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Chukwueze On Manchester City, Liverpool Radar

Chukwueze On Manchester City, Liverpool Radar

Villarreal winger Samuel Chukwueze is on the radar of three English Premier League clubs; Manchester City, Southampton and Liverpool, according to a report on The Daily Mail.

The Premier League title contenders have both identified the talented 19-year-old as a potential summer signing after monitoring his progress over the past year.

Chukwueze is a quick and skillful wide player who likes to start on the right and cut in to shoot with his favoured left foot.

He has been likened to his idol Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben in style and was named Nigeria Football Federation’s 2018 Young Player of the year this month.

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The 19-year-old has caught the eye this season and has scored eight goals in his 34 appearances for Villarreal this season, and his release clause has been bumped up even further to €60m

Arsenal, Leicester City and Atletico Madrid were all linked with the teenager at the start of the season, but his rapid development has catapulted him into the focus of City and Liverpool.

Liverpool and City want quality competition for their wide forward positions and have considered a number of options at home and abroad.

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  • Stay well away from city and Liverpool as you won’t get to play, see what happened to iheanacho at city before been shipped to Leicester.

    • Hey Stop Being Negative This boy has loads more potential than Iheanacho.. Please leave your Juju bad luck words away from this boy

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    “Liverpool and City want quality competition for their wide forward positions and have considered a number of options at home and abroad.”
    That line above should tell Samu to steer clear of both clubs. IMHO now that its clear Villarreal are not gonna be relegated….pls stay back in Villa or in any la liga side that isn’t overtly ambitious. This is the period of his career when he needs to continue playing consistently. The wide forward positions in the above clubs are already occupied and it will be disastrous for him if all the reasons why he wants to be signed is just to ‘ginger’ somebody else…!

    • He will play in Liverpool and Manchester City this boy is the real deal.. I have not been excited about any other Nigerian player like this in a very very very very long time.. He and Henry Onyekuru are the real deal. I have said it and will keep on saying it. I remember a few months ago people on this forum were saying Samuel Kalu is better than him well I rest my case. Like I said then and will say again this boy and Henry Onyekuru will battle Mo Salah and Sadio Mane as stand out African stars in the near future. HE IS THE REAL DEAL. And Gernot Rohr will be shooting all Nigerians in the foot by leaving him out of our AFCON squad

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        I won’t drag this issue with you…in as much as i am on the same page with you has to the depth of talent which Samu has in store.
        But i remembered on this same forum, at the end of last season when C.Nwakali finshed his loan deal in Norway or was it in scotland, and returned to man-city, I advised him to get the hell out of city either on loan or permanently. Some ‘people who sabi-ed football’ more that the rest of us almost fought my spirit to hades, after watching his display against athletico madrid (albeit an athletico B that never left gear 1 and still beat us 2-3) insisting he should stay back and FIGHT for his place in Man city. I guess its people like them that Nwakali listened to and ended up is Poland’s 2nd division. Today i cant even tell where Chidi is playing his football (I’ll be grateful if someone can remind me). And we are talking of a time frame of just 12 months now.
        If Samu is the ‘realest’ deal you are or have seen….i’ve seen realer deals than this realest deal……Shebi its just arjen robben that people are likening Samu to….no one has yet likened him to messi or maradonna yet. I’ve seen ‘african Maradona (Etim esin), african Gullit – abi shey na platini dem dey call am back then sef (Ohenhen), The new face of african football – apologies to south african veteran journalist Thomas Mlambo (Mikel), little messi (Stanley Okoro), not to forget in a hurry the best player at 2009 U17 world cup Sani ‘Van Nistelrooy’ Emmanuel……all not being able to achieve earlier promise due to wrong club moves.
        No problems if he chooses to move to those clubs o….no wahala….but pls, don’t be surprised when you start seeing him playing left full back. And also, pls don’t rain insults on him the way you also do to Kele, now that things seem to have gone downhill.
        I rest my case your lordship…!

        • Pompei 2 years ago

          Dr. Drey, the LITTLE MESSI for Stanley Okoro has me laughing uncontrollably. Sanni VAN NISTELROOY Emmanuel. Chai! Very funny indeed. As for the guy you’re discussing with, Iwunze or whatever he calls himself, na so so insult full him mouth. He appears completely incapable of having a rational conversation devoid of insults. He seems to think the use of insults is the best way to drive home his POINTS, however pointless those points are.

          • @Pompei.. my points are very Valid and straight forward anyway maybe not for your block head.. But no shaking I make strong points you were one of those on our Kick-off Nigeria days clamouring and supporting Keshi in destroying Nigerian football and you follow suite hear the days of bad judgements is over. So yes take my points or not but deep down you know they are Valid

      • greenturf 2 years ago

        Liverpool will not bench Salah for Samuel.In city they have Sterling Sane and Mahre.Guardiola is not a big fan of African players so he best remain in Villarreal where he has flourished at least for another season.

    • JOHN CENA 2 years ago

      Going to Man city or Liverpool right now will only affect his development as he will not get to play regularly and may be limited to domestic cup competitions only. The best is to remain with Villarreal for another season and sharpen his skills. Don’t forget that in Villarreal, he has all the freedom to make mistakes and the coach still overlook it because he believes he’s getting better (so many off the target shots in case you watch his match regularly) but he may not get this luxury elsewhere. Just from my school of thought

  • Glory 2 years ago

    He will be making the biggest mistake in his life to come to England. He should learn from Messi. They don’t appreciate footballers here. Many junkies think footballers are the reason for being junkies n bring all their life frustrations to football games.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Nwanne,biko stay away from English clubs. They are nothing but career killers. Remain at villarel and develop ursef.

  • prince p 2 years ago

    I think in all honesty and in the spirit of patriotism every fan that loves Nigeria should advice Sammy to focus on developing his game rather than ltransfers now,he needs to be playing regularly to develop and upgrade his market value thank God Villarreal is not going to be relegated.

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    although,our fears and worries are allowed,but I totally welcome a move to any of the aforementioned clubs; why?
    For the same most are worried; Samu’s development.
    There are only few coaches in the world right now that can develop a player than Klopp and Pep.

    But Kelechi failed at man city..
    Yes,but Kelechi isn’t Samuel.
    This are two different breed of players and totally different attitude towards the game.
    Kelechi stalled for his lack of seriousness towards his development,even right now in Leicester,he still has that attitude;an attitude which his national team coach has complained about.
    Compare this to Samu;
    His attitude to the game is one of seriousness.
    He keeps developing and his knack to always have the ball is top notch..
    So I think with that kind of attitude,he is going to do well under Klopp or Pep.

    Look at how fast Mane has developed under Klopp; from scoring just few goals a season,to hitting double figures ,recording good assist numbers and even names in the team of the season.that is good development.
    Same for fast development of Arnold, Robertson; young lads developed by Klopp.
    Samu would do good here.

    Look at Man city, and see The rise of Sterling under Pep.numbers don’t lie.
    What about Zinchenko,who was promoted almost the same time as Kelechi; but due to the right attitude and good developing skills of Pep. He has become a vital player for city,filling in as both left back; defensive midfield (which is his natural position) and central midfield; and this is a guy ,who has less qualities compared to Samu.
    Samu would do good here.

    Besides,life is like any fruit,if you don’t take a bite,you really don’t know how fresh it is..if Samu doesn’t take that chance,he might never have the chance again.life is all about time and chance,especially when you know your worth..why would a player like Mbappe ,who played just one season in Monaco,be alllowed to take the big step forward to PSG without no worries,but Samu isn’t ready to make that same move??
    And Mbappe is as young as Samu.and now a World Cup winner..
    Don’t tell me we don’t think Samu can be as good as Mbappe; not saying Mbappe is not better,but Samu can be as good; he has already shown that.
    I just feel it is the same inferiority complex that has engulf most Africans that is bringing this fear..

    Amokachi signed for Everton at a young age.he did good there.
    Amunike moved to Barcelona at his young age.He was doing good till injury.
    Same for Kanu to Ajax then to Inter then Arsenal..
    He turned out good.
    What about Mikel Obi? Who took the big step to Chelsea after the u20 World Cup.although,his position was converted; he held his own in Chelsea even amongst star studded players,and turned out good.and remember ,he moved from Norway.
    My point is,in every negative,there would definitely be some positive;it depends on the angle you are looking from;life moves at the direction you take it to.

    And yes,the English league is tough;
    But if Mane; Salah,Mayrez, can make it there ,why not Samu.
    Is it not the same league Ndidi is?

    Everything is about attitude and the right mentality.
    I stand to be corrected; if he does makes that move to any of these two clubs.
    Samu would turn out good..
    Yes he might come in and start from the bench, he would know he is doing that,no because he isn’t good enough,but he is surrounded by quality and he is quality to be amongst quality.
    Iron sharpens iron.he can only develop better by learning from the best..
    That can only be a good thing…

    • Glory 2 years ago

      You tried to convince but you seem to think English league developed those Nigerians that played n are still playing in English league but I tell you it’s an overstatement. It’s only raised their profile, gave them more money but destroyed their God given talent albeit stealthily. Go watch all our players, the quality of football they were playing before going to English league. Many things in England, destroy our footballers. Stupid tactics turning creative players into some silly wing back, or defender, attacking player to only run n hold down last defender etc. No freedom for players to express their God given ability but to stick to weild coach ideas. Football starts to get boring to such players, becomes hard work instead of fun.Player starts to get disinterested n same coach finish such players up by either dumping them on d bench, on loan or outrightly remove them from the Squad. Then fans like you, pls bear with me, not trying to be insultive turns their venom on such players. Chukweze is a wonderful talent n deserves to be starting every game. That’s the only way to develop n not sitting on the bench or being sent on loan being taught how to play football again. England n English can never make me believe less on Nigeria players n many more I see wasting on the bench. Truth is English football kills talent.

      • Mr hush 2 years ago


        I accept your view;but I am not most fans.
        Even if it is totally in the right of every fan to criticize a player not doing well,as it is the right of such fans to praise when they do well; it is called passion.you can’t beat that.

        Tell me this;
        Does Liverpool or Man city play like the usual English team??
        Even if they do play in premier league;so every African,every Nigerian that has played in the premier league has failed and has not developed?
        Then what’s development to you?
        Mikel was developed from a skillful 10 to one of the best central midfielder in his position and still going strong.we might like the positional change,but look how many laurels it has brought him.and us( remember he won the nations cup,and took us to the bronze medal at Olympics).
        Even victor moses was developed in crystal palace.till he metamorphosised in Chelsea to a more tactical player;winning laurels as well.
        And our African brothers aren’t left out,Kolo,Lauren ,developed even further in Arsenal ..

        So the Premier league has never developed a player; even when C.Ronaldo developed from just a skillful winger to the goal scorer we have come to know at Manchester United.

        I am not a sucker for the premier league, I think it can be overrated,the Spanish la life is better in term of play; that is not what’s in question; what’s in question is ,why we think Samu can not get into any of the above teams,just because they have quality players or because some failed in the past?
        Have you seen the future?
        Are you saying Samu isn’t that good?
        If he isn’t that good,then why are they coming for him?
        Samu can stay put and develop in Villarreal,but why can’t he go do the same development in a better bigger club with better quality; just because you fear he won’t get playing time?
        How do you know he won’t get playing time if he prove himself like he is already doing?
        Like I said,life moves in the direction you take it.
        Everything starts in the mind.
        If he is ready to work and be the best,then he has to step up to the plate.
        Staying put in a place,doesn’t really mean development. You can only show how developed you are when you take the next step of development.
        If he knows his worth.he can take his chance..

        I believe in Samu…he can hold his own anywhere .He is that good..he can only get better.

        • Glory 2 years ago

          You saying Mikel n some of our other players developed in England is just a confirmation of how well you under-estimate these talents. It wasn’t by mistake Mikel was only second to Messi at the U-20 world Cup. And while he was playing in the Norway, top managers saw that he being voted second to Messi wasnt just a fluke. If Mikel had played in Spain, barca or real Madrid, I m such you would have been spitting on that thing they call English football. Oshoala had to run to save her football talent, wise girl n today we see what we call development in her. Yes Pep n Klopp, are great managers and are very capable of bringing the best out of players like Chuzee, but English junkies fans, media n the very many divide across different nationals in the UK, always seeking to promote their own while destroying others will critisize these coaches to a point that they give up on the players. Again you talked about Mikel winning medals as if he won it individually. Mikel would have won more n still be winning more medals playing his then beautiful attacking football if he had played for teams in Spain, France etc where they allow you enjoy n express yourself fully on the pitch.

          • Glory 2 years ago

            I remember some championship teams saying Omeruo wasn’t good enough, Ola Aina only good for the u-23,. Every time Arsenal played badly, Iwobi is the reason. Ede Ambrose now a ball
            boy. A very good talent like Victor Moses, made to play stupid wing back position which has almost caused him to lose his football flair. Its up to Chuzee anyway to fill the pockets of selfish agents by going to England while sacrificing his talent. There is nothing special about Man City, Liverpool
            or English football in general, just some hype.Abrahamovich has already testified to this.

          • Mr Hush 2 years ago


            I take it you are not fan of English football..
            Well neither am I .
            No one that doesn’t enjoy good football.
            And statistics shows the Spanish la liga is ahead of the Premiership; and it has nothing to do with the media or fans.it has everything to do with results and facts.
            Putting th French Ligue 1 on this table,is just laughable.and I guess you know why..

            The thing is ,
            You are kind of missing the whole point here about what development really is..

            Every human are born with talent and potential,but it Takes work to develop such talent.
            The grave yard Is filled with talents..
            Development is a continuous process;
            It keeps going through life.
            Development has stages.you can’t remain in the same stage of development and say you are developing.
            In a point in ones life,you have To take tha next step of development.it shows growth.

            And this notion plays is part in the football world.
            Yes Mikel has always had talent.
            The U20 was a platform for him to show such talent.
            And he did.
            And then came the next stage of development,that was Chelsea.
            He developed from an attacking player to a more defensive midfielder;and that is development.
            He moved from one stage,to the next.
            You might not like how the development turned out to be,but if you ask Mikel today,I assure you he is happy how it turned out.His laurels proved that point.he won almost all.that is development..
            His talent alone can’t give him that. It took work to bring that to him.and Chelsea made him work that work.so yes,his talent was harnessed even further at Chelsea.like it or not.facts don’t care about emotions..
            Yes individuals don’t win medals alone.football is team sport.but what makes a team? Individuals!
            The better individuals a team has,the better that team is.
            So yes;Mikel development helped win those laurels..

            The point is;
            It is time for Samu to take the next stage of his development if the opportunity comes.
            I am not saying it has to be in the premiership.
            It could be a bigger club in la liga,Athletico, Valencia  or the Bundes liga,Dortmund,Bayern 
            Or heck France,But only if it is Psg .. any other is retrogressive,and I say that with all respect to French league.

            Talent alone don’t bring success.work does.and the only way to measure development,is by climbing those stairs.going to a play that would make you work that work,to develop your talent even further…no one said it is going to be easy,but it can be done.

            It is all in the mind..

          • Pompei 2 years ago

            GBAM! Abeg tell dem, make dem hear!

          • Pompei 2 years ago

            Nice points by Glory. In Chelsea’s last game, one of the English commentators said Hudson Odoi was out due to injury, and Willian was filling in for him. Are you kidding me? Willian, filling in for Hudson Odoi? That right there shows you what the English are all about. Chukwueze has the talent to make it in any club in the world, even in the top English clubs. However, for the reasons Glory articulated, he will be taking a big risk if he seeks to further his career in England.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    He should go to Liverpool ASAP, Sammy will battle Salah for that wing position. Right now Sammy and Henry Onyekuru are the two best players in Africa.Sammy will bench Salah while Henry will bench Mane anytime. Go boyiiiiii

    • @Sunnyb I salute you Definitely so..He should go it will aid his developement I prefer Liverpool anyday to Manchester City though as we all have seen how Jurgen Klopp Appreciates and Harnesses African Talent Joel Majtp ( Cameroon), Naby Keita (Guinea), Sadio Mane( Senegal) and Mo Salah ( Egypt) we all seen how Majitp suffered under Brendon Rodgers until Jurgen Klopp came to Liverpool. In quite Contrast We have all seen how Pep Guardiola outcast even greater African Talent i.e. Samuel Eto’o and Yaya Toure to name a few. So please Samuel GO to Liverpool and BECOME GREAT GoD SPEED BOY!!!!

      • Glory 2 years ago

        @ Hush, yes Mikel won laurels with Chelsea but his huge talent got stagnated by what I call wicked change of playing positions. Maybe Alex Fegi, who somehow is the only English manager with the Dutch/ Spanish brand of attacking football could have developed Mikel better. Anyway, my point is, THE BEST WAY TO DEVELOPE A PLAYER IS PLAY HIM FREQUENTLY. He MAKES MISTAKES, CORRECT HIM and play him. This is where the problem is, as no English club is willing to do this. I will never advice he remains in Villareal. He should be very involved in the champions league next season. Clubs like Ajax, Psg, Bayern, Dortmund athletic n many more decent clubs should make good choices. He should not allow money be a priority. Good thing, the Chinese league is there to make money for later years.

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago


    Saying Mikel would have done better if he has moved to la liga or French ligue;
    Is just playing “if”
    “If to say na me”
    “If to say e go there”
    But we all know,”if” don’t kill birds..
    You can’t predict what never happened.
    We can only access what is in front of us..

    Yes.Mikel was good as an attacking player.
    But he developed to a good central midfielder ; and the laurels speaks volumes to that effect..and that we know for sure..

    As for Oshoala.
    She did good in liverpool.
    She got the talent, Liverpool turned her from being just raw finisher,to an adequate finisher.
    The only reason she moved to China;is the same reason most move to China.
    The money!!

    And being the talent she is;;
    Now in Barcelona.developing her talent..and getting even better.
    Now that’s development.
    She got balls..

    Why didn’t we say she shouldn’t make that move?
    Cause we are sure of Oshoala..

    Same reason, I am sure of Samuel.

    He should grow balls and take that chance to develop more.
    Life is all about chance and time..

    The good thing is,no matter how we argue here.
    I don’t think it is up to us to make such decisions for the young lad.
    He would make it for himself.
    But good knowing where you stand..

    • Glory 2 years ago

      @Hush, point of correction, it wasn’t just because of money Oshoala moved to China. She wasn’t playing regularly in England, they were busy developing her on how to accept sitting on d bench, just like they doing to Nacho now. She saw an escape route n jumped on the wagon. Who won’t do the same. I d rather go make money than be wasting away on d bench. I like people like that who don’t tolerate nonsense. Players only develop when they play regularly n not about being in a particular club or under a certain manager. I tell you Messi would have been converted to a left full back had he come to England if only to get him to stop his dribbling too much.

      • Glory 2 years ago

        Going by your views, that would have been development for Messi as long as he wins medals for Man utd, Chelsea or whatever. Only God knows if there was no attempt to convert Christian Ronaldo to be best goal keeper before he decided to take d next available flight to Spain.

      • Pompei 2 years ago

        Hehehehe! Glory, a well deserved GBAM to you from me, for the second time on this thread!

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago


    Now I understand where you’re coming from..
    You just have a problem with the English league.
    Understanbly so…

    But I think you are the one to be corrected,.she isn’t my sister ,but the fact is out there.you just can’t bend it to suit your narrative.
    Oshoala was a vital in Liverpool.
    You must know that Liverpool as a female club was facing downtrend while she was there,.just like whoa Manchester United is facing right now.
    It has nothing to do with her being benched or converted.
    I doubt if you even watch her game at Liverpool.
    This is someone that played some 6games and scored 2goals and 4 assist for Liverpool before she got injured for some 2 months.she came back from injury played another 3 games and scored a goal.
    If she wasn’t doing too well,why did Arsenal activate her buy out clause and took her to London.
    Oh,you didn’t know she played for Arsenal before she went to China?
    I purposely left that out,to see where you are coming from,and I now know..
    She played 11 games for Arsenal and scored 2 goals .
    Before she was sold to China.
    And like I said,
    She went for the money..
    Just like Ordega is doing right now..and Onome as well.
    Money.you make good money by going to china.you don’t go to China to really develop your football..yes;Chinese female football is a powerhouse,but not in club level like the Europeans, Japanese or in The USA.
    So leave Oshoala out of this discussion..

    And what does Messi has to do with this..
    How do you know Messi wouldn’t do well in the Premiership?
    Or how do you know he would be converted?
    Yes..you don’t.cause no one does.
    It hasn’t happened.so we can’t say…
    Are you telling me,players don’t play in the Premiership?
    Have everybody be converted out position?

    You can only speak about individuals but you can never generalise issues, especially as it relates to football.
    Every player is developed according to his or her pace and to what the club or management deems suits them to succeed.and at the long run,adds feathers that individual’s CV..
    Development is measured thus.

    You should understand that,every great player started from somewhere,there is what they call patient learning.
    You observe and build,then when your chance comes,you seize it from what you have observed.
    Messi was coming in from the bench, when Ronadinho ,Eto ,was running things.
    Yes Messi talent was already known,he ran la masia.he won the U20.but he had to gain more by coming gradually into the Barca main thing.then he took over.
    That’s someone that knows his worth and ready to learn and develop at the right pace.Now he is king .

    About Nacho.
    The only person that failed Nacho,is Nacho.and he is the only one that can build himself.
    Same for every other person..

    Sometimes,a club don’t suit you
    But it doesn’t just occur in the Premiership.
    Like I said and would keep saying.
    You just have to be wise enough to understand when this is the place,this is your chance and this your time.take it…

    And this is all I have to say on this..
    Chukwueze would make his decision for himself if any of such transfer comes up.
    Right now,this is just rumours .

    So I can only wish him the best..

    But he is good enough.he has the talent..he just need the work….

  • Glory 2 years ago

    @Hush not a pinch of hard feelings towards u. We only sharing opinion. I do respect ur views but saddly we are at great parallel. I think I have to stop here cause reading through your last write up, I can pull out some of your lines that gave out these changing of players style as very selfish of d clubs at the detriment of d player. That in effects explains my points that these club don’t really develop the players but use them as quick fix only to dump them once fixed. Chuzee n other Nigerian players must know they are better than that n go on to play for clubs where they can become leaders. They can then go to so called Man City or Liverpool when the these clubs are ready to respect them as leaders, not trainees. Late baba Keshi n many of our ex- footballers would never descend so low to be trainee all for the sake of playing in England.Those players were leaders in their various clubs. As for you asking if I was ever watching Oshoala, I can only say, let’s not go there. But I tell you, we get lots of in house info about our players in relation to their clubs. I follow majority of Nigeria national teams players like daily ritual. Like someone will come n say Balogun is not playing because he isn’t good enough n I will tell him to shut his crap n stop believing the wicked lie. Good thing he played against Egypt n everyone saw how good he is. We know what’s going on about our players here n no sane person will advice Chuzee to come destroy his career here especially now that the English FA is everything to promote English players.

    • Glory 2 years ago

      Salah everyone is singing to high heaven today wasnt good enough in Chelsea, as far those many other English backroom officials are concerned. Quite often, these are the real tools in the hands of FA to champion d course of English footballers. These are the ones destroying our players while trying to promote theirs. The managers are just stooges. At the moment Unai Emery is under pressure to stop playing Iwobi but he is a believer in Iwobi’s talent n has being resisting the pressure. Salah got frustrated n went to Roma, became a leader there n Liverpool came for him with lots of respect, begging. Now he is playing in Liverpool as a leader, not there to develop into some sick wing back. Mane is playing today cos Klopp already knew how good he is whilst both of them were in Germany. And Klopp is a believer of African talents. But trust me once Liverpool wins the league, the pressure to play more English players will start again. Desperation to win the league is reason why they not bothered yet.

      • Mr Hush 2 years ago


        You still don’t get it.

        Not every one is going to be leaders.
        And not everyone is the same.

        Every situation is different from the last one,no matter how the same it seems…

        Following something as a ritual doesn’t mean you are always right..  humans do goof sometimes..

        Salah didn’t succeed in Chelsea,for one reason only.Tactics!
        It has nothing to do with the English..
        Chelsea,like every big club in england ,has more foreigners than English players;even at the time.
        Mourinho tactics didn’t suit Salah at the time.
        Even De Bruyne was left out .

        But where are they now?
        That’s right..
        Back In England..

        The English always wants to play their own.
        They always want to win.
        But which country or league doesn’t do the same?
        Every wants their child to be the best.
        It is just human nature…

        But as you said.
        We are on a parallel path on this issue.
        Although, we want the best for our players.
        And hope life would grant them the wisdom to make the best decisions when the time comes..

        I enjoyed the discussion.
        Let’s do it again

  • Glory 2 years ago

    Mourinho in some recent interview distance himself from any suggestions that his tactics caused Salah to leave Chelsea while pointing accusing fingers on some unforseen “backroom staff pressure” Also no qualms with what England is doing with regards to promoting their own but only d foolish will allow his or herself to be used for such. Reason I so much love Oshoala for making a smart decision. Anyway lots of respect to you opinion n God bless.

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    Ugo Iwunze, you need help. Maybe counselling or even psychiatric help. In your small mind, you are convinced that insulting and bullying people forces them to accept your viewpoint. And nothing could be further from the truth! If anything, your insults and bullying makes your opponents even more determined. You can’t post a comment without including insult. Haba! Dem swear for you? If someone disagrees with you, you take it like the world is coming to and end. In actuality, it is this disagreements that make for fun and exciting discussions, and the fun is only ruined when nincompoops like you barge in and try to force their opinion down other people’s throats, using insults as their preferred vehicle!
    You really need to go and learn some savoir faire. Ditch the insults and bullying, and you may yet become a respectable member of this forum.