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2023 WWC: Brilliant Super Falcons Shock Hosts Australia

2023 WWC: Brilliant Super Falcons Shock Hosts Australia

Nigeria’s Super Falcons recorded a shock 3-2 win against co-hosts Australia in their second Group B on Thursday.

The win means the Super Falcons, now on four points, go top of Group.

It is the nine-time African champions’ first win against Australia at the women’s World Cup in their second meeting.

Also, it is Africa’s first win at this year’s tournament co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

Goals from Uchenna Kanu, Osinachi Ohale and substitute Asisat Oshoala secured the hard fought win for the Falcons.

The game saw head coach Randy Waldrum make some changes in his starting 11 with the trio of Kanu, Rasheedat Ajibade and Halimotu Ayinde getting starting berth.

The Falcons wI’ll now take on already eliminated Republic of Ireland on Monday, July 31.

Australia took the lead one minute off added time in the first half through Emily Van Egmond who slotted home a low cross from the left.

Kanu drew the Falcons level five minutes of added time as she hit a left strike beyond the Australian keeper, after Ajibade’s initial shot was blocked.

In the 65th minute the Falcons went 2-1 thanks to Ohale who headed into an empty net after the opposition keeper failed to properly punch away a header across goal.

Oshoala then added the third as she capitalised on a poor header by an Australian defender towards her keeper, as the Barcelona star pounced and slotted home.

There was additional 11 minutes following long halts due to injuries to Ohale and Ayinde.

The hosts took advantage of this and scored in the 10th minute of added time.

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  • I knew Nigeria would beat Australia. I said it yesterday. I was very sure of it.

    • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

      PLEASE DIG UP where you SAID NIGERIA will BEAT AUSTRALIA yesterday..

      • Footballfanatic 11 months ago


        • Ako Amadi 11 months ago

          Now to make sure the Suoer Falcons don’t underrate Ireland

          • I just hope those NFF officials no go go dressing room to cause sabotage as them no want Randy to make impact.

      • He said it truly, even though he was only using Faith back then. He wasn’t so sure as he claimed.

      • Greenturf 11 months ago

        He did say it

        • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

          OYA na let him DIG it UP. It’s as SIMPLE as that.. EVIDENCE PLEASE @OLU

          • Greenturf 11 months ago

            Free Olu small naa..my guy!You tie wrapper for this him prediction matter oo! hahaha!…

          • Greenturf 11 months ago

            @Chima E Samuel made a point asking dude how much he put in a bet considering he’s so sure of the result haha..Dude easily could have won over a millionaire with a £10,000 bet!hahaha!!

          • Greenturf 11 months ago


  • Footballfanatic 11 months ago

    I personally didn’t have faith in Waldrum but man they have impressed in these 2 games.

  • Kelvin 11 months ago

    I no on my generator for nothing

  • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

    And I really THINK WE should SAVE this CELEBRATION for the SUPER EAGLES WCQ against GENERAL ROAR’S BENIN REPUBLIC cos HE will be coming real HOT on us…

    • At least still pretend to be a Nigerian nah…. Celebrate this big win small nah…..haba

      • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

        No am HAPPY actuallybut am just POINTING you guys ATTENTION to the HEAT that GENERAL ROAR will be bringing on US

        • Adeniyi 11 months ago

          You and your general would roar in pain at the end of the two legs. Mark my words bro. 

          • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

            I can SWEAR on @CHIMA E.SAMUEL’S LIFE that the SE can’t BEAT LESOTHO talk more about GENERAL ROAR’S BENIN…

  • Let our Super Eagles copy this attitude and play well for Nigeria to be proud of them and not selfish play they are used to. Go Super Falcon win and conquer the world. God will make it happen.

  • Congratulations to the entire team!
    The coach got it mostly right. He was right in benching Asisat Oshoala, who didn’t evince much hunger and desire in that first match against Canada although it is worth pointing out that she was starved of service in the said match.
    She was introduced to good effect in the second half and her goal ended up being huge.
    I am a fan of hers, not just for her footballing talent but mainly for her generosity and seeming compassion. I admire her for the charity work she is doing back home.
    We should all try and brow a leaf from her in that regard.

    • She was almost a doubt too as she suffered a knock against Canada but you know Oshoala. History beckoned.

      First African to score in three World cups
      First Nigerian substitute to score at a world cup

  • Ako Amadi 11 months ago

    11 minutes of extra time!! It looks like FIFA didn’t want the hosts knocked out

    • Omaskels 11 months ago

      Absolutely..I was shocked too..bit up on all d wayo..we still won

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

    Congratulations wonderful ladies gallant is an understatement they were marvelous. 

    I knew it wasn’t going to be easy in fact not in a group of death, but I did not have an iota of doubt that the SuperFalcons were winning this game or at least get a favorable result. 

    I expected Ajibade to come correct. I expected Ohale to be strong and commanding. Payne was painting everywhere with her dancing feet.

    Hajiya just came on and dropped her bomb! I am buzzing.

    This wonderful ladies must be paid.

  • Congratulations to the Super Falcons and Africa as a whole. 
    Up Next is must win against Rep of Ireland. Hope we all know that Australia can still qualify? And I hope we all know what that means?
    So let’s Chill, till the next episode.

    • We’ll take them as they come…we’ll be playing against another referee, Rep of Ireland team, and crowd next. 
      By God’s grace, we’ll lead the Table.

  • Nice one super falcons…..you have proved me wrong with your fighting spirit which is embedded in all Nigerians……NFF with all their incompetence still couldn’t derail the determination of theses girls…… Congratulations girls you have made us proud.

  • OJON ABIODUN 11 months ago

    This was a match of epic proportion and the Super Falcons didn’t disappoint at all. I didn’t watch the match Live but was following the commentary concurrently on Brila and Naija info FM. I must admit that my heart was literally in my mouth all through the duration of the match. It was nervy, frenetic and feisty encounter. Kudos to the coaching crew being tinkered and gaffered by Randy Waldrum. congratulations!!!

  • Dr Drey 11 months ago

    Wooow…..we won….!!! Holy shit…! Against all odds. Goodness gracious.

    I never gave Wladrum a chance going into this tournament…..actually I have never given him a chance since he was appointed. But they say the end justify the means right….? So o yes….Waldrum’s end results seem to be justifying his means.

    Seeing the scoreline now on livescore showed we even went 3-1 up before the aussies could claw a goal back after church had closed.

    Waldrum seems to be taking a cue from how Morocco became the first African Nation for reach the semis at the world cup.

    Congrats to the girls and their coaching crew…..and shame on the NFF. Just for the way the team and its crew have been treated till now, a part of me lately just wanted providence to come through from them in this tournament and I’m so glad it has.

    I don’t care what the NFF does to Waldrum after this tournament, but I am glad he really humbled them.

    Congrats once again to the Falcons. I wish them an even better game vs Ireland.

    A draw now will be good enough to ease us into the R16. A win will be even sweeter and place waldrum on a pedestal never reaved b4 by previous Falcons coaches.

    • Greenturf 11 months ago

      Well said man!

    • Nothing will make me happier than for Waldrum and the NFF to bury the hatchets so that he can oversee Nigeria’s 2024 Olympics Women’s Football Qualifiers.

      I was in support of this man last year despite the Afcon shortcomings. My support for him did dissolve following post-Afcon poor results but I have always highlighted his redeeming grace which was qualifying Nigeria for the world cup against heavyweights Ghana, Cameroon and Ivory Coast.

      Waldrum has really shocked me in this tournament. I thought he would employ the more conservative and defensive 5-3-2 against Canada and Australia. Rather he went toe-to-toe with them, using 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-4-1 in game.

      Without a shadow of doubt, he believes in the quality and professionalism of the ladies he selected. The Super Falcons have bought into his philosophy and this, you have a deadly concoction of coach-players.

      These Falcons do not see themselves inferior to any team. Now that is scary.

      My only worry now is that “C” word, complacency!

  • Complacency is the theif of Success. This is not a time for premature boasts of long drawn out celebrations.

    Well done Super Falcons but the battle has only just begun.

    Opposition teams will now see and approach us very differently. Clearly we are now one of the favourites to reach the quarter finals and other teams will be mindful of this and factor it into their planning and preparations.

    History of the Super Eagles/Falcons living up to hype is not promising.

    Something that has seen the Super Falcons far in this tournament is ORGANISATION. They should never lose this.

    Congratulations to Waldrum and his ladies.

    Focus, concentration, camaraderie and a common vision. These attributes have seen them overcome Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and now Canada and Australia.

    Plus they have the quality in their ranks.

    Waldrum still surprised me going with a more fluid and attack-orientated 4-3-3 and the team pulled it off.

    You have either paid or sacrifice your time to watch the Super Eagles deliver at a grand stage and that is what you are given and it’s bloody brilliant!

  • Papa Fem,

    This a response I wrote you earlier today about Waldrum’s impact on the Super Falcons since taking over.

    First and foremost, Waldrum qualified Nigeria for the world cup via the most difficult route compared to any other Super Falcons coach in history (arguably).

    It doesn’t get harder than qualifying for the world cup by defeating Ivory Coast, Ghana (GHANA) and Cameroon. Please, go back and watch those five games to see what Waldrum brought to the table.

    These include:

    1) introduction of fresh legs who made immediate impact like Onumonu, Okoronkwo, Plumptre and Alozie.

    2) Borrowing heavily from 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 formations and injecting his own twist to overcome these formidable foes.

    3) Heavy use of overlapping fullbacks in offensive efforts.

    4) Blending dual nationality and indigenous players for the first time in the history of the Super Falcons in a manner that supports team cohesion and achievement of core objectives (to qualify for the World Cup).

    5) Invoking the Nigerian spirit of exemplary organisation without the ball in a manner that keeps scorelines respectable (for the most parts) against formidable foes.

    6) Bringing out the best in players like Ucheibe, Abiodun, Ajibade and Nnadozie (and Ifeoma Onumonu) with exemplary man management skills.

    7) Laying a solid foundation for the future of the Super Falcons by introducing the following players into the team (although some of these didn’t make the world cup roster): Sebastian, Onyenezide, Abiodun, Nicole Payne, Rofiat Imruan, Demehin, Rita Akerekor, Anam Imo, Suliyat Abideen.

    8) Retraining Nigeria’s reputation of always qualifying for the Women’s World Cup.

    9) Retaining Nigeria’s reputation of never failing to reach the semi finals of the Women’s Afcon.

    10) Last by no means least, achieving core targets and building Nigeria a team for the future despite not being paid for many months and having to work under squalid conditions.

    • And also exposing the NFF incompetencies with respect to welfare and preparation by being tolerant yet firm in his decision making.Nice one

  • Greenturf 11 months ago

    Rohr would have had similar success had he not maliciously sacked by the sports minister!

  • Oakfield 11 months ago

    Congratulations gals , you guys did it against all odds, typical of us Nigerians esp when we have our backs against the wall. Always leading the way and others would follow. The gals should bask well in their glory at the world cup bcs they earned it and not those shameless, wicked, stupid o
    Nff officials that hate to see good things. I know that by now They’d be regretting why they didn’t sack waldrum as all the things that transpired prior to this mundial were carefully orchestrated to frustrate the man and force him to dump the team like they did to mr rohr but God has twarted their evil plans. Mr rohr might have given him some recipe on how to handle the nff, lol. Waldrum is coassting through against all odds and would still achieve great feats from my observation to the detriment of some wicked corrupt nff officials who wanted him to give way. Indeed, God knows how best to deal with the wicked. Congratulations, once again gals. Beyond the sky is your limit, do not lose focus.

  • Papafem 11 months ago

    I told Deo yesterday that the team isn’t that bad. Though he made some very intelligentl points too. I was so optimistic and I thank God they repaid the confidence reposed in them. Now on to ROI. Then we are good to go. We could be the next Morrocco of this competition. I see more shocker on the way.

    • Papa Fem,
      You also said you didn’t know what Waldrum has done for this team. Well now you know.

      • Papafem 11 months ago

        Yes o..I said that…lol. But he’s proving me wrong. And I love it, tbh. Not only me, but all of us who have a bit of doubt about his tactical ability. I want more shocker. I’ll love to experience that. Maybe my faith in him could be rekindled because I was quite impressed by the gallant display of his girls against Morocco at the last AWCON. And thanks so much @Deo for your incisive analysis. It was like Waldrum read those comments and executed the plan today. I’ll looking forward to more of your analysis, trust me.

  • 11 minutes added time was just a joke. Nigerians were always quick to get up. Aside Ohale and Ayinde who never spent up to 3 minutes combined, FIFA officials always can’t hide their racism. Well done girls. This team is well coached.

    • u talking abt additional time alone,, wot abt foul calls ? the referee was just blowing evrytin against us even d yellow card issued to alozie is still a shock ,, dey nearly kill our girls and ref no blow ,,, ref was waiting for us to mak a mistake but God pass her

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

      There was nothing racist about the added time. Both teams made 7 subs in the 2nd half, 2 goals were scored, many corner kicks and some injuries.

      Add up all the seconds lost in the process (usually fifa allots 30 secs for subs and 1 min for goals celebration) and you will understand how the 11 minutes came about.

      Y’all should cut these cries about skin colour. Nobody is after you. Not all problems in life has to do with skin colour.

      • Papafem 11 months ago

        Tribalism is in our gene and where we can’t play that card, it becomes racism. This problem is archaic but we aren’t ready to outgrow it. There is always a strong sense of insecurity in an average Nigerian fan anytime we compete globally. We believe CAF hates us and we will always be robbed by its referees anytime we play in any CAF competition. We believe FIFA doesn’t like our face and will always instruct its officials to do ojoro anytime Nigeria plays in FIFA competitions. And when there is no one to blame, we turn on the NFF or our government. Nigerians and this game called the blame game. Someone must take the fall for our failure somehow. God help us to be rational for once.

        • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

          Such people should stop being illiterate and primitve and go read the laws of the game properly.

          The rules of football are available for free download on FIFA’s website.

          We should stop overrating oursleves to the point of thinking CAF and FIFA are always against us…..we are nothing but nothing to them. Without us they will continue to exist. We didnt qualify for AFCON back to back and it didnt stopping both competitions from going on and a champion emerging. We also didnt qualify for the WC and it didnt take off any shine from the tournament.

          Thinking some referee somewhere is always designated to punish us just because we are Nigeria is old fashioned.

          I’m not saying refreees dont make that odd mistake. But to think its only Nigeria that refereeing mistakes affect is pure overzealousness. And unfortunately, most of those who think that way are just plain ignorant of the laws of the game.

          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

            lol…so we are the ones being illiterate and primitive you and your pal papafem are the ones telling us that racism does not exist right? Am I reading this right pal??

            Look let’s take a minute before using emotive language because we all can use such language – You don’t hold a monopoly on that type of language – always remember that please

            Any black or dark skinned person who says there is no racism or more to the point – that they have not observed any actions borne through an ingrained racism in these last couple of games has either never been out of Nigeria or they are deceiving themselves and are a funny sort

            I will leave you and papafem with just 2 ideas and ask you both to think on these…

            Mental Slavery and Emancipation

            I don’t want to say anymore but I am triggered by this comment of yours – Shall we just leave it at that…

          • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

            Hahahaha….please show us where we have said there is no racism here…..?? LMAOoo.

            Emancipate yourself from your mental slavery Mr Man.

            Go and read FIFA laws properly before coming here to disgrace yourself the more with your childish racism allegations where there are none.

            I have been reading your rants and shaking my head in empathy at every juncture because ignorance is worse than any deadly disease in existence. I know you are refering to the flying tackles vs Canada that didnt attract a red card….once again, go back and read FIFA laws. Any tackle on the ankle and above is deemed as a “reckless challenge” in football and the penalty is a red. Any tackle beneath the ankle ie on the tarsals and metatarsal (the feet) are not deemed reckless and only penalised with a yellow card. The Quinn’s tackle you were ranting about since god knows when was deemed fair since she got the ball first before making contact with oshoala’s feet.

            This was the same way your likes went haywire at the AWCON and AFCON…….all of a sudden Nigeria has become Chris that everyone hates……LMAOooo.

            Real colonial mentality is thinking every black man should think defeatistly like you.

            I have just explained to you up there how injury times are computed, tell us which one of those factors was skin-colour inspired.

            Once again, emancipate yourself from mental slavery….nobody talk about the non-existence of racism here, but on the knowledge of the laws of the game, but your imprisoned mind still find a way to dig what was never mentioned up.

            And I make bold to say again, in this era where the laws of the game are available to be read online free of charge, it is indeed ILLITERATE AND PRIMITIVE to assocaite every refereeing decision that doesnt favour you as racism.

            The was how Ladan Bosso mouth got him in trouble in 2007 after the U20 world cup. Not every problem in life has to do with skin colour.

            That racism card is old fashioned…!!!

          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

            I know you excel in these types of dead end brainless arguments Mr ITK – I won’t drag with you – you are very clearly not emancipated, if you say the racism card is old fashioned then I dare you to go anywhere in the country or state where you are and say that so that any black people hear you and you will see – not all this one that you come hear and be proving popular jingo ITK – Unless you are better and more well spoken and richer and more educated than a host of black people like yourself in whatever country you live – don’t come here and start chatting my friend – Go and ask black PHD holders in your state, go and ask the richest black people, go and ask Kanye West, Dave Chappele, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart,Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, Entrepreneurs like Damon Dash, Malcom X, The Hon Elijah Mohamed, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Whoopie Goldberg, Chris Tucker or any big time sports person, in fact I give you the whole world of black people to find one who will agree with you on this – You are on your own here..abi you are better than all of us ba? these are all poor illiterates and only you can read – none of these can read Fifa Rules lol, I can’t read myself, only you went to school – Look mr man stop making a fool of yourself and cut your coat only to where you can swim, don’t try come here because you will drown, stop making noise and because it is obvious that your mentality of big fish in a small pond won’t wash with us – Only you can read FIFA laws abi or you don’t know that reading is one thing but interpretation is another..
            Dude stop it quick, let’s not go there! Check yourself ….

          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

            LOL you have been watching me abi??

            Why am I not surprised to hear that lool!

          • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

            Hahahaha…..I was hoping you will come up with some cogent reasons why racism was responsible for the 11 minutes of added time in our game vs Australia or open the rule book to show us how the ref was wrong for not sending off any canadian player in our game vs Canada.

            Alas, its still the yuen yeun yeun cries your grandfathers have been crying to still vomitted here as defence for the apt application of the rules of the game of football…..LMAOoo.

            I asked you a simple question, “show us anywhere in this coversation where anybody said racism does not exist”……You are still chocking on air trying to answer that.

            And rather than back up your innuendos and false accusations of racist referring and “FIFA hates Nigeria” with facts and figures, you are busy reeling out names of successful black people who have risen beyond the mental block and self-limiting psychological imprisonment of “every problem in life has to do with skin colour” to become the greatest in their game….in a way showing you that no force can stop the force of a black man with an unbounded mindset.

            Im also not sold out on what would pass for okoda riders in beer parlours type of arguments.

            At least I am better off reading FIFA laws that you who hasnt even bothered to open them to know whats in them.

            They used to say the best way to hide anything from a black man is to put it in a book. I thought that was ages ago….I dindt know it still applies till date.

            I’ld rather be an ITK than be an olodo.

            You are the least of persons to tell my anything about racism….!

            When you have laid your hands on facts to prove everyone correct that your fallacies are true about racism being the reason 11 minutes of injury time was awarded vs Australia or that racism was the reason only Abiodun was red carded vs Canada…..kindly let us know.

          • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

            The ref in the Japan vs Zambia game denied Japan a legitimate opening goal……That ref must be racist.

            Oops….my bad. The Japanese are not black.

            Ok, how do we put it now……ehmm….Yea…i got it now…..

            “…FIFA hates Japan…”

            If education is expensive, try ignorance.

  • i dnt till wen ill be back to normal,, i was under serious tension thruout d match and sinx d final whistle i just dey hapi ,, i cant explain dis feeling,
    at a point i nearly cried wen i saw aw rashidat fell afta nodding out a cross , d ladies fought for naija pride as giant of africa..

    am not goin to single out any player bcos dey played according to instructions and won it as a team..

    oshoala suffer backlash all over social media in d last match for d 9 role but nobody is talking abt aw onumonu cudnt do anytin dere today as well …

    we are not like u so we embrace everyone instead of calling out names

  • MuYiwa 11 months ago

    To be honest, I didn’t expect anything less than 10 mins of added time in the match, considering the fact that an Australian player was almost concussed when she fell hard with the back of the head. Payne and Ohale also spent minutes of treatment when they got injured. Although I feel we could have had a penalty in the first half when an Aussie player blocked the ball with her arm while trying to clear the ball in the box after a corner kick. Congrats to the girls.

  • pompei 11 months ago

    After this incredible win against the Matildas, the SF should celebrate tonight. They have earned it. But tomorrow, they should forget completely about it and focus on Ireland.
    The Irish showed in the 2 games they’ve played that they can be dangerous. They lost narrowly to Australia and Canada, but those teams hard to work really hard to beat them. Nigeria will need to do the same to get a result from the Ireland game. The Irish are out of the tournament, and they would love to go back home with something for their fans to cheer.
    It’s interesting that Nigeria the least ranked team in the group now sits on top of the group. A draw against the Irish will see Nigeria into the next round. A loss, and out come the calculators.
    With all the effort to get to the top of the group so far, it would be calamitous for Nigeria to get eliminated because of complacency. Ireland must not be underrated!
    It’s one of the most open world cups ever. The SF have a huge chance here to break new ground. But one match at a time. Next order of business – avoid defeat against Ireland and secure the ticket to the next round.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    Too many coconuts Chaii!


    Who needs enemies with “friends” like these eh?

    Mehn – see how deeply rooted they have gotten into some peoples psyche – talk about well cooked divide ‘n’ conquer tactics and how well it worked, we are still fighting tto educate some “intellectuals” amongst us who think they know more – Only God can help us!

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

      Please educate them with facts and the rule book, not some emotion laden, trauma inspired figments of your imagination.

      No knowledge, they say, is better than ignorance.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

        LOL! Okay o Mr ITK

        Mr only you sabi read book lool!

        Look dude, this wont be pleasant – let’s leave it there – you can never win, save your self some face

        • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

          Hahahaha….Is this your explanation of why racism was responsible for 11 minutes of added time vs Australia…?

          What desperation….!

          He is more concerned with winning and losing rather than substantiating his fallacies…….LMAOoo

          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

            Look at who’s talking about desperation- lool!

            What an monumental fool!

            And worse still at an old age which you most definitely are at – You know what they say about old fools right??

            I will leave you to your own moronic devices on that final note – Rant on agbaya oniranu rederede hehe

          • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

            Hehehehehe……Is this one too part of your explanation of why racism was responsible for 11 minutes of added time vs Australia….LMAOOoo?

            It was ages ago that they used to say the best way to hide anything from a black man is to put it in a book. Primitive people cannot still open a rule book to read in 2023…..LMAOoo

            Papafem has said it all up there “…here is always a strong sense of insecurity in an average Nigerian…”

            I’ll rather be a fool who knows and can defend what he’s saying than be a fool that doesnt.

            The referee who officiated the Canada vs Ireland game too must have been racist for adding 10 minutes of Injury time……LMAOoo. She probably did that to help Ireland equalize since Canada had some black players playing for them……LMAOoo.

            Between illiteracy is a disease, but ignorance is a terminal illness….!!!

          • @Drey must you be always arguementative on every issue?.. So the Monkey chants in Europe thats not racists right it is just us Africans imagination because we think highly of ourselves and because we are Africans. Or Vini Jr getting sent off by a referre (who was supposed to be obligated by FIFA Fair Play rules to protect players from racists abuse) for retaliating to Monkey Chants. I guess Vini Jr was hallucinating abi?

            My man sometimes you need to stop trying to intellectualise everything and take things the way they are.

            No @Dr Drey you are right there is no bias against Africans in World Football non Atol, Infact racisim does not exist in this world. Mtcheeeew!!!!!!!

          • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

            See this one…hahahaha….Senior Advocate of the Emancipated Black race……LMAOOoo…..he just jumped on the discussion like a rabied dog because he has found an opportunity to scratch his idle itchy fingers without reading through the thread.

            Mr Man, go and read the tread very well before spewing rubbish.

            You, like your psychologically traumatized friend there are blabbermouthing your time away talking Out of Point…!

            Please point out anywhere in this thread where anybody made affirmations that racism does not exist…?

            The last time I checked this discussion was about the 11 minutes injury time awarded in the match agaisnt Australia.

            If you have facts to prove the 11 minutes added time was an end-product of racism and bais officiating, point them out here. If you dont, go and look for something useful to do with your time rather than poking your mouth into a conversation you were not called into, as there is nothing to argue about there.

            It is even funnier that a tribal and religious bigot like you is coming here to cry about racism….? Please whats the differece between bigotry and racism…..?? LMAOOoo….Are they not all children of Discrimination….??

            How has monkey chants in Europe got anything to do with the 11 minutes added time vs Australia…….or how has Vinicius Junior grabbing a player by the neck and getting sent off as a result got anything to do with what is going on at the Women’s world cup in Australia.

            Go and get better things to do if you cannot read and comprehend English properly.

            I dont know how simple addition is proving difficult for so-called emancipated folks……LMAOoo.

            the best way to hide anything from a black man is to put it in a book

            A simple addition of

            the time lost in treating ohale on the pitch,
            the time lost in treating Ayinde on the pitch,
            the time lost in treating Toni Payne on the pitch,
            the time lost in celebrating our 2 goals,
            the time lost in stoppages for corner and freekicks and
            the time wasted in 7 substitutions (with plumptre for example taking the whole night to leave the pitch)

            Its a shame that simple addition of the above according to the rule books is still proving difficult for people who want to “…educate intellectuals…” that racism is the reason 11 minutes of injury time were alloted in our game vs Australia.

            When you both are done doing those simple additions, do well to also calculate the time you have spent on earth being a sheer waste of resources.

            The referee of the game between Canada and Ireland too must have be racist for allowing the game to go on for about 10 minutes after the 90th minute mark……LMAOooo. She probably did that because Canada has black players, hence FIFA insttructed her to put her racist mind into use so that Ireland can equalize…..LMAOoooo

            Whenever they knwo they have lost the plot, they start spinning innuendos all over the place.

  • @ field Marshall, why you always tend to
    Embarrass urself with ur mumu thinking, so na only hou live abroad among all
    Mature men here Abi? Work on ur confidence and you will see that those white are just same human like urself, racism this, racism that common now, i shame on ur behave.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      What a plank!
      If I replied every imbecile, I would be concerned, so I’ll keep this short and sweet
      You are just an idiot – jog on twat – Mumu

  • Arara Kumbie 11 months ago

    There is no racism here. The rule book is clear. The extra time was justified. People too like conspiracy theories. Yeye dey smell

  • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

    Watching China play Haiti now……a chinese player just got sent off for a tackle above the ankle of the opponent (for the upteenth time).

    Let any referee try that with a Nigerian player she will automatically become a racist stooge of FIFA who are hell bent on stopping Nigeria’s dominance of world football…..LMAOoo
    Chairman of Fifa’s referees committee Pierluigi Collina confirmed last week that fourth officials had been instructed to keep track of time lost during the game during the tournament in Qatar, something they had also tried to do at the previous World Cup in Russia in 2018. Reasons the game is halted include injuries, video assistant referee decisions, substitutions, penalties and red cards, with some players often deliberately delaying the restart after such incidents in order to wind down the clock.

    “In Russia, we tried to be more accurate in compensating for time lost during games and that’s why you saw six, seven or even eight minutes added on,” he told reporters at a pre-tournament briefing.

    “Think about it: if you have three goals in a half, you’ll probably lose four or five minutes in total to celebrations and the restart.”
    Those who want to emancipate the black race do not even know that just like Offside calls, and goal-line Technology, FIFA now has a robotic technology in play now that captures the exact amount to time the game is in play to the last micro second. This had been tested in every FIFA competition since 2019 to 2021 before it was used in the 2022 world cup and now in the women’s world cup…..LMAooo

    But no….every problem in their traumatized and defeated lives must have a skin colour undertone…..LMAOoo.

    The world is growing and advancing…..iliterates are still teaching their children that CAF and FIFA is after them…….LMAOooo.

    Ignorance is worse than a pandemic….!!!

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

      Ewooo….this same ref has awarded 9 minutes of injury time o.

      What a racist ref.

      FIFA is really hell bent on pulling down China.

      They want to make sure Hiati equalizes by force……LMAOoooo

      The thinking “emancipated” people….!!!

      • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

        Chineke….! 9 minutes injury time has turned to 13 minutes. This level of bias is unprecedented. Shame on FIFA…!

        The other day, it was one referee denying Japan an obvious goal vs Zambia….today it is a red card and 13 minutes of injury time being awarded “against” China. My Gosh…..These white refs are racist towards Asians

        If Education is expensive, try Ignorance….!

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