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Amuneke’s Appointment Will Bring Positive Value To Eagles –Okocha

Amuneke’s Appointment Will Bring Positive Value To Eagles –Okocha

Former Nigerian midfielder, Austine Okocha believes the appointment of Emmanuel Amuneke to be part of Super Eagles interim coach, Austine Eguavoen’s technical crew is a good addition that will help propel the senior national team forward.

Recall that the former Barcelona star was appointed by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) few days after the team’s elimination in the Round of 16 of the just concluded 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

In an interview with This Day, Okocha is convinced that Amuneke’s addition is the missing piece in the national team’s coaching setup.

“Amuneke’s coming to Eagles coaching crew is a good addition,” the former PSG midfielder said, as per This Day.

“We all know how qualified he is and the value he’s bringing to the team.

“He was successful In Tanzania and his inclusion is a positive one for Nigeria. It shows our intentions in getting things right ahead of the playoffs.”


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  • Larry 2 years ago

    Okocha,you like it on not Cerezo still remains the head of the coaching crew and the final decision on the team lies on him. Your attitude towards the team need to change and you should desist from imposing players on the team.
    Now, you are raving about a coach whose record with senior sides has been really disappointing!!
    You are overhyping someone whose employment lacks credit but was made possible by the corrupt and ineptitude nff administration.
    If you really wanna Raye Amuneke, let us observe him as a coach the U-23 team or the CHAN Eagles..Then we can properly assess him as being fit to be the first assistant.
    Amuneke should count himself lucky for being on this team and people should stop making it look as if he is better than Cerezo or Salisu. No wonder,, Roar rejected him and still rates Salisu higher..
    Infact, Salisu holds the record as the only coach to reach the final of the CHAN team and technically he has a better record than overhyped Amuneke.
    Based on his past records with senior teams he has handled, Amuneke is not as technically sound and it is my hope that he will not create fractions and distractions in this team.
    Okoch and other hypers, please stop fooling the public. We have Amuneke’s records on file:

    • John-I 2 years ago

      Amunike is far better than Eguaveon and Salisu put together. What CV do they have over Amunike? Just mention one. Eguaveon took Mikel and Co to Finland, they failed to make it out of their group. Amunike won the same tournament Eguaveon failed woefully in. Who’s Salisu? Lol abeg.
      Amunike has coached outside the shores of Nigeria. Where else has Eguaveon or Salisu coached besides running around in Niheria?. For Amunike to coach outside Nigeria means he’s more recognised internationally than the both Egu/Salisu. Amunike is also a former CAF footballer of year, a hero during his playing days. Abegi dem no reach!
      I like Eguaveon sha but Amnunike’s CV is better.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    If only they don’t interfere.(Especially interference from politicians) He should be given free hand to do his job please..We hope and pray so.

    • Kojo Ghana 2 years ago

      @monkey post!! Wow!!!!!! This is the FIRST TIME I’m seeing you say something positive!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! Keep it up bro, I love this!!!!

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Thanks Jay Jay for bringing some soccer sense into a confused situation. Nigerians like power tussle with emptiness. Good to read a voice of reason.

  • Momodu 2 years ago

    Okocha is being economical with the truth. Amuneke was sacked for poor performance by the Tanzania Football Federation and not the other way round. He is our own having pledge his loyalty to serve us as a Nigerian but coach Eguavoen should be careful of betrayer in his midst. Eguavoen must work with a third eye not because of Amuneke as a person but his tribe of origin. God bless Nigerians.

    • Emecco 2 years ago

      @Momodou, Thunder fire your entire generation, Tribal Bigot. How dare you cast aspersions on the the great Igbo tribe ?? You idiotic son of a harlot. If you ever repeat such moock on my great tribe, Ogun would decimate your entire family. Be warned !!!!

      • Momodu 2 years ago

        Where is his record? Amuneke is not qualified to be on the bench of Nigerian coaching crew. I only advised the coach to be careful and you went hysterical.
        Thunder long started firing not just your generation but your tribe. This is solely due to the curse you placed upon yourself. Communities in your area have left home because you have been turned to dog eat dog roasting yourselves. I wasn’t the one that serve as informat to Kyari. Ode buruku. Don’t be deceived everyone knows your tribe.

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      The hatred Nigeria and Nigerians have for the Ibos is the reason the country has not and will never move forward if you bigots didn’t know, now you know..

      A kid who prevents his/her mother from sleeping at night would be up all night as well same as if you’re trying to keep and hold someone down, you would be down there with the individual, remember that.

      • MuYiwa 2 years ago

        What has Amuneke’s poor CV got to do with love or hatred for the Igbo tribe. Please grow up and keep quiet if you have nothing meaningful to say.

  • What has Amuneke for the Super Eagles? Nothing. He should have been sent to manage under17 where he is better fitted. But this is Nigeria.

  • Amuneke go kill person o . He is a very serious man.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Please, Eguavoen should jejeli return to his pist as Technical Director, and leave the entire coaching thing to Amuneke and Assistants selected by him. Amaju, do the needful before you kill our entire football abge!

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hehehehe…… shameless impostor has returned…. LMAOOO.

      Stop fooling yourself thinking you are fooling others.

      Don’t pull me into your dance of shame of celebrating your failed owns…..LMAOooo

      The whole world knows where I stand when it comes to how incompetent and unqualified all these your overrated guadiolas are.

      Impersonate me till tomorrow, you will still never be able to deceive anyone else but yourself, neither will you ever be able to get the attention you desire….. LMAOOO.

      Pathetic Psychopath….. LMAOOO.

      • If you don’t have faith in the coaching crew I will advise you never watch Nigerian football again ever in your stupid life till they vacate their posts. EWU!

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahahaha….frustrated fool. Come and shoot me if and when I do. Between you and I who sounds like one living a stupid life now…..LMAOOoooo.

          Not even the NFF their employer has complete faith in them, otherwise, if they had faith in the 9-wise men after being collectively schooled by a nameless Tunisian Asst coach, they wouldnt go looking for Amuneke to reinforce the crew.

          If NFF had faith in Eguavoen, they wouldnt go looking for an Amuneke to be his assistant.

          If the NFF had faith in Salisu Yusuf, they wouldnt demote him from 1st assistant to 2nd assistant.

          If NFF had faith in Paul Aigbogun and Terry Eguaje, they wouldnt be offloaded from the crew

          The less said about Joseph Yobo the better…..LMAOOoo

          And if Amuneke had faith in the coaching crew, he wouldn’t eat his words of I’m too big to be an assistant just a year ago to come scampering to be Eguavoen’s assistant. Ordinarily, he should have just thrown his full backing to the crew and assured NFF that he isnt needed in the crew and the 9-wise men are “competent and capable” of getting the job done.

          And these are the people you want me to join you in sheepishly trusting…??? LMAOOOoo. I am sorry, I am not a senseless human being…..LMAOoooo

          Please remind them they should better get us past Ghana to Qatar, otherwise those filthy lies and excuses y’all started cooking up after failing at AFCON wouldnt heal broken hearts o……LMAOOOooo

          • Again do not watch Nigerian football nor contribute till Eguavoen and Amunike leave their posts. You negative filled bastard. Let them get into the tick of action before judging them fully.You are
            not a true Nigerian fan but just a miserable and senseless negative filled human already praying for failures from the getgo. If all coaches were judged by their past do you think your idol and white master Rohr should have even be qualified to be coach of our U20? Of course not but you evil chaps want to judge amunike by his job handling Tanzania that is not even a football power house in Africa and had not qualified for the Afcon in 30 years but forget that he discovered Osimhen, Chukwueze and won a world championship. Na God go punish you. Goat!

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha….Again Mr positivity filled born-by-mistake celebrant of failure, Fruastred fool, come and shoot me if and when I do.

            Those who are priming the SE for failure know themselves….LMAOOoo…those who lied to the NFF and the world that any coach will win AFCON within 2 weeks with the calibre of players we have…..LMAOOoooo….what stupidity….LMAOOooo. I dont need to pray for the SE to fail, If you prime it to fail it will. Useless fools like you primes the SE to fail at AFCON and y’all got your rewards….LMAOOoo….I hope you are still jubilating and celebrating the R16 trophy you won at AFCON…..LMAOOoo

            Rohr’s past tells us he got to an European cup final, was a swiss cup finalist medal winner, led Niger and Gabon to their best ever AFCON placements till date (ALL AT THE SENIOR LEVEL OF FOOTBALL MANAGEMENT) and discovered the likes of Zidane, Lizarazu and other legends of today. Even if all that means nothing, NONE, I REPEAT, NONE of your current guadiolas can boast of having such a profile…..LMAOOoo. So if Rohr wasnt qualified to coach our U20, then all those in the SE crew now should be deployed to the U13s and U15s…..LMAOooooo.

            Cant you see God has already started punishing you already….LMAOooo…with the amount of frustration in your life….LMAOOoo

            Once again, remind your guadiolas that an “incompetent mechanic” took us to the world cup in 2018 unbeaten, from a group of death with 5 points lead, with a team that had not qualified for ordinary AFCON back-to-back……they have an even better team now and hence they should better get us past Ghana to Qatar, otherwise those filthy lies and excuses y’all started cooking up after failing at AFCON wouldnt be tolerated…….LMAOOOooo.

            You can continue to bite trees for all I care. Maybe Comoros, Gambia, Madagascar or Equatorial Guinea were AFRICAN POWERHOUSES when they qualified for AFCON for the first time in their histories and made it to the knockouts at AFCON….LMAOoooo

            Some of you are so shameless you dont even know who and what you should be celebrating…..LMAOoooo

          • Alaye there’s no time to read the nonsense you are writing. You will remain miserable and I don’t know why….Fake as drs on the comment sections of a sports daily. Only a Jobless and mentally I’ll individual has time to.write that nonsense and would think another jobless will read the whole nonsense. Continue praying for the downfall of our dear super eagles cause you don’t like the crew but there is nothing you can do about it because you are a nobody but a dejected and celebrated local champion on the comment section of completesport. Hahahahahahaha

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hehehehehe…..if you didnt read the nonsense, how did you know it was nonsense…..LMAOOoo. How did you construct your reply to be in direct response to it…? Shameless vagabond.

            If a jobless and mentally ill individual can write as good as I write, I wonder what sort of creature you are that you cannot read and write half as good as that.

            Nobody has prayed for the downfall of the SE except useless liars like you who fooled the NFF into believing you will win AFCON within 2 weeks…..LMAOOoo. I can see how much the resulting failure is traumatizing you….LMAOOooo.

            If you keep priming yourself to fail, you will fail…it doesnt need prayers…..LMAOOooo. Only a mad man does same things all the time and expects different results.

            I never knew Sports dailies are for riff raffs like you only. Drs are not supposed to be here…..LMAOooo….Sorry for coming to invade your space.

            At least I am a “celebrated champion” even if it is local one…..but you, who knows or gives a damn about a worthless animal like you….LMAOOoo…as a matter of fact, who wants to give a damn about a senseless fool just scavenging all over the place looking for trees to bite…?

            If it is easy to become a “celebrated champion” you go become one and let see…..LMAOOooo

            I dont know why my own opinions on whom to back and whom not to stick my neck out for is pouring hot acid down your throat…..LMAOooooo. Even the fact that I’m a “celebrated local champion” is paining the tout.

            Between you and I who is sounding like a frustrated, dejected, nobody now….LMAOoooo

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    @Dr.Drey….long time! I Just want to greet you. The praises have started pouring in again o… have you seen this link? I remember the barrage of gunshot I received from you and your fellow musketeers about this guy… players who know where they are headed do improve my brother…

    Ball know im people… no be lie!

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Oh….I see this one too needs attention….LMAOooo.

      Please what link are you referring to…? What do you want to tell us that we didn’t know before….? Has Junior Ajayi secured a move to Man Utd or had Kelechi Nwakali finally been crowned the African footballer of the year….? LMAOOO.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      Make my leg sweat if I no post this link initially with my post above drawing @Dr.Drey attention… Has CSN started with our guy at the backend removing some post they don’t like again?

      I posted it, read it and somehow the post is there but without the link referenced. CSN we know those among us wey the work with una but no wahala. As far as we our own is in charge. Let’s go and dazzle Accra come March 24, 2022. Oga…. Oga @Dr.Drey I don point you to the link again. Hope you can cut the young man some slack now? Lol…

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahahaha……So this makes him better than Akpoguma right, or it makes him better than Calvin Bassey…..LMAOooooooo.

        I even thought it was some good news he wanted to post. Let him earn a move to the Bundesliga or Scottish League from Orlando Pirates and lets see first….LMAOooo

  • Pandi 2 years ago

    Which Tanzania was he successful? A coach who could not win a single match in Afcon2019 and also had an unsuccessful stint at u18 feeder club in Egypt. Jay Jay, Amuneke can’t give what he doesn’t have.

    • Lord AMO 2 years ago

      Come on man. Lets be objective and realistic in our criticism and expectations. Tanzania are nowhere on the list of football playing countries. The fact that they qualified for the nations cup was already a huge achievement. Something they hadnt managed since 1980 prior to 2019. Whatever results they managed would have just been icing on the cake.

      Amunike was not a failure with Tanzania

  • Igbo-phobia everywhere, even in sports, yet Nigerians are too scared to let the 8gbos go their separate way.

    I have not seen where people hate someone yet can’t let them go.
    The other time it was a Catholic priest that tried to shut down igbo songs in church somewhere in Lagos.

    There 8s just so much we can take as a people before we will lash out and push back.

    The rest of Nigeria must be careful not to plunge Nigeria into another war because of their hatred for the igbos.

    I am just being real.
    All we ask for is for Equity, Fairness, live and let’s live.

    • Modayi Abby 2 years ago

      We will be losing the context of the discussion if we aren’t taking the foundation of the write-up into consideration, is Amuneke a failure or success? He is a failure based on every available information. To the Igbo song that has been stopped in most churches in the West, it is not only the Catholic priest. No where Ibos are wanted in Nigeria. Yorubas are only maintaining peace of the graveyard while the North had long told you to go. Even your neighbors are suspicious of your behavior. And in between, Ibos are roasting and eating themselves as if they are not yet warring. It is pathetic.

    • Friday 2 years ago

      @Cj: How else would you want to be told off? Even the body language of the host regions is clear on leave and move to ya landlock but they continue to rush out to open shops in Mubi, Sabongari, Alaba, Dugbe market. Alias, Nigeria don’t want us to leave.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      @Cj, We should be careful not fan the embers of war. We should try to deescalate where necessary. I am not of igbo descent but i do not hate the igbo tribe. So please do not generalize.

      More importantly, this is a forum for discussing Football, a sport that we all love and share in common, we should avoid all these hate statements and stop spewing such toxic comments on this platforms. Not all criticism is because of hate, let us learn to be accommodating in spite of our differences.

      There are 2 kinds of people in the world today, good and bad. Judge people based on the content of their character and not on their ancestry or geographical origin.

      Some comments on this thread leaves me sick to my stomach, if you are going to criticize Amuneke, do so based on his performance and stop attacking the igbo race. To judge someone solely based on their ancestry is as ignorant as they come.

  • Harry Ebuewei 2 years ago

    @Lord AMO, you are only being overemotional because @Pandi is right on facts. Ok didnt Amuneke also failed at Egyptian club side, Misr El-Makkasa? For the fact that he’s forcing himself on the Super Eagles doesn’t remove the fact that Amuneke is a serial failure. I align fully with those who said he can’t give what he doesn’t have and that is the truth.

    • Ralph 2 years ago

      I don’t see any reason to attack Amuneke who is only appointed as an assistant coach when even the chief coach is rubbish? Worry about the chief coach first before attacking Amuneke, Yusuf or Yobo. Quieroz learn Alex Ferguson, Zidane understudy Ancelloti, Boaz learn from Mou, Arteta learn from Guadiola, all these guys afterwards take up first coach jobs, assistant coaches learn from the first coach to build their career but here we are looking for good coaches to help out our chief coach, now we wanna talk about how Amuneke failed with the junior team and Tanzania,pls what I has Eguavoen achieved ? name a single achievement attached to his name? at least Amuneke won a trophy right? A coach who can not read a match against a depleted Tunisians, is that one a coach? What is he gonna do in the WC ?

  • Eagles Fan 2 years ago

    I can understand why some people are mad over the attacks on Amuneke. Why it’s difficult to stop such barrage of attacks on Amuneke is because he indeed failed at both the senior and club levels. He only did well with U17. But I would rather beg Nigerians to please give Amuneke another chance with the SE after all coach Eguavoen, Yusuf and Yobo are there to ensure he settles down. But saying he was a success with the Taifa Stars of Tanzania is a big lie. Please let’s continue to learn how to call a spade by its original name it is for the growth of our football, Okocha please take note.

  • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

    Eguavoen can do with an additional eye so Amuneke should bring in a fresh perspective. After all the same NFF offered Rubbish Rohr a refresher course on coaching. If Rohr had taken up this unique opportunity, maybe he would still be Super Eagles Head Coach now. We move. Eguavoen will do well to avail himself of the fresh pair of eyes offered by Amuneke. Both of them can take the Eagles far.

  • Emecco 2 years ago

    Amuneke failed in Tanzania, and so what?? What is wrong with Nigerians, So a coach should quit his profession because he failed.on one job?? We can all see in EPL, a coach is fired at a club for failing to meet expectations, and the next thing, another club hires him and he succeeds there. What are you guys saying?? Amuneke won’t even be the head coach, he would be an assistant, so what is the noise all about. SE belong to the whole Nigeria and it is our duty to support whoever is the coach to succeed, If anyone fails, he would be kicked out. I think some people here are so pained that Rohr’ was sacked. If your employer isn’t satisfied with your performance, you are fired, that’s the norm in every facet of life, not only in football coaching, If Chelsea could Fire Lampard, : a club Legend and Leicester could Fire Ranieri who just won for them the EPL a season before, then who is Rohr’ that Nigeria could not fire, ?? I repeat, who is he ???? For all I know, Gerhnot Rohr’ has been confined to the annals of history so we should move on.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha….keep taking the discussions back to Rohr ehn…..LMAOOooo…as if it is Rohr’s CV that is being scrutinized by fans. Maybe it was Rohr that couldn’t secure even a point against Kenya at AFCON…or was demoted to academy coach after 1 month in charge of El Maqqassa…..LMAOOoooo.

      • Why won’t it be taken back to Rohr? Na ur white master now and be won bronze so what the heck but these two chaps have just started but you already hoping they fail so you can justify what your evil self is postulating. Fake Dr on the comment section of a sports dail. Lol

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Even the owner of this sports daily (CSN) is a fellow Dr…..LMAOooo. That you dont know that till now shows what a useless illiterate you are.

          If you think CSN was created for riff raffs like you, you are heavily mistaken. It is due to absence of quality control that empty barrels like you are still on the “comment section of this sports daily”.

          I can see how much inferiority complex is killing you…..LMAOoooo.

      • If you like cry from now till eternity you are still a nobody but miserable local champion dude on the comment section of a sports daily and you have no say in the NFF. We the true fans will support the super eagles and hope for the best and put everything behind us for now till after the play offs. When the super eagles qualify do not watch the WC because Eguavoen and Amunike are running the rule lol according to you they are primed to fail, why waste your valuable time watching them since they are primed to fail? Enwe nne enwe nna

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          If you too like cry till eternity, you are never going to be a champion in anything….not even on a sports forum and not even a local one….LMAOoooo.

          Yes I have no say in the NFF but but I have a say on this platform which gets to the ears of the NFF….LMAOoooo. Im not the one who made you an empty brain that cannot make sense anytime you open your gutters to comment.

          I’ve told you to hang yourself the next time you see me watching the SE.

          What will never happen is for me to join you and your fellow riff raffs in your dance of shame of celebrating failure.

          If Eguavoen and Amunike like, let them qualify the SE for the world cup, if they like they shouldnt…..but we will not tolerate lies for pathetic individuals like you anymore.

          Once again, if you prime your team to fail, it will fail. So go and tell your NFF, Eguavoen and Amunike to better put selfish interests aside and put their thinking caps on, as we approach the WCQ playoffs and ensure they stop playing to the gallery of lowlives like you.

          If they like they should go and express themselves against Ghana with their 2-man midfield 1994 style again…..LMAOoooo…and let Ghana teach them more tactical lessons that Tunisia didnt finish teaching them……LMAOooo

          • You keep writing the long notes that I just don’t have time to read more than the first paragraph. E dey pain you well lol. I’m already a champion in real life and I don’t need to put some fake dr confront of my name on a sports website. How much ego? do u have or how stupid are you? Have a nice day or miserable whichever suits your life right now lol. Again when we play Ghana shut your tv off.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha….useless olodo. Filthy liar. From “I dont bother to read your nonsense”, he has shifted mouth to “I dont read more than the first paragraph”….LMAOOoo. Useless liar.

            So how come your replies cover even statements in final paragraph of my “nonsense”….LMAOoooo….some people really have no shame…..LMAOOoo. I dont know who else takes time to fully read comments of a mentally ill person and still goes ahead to reply them if not one with generational lunancy.

            Cheap street urchin. Inferiority complexed lowlife. Drs cannot comment on a sports forum founded by a Dr….LMAOOoo

            You are really a champion in real life….LMAOooo….that is why another person being a ‘Dr.’ intimidates you this bad and why you are biting trees because he hasnt joined you in celebrating failure…..LMAOooooo

            Common illiterate…..LMAOoooo. Frustrated riff raff.

          • No mind the guy I get him time today….

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hehehehe….it really paining them….LMAOooooo.

            Between you and I who sounds like a miserable goat, life pained frustrated goat…?? LMAOooooo.

            AFCON 2021 failure trauma is still dealing with them….LMAOoooo

  • Larry 2 years ago

    I just discovered that CSN has removed the link that provides the abysmal performance and poor managerial ability of Amuneke in all the senior teams he handled.
    I do understand if CSN admin.feels uncomfortable and disappointed like every SE good wishers, bit deleting my post does not stop people from pulling his record online.
    Making Amuneke realize how bad his records look will really help him learn from his superiors and may be go for refresher courses.
    Hopefully,the nff will consider moving him to the U-20 team or the CHAN team for reevaluation.
    More importantly, it’s really interesting how he did everything possible to get hired for the same post he rejected under World Class Roar or is it that Roar rejected him.
    Amuneke, we are watching all your moves in that team. If Cerezo fails, everyone on that team will be fired.


  • footballfanatic 2 years ago

    Reading comments here it is obvious people want this new technical crew to fail why Idk……but time will tell. The best coaches have been fired and hired so why the fuss about Amunike’s Tanzanian sojourn?

  • Emecco 2 years ago

    There are many retards in this forum, Amuneke is the assistant coach, instead of people to wish him well or better still wait till he fails before blasting him , but no they won’t, These retards keep on insisting that Amuneke failed in Tanzania and Al Al Maqquassa , how Negative could People be,? He has been appointed but nothing can change. Any true fan of any team supports any coach appointed to Succeed, England appointed Sam Alladice even after leading both Bolton and Newcastle to relegation , English fans didn’t wish him doom before he assumed the role, The National team belongs to all Nigerians and if any coach fails, the pains remain more on the fans, The coaches come and go but we fan remain. Wishing a coach doom is like A father wishing his son to fail an exam because he wants the class teacher to be fired. Is that not stupidity ???

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