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Ibrahim Gusau Emerges New NFF President

Ibrahim Gusau Emerges New NFF President

Ibrahim Musa Gusau has emerged the new president of the Nigeria Football Federation, replacing Amaju Pinnick, reports.

Gusau, a former Chairman of Chairmen of Nigerian football, was elected during the 78th Annual General Assembly of the NFF in Benin City, Edo State on Friday.

The 58-year-old emerged winner after a run-off with former Nigeria international Peterside Idah.

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In the first round, Gusau finished top with 21, former NFF first Vice President, Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi was second with 12 votes, League Management Company chairman Shehu Dikko got six, Idah, Abba Yola both got one vote while Christian Emeruwa and David Doherty got zero.

But due to his inability to meet the minimum target of 22 votes, a run-off was decided.

While Akinwunmi and Dikko stepped down from the run-off, Idah faced Gusau.

And after the conclusion of the run-off, Gusau polled 39 votes while Idah scored one vote.

A qualified accountant Gusau is a Safety and Security Officer for the Confederation of African Football.

By James Agberebi

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  • Presh 2 years ago

    Hmmmm. Why them swear for Nigeria . Hmmmm

    • my brother i wonder o! Nigeria is the place they see right thing and do wrong thing! may God help Nigeria





    • Papafem 2 years ago

      What did Pinick who knows about football do? Let’s put aside all prejudice and support new man in charge.

      I would have loved Akinwumi to win t, because of his robust flair for grassroot football. He also presented the best programme at the campaign, promising to focus on grassroots restructuring, technology in match ticketing, sponsorship and aggressive infrastructural development. I was wowed by his plan, but then, there is no guarantee he will deliver on those promises. Afterall, Pinnick said more than this the day he won the election that brought him into office in 2014 in Warri.

      As the Chairman of NFF, Ibrahim Gusau intends to create a pool of talents for our national teams through an effective grassroot development. He also intends to develop the Nigerian league to make it attractive to sponsors among many other things he promised. No one can fault this ambition too.

      And now that he has won, it is pointless condemning him even before he takes off, just because he is from a particular part of the country. You don’t judge a book by its cover. And as far as I’m concerned, until we see what he has done, no one has the right to write him off.

    • my brother i wonder o! Nigeria is the place they see right thing and do wrong thing! may God help Nigeria

    • Rubbish

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      My guy it’s better to do some research on any individual you know nothing about before commenting to avoid making fool of yourself.


      For your information, Gusau in the current NFF Chairman in Zamfara state, former Chairman of chairmen of NFF, Former Safety and Security chief at CAF, Former Athletic Federation of Nigeria President. All these makes him a seasoned sport administrator with adequate experience for the job ahead.

      Let’s not look at tribal sentiment here, let’s give him a chance and see what he can do

  • Ibrahim Musa Gashash was a Kano trader and politician who was among a group of prominent Northern Nigerians that formed the Northern People’s Congress. Along with two other Kano merchants, he helped establish the first indigenous pilgrimage tour company in Kano.

    Ibrahim Musa Gashash
    Regional Minister without Portfolio
    In office
    Regional Minister for Social Services
    In office
    Regional Minister for Land and Survey
    In office
    Personal details
    Political party
    Northern People’s Congress
    Gashash was a descendant of a Tripolitanian Arab family from Ghademes.

    • @musa, with all this achievement in politics and other offices, no football sport achievement or even football. How can someone like that be voted ahead of the likes of Peterside Idah, Benedict Akwuegbu who has played and understand the language of football?who understands how south Africa runs the affairs of football? Shame on Nigeria. Until this men with big belly that called themselves Nff amend the Statutory of the federation to allow sport fans, media personalities, coaches, even players to vote, Nigeria football will continue to suffer sets could see how Amaju was blabbing yesterday saying he gave himself 100 percent performance even when Nigeria failed to qualify for the world?

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    Ehn Henn…So na MALO unu see put again abi?


    Useless TWATS lol!

    If anybody is confused about the definition of madness, if they are looking for the answer, then look no further than these fools “running” that cursed country! morons!

    • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

      Well said @Field Marshall. We need to do things differently.

  • All these people that knows nothing about football winning election base on money, connection and all that.

    Just tell me how will this nation ever move forward.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    No Comment.

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    We have had northerners who did well in office as chairman of our football house,I hope Mr Gusau will follow suit.
    I have a good feeling about him.Can only wish him good-luck.

  • Nigeria football is back to square one.
    Question :Where do we go from here?
    I was expecting a complete deviation from the old non functional institution currently running down our football. Alas North and South factor has robbed us again of an ex footballer NFF president. Very sad!
    The last time I checked local league made a headway during the tenure of the moving train…Mr.Obaseki of blessed memory.What is the pedigree of this new president? Please let somebody give me a run down.

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    I weep for our football. I hope he proves us wrong, but the prognosis doesn’t look good. This is a politician and votes were definitely bought. This might be a case of frying pan to fire lol.


  • Ako Amadi 2 years ago

    Those who gave Gusau their votes definitely know his good qualities that we the critics do not know. So let us give him the benefit of the doubt. What impresses me about this Gusau guy is that he has been in soccer administration in the country for a long time. Hopefully he can navigate the rigours of international football.

  • Abi una Dey complain about pinnick . Make cow be una nff president, at least una go benefit grass field . Lol

  • Marvelous 2 years ago

    Nigerian football was already a shame in the hands of Amaju Pinnick

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    You all knows my views about selecting this Aboki to run our football. Guys wake up, the worthless  Fulanis political leaders forced zoning on the delegates to select Gasau,same zoning they rejected for the country presidency.firstly the women soccer is dead, because is against the northern Muslim religion. Serious nepotism, tribalism, backwardness coming to Nigeria football. Guys pls don’t be deceived Hausa/ Fulanis Muslims are never problem solvers, these ppl are born to destroy. Disagree with me with facts. 

    • MuYiwa 2 years ago

      This comment is unnecessary sir. if you feel Gusau is not a competent leader as far as running the Glass House, say it in a polite and civil manner and not add any tribal/religious sentiments.

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    This was predictable.  Guys check out this roundtable discussion I sat on discussing this nff election.  We had a journalist that used to work with the nff explain a lot of inside dealings related to all of this

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    We should wait to see the plans this guy has for the Nigeria football. He did not place himself on those who voted for him. In other words, the corporate will of the majority delegates must be upheld until prove otherwise.

  • If you here just passing judgements and in despair because the new NFF is a northerner….you are actually one of the
    biggest problem of Nigeria. Were lo poju ninu yin. I definitely won’t make any derogatory statement about anyone….the track record shows he’s been in continental football administration for a while, and if he has the passion and not corrupt, why not.

  • osaretin 2 years ago

    personally, i think the man should be given a chance. for starters, it does not translate that the greatest footballer in the world will be a successful Football administrator. yes you know the game, but the marketing aspect, Administrative aspect, commercial aspect, security , grass root development programmer is a different kettle of fish. being a sport Pundit does not make you a good administrator. look, i heard idah peterside once say, if elected on Soccer Africa sports programme, that he will beam local matches live through supersport. The fact of the matter is that, at what commercial benefit to the clubs in Nigeria, he was silent on that. look Ghanaian league is beamed by Startime and the quality is good. So it is not waving a red herring that gives you the seat. Pinnick might be all what people say, but he got commercial deals from Aieto, CIG, Emzor, MTN etc. that is a big achievement in itself. can someone based in South Africa do that that has not been on ground for awhile. my point, you have to come down hear at least a year to vie for such an office, it is not by criticism. the New NFF chairman by virtue of is origin might get Dangote to invest in the sports. so lets give him the support first and criticism him when he does wrong

  • KING TUOYO 2 years ago

    It’s such a shame reading comments from my fellow Southerners condemning the election of our NFF ALHAJI. This is a man voted some hours ago into the number one seat of Nigerian football and yet to resume office. But what we are seeing right now is Social media bully on a gentle man simply because he is not from the Southern part of the country.

    If I may ask, is Amaju Pinnick from the North or did he do better than the man (Maigari) he succeeded? From my accessment, I can boldly say Maigari did better than AMAJU PINNICK. Funny enough, am Itsekiri by tribe from Delta State and so too is Pinnick.

    The Alhaji has being elected into the office, and whether you haters like or not, he will be the NFF Chairman for the next four years till 2026.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    I based my judgement on historical facts and DNA, Buhari just proved me right Gassu will not disappoint either. Again I’m willing to bet anyone in this forum Gassu will take us back 20yrs, for u guys defending him man up take the bet. 

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    How did Buhari prove you right?? Ṣe na Naija you dey live?? What was the significant achievements of Jonathan and Obasanjo before Buhari?? What was the significant achievements of Pinick before Gusau?? 

    Go and check history from Sunday Dankaro to Sani Toro to Aminu Maigari Nigerian football achieved greatness during their tenures as NFF Presidents I stand to corrected. 

    Our major problem in that country and the reason the country has deteriorated to this pit of hell is tribalism. Until we stop this barbaric mentality we will continue to be a shithole country.

    Someone hasn’t even started work yet he’s already been victimized because he’s form the north. And we’re the first to complain about racism when we encounter such in a foreign land. 

  • Ayoola 2 years ago

    Politics and governance is a different ball game. Let hope he will give credence to good governance not politicking

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