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Eguavoen: I’m Still in Charge of Super Eagles

Eguavoen: I’m Still in Charge of Super Eagles

Super Eagles interim head coach Austine Eguavoen insists he remain in charge of the team despite reports he has stepped down from the role, reports Completesports.com.

Eguavoen took charge of the three-time African champions following the sacking of German tactician Gernot Rohr on the eve of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

The Eagles won their opening three games in Cameroon, but suffered a shocking defeat to Tunisia in the second round.

“I came here as an interim manager because of what’s been played out,” Eguavoen told BBC Sport Africa.

“Our former coach was relieved of his duties and it was just weeks before the Africa Cup of Nations.

“As technical director, anywhere in the world that is what is obtainable. If there is a vacancy, it is the technical director that steps in before the coach has been appointed.

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“So that’s why you see me taking this role and an interim man.

“Some of our journalists sometimes they change words, which is not too good. But we will manage it.”

The Nigeria Football Federation appointed Jose Peseiro to replace Rohr at the end of December and the Portuguese is expected to take charge of the team soon.

Eguavoen is not sure whether he will lead the side in their two-legged 2022 World Cup play-off against Ghana in March.

“That I cannot answer,” he said.

“The only thing that I can tell you is I’m still the technical director of the federation and I am happy with that.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Grow balls and stay on the job… You learnt a football lesson in Cameroon but that is football. If you can do to Ghana what you did to Egypt then stepup and lead us… You know the terrain. I heard you objected to the presidential call as a distraction but your employers insisted… Work on your defence, stay true to football and make sure to deploy players correctly. They want to come and try peseiro with world cup qualifiers against our fiercest archrival… Ok na!

    • Considering the fact that he had only two weeks to prepare the team. I think he should be given at least 4 years to deliver a better performance.

      • @Jose,
        It is clear that the cost of acquiring a foreign coach is on the high side coupled with the fact that they sometimes not feel safe to operate in the country. AND besides, where is the new coach going to start from? I think 8 years for Austin Eguavoen is better as compared to your 6 years suggestion. Almost everyone is now talking about continuity but Nigerian federation should be ready to give more time for us to enjoy the fruits of continuity.

  • He shuould go and leave the job to a person that have better technical expierence

    • I guess that person is you since you know everything about technicality of football. You Know that he lacks it so you that have it should take the role abi na mtchew

      • Harlyis 2 years ago

        It’s not about knowing everything, that guy allegiance is not to Nigeria. The authority is aware some of them are online.

        To the issue at stake, What the federation would do is to appoint Eguavoen on a permanent basis say for a period of 2 years, then we move from there.

        • Greenturf 2 years ago

          Good they should quickly appoint him and they must!

        • Julius Uko 2 years ago

          @Harlyis, I beg to disagree… 2 years is not enough. The foreign coaches normally get more than that. Rohr spent close to 6 years before we ask him to go. I will suggest an 8 years contract with Eguavoen and his team. They need time to execute their programme. It is always better to win or lose with our own.

          • onwajunior 2 years ago

            U know contracts and extensions are based on goals/targets. You can’t just give Eguavon blank 6-8yrs contract and be saying build a team meanwhile we not qualifying for tournaments. If not that we are close to the World Cup playoffs, I won’t be saying he should continue. Hope you know that if Eguavon had selected the 40man list we wouldn’t have seen about 10 players in that team. He said he’d have called up 7 homebssed players and he even wanted to replace ighalo with a Nassarawa United player. A good contract would be 2 yrs with targets, extendable upon meetings those targets. And pls let’s stop with this no time to prepare for Afcon BS. Didnt NFF know that b4 they fired the previous coach? Wasn’t it Eguavon who said that he has been with the team for a long time so he knows them well? The assistants Salisu, Agu, Aigbogun and Yobo all worked with Rohr. That excuse no hold water.

  • @MONKEY POST, you got your wish. I just hope whatever ever coach will lead us to the world cup should reach the finals. Maduka okoye will always be the number he is at Watford at the epl his market value @ transfermarket is 3m. While uzoho is at omonia nicosa in a league that is not even in the top 10 leagues and also as a backup goalkeeper. Okoye is always going to start ahead of him no matter the type of coach that comes. And at the nation’s cup he had a wonder save but you guys can’t see that one na only evil devil dey see. Okoye ride on my brother don’t let any comments pull you down omeruo was even testifying that the stuff hit him very hard but some Nigerians are still sending him death threat may God forgive una

    • William d conqueror 2 years ago

      For me, okoye should seize to be Nigeria number one. How many chances is he gonna get? After Sierra Leone in Lagos and again this. The next coach should find someone else for the position. My two Kobo.

      • Who tell me yakubu or adeyele in Jerusalem is like you guys don’t even know your players. For me okoye and uzoho are still the best goalkeepers we have because I have made an enquiry about all our goalkeepers

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      LMFAO! How is it my wish? When you people right from the outset wanted to “fail with your own” LMFAO!

  • Oga Eguavoen we die here….

    Nor be dem dey look for local coach?

    Tiki taka coach?

    Total football coach?

    Nor go anywhere o.

    U must be the coach whether they like it or not.

  • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

    All you gutless Rohr Haters, you all ought to be rounded up and shot. Your brainless hatred has led to Eguavoen being the coach.He is shit. Rohr is the real deal. We are gathering signatures for a petition to the NFF to reinstall Rohr with immediate effect. We already have 10,000 signatures. Once we have 50,000 we will submit it to the NFF. Rohr Haters should leave our Super Eagles to start supporting Tunisia. I hope you guys choke in your own vomit. We Rohr lovers are the true Super Eagles fans. You haters are pigs and soon, we will flush all of you out of Super Eagles followership.

    • Ode you lack sense Bordeaux sacked rhor within a season even though he played for them. And he is the real deal? Your petition is inhumane Asif are you guys really alive or just likes rhor even Ranieri that won the premier league for Leicester was sacked the following campaign despite in the top side of the epl table do get over rhor. And about the bullet stuff though I don’t hate rhor but stop cursing you might have a distinctive power in you and you don’t know and people starts to die so stop it you might think it’s a joke cause people aren’t the same, like me lol

    • Ode you are rhor followers and not the super eagles followers you can’t have two Masters you can only chose one so is it rhor or the super eagles and pls stop cursing and about the petition this is Nigeria not America petitions don’t work in a country that even subsidy we still they beg

      • So when rhor’s eventually dies the super eagles should die with him my brother you be fool even if Dr drey and monkey post sees this they should know that this is over the line do no rhor no super eagles nawa super eagles startef before rhor though we were the red devild then and when rhor eventually dies we will still be you inhumane human being and even sure rhor himself won’t support this your ideology

  • Chudynak 2 years ago

    Technical director ke, you no even merit that post. An assistant coach of Tunisia clipped your wings and you are still laying claim to the post of technical director. I think Manu Garba should be given the chance to coach the Super Eagles while Emmanuel Amuneke resumes as the Technical director

    • What will you call those that lost all the 3 matches at group stage? Remember, Eguavoen was given only 2 weeks for preparations. At least he won all the group matches. Our efforts should concentrated in having NFF giving him more time. 2 weeks wasn’t going to be enough and only an insane mind would think otherwise.

      • Detruth 2 years ago

        @Jose Only “insane minds” call for a coach to be fired two or three weeks to a major tournament and only “insane minds”/ imbeciles actually answer that call and carry out the insane request so no excuses.

        I really can’t understand why people feel the need to make excuses for him about two weeks not being enough after he clearly stated that he has been with the team for a long time and knows all the players’ strength/weaknesses and the right way to bring out the best out of them, “wing play” people are speaking for him and saying the complete opposite of what the man said.

        Contradictions has never worked in any defense and contradicting Eguavouen to make him look good is a domb move.

        The Eagles won their first three matches in the tournament but let’s face the fact,the man completely failed there are no two ways about it and no argument can be made on this one cause if any one argues that he did not fail, the question he/she should answer is, why did the Eagles come home early ?.

    • George 2 years ago

      Amuneke??? Someone who couldn’t win a group game in the last Afcon going by records? You must be a tribalist.

      • Friday 2 years ago

        George, never mind the noise maker. As if he cherishes running Amuneke aground. Who doesn’t know Amuneke is a tested failure when it comes to senior national team? The fact speaks for itself. In all, it is the fear of Eguavoen getting the nod.

  • Gritty 2 years ago

    Wait till March before you make conclusions@Mayans. Let’s wait and see what Okoye offers at Watford. As far as I’m concerned, Okoye is not a reliable goalie; great goal keepers save their team.

    Shame on Omeruo and other defenders (plus OkoyeBasket) who allowed that Tunis to shoot that ball without going full length down to block it.

    Didn’t they see how the Tunis were throwing all of their body to block our shots and making great blocks that saved their team?…

    SE platform gave Okoye the leap he is enjoying in his career today (courtesy of Rohr) not because he is Super good. Or can you equate Okoye with Mendy, Onana, et al.?

    Let’s call a spade a spade; Maduka Okoye is not ripe for SE No1 goalie.
    His blunders have become too many to ignore pls (blunders vs Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, Central African Rep, Tunisia, etc).

    I’m saying it o, let the Coach try Okoye against Ghana and see Ghana rain thunderous shots into our nets, since it has become an excuse that goal keepers should not save shots or slightly deflected shots!!! Ye ye dey smell…

    Stop making excuses for Okoye who doesn’t know how to make quick foot steps before diving. Watch his highlights again, Okoye is always flat footed at the face of opposition attack.

    #OkoyeBasket#Out! #Fineboy-No#show!

    • When Mendy was 22 he was a fourth choice goalkeeper, at the age of 25 he was playing in ligue2 of france

      • Meaning what@Mayans??? That we should put the nation in shame bcos Okoye is not same age as Mendy?

        This is not about age, Okoye is not good enough, period! No justification for his constant blunders, if you like give him 5years from now. Maybe you should form your own team and put Okoye there. Nonsense!

        Even the blind can see Okoye’s grievous goal keeping flaws and the deaf can hear them.

        And, it’s high time the SE management banned players from incessant social media distractions and unnecessary interviews while in camp.

        I think they play too much in camp, uploading unnecessary videos, granting interviews,..when they should be training and developing their areas of weakness.

        We don’t have free kick specialists in the team else Moses Simon would not be wasting our precious set pieces (did you see the Comoros goal vs Cameroon on Monday?).

        Our players can’t play thunderbolt shots on target… Ndidi wasted so many, even our strikers too.

        What about R2? (Don’t our pros watch their team mates use it to score beautiful goals???)

        That is why Ronaldo is Ronaldo; Extra practice/training.

        But our boys na play play…

        Pls SE players wake up and develop your game. We love you!!!


        • I was replying to that guy comments no vex, saying he is young and that wasn’t a blunder only a fan that is a goalkeeper or has trained to be a goalkeeper can understand

          • Please Mr Egu leave our SE before you add more harm to this team you don’t have the technical or tactical ability to take SE any hère even if hundred years is giving to you

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      Funny how people point fingers and select who should be blamed for Eagles failure, who should stay away from the team, who should be ashamed of himself/s for coming to the goalie’s defense and who should get an eight year contract as a reward for his failure and what not.

      It’s really ironic that folks called for a coach to be fired even after the man met all the targets and conditions set in his contract but the same folks turn around and call for another coach to be rewarded with a bizarre eight year contract for failing to advance beyond the Nation’s cup round of sixteen.

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    Eguavoen should carry on as coach he must complete the disaster the football authorities and sports minister initiated.
    The sports minister gave thumbs up to Eguavoen for going out in the 2nd round against Tunisian second team and assistant coach but a coach that met all his targets wasn’t good enough wow!
    Since what our leaders and most Nigerians yearn for is failure by always pressing the self destructive button so be it lets carry on in that order.
    I have stopped watching the Afcon it’s so sad we are very difficult people to please,wicked and evil beings that’s why the country is in shambles..
    We deserve the pains we asked for let that pain continue I hope Ghana completes the disaster then we can sit down and have a sober reflection,then we would understand the predicament we invited to ourselves this is what is called back to sender by mountain of fire ministries.
    Rohr is smiling to the banks and the evil fashioned against the good man is fast returning to the senders.It has not finished this is the part one you guys should start getting ready for the second part with desperate Eguavoen a typical Nigerian who will never resign despite a disappointing adventure.Pretending he wasn’t after Rohr’s job but you can tell he was by how desperate he’s to hang on despite his tactical defeciencies.
    Egu pls carry on with the job do not resign that disaster you guys were trying to avoid you have your man to help you avoid it in great fashion just like he did in Cameroon!

    Eguavoen must be in charge AGAINST GHANA!!

  • michael 2 years ago

    cant the New coach and eguavon work togeda????

  • Gritty 2 years ago

    NFF know what is best for the SE, let them do it.

    Didn’t Eguavoen know he should have instructed Moses Simon & Chuzy to come into the midfield and operate from the middle or swap their wings just like Brazil did with Neymar at our last friendly, when the Tunis clipped our wings???

    Iheanacho was playing far off from Aribo and Ndidi against Tunisia and even didn’t connect with the wingers for a two to beat one technique…

    We need creative Midfielders, who can hold the ball confidently, dribble through, win free kicks and penalties for us, distribute quick quality passes; Not like Iwobi that can’t face an opponent in the midfield, passing sideways (exactly what caused that red card).

    Ndidi must add goals to his DM play; let him master long range shots. He has height for set pieces also.

    Okoye should be dropped to No 3 goalie until he is ripe for the No 1 gloves, enough of his constant blunders!

    • And Noble should be our graceful no 1 yeah then uzoho should deputise him. That goal wasn’t a blunder. Do you know the size of a goal post goggle it and measure it beside the wall on you house and see how huge it is. That was shot that swerved away from it’s original destination. Okoye could have done better but atleast it wasn’t like he watched it at it was going in he dived for it and and it’s would have hit the woodwork if a couple inches were added so not a blunder. A blunder is like when he is given a back pass and slipped

  • Charles Oboli 2 years ago

    The noise makers aren’t going to disappoint. The fact still remains that thee time given to Eguavoen to prepare the boys was too short, and despite that, the Super Eagles did their best. It should be the NFF talking to us and taking decision by now not the other way around. The Players and their coaching crew need some rest. God bless Nigerians.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      I strongly disagree @Charles Oboli,Eguavoen is the technical director has been part of the team he knows the team like the back of his hand he has a detailed knowledge of the players one after the other.
      He failed because he wasn’t good enough.

      • Charles Oboli 2 years ago

        They have different jobs and responsibilities, but they can make each other so much stronger then when they decide to go head to head. Irrespective, the 2 weeks handed over to Eguavoen wasn’t going to enough, that’s quite obvious no matter how some few try to run away from the fact. I strongly support our football federation to appoint Eguavoen on permanent basis since he has shown
        good intents to deliver and mostly his interest to involve our domestic league.

      • Jason 2 years ago

        Greenturf, Nigerians had better be careful.
        This place and social media has been clearly been infiltrated by NPFL AGENTS who see Eguaveon as a better chance to get their substandard players into our senior national team.
        Rohr virtually impoverished them while in charge. Reason why he was attacked, sabotaged and chased away -He still thrived & met every target given to him irrespective-

        Imagine not selling any NPFL player in 2 Afcons and a world cup. BAD FOR BUSINESS. These people are so desperate they will readily sacrifice world cup qualification to see business pick up again. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS to them.
        They rode on the crest of the unfortunate results we recorded in the tail end of WCQ (We still qualified) to create confusion & instigate Nigerians against the erstwhile coach & team.

        Now they have someone who will sacrifice our better players for their’s and you think they won’t come here in droves with multipled IDs to comment support for his stay? LET TRUE SE FANS BE WISE.

        Football is about results anywhere in the world. Nigeria never crashes out in round of 16 (afcon). No matter what is the situation, it is unheard of and has never happened. Eguaveon and his assistants has been with this team for over a year. He failed the task given to him. SIMPLE. A good coach will always get results. Keshi won nations cup first time with Nigeria because he was good, Rohr qualified us for world cup from a very difficult group first time because he was good, Tuchel won UCL with Chelsea few months after being coach because he is good. Eguaveon FAILED and there is no sugar coating it.

        We will miss the world cup if this people have their way. We have a young team with large potentials to grow. This team is no where near it’s peak but it’s clear to everyone that they’ll rule Africa and shake the world when they get there. The world knows this, the rest of Africa knows this (Mane et al).
        But leave this team in the hands of an easy to control Eguaveon and we won’t recognize it in a few months.
        We will beat Ghana because our team is better than theirs and have our best world cup performance ever. We only need a strong willed, tactically astute coach who will select the best of our players, encourage them to continually aim to play in the biggest leagues and competitions and we’ll watch this team meet and surpass any previous super eagles set.

        I read the comments of so many people here who obviously love our super eagles but are sometimes too emotional, sentimental and BANDWAGONISH.


      • Detruth 2 years ago

        Thank you

  • Ralph 2 years ago

    Nobody is really blaming him for the AFCON loss even though 80% blames lies with technical deficiency in the match and the coach is responsible for this, but people are saying he only train the team for 2 weeks, okay agreed, but if Eguavoen want to keep it like that he should distance himself from the job, because if he take up the job and lose to Ghana then that will taint his reputation and there will be no place to hide for him, just go back to your office in peace. 98% of our players are based in Europe and you will only spend max of 1 week with them after any official match so i dont know how you gonna improve yourself and the team as a local coach. The team need an experienced coach. Period.

  • Jones 2 years ago

    Jimmyboy has been jumping from one page to another trying to deflect the blame from Eguavoen to iwobi. Imagine an experienced coach granting interviews up and done and revealing your tactics and possible formation during a tournament, before 9ja got kicked out I always woke up to Eguavoen in the news. I watched a video were The Tunisian Asst coach was asked how he planned to curtail the SE attacking force and in his words …”we have studied them and we believe we know how to win but we cannot talk about set ups and formations here until after the game”. Sadly, Eguavoen got caught up in the unnecessary hype and he didn’t even sit down and think of a different formation, plan B or anything even…getting kicked out by a pandemic hit team…doesn’t get worse than this.

    • That was just 2 weeks preparations. Tunisia crew have been preparing since 2019. Where is the comparison? What can’t be denied is the fact that Austin Eguavoen and his team need more time and not just few weeks.

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @Ade ; you are spot on , but where I have disagreement with you is on Okoye that he is not good; Okeye is good but he is not yet ripe for SE considering his age and football experience; forget his contract with premiership club , and I am very sure Okoye may jut be a reserve goalkeeper in that club ( that is part of the reasons for the failure of Rohr when he became businessman focusing on marketing of players, as he was only calling up or fielding players that are on his contract list at the expense of better players).

    Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that Okoye should not be crucified further , otherwise it will affect his performance and psychologically he needs to be worked on so that his performance would not go deeper down ( when a young Saka of England team failed to score penalty, many rallied around him to support him in the face of being crucified, so that , it would not affect him ; same should also be extended to Okoye, and I will also advise that in the next match against Ghana if the likes of Adeleye or other quality keepers in local league have not been tested; then Okoye can be in goal against Ghana in away match to gain more confidence, but if the first game would be played in Abuja , then he needs to step aside because he may not be able to manage pressure) .

    In all , Eguafon should be given 2 years contract , with reasonable salary even if it is half of Rohr’s salary whose highest best was Afcon bronze with 2 years of preparation and steady salaries ( we cannot waste money on average coach like Rohr that have never lifted any cup , even U15 cup , and then refused to pay your own country Man )

    Again the bribe taker Salisu & Agu should go because I knew the likes of unmerited goalkeeper as John Noble were corruptly brought on Eguafon as they did to Rohr.

    Lastly, steady salary with good condition of services should be given to Eguafon; otherwise a coach that is not paid would have no choice other than to help himself with the marketing of players, recalling of a retired flopped but rich players like Igahalo as we witnessed during the era of the erstwhile Rohr and as also repeated by Eguafon himself where he was crying over retired Igahalo ( the likes of Oliseh that can shout out rather than engaging in all those shameful act are not many; so the solution is regular payment of salary). If Eguafon then fails, he should be kicked out

    • Detruth 2 years ago

      @DeSTAR paying him a million dollar a week isn’t going to change the fact that he is not ready for the bid show. I’m still asking the same question, “what has he done lately and which team has he managed in the last six years”?

  • Some of these things take time. Like when I took time out to go through the Belgium Blueprint consistently being propagated by Mr. Pius Obemhen, one could see their success story wasn’t over night. Our Super Eagles has started and would actually need time. Clip as below.


  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    @Greenturf. God will always bless you. The country deserves exactly the state they are because they can never learn from self destruction. Nigeria is the most racist country in the world and the only thing that bring us together is football but these incompetent fools running our football are trying to take that single reunion factor that still makes us call ourselves Nigerians away from us.

    A tactically competent coach will not lose to a depleted Tunisia side missing 12 players and the coach. He keep laying emphasis on wing play. Yes our strength is wing play, but we always complement it with solid midfield play. In the 80s we have Muda Lawal, Aloysius Atuegbu, Henry Nwosu and the likes complimenting Odegbami and Adokie according to history. In the 90s which was our glory days Westerhoff did not play Amunike and Finidi until the Knockout stage in Tunisia. Especially when we have JayJay and Oliseh was impeccable with Mutiu headmaster and Thompson Oliha very loaded midfield.

    In our recent triumph Keshi had Mikel and Onazi working for each other and holding the ball up with Nosa and Mba competition for the third man spot in a 4-3-3 formation despite having Musa and Moses on the wings. Our concern with Rohr’s team is that we need a ball playing midfielder who can shoot from range and hold up play in critical areas. After 5 minutes watching the game against Tunisia I said we’re not going to do anything from the wings today that we need to load up the midfield quickly. Ndidi is only good at tackling and interceptions he’s not a ball carrier and terrible on long range shots. He should’ve brought in another immediately in the first half and remove Chukwueze like in the 25th minute. By the time he react it has already turned into a disaster.

    Well I hope we can scale through Ghana as I will love to see this team play another WorldCup together before they can really peak to contest for a title in Ivory Coast next June.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      Thanks @Ayphillydegreat,absolutely,achieving that world cup goal setting requires a good head on the bench of the super eagles otherwise we may as well kiss Qatar good-bye.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      Spot on with the analysis. It still boggles my mind how a coach didn’t see the wings were clipped within 25 mins of play. I said it after the GB game that going g forwars… We need to change strategy. In that game, it took the introduction of Moses to change the course of the game. Ndidi needs to work on his shooting and his attacking game if he is to attain the status of Oliseh who I think is the best DM we’ve ever had. He needs to take the bold step of moving to a bigger club where he can improve. At this point, Leicester is stunting his development. I think Nigerian players sometimes are scared to make that leap but will rather settle for average.

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    We’ve been saying it on this forum, even before Rohr’s sack, that the default excuse would be not enough time. Then why fire the coach weeks to a tournament?

    • Folarin 2 years ago

      One commenter already said noise makers will never disappoint.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    LMFAO! Omo I can’t wait for FIFA ranking… LMFAO! When Dem release am, SE position no go be here o! LMFAO! Eguavon! Eguavon!! LMFAO! This man doings(records)within just 3 weeks no be here o. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guys with what i saw at Afcon i don’t think Eguavouen can lead this team cus i saw one of westernoff interview when he said Eguavouen should not allow any external body to visit the team camp to avoid distractions cus feel that Eguavouen has not learnt from the past and he talk too much how can a coach exposes his tactics before match it sound unprofessional.

  • Eguavouen did not meet target you should have been sack Rohr meet is target and was sack no tactics in your football just got players and tell them to express than self this is no coach I can’t celebrate group stage if it’s so Nigeria football is gone no tactics no World cup

  • Coache 2 years ago

    I said before AFCON that Egueavon cannot win AFCON. He doesn’t have the temperament to win. The best way not to qualify for AFCON is to have him as our coach.

    Only Siasia and I mean only Siasia among the local coaches can qualify us for the world cup. THE MATCHES AGAINST GHANA ARE USUALLY WARS. CEREZO doesn’t have have the temperament of a winner. IMHO

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @Coachie ; Yes I agree with you Siasia is the best not only because of his technical acumen but he is character that can stand up to resist overbearing of impositions of undeserved players on him , unlike Eguafon that is an upgraded local version of Oga Rohr who are both Mr Yes-Man ( even if they put gun on Siasia, would he have bowed to corrupt player call up to the likes of John Noble of this world , a bench warmer for that matter in his local club ? even a good player that does not have mental attitude; Siasia would not call up such player as he did with Mikel on his way to Olympic.

    Siasia is the only coach that his team would loose a match and everyone would see the glaring hope of doing greater; when he lose a match , it is due to iil luck plus conspiracy of NFF and not competence ; his team lost to Ghana in u23 Afrcan tournament, same team Siasia used the same team to send packing same Ghana team and went on to win medal in the then Olympic.

    But Amaju Fraud-pinnick will never engage the likes of independent minds and quality coach as Siasia; and unfortunately Siasia is status bars from coaching now ; no thanks to the sabotage act of NFF who chooses to lend support of help to a bribe taker Salisu , and shamelessly brought him back to his position, while Siasia that was only alleged to have agreed to on getting a job which he eventually turned down , is allowed to wallowed in inability to work .

    Nevertheless, I still believe Eguafon should be given the job with good condition of services and salary even if it is the half of what was wasted on Oga Rohr .

    One thing is certain, the team played better than Rohr’s regime but lost to ill luck and poor officiating, while I hope Eguafon must have learnt his lesson

    • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

      @GREENTURF, Did your WHITE SUPREMACIST ROHR resigned when he failed to make it out of a WC group containing the worst ARGENTINE team in decades? At least ONIGNINDE, BORA MILUTINOVIC and LARS LAGGERBACK all resigned immediately they failed in the first hurdle!

      For 5 years plus ROHR never had a TEAM..yes, a FIRST 11. He kept chopping and changing players and positions. Stuck with SHEHU, AKPEYI, MUSA, COLLINS, IGHALO (begging him in retirement), EZENWA,; benched or totally refused to invite top performing players in top leagies and competitions like DESSERS, AWONIYI, ZAIDU, AINA, BONKE, ALHASSAN YUSUF, ADELEYE, OSIGWE, AMOO, BASSEY CALVIN etc

      For him form matters little..It was always his REGULARS, yet he couldn’t fashion OUT how best to deploy them.

      EGUAVOEN only had 4 full training sessions and won 3/3 at the group stage

      Even the game against TUNISIA, SE had more scoring chances. Had more shots on goal.

      Simon Moses missed from a Olayinka’s pull out

      Sadiq Umar missed from an Olayinka throughball

      Aribo went agonizingly close first half

      And the second half misses were after IWOBI was sent off.

      You gave ROHR time…give EGUAVOEN too time. Period.

      You keep singing ‘ROHR is this is that” and I asked you elsewhere last night what do you say about BORDEAUX, GABON, NIGER etc who all sacked him??

      What exactly has he ACHIEVED with SE that we wont hear word again???

      No one here is pained except probably you guys who may be work for him and are saddened by his exit.

      You cannot be more pained than EGUAVOEN or the players. If SE won, it wont be you or me hanging the medals on our necks. So lets cut EGUAVOEN some slack.

      ROHR’s biggest achievement with SE is also equalled by EGUAVOEN. So what’s all the fuss about???

      In 5 years he only has BRONZE in afcon same as EGUAVOEN!

      Imagine if those players had played more. Awoniyi will understand the runs of Aina or Zaidu etc

      Come on…we have the MATERIALS..let’s get them play more

      By the time BALOGUN, OSIMHEN, DESSERRS (must prove himself as a starter in a clubside), AMOO, Sam Kalu (am a fan), LUKMAN and BASSEY (I believe should offer more than ZAIDU) are integrated into the team EGUAVOEN will go places.

      And if he fails? We ditch him
      After all ITALY ditched the legendary ARIGO SACCHI and BRAZIL never thiught twice before fire Luis Felipe Scolari (despite winning WC). Football is a based on RESULTS. 2 weeks of which only about 4 days he had full complement of his squad is NEVER enough to judge EGUAVOEN!

      I vividly recalled on this platform before the TUNISIAN game when @POMPEI was like SE ahould approach the game cautiously YOU where OFF your chairs screaming no…SE are a superior side and should continue GONG HO style. Infact @DEO literary had to stop you guys from trading blows on this forum.

      Today you have made a VOLTE FACE claiming same EGUAVOEN you were praising to high heavens is bla bla bla

      Fear black man#

      I dont always agree with Dr. DREY, but he and MONKEY POST were tue only notable forumites who until SE bowed out REFUSED to embrace change. Should any of them come here GLOATING and ranting, I may not say ANYTHING. But not you and definitely not AYPHILLYDGREAT too. You guys were dancing, cheering and clapping every SE moves while it lasted.


      • Marvelous 2 years ago

        Equavon should step down simple. He wanted ROHR job at all cost but failed when given the chance. As a technical director he would known that there is no technicality in sacking a coach 2 or 3 weeks to a tournament. Instead he happily jumps on it with intentions of including 10 NPFL players and giving unnecessary YouTube analysis that is outdated.

        Lol wait o, all these useless training ground videos you guys are posting of what use is it? Who is paying you guys for such heavy work? Is it that Rohr team didn’t train lol, confused and sycophants everywhere. I can’t stop laughing each time I see you guys posting useless training videos after we were beaten disgracefully by a deployment Tunisian team headed by an assistant coach.

        Comoros lost gallantly to Cameroon. They scored first and went one man down ending the game 2-1

        Cape Verde lost gallantly to Senegal. Senegal was only able to score after cape Verde had 2 red cards.

        Egypt we defeated is now in quarter finals. Who knows maybe they get to the simis

        It is better to move slow and steady achieving progress along the line. Than behaving in a fast and furious attitude that yield no results. You guys wanted tiki taka football against purpose driven football.

        My blame still goes to the sentimental fans.

      • Greenturf 2 years ago

        @Mahmud Shuaib Rohr wasn’t expected to resign because expectations wasn’t very high.
        Super eagles prior to the world cup in Russia I mean way back before Rohr’s appointment was sitting at an ugly 75 in FIFA rankings.That was the huge set-back we had with domestic coaches in charge.Two nations cup playoffs was unsuccessful players moral was dampen fans expectations was all time low until Rohr came to the picture and gradually picked up the pieces and put us in the world football map.
        Qualifying in a group that have Zambia, Cameroon and Algeria for just one slot with a game to spare that alone was a great achievement.
        The team was quite young as should expect lacking in experience the reason we couldn’t go past the group stage but we weren’t disgraced we were unlucky so there was every need for continuity.
        I do want you to get something right,my support for Rohr was the fact he met all targets and shouldn’t be relieved of his job,that’s not standard.Aside that the poor treatment from his employers,they also owed him backlog of salaries yet he carried on because he love the super eagles he wants to achieve for him it goes beyond money.
        I want you to get something right,there are people who are against oppression they are born that way they fight for the oppressed they fight for equality irrespective of race,colour tribes ect.The likes of us are like that, people should first of all treated as humans.There must be love,respect,empathy and should be given the right treatment no matter where they come from.Racist people support ill-treatment of foreigners in their country but are the first to turn out in numbers in the streets of civilised countries protesting for any minor maltreatment.
        Rohr is bound to go someday but as long as he has a contract and meeting targets why relieve him of his job? Especially at the eve of a major tournament who does that??Now we were bundled out by a depleted team in the round of 16 yet you guys are okay with that?I’m amazed.
        The point is he should have been allowed to carry on until he fails then there’s a valid reason to get rid of him until then It was an absurd bizarre decision sacking him.

        Coming to the point you made for supporting Eguavoen during the nations cup yeah first of all I’m a supporter of the super eagles and I wouldn’t want them to fail for any reason.Im a Nigerian and love my country despite the poor leadership.I cannot control who is appointed as a coach what I should do as a true fan is to give my unwavering support and commitment to the good of the team going forward.

        Point of correction.Dr drey congratulated Eguavoen after our victory against Egypt.Dr.drey is a Nigerian just like everyone of us so should support the team because our allegiance is with the super eagles.

        Football is results-driven.Targets should be met our target was the trophy because our last attempt could only produce a bronze in the podium which wasn’t good enough by the super eagles fans hence the shout for the trophy the ultimate prize.Rohr was sacked for that very reason so you should expect his successor who is a machinery a genius to do better rather he was disappointedly schooled by a backroom staff of the Tunisian team what a disgrace!IN THE SECOND ROUND!!
        Apparently,knockout stages is where it matters most that is where you separate the boys from the men in coaching,Eguavoen proved to be a boy and if he has any dignity he should resign at both offices erroneously assigned to him.

  • MOTION 2 years ago

    Eguavoen is my choice forget the fact that Nigeria crashed out of AFCON on timely but his brand of football is a breadth of fresh air

  • Saturday 2 years ago

    @Greenturf, you are not the only one pained. We are all but we mustn’t allow emotions overrule our sense of judgement.

    I just finished watching some of the video clips posted by @Bola above. The training conducted by Eguavoen within the short time shown there’s work in progress. To Nigerians, that’s quite excellent and needs to be built upon.

    Eguavoen would need more time as the two weeks given him the other time wasn’t enough for any tangible result. Besides, our personnels were depleted due to covid and club protocols. Remember the likes of Osimhen and Odion who are our main strikers weren’t released for the tourney, so, you see, we Eguavoen was left with the available who were largely misfits and they clearly shown that with their outputs on that big stage.

    However, the good thing now is that Osimhen and Odion will be available for the playoffs in March so we are having a breath of fresh air.

    In all, the NFF will negotiate at least a 6 year contract with our domestic coaching crew, with a proviso for local participation, that’s important. We just need to be patient while believing in our own. I strongly believed continuity is where the pendulum is pointed.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      @Saturday wow so @Jason was right about multiple accounts here from agents who sees appointment of Eguavoen an avenue to market their wards,local participation indeed!

      Meanwhile,there’s nothing unique about the practice session it’s a standard used by most clubs/national teams the praise is rather strange you could tell ulterior motives is written all over your actions.God please save our super eagles!this is the reason a foreign coach is the best choice.
      The local participation you were on about was used in our failed nations cup playoffs between 2014/2017.
      Late keshi would invite 14 Europe based professionals the rest would be home based and where did we end with that system?How come we don’t learn from history?You want to do same thing and expect a different result?Though I do understand you player agents are so desperate to market your players and this is the reason our football is where we are today our youth teams are no longer dominant because of this very reason it’s a shame.

      Point of correction,I’m not being emotional rather was factual.You guys said Eguavoen had only a couple of weeks to put his team together so shouldn’t expect to do a miracle,if that’s the case what was the haste to sack someone who not only guaranteed the cup but met all targets given to him by same employers who relieved him of his job?please I want answers to this questions

      • Mahmud Shuaib 2 years ago

        You forgot to mention that KESHI’s 14 Euro based won AFCON and made WC second round despite being owed backlog of salaries and allowances.

        You wrote about RACISM and what I see is HYPOCRISY!

        You were silent on the reasons why KESHI had to resort to giving an UNKNOWN HOME-BASED the jersey no 10 in Kaduna pr wht OLISEH resorted to inviting the SLYVESTER IGBOUNs of this world; ILL TREATMENT by NFF!

        We failed to qualify for two AFCONS is giving as REASON for praising ROHR to high heavens despite his limited achievements forgetting that we also didn’t participate in 1996’and 1998 and BONFRERE won SILVER in 2000

        MOURINHO won Europa cup and league cup for Man Utd and was sacked next season

        Roberto Di Mateo won UCL for Chelsea and next season was booted out

        Tuchel won French Ligue 1 and played in the final of UCL for PSG but was sacked next season

        Tell me….are all of those racism too @GREENTURF????

  • Coache 2 years ago

    FESTER thanks for bringing out the history. You a true fan of Super Eagles. Ghanaians know and fear Siasia, he is the only Nigerian coach they tremble at the mention of his name.

    I knew this because I have been following Ghanaweb for more than a decade. Egueavon can only qualify by luck but with a high chance of failure. The only reason we defeated Egypt beyond the excellent play was because of the change in Coach. Rohr was easily predictable and now after 3 matches, Egueavon has been decoded.

    For us to qualify, we need a different coach because Egueavon has nothing new to be deciphered. Same tactics for 90mins.

    • Coache 2 years ago

      *I meant @DeSTAR instead of FESTER****

      • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

        Chester, it is true, Ghana fears Siasia. It will be difficult for Siasia to coach Nigeria again.

        • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

          * I meant @COACHIE instead of Chester *

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