years ago

          I asked you to name the players that have played less than 90 minutes of club football this year. If you’re talking about Ekong who lost his place after attending AFCON, he’s a defender.
          Defenders are valued for experience and ability to read games, especially at the international level, that’s why they are the oldest in age. Italy a team known for producing the best defenders has defenders in their mid-thirties.
          Musa is a forward expected to score goals, provide assists and show a vigorous work rate, That’s why forwards tend to be young. By refusing, at his age, to retire he is taking up the place in the forward line of a young future player.
          His behavior is not patriotism it is selfishness.

        • Tristan 2 years ago

          For your information in the current squad of 27 announced for AFCON only 2 players have not played 90 minutes this year. They are Francis Uzoho and Etebo. This is normal for a goalkeeper. Etebo’s lack of game time was because of injury and Etebo’s presence in the current squad is mainly because of the injury to Ndidi and his international experience.

          • Abdul 2 years ago

            Oga calm down….Musa is not the super eagles’ problem. You guys just criticize for fun….running mouths for nothing…and leaving out the real problems. Our awful performance at the last AFCON and inability to qualify for WC were not caused by the presence of Ahmed Musa in the team. Those were caused by lackadaisical administration and inept tactical infrastructure. However, I’m not saying his presence on the team will give us anything special, but his presence on the team is not costing us anything significant either. The reason for him still being on the team could be because he’s the most senior player on the team who knows the tradition. You guys always wanna talk about every Nigerian players on the planet, but we have seen many of them a couple of times…..they are not that special. Awoniyi is a good player but he hasn’t really shown so much in this Nigerian team. Moreover, there are about other 5 strikers currently in the team right now who are on his level. So, my point is, instead of channeling all this energy on players who are not invited or those that are not supposed to be invited, we need to really ask ourselves if that’s really our problem now. Were we eliminated from the last Afcon by that depleted Tunisia team because Musa was in the team? Or did Ghana qualify ahead of us for WC because Musa was there? Of course NO

            And if anyone come under this post to call me Hausa or Aboki because my name is Abdul…I go cause your ignorant papa

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