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‘Awoniyi, Dennis Should Be Questioning Move To Nottingham Forest’ —Udeze

‘Awoniyi, Dennis Should Be Questioning Move To Nottingham Forest’  —Udeze

Former Nigeria international Ifeanyi Udeze says the duo of Taiwo Awoniyi and Emmanuel Dennis should be questioning their decision to join struggling Nottingham Forest in the summer.

Awoniyi, Dennis and their Forest teammates have endured a poor start to life back in the Premier League since their promotion last season.

Under fire manager Steve Cooper’s side have only won one out of their opening eight league games this season.

Things got worse on Monday night when Forest were hammered 4-0 by local rivals Leicester City at the King Power stadium.

Both Awoniyi and Dennis were in action for Forest but could not help their side avoid the embarrassing defeat.

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While Awoniyi has scored two goals in eight Premier League appearances, Dennis is yet to open his account after five outing.

And reacting to the latest setback for Forest Udeze, speaking on Brila FM said:”Taiwo Awoniyi and Emmanuel Dennis should be thinking about their move to Nottingham Forest. Dennis most especially would be thinking about the move after joining from relegated Watford. He would feel wouldn’t it be better to stay back in the Championship than get relegated again.”

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  • Hassan Tia 2 years ago

    Nigerian players abroad are so stupid, they do not know their interests and benefits, look at Senegalese, Ivorian players most of them joined big clubs in Europe, so they are strong players , have a good form for the club and national team; the causes which Super Eagles players can join big club in Europe fristly their agents are so greedy , they deal with small clubs which grant them commissions when they contract with SE players; secondly SE clubs administrations do not afford SE players to join big clubs as happened with Ndidi, Onauchu, Osimhen,Moffi, Iheancho, Dessers, Onyedika, Dennis, Sadiq Umar,Iwobi,because SE or Nigeria player is humble , cute, clever, obedient for coaching crew; SE player fear of a big experiment at great clubs , he feel he will be neglected or reserved on bench so he is complicated to join big clubs.

    • Mercy 2 years ago

      The word big club is relative. If it is defined by the number of champions league won. Then club like man city, arsenal and Tottenham are not big club. If it by league titles, porto, rangers, brugge etc are big clubs. If it is defined by superstars who have dorn the color of the club. A club like Napoli is a massive club, after all a player like Maradona played their at his prime.

      Therefore, club like porto, ajax, Villarreal and Napoli are all big European clubs.

    • Helius 2 years ago

      I talk am before and I go talk am again dis Hassan Tia no sabi ball at all… Ok which one come be big club again??Porto no be big club?nawa 4 u o

  • Glory 2 years ago

    Awoniyi sure gonna struggle to score goals playing this way, where he is always a step or 2 behind defenders. and especially with Nottingham, a team without any meaningful build-up play, which provides for attackers to dash off with through neat passes from the midfield. This is some silly move by Awoniyi I must confess.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      Awoniyi had 2 clear chances last night where he was put through on goal with only the keeper to beat but plundered the chances. If you don’t take your chances like that, you will struggle as a striker. Do not blame the team mates because they did their best to give him good passes and crosses.

      Dennis on the other hand was a passenger on the pitch yesterday for the 20 mins he was on the Pitch

      The problem is we overhype these players once we read on the newspapers that they scored a goal, not minding their general contributions to their respective teams, the impact on the game.  

      I think the caption should’ve read: “Nottingham Forest Should Be Questioning Move for Awoniyi, Dennis” 

      Let’s all stop overrating these guys so they can focus on their game and be better for club and country

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hehehehe Dr. Banks.
        “We have the best players in Africa”…..LMAOoo

      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        @DR BANKS it probably shows @GLORY didn’t watch the match

      • Isn’t it because of same Dennis that they want snuff life out of Rohr. They were talking as if he is a Messi or Ronaldo. Dude couldn’t make any difference against Ghana

      • You guys have started again, always very quick to attack our players whenever things are not going well. This was how a certain youtube sports host labelled Iwobi as untalented and not good enough to even play in the EPL, he even went further to say Iwobi is not a footballer. Haba, we all know Awoniyi, he painted the German bundesliga red for two seasons , Emmanuel Dennis had a good showing last season for his former club and he did better at FC Brugge where he consistently played in the champions league/ Europa league season after season. He was a joy to watch at the real madrid stadium when he single handedly took on the real Madrid defence and decimated them. So, these guys massively talented. That they sometimes have some trying moments does not reduce their stature at all. Our responsibility as fellow Nigerians is to help and support them with prayers whenever they are passing through some trying moments.

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      This GLORY can change mouth!

      I remembered when HE abi na SHE and some few others were HAILING this MOVE.


      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        Now you are calling the move SILLY…SMH…

      • Kekee 2 years ago

        Which one is big club.Lwt them play and enjoy their games .Once they get back to form ,they shall sure score goals and move their team up the table.

    • Glory 2 years ago

      @ Dr Bank and @ Monkey Post, I hope you guys understand the first two lines of my comments…… “Awoniyi sure gonna struggle to score goals playing this way, where he is always a step or 2 behind defenders”…
      . The mentioning of Nottingham is just another reason why he is going to struggle because that Nottingham team is struggling to gel as a team, most probably because of too many new signings playing together for the first season.

  • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

    Awoniyi, you are going through difficult times but it will not last forever. You will still go on to do wonders.
    Heaven bless Awoniyi and all struggling Super Eagles players.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    LMFAO!NO LEAGUE just dey start like some UNKNOWN PUNDITS here will SAY.LMFAO.I remembered they almost ATE me ALIVE here when I described his first GOAL as a FLUKE. Oya dey score dey go na lol..BABA think say him dey GERMANY where it would have been better for him than joining a team from relegation and would most definitely be going back… LMFAO..

  • Ako Amadi 2 years ago

    Stop blaming players out of ignorance! In professional football players do not join a club as of personal choice. They are sold and bought. A footballer can be a victim of his own success. If he’s good the club may want to sell him for their profit. Its a business. Clubs like Ajax or Dortmund are nurseries where they invest in adding quality and value to a player, and then sell to Bayern or Barcelona or Manchester City, just like a farmer fattens ciws for the meat market

  • @Akoamodi, sometimes we have seen players rejecting offer to be sold by their clubs if they are not ok with where they are going to. We have seen players rejecting loan move, we have seen players accepting pay cuts rather than to be sold to an unwanted club.

    The truth is some of these our players have friends and love once who don japa come to London and they are the one telling them that ho just come to London you will feel at home, making them to accept offer even from mushroom club.

    Greeding agent too is another problem, some agent will not allow players to go to another contry where their tentarcle cannot reach. Nwakali can’t play in another league other than division 2 in Spain, so far it is Spain any club would do.

    Have guys read of recent where okocha is now regretting of joining Bolton wanderers.

    Some of these our over hype players don’t know what is good for their carrier. Once small £ don dey enter and you convert it to plenty Naria wo opari niyen.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    When did awaoniyi become a good striker that Nottingham forests should be relying on him?. I’ve never fancied him as a good striker. A striker that scores mostly fluke goals, that one na striker?????? I think one thing has been working for him and that is Grace. Most times, u wonder how some people make it to the top but at the end of the day, you’ll realize that is just Grace that has been doing the job. He needs to up his game as a striker. U can’t be relying on mere flukes to score goals as a striker. Most times u just need to grab and create your own chances with all you’ve got. I really doubt if any club would come for him at the end of the season if he continues this way. Even his former club no go gree sign am again.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    @ Monkey Post, you just let down yourself by the comments above. Kindly prove you are some decent brain by going to CSN archives and post my comments celebrating this moves. The fact that CSN provides space for comments shouldn’t get us to display concerning levels of decorum.

    • Glory 2 years ago

      @ Monkey Post, Loads of visitors on this CSN forum will educate you that I one of the few that has never being a fan of EPL talkless of supporting Awoniyis move to Nottingham. YOU HONESTLY HAVE SHOWN HOW EMPTY AND PURE WASTE OF TIME YOUR COMMENTS ARE.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago


    • Glory 2 years ago

      No worries brodaman @ Monkey Post. Just felt weird to be accused of saying something I didn’t. Respect brodaman.

  • MuYiwa 2 years ago

    Is it not the same Awoniyi that missed in front of an open net against CAR, thereby making us to lose to a last gap goal to the minnows, hence Rohr’s decision to recall Ighalo? Even his only goal in the AFCON was a mistake at best. These are the kind of players you wanted Rohr to win every match with. At least we all saw how Dennis was against Ghana in Abuja.

  • Oshoke 2 years ago

    Nigerians sef…..if u score goal problem if u no score problem ihe nke a gukwara ike

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