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CAF C/League: Iwuala Helps Belouizdad Beat Zamalek Away In Group Opener

CAF C/League: Iwuala Helps Belouizdad Beat Zamalek Away In Group Opener

Anayo Iwuala was in action for Algerian club Belouizdad who pipped Egyptian giants Zamalek 1-0 away, in their first game in Group D of this season’s CAF Champions League.

Iwuala was in the starting eleven for before going off in the 92nd minute.

A 57th minute penalty converted by Cameroon forward Leonel Wamba was enough to get the away side off to a perfect start.

It is a third consecutive wins on the road for Belouizdad who last tasted defeat on October 2022.

Belouizdad will also take on Sudan’s Al Merreikh and Iwuala’s parent club Esperance of Tunisia in Group D.

Up next for Belouizdad is a tough home game against Esperance slated for February 18.

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  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Na wah o. So the Algerian league is this dude’s next port of call….LMAOoo..??
    Another landlord of north Africa in the making….LMAOoo.

    To think this kid’s name was always the first on the SE list when he was home-based and then suddenly his name stopped appearing anywhere near where SE is mentioned after his transfer makes more mockery of the clamor for Home-based players as been equally good enough for the SE….LMAOoo

    Because how do you explain a player being good enough for callups while at home and suddenly not even getting mentioned even on a standby list the moments he leaves Nigerian airspace…LMAOoo

    • True talk bro. We tend to over hype our local based players and quick to mention players from 90s era forgetting that our league is nothing to write home about. Corruption has overtaken everything sport in the country. So sad!

    • OmoEsan 1 year ago

      Dr Drey, I greet you.
      I remember how some people tried to harass us during Iwuala’s iwuruwuru saga. We told them how the whole home based thing will pan out but they kept deceiving themselves.
      Anyway, congrats to Iwuala and his promoters. At least they achieved their objective of using SE as a stepping stone to North Africa.

    • KENNETH 1 year ago

      Garbage write up as usual. So because he wasn’t called lately means he was crap, guy your brain is frozen as usual, better go get some heat to unfreeze your brain. And the so called good ones that play for your national team what has it gotten us. You and your ass-lickers should spare us all this noise. Go focus on some of the benchwarmers that you dish out there names who end up playing rubbish

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahaha, welcome back, Jimmy’s pig.

        Thank you, my writeups are garbage. At least people read them and see wisdom in them and agree with them. That is why I have asslickers.

        I dont understand why you with your own write ups have never had even 1 soul to lick your own ass…..LMAOooo

        Maybe because my gargabe write-ups are far better than the heaps of poopoo and senselessness you always come to dump here…..LMAOoo

        Plenty talk, Zero sense as usual.

        I am sure you are the person men of letters saw when they invented the word “Nonsense” LMAOooo.

        Senseless imbecile.

        • KENNETH 1 year ago

          Look at this SOB still talking, my friend go have your brain unfrozen and stop coming here to spill garbage, those seeing reason in your garbage write up are either your ass -lickers or yourself with multiple names. Oga at the end of the day some of the rubbish that get call ups are bench warmers in Europe can’t even smell champions league or Europa cup. And Iwuala is playing week in week out and still gets to play in the champions league. Still waiting for your lies for the New Year. abi money no dey to buy data

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha….senseless pig.

            Its not a surprise that nobody seems to ever see reasons with your own write-ups on this forum……LMAOOoo. Who wants to be associated with an imbecile and a pathological liar like you…..LMAOooo

            Please tell us why you with your own write ups (which you think are wiser, truer and better than mine….LMAOoo) have never had even 1 soul, not even a dog, to come lick your sorry ass….LMAOooo.

            Of course, to an idiot like you I am the same person as OmoEsan, Pompei, Kay and all those who agree with my write-ups who have been commenting on this forum for years, even before you could afford 2 square meals a day, talk more of purchasing data to come and pollute this place with your senselessness…LMAooo.

            You brain can simply not reason beyond multiple identities because that is what you ahve been caught red-handed doing on this forum many times in the past…..LMAOOoo

            Your Iwuala cannot even make it to Europe yet….LMAooo… talk more of sitting on the bench of the clubs where those who currently qualify for a SE call ups are playing in…..LMAOoo

            Dude was even forked out on loan out of Esperance after just a season…..LMAOoo. Mr Best Player of the NPFL who was always the first player on the SE list as the NPFL quota system player…LMAoo

            Kindly explain to CSN forumites and Nigerians what made him good enough for callups while he was a homebased player but suddenly not good enough to even get mentioned even on a standby list the moment got transferred to the Tunisian league….LAMOoo

            Abirun Okponu omo lasan lasan ekeji aja.

    • JimmyBall 1 year ago

      @Dr.Drey… Haba. Can you really say that Anayo Iwuala is not a solid player? The thing with us Nigerians is that we always downplay anything that is local.

      You see… We can never contest it that the North African Leagues ain’t too far in quality from the Euro Leagues like Belgium, Czech, Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark.

      The North Africans know the worth of Nigeria players from our league hence you will always see the best local player snap-up to Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. We must apolaud these players who go there to be good ambassadors.

      Now back to this youngman Anayo Iwuala, firstly, he cannot invite himself to the National Team, secondly he did arguably well in the few minutes he played when he enjoyed some callups. But above all, the lad is doing well… the news article here says he started and played 92mins for his team who beat zamalek away.

      We all know Zamalek are heavy weights in African football.. Iwuala is still an Esperence player on loan to his current team in Algeria.

      That dude is doing well and is just into his second season in North Africa… I can bet you that Iwuala merited the callups he got to Super Eagles because then he about the best in his position in our league… and again to be honest, he never looked out of sorts playing for Super Eagles…

      The question we must ask oursleves as a footballing enthusiast in a soccer crazy nation is this… why do we have players who play in North Africa earning callups to Ghana, CIV, Cameroon, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco National teams and in our case, we laugh and mock them?

      It’s plain simple that a lot of soccer enthusiasts in Nigeria are just arrogant and unimformedly think… mere playing for a supposedly notable European team means a player is outrighly better than another playing in a less-fancied league…

      @Dr.Drey… I am hugely disappointed at your mockery of a player of Iwuala’s calibre, even though clearly… You know the dude is doing commendably well at the moment.

      We should be sounding real alarm for the likes of Musa, Ighalo to never rear their head again…

      We cost oursleves the worldcup going to recall Ighalo, and still allowing the likes Ahmed Musa come near Super Eagles.

      If we had allowed Amuneke/Manu/Ugbade to thinker that playoff in the absence of Rohr who was asked to leave… rather deservedly, we will have player that world cup on Qatar ahead of Ghana.

      We all know Eguaveon antecedents with managing national teams… but he was the only one Pinick who knows nothing about football saw fit to allow handle the national team.

      As long as we Continue to hire journeymen white coaches who are just average and won’t get decent jobs elsewhere… We will never go anywhere. Peseiro is even a bigger fraud than Mr Rohr.

      • Golden Child 1 year ago

        Iwuala is a good player and if the rough edges can be polished, he will be one of the best in the SE.I think the boy is special and for his own sake, I hope he gets a move to Europe to prove all doubters wrong.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahaha…solid player indeed….LMAOooo

        Solid player that was forked out on loan by Esperance after just one season.

        That is probably the best the ambassadors of your so-called local league can offer.

        1 good season in North Africa and then they are back in the NPFL…..LMAooo.

        You will tell us if the Nigerian players playing in the top leagues just packed their boots one day and went playing in those top leagues.

        I wonder how they got noticed by sporting directors of the clubs in those top leagues.

        The fact that you even want to equate the strength and quality of north African leagues to European leagues all because you want to exhaust your iwauala must be the joke of the decade…..LMAOooo.

        You must be the 1 out of 1 billion football enthusiast across the world who would dare to do that….who else except your majesty…..LMAOooo

        “Solid player” who can hardly boast of a combined 20 career goals over 4-5 seasons of professional football…..LMAOooo. Solid player indeed.

        As they say back at home, “shoe get size, okirika get quality”

        • JimmyBall 1 year ago

          @Dr.Drey… Bro quit. Iwuala has never played as a centre forward.

          So stop using goals to judge him. Kai… Wetin this young man do you.

          If you are a Yoruba guy, I would flatly say it’s tribalism eating you up on Inwuala.

          Mind you I am a Benue guy as you know. But I salute a good footballer when I see one.

          You have found your erection again, the other day a player transfered from Remo Stars to Inter Milan, you vanished from complete sports here…

          Local league Boys have what it takes… It’s just opportunity they need.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            A player transfers from the NPFL to Inter Milan youth team (not even the senior team) and you want me to run foolishly around naked like you….?

            No, Never. I’m not that cheap. Neither am I that jobless.

            The day he makes his debut for Inter’s first team, you can come back here and have a discussion with me.

            I’m not one of those who will celebrate the mediocrity in a league that has not transfered 1 player straight from one of its club to a mainstream European club’s 1st team since Ahmed Musa to the Eredivisie over a decade ago and Taiyo taiwo to the Ligue 1 over 2 decades ago.

            I am a yoruba man and a proud one at that. But tribalism is the least thing you can pin on me on this forum.

            No matter how much you want to exhault your Iwuala, you cant blackmail the rest of us into joining you in your celebration of mediocrity.

            Iwuala is not any better than an NPFL grade player and he’s already showing that already, like most of his peers before him…..getting shipped out of Esperance after just 1 season. Quality players don’t get shipped out of Esperance on loan after 1 season…not to a lower ranked league like the algerian league…..they get shipped forward for good money to Europe.

            The day your Iwuala proves himself good enough for an European team to come chasing his signature, like Garba Lawal and Julius Aghahowa before him….please kindly let us know.

            A Gold fish has no hiding place.

            We should not use goals to judge him…..LMAOoo…please what then should we use to judge your “solid player” an attacking player who can hardly boast of a combined total of 20 league goals in 5 seasons of playing in low quality leagues …??? His aimless runs or his fruitless dribbles….LMAOoo..??? Or is Ademola lookman a centre forward to have fired in double digits in the serie A already…???

            Solid player indeed.

            Esperance is not a club where mediocrity reigns, neither is it a club where you can bribe your way to playing in…LMAOoo.

            To get spat out on loan from such a club after spending hugely to acquire a player is a message that doesn’t even need common sense to decode.

            If they know what they are doing in the SE management, the last game your boy played in the marketing drive to get him suitors is the last he has ever play as a SE player.

            Once again, shoe get size, Okirika get quality.

            Enjoy your endeavour of promoting mediocrity as the best..LMAOoo. That has become your trademark. It’s not new to us anymore. A player like Terem moffi has consistently earned your “highly esteemed and regarded” rating as not being a national team materials, but you squirt everytime iwuala’s name is mentioned…..LMAOoo

            Solid player…! LMaoooo.

            The rest of the world must be blind…LMAOoo

      • KENNETH 1 year ago

        Honestly Jimmy you get time to dey reply this moron, who can’t see beyond his nose. The so called super Chicken that do get the call-ups are either bench warmers like i stated before, or are playing for teams close to relegation. Some are even playing for in ridiculous leagues but yet get to be invited or play in the national team. So why is Iwuala not deserving to play. He is a foreign based player for all i know and deserves a call up. Don’t worry have sent some heaters to his Cell so his brain can be unfrozen

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahahaha…..brain dead Pig.

          Please mention the ridiculous leagues SE invitees are playing in that is worse than the Algerian league…..LMAOoo

          Okponu ayirada.

          All talk no sense.

          Ngwa go and drag your iwuala into the SE na, since no coach sees him as useful enough.

          Esperance must be biting their fingers for failing for the marketing scam that saw iwuala even wearing a SE Jersey in the first place. No wonder they offloaded him off their payroll after just one season….LMAOoo.

          Who wants to be paying $45k monthly for an attaker who can’t muster 5 goals a whole season….LMAOoo.

          Your iwaula can’t even make the matchday squad of the clubs SE invitees are playing it, talk more sit on the bench.

          I’ll rather be an iheanacho on leicester city’s bench in the EPL than be playing in the algerian league…LMAOoo

  • pompei 1 year ago

    Hahaha, make unu free Iwuala jare.
    Na em belle em find go yonder. Na where em hand reach be dat. Tomorrow he may move beyond North Africa into the cold embrace of the European continent, but for now he is content with the warm North African weather. The hustle continues.

  • Sean 1 year ago

    No be only iwuala, na ota iwu…cough from kiss daniel. Go and see what nathan tella is doing in burnley, akpom no wan know for middlesboro, iheanacho is coming back to his senses in epl. Na iwuala you dey hype like this? If na play make we stop am o!

    • Greenturf 1 year ago

      Yeah talking about Nathan Tella,dude deserves a chance with the super eagles.In fact he and Akpom should be on our list for our next internationals.



      If i were the coach this would be my list a shame Peseiro and Eguavoen would come with a couple of names different from mine.

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