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Done Deal: Junior Ajayi Joins Libyan Club Al Nasser

Done Deal: Junior Ajayi Joins Libyan Club Al Nasser

Libyan club Al Nasser Ly SC have announced the signing of Nigerian striker Junior Ajayi, reports Completesports.com.

Ajayi joined Al Nasser on a a free transfer following the mutual termination of his contract with African champions Al Ahly last year.

The 26-year-old won four Egytian League, two Egyptain Cup, two EgyptIan Super Cup and two CAF Champions League titles during his five-year stint with Al Ahly.

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The striker was also part of the Al Ahly squad that finished third at the FIFA Club World Cup in 2020.

Ajayi scored 30 goals in 103 league appearances for the Red Devils.

He previously had stint with Tunisian club CS Sfaxien.

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  • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

    Finally, some good news to cheer Jimmy up. Welcome back to Super Eagles reckoning Junior Ajayi. With more games and goals under your belt you should be able to dislodge Victor Osihmen in the Super Eagles. Afterall, Libyan league sef na league na. If fighting dey too much for Tripoli they will move their games to Italy where in effect Ajayi will become ‘Europe based’.

    • footballfanatic 2 years ago

      As soon as I saw this first thing my mind went to is Dr Drey vs Jimmyball lmaooo…..but honestly Junior Ajayi is on a decline… Libyan club bawo

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @IGBEKUN Abo… Only few Nigerian players in this era have been more successful than Junior Ajayi. The only player for more than 5years to play consistently on the beast team in the continent entering CAF best 11 in 2017 but never got any respectable cap for Nigeria. It’s not only Ajayi who was a victim in the Nigeria squad politics setting in the last 5years… Anthony Nwakaeme is also a victim after he refused overtures of D’Avilla and Rohr DW Management fiat!

      • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

        @Jimmy,But your hypocrisy will never let you mention Aminu Umar who had been dynamite in the Turkish league over 5 seasons. Only AyPillythegreat has the honesty to promote Aminu Umar on this platform.

      • pompei 2 years ago

        I don’t mean anything derogatory here. I have all respect for Mr. Ajayi. But if he has all this talent, surely he should be looking to play in Europe?
        Al Ahly was ok, because the standard of football in the Egypt league is quite good. But to move from Egypt to Libya? At age 26, when he should be in his prime?
        Well, I wish him all the best!

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Pompei… Read what I wrote about Junior Ajayi if it’s not pinpoint. What is it that I said about him that was unfounded? Was he not the only Nigeria named to CAF season-end best 11 for 2017? A year that Nigeria did not even attend Nations cup.

        The reason I don’t like to join issues with some of you here is because you only have electronic experience about football from only reading prints and following games on TV… and have not quite physically participated at an appreciable playing level.

        There is nowhere on earth that Junior Ajayi can be labeled as a failed footballer. He has Olympic bronze, U-23 Afcon. CAF Super Cup, CAF Champions league, World Club Cup medal and several personal accolades.

        The national team should not define the career of all footballers of Nigeria extraction. It’s only eleven(11) that can play at a time and only about 23players that can go to any tournament without Covid-19 considerations and special statutes for increased squad size.

        I did clamour for Junior Ajayi in the past when he needed consideration based on his performance with Al-Ahly. I am also ever happy and proud that even at that time… a big individual like Emmanuel Amuneke relevant still to the Nigeria football discussion, felt same way about Junior Ajayi then, so I was not wrong in lauding for him being considered for callup.

        Isn’t it still an irony that it was players largely from the ranks and file of North African teams which we like to rate lower in terms of quality… but on the same level as Al-Ahly, where Junior Ajayi played with solid exploits as a starter before the SA coach now currently in charge of Ahly took over, clubs like Esperence, Etoile du Sahel, Zamalek and CS Sfaxien that donated players to the Tunisian national team who eventually dumped us out of AFCON 2021?.

        A player had his contract terminated abruptly for no fault of his other than having suffered a lengthy injury while on duty for same club Al-Ahly, keeping him out only for the coach to bring in his own preferred players and sit Ajayi a full season on bench forcing the club to cut him loose for mutual progress and end to the situation.

        The thing is that why me, @JimmyBall can advocate for a player out of merit and fairness, some folks here the usual proponent of double standards that we know won’t ever have the truth and honesty in their souls to do same.

        I will not advocate for an Ajayi now because he is going through difficulty, having come off a sudden contract termination. While some of you laugh and gloat when some players who are not your favorites go through a tough spell. I will always speak practical truth.

        Again for the avoidance of doubt. I don’t want to believe it’s the real @Igbekun Abo that posted the first comment above here referencing me because of Junior Ajayi. Libya is only a temporary destination. He needs to just stay active and fit and before long, a better proposition will open up. If Anthony Nwakaeme, who without any shred of doubt, is our best export in Turkey will be shut out of the National team even though by merit he should be there, is it Junior Ajayi who we like to think is an inferior player because he plays in Africa and is still on the continent that I should be surprised about how he was treated in the past?

        Most of you still like to think that, if one does not play in Europe he is inferior… Showing you all actually did not learn anything from the recently concluded Nations Cup. I will always be fair aligning with truth and objectivity in anything to do with Nigeria football. We are just doing a patriotic job… no one is getting paid off comments we contribute here.

        • pompei 2 years ago

          “Most of you still like to think that, if one does not play in Europe he is inferior…”

          Jimbo, it is not what we think or believe, it is what the “market” dictates.
          Money follows quality, and quality follows money. The best players gravitate towards the most lucrative leagues, and these leagues are constantly looking for the best players.
          If Al Ahly terminated his contract, why not move to another Egyptian club? If he loves to play in Africa so much, why not try the Tunisian, Moroccan, or Algerian leagues? South Africa nko? Why Libya?
          Is the Libya league even as strong as our local league?
          For Ajayi to move from Egypt to Libya is just, I mean, I don’t know what to say actually. Perhaps there is something going in his personal or professional life, as you implied. Perhaps he intends to use Libya as a stepping stone to greater things. If that is the case, then it makes a bot more sense. But at 26 yrs of age, if this Libya move is the best he can do, then best wishes to him!

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Pompei… Why are you not working for Exxon Mobile? Lol… When you can answer that then you will know wishes are not like horses that you can choose and ride! I greet you… I don’t think a player will even dream of playing for Al Ahly if he has no talent.

    • pompei 2 years ago

      We open the weekend with laughter.
      Victor Osimhen don enter ONE CHANCE.
      Thanks, Igbekun Abo.

    • This isn’t a good news Libya league if he left for the South African league its still better but Libya league that 50% of their stadiums won’t even have a single grass on it, when it’s not beach soccer .
      But on a serious note this is a decline move

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Mayans… Sometimes a player has to think of other considerations before making his decision. He was a family to take care of, he also owes himself a duty to stay fit and active. His contract was terminated abruptly in the middle of the season… he has to make himself useful to himself and career as a footballer first and then plot his next move. Believe me… this move is just to stay fit and get back into his game and confidence then move to a better place. A player cannot just wish to be in another club and the. Suddenly has the chance and appear there.

        • @Jimmyball, so you can make case for Ajayi for signing for Libyan club, but you condemn Ighalo to high heaven for signing for a Saudia club calling it Sunday Sunday football. Your hypocrisy is second to none. Talking from every side of the mouth.

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Ola… Ajayi is minding his business and not coming to drag national team shirt with anyone.

            The guy is just trying to steady his ship and should be left alone.

            I did say he should go play in Libya and forget better leagues.

            He already came to a contractual agreement with the backing of his family, agent and himself.

            He is a grown man and understands how to get his act back together. Is it Nigeria league where players are owed you want him to return to?

            I don’t even think a player with his quality will be in a country like Lybia beyond six months. If the money is right why not?

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            I did not say he should go to Lybia and remain there…

          • So it’s Ighalo that’s dragging SE shirt, it’s Ighalo that asked Amaju to visit him and come begging for him to return back to the SE abi. So Ighalo is a toddler that can’t think before he accepts to play in Saudi league? His own family didn’t agree with him abi, you have no justification, you are just a pure hypocrite.

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Ola… I know you you are someone else on this forum… I won’t feed into your pastime of empty arguments. I have always known that.

            This thread is about Junior Ajayi and not Ighalo. Like I said… the guy is minding his business. Isn’t it comical throw Ighalo into this? I have made my point on the subject and if you want to continue sulking… be my guest.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      Igbekun Abo you could pass as a comedian ha ha ..

  • Kenny 2 years ago

    What a record 10 trophies in less than 7 years.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

      Whether we chose to admit it or not, JUNIOR AJAYI remains one of NIGERIA’S most successful and decorated professional footballers at 26!

      He can be satisfied with his achievements all things equal.

      Having plAyed the game and currently involved in different capacities, I have come to appreciate the fact that TALENT alone is not enough. Fate, providence and or DESTINY play a great role.

      We have players less talented who have not WON anything in club football, but with dozens of caps or less for SE.

      Goodluck JUNIOR AJAYI….In football, you can never say never.

      By eve of USA 94; RUFAI just had his MASTERS from a BELGIAN University and out of Professional football. Emeka Ezeugo was playing in India, late Uche Okafor was clubless, MIKE EMENALO was long forgotten in USA..the rest is history.

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @Mahmud Shuaib… thank you for this mature comment. There are few decent individuals here whose comments I look forward to reading from. You are one of those!

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

        Yet they couldn’t go past the second round of the WorldCup Na?? No doubt those kind of players can contribute one or two things but can never go past the glass ceiling. They can only reach the knockout stage of the WorldCup. You need talents to achieve success immediately Amokachi and Amunike were knocked out against Italy the team couldn’t hold on against 10 man Italy. Lmao!!! Y’all can continue to be sentimental as much as you want a player playing in Libya shouldn’t come anywhere near the SuperEagles. Why aren’t y’all talking about Anayo Iwuala anymore??? Lmao!!

        • Dem no de talk about Iwaula and Junior lakosa again. Any way sentiment aside the Ajayi guy have achieved a lot in football even without playing in Europe. Everybody will not play in Europe. We have Asia and American leagues. Libyan league is far better and than Nigerian league, if it has reduced in standard, is because of the effects of war, no thanks to the Americans.

        • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

          God bless you always @JIMMYBALL. I also appreciate the fact you understand what angle am coming from @MARVELOUS!

          Am not talking about SE. No where ever in my comments on.this platform that I have EVER clamoured for JUNIOR AJAYI playing for SE. His position is stacked with EUROPE based players who are equally playing at a higher level for pppular teams. VM, MS, SC, SK, AA etc. So playing in AFRICA even for the best team on the continent qas always a tall order.

          My comment was due to comments about ending up in LIBYA at this point. To me his career is successful. He has CAF Champions league and SUPER CUP medals. He also has a BRONZE playing in 2016 OLYMPICS.

          He can look back and thank God. At the end of the day, he has bills to pick. Family to look after. He has done well. In terms of MEDALS, he has achieved more than ABDULLAHI SHEHU, SAMUEL KALU, COLLINS, VICTOR ANICHEBE, SEMI AJAYI, SAMUEL CHUKWUEZE, AWONIYI etc. These are players with more caps than him but with less LAURELS!

          @AYPHILLY, at times you write brilliantly and other times you write like that loquacious kid @TAYO. Is it that you didn’t understand my write up or that your mischievous and ROHRIC nightmare has beclouded your commonsense!

          I wrote that for footballers just like every facet of life, you can never say never! Anything can happen. I sited examples of some former SE footballers and you came up with what round they got to or not. Pls how is that relevant to my analogy??

          Before 2002 WC RONALDO DE LIMA was a forgotten footballer owing to about 2 years of injury lay off. What happened by June-July please?

          Akpoborie was playing 2nd/3rd division football in GERMANY for most parts. Later moved up and was at NIGHA 2000

          Few months ago AHMED MUSA was back playing with KANO PILLARS after almost 6 months of inactivity. Today he plays first division football in Turkey!

          Even IGHALO was playing retirement footabll in CHINA before out of the blues he found himself playing for MAN UTD!

          JUNIOR Ajayi may end his playing career in LIBYA and he can also find himself in ITALY! In life, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

          BUHARI cried at the end of 2011 elections and vowed NEVER to run for PRESIDENT again!

          Please, someone SHOULD remind us who the PRESIDENT of NIGERIA is??

          What about OBASANJO from 20+ years PRISON sentence to ASO ROCK!

          @DREY as usual has come up with another GAFFE OR na GOOF. You mean your racial inferiority head rates SAUDI LEAGUE higher than EGYPTIAN?? Are you kidding me? AL Ahly nation just decimated the best club in SAUDI about a week ago!

          EGYPTIAN league that consistently produces 80% of the EGYPTIAN teams that are the most successful in AFRICA both in terms of AFCON and CAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE?? You must be high on shady stuffs @Dr. DREY! Please tell this forum the achievements of SAUDI ARABIA both in ASIA NATIONS CUP and ASIA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE respectively!

          Can you name one internationally acclaimed player who cut his teeth in SAUDI LEAGUE??

          EGYPTIAN LEAGUE has produced players who have won dozens of continental and international laurels both individual and collective!

          MO SALLAH has won UCL, finished on the podium on both FIFA MEN BEST and UEFA BALON D’OR

          Emmanuel AMUNIKE has won OLYMPICS gold, played for BARCA

          Just two…please name 1 product of your BETTER than EGYPTIAN LEAGUE SAUDI league.

          A quick reminder…whether he gets to play for SE or not, JUNIOR AJAYI has etched his mame as one of the most successful players from NIGERIA!

          1. U23 Nations cup medal

          2. OLYMPICS Bronze medal

          3. CAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE medals

          4. EGYPTIAN LEAGUE medals

          5. EGYPTIAN cup medals

          6. FIFA CWC Bronze medal…less than 7 NIGERIAN players in history have managed that!

          ERIC CANTONA never played in any WC…yet I doubt how many here who remembers the name CHRISTPPHER KAREMBAU. Lol!

          @KENNETH, thumbs up as usual. Always objective

          • Greenturf 2 years ago

            @Mahmud Shuaib you write pretty much like JimmyBall,great similarities,reckon it’s the same person with different usernames ha…

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha…..I’ve told you to stop deceiving yourself and quit being a fool. Your sins are already finding you out left right and centre……LMAOOOooo

            Even the IFFHS ranks Saudi league higher than the Egyptian League. https://www.iffhs.com/posts/1020

            Saudi clubs have won the Arab Champions league 8 times and runners up 6 times, Egyptian clubs have won just 2 times and runners up 3 times

            Saudi Arabia with players from its league has won the Arab cup twice and runner up 1ce, Egypt has won just once and never been runners up.

            Saudi Arabia with players from its league has qualified for the World cup 5 times in recent times and even reached R16 of the WC, Egypt has only qualified twice and are yet to win 1 game.

            Saudi Arabia even met Egypt at the world cup in 2018 and beat them with a largely Saudi league based team.

            Egyptian players are even playing in the Saudi league, but no Saudi players descends low to play in the Egyptian league.

            The Saudi league attracts quality international players with six digit pay figures in dollars every year, i’ve never heard of Egyptian league attracting any big international superstar and paying over $100,000 wages

            Saudi Arabia has won the U20 or is it U17 world cup and reached the final of the confederations cup with players from its league, Egypt has always been a disgrace to Africa at the world stage.

            Ive told you severally that stupidity cannot be disguised. 1 player does not make a league. Dwight yorke being a Man U and global legend doesnt make the Trinidad an Tobago league better than the MLS in the United States. That Al-Ahly defeted Al Hilal doesnt make the Egyptian league better than Saudi League. Enugu Rangers once defeated Alahly 4-0 and that has never made the Nigerian league better than the Egyptian league…..LMAooooo

            Stop struggling to impress…..LMAOooo….stupidity does not impress anybody…..LMAOoooo

            You can fool yourself till tomorrow but your sins are already beginning to find you out……LMAOooooo

  • pablo 2 years ago

    Mahmud Shuaib is JimmyBall.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Pablo that’s who I know some of you are very petty! So I have become @Mahmud Shuaib because another mature mind saw it fit to speak truth from his soul… Should one still take some of you really serious?

  • KENNETH 2 years ago

    Abeg make una leave the poor boy. How many of you watch Libyan league here for you to be condemning it. Not everyone is lucky to play in Europe. What would you all say if he goes to Finnish, Moldovan, Hungarian league. etc. Won’t you be the same people to condemn going there. Even the Arab leagues are nothing to write about. So let the poor man be. There are many of his peers still looking for the opportunity to leave the shores of the country. Abeg Jimmy you get time. Just like you stated why waste time on people who never played the game in real time

  • pompei 2 years ago

    You too, leave us alone with our opinion.
    Una play football no mean say una no anything about football.
    How can you advise a young footballer with his talent aspiring to be a SE player to go and play in Libya?
    Advise no be curse. The young man should look for a good league so he can challenge himself.
    Libya league wey no even reach our local league?

    • KENNETH 2 years ago

      @ seyi which war zone abeg. last time i checked there were games played in there leagues yesterday and today. @ pumpkin abi wetin them dey call you, se i hold your hand. Will impose himself on an european team that doesn’t like his services. Look who dey talk say libyan league no reach the level of our league, abeg show us the proof that there league is crap

  • pablo 2 years ago

    Mahmud Shuaib is JimmyBall.
    You have been exposed!

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Hahahahaha, I like that name. Pumpkin. I like Pumpkin leaf. We dey take am prepare better soup. Thanks very much!
    Back to the discussion.
    No be wickedness be dis? If this young man was your son or younger brother, with all the talent he has, will you ever advise him to go and ply his trade in Libya league? At age 26?
    Instead of you to tell the young man the truth, so he can work hard and fulfill his potential, you siddon here dey yarn nonsense, say make e go dey play for Libya? Libya league better pass our local league? I’ve asked that kweshon twice now. Answer the question na?
    You said “will he impose himself on a European team?”
    What a hapless, nonsensical self defeating attitude!
    In life, if you want something, you work hard for it. Watch the movie “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” starring Will Smith. See how the guy made his dreams materialize against all odds. He could have settled for mediocrity, but he kept working hard, until success came.
    That’s my advise to Ajayi. He should never settle for mediocrity. He should keep aiming to play in a top league. It is never going to be easy, but it’s worth it in the end.

    • pompei 2 years ago

      If he was in his 30s, it’s a different story. He can play his “retirement football” anywhere he choses. But at age 26, he has to be challenging himself in a top league. I saw his clips with Al Ahly, and he has potential. He’s a decent player, skillful, fast, strong on the ball. Scored some brilliant goals. He needs to go to a league that will make him even better.

    • KENNETH 2 years ago

      Yes have seen the movie. Bros its not his fault, that is the job of his agent. So if a club doesn’t want his services what else do you want him to do. There are mediocre in many of this super leagues. Has the coach demoted any of them to bring in Ajayi. You and i know the politics going on in soccer by some coaches

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        @KENNTH… Even Abdullahi Shehu in Cyprus had a slot reserved for him for over 5years. Some people were without clubs… unattached in this competitive modern era and it was even our coach helping them look for club… Lol. For over 5years this guy was the best Nigerian footballer on the continent of Africa yet never got up to 2meaningful caps for Nigeria. We know how much the Super Eagles have been used to promote the careers of lots of players even those playing division 2 football where they are based. Libya league is better than Nigeria league and for sure the money will is better. Someone said I was advising him to go play in Lybia league… the way some people like to tell themselves fairy tales on this site eh. This was a guy who for 5years was a starter in a team full of Egyptian national players. Only for Pitso to become coach and endured the guy was rendered useless in the team to bring in his favorite players he once worked with… of all players in Al Ahly, only his contract got terminated mid-season… that won’t be his lot if he was an Egyptian.

  • Libyan is still far better than NPFL, you can’t compare the money earn in Libyan league to NPFL that like paying peanut and still owe the players for months. I repeat everybody will not play in Europe and everyone will not play for the SE no matter how good they are, that’s just life. So let’s spare the AJAYI guy abeg. He is not going to force himself on any European clubs, he is not a begger. Sometimes luck and destiny as one mentioned above has his own part to play in this issue. AJAYI is a successful footballer in what ever way you want to mention success in football. He has the CAF champions league trophy and what’s the difference between CAF champions league and European champions league apart from the money? They are all continental trophy’s. He has bronze medal in FIFA club world cup, something many big and established players in Europe haven’t tasted, he has Olympic bronze or silver if am correct, with several domestic league titles. Him not playing for SE is nothing, for me as a Rohr fan I didn’t use to welcome the idea of people suggesting players for the coach. So I didn’t welcome the idea of AJAYI but I can never disrespect such a player.

    Let’s give the AJAYI guy some respect. Is not easy attending such heights in the round leather game, all the players in NPFL I mean all the players even including some coach will be dreaming to reach even close to half of AJAYI level.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Marvelous thank you. Some will soon label you to be me using another alias. We must all not have same views here. When you read comments I posted above and see responses some people direct to my post you will know it has nothing to do with the subject matter. This guy is just using Libya as a phase and who knows clubs and scouts from Italy may be watching because Libya and Italy has a history…

      Who knows maybe he can get atleast to Serie B in Italy or Spanish Segunda from there? I want to believe what happened to Ajayi was because he got carried away playing at a huge club like Al Ahly and became too comfortable, hence he overstayed his welcome… Players have to prop themselves up even if it means changing their agents to move-up to better places. I made enemies here because when the dude was doing so well with Al Ahly like two seasons ago, I dared say he should be given a look-in… same views Emmanuel Amuneke who was watching him them often live in Egypt held. Since then some folks here have turned that to some kind of anthem to sing and reference me while at it… I believe he won’t accept a move to Lybia whose league is still better in welfare and playing standard than NPFL if he does not believe it will spring him to a better platform within the shortest possible time… let us allow the guy to steady his ship please!

  • MuYiwa 2 years ago

    Now that Amuneke is in the Super Eagles set up, I will see if he would invite Ajayi to the Eagles, since he was calling for the guys call-up late last year under Rohr. Just thinking loud.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @MuYiwa it is because of the mentality of folks like you that Nigeria isn’t moving forward.

      Have you ever heard the phrase “Give Honour to Whom Honour Due?” when Amuneke called for Ajayi he was showing himself to be worthy in Al Ahly. Times have changed and we have far too many other players who have a better situation for consideration regarding Super Eagles callup now.

      That’s why we keep saying invite players based on form and what they are showing at the moment not on sentiments and past glory. Junior Ajayi football success and career is not defined by Super Eagles unlike some other players who must be called up whether on merit or not… Per time, any. NIGERIAN doing well at any decent club and showing the stuff of national team merit should get their chance. The team belongs to all Nigerians!

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hehehehe….Ajayi was really showing himself…other players in the SE at that time were not showing themselves…..Osimhen, Onuachu, Iheancaho, Kalu, Simon, Chukwueze etc should all have been dropped for your North Africa bomber because we were finding goals difficult to come by and weren’t winning matches……LMAOoooo…or because he was the only Nigerian player “showing himself” around the world.

        I never knew only 23 players can be called up any 11 fielded. I thought 75 players could be called up and 53 fielded at a go…..LMAOOoooo

        2018/19 season – 4 goals in the Egyptian league
        2019/20 season – 7 goals in the Egyptian league
        2020/21 season – 2 goals in the Egyptian league

        This is the type of form that makes strikers deserve a place in the SE….LMAOOooo

        But when Ighalo even at 32 years of age scores 14 goals in 19 appearances in the Saudi League which is levels higher that the Egyptian League, they call it sunday sunday league……LMAOooooo

        MuYiwa took that “…Amuneke is in the Super Eagles set up, I will see if he would invite Ajayi to the Eagles….” straight out of my mind.

        We know a PR job when we see one…..LMAOOoo…especailly when the hype is coming at a time the player’s contract is winding to its end……LMAOOOOO

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Junior Ajayi is better than Paul Onuachu, Kelechi Iheanacho and Cyriel Dessers put together……LMAOoooo.

    18 months later: “26 year old striker Junior Ajayi joins Libyan club”…..LMAOoooo.

    I still dey laugh o……LMAOOooooo.

    Time…yes…Time always reveals the truth in the end…..LMAOOooo

    Thank God Emmanuel Amunike is now coach of the SE…..lets see if he will invite the same player whom he claims deserves to be in the SE, but whom he wouldn’t sign or recommend to be signed by/for his club El Maqqassa even on a free transfer.

    Goodluck to Junior in all his future endeavors.

    Football truly know im people……LMAOOOoo…..!!!

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      Oga… We still have records of how you insulted Paul Onuachu on this noble forum for a full season despite him putting up impressive numbers that will eventually win him all top available individual honor in Belgium. The question you have to answer to yourself is… the player Junior Ajayi… has he had a storied and successful career? You of all peole who will clamor for a clubless Ahmed Musa pushing forward a narrative that he has earned the right to continue to play for Super Eagles whether he be active or not, clubless or not and still relevant or not… only based on his goals and contributions from the past… @Dr.Drey… It’s only those who don’t know your chronicle of double standards here that will still take your opinions which are largely often beiddled with double standards… one stick for Abel and another for Adamu, that you have mastered on this forum serious! Lol… those of us like @Deo,@Mahmud Shuaib, @Kenneth and the rest of the objective dudes including my gamely who know your trade and craft here of master twister only read your comment for comic and never take it serious… Since EMMANUEL Amuneke just like myself did call for invitation extended to Junior Ajayi in the past to your chagrin and abhorrence… I expect you now to take NFF to court for still saddling a guy like Emmanuel Amuneke whom it’s on record you also classify as one of those lazy entitled Ex-International Footballer Class of ’94… Guy for all your double standards on this forum fully documented… You should only be making scanty comments here now and hiding in shame for the rest of the time. But you don’t have that collectedness to know when to moderate your often skewed comments… @Deo,@Mahmud and @Igbekun Abo have severally bodied you here with lessons and superior submissions on issues you always like to contend skewdly on which really require none of your heckles… but you will never learn!

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahahaha……crooked agent and praise-singer is hurting……LMAOOooo. His living legend has been dumped in the desserts of Ghadaffi’s enclave. His superstar player who would have single-handedly taken the SE to heights never reached before has once again failed to cross the Mediterranean sea…..LMAOoooo.

        Wait, I thought your tin-god was a superstar in Egypt, why has no Egyptian club signed him on, even on a free transfer…..not even Emmanuel Ammunike’s El-maqqassa…?

        Junior Ajayi is better than Paul Onuachu, Kelechi Iheanacho and Cyriel Dessers put together…..LMAOoooo.

        Kelechi Nwakali is better than all SE midfielders including Mikel put together…..LMAOOooo.

        I played football to the HIGHEST level….sorry….I was a senior player at Lobi stars…..sorry I was 500 level trialist at lobi stars…oh no, my bad, I meant I played at lobi stars between 200 level and 500 level…excuse me, I was a ‘partaker’ at Lobi (whatever that is supposed to mean)…..LMAOooo

        If there is any one who should bow his head in shame and not have the effrontery to open their gutters on this forum….we all know whom it is…..LMAOOoooo

        Please tell your half-dozen league goals per season striker to up his paltry figures in Libya if ever wants to make it to the level where current SE strikers are playing now, otherwise, he can join the hoard of economic migrants from Africa to ride on a boat over the meditteranean sea to 3rd division football in Italy as you are advising him…..LMAOOoooo…otherwise I would bet he would be spending way more than the 6 months you are lying he wants to go spend in libya to get his career back on track……LMAOOooooo

        Rant, bite trees and sling mud all you want, the fact is that YOUR PR JOB FAILED AND FAILED WOEFULLY…..LMAOooo. Take heart ehn….LMAOoooo

        Junior Ajayi was truly showing himself with his half a dozen league goals per season when you were ranting his name all over the place in the last 2 seasons when you barged in here…..LMAOOooo

        Once again, thank God Emmanuel Amunike is now coach of the SE…..lets see if he will invite the same player whom he claims deserves to be in the SE, but whom he wouldn’t sign or recommend to be signed by/for his club El Maqqassa even on a free transfer.

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Guys I don’t think we can continue to ignore Nwakaeme. He just scored a brace against Awaziem’s club and its still 1st half. The guy has been consistently hot

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    @onwajunior… No leave them. They should continue promoting Ahmed Musa as the best thing to happen to Nigeria in Turkish league. Anthony Nwakaeme is among the top5 best Nigerian players on a consistent level in the last 5years. That guy deserve an automatic squad place for Ghana game as well as world cup if we make it…

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      Someone was even mentioning Aminu Umar yesterday… they can mention Musa, Aminu Umar but not Obinna Nwobodo and Anthony Nwakaeme. It was about Anthony Nwakaeme and how his elder brother would later open up the can of worms on how the coaches asked to manage him in their player agency that I know grandpa Rohr was really putting in side hustle to go with his Long Distance Coaching of our Super Eagles… Let them explain to us how Anthony Nwakaeme is not getting called up with an obvious blackballing of the guy from playing for Nigeria.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha….Anthony Nwakaeme must be the captain of the Super Eagles….LMAOooo.

      Maybe Anthony Nwakaeme was dead when “your own” smuggled an injured South African league defender and a 3 seasons-zero-goals-zero-assist SD Huesca midfielder into our final AFCON squad.

      Junior Ajayi is better than Paul Onuachu, Kelechi Iheanacho and Cyriel Dessers put together…..LMAOoooo. No wonder he has ended up in libya at the age of 26…..LMAOOooo

      • Musa Yahaya 2 years ago

        Na lie go kill you there walahi. Wawa banza shashasha kawai!. So the South African guy who played very well against GUINEA BISSAU was injured? Na you wound am? Mumu liar! As e pain you reach, ya papa ROHR was not considered good enough to coach GHANA! Whether Junior play for Naija or not, he has won what many Super Eagles players never smelled in their life. Also for your information LIBYAN league pays higher than CYPRUS league where Shehu and Uzoho plays. For a player to be a regular for more than 4 seasons at AL AHLY FC, the most successful team in AFRICA, we should give him credit! The club is bigger than Cyprus teams, Slovakian teams, division two European teams. Most of the players who played that final against a star studded SENEGAL team and still held them goalless after 120 minutes play in EGYPT and Al Ahly Fc is their Man Utd, Real Madrid, Ac Milan!

        Go argue with your stupidity. These are INCONTROVERTIBLE facts! Atleast the smuggled INJURED SA based OLISA NDAH was widely applauded by fans of ORLANDO PIRATES recently as one of the best defenders in their ENTIRE history!

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Uban ka banza…! Wawa Kowai…!

          What has Rohr got to do with this matter…..LMAOooo. Senseless human being…..LMAOooo. You are trying hard to impress ehn….LMAOOoo….keep it up.

          One moment you are disputing the fact that Ndah was injured when we was smuggled into our 28 man squad, the next moment in your last paragraph you went on to refer to him as injured…..LMAOOooo….the speaks volume of the degree of your mental derangement. Just type “Olisah Ndah injured” on your search engine and stop being a useless goat. Olisah Ndah “played well” in 8 minutes of a game we had already won ehn…..please go and start him against Ghana…..LMAOoooo

          The total market value of the 2 biggest teams in Cyprus is about $32m….the total market value of the 2 biggest clubs in Libya is less than $10m…..LMAOoooo. but according to your so-called INCONTROVERTIBLE facts “…LIBYAN league pays higher than CYPRUS league…”….LMAOOoo. Well done ehn…LMAOooo

          INCONTROVERTIBLE facts indeed. Birds of same feathers flock together.

          Different IDs, same stupidity……LMAOOoooo.

          Go and flex muscles with your mates.

          • Musa Yahaya 2 years ago

            You clearly do not understand ENGLISH despite your Dr. Prefix, you fool. I used the phrase “SMUGGLED INJURED” (emphasis mine) to refer to your stupidity in claiming he was injured prior the AFCON because of course, you are the team’s Doctor.

            Whether you like keep wallowing in your state of confusion and be fixated in your mental derangement-induced conspiracy theory about people using multiple IDs, THE INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT is that JUNIOR AJAYI has achieved more than the likes of MOSES SIMON, SAMUEL KALU, ABDULLAH SHEHU, TAIWO AWONIYI, EBUEHI, JUDE ODION IGHALO etc. He has won more titles than them. He is on record as one of NIGERIA’S most decorated footballers:







            Bring your facts deluded loud mouth!

            Talking about mates..you must be suffering from childhood complex cancer. Imagine talking status in a FACELESS forum with people you havent met.

            Stupid pride goes before a terrible fall!

            Get that into your thick dan kare brain!

  • pablo 2 years ago

    Mahmud Shuaib and Musa Yahaya = JimmyBall.

    • i thought as much, same person. but must u use a different name?

  • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

    I thought @GREENTURF was sensible until I read him claim I am JIMMYBALL because I write like JIMMYBALL!

    So, because you GREENTURF and @POMPEI have similar writing styles and @OAKFIELD, @AYPHILLY and @Dr. DREY write same way, we ahould now tag you as one and the same person!

    Are you guys daft or blind to read where I disagreed with JIMMYBALL here on different occasions ESPECIALLY on formations?’That’s why out of all of you who seem to be on the same side of the divide most times, it’s POMPEI I respect the most. He argues based on the issue on ground and that’s it.

    Why must I be another person on a FACELESS forum where no one gets paid for tjeir free comments??

    Why must I be JIMMYBALL? Is it a physical platform that I will be scared of getting beat?? Does anyone own any one’s laptop phone??

    Why dont you face the facts I present and provide superior ones and we all move on from there? If you guys have good memories, you will recall I have applauded DR DREY, AYPHILLY, GREENTURF…every amd any one who writes what I agree with. At the end of the day like I often write here, no one gets paid. Its just our diverse opinions. Doesnt change NFF or anything. Doesn’t put food on any one’s table.

    Whether am JIMMYBALL or COACHIE or HENRY or DE STAR or MUSA YAHAYA or whoever still doesnt change anything. At the end of the day its still a FACELESS FORUM! Unless of course we decide to unmask who we are to whoever we choose to. Of course it applies to all contributors here

  • Musa Yahaya 2 years ago

    The loud mouth struggling hard to SURVUVE desperately was trying to clutch on whatever just to prove me wrong on the quality of EGYPTIAN league. Imagine DR DREY mentioning ARAB LEAGUE or CUP as if there is a CONTINENT call ARAB. LOOOoool. Wawa dan karai. Is ARAB cup a competition?? When did WAFU CUP, COSAFA CUP etc become a yardstick for measuring countries who participate in them? Waiting for the loud mouth serial fool to compare SAUDI VS EGYPT based on their individual confederations. Imagine saying GREAT OR NA GOOD players go to SAUDI..Of course SAUDI pays higher than EGYPT and is from a confederation with less talented socver playing countries compared to AFRICA and so its easier for SAUDI ARABIA to qualify for the world cup than EGYPT. AFRICA has BETTER foorball playing nations than ASIA! I challenged the loud mouth to name one single SAUDI player or player from SAUDI LEAGUE to play for a top 5 team in a top 5 EUROPEAN team and he didn’t disappoint as instead of providing proof, he went on his hallucinations induced MULTI IDs tirade! Anuofia!

    Its only you who is at war with KENNETH, UGO IWUNZE, CHIMA SAMUELS, OMO9JA, JIMMYBALL, even the cerebral DEO, KENNETH, DE STAR…and now its me. Them dey do you????

    Why are DEO, POMPEI, GLORY, MERCY, PROF. TAMUNO, SPORTSFAN, HUSH, SEAN, DE STAR, ‘THE BELGIUM BLUE PRINT’ guy and those mentioned earlier not at war with everybody??? Shows you have a serious problem with your upbringing and must be one of those kids who suffered from INFERIORITY COMPLEX when growing up! Always having issues with everybody in PUBLIC!

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha, dumb idiot has succeeded in unmasking himself…..LMAOOoooo

      “……I challenged the loud mouth to name one single SAUDI player or player from SAUDI LEAGUE to play for a top 5 team in a top 5 EUROPEAN team and he didn’t disappoint as instead of providing proof…..”

      The last time I checked, it was Mahmud Shaibu that threw that challenge up there and not you Musa Yahaya……LMAOOooo

      On this whole thread there are 55 chats with this one making it 56 after I post it. Musa Yahaya has only commented twice…before you jsut senslessly and shamelessly exposed yourself now….LMAOOoo.

      The 1st one was 5 days ago in defence of Olisah Ndah and some incontrovertible lies about how the Libyan league pays higher than the Cyprus league (LMAOOOOo….imagine that).

      While the second time was some dozen hours ago full of your empty rants about English and how Junior Ajayi is the Nigerian GOAT……LMAOOooo. Before the devil decided to punish you by making you to bust yourself now…..LMAOoooo.

      And dont you dare lie CSN deleted your post…..LMAOOoooo. No post has been deleted on this thread thus far…..LMAOoooo

      So pls oga musa yahaya, show us where you threw a challenge to the loud mouth to name one single SAUDI player or player from SAUDI LEAGUE to play for a top 5 team in a top 5 EUROPEAN team….LMAOOooo

      You see that you are the loud mouth now……and Apparently you forgot you were writing as Musa Yahaya this time and not as Mahmud Shuaibu who actually threw the challenge and which i duly gave him a perfect answer to up there…..LMAOoooo

      Shege MaiKariya. Dan banza kuma….!

      Devil has punished you this morning. Instead of you to just let the matter go after 5 days, the PTSD that engulfed you after your being beaten black and blue by the news that your GOAT is heading to Libya at 26 years of age (LMAOOoo) has brought you back here to come and disgrace yourself as usual and unveil what a multiple faced shameless idiot you are.

      Bloody idiot has unmasked himself as a filthy clone of the same hate-filled and jealous overbloated lying idiot that has always been posing as a multiple faced pig on this forum.

      Its only people with low IQ like you that you have been deceiving with all your multiple names all these while…..switching from Mahmud Shaibu to Musa Yahaya to Tamuno Offiali to One Naija to vomit all the crap you always have to vomit on this forum because you are looking for recognition….LMAOoooo. I have never been deceived even for once, because you cant hide you writing signature to save your own life. Intelligent ones here know its Jimmyball when you write, no matter what name you use to mask your idiocy….the common denominator in all your identities is stupidity……LMAOOooo. No matter what, or whch identity you want to use, you will always open your gutters without thinking. That is why it has not taken long for people to now decipher that you are the one running naked all over this forum with multiple names and impersonating people…LMAOOoo.

      As Tamuno Offiali you claimed you were part of the Scotland 89 team…..months later (having forgotten your lie) your Mahmud Shuaibu identity surfaced also claiming to have played in the same Scotland 89 team…….LMAOoooo…how 2 members of the same Scotland 89 sqaud will be on this forum without for once….NOT EVEN ONCE, making reference to themselves as teammates and reliving some of their experiences while on National duty as teammates, and making references of their other well known Scotland 89 teammtes beats imagination…..LMAOOOo…apparently as the liar that you are…you had forgotten that your Tamuno Offiali Identity was a member of the Scotland 89 squad too….LMAOOooo.

      Shameless bigmouthed liar.

      I purposely kept mum because I was waiting for a day like this when you will rub yourself in the mud and get yourself stripped naked in the market square……LMAOooooo

      You are not even ashamed of yourself…..at your age see how you are getting yourself messed-up in public on a regular basis…….LMAOOoo…with your lies and fakery….LMAOoooo

      I’ve always told you that whoever told you you are smart while growing up has sold you a terrible lie…..LMAOOOo…that person will never make heaven….LMAOOooo

      It is this same stupidity of yours that makes you think Egyptian league is higher than Saudi league because of Mo Sahlah, even when the IFFHS has consistently ranked the Saudi League higher……LMAOoooo. Very senseless school of thought.

      I guess since No Nigerian has ever won the World Footballer of the Year, the Liberian league too is better than the Nigerian League because of George Weah…..LMAOOoooo…..or maybe Liberia is stronger than Nigeria because Liberia has produced a ballor dor winner…..LMAOOooo. Such is the school of thought of a brainless imbecile….LMAOoooo. Or maybe Trinidad and Tobago league is also bigger than the Nigerian league because of Dwight Yorke……LMAOOoo

      Stupid fool, How else do the strength of 2 leagues get compared other than the performance of teams from both leagues in the same competitions they feature in…??? Egyptian clubs dont play in Asian competitions, Saudi clubs dont play in African competitions, so how you want to rate the Saudi league based on Alhaly’s performance in African competitions beats the reasoning of a goat…..LMAOOooo.

      Maybe the Egyptian league is higher than the English Premier League too since Egyptain clubs have won the CAF CL 16 times while English clubs have won the UCL only 14 times…..LMAOooooo. And maybe the Mexican league is also far better and higher than the spanish league since Mexican clubs have won the CONCACAF CL a whooping 37 times and Spanish clubs have won the UCL just 16 times…..LMAOOooo

      Senseless big for nothing fool…..The only competition in which teams from both leagues play is the Arab Champions Cup which features champions from all Arab countries’ leagues….and the last time I checked, Saudi clubs have won the Arab Champions league 8 times and runners up 6 times, Egyptian clubs have won just 2 times and runners up 3 times…..LMAOooooo. Likewise, Saudi Arabia has won the Arab cup more times than Egypt…..LMAOOoo. Suck that up too….LMAOooo

      And is Arab cup a competition…..no, it is not a competition, it is a beach party where football teams come with bikinis to dance makossa…..LMAOoooo. A stupid question deserves a stupid answer…..LMAOOooo

      Even the IFFHS ranks Saudi league higher than the Egyptian League. https://www.iffhs.com/posts/1020 you fool….LMAOoooo

      Shege Dan hiska kawai. Wawa ne wahlahi, ka ji…? Wawa ne.

      No wonder they say a fool at forty is a fool forever, the fact that you clocked forty still being a fool is what should pain any good Samaritan for you……LMAOOooo

      In the words of elders, you can fool some of the people some of the times, some of the people all of the times and all of the people some of the times, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the times.

      The scales are beginning to fall out of the eyes of people they more you make comments with all your fake names and they are beginning to see the fool you are making of yourself. That’s why I never bothered from the onset, I knew the stupidity in you will eventually make you give yourself out, the way you always give yourself out with your lies on this forum……LMAOOooooo…because you have never had a retentive memory good enough to retaing the tons of lies you bomb us here with on regular basis…..LMAOoooo

      Filthy multiple faced pig has succeeded in busting himself tonight…….LMAOooooo

      “…..I challenged the loud mouth to name one single SAUDI player or player from SAUDI LEAGUE to play for a top 5 team in a top 5 EUROPEAN team….””

      MUSA YAHAYA……..come and show us where you threw this your challenge that has stripped you off the veil of empty pride, jealousy and desperation of running around a mere soccer forum with multiple identities and impersonating others to make them look stupid……LMAOOooooo

      • OmoEsan 2 years ago

        Chaaaaiiiii!!! @Dr Drey, you”ve got no chills men.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          HAhahahaha……Omo Esan, the idiot wants to prove he is smart…..LMAOooo…until the devil decided to use him as his toy…..LMAooo

          Help us ask Musa Yahaya if he is Mahmub Shuaibu…..LMAOooo

          Help us ask the imbecile MUSA YAHAYA to show us where he threw his your challenge…LMAOooo

      • Musa Yahaya 2 years ago

        I told you that your obsession with JIMMYBALL will soon make you run mad walahi!.

        I am not him and you can shout and cry your sorry ass aground, I dont care. Know why? Because this is a FACELESS sporting forum where people just come and enjoy themselves.

        No forumite gets paid for commenting of course, unless you work for CSN.

        You can bust whoever or whatever but I promise you will die trying because before GOD ALMIGHTY and MAN, I am not and DOESN’T know JIMMYBALL from Adams!

        Should you continue in your wild goose chase of focusing all your biles on JIMMYBALL, that’s your cup of tea.

        Its your INFERIORITY COMPLEX that will make you rubbish the achievements of a NIGERIAN player who won numerous AFRICAN titles because they never played in EUROPE or ASIA! Slave MENTALITY.

        Like I challenged you, JUNIOR AJAYI can be proud of his achievements. Deal with that or CONTINENT to rant like an ant!

      • Musa Yahaya 2 years ago

        And with your baseless POINTS as usual who isnthe highest ranked nation between the two?

        You can sew thata FIFA are not as clueless and senseless like you and that’s why EGYPT is 34 in latest ranking while your SAUDI ARABIA is ranked 52! Hahahahahahahahah. Mkpi nnye ineribe dan banza kawai!

        Making isolated examples with DWIGHT YORKE etc. Why dont you dig out a SAUDI player who ever made that leap??

        At least everyone here knows about AHMED and IBRAHIM Hassan, HASSAM MIDO, MOHAMMED ZIDAN, ELNENY, AHMED HEAGZI, HAMY RAMZY SIDIKI (that great AJAX centre back)…I still repeat; mention one SAUDI player or player from the league who ever signed by a TOP 5 EUROPEAN LEAGUE and CLUB!

        From EGYPT we had EMMANUEL AMUNIKE, MO.SALLAH, ELNENNY, HEGAZI, MIDO, ZIDAN just to name a few.

        Answer my simple questions and stop chasing shadows!

        Whether I played football or not or I am someone else is not the focus. Face the debate and stop chasing shadows Dofta loud mouth. Lol

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        Lol… I have been away from here for a while.

        @Dr.Drey… Let me help you. We don’t get paid here… reading what you wrote up there makes me pity you.

        I am neither @Mahmud Shuaib, @Musa Yahaya, @Prof Tamuno Offiali… neither am I @1naija.

        Wetin me… @JimmyBall a real gentleman do you wey you no fit sleep for my matter so? Brother please help yourself and focus on energies in ways to help you.

        One time it was going to check and convince yourself I was repairing old tools and equipments for white people, then it became another one that I was earning a meagre €2000 and forming Roman Abrahamovic, now you said I just turn 40yrs… Lol, I am above that.

        Your crystal ball that you have been using to gaze into the stars to tell you who @JimmyBall is just tricked you again. Brother… @Dr.Drey… I don’t hate you…

        I am for honesty in football and appreciate the struggle of all players but yes we have to speak truth about players who merit Eagles call-up and those who even they still can play have given us their best and should hold their head high to bow out when ovation is loudest now… did you read the latest again about Anthony Nwakaeme who is really using top performances to rubbish his continued snub from Eagles? That’s the sort of truth I stand for… Cheers and one love to all!!!

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahahaha…filthy lying pig….LMAOooo. Weldone, keep it up….LMAOooo. Put in more effort ehn. Continue conjuring whatabouteries…..LMAOoo. Continue splattering your DNA all over the place in your desperation to shamelessly save face…..LMAOooooo

          I have no business with you…..LMAOoooo…..Just know that once again you have FIALED. You are indeed for honesty….LMAOoo. Infact you are honesty personified…..LMAOooo. That is why you watched Thomson Usiyen while still in your mother’s womb…..LMAooooo. A 6 year old at Abidjan 84 who watched Thomson Usiyen……LMAOoooo. Honesty is indeed your middle name.

          1 person can be wrong, 2 can be a guess, but 3 and more than is a sign of certainty….LMAOooo.

          Hopefully your next fake name will be Adamu Ciroma….LMOAOoooo. Musa Yahaya my foot.

          Our elders say the only person a man cannot deceive is himself…..LMAOooo…..how you always manage to lie to yourself and deceive yourself at the same time beats imagination…..LMAoooo.

          Thank God you know deep down in you that you ahve never succeeded in hoodwinking me the way you hoodwink low IQed fellas like you…..LMAOooooo

          The smell of unrine will alwasy give a he-goat away from miles away…..LMAOOoooo.

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Dr.Drey… Imagine the quantum of hate and insult that you can type in response to an innucuos reply I posted in reference to your last post. Sometimes I wonder if you are always angry and do sleep at night at all!

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            …so that folk dont get fooled and believe your craft in twisting narrations. I mentioned great Africn players that some of us have seen, heard about and who till this day are still being talked about… the likes of Lakdar Belloumi, Cyril Makanacky, Raber Madjer, Thompson Usiyen and Jules Bocande… I never said I watched Usiyen, my first AFCON that I watch a couple of games was Abidjan ’84.

            It was in that context I mentioned Thompson Usiyen, and added in a following comment that he was compared directly with Rashidi Yekini(our best striker… by popular opinion til date) by Christian chukjwu, and Chukwu said he (Usiyen) was far Superior than Yekini… that apart from goalscoring that Usiyen was skilled at, he was also exquisitely gifted on the ball as an expert dribller and that Yekini though very good, was not on same level with Usiyen. If you must check someone for their facts… dont twist the narrative just to be seen as being right at all times.

            @Dr.Drey… We still kept a bank of your chronicls here and if you want me to open your can of double standards comments here, just give the all-clear so that you and I can entertain CSN forum today for free! Lol..

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha…dont worry about me….LMAOoo.

            Channel that energy to worrying about yourself, and if you cant, get someone to worry for you on your behalf. Because your case is extreme…..Only you creator knows what sort of malady was dissolved in your blood. Very extreme case of desperately craving for clout and wanting to be whom you are not….telling lies at will and a hoozing serpentile mien everywhere and in whatever form or identity to chose to appear.

            You need therapy as soon as possible. That’s my 1 cent for you….before you will slide into kleptomania at old age

            Hell you even lied and swore to have used IP filtering and Quantum Data search to forensically detect 7 different individuals from 7 different parts of Nigeria who reside in 7 different parts of the world and who have long existed even before you on this forum and on any other soccer forum (the KONs, the Aplays etc of this world) are the same persons as Dr.Drey……LMAOooo…….Hmmmm. You deserve a ballon dor in telling lies Mr man….LMAooo

            How much low are you capable of descending…? How much low…?

            Worry about yourself….dont worry about me…..LMAooo.
            Thank you ehn….! LMAOOooo. Thanks but no thanks.


          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha, be my guest.

            Be my guest and admit your guilt that you are a thief and try to look for someone else to call a thief so you can be justified….LMAOooo…or so your sentence will be reduced….or so the world will know that you are not the only thief in existence…..LMAOoooo

            The whole of CSN already know you and the many lies you always conjure to malign Dr.Drey which you will later go ahead to self contradict within a matter of time…the same way you have ran your mouth into trouble with your Musa Yahaya taking ownership of Mahmud Shuaibu challenge…..LMAOooooo.

            So be my guest….LMAoooo. The worst you can do which you have always done and FIALED as usual is to try to force every to believe I dont have a PhD……LMAOOooo….which has till tomorrow not erased my name from the surface of my doctoral degree certificate……LMAOooooo

            So telling someone to sit down like in a church and listen and learn from people like you who watched Thomson Usiyen is “twisting narrations”…..LMAOoooo

            You must surely think CSN specifically recruited fools to visit and comment on their site…..LMAOoooo

            But just know that you cant fool anyone anymore….LMAOooo

            So be my guest. Musa Yahay….Sorry Mahmud Sh….sorry jimmyball

            You kuku nor get shame…..LMAOooo

            The way somebody has carried Musa yahaya’s problem on his head even goes further to give them out as the filthy multifaced lying wannabe that you are….LMAOooo.

            I wonder why it isnt Pompei or Monkey Post or Ugo who has come out to shoulder Musa Yahaya’s face saving assignment like somebody has……LMAOooo.

            Devil chose a wonderful weekend morning to cause you to disgrace yourself today…..LMAOooo.

            Your greed, hatred, jealosy and sense of personal vendetta made you come back after 5 days to humiliate yourself…..LMAOoooo. I’m sure you must have spent the whole of 5 days to look for the silliest illogical points to try to convince yourself that the Egyptian League is ranked higher than Saudi league…LMAOoooo….against all records available and against IFFHS ratings….LMAOooo

            So once again be my guest. We would love to hear more from a shameless multiple faced liar who has just used his own hands to expose himself……LMAOoooo…trying to sling his mud on everybody around him……LMAOOoo

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Dr.Drey… I love seeing you wriggle in pain to free yourself from the choke-hold and permanent tremors from body-slammers you have suffered at the hands of @JimmyBall on CSN forum. Anyone can claim anything on a faceless forum like our beloved CompleteSportsNigera… but should have the decency and sincerity to let folks check him out

            You have been challenged long ago to share your facebook, Intsagram, Whataspp or even Twitter, anyone you feel conmfortable with, so that CSN verification experts can check you and your claims out… but you told us you have no social media account in existence due to previous incident where you were a victim of hack, please can you atleast open one? Even if it will be facebook, that even 12year olds have? I have had folks like you (hidding and searching for me all over Google, Facebook and Instagram), great guys like @Cuteprince, @Abdulhandsy and @Proudly9ja done some checks on me directly and my parleys from Nigeria to Canada… it checked right.

            I will also invite you to my house anytime you visit Europe to enter Germany, dont care to paying for lodgings, I will give you free lodging for any amount of time you want to spend. I will take you to Rostock and Duiburg to their curators and groundsmen if I ever came there during my trials and there is anything so documented.

            We are not on this forum to display or brag what we are, or are not, we have professors on this forum, we have medical doctors and engineers and IT guys and social scientist scattered everywhere on the globe on here. I have not said you are not a PhD holder… lol, folks just want to believe that, and have beseeched you to share with us a simple platform from the plethora of them that abound so we can see and believe… reason being that your street attitude give you cheaply away as a fraud and a merely PhD wannabe… You grade students according to you, so you must have a picture where you are in a classroom teaching or around students… again the place you teach (a Uni… we know all in Nigeria) should have a name, can we know it? And if you work as PhD in an independent research institute, can we know the name also?

            Honestly… folks like me want to help you, so make your claims legit. Believe me, I dont doubt you are a PhD holder, lol… I, like other guys here, just want to believe you somehow… Ok, let us leave that one. I will reiterate again, I am neither @Mahmud, @Musa Yahaya, @Prof Tamuno, @1naija nor @anyone else… yes, I have filtered a few IP sources from folks here and know that you double, multiply under several usernames and that you are a morphing agent here! Hahahaha… CSN_@[email protected] is on the loose forumites beware! Lol…

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha…are you done……LMAOooo..???

            Are these the reasons you are a filthy multifaced liar….LMAOoooo…masqurading all over the place with fake names….LMAOoooo

            I would have been bothered if all these arent coming from the same person who will swithc from Dr.Drey is a jobless teenager to Dr.Drey is a newspaper seller to Dr. Drey is a staff of CSN…..Or the same person who will switch from Dr.Drey has not crossed Seme borders before, to Dr.Drey is the same as Ayphilly, Greenturf, Dr. Banks etc who are nowhere near Seme border…..LMAoooooo. Any sort of lie will do for a cheap liar and thief who wants to fight back after being caught red and blue handed, with his palm oil soiled mouth and hands while stealing meat from the soup…..LMAOoooo

            Jimmyball in the morning, Mahmud Shaibu at noon, Musa Yahaya at night, 1naija at midnight after being beaten to pulp, Tamuno Offiali on weekends, James idoko during public holodays…..the next will be Adamu Ciroma or Ibrahim Babangida…..LMAOoooo

            I’ll recommend you start using the name Anini, because it will fit a filthy thief like you….LMAOooo

            Shameless liar….LMAOoo

            Please help us tell Musa yahaya to come and show us where he threw a challenge to the loud mouth to name one single SAUDI player or player from SAUDI LEAGUE to play for a top 5 team in a top 5 EUROPEAN team……LMAOooo.

            Senseless fool was still engulfed with jealousy and anger after 5 days like the pharaoh that was destined for destruction in the red sea, got carried away and forgot to change is name as usual….LMAOoooo. The devil really wanted to disgrace you and chose a good time to do it…..LMAOoooo

            We are not on this forum to display or brag what we are, or are not….LMAOoooo…But your first punchlines when you barged into this forum in 2020 was that you played football to the highest level only to summersault months later after being bust of you lies, to being an affiliate and later a “partaker” (whatever that word is supposed to mean)…..LMAOooo. From a senior player at Lobi stars who almost signed for Asec Mimosa of CIV and Enyimba you became a trialist in 500 level along side with Dan Atsaka who was in 200L…..LMAOooo. From being a 500L trialist you later snowballed to being a lobi player between 200level and 500 level……LMAOoooo….and subsequently retired from football as a star player in your prime after graduating from varsity to become a banker….LMAOooo. Really….LMAOOooo

            I can see it is still paining you that you have not been able to snoop into my private life and that of my family…..LMAOooo. It was because of fraudsters like you people like us choose to be discrete with things that are meant to be private.

            Shameless multifaced liar stupidly exposed himself on a wonderful Saturday morning for the criminal that he is….LMAOooooo

            When you are done with you admittance of guilt retorts, just have it at the back of your mind you cant fool people here anymore….LMAOoooo.

            Your filthiness has been exposed.

        • KENNETH 2 years ago

          Next time i pass through Frankfurt, i go like lodge for like some days. Thought DR dry claimed he stays in Vienna. Thats if his claim is correct. Maybe Vienna for obalende

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahahaha….shameless fool, Mr Musa Yahaya turned Mahmud Shuaibu, I knew characteristically of you, you have zero shame and will still come back here with useless lies and whatabouteries…..LMAOOOoo.

        Even when you were caught red handed switching from jimmyball of James Idoko, Switching frpom Jimmyball to One Naija, you still conjured lies to tried, albeit unsuccessfully to save face and wriggle your filthy self out of the disgrace.

        So if you are not Jimmyball are you Maumud Shauibu….LMAOOoooo??? Lets address that first…..LMAOoooo…??

        Did you challenge the loud mouth to name one single SAUDI player or player from SAUDI LEAGUE to play for a top 5 team in a top 5 EUROPEAN team and he didn’t disappoint as instead of providing proof…..” LMAOOoooo.

        Did you ever mention anything like comparison of Saudi and Egyptian leagues before you goofed and used your own hands to expose yourself…..LMAOooo…?

        Useless fool. Your cup is filled today…..Ive always known you were an idiot, I only did not know you are foolish as well……LMAOoooo. Yout think you can deceive all the people all of the times…? You must be an imbecile…..LMAOOoo. The devil has chosen a special day like this to punish you….LMAOoooo. After 5 days you brought back you jealousy and hatred here to try to disgrace Dr.Drey only to end up stripping yourself naked in public….LMAOooo

        1 person can be wrong, 2 can be a guess, but 3 and more than is a sign of certainty….LMAOooo. Onyl and idiot like you on this forum has still not realized you are the mutlifaced pig going around switching names to gather numbers for yourself…..LMAOoooo.

        Useless idiot craves popularity by force…..LMAOOooo

        Everybody must shut up their mouth worship you by force on this forum…..LMOAOOoo…you that watched Thomson Usiyen when you were only a 6 year old as at Abidjan 84…..LMAOOoo

        I didnt need to die trying before busting you you filthy lying pig……I just left to to continue fooling yourself a these while because I knew your IQ was too low and your memory too little for you to be able to sustain your shenanigans for long without goofing….LMAOooo. Its a typical characteristic of all LIARS and there’s nothing they can do to help it…..LMAOOoooo.

        It is no longer a wild goose chase….YOUR GAME IS OVER you worthless fool……everybody know what a filthy animal you are, cut from a filthy background…..LMAOOoo. Shameless liar like you. Everybody knows its only an senseless fool like you that has always worshiped a below average medicore who can never cross the Mediterranean….LMAOooo. That he won titles at Alhy isnt news…..even the 3rd choice GKs at Alhahy are title winners too…..LMAOooo. Your so-called GOAT is cooling his ass in the Libyan Dessert now….lets see if he will still continue to ammass titles on the back of the sweat and productivity of others.

        Between your shameless lying self going around using fake names all over the place because you are looking for clout and recognition, and I, who looks like the idiot battling with inferiority complex and personality issues…..LMAOoooo.

        You cannot even mask your responses properly……LMAOOoo….you are delivering the same rhetorics you always deliver when you have been disgraced and humiliated as always……LMAOoooo. You are not even making it less and less obvious to everybody with every new word you vomit from your cheap lying gutters…..LMAOOoooo.

        Idiot has switched to FIFA rankings….LMAOOoo……so Nigeria that has been ranked ahead of Egypt for months/years now has a better, stronger and high standard league than Egypt….??? LMAOoooo. Senegal that has been ranked no 1 for years has the no 1 league is Africa too….??? LMAOoooo. The belgian league must be the no 1 league in the world since Belgium has been No1 on the FIFA rankings for years…..LMAOOoo

        I guess because Nigeria has always had more players playing the the top 5 leagues, the Nigerian league is better and higher than the Egyptian league…..LMAOooooo. I am sure the Liberian League is also higher than the Egyptian league since Liberia has produced a ballon dor winner……LMAOooo.

        Big for nothing senseless fool…..LMAOooo

        Typical imbecilic reasoning of a jimmylie as always…..LMAOooo. Go and hang yourself because IFFHS has rated the Saudi league higher than the Egyptian league for the whole of the past decade 2011-2010….LMAOooooo…. https://www.iffhs.com/posts/1020

        Shameless fool…… a fool at forty is indeed a fool forever…..LMAOooo. A liar at forty is a liar forever. An impostor and wannabe at forty will continue to be one for ever…..LMAOooo.

        Big for nothing fool…..LMAOooooo.

        I have not even mentioned about Musa Yahaya playing football, Idiot is already talking about “…whether I played football or not…”…LMAooo

        Dan buro’uba…..!

        You should be the one answering questions here…..LMOAOooo

        MUSA YAHAYA, when did you become Mahmud Shauibu…..LMAOoooo

        MUSA YAHAYA……..come and show us where you threw this your challenge that has stripped you off the veil of empty pride, jealousy and desperation of running around a mere soccer forum with multiple identities and impersonating others to make them look stupid……

        MUSA YAHAYA….come and show us where you threw this your challenge that has stripped you off the veil of empty pride, jealousy and desperation of running around a mere soccer forum with multiple identities and impersonating others to make them look stupid……LMAOOooooo.

        Worthless fool……! Keep on deceiving yourself thinking you are deceiving others……your fakery has been blown open…..LMAOooo. And its so laughable you blew it open with your own hands…..LMAOooo. That is how devil punishes liars like you.

        You just grew up in flesh…you brain never grew along with your body while you were growing……LMAOooo. That why you think we can be fooled with your childish pride and criminal mindedness……LMAOooo

        Whoever pays your salaries at the moment should be warry of you. They should be searching you thoroughly each time you walk out of the workplace premises because you must also be a THEIF….LMAOoo. Anyone who tells this much lies and oozes so much fakery and gluttony will also steal when the opportunity presents itself…..that’s why you also go about impersonating people on the forum too.

        See how your life is turning out….???? At your age, you are getting yourself messed-up every now and then…..LMAOoo….when your mates already have children in college…..LMAOoooo.

        Shameless lying fool.

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          …football does not work the way it is analysed sometimes on paper. Saudi Arabia League is stronger and more rated than Egyptian league but recently it was the Egyptians Champions Al- Ahly that thumped Saudi Arabia champions Al-Hilal.

  • pablo 2 years ago

    Jimmylie the great!
    JimmyBall is the same person as Mahmud Shuaib, Musa Yahaya, Tamuno Offiali and One Naija!
    JimmyBall has been exposed!!!

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Musa Yahaya……Are you Mahmud Shauibu……LMAOoooo.

    How come you threw a challenge as Mahmud Shuaibu and putting up reponses and rebuttals as Musa Yahaya……LMAOoooo.

    Senseless fool…..LMAOooo

    How low and dirty can a human being descend because of crave for recognition that wouldnt add a cent to him……LMAooooo

    • Musa Yahaya 2 years ago

      I promise you, madness is not far away from you the way you are jumping up and down like a loosed bull!

      Its fools like you whoand chase clouts in a FACELESS forum. For your information, I am above 50 years and I dont work for no one. I am no salary earner like your miserable self. I run my personal businesses.

      You will never ever be able to match JUNIOR AJAYI’s achievements in life. Deal with that. We are here discussing him. His name is known far and wide. The last I checked no one knows you. You are always fighting and insulting people you dpnt know in a FACELESS forum. Your obsession with JIMMYBALL will get you HBP!

      I am enjoying myself here like I just came in now. I dontam get paid so no need for bad blood. I repeat, GOD ALMIGHTY, the one we call ALLAH knows I dont know who JIMMYBALL is and I do disagree with him. But why I tend to support some of his positions is because they are devoid of sentiments. He may suggest names that at times I dont agree with, but je DOESN’T go about as if he knows it more than everyome. And thats why you see him agree with OMO9ja at times and disagrees other times. Not likea you whose vain pride makes you see yourself as some god here. Since RORH debacle you are the only prominent forumite who continue to fight everybody even on different threads. POMPEI, DEO, IWUNZE, SAMUELS, JIMMYBALL, OMONAIJA, LARRY, SPORTSFAN, DE STAR, AYPHILLY, GREENTURF, GLORY, KENNETH, MAYANS, MARVELOUS, even the very funny MONKEY POST, CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES, MAHMUD SHUAIB etc have all supported, applauded, agreed on diffrent tppics here. The beauty of life is in divergent opinions.

      I am not MAHMUD SHUAIB. I liked his challenge and I picked it and threw it to you. Say whatever, cryI whatever, go brag about anything…na you sabi. CSN doesnt put food on my table.


      Until you do that, am done exchanging and wasting my time with a boastful loud mouth! It’s people who suffer severe inferiority complex who throw around titles in a FACELESS FORUM!

      The last I checked you no buy data for anybody here.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahaha…filthy liar…LMAOooo. Is this all you have got to save face…LMAOOoo…??? really…? You must be really daft.

        “….I liked his challenge and I picked it and threw it to you….”

        Please show us where you threw the so-called challenge…..LMAOooo….Copy the comment where you threw the challenge and paste it here let us see….LMOOOO

        Incase your tiny memory which struggles to hold all your lies have failed you once again, here was your stupidity exposing you

        “…. I CHALLENGED the loud mouth to name one single saudi player or player from Saudi league to play for a top 5 team in a top 5 European team and he didn’t disappoint AS INSTEAD OF PROVIDING PROOF, HE WENT ON his hallucinations induced multi ids tirade! Anuofia!…”

        Which meant you MUSA YAHAYA challenged me (show us where you did…you cant…LMAOOO) and I responded to you MUSA YAHAYA (show us where I responded to you on your challenge…you cannot too)…..LMAOooo…but it was Mahmud Mohammed that did so and whom i replied.

        So you didnt pick up any challenge you idiot, neither did you throw any challenge you cheap filthy lair.

        As the Idiot that you are, you forgot to switch your name as you have been doing on this platform and got caught red handed…..LMAOoooo. Useless born-by-mistake has waited 24 hours to think of a rebuttal to save face only to serve us with more lies…..LMAOoooo.

        You have been exposed….!!!

        “….I liked his challenge and I picked it and threw it to you….”

        Dont worry, this is how you will be picking up trash for the rest of life if you dont change your filthy ways. The madness that has sturck you that is making you act as 3 different people, thinking you are deceiving the rest of the world, will eventually send you to an assylum….LMAOooo

        “….I liked his challenge and I picked it and threw it to you….”…..LMAOOoo.

        The same way you attempted to maneuver yourself out of claiming you watched Thomson Usiyen after we reminded you you were only but a 6 year old as at 1984 as you previously claimed…..LMAOoooooo

        Shameless lying pig….LMAOooo

        Idiot at over 40 still telling white lies in public all over the place…..LMAOooo. Do you have children at all……LMAOoooo. What ethos do you pass to them is your are this filthy and stupid…???

        You are too daft to be reckoned with…..LMAOooo

        Continue your face-saving endeavor……you have been exposed FOR GOOD this time, you filthy lying pig…!

        “….I liked his challenge and I picked it and threw it to you….”

        May the devil continue to expose you as he has caused you to use your own hands to expose yourself.

        Look, smash your head on the floor till next year, cook up stories till the next decade, change your name to Adamu Ciroma or Sule Barkindo, this shame, you can NEVER wash it off you.

        The whole world as seen you for the filthy skunk that you are…..LMAOoooo

        “….I liked his challenge and I picked it and threw it to you….”

        1 person can be wrong about you, 2 can be a guess, but 3 and more is sure certainty….LMAOooo.

        Your sins have caught up with you and found you out finally.

        Good day, if you deserve one….!

        • Musa Yahaya 2 years ago

          Answer my simple question oga louth mouthed, childish egoist!

          Whether its MAHMUD SHUAIB or whoever, I am echoing same simple sentiment: NAME ONE SINGLE OLAYER FROM.SAUDI ARABIA OR SAUDI ARABIAN LEAGUE TO EVER PLAY FOR A ROP 5 CLUBSIDE IN A TOP.5 EUROPEAN LEAGUE or forever hold your peace and bury your boastful head in a heap of SHAME!

          Sebi you be big man, why dont you catch a flight to GERMANY and beat up JIMMYBALL since his shadows always send you on a spasms of mental convulsion!

          Fighting for clout in a FACELESS forum

          The last I checked, people who seek vain clouts are scattered all over TWITTER, FACEBOOK, ISTAGRAMM etc

          Shashasha wawa dan banza mahaukaci kawai!

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