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Update: Super Eagles Qualify For 2021 AFCON

Update: Super Eagles Qualify For 2021 AFCON

The Super Eagles of Nigeria have qualified for next year’s AFCON in Cameroon with two games to spare after Lesotho and Sierra Leone played goalless.

Going into Saturday’s Group L clash in Lesotho, Sierra Leone needed all three points to put pressure on both Nigeria and Benin Republic who are first and second on eight and seven points respectively.

Unfortunately, they could only settle for a goalless which means Lesotho are out while the Leone Stars will hope Benin lose to Nigeria later today to keep their hopes of qualification alive.

The outcome of encounter means the Eagles remaining two games against Benin and Lesotho are now dead rubber games.

The group’s current standing has the Eagles lead on eight points, Benin on seven points, Sierra Leone on four and Lesotho three.

By James Agberebi

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  • Tancosports 3 years ago

    Cameroon here we come

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Congrats to Rohr, the super eagles players, and Nigerians. The NFF can kiss my @$$ useless fools.

  • Ikeben 3 years ago

    Congrats to Super Eagles, Rohr, NFF and the entire fans. All those predicting doom can now go and start crying, because our most criticized coach has qualified the team with 2 games to spare. It is getting better and better. No need for calculator, no need for permutation and combination. Qualification has become so easy these days.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Looooozzzzzzz….. Rohr has done it again even breaking record. Now with two matches to go Rohr qualifies nigeria for a major tournament. Call it whatever, we need that whatever as long as it keeps happening this way; always qualifying with games remaining. Hahahaha… Obioma abeg patch my trasa nor mind where e tear.

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    Rohr did it this time with two games to spare!
    Happy days! congratulations the super eagles of Nigeria!
    All the naysayers against Rohr will eat their words,all the ex internationals, musicians shall retract all they have said as Rohr has humiliated them.They should bury their heads in shame.
    Congratulations Rohr his entire crew,the super eagles fans!this time the cup is coming back to Nigeria next year!

  • Patrator 3 years ago

    Cameroon here we come!
    Team 9ja Strong!!
    Congratulations SE and all positive fans
    Omo 9ja and co how market?

  • Tancosports 3 years ago

    He qualified SE for 2018 WC with a game to spare, 2019 Afcon with a game left, now 2021 Afcon with 2 games remaining. What a record, no Super Eagle coach in history either dead or alive can boast of this enviable record. Thanks Genort Rohr.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Where o where is Omo9ja? When there is good news, he will disappear poof from the forum. If S/L had won, and Nigeria lost today, Omo gidi would have been all over the place, giddy with excitement.
    Rohr hater, show some love for this man. He has earned it. He is not perfect, but boy, he has delivered.

  • Sammy 3 years ago

    hahahaha calmdown guys …. congratulations SE ….



    Silently meeting and destroy their the target they set for him to fall…


    This time with 2 good games to spare.


    MECHANIC COACH where are thine accusers?

    PE TEACHER where are your haters?

    BALMEDI BOY where are your critics?

    Big thanks goes to OGA ROHR, SE PLAYERS, our team (@DR DREY, @LANRE, @OAKFIELD, @SEAN, @GLORY et all our likes ) for their support and resilience….

    Let’s team up and cheer our only team to the afcon trophy coming up next year in CAMEROUN…

    We are the “REAL” SE faithful fan…. The rest are “FAKE”…. always wishing the team fail and sink….

    We are ever moving forward….


    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Dem don go drink rat poison…..LMAO.

      The mechanic PE teacher has done it again…..The worst coach and worst team in the history of Nigeria has done it again….the coach who doesn’t know his starting XI has done it again…..the RIGID SENILE OLD FASHIONED coach has done it again….the coach who is using SE job to enhance his CV has done it again….The coach who has “never been owed a cent even for a day” has done it again….The coach who cannot discover a goalkeeper for 5 years (Na arusi abakaliki dey man our posts for the past 5 years) has done it again….LMAO

      1 time na accidental…..2 times na coincidence…..3 times na planwork. Congrats to Rohr, SE and THE REAL PROGRESSIVES.

      We cant wait for the days of using calculators b4 smelling ordinary AFCON to return again o. Pls NFF Sack Rohr as soon as possible.

      • King S 3 years ago

        @Dr Drey, I swear Aribo na baller. See those through passes. Thanks to Ndidi for holding the midfiled too. Aribo was a joy to watch.  Infact, he particularly impressed me. Not that others didn’t too o. All the players were brilliant.  May God “Polish” someone who said Aribo does not suit African football. We’re back to winning! 

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahaha…nor be small polishment my brother. Na for their brains make the polishment start…LMAO

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    I wish to congratulate Rohr and Nigeria for this wonderful achievements. The coach has tried. Yes, l demanded for his head when there were hiccups however, to qualify Nigeria with two matches left to spare is worth every acclaimed. Cameroon, here we come.

  • Edoman this are your words in November after the game in benin edo state.
    @omo9ja, totally agreed with you. this is how they might move into decay. The next thing that may happen is, Benin Republic will take them to the killer’s house. The other small southern African Country will come to Benin City and finish them off. We have seen this game played out before. By then, Cameroon AFCON will be a distant past where they will be left to watch Senegal or Algeria take the African Cup from their homes. Right now they are blaming FIFA,Omo9ja, Aiyagbeni or myself for telling them the flows of the Whiteman they are paying over 20m naira to every blessed month and
    who is cleaning them out. let me stop here. They will remember us in the end. Enjoy your weekend ever body.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahaha…only weeks ago he took his wickedness to the next level by praying for Nigeria to lose to Benin….right here on CSN. We know all of them 1 by 1. Dem go still use their mouth scrub bare floor when time reach…LMAO

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      When we played 4-4 with S/L they hailed the S/L coach as a master tactician, when it was evident to even the blind that it was our boys’ complacency that gifted them all 4 goals. 2 matches down the line, that same “master tactician” cannot find a way to score even a single goal, even against Lesotho….LMAO….e be like say na only when in team dey 4-0 down his ‘master tacticianism’ comes to the fore….LMAO. Let me see how the master tactician will score against such a disciplined Benin backline in a winner takes all game on that millet farm on Tuesday…..LMAO

      • Edoman 3 years ago

        I hear you all. However, today is a good day for the Nigeria football. Let us rejoice in it. It was a big hiccups in this journey which happened in November in Benin. No one wants
        to swallow his own vomit from such hiccups. Lets thank God for rescuing us from the hands of
        caw Fulanis kidnappers who were waiting at Ora/Benin road. Now that Nigeria has returned home safely, thanks Paul Onuachu for his late goal, we should now focus on how we can win the trophy for the 4th time.

  • lanre 3 years ago

    i think there is an aura of blessings nd success on GERNOT ROHR….he is the best coach nigeria has ever hired….he has vindicated us,the progressives,the coach is clearly building a world class team that would be difficult for any team,especially in africa,to defeat……i just can’t wait for the next afcon to start…….up eagles

    • deluchi 3 years ago

      @ Lanre,are you sure you are okay?.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Just 2 things left….Lift the 2021 AFCON trophy and make it out of whatever group we are at the World cup later that year. Are both possible…? ABSOLUTELY. Do we have faith in him to pull them off…?? ABSOLUTELY.
      But one thing is clear, the team might not be an atomic bomb that blows away everything in its sight yet, its neither one any team can go to sleep over……any team that wants to beat this team will shed tears and blood to do so…even Messi and Belmadi can attest to that…Lol.

      I just love the way all the regressives are speaking with so much humility this night….LMAO. Omoale has still not summoned up enough courage and fortitude to comment yet. COVID-25 don choke am for lungs….LMAO. He should go and assemble his local magicians who will raise a homebased SE team within one week to defeat this Benin team home or away. LMAO

      • Abdul 3 years ago

        Lol…don’t worry, he will soon be here to praise himself for recommending the use of Onuachu.

  • lanre 3 years ago

    deluchi,please what prompted your question?

  • This Mechanic, PE teacher, Belmadi boy is so wicked…

    See the way he’s given his critics/haters a technical knock-out.

    Just one upper-cut they are already in oblivion.

    I was expecting @omo9ja to come out and sing the praise of Onuachu his boy, but he’s still in comma after oga Rohr hammered him and his bathalion.

    @omo9ja are u there???

    What’s your take on this flawless victory???

    What can u tell this Mechanic and PE teacher??

    I really want to hear from u bikonu…


  • lanre 3 years ago

    @deluchi,i made my comment nd you insulted me with no reason, anyway i want to tell you to remember to USE YOUR DRUGS BEFORE YOU SLEEP OOO…..don’t forget what doctor told you ooo…..i nor fit to carry person ooo

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