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BREAKING:NFF Appoints Coaches For Home Eagles, Flying Eagles, Golden Eaglets

BREAKING:NFF Appoints Coaches For Home Eagles, Flying Eagles, Golden Eaglets

Following the recommendation of its Technical and Development Sub-Committee, the Executive Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, has approved the appointment of Salisu Yusuf as the Head Coach of the Super Eagles B (otherwise known as CHAN team) as well as the U23 (Olympics) team.

Yusuf, who was Head Coach of the Super Eagles B when the team emerged runner-up of the African Nations Championship in Morocco in 2018, will work with Kennedy Boboye (Assistant Coach); Fatai Osho (Assistant Coach); Abubakar Bala Mohammed (Assistant Coach); Fidelis Ikechukwu (Assistant Coach); Eboboritse Uwejamomere (Match Analyst) and Ike Shorounmu (Goalkeepers’ Trainer) and Suleiman Shuaibu (Goalkeepers’ Trainer 2).

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In other appointments, Ladan Bosso retains his position as Head Coach of the U20 Boys. He will work with former U17 Head Coach, Fatai Amao (Assistant Coach); Oladuni Oyekale (Assistant Coach); Jolomi Atune Alli (Assistant Coach) and; Baruwa Olatunji Abideen (Goalkeepers’ Trainer).

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For the U17 Boys, Golden Eaglets, Nduka Ugbade was named Head Coach. He will work with Ahmad Lawal Dankoli (Assistant Coach); Omoniyi Haruna Ilerika (Assistant Coach); Yemi Daniel (Assistant Coach) and; Mohammed Nasiru Isah (Goalkeepers’ Trainer). Ugbade captained Nigeria’s first cadet team that won the FIFA U16 World Cup in China in 1985.

For the U13/15 Boys known as Future Eagles, Patrick Bassey will be Head Coach and will work with Abdullahi Tyabo Umar (Assistant Coach); Mohammed Kalli Kachalla (Assistant Coach); Ifeanyi Uba (Assistant Coach); Alh. Mohammed Kwairanga (Assistant Coach) and; Abubakar Abdullahi (Goalkeepers’ Trainer).

The NFF also stated that a new Head Coach for the Super Eagles will be announced and officially unveiled once the processes for his engagement and contract-signing are concluded.

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  • Recipe for another cycle of failure. To hell with Nigeria national team football. Not worth bothering a second.

    • Greenturf 10 months ago

      In my opinion the appointment is a good one.
      The coaches appointed are about the best in the country,we won’t go for a foreigner to coach our Chan and youth teams.
      Salisu Yusuf despite labelled a fraud,was successful the times he managed our teams.Rohr gave credence to Yusuf’s coaching prowess.His assistant Boboye is a league winner and one of the most enterprising coaches in Nigeria.
      We all know Nduka Ugbade who has worked as assistants to other successful youth coaches.
      Ladan Bosso has won this championship before he only failed last time due to Nff’s ineptitude.They rush this coaches into building a team three weeks to a major playoffs who does that?Like the next one now is May 9th and I’m not even sure we have resumed camping,should they fail to qualify the blame would go to the coaches who aren’t the real problem.

      • Greenturf, I also welcome the inclusion of Kennedy Boboye and Fidelis Ilechukwu to the backroom staff. I think they have something meaningful to contribute.

        As you say, outside his ill-judged bribery scandal, Salisu Yusuf is actually a competent coach with track record of achievement.

        Sadly, despite being a religious nation, Nigerian seldom forgive and forget.

        • Greenturf 10 months ago

          Rightly @deo,Fidelis Illechukwu has been there doing his thing every season,I don’t think anyone will fault his professionalism and input in Nigerian football.
          He sure deserves his spot.

        • Greenturf 10 months ago

          We should move on from Salisu Yusuf’s sin.We are all sinners no one is perfect.
          I’m sure he has learn’t from his slip.He has served his retribution and repented,so let’s judge him from his qualities as a football coach which i rate very highly.In fact with him in the helms we would have done a lot better than Eguavoen.
          Salisu Yusuf is quick-witted intelligent and humble, qualities needed to excel at international level.

      • Sunday ogunsola 10 months ago

        This is a very good appointment of our coaches to various cader, but can’t the NFF board be overhaul as well, I mean the Amaju pinick led Nigeria NFF, this man has not done our football any good, Amaju pinick must go.

      • Bola Dada 10 months ago

        I am not sure about the Ladan Bosso guy. He coached the flying eagles twice in the past and achieved nothing meaningful. I don’t know why he keeps coming back to the team

        • Thank you Bola…. Laddan Bosso…Hmmmmm….I dont really know why this coach keeps comming back. He failed us twice….

  • Same old people different names and cycle. Let me think of myself and let Nigeria think of itself. Is it that in Nigeria we are cursed not to like good things or is it that corruption has eaten so deep that we no longer care about the pain of the common man?

  • Emmanuel 10 months ago

    @ Glory I will be a liar to say I don’t understand how u feel. Am yet to recover from that failure to qualify.

    Be that as it may, the Nigerian in me will not let go.I have a feeling that we will get it right soon.Pls let’s remain positive.


  • This is a clear indication that Picnic will never change. Forget about his silly apology, just watch his actions.
    Appointing a mediocre and serial failure like Laddan Bosso as head coach is a slap on the face of football lovers.
    Picnic will do everything to appease the powers that be. It’s like this Bosso guy is close to powerful politicians. There are better coaches from the North.He is scared of EFCC and will explore all options to get away with his corrupt practices.
    The other day he was talking about his interference with SE team selection. Using Musa as an alibi to distract from his ATM m/c on the team.
    I hope he proves me wrong but won’t be surprised to see another set of serial losers/failures on SE technical team.
    The plan is to hire Pesseiro who appears to be Picnic’s bidding. He will then impose his boys as SE technical members to be used as channel for their unholy practices in players invitation.
    Blanc, Cocu, Ververde are just being used to get fans excited.
    Players and coaches selection should be based on merit.

  • Adamawa Utd (2020/21 season)
    Coach : Ladan Bosso
    Matches: 36, Won :5, Drew: 9 Lost:22
    Win ratio: 14.3% (Absolutely woeful)

    • benakay 10 months ago

      How the phuk is Ladan Bosso the flying eagles coach?
      How many times does a man have to fail at a job before you realize he is not good for the job?
      That’s why the country will never progress. Useless idiots running the show. Na wah!

  • MONKEY POST 10 months ago

    If them like make dem appoint OMO9JA as HEAD of the HOME EAGLES e no concern me….

    My ATTENTION is on the MAIN SE..

    It must be a FOREIGN COACH…

    Anything less than that mehn is RIP and GOODBYE to the SE..

    • Lollipops 10 months ago

      @ Money Post, we get serious problem in Nigeria ( Too mush hardship). Is very hard for a man that is going through serious hardship to make the right decisions. So, when you see those bunch of clowns dey recycle those failed  coaches to handle our teams, you go know say nor be clear Eye – they need all the sealed brown envelopes to survive. Those clowns sacked Rohr because Rohr was blocking their sealed brown envelopes, no means of survival for them at that time. So they came up with the excuses of Rohr is not playing good football and  Rohr is too stiff.  We need total overhaul in Nigeria to fix the whole system . 

  • @ GREENTURF, bribery whether forgiven or not is toxic and like a virus. It poisons everything good. So yes, as coach, SALISU might be good but that bribery weighs heavily on his credibility which will ultimately affect his confidence to exercise control over the team even if he is now a saint. Rohr bringing back SALISU, a clubless Musa and a weakened Ighalo was what finally put a nail to his coffin regarding his sack. Such actions always attract negative energy; no surprise that prophet,predicted that except Musa stays far from the team, SE was never going to quality for the world cup.
    As for Ladan Bosso, I have followed him for years, and can tell you, every team he coached always struggle to score goals, one yardstick for measuring good coach. Besides not scoring aplenty, his team concedes easily. You can’t compare him to Manu. Manu’s team 8out of 10 chances score goals than concede. There are better local coaches there, the makaiba, Finidi, Eguma, even Boboye should have been made the head coach.
    It really hurts that these criminals always put daft who will protect their interest in position of power not minding how their actions are everyday making Nigeria a laughing stock in the committee of serious minded nations.

  • Lie-geria!!!!!!
    A nation of thieves that rewards criminals!!!!!!
    Salisu a convicted corrupt bribe taker, failed as assistant coach, yet returned.

    Hausa/fulani are desperate to dominate everything and everywhere in the Zoo.

  • Chima E Samuels 10 months ago

    Pinnick is good at charming a lot of people to remain at the helm of power, Ladan Bosso has the worst record of all local coaches and this Pinnick will never get over him just because he is the president of Naija local coaches. A failure heading board of Nigerian coaches hmm. Why can’t the league winning coach be drafted as Chan coach or why not give the u20 job to the second placed league coach? Instead of these recycled failures? Ghana will defeat us again at the wafu u20 tournament because they seem to always have better coaches than us.
    Nduka Ugbade is the only right choice I see here but on what basis are you leaving Manu Garba out? Pinnick is weakening Us Every single day!

  • Sunnyb 10 months ago

    Big failure looming again, Pinnick and Dikko are injecting  serious tribalism and nepotism into our soccer  affairs and most people are quiet. Folks look at this appointments and tell me one qualified person on this lists, apart from Ike who was demoted in my opinion. Bosso the coconut head was appointed again, Pinnick would eventually end up in prison for corruption.

    • While I do not support many of these appointments, can someone tell me how Amaju Pinnick will fight these people and still do a proper job of leading a successful NFF???

      The battles in the glass house are one too many. All I can say is this problem starts from who is appointed as Sports Minister. If that person is really about the development of our local coaches and teams with a straight face, many of these issues will disappear.

      But when you approach a position with the hope of making money by doing deals here and there, then this is what you get.

      Truth is, we all suffer the consequences.


  • Can NFF’s Controversial Appointments Come Good?

    Although it had been rumoured on social media for a while now that the NFF will recycle controversial coaches for the various under-age national teams, the cat is now out of the bag.

    Salisu Yusuf is the Under-23 and Chan Super Eagles coach, Ladan Bosso the Under-20 coach and Nduka Ugbade the Under-17 coach.

    These names on the face of it instantly conjure an image of failure on the pitch and financial irregularities off it. They have been associated with national team failures and alleged bribery and corruption in team selection.

    But is it enough to write them off?

    Salisu Yusuf shot himself in the foot by being embroiled in bribery scandal in 2018. Although filmed taking money, however, there was no evidence that the cash received by the the then 56 year old Salisu Yusuf affected any decisions he made in the player selection process ahead of the CHAN tournament.

    But that wasn’t good enough as his reputation was forever tainted. Sad, because for me Salisu is a competent coach. He has won the NPFL title once and has won the the Nigerian FA Cup twice. He has a compelling coaching philosophy that won silver for the Super Eagles B team twice. His recent attachment to the recently failed Super Eagles outfit makes him more repulsive to fans.

    But, if one strips off the controversies that trail Salisu, I expect him to do well in his current appointment.

    Ladan Bosso, 49 years old, now has a third bite of the Under-20 cherry having led the team to failure twice. He served as an assistant to several Under-17 national team head coaches before he himself was appointed head coach of the unsuccessful Under-20 national team that went to the 2007 World Cup. He would also manage the 2009 Under-20 national team in the world cup qualifiers but was sacked.

    Having managed clubs like Wikki Tourist, Niger Tornadoes, Bayelsa United (where he had most success to date without winning the league), Abia Warriors, El-Kanemi and Ifeanyi Ubah FC, Bosso has no trophies to write home about.

    Having said that, I was impressed with how his Under-20 team played at the 2020 Wafu Cup. Although they he failed (again!) I thought poor pitch and poor officiating played major roles in his team’s failure. The boys played a decent brand of football.

    I am not too gloomy about his appointment this time around as I am expectant of a more positive outcome at least on a continental level. I think he would have learnt valuable lessons from his recent failures that can propel him to moderate success. (I hope!)

    Coach Nduka Ugbade is more known for his Under-17 heroics as being the first captain on earth to lift the trophy in the tournament’s inaugural edition in 1985. Coaching wise, he also has nothing to write home about. Yes he was assistant to Manu Garba in the 2013 under-17 world cup winning team. But when in MFM fc and Remo Stars, his accomplishments were basic.

    In fact it was rumoured that some NFF officials kicked against his appointment but he is here against popular demand.

    Just like the rest of these controversial appointments, I hope Nduka makes the best of his latest role as Under-17 head coach. Perhaps he can replicate, as a coach, what he achieved with the team as a player!

    • Nduka Ugbade is currently at Enugu training his u-17 team for the past 3 months while awaiting confirmation of his u-17 appointment which means these appointments were preordained.

      • Even Ladan Bosso was rumoured to have been in Kwara state for some time now training the under 20s long before his appointment was made public.

  • Papafem 10 months ago

    Bosso’s appointment us a shock to me. What exactly is going on here? There are lot of coaches who are better these ones. Why not try new blood. Why this of old discarded materials? I can see nepotism, favoritism and lot of corruption here. Our fingers are crossed.

    • Greenturf 10 months ago

      Bosso’s team at the last playoffs dominated all there opponents despite their poor preparations.His team played a beautiful brand of football.
      However,questionable calls from the officials killed any dream his team may have achieved.
      So on the back of that performances the Nff just like me and a few others thinks Bosso deserves another chance.
      He will have the support of Fatai Amoo whose team actually qualified for the last under 17 world cup,apparently,a bulk of that team will be part of the 2023 class of our flying eagles.

      • Papafem 10 months ago

        Bro, Bosso has had his fair share of opportunities, with nothing to show for it. In 2007, he led the likes of Brown Ideye to WYC. We were in he quarter final,conceded no goal in full 90 minutes in that match but surprisingly let in 4 in the extra time with some very awful defending. He also failed woefully in 2009, and recently in 2020 or so. Checking Larry’s comment above, it’s evidently clear that even at club level, in recent times, he’s done practically nothing meaningful. So, what makes him qualify for the job again?

  • Coache 10 months ago

    You should not be surprised, ever since they brought federal character to our football coaches selection has gone SOUTH.

    Can you imagine a president of a country of talented and great people been led by Buhari. I blame Tinubu for this while I blame the useless Yoruba man who was former Bauchi state FA chairman for bringing those Northern Urchins into football administration in Nigeria. Since he brought them, they have over populated the glass house with their mediocrity and schematic politics. Pinick tried to have won the BFF election. Those guys just like power without anything to show for it.

  • TALK UR OWN 10 months ago

    AMUNEKE(chief coach)
    ENYEAMA/CARL IKEME(G.keeper trainer)
    ***FOR U-23 COACH ***
    ***FOR U-20 COACH***
    ***FOR U-17 ***

  • Obinna 10 months ago

    Amaju pininick is the Ring leader of Nigeria football corruption but one day nemesis will catch up with him look at what he had turned our football into shame and ridicule the worst is that we don’t have a government if not we would have asked them to take action since we are already on the flour

  • Chibuike 10 months ago

    White people can’t enplore failures. They go for upcoming good coaches but Nigeria own na who know who….


  • Chibuike 10 months ago

    Fidelis ilechukwu suppose handle one natuonal team because he has eye to see raw talent in the street. All this assistance coaches will not agree to make one decision.


  • TALK UR OWN 10 months ago


  • Odukpor 10 months ago


  • Abeni ojus 10 months ago

    Since they local coaches based on popular demand, it’s well. Up up NFF!

  • Nelsonlina 10 months ago

    The appointments so far are ok. Let just hope nff well the remaining ones aarite. God bless Nigeria o!

  • Lenukwe 10 months ago

    These people must get to work immediately for the sake of fans. Good luck coaches!!!

  • Edafe Ehs 10 months ago

    They need to be calming down after all the appointed coaches will not be there forever. Your own can be appointed later. Meanwhile, what are the terms of these appointments and how many years from now?

  • KENNETH 10 months ago

    Great selection NFF. Wells just wait and see. Hope your Super eagles coach is also a local one. We have had enough of all this globetrotters coming to handle our national team. Give them the same years you allow the white men to coach the national team

  • pompei 10 months ago

    Are CSN being mischievous?
    This pic of Salisu looks like he’s asking for………
    You can complete the sentence!

    • Lol 🙂 🙂
      Very funny Pompei. Salisu was silly, reckless and most importantly stupid to have accepted “free cash”

      The money was never going to affect his player selections (as shown in the video below). The players were already in his plans. He never even demanded for the money. But when it was offered to him, the greed in him couldn’t make him resist.

      Salisu didn’t collect bribe. He was given money which he thought was negligible and of “trivial and symbolic” value. Funny enough, he made it clear to the undercover journalist (who offered him the money) that his player selection was based solely on performance and consistency. Yet, the allure of “free money” was too great for him to ignore.

      That should really be a lesson for all of us: greed can land you in big trouble even if you attempt to uphold your moral code.

      It was such a meaningless way to tarnish one’s own reputation. Collect free money, thinking the person who offers such is a fool. Like they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

      Now, you have born again Christians who preach forgiveness going about labeling Salisu a bribe taker which technically speaking is false. But even though their religion preaches forgiveness, it only extends to players they are fond of.


  • pompei 10 months ago

    Hope we get a foreign coach for the SE. The whiter the skin, the better.
    The time for local coaches will come.

  • At least we can trust nff so no problems. Let us congratulate our local coaches se fans. Good luck coaches, God bless Nigeria!


  • Alli Gafaiz 10 months ago

    Coaches are billed to perform Inshallah. Nff in remembering mode has expressed this feelings and wishes of fans. God bless Yusuf and colleagues. Go SE!!

  • Kenneth 10 months ago

    Nff in remembering mode, you put nff there? Alli we are trying to live with the appointment as are explaining away. Why only local coaches everywhere? It is like the white man is still afraid to come.

    • Prinxetk 10 months ago

      Even if we tell nff to beg, they no dey hear. They should beg the foreign coach what is important is, S.E. has a substantive coach.

      • Luke Omanaen 10 months ago

        Spot on!

      • Gabriel 10 months ago

        I hope no problem with expatriate coach but the condition of contract should be such that will attract him to live in Nigeria. So far the appointments are balance. Up se!!!

  • Chudynak 10 months ago

    Why give Salisu Yusuf three jobs: First Assistant Coach of the Super Eagles, Chief coach of Super Eagles Team B and Coach of Under 23 Team. Na only him waka come?

  • Ako AMADI 10 months ago

    The appointment of Salisu, a man caught on canera taking bribes as National Coach shows that this country has no decency.

    • Ako Amadi, please let us get our facts right. Salisu Yusuf was not caught and subsequently reprimanded for taking bribe. Rather he accepted a gift of 1,000 dollars which contravenes the NFF ethics policy.

      At the time, in banning Salisu Yusuf and fining him 5,000 dollars, the NFF said: “we found as a fact from the documentary and video evidence before it, that Salisu Yusuf accepted the cash “””**gift**””” of $1,000.”

      Salisu himself said: “Be that as it may, I did accept cash handed to me by one of the said football agents.”

      For me, Salisu did something absolutely wrong by accepting a cash gift for players like Rabiu Ali that he planned to use anyway.

      So, the NFF were right to ban him for a specified period and also fine him for accepting a gift. But there is difference between gift and bribe.

      We should call out wrongdoing for what it is. Salisu’s actions were wrong and he was punished. He is now rehabilitated.

      What is wrong is to give out misleading information by saying he collected bribe which is different from receiving inappropriate financial gift.

  • Nduka Ugbade is currently at Enugu training his u-17 team for the past 3 months while awaiting confirmation of his u-17 appointment which means these appointments were preordained.

  • Ako Amadi 10 months ago

    The designation,”Home Eagles” is wrong and discriminatory.Do we have “Foreign Eagles” In civilized places they would be called Nigeria’s “Team A” as against the ultimate national XI, the Super Eagles.The division of the football house into foreign and home-based is adding to inferiority complexes and bad blood. When Daniel Amokachi and Paul Bassey go for medical treatment abroad they don’t ask the Nigerian consultant if he was born in Lagos or London.

  • Ako AMADI 10 months ago

    Ike Shorunmu was in his village taking chieftaincy titles recently. I hope he still remembers what goalkeeping is all about. Maybe he should be sent on a refresher course to learn how to coach goalkeepers.

  • Ako AMADI 10 months ago

    The NFF does not appear to be run along modern business lines befitting of a large country like Nigeria in this digital, data-driven age. The days when football was run by old men sitting around a table after dinner with toothpicks in their mouths are gone.If the NFF is not a private,family organization Nigerians have a right to know its structure and function.