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AFCON 2023: Stop The Attacks On Iwobi. — Musa Pleads With Nigerian Fans

AFCON 2023: Stop The Attacks On Iwobi. — Musa Pleads With Nigerian Fans

Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa has called on some Nigerian football fans to stop the attack on Alex Iwobi on social media.

Musa made the plea after Iwobi came under heavy criticism for his performance in the Super Eagles’ 2-1 loss to Cote d’Ivoire in Sunday’s AFCON final.

Following the constant attacks, Iwobi deleted all his Instagram photos, leaving only one video post.

The former Arsenal forward featured for 79 minutes in Nigeria’s defeat to Ivory Coast and was replaced by Alhassan Yusuf.

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Musa has now come out to plead for the attacks to stop.

“Dear fans, I want to please urge you to halt the cyber-bullying directed towards Alex Iwobi,” he wrote on X.

“Cyber-bullying is not just a violation of decency but also a serious crime. It’s hypocritical to claim that football unites us while engaging in such behaviour.

“Losing a game is undoubtedly tough, but targeting a single player for the team’s shortcomings is unfair and unjust. We win as a team, and we lose as a team. Alex gave his all on the field, just like every member of our squad.

“Instead of spreading negativity, let’s show genuine love and support to our players. They need our encouragement now more than ever. Let’s uplift each other and stand united, both in victory and defeat. THANKS.”

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  • Ralph 1 week ago

    These low life will always find a way of getting data so why even paying attention to them, Victor Moses and Okoye decided to stop playing for Nigeria and some people start attacking them with every opportunity, what do you say about this ?, even the best of footballers have a bad days sometimes, today you praise the players and the nest day you attack them, go get yourselves a life.

  • In every walk of life, we all have areas that will require improvements, footballers are not different.

    Honestly I don’t know what Iwobi did so wrong in this tournament. Peseiro’s formation after the Guinea Bissau match required Iwobi and Frank Onyeka to simultaneously perform offensive and defensive midfield roles. I really shouldn’t say this but I was silently never a huge fan of this 3-4-3. I think it gave Iwobi and Onyeka too much to do.

    All the players did well in the tournament just that against Ivory Coast, they were lethargic and unimaginative.

    In the matches I observed, Iwobi’s passes were simple and productive. He played his part in our respectable journey to the final.

    I really don’t understand why Fans have turned on him – Iwobi tried his best in the formation.

    Peseiro should consider going back to 4-3-3 or tweak his 4-4-2 in future. 3-4-3 shows too much respect for African opponents. We should be able to go toe to toe with our Opponent on the continent after all Ivory Coast used am offensive open 4-3-3 to win the Afcon!

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 week ago

    The Super Eagles was dead and out before this tournament. Only the most optimistic fans, bordering on delusion even, gave the team a chance of making the final.

    Now, we have the backbone of a team we can build on to stay competitive over the course of this decade. We must pick ourselves up, isolate the positives and look out to build from here. 

    We know where the gaps are. Let’s plug them. We have talents home and abroad. Let’s continue to build. Tunisia ‘94, USA ‘94 and Atlanta ‘96 came on the back of three back to back final losses. 

    We built a dynasty on the ashes of those losses.

    • Jerry 1 week ago

      Are you scared to openly say Iwobi was crap at this tournament. or is it because of your boss Dr Drey who suddenly pops out from no where after the tournament to comment.

  • MONKEY POST 1 week ago

    Though I don’t condone the attack on iwobi but from the start of the tournament and even till the final especially when the GENERAL PESEIRO made some little changes I said it here that I was not comfortable with the changes. That kelz should be brought in for iwobi, and why bench Moses simon for chuks and why zaidu? But people wey claim say them know football pass us say the changes dey okay….

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 week ago

    Musa wey want win wcup and afcon in Morocco before retiring.

  • Kenny 1 week ago

    If his club fans criticize him won’t he up his game. His uncle attacked Maduka Okoye instead of blaming Iwobi for his error against Tunisia. Iwobi could not defend Maduka Okoye. If he Iwobi wants to quit Super Eagles let him go we shall thank him. No body is bigger than our national team.

  • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

    Hahahaha….typical of these host of vagabonds who call themselves fans….their is always one person who must be scapegoated for the gambling losses. I really don’t know what else they would have wanted iwobi to do in this tournament that he didn’t do. People who watch football matches with their brains soaked in petrol.

    Peserio’s formation was altra defensive. It meant iwobi needs to sit back in front of our back 3, playmake from deep and still join the attack to be our final creative outlet to open defences for 90mins….someone should tell me how many players can do that non stop playing high intensity games every 4 days for a 4 week period. This is a kid who hardly lasts 90mins even in his club.

    Notwithstanding, he it was who initiated every good thing that comes out of our attack in the tournament. Our goals against Guinea Bissau, Cameroon (2nd goal) and Angola were more of pre assists, coming from his quick thinking and 1 time quickpassing of the ball which in the process put us tactically 1 step ahead of our opponents in those instances.

    The same iwobi has been at the root of most goals we have scored for years unending. But no, he must partner Onyeka in defending, knit the midfield together in initiating attacks and still go and deliver final passes in attack with pin point accuracy at every try for 90 minutes every 4 days for 4 weeks.

    Iwobi definitely must be a superman.

    That is the stuff most of these touts who find their way to the internet are made off.

    Somebody has to be scapegoated for their gambling losses. Social media has bred more dunces today than ever before.

    And whenever iwobi doesnt get to play and the team posts a tasteless performance, these same vagabonds will be the one clamoring for his inclusion.

    And those saying iheanacho would have done a better job than iwobi….with this 343 bus parking approach of Peserio are the most delusional of them all….they are just our jokers….Iheanacho of all people….LMAOoo a player who was exicted from mancity by Pep for being too lazy to mark or press even from the front. A player whose laziness on the pitch has made him unable to permanent retire a Vardy in his 30s….LMAOoo. that is the player who should have partnered onyeka in defensive midfield and still join the attack to initiate goalscroing opportunities…..LMAOoo. Despite only coming in in 2nd half he couldn’t track back to help Aina stop adingra to prevent the cross for the ivorian 2nd goal.

    Even Okocha in his hey days was never saddled with defensive responsibilities. He tapered out of reckoning the moment he joined Hull city and was made to play as a deep lying playmaker.

    These ignorant touts who feel they know it all think it’s easy to run the lenght to a football field back and forth and still have the mental energy to be creative….LMAOoo.

    Iwobi, forget those criticizing you. They are all madmen holding keypads. In 2019 it was Akpeyi, 2021 it was Okoye, today it is Iwobi dey want to chase away from the SE…..the later 2 have gone on to achieve greater things for themselves at their clubs, we will not allow them to retire 1 more person from the national team with their ignorance.

    • Kanayo 1 week ago

      Always the nuisance would always want his voice to be heard. Coming here spilling nonsense as usual. Let him go and let other players take his position. He feels indispensable and Nigerians let him know that his display was crap. Would he be the first to be critisized, don’t think so, even the British fans did worst to him, the world did not come crumbling. He was pathetic to say the least at this tournament. It’s fools like you that entertain mediocre.

  • Samson 1 week ago

    Instead of blaming Iwobi, we should rather talk about Zaidu, who to me, had an entirely poor tournament. In fact, he had never been a good player to me. No accurate crosses, not fast on the counter, defending not too notch. Generally poor. Besides, I still don’t understand why Paseiro kept playing defensive football, packing the bus, and expecting to always hit opponents on the counter. For Goodness sake, Nigeria have the best attack on the continent, but he killed their talents by asking them to keep defending. Poor coach, very poor coach.

  • Coache 1 week ago

    Iwobi and Aribo started well for Nigeria in their earliest call ups but dazzled because they always get starting positions in the team. No competition.

    They became lethargic thinking they have arrived. Meanwhile there are better players than them in Ejuke, Nwobodo, Ifeanyi Matthew and other undiscovered stars. They have now been fully exposed at a major championship….

  • Disclaimer- I don’t support cyberbulling in any shape or form and I totally condemn the cyber attack on Iwobi or any of our players.

    That said, constructive criticiss and reflections is allowed and that is the focus here.

    If there is any player that faced the wrath of Nigerians before the tournament it was Uzoho.But the man took everything in his chin and never threatened to walk out of 220 million Nigerians.If Nigerians criticized you heavily or even overboard, that means they know your standards and want an improvement.

    I recalled Victor Moses quit the national team after the world cup in Russia because he was criticize heavily for not tracking back to mark Angel De Maria of Argentina who was free to set up the winning goal for Argentina to knock out Nigeria.

    Similarly, Maduka Okoye let in a shot from a distance during the Afcon in Cameroon that knocked out Nigeria.Nigerians criticized him severely, He turned his back on Nigeria.The similar stuff between Moses, Iwobi and Maduka is that they have another passport, see Nigeri as an option and we should be grateful that they chose to play for us.Uzoho have no where else to go.

    This give credence to what Musa himself said at the let us do it again media parley in Lagos before Afcon.That they that are born here knew what it means to wear the Nigerian jersey, that if they perform poorly, Nigerians will come for them and their families, There lies the difference.

    In truth though, Iwobi performance and that of other members of the team is not their fault.The playing pattern deployed by the coach was draining and exhausted the players when they arrived at the final.The coach of Ivory coast alluded to this fact and capitalize on the tiredness of our team to win.

    There are 220 million football coaches in Nigeria who analyze, compare performances with eagle eyes.

    Cyber bulling is a no no, it is the same fans that will cheer you to high heavens with a wonderful performance in one match.Let Iwobi be please. We will be back stronger.

  • For God sake nigeria only lost one match, when they are winning you are supporting them

  • Afolabi David 1 week ago

    David Oginni
    Iwobi was drafted to an unusual role (holding midfield) while he play mostly in the attacking role and he tried his best there, the coach tactics didnt work against Ivory Coast and even against South Africa, we were only lucky against the Bafana Bafana. I think he should not try to balance his defensive style of play with the attacking system so that pressure will not be too much on the defense which eventually collapse against the ivory Coast. The Ivorian notice it and brought in more fire power up front which eventually paid off. BLAME THE COACH NOT THE PLAYERS. I am also not really calling for the sack of the coach but he should look for a way to balance the defense with an attacking style also so that opponent will be scared of moving up on us too much.

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