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Alhassan Joins Relegated Belgian Club K Beerschot

Alhassan Joins Relegated Belgian Club K Beerschot

Nigeria midfielder, Ibrahim Alhassan, has joined relegated Belgian club K Beerschot from Portuguese club CD Nacional on a free transfer.

Beerschot announced Alhassan’s transfer on their website on Thursday.

Alhassan put-pen-to-paper with K Beerschot on a two-year deal that will run till 2024.

The 25-year-old spent four seasons at CD Nacional whom he joined from Austrian side Austria Vienna.

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Commenting on his move he said told the club website:”For me this is another good step in my career. In previous seasons I played in Portugal in both the first and second division. My goal is to play at the highest level with Beerschot again as soon as possible.”

Beerschot was relegated to the Belgian second division last season after finishing bottom in the 18-team league standing.

Alhassan was born in Kano and grew up supporting Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) giants Kano Pillars.

He was youth player for F.C. Hearts Academy and also featured for the Golden Eaglets and Flying Eagles.

He was a member of the Flying Eagles squad that won the 2015 U-20 AFCON in Senegal.

He made debut with the senior national team in 2017 and has earned two caps.

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  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Na wa o!!

    Which kind TRANSFER our NAIJA BOYS dey do like this(all to pay bills and to answer footballer)


    Oh GOD help us!!


    Football no EASY I SWEAR


  • Hassan Tia 2 years ago

    Nigerian players in Europe haven’t any mentality on chossing great clubs like Man. Uited, Arsenal, Liverpool,Real Madrid,Barcelona,Atletico Madrid,Juventus,AC Milan, Inter Milan,Napoli,PSG,Lyon,Monaco, Porto,Benfica, Ajax,PSV; I think this cause of the agent’s greed or the players fear of great experiences or they haven’t any confidence in themselves or their clubs demand big money transfer; I think the big tow reasons for this matter are agent’s greed and clubs demanding huge money transfer; they like to join weak clubs like Watford, Stock, Lorient, Torino,Westbromwich, KVS Beerschot, Omonia Nicosia, Sparta Rotterdam which can’t present any quality and gain championship soul , but I think joining big clubs can gain Super Eagles technical and tactical quality and gain championship soul so the player will benefit himself and his national team.We recommend SE players to join big clubs like old generation of 94 have done then have become a great players and SE team has become incredible team.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      You recommend as if the clubs are just there for the picking? Where you keep players from the 35countries ranked above Nigeria? The matter no easy as some of una the reason am o…

      • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

        The thing tire me o @Jimmy. As if Nigerian players can just walk into any club in Europe and be signed just like that.
        Congratulations to Alhassan. This guy is Super Eagles material all day long.

        • Pablo 2 years ago

          God bless Alhassan and all deserving SE players, lol za za zap.
          Willie Whitelaw, you forgot your signature line today. I will tell my mummy for you.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      The 94 class weren’t playing for big clubs too besides the so called big clubs prefer players from Europe and south America the reason African teams can’t win the world cup at least not in this generation from the look of things.
      Senegal is the only African team that could boast of having a handful of players playing at the top.

  • Firstly, it was Aribo that we’ve been hearing about his transfer gists even before the last season ends…places like Aston Villa to meet Gerrard, Cristal Palace, later, Bassey, then Osimhen to Arsenal, Moffi to Dotmund. Even Moses Simon upon all his Ronaldinho moves at the last nation’s cup, Dessers upon his 10 goals what about Chukwueze? Dennis? Sadiq? Aina? All we’ve been hearing is Collins to Cardiff City in Nationwide division, Awoniyi to newly come and go Nottinghamm Forrest and now this one. The best Naija transfer so far was Ishaq to Anderletch na who do us like this? Mane has gone to Bayern wetin dey worry us..we need prayers o!

    • Marvelous 2 years ago

      Why mention durtmond? Incase you don’t know, durtmond is one of the big and strong clubs in Europe. They make it to Champions league almost every year and a top 4 team in German Bundleliga. If we can even have some of our boys sign for durtmond instead of Nottingham bush, Watford, Norwich, at their likes, it would be better for our team.

      • @Marvelous, may be you should take your time and read again, I said we heard about Moffi’s transfer to Dortmund but it did not happened. Nobody is downgrading the club. Patience is good o!

  • MuYiwa 2 years ago

    When the poor man said that our players were average and young, many of you here said he was being negative and a good coach would win the afcon within 2 weeks, now you realise that our players are not so super afterall and would not walk straight into teams in Europe. Oh, I taught Nwakali was far better than Mikel and Iwobi and SE would have won the Afcon the last time out. Lol. Their eyes don clear now. O ti ka loju won.

    • Marvelous 2 years ago

      You too de find trouble. Nigerians doesn’t like the truth. The first mistake to make in Nigeria is telling a Nigerian the truth. That’s why a large number hated Rohr despite him meeting all targets set for him in spiritual and physical. Nigerians like someone who will prostrate on the floor to greet them and easily arrange dubious business with them. But Rohr wasn’t in for that. When he said our players are average people didn’t understand him.

      Been average can come in a players reasoning and judgement. See the kind of clubs our players chose, is it not showing average thinking and mentality? For example why leave union Berlin an EUROPA bound team to a team who’s fate is not yet known in the premiere league. These are several things Rohr saw, and that’s why he was involve in trying to arrange good moves for the boys in Europe, something I pray our current coach should be good at. Top six clubs in the top 10 league in Europe won’t go for an average player, that’s why we only have ndidi, osimhen, and chukwueze in a team among the big six.

    • Tristan 2 years ago

      Average, the arithmetic mean is by definition a relative term. If you say something is average you’re comparing it to something else. So are we comparing Nigerian players to the entire population of Brazilian players or Argentinian players? Or are we comparing players in our national team to players in other national teams and using what metric or data?

      One metric you can use is the total market value of Nigerian Super Eagles players in FIFA’s ranking. Even this is subject to bias as England with the richest league, and European players with easier access to the richest leagues are often overvalued.

      England national team players are valued at £1.16 billion higher than Brazil or Argentina while the Super Eagles are valued at £204 million. If FIFA rankings were constructed by market value, Nigeria would rank higher than Japan(24), Iran(23), Peru(21), Sweden(20), Wales(19), Colombia(17), USA(14), Mexico(12). With 211 nations in FIFA rankings, how can Nigeria be mathematically described as average?

      And if we applied a handicap of 15% to European teams by virtue that they’re overpriced, then Nigerian players’ valuation would begin to compare with Belgium(2), Denmark(10), Switzerland(16), and Croatia(15). These teams are not mediocre but second-ranking world football nations.
      To rank amongst the best requires a market valuation from £350 million to £600 million, and Nigerian players are not miles away by valuation.

      In Africa, we rank 3rd in valuation after Senegal and Morocco but higher than our noisy neighbours Ghana at £92.57 million. We also have young players and a steady stream of good quality young newcomers unlike Senegal whose best are a current squad of aging players.

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      • Marvelous 2 years ago

        Am the first to click like to your comment because I love people with good analysis while talking. That’s why I cherish @drey and @deo a lot, even though I don’t agree with @deo sometimes. Price tag doesn’t mean a player isn’t avarage. An average player might be in Barca and earn much why a fantastic Player can be in Arsenal and end less, vis versa. In terms of price money we are high, and if you observe that really happens during Rohr when our players were making big money moves.

        Like I said been avarage can be in players decision, transfer management and decisions, decision at games( like missing a setter many times), the type of clubs they play and the league, age, etc. So when a coach says his players are average and he is building a team, he sure knows what he is talking about. Your price tag analysis is OK but they are more things involve in football than a players price tag.

        For all the billions of England price tag when last did they lift a trophy in Europe not to talk off the last time they win the world cup? But Croatia with their little money price tag got to the finals in the last world cup.

        • Tristan 2 years ago

          There is a saying “Money talks bullshit walks”, which means people don’t play when it comes to money. When you go to the market to buy meat will you not weigh it, and check its freshness before you buy? That means you subject your purchase to an objective assessment or due diligence as it is called.

          So also football clubs who are spending millions and have to account for their player valuations in their financial statements.

          The reason players from England are overvalued is that UEFA has rules that cap a maximum of 17 foreign players for a club’s 25-man squad in UEFA competitions.

          Meaning 8 players have to be homegrown. So there is more competition for those 8 places from a mediocre pool of English players. So Grealish a player with little international experience and pedigree is valued at £100 million because he’s the best available English midfielder.

          A similar foreign midfield player from Brazil or Argentina would be valued at £50 million or less. That’s why in my analysis I discounted the value of European players by 15%, in fact for England it would be 50% meaning their squad value is actually £500 million.

          I don’t accept that an average player for a particular position could be valued more than a better player in the same position of the same age. Some players spend their entire careers at one club, these players because they are not subject to regular market evaluations can be undervalued, but the system of transfers in Europe is so sophisticated that a player’s true worth is reflected in his price.

          Other factors can affect price such as indiscipline, for example, Nwakali is valued at less than £400,000. This reflects more on his attitude than his talent, but then what is talent if it is sabotaged by attitude.

  • I don’t understand why some of us is still not believing the fact that we fans usually ovareted our boys because of the love we have for them,we usually beleive that they are better than other players which is far from reality despite nations cup and World cup qualify crash some eyes are still blind.This same alhassan many was insulting Rohr for not inviting. Truly we have talents but these talents needs time and hard work not all these Pressure we are giving them. By God grace i will be ok if we Can have one or two Big move from our boys nothing more.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    No doubt about it. Nigeria has a deep pool of players with quality. If we can just stick to a policy of selecting only the best.
    For instance, we keep talking about our weak midfield. We already have some quality in there. I’m referring to Iwobi, Ndidi and Etebo. However, there are other options that can come in and compete for jerseys.
    Tim Akinola is there at Arsenal. Arteta has promoted him to the first team. Says a lot about his quality. He was born in Lokoja. Skillful, fast, strong tackler. Thomas Partey reportedly said Akinola is the strongest tackler he’s ever played against, after receiving some crunchy tackles from Akinola in an Arsenal training session. This lad will have no problems against African opposition. He’s there for the picking, unless he’s not interested in playing for Nigeria.
    Other names that come to mind are Akinola’s Arsenal team mate James Olayinka, Anderlecht’s Ishak Abdulrazak, Tom Dele-Bashiru, Ovie Ejaria, Kingsley Michael, Obinna Nwobodo, Raphael Onyedika, Alhassan Yusuf. Of course, there are others. How we can be having midfield issues with all these talents available is tough to explain.
    Solution? Keep tabs on these players, and invite the very best based on current form.
    We should NOT be having midfield issues.

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