5 Things To Know Before Playing Slots

5 Things To Know Before Playing Slots

Before you play slot games online, there are plenty of things you should know that will not only increase your enjoyment of the game but could also increase your likelihood of winning. Playing by some of these rules could also ensure that you are playing more responsibly too which should always be encouraged.

Create a Bankroll

Before you begin playing on any slots game, you should always set up a bankroll. This is the amount of money that you can afford to lose without it having a detrimental effect on you or your life if you were not to win anything in return. This money is usually set for just one gameplay, but some people choose to set a bankroll for their week or month of slots play, but that depends on how strict you can be with yourself.

Once a bankroll has been created, you should never increase the amount of money you have set as your limit. Doing so may lead to addiction or getting yourself into financial difficulties which would be seen as irresponsible play.

Make Comparisons

Always take a look around and compare different games so that you can choose the best slots game suitable for yourself. Sometimes, this will be the type of game, so the attraction of the theme or the bonus features on offer as you play a specific game. But for other players, there are more detailed specifics that they want to pay closer attention to, such as the RTP and the volatility level.

The higher the RTP percentage, the more chance you are going to have of being able to win your money back as you play the game. The volatility level is displayed in one of three levels generally, although they do often cross over. Low volatility slots games are less risky and high volatility slots games are of higher risk. Though this does initially seem obvious, it depends on your budget and bankroll as to how you want to play. If you have a larger bankroll, playing high volatility slots games where you may win less often but will see greater returns when you do is often the preferred way of playing slots games.

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Understanding RNG

The RNG is the Random Number Generator and is the way in which the game decides whether or not you are going to win any money. As there is no strategy or skill involved in playing slots games, you are completely dependent on luck and the RNG is key to this.

The RNG creates a unique code every single time you spin the reel. It is important that you understand this concept so that you realise that the slots game does not owe you anything. It makes absolutely no difference as to how long you have been playing a specific slots game, how much money you have spent playing a game or who you are. The RNG considers you a completely different player every time you spin the reel.

For this reason, it is not always advised to continue playing on a slots game if you have not seen in payout for a long period of time. If this happens, you may have hit an unlucky streak and could be well advised to find yourself a different slots game to play on. There is no harm in doing this and might as well test your luck playing somewhere else. You might also find a new game that you like playing on even more!


Knowing that there are different jackpots involved in playing slots games online is a big help as this often a large deciding factor for many players when they are working out which games to play on. The most common are the progressive and the non-progressive slots games.

Non-progressive slots games are popular because they have a specific size of jackpot which is advertised and it will always be won by someone playing that game. Though the jackpot here is always smaller than that of the progressive slots jackpot, it is guaranteed, and this is something that many players like.

Progressive slots games have a moving jackpot which, as its name suggests, progresses. The factors which influence its progression can include things such as the number of players, the amount of money players as using as their wagers, and the number of times players are spinning the reel. As there are many influential factors, the jackpots here can be much bigger than in the non-progressive jackpot games but there is no guarantee that they will be won. When this is the case, the jackpot will be transferred to the next game and will continue to grow until one lucky player has the fortune of winning.

Release Dates

Being aware that the release dates of slots games has very little impact on how good a game you are a looking at, is an important thing to be aware of. Many times, players have decided between two different slots games just because one is newer than the other. But actually, this has absolutely no consequence.

Aesthetics are another area that people play perhaps too much attention to, as they are drawn to showier, flashy and brightly colour slots more than other lesser styled slots games. But the games developers know this and use this to their advantage. What you should know is that some of the most successful game for players that can create the biggest wins are some of the least aesthetically pleasing slots games around. They are not necessarily bright, flashy or dripping in bonus features but they are your way to the biggest of wins.

Once you know these vital pieces of information, you will be able to make a much more well-informed choice when you are looking for your next slots game online. This will increase your enjoyment and success rate as you play which will encourage you to return to your chosen online casino and you might just want to explore more slots games too.

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