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Cameroon Vs Brazil Live Blogging – Qatar 2022 World Cup; Group G

Cameroon Vs Brazil Live Blogging – Qatar 2022 World Cup; Group G

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Group G match between the Indomitable Lions
of Cameroon and A Selecao (The National Team) of Brazil at Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail.

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  • Who says African or Nigerian ex-players can’t coach the heck out of this sport?

    • Kunle 2 months ago

      I am living in Ghana, to Ghanaians no team in Africa is good other than black stars. I am happy today that Ghana was defeated because since World Cup started they are still laughing at me, abusing Nigerians. Now I will have my peace.
      Thank God.

      • @Kunle, stay safe!

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

        So what Ghanaians to tell u that Nigeria is better than us right 

        So u want Ghanaians to tell Cameroonians that they are better than us right?

        Why do u want validation from Ghanaians in order to feel good? 

        I thought yalll say that, Ghanaians has inferiority complex so why do u want validation from us!!

        So if u are living in Ghana and they are taunting and laughing at u, why don’t take ur PHAT, hairy YAHOO ass out to ur county haha 

        Why are u still hustling in my country BABA why haha 

        Now is clear who has a complex tho 

  • I am really proud of Cameroon despite this loss. Well done for conquering the mighty Brazil. Had Rigobert Song’s boy milked out favourable result from their earlier games, they could have just made it through.

    Africa remains very proud of Cameroon who at least exited with their heads held high with today’s supremely symbolic victory.

    Well done Cameroon!

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      Lol….. tell Nigerian fa to sit up 

      • Baller 101 2 months ago

        You’re right my brother! Our Nigerian FA has to sit up. They should emulate the Ghanaian and Camerounian FAs. I’m really impressed! You guys lost galantly! At least both teams were not disgraced out of tge tournamen.

    • pompei 2 months ago

      This is crazy. Cameroon beat Brazil.

  • pompei 2 months ago

    In today’s environment, ANYBODY CAN BEAT ANYBODY. Who wants it more will carry the day.

  • JimmyBall 2 months ago

    ..If it was that old fraud Gernot Rohr now… he would have shit his pants before leading his team to enter a world cup game against Brazil who are coming off a 17games non-losing streak. We were hearing about my young team for long as excuses when he loses a game after running stuck mid-games with no clue how to change the tide for his team with savvy technical knowhow.

    …We have asked our FA to trust our own people and encourage them to lead Super Eagles, see Rigobert Song, See Belmadi, see Morocco coach, see Senegal. Meanwhile we have one palm kernel eater called Jose Poseiro who someone on this forum was smart enough to share his nickname with us “one in Ten” from his exploits winning one game only in ten matches in Venezuela.

    …Proud countries are learning to trust amongst their own ranks. See fearless game wey Cameroon play. It is hight time all those carpenter journeymen coaches from Europe who would not find job anywhere but Africa be shut out from managing big national teams in Africa. If a white coach who has pedigree in world soccer is hired, no problem but all these quacks they keep raising from stale football dusts all over the nooks of Europe and packaging for us. It will never be well with Amaju Pinnick

    …If we can invest properly in, and develop our home leagues across Africa to the standard of North Africa and South Africa we will in no time be challenging properly for world cup honours. USA that has others sports more popular than soccer are already reaping the rewards of improving and raising the standard of their elite football league.

    …Up Cameroon… fearless Indomitable Lions of Africa. Atleast we put a hole and big dent on anything Brazil will muster in this current world cup. Cameroon has just sounded it loudly on our behalf as Africans that football in Africa, by Africans especially our Nations Cup has to be respected, It comes to mind what that racist Napoli President De Laurentis said about keeping his distance on further signing African players because of the distraction of Nations Cup. Even Jurgen Klopp who called AFCON a “Small Tournament” now has a mud stuck to his own nurse now… pitiful how is Germany were shammed out after first round now in two consecutive world cups. If not that Feance started using players of African descent more… an so them sef for the collect wotowoto… I greet you all my fellow forumites. Cameroon made my evening…

    • marvelous sunday 2 months ago

      You not ashamed of yourself to be talking about Rohr. You shameless prefect of a class that contains block heads like Omo9ja and co.

      It will take you years to have a coach giving you results like Rohr did unless you go employ a very high profile coach.

      You sure know that with Rohr we would have been at the world cup.

      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        Hahahahaha….At least the “fraud” Rohr would stress over Brazil. Which coach on the surface of this earth doesn’t…???

        His dullard of a NFF technical director went pleading at Thomspon Oliha’s grave to rise from the dead and for Mutiu Adepoju to come out of retirement just because he was about to face the worst Ghanaian team in 50 years….a team the likes of Comoros and Gabon took to the cleaners 2 months earlier…..LMAOoo

        That was after he and his 9 dullards failed to lead the SE to quarter finals of ordinary AFCON for the first time in 40 years after getting chained and molested by a covid-ravaged B-coached Tunisia.

        They even had to import a head-coach-cum-academy-caoch-demotee from Egypt to “add tactical sagacity” to the technical crew yet it was a mere experienced player on the bench that taught them match reading and pointed out to them that Ghana had changed tactics in a winner takes all qualifier ….LMAOoo.

        Or are these not the “failures” failures are asking the NFF to trust….???

        We should trust people who cannot qualify for Ordinary AFCON…LMAOoo.

        Even when the “fraud” Rohr gave them the qualification on a platter with 2 games to spare, they couldn’t even reach ordinary quarter finals (1st time since 1982).

        We should trust people who struggle lead local clubs to group stages of CAF competitions because Morocco has trusted a coach that has won the CAF champions league….LMAOoo

        NFF should rather trust a Congolese or a Morrocan, Egyptian or a South African coach rather than trust any of these lazy failures they call “their owns”

  • Footballfanatic 2 months ago

    The next Afcon will be fire it’s either the Nigerian FA sit up or sit out .. There’s nothing like traditional power house in football anymore….A lot of footballers play professionally now and rub shoulders with the best in the same league unlike the 90s or 2000s….The gap is closing or has even closed with what we’ve seen at this WC…..Japan beat Germany and Spain….Tunisia beat France….and Cameroun beat Brazil..

    • pompei 2 months ago

      Footballfanatic, if NFF do not sit up, we are going to have it really rough.
      A warning they say is enough for the wise!