#EndSARS Protesters Take Over As EPL Celebrates Iheanacho’s #GoalOfTheDay

#EndSARS Protesters Take Over As EPL Celebrates Iheanacho’s #GoalOfTheDay

The ongoing #EndSars, cum #EndPoliceBrutality protests by the Nigerian youths have been taken to the Twitter timeline of the Premier League after the English top flight football league body posted a short video of an outstanding goal scored by Super Eagles forward Kelechi Iheanacho for Leicester City against Tottenham Hotspur on May 13, 2018, Completesports.com reports.

The Premier League’s Goal Of The Day on Friday, 16 October 2020 was Leicester’s third goal scored by Iheanacho when Spurs pipped the Foxes 5-4 at the Wembley Stadium in 2018/2019 season.

The controversial unit of the Nigeria Police Force, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) may have been officially scrapped, following a massive worldwide protests by the Nigerian youths, but the agitators upped their remonstrations, demanding far-reaching reforms in the police force. And they take advantage of every available opportunity, live on the streets or online, pressing home their demands.

The Premier League dipped into their archive last Friday to pick out Iheanacho’s memorable goal against Spurs and tweeted the video in it’s #GoalOfTheDay series.
And it promptly caught the attention of the football-crazy Nigerian fans which majority are #EndSARS/ #EndPoliceBrutality Protesters.

The Premier League commentator in the video titled ‘Ridiculous technique from @67Kelechi 🇳🇬 ” hailed Iheanacho’s brilliant goal against Spurs as ‘Something Very Special’, but the Nigerian youths have since ‘hijacked’ the timeline to have their say on the #EndSARS campaign.

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Commentator: “That’s [pass] only fallen for Iheanacho, though chased by [Victor] Wanyama. Here goes Iheanacho … Gooooooal! That is something very special!

“What a strike this is. You can see there’s not a lot of back-lift from the left foot from Iheanacho. [Tottenham goalie] Hugo Lloris’ full tilt to his left-hand side can’t get anywhere near it. What a strike that is from Iheanacho.”

The Nigerian Twitter users practically disagreed with Premier League, tweeting that what is special for Nigerians is an end to police brutality of the innocent citizens and an all-round better policing.


Below are some of the Tweets of the #EndSARS/ #EndPoliceBrutality protestesters on the Premier League timeline.

@iam_luesonjr: “Next time when talking about a Nigerian, please try using the hashtag #EndSARS . It’ll mean a lot to us, Nigerians.”

@AgentJunior1: “@premierleague That guy you’re seeing is one of the lucky youths in [Nigeria] 🇳🇬 that escaped brutality. Nigeria🇳🇬 youths are protesting against the brutality of the Nigeria Police Force especially the SARS now SWAT department and have decided to watch this weekend’s game’s on the streets.

“We’ll be glad if the @premierleague join us to say #EndSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #SARSMUSTEND because we’ve over 100 million youths in Nigeria and more than 70 percent watch the @premierleague plus na league when support us we go watch…”

@4Jankoller: “@67kelechi is fortunate to be playing in the most watched league in the world but his fellow Young Nigerians are being harassed on a daily basis by a police unit in Nigeria called Sars, if we don’t #EndSARS none of us will remain to enjoy the Premier League, Support us to #EndSARS.”

@EnumahJosiah: “@67Kelechi is a Nigerian and there are many Nigerians in the EPL. Nigerians watch your league like their lives depend on it. Support us cos if you don’t, “na pesin wey dey alive go watch match”.
#ENDSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityNigeria

@DSOyero: “No dey disguise, tweet it #EndSARS.”

@Toma_E.Kelly: “There’s so many talented youths in the street like @67Kelechi that SARS doesn’t want them to achieve their dreams too, we must end it now, we must #EndSARS.”

@1st017: “#EndSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality police have brutalized many youths that have their hairstyles and profiled them as criminals.

@jessereal24: “Thanks for the honor @premierleague but next time we expect #EndSARS together with the caption. We appreciate ❤️.”

@MIKassim1: “Don’t use our flag if you’re not gonna use our hashtag #EndSARS.”

@OloladeGang: “@premierleague Posting a Nigeria player without the hashtag #EndSARS is prohibited.”

@Mr_jb-Maverick: “You can’t use the #EndSARS abi ? O le soro soke, abi ?”

Are you supporting #EndPoliceBrutality #EndSARS #EndSWAT Or Not?”

@UnbiasedMCFC: “On one hand, we got 25m from his sale, on the other he had a sensational goals per min record before Jesus arrived.”

@dattrey: “He’s underutilized at Leicester tbh”

@fcfootballcoin: “Great talent. We wish him to live up to all that potential.”

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