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2023 Revelation Cup: Waldrum Reflects On Super Falcons’ Defeat To Mexico

2023 Revelation Cup: Waldrum Reflects On Super Falcons’  Defeat To Mexico

Super Falcons head coach, Randy Waldrum has reflected on the side’s defeat to Mexico in their opening game at the Revelation Cup.

Waldrum’s charges fell to a 1-0 defeat against the hosts on Thursday morning to extend their winless streak to six games.

Kiana Palacios scored the winning goal for the hosts five minutes from time.

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“It’s learning process for us. It was an opportunity to try new things. New ideas and new tactics,” Waldrum said after the game.

“We started the game strongly though they dominated the last 20 minutes of the first half.

“It’s always disappointing when you concede late in any game. We will learn from this defeat and prepare for our next game.

The Super Falcons will take on Colombia in their next game in the competition on Saturday.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    Nigerian teams keep playing away matches and expect to win on the opponebnt’s home turf. Is that not naive? What stops us from inviting Mexico to Abuja?

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      I must say shut up to you for the first time. You need home games to win a friendly abi??? What happened when South Africa came to Nigeria to defeat us with this same college coach. Huh you people with inferior mentality full of excuses never progresses.

  • Why has the NFF not got a programme for Nigerisn national teams? Why do the Super Eagles and Falcons never plsy in Nigeria? Simple – the chairman and his cronies want to trsvel and cream off dollar allowancess. We devalue ourselves and lose FIFA-ranking points by always playing away and losing. The Ministry of Sports is more interested in hiring out the country’s football stadiums for political rallies. Very bush country!!

    • EZOMO 1 year ago

      The aisha buhari cup wey dem play did they perform at all ? After all it was played in Nigeria

  • Obaiy 1 year ago

    Useless Coach

  • Femi 1 year ago

    Why the head we still keep the coach though?

  • Since this Coach took over, I’ve not seen any serious tactical improvement in this
    Super Falcon. The dominant factor is gone. We struggle to win our matches these days
    in face of so much abundance of talents.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    This coach is a criminal he is just taking free money or working for free as a United Nation Coach that is why he is using us to make fun. If this was the coach we had long ago falcons would have zero trophy cabinet. He is the worst coach Nigeria has ever appointed at both male and female categories and any national team level. Nigeria is playing like India female team.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Hahhahahahahaha… I thought u said he was better than rohr, how come he is now the worst coach ever…life is a teacher…..hahaha

      • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

        Don’t mistake me for someone else never av I backed Waldrum.

  • Reflection in multiple defeats means one is not learning anything to mitigate that. In a league, that’s relegation candidature for a team. Not good for a powerhouse

  • Sammy 1 year ago

    This coach is a total failure! Since he took over the team. The team that was once a force to be reckoned with. A team that has been dominating the continent has now becomes the worst team. He has not added anything tactical improvement but rather he destroyed what they had. In fact the weeping team of the continent. Never win any prize. They have lost all the matches since they qualified for the world cup and his employer (NFF) has done absolutely nothing about.
    Can someone tell us what’s going on here with the coach and the NFF.

  • okponku 1 year ago

    Make una scatter this country make everybody dey him dey ibeg. God bless Super falcons,
    Townhall matches is different from Revelation matches
    BLHU;.. BLHU;..

  • Codex 1 year ago

    I was right all along about this coach called Randy since he took over there’s been no discernable style of play in our beloved falcons which leads to the question “what has this man been doing all this while?” I know that in a FIFA window for international teams the amount of coaching time is very small but overtime if your principles and ideas are clear it will show. I’m beginning to suspect if this man is in control of what his staff are doing during training and if so then there is an inconsistency and lack of clarity with regards to ideas and plans and I won’t be surprised if he’s not in control might not even be supervising the training sessions led by his assistants. I’m only speculating but it is a possibility because there’s no coach worth his/her salt that will oversee a period of time on a given team without improvements on some/all areas in the team unless there’s a la k of detail, clarity and most importantly consistency.

  • This coach is not a good coach. His records has been more defeats. He is not fit for the falcons. He is just been paid free money.

  • They better sack this coach now or else we are not going to do well at the world cup.
    This coach is the best scam of the year.

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    You can watch Nigeria vs. Colombia match on EaglesTracker on YouTube. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Sammy 1 year ago

    Another loss is happening right now

    Colombia beating Nigeria 1:0 less than 10 minutes to go.
    The seventh straight loss. What an irony.
    NFF thank you for the disgrace and embarrassment your are bringing to us.
    God will judge all those who has hand in this horrible situation.

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    Another 1:0 loss to d Falcons. If we keep letting teams like zambia, colombia, mexico and morocco beating us, wahala dey ooo. We can’t score goals and cant defend properly. We cant hold the ball for half a minute b4 losing posession. We keep giving d ball away too cheaply. Its really sad for d girls. The coach has a loser mentality, after the WC, NFF should fire him immediately. Nff should apologize for selecting sure a coach ahead of a local coach, its mind boggling that after dis length of time with d team, the team still cant play fluid football. This tin tire me i swear. I still hope the team will get better. The only consolation is dat d margin of defeat hascnot been too large.

    • Sammy 1 year ago

      This man should be sacked now. Going to world cup with this man is going to spell another disaster even greater one.
      This coach could not manage our world class players at his disposal. Anyway he. Had never managed a state team let alone a national team with great players. All his life he has been managing junior team in the college where he came from.+

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Until we do things accordingly in this country called Nigeria. Those in charge of NFF know nothing about football, and we are expecting good results?

    Our local coaches can do more than what coach Waldrum is doing right now.

    He should be replaced after this informational tournament.

    We don’t want another Oga Rohr to overstay.
    Our local coach should be allowed to lead Super Falcons to the World Cup period. Our ladies were not happy after the match. Their
    Reactions tell after the match. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Sammy 1 year ago

    Dia ris God o.

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    I think firing the coach b4 d worldcup will be counterproductive in my view. Have we 4gotten the Rohr saga already? Has randy met the goals set out in his contract? The answer so far is yes, semi final betth and a ticket to the WC. If the NFF decides to fire him now , he will do dsame as Rohr and Nigeria (not NFF) will have to fork several months of salary if not years. The smart tin to do at dis point is to allow him take the team to the WC and if the quarter final target given to him isn’t met, he himself will promptly resugn avoiding us paying his wages (money we don’t honestly have). Not even sure adding local coaches to his backroom staff is advisable at dis point bcos that could be an excuse he will give (interference) if the target given to him isnt met. Our best bet at dis point if we want to avoid dsame outcome of the Rohr drama is to let him jejely take d team to d mundial and hope the team buckles up. Also, we can’t be saying we have worldclass players as i doubt we watch dem play in d female leagues around d world as we do d male team. How many of our ladies are starters for dia respective teams. Also, the coach can’t be faulted if our girls can’t control d ball, pass, make intelligent runs, defend well, score goals etc. We should akso hold the ladies accountable as much as d buck stops with d coaches, the ladies as responsible for many of dis loses. How can d goalie be our best player, i can’t fathom it. Several of the columbian girls *linda caicedi, guzman) were part of dia u20 setup but ours will ne filled with agbalagbas who can’t run as we sat we have worldclass players. We can’t cheat nature, the older u are d slower u become both mentally and physically, this is were i blame the NFF and d coach. The NFF should have insisted that dis was a building project and tadked Waldrum to build a young team for us instead of recycling players that have played in 3-5 worldcups. 5 WCS is 20yrs ooo, wen d person start to dey play football then? I no fit shout jare, my brodas, we get worldclass players ma myth. Only oshoala and Ajibade can be considered good players and e go hard for both of dis girls to make spanish national team if they were from spain. Remember say spain get Putellas ooo. Just my opinion.

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