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Abraham Disappointed With FA Cup Final Snub

Abraham Disappointed With FA Cup Final Snub

Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham has admitted he felt hurt missing out on the FA Cup final against Leicester City.

The striker’s partner, Leah Monroe, slammed Thomas Tuchel’s decision prior to kick-off at Wembley, with the Blues going on to lose the match 1-0.

Monroe wrote on social media in a post which was quickly deleted: “How on earth do you make the decision to leave your top goalscorer out of the squad for a final?

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“The same person who even scored the goals to actually qualify for this competition? It’s not making any sense whatsoever.”

Having his say on the match, Abraham wrote on Instagram: “It hurts but we still have unfinished business.

“Thank you for your support, good to have you back.”

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  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Just a shame, this guy’s lived all his life in the UK but still don’t understand the mentality of the dominant English nationals, wherein he/others are always to be considered second class, where upon they are only important, when there are non available of ‘ DEM DEM’. Though I never considered him for once, to be worthy of SE invite maybe due to his frail physique, but he has been really good for Chelsea and should not be sitting on the bench, talkless of completely being put out of the squad. Something is wrong somewhere, most possibly he stepped on some toes by asking for pay rise. He sure need some support but herein he could have benefited from an overwhelming Nigerian fan based, if he had been curtious with his degrading comments, belittling his root, which may have provoked the Alfa into echoeing back negative vibrations upon him. Life isn’t just what we see, which are quite infinitesimal to what we don’t see and only just a manifestation of the interplay in the realms above. So better to be careful how we behave especially how we use our tongues. Today, Jordan Ibe’s blossoming career has so painfully suddenly evaporated into only God knows where. Last time he cried out, he was fearfully falling into depression. Merciful God help him. I pray Tammy’s case don’t go that way as these thing, when they start , just seem it’s only gonna end next day, and there you are watching, next day becomes next week, next season, n forever. I plead Nigerians to forgive these English/ foreign miss road and let them be. We are n can never be short of quality talents. If they don’t understand how to use the Nigerian WAGON to drive their Football career to the very height then good luck to them. NO HARD FEELINGS AT ALL.

    • KangA 3 years ago

      “….he could have benefited from an overwhelming Nigerian fan base …. ”

      You’ve said it all. I keep emphasizing good-quality self-education by our foreign-based footballers and it’s not a joke. A truly educated man would respect his roots. A man who does not know his roots is akin to a fellow who had used a ladder to climb onto a beautiful platform and used his own leg to push off the ladder. No way of climbing down again. Jumping down would result in a precipitous fall and broken bones.

      The rubbish which Tammy and his brother Tomori spewed up about Naija was really shameful. The vociferous Nigerian fans don’t forsake their own. But now Tammy is standing like an abandoned orphabn in a train station. So pitiable.

      • glory 3 years ago

        Very true @ Kanga A. Can’t deny how much it hurts everytime I watch Tammy seemingly struggling to celebrate with the team after a game while it appears players being kinda snubbish towards him. It hurts irrespective of how he snubbed that Nigeria invite. I personally don’t enjoy seeing the ones I feel connected to being treated unfairly. This is only reason I clamour for foreign born Nigeria players making the nigeria choice; never because Nigeria with such deafening population of about 300 million people lack talents. Our problem in this country is not for want of talents / resources. It’s all about harnessing these talents/resources.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    You never see anything… Once you miss this year’s Euros, that’s about it for your English career. Is it Harry Kane or Calvin Lewin he wants to go and bench?

  • Karma is pissed at Abraham not because he snubbed Nigeria but because he cheated both England and Nigeria by using Nigeria’s interest in him to lure England into capping him….It’s a warning to other players trying to tow that path.

    • @Akp you have missed read the situation and this is why Nigerian Authorities and people in power keep walking over us. Because when they mess up down the line we stupidly misinterpret the situation. How can you even blame Abraham for that. That was Clearly Pinnick’s stupid mentality which he stupidly repeated with Eze and it played info their hands. If NFF Has not managed to fully convince a player to switch allegiance yet why then?, must a whole president of the NFF be so stupid to make the unfinished negotiations known to both public and Media before everything is set in stone?. Obviously a country like England are not stupid and know the boys potential. So they will only do the smart thing and tie them down even if their mind was not on them initially..

      My friend Don’t blame Abraham for that blame the president of the NFF. He is very mediocre when it comes to this as he proved by repeating the same stupidity with EZE.

      • As a moral person who knows your mind is with England you shouldn’t get involved with the FA president of Nigeria to the extent of making it public…If Abraham refused that pics it won’t happen…Eze too did the same thing thinking it would work again on Southgate but this time the England FA has understand the game

        • Stop exonerated Abraham here…he is a star and has public rights…NFF’s own fault is a matter for another day….We are talking of Abraham here and it’s wrong what he did period…. Don’t flirt with somebody you don’t intend associating with…He gave his consent to that pics before it was taken even if nff had their motives Abraham also wanted to use it as a bargaining chip with England while nff wanted to use it as a bragging right to it’s fans knowing fully well that fans have been clamouring for Abraham to join SE

        • @Akp  did he tell you that he knew Pinnick’s intentions with that Pic. or are you arguing about this topic without even being aware that Pinnick and Abrahams Dad are childhood friends????????. for all you know Pinnick could have manipulated the boy to the pics using the family ties. I.e ” Tammy so and so is a big fan back home do you mind we snap a pic for him?.. Or is tammy Abraham not a public figure anymore?

          My guy rest this case, this situation is Pinnicks fault and, the sooner you admit that the better

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    Eyaaa, pitiful. Hope u still remember ur twitter handle password???? Lol… All hail the 3 lion. U think say karma dy blind? Lol. The other time it was ur mom and gal friend speaking for you like a baby and now you. U never see anything sef. U get mind insult people who wished and wanted ur services and u think u go go Scott free. Never!

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    Abraham is repining the seed he sow. To all young ones out there, never throw stone into the market, it may hit your mama in the eye. Never forget where you or your parents come from, or your prosperity could be short-lived. Believe me.

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Honestly if he had accepted to play for Nigeria who this guy wan bench right now? His turning us down is a blessing in disguise…… Eze will tow the same path watch and Olise might eventually not play for Nigeria.We havent heard any word from his mouth about his international career.

    • @Footballfanatic Eze is quality don’t compare him with Tammy.. Eze has that Xfactor like I always say. Down the line you will see I am right.

      when I say a player has X factor i am not just talking I know what I mean. watch the Space Eze is on another level and will dominate the English Prem like he did the English championship. If Nigeria doesn’t make a bigger effort to get him to commit or pull all strings necessary this will be the player we will really miss not even Saka will compare as we have enough down the wings.

      Next Season you will be wishing Nigeria made more of an effort for Eze.

      Prem league is a few levels above the championship and naturally it will take some adjusting when you move up a few levels in anything. SO as you saw in the early stages he was adjusting and now in the latter stages is is coming out his shell. Watch next season your mind will be blown away by Eze that much I can guarantee

      • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

        I said he will tow the same path by eventually rejecting Nigeria and will probably play for the English team a few times and will be dumped….. I did not compare their soccer skills nor their football abilities. Abraham might be down but he is still young and can have a resurgence in his career. Don’t put words in my mouth I didn’t compare. Dele Alli is only 24 or 25 and already used and dumped..

      • Dr Banks 3 years ago

        I insist that you guys should stop hyping this Eze guy, I watch his game week in week out on TV and I don’t see that X-factor you all are talking about. Eze is average, I repeat…..AVERAGE. Luck is on his side too, imagine he was credited with 2 assists last weekend but not really an assist in the true sense. First one was just a harmless pass to Saha who went ahead to do an excellent job to score, second assist was a miss kick where he should’ve scored himself if he hit the ball right. He can’t perform in any of the top 10 club in the premiership. And even in Crystal Palace, he is just enjoying the fact that the coach likes him. Let’s see how things go for him next season.

        • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

          Nigerians exaggerate things sometimes….. He is a good player but you guys make it seem like we will never find a better talent. I knw we are lacking in the position that he plays but dude is not committed and is waiting for his chance with the English team. That tells you all you need to know..He even chose to play for the English U21 at the same time he could’ve played for us without Fifa approval…

          • I will pull this thread up in about 8 months from now. To prove something to you @Dr Banks and @Footballfanatic. the same way I pulled threads a few months ago which were discussed late 2018 and early 2019 when I was defending tagging X Factor for Osimhen, Iheanacaho and Chukwueze to @Dr Drey but I was told to drink drain water and eat rat poison needless to say, I was right the same will be the case with Eze watch this space

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            @Ugo….for the umpteenth time, you and I NEVER had any argument on Chukwueze, Osimhen or Iheanacho being or not being x-factor players. It was your reference to Henry Onyekuru as an x-factor player we argued about which I vehemently disputed and still stand by till today. Wake up from your sleep….LMAO.

            I know I talk a lot, but I also have a brain to remember the things I say and the kinds of things I say. All these people who want to use Dr.Drey name to get validation should pls hold their horses biko….Lol.

    • yusuf adebola 3 years ago

      It would be painful if we miss on olise

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Tamaraebi the English boy will have to duke it out with the other English strikers for a place in the 3 Lions. He will be competing with the likes of Harry Kane, Dominic Calvert Lewin, Danny Ings, Callum Wilson, Patrick Bamford, Ollie Watkins. Day just dey break. Aston Villa that are interested in him, can he go there and bench Ollie Watkins? Even West Ham that want him, Mark Antonio will keep him on bench duty. The road to redemption is long and arduous for Tamaraebi the English boy.

  • Presh 3 years ago

    How can you lots force and adult to love Nigeria? A country he never used to? Even though we have some foreign born Nigeria players, he’s made his decision, we should respect it, and will come out good as his work is football.

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      Who put a gun to his head? Stating the obvious. He is committed to the English National team and that’s a fact. Where did you see any write up forcing him?

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