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CAFCL/CC : Plateau United, Kano Pillars Crash Out

CAFCL/CC : Plateau United, Kano Pillars Crash Out

Plateau United crashed out of the CAF Champions League after battling to a 0-0 draw against Simba SC of Tanzania in their preliminary round second leg tie at the Mkapa Stadium on Saturday, reports Completesports.com.

Abdu Maikaba’s side lost 1-0 in the first leg last weekend at the New Jos International Stadium.

The Jos club exited the competition losing 1-0 on aggregate.

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In the CAF Confederation Cup, Kano Pillars also crashed out in the preliminary round following a 0-0 draw against Senegalese club ASC Jaraaf at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna.

The Sai Masu Gida lost 3-1 on aggregate.

On Sunday, Enyimba will host Burkinabe side Rahimo in a CAF Champions League game at the Enyimba International Stadium.

The Peoples Elephant won the first leg 1-0.

At the Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium, Port Harcourt, Rivers United will look to overturn a 2-1 first-leg deficit when they take on Futuro Kings of Equatorial Guinea in a CAF Confederation Cup preliminary second leg tie.

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  • Eldridge Cleaver 3 years ago

    This is just a temporary setback for homebased players.

    • Sam k 3 years ago

      Every year temporary setback.. Apart from enyimba other NPFL teams are wack

    • Are you being truthful with this your comment? When last did we have a team in the finals of CAF competitions? Until sentiment is removed,mediocrity and performance s like this will be the order of the day.Their inability to qualify for CHAN is also a temporary set back , isn’t it?

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    Lol…… So, these is the kinda of bunch mis fits dare and his group want to force down rohr’s throat abi. Hahaha… Can u just imagine the Nonsense???? But what else do u expect, we can give what we don’t have, period!

  • Proudly9ja 3 years ago

    So 2 out of the 4 top teams in the NFPL has crashed out in the preliminary round of CAF competition, not even the 2nd round, and these are the players Dare wants to add to the SE with his infinite knowledge. Dare has shown himself as clueless. if NFF werent too dependent on the sports ministry for mini  I would have said Pinnick should’ve told that mumu of a sport minister to focus on something else as he is completely clueless. Normally coaches pick players predominantly from the top teams in the league, if these players can even make it past the preliminary stage against teams in Africa, how in Gods name will they be able to cope with actual foreign based players from these countries. The Senegalese national team presently has no local based player in dia team and they are considered one of the strongest teams in Africa,  how will our local league otus cope with the Senegalese team or teams from Algeria, Egypt, Morroco etc. It boggles the mind how our leaders think. we have better players struggling to get a look in with the SE and one yeye sports minister dey talk  of adding 4 players from the local league that can barely defeat local teams at home. Wonders shall never end. 

  • And these are the players they calling the SE coach names cos of. U will not see Odegbami or the so called ex players say anything now. The useless minister 4 of them in the team as quota system and later he will say that he knows his job very well yeye… Hope he knows d problem he is trying to create?

  • Tancosports 3 years ago

    The simple fact is that Nigeria don’t have a league hence it will be pretty difficult for any coach with the right state of mind to select any player from dead league. I’m beginning to loose interest in Nigeria football. I wish Dare and pinik a very good luck with their home based players.

  • Tancosports 3 years ago

    Meanwhile, Sanusi Zaidu just scored a goal for FC Porto. Hopefully Mr Pinik and Dare will invite a left full back from Plateau united to replace him. LMAO

  • Kenneth 3 years ago

    But yet your so called superstars who didn’t take there clubs to Europa league or champions league can be forced down our throat of the coach. Evan those playing in division 2 can also be shoved down the coach’s throat, those who are club-less can be shoved down the coach’s throat. So tell me who are the hypocrites.

    • Eldridge Cleaver 3 years ago

      Na you sabi football my person. Too many armchair coaches dey here.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha…..LMAO….your home-based “raw diamonds” whom you cannot mention one name and are so hard to locate cannot even pass trials in Sudanese league talk more of playing in the clubs where our superstars play….even if its division 2. The clubless player go walk straight into any of your local league clubs and bench the 1st choice striker and thats a fact. The clubless player moved straight from Kano pillars to VVV venlo in Holland (without trials o)…..which one of your homebased superstars fit move go ordinary south african league without first passing trials…..LMAO. Ordinary nameless clubs on the african continent they cannot beat over 2 legs at PRELIMINARY STAGE of club competitions….! Abeg whc club is Jaaraf…? Which club in Simba in African continent that they cannot blow away like a hurricane…..LMAO. Na team from sierra leone 2nd division eliminate one of them for the same preliminary stage 2 years ago….LMAO. If they cant trounce these ones, na them Alhaly or Wydad or TP Mazembe or Orlando Pirates dem wan face….not to talk of playing for the Super Eagles…?LMAO.
      Yeye dey smell….! Home-based raw talents my foot.

      Abeg epp us tell your clueless sports minister make e also order the basketball federation to drop NBA stars and all the foreing born players for our basketball national team for home-based basketballers too na….LMAO.

      • Kenneth 3 years ago

        Mr fake drey, please keep quiet, because you didn’t watch the match, so we don’t need any comment from you. I forget they said you think from your ass. Let me remind you in 2013, 6 or 7 players were selected from home who went to South Africa and became victorious. A home based player named Sunday Mba gave us the winning goal. So please stop being hypocritical here.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          You wey dey bark since like local dog wey never chop…you watch the match….? Mumu like you. At least me I dey think even if na from my ass. You wey dey senseless nko….how you wan take think.
          Tell your home based to win CHAN first before thinking of winning AFCON. We didn’t win AFCON with home based. We won AFCON with our foreign based….16 foreign based players prosecuted the afcon for us. Only 2 out of over 50 home based who were trained for one whole year could measure up to the level of the foreign based. The 5 players selected from the SE into the team of the tournament were all foreign based. The foreign based players were the ones covering the blushes of home based players.. The moment we started playing 3 at a time we always lost our matches. How many of them lasted in the national team if they were so good…..LMAO. we don’t want 3 match wonders in our national team scoring fluke goals and masquerading as raw diamonds that never develop.
          Even at that oboabona the only one of the over 50 home based players who got most playing time and played for the biggest club in Europe (Rizespor) out of all of them was in the sunshine stars team that got to semifinals of caf competitions back to back. Is it these ones that are struggling in preliminary stages that u want to reserve 4 whole slots for…??? You and your useless minister must be drunkards. Tell your home based players to pass primary 3 exam first before thinking of writing waec…LMAO. if you were not good enough to beat jollof fc of Senegal and FC mufassa from Tanzania….who else you wan beat….LMAO…you don’t deserve to come near SE camp. QED.

          • Kenneth 3 years ago

            Mr fake self keep quiet, you are someone lie between your teeth, You even said some foreigned based players didn’t deserve to be in that team. Why call Godfrey alone, so the rest didn’t make an impact in the team. All your noise about agent clamouring for homne based players could be said about your foreign based players.

    • Tancosports 3 years ago

      Mr Kenneth, which division two players are u talking about? Are you talking about jamilu Collins? Or who else, and number hyprpcrtity is selecting 5 home based players from a dead league which can’t even beat the lowest teams in Africa. Home based my foot.

  • Samuel 3 years ago

    Sometimes the way some people analysed football matters tire me .So you guys meant we should throw our home based players away bcos they failed to move to the next stage of Caf champions league !!!!
    How many of you guys have gone to the stadium to watch our local league matches?Infact,i wont blame you guys,na dstv wey dey show una Epl and la liga matches.Nonsense

    • Kenneth 3 years ago

      Abeg help me loud am. A lot of them are just hypocrites. When the home based won us the nations cup, they didn’t condemn them then. rubbish

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahahaha…. your home based won Nations cup for you indeed…LMAO. If na dem win AFCON for you why dem nor win CHAN….LMAO. Abi CHAN hard to win pass AFCON…? LMAO.
        Tell your home based players to beat FC jollof rice and Zobo FC and pass trials in Sudanese and South Africa league first before they dream of nearing super eagles camp…LMAO. Even the likes of Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana wey get better leagues nor force home based players on their coaches….. hungry agents and thieves wan turn our SE to bend down select market…..LMAO

        • Kenneth 3 years ago

          All the europeans you assembled couldn’t win the nations cup for you, so please whats your point. Oga abeg go suck on your thumb if you have nothing sensible to say. all your second hand foreign based can’t do shit. Why haven’t they won the champions league, Europa cup, world club championship.

          • Ibrahimfash 3 years ago

            All of you guys have your points but if a foreign footballer that has all the training facility exposure can’t win Europa or champion league. Please what can we say about our local league that has a well functioning facility and a good administrative. Sebi Nigeria league is on now? Nigeria has won CHAN,WAFU and CAF leagues etc. Let me set the record straight brothers,not until we put our house in order, nothing good will come out in this local league. I could remember vividly,when aba elephant are still the elephant, I knew all the 1st eleven and I knew how each player play. But now,I don’t know the couch talkless of the players. Check some of our club stadium is in shambles.

  • Kingston 3 years ago

    It is extremely illogical to defend the home based quota system. I mean, what the h*ll!. Even the most anti-rohr supporters should see reason. None of you guys argument hold water in any regard. For example :
    1. “This is just a temporary setback for homebased players”. Lol! Temporary setback for over 5 years? What then would you call the draw against Sierra Leone? When you say temporary, it means there have been progress all through until today games. Why lie to ourselves? Why the noise? These guys can’t even qualify for CHAN knockout stage for over five years?! We are talking of CAF, I mean CAF! If home based players are so good why haven’t any won the African player of the year since God-knows-when?.
    2. “Let me remind you in 2013, 6 or 7 players were selected from home who went to South Africa and became victorious”. Let me state this clear: invitation is not relevance. Neither should occupation be confused to impact. There’s no justification in using 2013 afcon victory as a reason to get home based players in current super eagles. Why? Because as of 2013 Africa football, if we are to be honest with ourselves, was wack. Since the day afcon was created till 2013 there have been no African player that have won epl player of the year. But in the last five years two players have won. Recently three African players won the golden boot of epl. What am I implying? That African football has improved massively compared to 2013. Saying we should use a system that worked for us in 2013, in hope that it works for us in 2020, shows a mind that does not understand innovation and adaptation. Check the super eagles 2013 squad and you will be shocked. As of that time I don’t think enyeama has started playing for Lille (ain’t certain again). Even Mikel that was included in the team of the tournament couldn’t even displace a midfield of iwobi as no10, etebo as CM, and Ndidi as DM, at last afcon. Remember we are talking of the Mikel that has recently turned demigod at stoke city. Funny enough mikel is well familiar with all the position in the midfield. Super eagles quality was so low we were managing Mikel as a no10. This guy was a no4 for Chelsea ooo. Even as a defensive midfielder, ndidi was still prefered over him. I’m by no means disrespecting Mikel – he is forever a super eagles legend. But come on, we now have ejaria, ariball and onyeka. Name one person Sunday mba would be better than in the list?.
    2. “Infact,i wont blame you guys,na dstv wey dey show una Epl and la liga matches.Nonsense”. In all my life, I don’t think I’ve ever seen mediocrity ever expressed with such vigor as this. Did you just compare epl and la liga to Nigeria football league?????? “So you guys meant we should throw our home based players away bcos they failed to move to the next stage of Caf champions league”. Bro, we’re talking about the preliminary stage here, not the semi finals. Preliminary means beginning. The proof that the Denmark league is not as good as the bundelisga is simply based on how many times a team from that league perform better than the teams from the other league. You simply can’t compare onyeka (probably the best player of Denmark league) to lewandoski, you just can’t. Likewise so, our home based players can’t be compared to the Egyptian leagues and the likes. Even the home based players from these countries like Algeria and Senegal struggle to get a shirt for their national teams, what then is your point of inviting ours? Besides, no nobody is saying we should “throw” our home based away. At least let them win CHAN first or CAF, then we can start to think how to drop osimhen ahead of kano pillars no9 (I don’t even know his name).
    In summary, my point is this: invite the best! Who is the best no9? Invite him. Who is the best right fullback? Invite him. Who will do a better job at orchestrating attack? Invite him. If all of them are from ifeanyi ubah, invite all of them. Let meritocracy be our system of invitation. Super eagles should not be a rehabilitation center for mediocre players. A Nigerian abroad is as good a Nigerian residing in Nigeria.
    Super eagles all the best!

  • Abeg,where is Junior Lokosa today after being the NPFL highest goal scorer? He joined a Tunisian clubside and he couldn’t cope.He was finally let go after 11 appearances with 2goals.We later heard that he was going for trials in Tanzania.The NPFL of today does not have players that good enough to make the SE.Foreign scouts go straight to the academies for players instead of the NPFL because that is where the talents are and they can still mould them into finished products.You guys should take a queue from Nigeria’s music industry.Most people used to listen to foreign songs especially from the US and UK back then.Today the tide has changed.Nigeria music is played across the globe and that is because they improved on themselves.No need to force them on the people nor hype them.If you are good people will know.In other words,don’t kill the SE because you want to market players.Let their impact be felt,and they will be requested for.

  • Ako Amadi 3 years ago

    The Sports Minister has been as silent as a mouse. Under his “Football Architecture ” these are his future Super Eagles. Sports is not done on quotas but on merited performance.

  • The clubs performance is a direct reflection of the standard and quality of both the Nigerian League and the players themselves. Me thinks that the honorable minister should focus on building the local league and the talent conveyor belt will emerge immediately. It is not decreeing that 4 local players must make the SE.National teams camps is not where to develop players. A vibrant standard and quality local league will throw up talents naturally.

    If our top clubs cannot beat clubs in the preliminary rounds of confederation cup,then we have a big problem at hand but in truth, the problems did not start today.

    pinick seems to measure his success by the success of the SE alone, forgetting that he is in charge of football ultimately at every level in Nigeria.The league have been abridged for the past 3 seasons.Something need to be done urgently

  • Gentlemen, the way we savagely attack each other with unprintable and slur words is rather worrisome. We can make our points without this mindless carnage on ourselves. We are all united in our love for the SE and our football in general , no matter which point of the divide you present your case or argue from. We all must not see things from the same lens after all, there are different sides to a story.

    So acceptance and tolerance is key.while also noting that there is always a sense in nonsense and sometimes, we get out of the point to actually get at the point as the lawyers will say.

    Nobody knows it all and you cannot force your views on others.Likewise, one must not respond to all post as some are vituperations of zero consequences.

    One must also realise that if you are a commentator on a public platform, expect different reactions as people process information differently.

    Let us be hard on the issues but gentle on ourselves.Let us be sensible without hurting our sensitivity.

    Thank tou

    • Kenneth 3 years ago

      Tell that to Dr drey

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha….fool…cry cry baby. Who used insultive words first on this thread…? Lmao. Bloody Hypocrites. When they insult you they will be feeling cool….but when you insult them back you have committed a travesty….LMAO.

      • Samchi 3 years ago

        That been said, bros ken and co i tire 4 una honestly, if u people are standing 4 this clueless campaign for home Base players into the super eagles, then you have to quit smoking whatsoever it is you have been smoking. What do you intend to achieve when you get this wish granted. It’s like the president of barca ‘angrily’ asking for the entire Barcelona team to be disbanded or benching 4 of the current stars for Academy prospects, just because they had a couple of bad games. Abeg where will this lead us to.
        Better or Worse. Even after all this recent results by the HB players, i thought a sensible person would realise his mind has been playing tricks on him, but no, Foolish ego and pride, would make many people trow away a child with the bath water.
        Only a football agent with interior motive would support this, because the only way they feel pain is when their ‘business’ is  not moving, to hell with the SE if they loose or win they dont give a hook’!!

        Even countries like Egypt, Algeria, Congo Dr, Tunisia, Morocco et al; who parade the best ‘Home Based’ African footballers on the continent dont have a distructive quota as  this,no matter how results fail to go their way during Afcon  competition’ they simply invite the best for every game, which most are Foreign Base players.
        Ma 2 cents.
        #Super Eagles is the Future   

  • Mr Hush 3 years ago

    The simple question I would ask the Minister is why only 4 home based! Why not 6 or 7, better yet full eleven?! If he really wants to go down the quota lane rather than merit.
    Simply absurd!
    And as fate would have it, the Caf competitions has shown that the so called home based players are not up to it (like we needed proof ). The cookie had crumbled even before a bite.
    If one is hired as the Super Eagles coach which of the home based players would you pick? From which team? And for who? Remember you can only have so much in your bench and with the calibre of quality foreign professionals we have at our disposal gives no room for toying around.
    Even if Rohr gets to pick some home based players (maybe from Enyimba, since they are only one doing fairly well), they would simply be ” training materials” at best and I say that with all respect. And we all know the Super Eagles is not a training ground.
    We should be encouraging the coach to chose the best legs for the country no matter where they are not giving them a quota to fill! And we all know the best legs are far from the Nigerian league or whatever it is called these days! They are totally down. Those talking of Keshi’s 2013 home based pick for the Afcon should remember that was then. The league was basically functioning. Besides football is played in the present and there is nothing to draw from in our present home scene. Literally nothing.

    The Sports Ministry, FA and the football clubs should focus more on fixing the league, get it running and play games. Something can not come from nothing. Fortune and fate frowns on that.

  • Chris 3 years ago

    For the past weeks, I observed CSN is raking in profits from this forum. The way every name I know is a clon is disturbing. I have suddenly begun to lose that readership urge in CSN. When I said every name is cloned, I’m not keeping it low, because the flow of identity between the “APC and PDP in CSN” is missing.

    You will be more confusing when a particular name is speaking in favour of the topic of discussion and suddenly the same name comes in and speaks against all he/she said earlier (in the same topic)

    what is more confusing is the same names will begin to pour insults on themselves in the same ground. Call it fake or real to separate who is who, but to a new reader of CSN, it’s an immediate put off to continue reading comments in the forum.

    CSN admin needs to:
    1. come on board the platform to apologize for what we all can clearly see as an unacceptable error.
    2. add a secured blog forum identity plugin at the backend. I can do it for free for them if contacted
    3. the traffic in this form is massive: it is overdue CSN compete with international blogs, see what they are doing better and improve on it to be the best. (only if CSN wants to still remain HOME BASE local Champion.

    I know I have spoken some minds on this issue, I know I will get likes for this, I know I will get dislikes too. Let us be worried on behalf of CSN, the empire the built for years could collapse before it gets to the roofing level if nothing is done.

    Flashback KICKOFF NIGERIA died an untimely death because of CITE MANAGEMENT ISSUES. How are we not sure it is not a sabotage underground work to END this forum, our only meeting ground. our only EAGLES SQUARE.

    My name is Chris (real name). I maybe cloned next but let it be known that I spoke for the good of the game.

  • Ako Amadi 3 years ago

    If any Nigerian footballer at home could not make the Under-17 and Under-20 he cannot be good material for the Super Eagles. Nobody should expect a cab driver in Lagos to pilot an aircraft.

  • Ako Amadi 3 years ago

    CSN please stop reporting on the NPL clubs. There’s really nothing about them than a catalogue of failures.

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