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Live Blogging: Benin Republic Vs Nigeria (2021 AFCON Qualifiers)

Live Blogging: Benin Republic Vs Nigeria (2021 AFCON Qualifiers)

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Completesports.com’s live blogging of 2021 AFCON Qualifiers match between the Squirrels of Benin Republic and the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the Charles de Gaulle Stadium, Porto-Novo.

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  • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

    Sad Iwobi won’t be in the team for testing positive to coronavirus.Surely he would be missed but we still have a very good team to scale through this playoff hurdles though his playmaking qualities will be missed because no other player in the team can play that role the way Iwobi does.
    Anyways I wish the young man a quick recovery.

    • I don’t even understand this coronavirus thing. So dude is perfectly healthy (at least outwardly) and he has coronavirus!!?? So someone can be physically strong and raring to go and still be declared ‘sick.’ I don’t trust this tests. Coronavirus has done enough damage to football since 2020. Anyway, the SE has enough arsenal to still get the job done against a Benin – ordinarily.

    • God bless my country nigeria, as they qualified for the africon cup of nation successfully may Our almighty GOD shows us a day that Will win for the cup successfully

  • baddest 2 weeks ago

    nigeria qualified already with 2 games to spare after a stalement between lesotho and s.leone ,this is more or less a dead rubber game

  • Nigeria is already through to the next AFCON.

  • No need sef for this match, we dash them, and even our last game. We don qualify already.
    LE 0 – SE 0

  • @Baddest, Certainly. We don’t have a problem now.

  • Benin just have to beg us, otherwise we would spoil the show for them after treating us bad yesterday. God of soccer already favoured us.

  • Briggs 2 weeks ago

    So how come is he playing if he have the virus, lie lie lie

  • Ikeben 2 weeks ago

    Congrats to Super Eagles, Rohr, NFF and the entire fans. All those predicting doom can now go and start crying, because our most criticized coach has qualified the team with 2 games to spare. It is getting better and better. No need for calculator, no need for permutation and combination. Qualification has become so easy these days.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    who get link for the game, please share

  • walking 2 weeks ago

    You can stream live @hesgoal.com

  • Lord AMO 2 weeks ago

    Congrats on qualifyiing.  It definitely takes the shine off today’s match a bit but im still anticipating our performance

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    guys bein sports is showing it

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    okoye, saidu, Aribo, onyekuru, chukwueze, ndidi, iheabacho, osimen, balogun, ekong, and aina starts. Just kicked off the match

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    9ja has had a couple half chances but fluffed them. Onyekuru so far is taking his chance today. 6th minute, freekick by chukwueze but the keeper saves it Another thunderbolt by samu which the goalie parries for a corner. 9ja dominating the game so far

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    8th minute, corner kick for Benin that is easily dealt with by 9ja. Onyekuru doing some defensive duties. So far 9ja is dominating. Sweet nutmeg by iheanacho and a good pass to osimen in the box but he was whistled for offside.

  • Any link to watch the match?

  • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

    The game has no sparks still… Largely been a “dingdong” affair. Though Nigeria setup nicely…

  • walking 2 weeks ago

    We could have played better, if only the pitch was okay.. You will agree with me that, we’ve been dominant all through the first half.

  • GLORY 2 weeks ago

    Onyekuru n Ekong have been really impressive thus far, not taking anything from the team as a whole, though Iwobi’s absence clearly evident. Kudos guys. Really proud of this team.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

    How did Onyekuru miss that header??? Though the goalkeeper made a fantastic safe, but he should’ve placed that header better. Massive chance!! Either way we’re bossing this game, we just need to take our chances. VAMOS ARRIBBA SUPEREAGLESSSSS!!!! 

  • Patrick 2 weeks ago

    Benin will always be benin . The hallmark of their game is strong defence and reliance on counter attacks. Eagles should continue to probe that defence. goals will surely come.welldone super eagles.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    Great run and cross from saidu and a good powerful header from onyekuru but straight at tge Benin goalie. overall 9ja is dominating but I think SE players know that they’ve already qualified and there is no sense of urgency and tge Benin team are playing too conservatively, playing too defensive. Iheanacho and chukwueze are below par in my view, especially chukwueze, his play has become too predictable like we’ve said numerous times, he needs to give d ball quicker. He and iheanacho are too pedestrian in my view. To me onyekuru has been d best player so far, he is constantly retreating to help saidu. He has been really good, sacrificing his offensive side to help the team. he has played himself back into the team if he can keep it up. I still see us winning by 2:0 tho.

  • Goal ⚽️ 2 weeks ago

    Let me start by saying that oga Rohr gave us a good starting line up there!

    So far in this game I see no pattern of play ( always passing the ball backwards and then flip the ball to onyekuru, after that Benin player will outmuscled him then take the ball)

    We dominated the game without much threat to the opposition which is given them confidence to lunch attacks on us.

    Onyekuru‘s defensive contributions what mention also but final third  lack cohesion, missing some good chances.

    Osihme has so far squandered two chances which is not good for a 70 million pounds player.
    He really needs to improve.

    It’s obvious that oga Rohr has nothing more to give this team, he should better seek for help or quit.

    • Nigeria 1 benin 0 full time

    • Oakfield 2 weeks ago

      Your mechanic coach has qualified us for afcon with 2 games to spare. Another milestone history made by your good for nothing coach that needs help. Never in the history of nigerian football have we had it this good. He did it before and during afcon, and now the umpteenth time. What does your common sense (that is it you get all) tell you???? It is you and your group of sorry miserables that really need. help

  • Good effort so far guys, but be more organised this second half

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Onyekuru having his best game for NIgeria so far. Ndidi bossing the midfield. Nacho and Osimhen have combined well upfront, and both have come close to scoring. Sanusi’s runs on the left creating problems for the Squirrels. In the last minute of the first half, he ran past a Benin defender and clipped in a cross that Onyekuru met with a powerful header. I have no idea how that ball did not end up in the net.
    Good performance from everyone so far.
    It must be said though that Aribo looks tentative. His performance today has not been what you would expect from a number 10. Perhaps he is playing to Rohr’s instructions. But to me, his performance in this first half compared to what he does week in week out for Rangers, is like trying to compare a house cat to a lion.
    Come on Aribo! We know what you’re capable of! If it is stage fright, we understand. But eventually, you’ve got to show us that quality we know is within you!

    • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

      @pompei,Aribo played very well,he is not meant to go forward,his role and that of Ndidi was to get ball from the defence and distribute to the forward players.It is a different system from what you see at Rangers.His distributions and ball winning was very good so he played well.
      I understand what you were looking for,but you have to understand Iheanacho who incidently is a striker played the roll Iwobi normally plays so that was the missing link whearas Aribo played the role of Etebo in the team.

      • pompei 2 weeks ago

        Etebo does not play like this ooo. Etebo’s game is not backpasses only.
        He distributes the ball well, drives forward, and makes intelligent forward passes.
        If Aribo wants to have that jersey, he needs to show up more in our games. Nobody expects him to be the next Jay Jay. But we do expect high energy and courage. Fearful sideways and backwards passes will not work.

        • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

          Well unfortunately,Etebo has not been spectacular lately either for both club and country.
          In the circumstances,the way Benin played the space to run forward wasn’t there because of how compact they played.
          He passed sideways and backwards because we want to have the ball most of the time rather than make needless forays that could expose us when we lose the ball and Benin in their usual style go on the counter.
          Aribo played to instructions same as Ndidi.There were lots of backwards and sideways passes,the idea was to have control of the game and build from behind and make sure we don’t lose the ball in the crowded midfield of the Beninoise and concede through a carefully planned counterattack.
          We rather go home with a draw but must not lose was how the super eagles played.

          • pompei 2 weeks ago

            Greenturf, your argument about the usefulness of sideways and backwards passes has some merit. Yes, it helps with keeping possession, and drawing the other team out. But when you meet a dogged team like Benin, you’ve got to take the fight to them. That was how we won the first game in Uyo. We pushed and pushed and got the penalty Osimhen converted. Then for the winning goal, Kalu picked up the ball and ran directly at the Benin defense. Sometimes, you need to go gung-ho. We did not do enough of this today. If we had pushed harder, we would have forced them into defensive errors, and we likely would have scored more goals.

  • Onyekuru has been impressive. Chukwueze maybe needs to switch flanks, making lots of errors. No real engine in the midfield due to the absence of Iwobi. Iheanacho covering up that role fairly well though. Aina picking out striker’s runs like Oliseh of old. Okoye not yet tested. Benin waiting to catch Nigeria on a fast break, so they’re packing the bus at the moment.

    Nigerian players, individually brilliant but still not really gelled together as a team. Benin’s goal minder, Alagbe still saving his team’s blushes. Rohr will need to make a couple of 2nd half changes to spark life into this. Aribo, Chukwueze are my nominees for a sub off.

  • God bless my country nigeria, as they qualified for the africon cup of nation successfully may Our almighty GOD shows us a day that Will win for the cup successfully

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Chukwueze for leave ball for Onyekuru to score na!

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    Guys, una see the goal posts for this stadium, chai, dem nor even paint am lol. I mean d ones to hold up the net.

    Benin don dey come out which is good for the eagles. One thing wen d eagles need to caution for is when we have a corner, there is only Aina at tge back, we may be exposed on the counter.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    what a chance after osimen struck the post, saidu should have taking a touch b4 shooting but decided to hit it 1st time and it sailed over the bar.

  • Lord AMO 2 weeks ago

    CAF abeg give us good pitches na

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Iheanacho is having to come back into the middle to do the number 10 work. No creativity in the middle.

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Well, finally Aribo sparks to life. We need more from you pls.

  • jones 2 weeks ago

    we’re missing Iwobi so much

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Nigeria in total control of this game. The big problem is the final third. The goal threat is not strong enough. And with Iheanacho subbed off, the main source of creativity in the middle is gone. Hmmm. Let’s see how it goes.

  • Lord AMO 2 weeks ago

    This game is boring

  • Rohr takes out Iheanacho, the liveliest player on the field and brings in a minus one player. Hehehe. What a coach! But let’s celebrate him for qualifying Nigeria in a group with Lesotho and Sierra Leone. Let’s not forget, if we don’t top the group, we’ll not get seeded.

    • Lovey 2 weeks ago

      No. Seeding is determined by fifa ranking 

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Hehehehe…as if he never qualified us from a group that contained Zambia, Cameroon and Algeria with games to spare even with a 3 points deduction….Lol.

      Indeed….what a coach…!!!

      The last time I checked it was Guinea, Madagascar & Ethiopia; Congo Braza, Sudan & South Africa; Egypt, Tanzania & Chad we had as group mates when your entire overrated 94 squad couldn’t qualify (even as best losers) for AFCON 3 times in 5 years….LMAO

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      “The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.”

      Psalms 118:22

      Paul, keep keeping them quiet. You have nothing to prove to anyone.

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Hahahahahaha…Mr Liar-ry, which one is paining you the most….that we have qualified for another tournament with games to spare or that Rohr has done it again….LMAO….The rejected stone is truly becoming a cornerstone…doing with ease what all your overrated 94 squad guadiolas failed woefully at.
        Haters and Impostors can go hang themselves….LMAO

      • Is this not the same Drey that do harshly criticize Onauchu… Keep changing mouth o..we dey look you…is this not what you accuse people of doing… Change your ways o brother.

    • Keepest 2 weeks ago

      Hello kel, you mean a player with more than 25 goals this season is “minus one”. I guess you are the “minus 1000” here.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    SE don turn okro soup draw draw

  • Gooooooooaaaaalllllllll Nigeria 

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    onuachu scores

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Finally….LMAO. He also successfully controlled a ball and lay it off accurately to his teammate today too. Congrats to Onuachu, he is learning well…Lol.

    • Edoman 2 weeks ago

      Onuachu is always good in creating record. He scored against Egypt in the “first minute” of the game in Asaba. Now he scored against Benin Republic the very “last minute” of the game. No wonder Onuachu is the best striker in Europe right now. The Nigeria coach is wonderful today. Every Nigeria is very happy with him at this moment. Congratulations Nigeria and we salute Mr Rohr for a job well done.

  • Kingsley 2 weeks ago

    All you onachu haters oya come out oooooooooooo. Gooalllllll

    • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

      Cause e score 1 goal after numerous chances given to him? Even Ighalo that scored crucial goals during the WC qualifiers was castigated for the miss against Argentina. So Oga abeg shut it.

      • Kingsley 2 weeks ago

        Better go and get busy. How many minutes did he spend on the field. Why didn’t all those given 90 mins not score. Na you suppose shut up

        • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

          Bros no vex credit must be given to him atleast he gave us the winning goal and we also beat a team that hasn’t lost at home in 8 years but he was still given alot of opportunities before today so if u r talking about haters your just not being realistic. Yes he does well for his club but before this goal what did he do for the national team? My prayer is that he continues to do well for the national team just as he does for his club.

  • pompei 2 weeks ago


    • SURPASSER 2 weeks ago

      Such a great and wonderful name: Paulinho Onuachunaldo. Thank you for this Mr. Pompei.

  • Lord AMO 2 weeks ago

    Its about time 

  • Onuachu don score o!!!!

  • Sunnyb 2 weeks ago

    What a game, congrats guys, you guys deserved this win, Iwaula thanks for not disappointing 

    • Lord AMO 2 weeks ago

      He did well to give us a spark.  He certainly looked like he belonged on the field. I just wish he could have made a better decision with his last decision to shoot instead of crossing to Osihmen and Paulwandoski!

  • Empire 2 weeks ago

    Some say you be minus one, some say you no sabi play… Paul answered them today…

  • GLORY 2 weeks ago

    Onuachugoooaaaaal. Impressed with the now pressing Onuachu. Did well today and really happy for him. Thats how to play national team football Onuachu; no waiting for balls to come, press to have it as well as run unto passes. A big congrat for your impressive play/goal. Osimene yet to have his match in SE striking position no doubt; serious trouble maker for opposing defenders. Nacho man always a goal demon of any kind, just wasnt his day. Rohr is blessed with attacking options in this team, Everyone has goals in them. Now my oh my, Iwuala, ummmh, that boy, now I am convinced he belongs here but if I were him I resists any attempt to run to europe for now. He has it in him to shake the whole of Africa with the Chan eagles as well finding space in the main stream SE. Everybody including the coaching crew has done tremendiuosly well. A big big congratulations to you all. Not forgetting to send my well wishes to ALEXANDER THE GREAT IWOBI. WE/SE MISSED YOU.

    • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

      @GLORY… wonderful comment especially with Iwuala. That youngman has that killer push and crisp forward-play that Super Eagles fans have missed since the days of Babangida, Finidi and Amuneke. I like how he is very confident and composed… he should wait to play CHAN and continue his confident development at Eyimba with toughness and grit in our league before he rushes to Europe… I see Gernot Rohr helping to recommend Iwuala to his associates in France. Belgium will be a good first step for Iwuala and later France… that youngman has fire… we are blessed to have a player with his mindset. It does not take too many minutes to know a rare gem… all hail ANAYO IWUALA.

      • Glory 2 weeks ago

        Very well said @ Jimmyball. I m truly proud of that boy Iwuala most especially being an Enyimba fan.

  • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

    Congrats to Paul Onuachu for using his presence to save the day… in life, everyone can contribute. Solid defence display by Super Eagles… clean and tidy eachtime. I am very impressed with Kelechi Iheanacho and felt he did a marvelous job today. Before the introduction of Anayo Iwuala… we stopped making quick interlinks and forward play, just being contented with playing a balance structural game. I am 100% convinced Iwualu should continue as part of the team and I thank Coach Rohr for giving the young man a great confidence booster fielding him today… other equally raw but talented lads in the league can have a pointer to also up their game and standout… Nigerial ball fans had Iwuala on the lips in the last three weeks and he repaid us with a confident performance today… I forsee Iwuala remaining in the mix as he gave a confident statement to his game… I applaud our coach and technical team for a job welldone… Benin Republic with fellow West African strengths and spirit are not pushovers as Morocco from last Nations Cup can attest… I will pray for them to do themsleves good by earning a result against Sierra Leone… I will like Ebuehi to start in-place of Ola Aina in the next game, and Ekong and Balogun to be rested for a central pairing of Awaziem and Ajayi… I will like Iwuala to start on the left and Onyekuru to get only the 25minutes against Lesotho… it will also be nice to see Uzoho share the halves with John Noble… kelechi should be started in his role he played today and Paul Onuachu be allowed to start in-place of Osimhen. This way… everybody it appears will have been invloved fairly giving us great useful minutes to access other squad members… we had a great game with everyone coming out injury-free! One love folks…

    • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

      u and I posted essentially the same thing at the same time

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    Guys d goal had been coming for some time, it was just unfortunate that d goalie was brilliant and the bar saved them a few times, we also had a penalty claim from Aina’s pull out that d referee ignored. There are also a 50/50 ball that onuachu won and went thru the goalie for a tap in by iwuala that d referee said was a foul by onuachu. Iwuala has don himself alot of good today, we want to see more, he didn’t look out of place in the team. Since we’ve already qualified and too of the group, GR should rest some players like chukwueze, osimen, even aina, balogun, and ekong and really give the fringe players a good run of minutes. Am talking about playing the likes of shehu, ebuehi, uzoho, Collins, etebo, iwuala, onyekuru, onuachu, even our non playing captain Musa, as well as semi ajayi. Give these guys a good 60-70 mins to really see them and afford 9ja to see them too, what better match than an inconsequential game against lesotho, this is a glorified friendly. He can always bring the big guns in the 2nd half. Just a thought

  • Poke Toholo 2 weeks ago

    Haba! Nigerians!
    See how all of you are bigging this very lousy performance up? If we had drawn, it would have had bad results as the seeding will see us drawn in a tough group, yet we went into this game with the manager admitting openly that he sent the boys out to draw and built this Benin yeam up soo much that even those of us who had never seen them play became concerned, only to find the Benin team are just a bang average …no even they are just a really bad footballing side and yet the Nigerian players were slow and slugish the entire game aside from the early opening exchanges, Iheanacho is the same Iheanacho I know and expected, doin barely enough to try and stay in team, and don’t even get me started on Aribo! What a disappointment! this is yet again another bang average bordering on diabolically bad
    footballer, running around with his dreadlock blinding his vision, the dude never made one forward pass all night! FFS!
    As for the coach? Please! Give me a break! What that guy is seeing or the reasoning behind him being the coach still today eludes me, yes he strated very well but standards have dropped right through the floor on present (today’s) showing.
    You people are funny, celebrating qualification, If you know what’s good for you, be scared….be very very afraid because if this is the team that goes to that tournament and they still have the kind of disgusting attitude and application they showed in this game? Then it won’t be funny at all in Cameroun! There will be wahala for the Green Eagles in Cameroon oo! They will be what oyibo man dem call ‘weeping boys’ at that tournament.
    Mark my words!

    • pompei 2 weeks ago

      Poke Toholo, how is Paradise City? James Hardly Chase character has joined the forum 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Poke, it’s not that we’re not frustrated with the performance. As I mentioned earlier, the way we dominated the game should have yielded more goals. The boring nature of the game was mainly due to the lack of creativity in midfield. Aribo’s backward passes was the highlight in the midfield, and that is just not good enough. Ndidi had to take up the creative role at a point, because nothing was coming from Aribo. Even Iheanacho had to come back into the midfield to try and orchestrate things.
      Yes, they can do better. But considering that it was an away game, and with the poor travel arrangements (thanks to NO FUTURE FOCUS), that could explain their low energy, listless performance.
      We need to see more energy, more purpose. The attack needs to produce more goals.

      • Poke Toholo 2 weeks ago

        Well said o jare.
        It’s encouraging to read your response..at least I’m not the only one seeing these things but I also know that football is a peculiar game, this same group who I am so disparaging about tonight could turn it around and become world beaters…ok maybe that was pushing it a bit but the point is that this team has it in them to be much better and certainly have it in them to still make us proud, but everything has to click, everyone from coach to players attitude and application has to come on in bounds.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Hahahaha…bloody coward. Are you done…??? LMAO.

      You nor deserve reply….LMAO…You for use the name wey everybody know you for here na…make we give you reply wey you deserve. Anuofia…!!! LMAO

    • Consult your psychiatrist as soon as possible!

      • Poke Toholo 2 weeks ago

        HOPE NOT ME O
        PLEASE O

        • Who else, it’s you now..

          • Poke Toholo 2 weeks ago

            Ok, give yourself a slap…
            on the back, you are exhibiting some worrying signs, truth be told, the question was not even directed at you but you can take the embarrassment all by yourself.
            Well done! alaya gbangba!

          • @poke, Pele oo alaya kekere, next time learn how to comment with sense not shear hatred

    • King S 2 weeks ago

      Which Aribo never made a forward pass? Na back of television you watched ooo. Bloody haters! Aribo is a disappointment, yet he made a Benin player receive yellow pass. Fool!! What of the pass he made to Osimhen, that the keeper forced to a corner kick? Goan watch the game again o!

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 weeks ago

        Ha na wah o!
        See “Nigerians” here? lol
        Why may I ask you did you have to use an abusive word in your comment?
        I see nothing provocative that’s been said to you here?
        Why the gutter language??
        If you are saying that you did not see Aribo back passing majority of the game then good luck to you. lool

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    My take on this game is as follows:
    1) Nigeria bossed this from start to finish. It seemed like it was Benin that was away. So dominant were the SE. Unfortunate that the dominance did not result in more goals. A big take home assignment for Rohr. If we dominate like this, we should score more.
    2) Okoye was calm and assured in between the sticks. Put to rest any doubts about his readiness for the job. Between him and Uzoho, looks like our goalkeeping needs are in good hands.
    3) The back four was solid. The Oyibo wall showed good understanding and combined well together. Sanusi and Aina (especially Sanusi) were a handful with their overlapping runs.
    4) Osimhen and Nacho did ok. They cam close several times to scoring. Onuachu came in later and got the goal.
    5) Onyekuru had a great game. Took advantage of his pace to trouble the Benin defense. He came close to scoring several times, and created several chances for the strikers, all wasted.
    6) The midfield is where we still have issues. We missed Iwobi like an open wound misses bandage. Ndidi did his best, and kudos must go to him for singlehandedly controlling the midfield. Aribo simply did not show up enough today. Backpasses only is not enough. Show us a little of what we see you do in the Glasgow Rangers jersey!
    The nickname BACKPASS MASTER is already being heard in the town. Aribo needs to step up his game.
    7) Chukwueze was lively throughout the game. However, his problem of RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS in critical moments remains. He has the pace and the skills, just doesn’t know what to do when opportunities come his way. He even comically took a golden goalscoring chance away from Onyekuru at a point. Onyekure was poised to score, and Chukwueze came charging in and hooked the ball over the bar.
    He needs to calm down and be more cerebral in his game.

    • Poke Toholo 2 weeks ago

      Thanks for the announcement…you know how it is in Paradiso..too many waste men loitering…that’s why I always sleep with one eye open hehe

      • pompei 2 weeks ago

        Yes ooo. In Paradise City, you need to sleep with one eye open, IF YOU WANNA STAY ALIVE 🙂
        Nice wan.

        • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

          I have read over 50 copies of James Hardly Chase!

        • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

          Apparently,reading many copies of James Hardly Chase helps improve your intelligence on criminology and as well dealing with everyday life no matter how difficult or tough life comes you are able to navigate it through!it’s an institution on its own haha…

          • pompei 2 weeks ago

            Lol Greenturf. That’s the way the cookie crumbles 🙂

        • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

          Remember inspector Tom Lepsky? haha..

          • Mama Bosede Malaika 2 weeks ago

            Did you see an ear to the ground? Albani

    • @Pompei, I appreciate your stake as regards the overall performance of the guys, but you are too harsh on Aribo.

      Judging from the game we watched, it’s crystal clear that Aribo was given a match role, which is to work with Ndidi to break the rhythm of the Benin team which he did perfectly well, Aribo was never a number 10 in the match, he wasn’t given that free role, so he has to be conscious of his game plan.

      Secondly, there’s this new trend in football, that was just adopted, especially in Europe, where you see team passing the ball around, holding on to possessions, it’s common in Thomas Thucel’ Chelsea, Manchester united, Manchester city, West ham, even in LA Liga, you pass to nearest person, even goal keepers are now ball joggers, they did that to wear out their opponents and to take them unaware.

      That’s the style GR is also trying to adopt, so the term “backpasser” you gave the guy is a little hash. I agreed with you that we missed IWOBI, there’s no much spark from the middle, but actually the game plan is to play from the wings, which is why onyekuru and samu sees a lot of the ball same thing with the 2 wings back, Ola Aina and Zaidu. The midfield job today was only the breakup the rhythm of the Benin team and move the ball to the wings, hold on to possessions as much as they could, which they did perfectly well.

      The only thing missing in the team today was intensity, they are little slow with ball movement, they need more fitness because they need to move the ball a lot faster.

      Congrats to GR, fans and the entire eagles squad.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    I think the fact that the eagles were passing the ball backwards was to get the squirrels to come out and then counter them with long balls. In the 1st half we saw several long balls from ekong to onyekuru. However the squirrels were very disciplined and stayed back mist of the time, they barely had forays upfront, their game plan was to get a draw by defending with numbers. Its very difficult to penetrate a 10 man defense which was what tge squirrels coach deployed today. I know it was frustrating at times when our boys kept playing back passes and side way passes but if the middle is congested, do u force the pass or thread the needle and possible have tge squirrels intercept the ball. The game plan of Dusuyer almost paid off, but onuachu saved the day. This team will continue to get better. Cape verde trashed cameroon 3:1 yesterday. Every team in the continent still fears the SE even tho they would boast and brag that they aren’t scared. Going by the way d squirrels boated, u would have thought they would come out to play and possibly win the game but they didn’t even attack at all. With the exploit of onuachu today, will the likes of Sadiq, Moffi, get a look in? I personally still feel Sadiq is a better striker than onuachu but thats just me.

  • Poke Toholo 2 weeks ago

    Good theory, I would prefer that narrative as it would make more sense and improve ones confidence in coaching crew and team, however, I am not sure that’s what happened in practice,,GR said before the game that he only wanted a draw because according to him “This Benin team has not lost at home in so many tears and they will be very difficult to beat, He just wanted to avoid a defeat, knowing a draw would qualify us not giving any though to seeding which is something all top teams pay attention to and play for, but Mr Rohr sent the team out for a draw? What does that tell us about his mentality?? Also it was very clear to see that the team was playing to avoid defeat so the likes of Aribo sort of had a different brief today – All this is very discouraging behaviour from the coach.
    One thig that I forgot to do in my original post was to give credit where it’s due and in this game- 2 players stood out for me and those were Zanusi and Osimhen, Onyekuru has all the potential in the world but I think he left his shooting boots in the changing room for this game, also watching the teams body language, it does not seem to me that GR has much authority/control over what the players do when they are in the pitch. He needs to be stronger.

    • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

      @Poko Toholo, You are wrong about Rohr’s statement here. He said a draw is all we needed so we will try to avoid defeat because Benin is a tough team to beat but added that a win is desired as a bonus. So please don’t twist GR words to suit your narrative

  • Mr Hush 2 weeks ago

    The way Rohr set up his team says one thing; attack!.
    The shape was more of a 4-2-4 though with the two wide men upfront( Onyekuru and Samuel) coming back on the defensive when required. Even the two side backs ( Aina and Sanusi) were encouraged to join the attack. Both centre backs as well pulled in lots of long balls from deep encouraging forward runs.
    Even in the latter stages of the second half, the team was pushed even further the pitch with Balogun going further forward.

    At the latter end of the match; Rohr signalled to Osimhen to continue moving which encouraged the attacker to bust in to the 18yard of the Beniniose and make that final cross to Onuachu which was cleared out for a corner. The corner which resulted to a goal.

    From all observations; shape of the team, team set up from start to finish, substitutions and body language. Rohr came here to win. Yes. A bit pragmatic in approach not for not wanting to try but for wisdom sake and lack of personnel to pull the threads. And that personnel is Iwobi.
    Iwobi was the missing link in the middle. His miss deprived the attack some special service. That is not on Rohr. Rohr did his part to encourage attacking football.

    It was a great game of football even on a hard pitch . And against a worthy compact opponent. The Super Eagles did good..
    Without mincing words; these Eagles are good and can only get better…

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Ola, indeed, Aribo was asked to play the double pivot with Ndidi. As you correctly said, from a tactical standpoint, that meant they both were tasked to provide protection for the back four. So yes, Aribo’s major job today was defensive. I agree.
    My problem with Aribo has to do with the distribution. He played as if he was too afraid to give the ball away, most of the time. In football, you have to take some risk. Calculated risk, but risk all the same. If Fred, Rodri, Xhaka, Declan Rice, Ngolo Kante, etc play so many sideways and backwards passes, there teams will perhaps have more possession and be stronger defensively, but they not be as potent as they are in an attacking sense.
    Many times in this game, Aribo would get the ball, and immediately return it to the same player that gave him the ball, putting that player under pressure. On the ball, he seemed ungainly, lacking in confidence. Most good, confident players want the ball, they demand it. And when the get it, they are comfortable and at home with the ball. The ball seems like a third leg to them. It just fits perfectly. Aribo just didn’t give that impression today. It got to the point where I noticed Ekong and Balogun stopped looking for him, because they know the ball is coming right back at them!
    Aribo did put good pressure on the ball. He put himself about, made good tackles, covered a lot of ground. He just needs to be more adventurous with his passes and his general game. HE PLAYS TOO SAFE. TOO CONSERVATIVE.
    He needs to pick up the ball in the midfield, and move it forward. Make forward runs, hit long range passes, be an attacking threat. I’m not asking him to do something that is strange and new to him. This is his game at Rangers. What stops him from doing this for Nigeria?
    My criticism of Aribo may seem harsh today because I am disappointed in him. I was one of the first people to hype him on this site as a potential great, based on his performances for Charlton Athletic. When Taribo said he was too weak for African football, I was among those that defended him vigorously here.
    Against Benin at home in Uyo, he was below par. We defended him. At Lesotho, he came up short. We defended him. I said he was tired due to jet lag. We all saw his performance against S/L in the 2 legs. Nothing to write home about. So I expected him to come out all guns blazing today. Give some of us who have been supporting him something to cheer.
    Perhaps we are asking him to give what he doesn’t have. And that would be a major surprise, because I see him deliver for Rangers on a weekly basis. Is it the poor pitch? Is he uncomfortable in the African environment? Something is definitely amiss.
    All I know is that the Aribo we see for Nigeria is not the same Aribo that lines up for Rangers. It is up to Rohr to reconcile the difference.

    • Well said.. But let’s continue encouraging the guy, he will surely come good.

      His role at Rangers and here is different, that’s why you noticed a different output as well, again the African pitch might be one of the factors, remember the guy is foreign breed, so we have to consider a lots of things, but am sure the guy is a bomb, hell of a talent