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Flying Eagles Crash Out Of Poland 2019, Lose 2-1 To Senegal

Flying Eagles Crash Out Of Poland 2019, Lose 2-1 To Senegal

The Flying Eagles of Nigeria failed to reach the quarter-finals of the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Poland after losing their Round of 16 match 2-1 to Senegal on Monday, Completesports.com reports.

Senegal netted two second half goals, while the Flying Eagles scored early in second half but chased the game in vain till the end.

Mohemmed Tijani lurked dangerously at Senegal’s area in the 11th minute but his header dropped off target on the roof of the net.

Effiom got injured in the 27th minute of the match and could not get on his feet and had to be stretchered out of the pitch and down the tunnel for proper medical attention

Sor replaced injured Effiom in the 32nd minute. And had a chance at goal few minutes later when raced to the end the of Flying Eagles’ sharp counter-attack but Senegal goalkeeper Daily Ndiaye gathered his lame shot

Amadou Sagna scored Senegal’s first goal in the 36th minute – his fourth in the tournament. He held off Salawudeen’s challenge at the edge of the box before shooting home beyond Olawale Oremade in goal for the Flying Eagles.

Niani doubled the Junior Teranga Lions’ lead in the third minute added on to the first 45 minutes for stoppages.

Flying Eagles returned from the recess looking revitalized. And it paid off in the 50th minute as Aniekeme Okon deflected Success Makanjuola’s free-kick into the Senegalese net to half the deficit.

Paul Aigbogun, looking for better cutting edge, substituted Michael with Peter Eletu in the 58th minute. But it was all a nervy search for the equalizer but Senegal defended in their numbers.

Oremade saved brilliantly off A corner kick in the 68th minute. Two minutes later, Sagna saw his effort go narrowly wide after a brave solo run at the Nigerian defence.

Senegal fought hard to ward off the Nigerian lads’ desperate search for a goal that might extend the contest to extra time.

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  • mutum 5 years ago

    anybody wen mention Paul aiogboun name or any player on this current team make sango strike am blind for 1 month…nonsense players and coach,tufiakwa

  • Bomboy 5 years ago

    ●My nerves are shattered, despite the fact that I knew the possibility of winning the game was very slim. What can I say to my folks tonight when they ask me why I am so moody?
    ●Can Aigbogun and the NFF swear that those boys were the best Nigeria could produce? Most of them were below average. Even Oremade (or what is his name again?) that has the build and ‘physic’ of a good goal keeper was not good enough despite some spirited effort.
    ●The loss is not really the issue for me; it is the total lack of ideas on the part of our players that frustrates me. They were full of zeal but lacked the right skills.
    ● It’s not fair that they get paid for playing while I get a heart attack for watching
    ● I swear: if the Super Eagles play heart attack football like this at the AFCON, I will retire from watching football.
    ●To the NFF, Aigbogun and his boys I have this to say: thank you for breaking my heart. God bless una well well.

    • Ifymeen 5 years ago

      Those boys are 35yrs and above…u know see their mean faces.and that coach is suppose to be loading buses in ajegunle

      • Ifymeen, don’t let me be angry with you o. How can you call those guys 35 years old?

        If you had said 30, then it would not have been too bad. Maybe even 33. But 35? That’s overstretching it, I’m afraid.

      • Is it about because of age that made them to play without basic football skills and tactics? Age is always the easy excuse we use as consolation.
        Those boys or men, can’t even put nice strings of passes together. The coach and the technical crew and the team are the worst Nigeria side I can remember watching, they simply refuse to get better as the tournament progresses…anyway they can’t give what they don’t have.

        • Amaju pinnick should be relieved of his post as nff president immediately.

    • Nice analysis…

    • Dejoe 5 years ago

      Even the coach cannot in all honesty say that those men are the best we can get from Nigeria. He is the only person who should explain what informed his choice of players. Those are below average. In a country of abundant talents, we cannot continue to go to tournaments with mediocres. After watching their second match, I concluded that they were going no where and they didn’t disappoint. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time watching the rest of their purposeless matches.

  • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

    Not surprised at all I actually expected they put up a better showing and still exit. They did not disappoint me as they toiled and struggled in vain. May I ask please. How did the right winger Muhammed or what do they call him made that team. Is that they best we could offer. Is tijani actually a striker? Senegal has better prospect of going further in the tournament and stopping them tonight would have been a great injustice. No doubt okon and makunjuola showed some promises. The coach has showed he did not pick the very best. NFF should learn one or two lessons from this tournament. We need young players within the age bracket not necessarily winning the tournament but discovering future Eagles. Looking forward to a great showing by the Super Eagles and Golden Eaglets later in the year. Argentina will win the tournament.

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    I have warned you Nigerians. I have been saying this for so long. NFF are the problem of our football. Some people were saying I’m a negative person but can you see now.

    This is just the beginning. Super Eagles own will chocked Nigerians wela than this one because the people
    in charge of our sports are corrupt.

    Where are the people that always blowing grammar? They are hiding. Many of you will run away on this forum that is for sure. Many of would change their names. Many of us here hates the truth but I can’t do without say it. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Larry 5 years ago

      what actually is your beef with Gernot Rhor or the super eagles ….. nawa ooo!

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Hehehehehe…I know I’ve never seen you before, but i’m sure you must have a big mouth…! Are you not one of those who stated that we would defeat senegal….? So what false prophesy are you now priding yourself about saying you warn Nigerians….LMAO.
      Dont worry….i am saving all your comments for you in a cooler. All these your false prophesies and tales of doom will still come back to haunt only you and you alone. I’m sure even AJ’s loss to Ruiz over the weekend too was also caused by Rohr….LMAO

  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    Just as expected…..

  • Afeez 5 years ago

    Omo Naija, please don’t bring the Super Eagles into this. Are you saying the NFF are corrupt for hiring an expertriate who is leaving no Stone unturned to ensure we lift our fourth Afcon? What else do you want Mr. Rohr or the NFF do do? Or can you do better in their shoes. Easier said than done. Please, don’t be a prophet of doom. God surpass you.

  • Omo9ja, you were one of those that said Nigeria could win this game because no Naija team ever lose outside Africa. I also remember Ara Nikita stating that, objectively, Nigeria cannot beat Senegal.
    It is good to be patriotic but it is better to add objectivity to patriotism. That is how you avoid taking below average players to international competition.
    The coach was never objective and I doubt if he was patriotic in his selection of players. From the African qualifiers and throughout the matches they played it was a show of mediocrity.

  • Player Ratings:

    Olawale Oremade : I will still hold on to Akpeyi for several years to come 5/10.

    Zulkifilu Rabiu : how not to be a right back. 5/10

    Ikouwem Udo Utin : where is Bryan Idowu when you need him? 5/10.

    Aliu Salawudeen : if this is the best central defender we have at under 20 level, God help us! 4/10.

    Igoh Ogbu : I heard Oboabona has left Gorica. 5/10.

    Kingsley Michael : not bad actually . 5/10.

    Nnamdi Ofoborh : The less said the better 4/10.

    Aniekeme Okon : one of the best of a bad bunch. 7.5/10.

    Maxwell Effiom : Early injury left us wondering what might have been. 4/10.

    Success Makanjuola : huffed and puffed – not a bad player. 7/10.

    Tijani Muhammed : Was full of running and put himself about. Caused a lot of problems to the opposition with his pace and trickery. Certainly one to take over from Ighalo next week. 3.5/10.

    The Substitutes

    Tom Dele-Bashiru : I hope Guadiola wasn’t watching. He was decent though when he came in (all jokes aside) . 5/10.

    Paul Eletu : Eletu????? 4/10.

    Yira Sor : He early miss set the tone for a miserable night . 5/10.

    • Pompei 5 years ago

      HEHEHEHEHE….Abeg make una no kill Tijani oooo. He is the next Samuel Etoo (Samuel Etoo don hear ween). Thanks for the laugh. The one that really got me going was the “holding on to Akpeyi”. I tell you, today, I agree with you! I guess I have been under appreciating the AKPEYESQUE one all this while 🙂
      Note below – I think your ratings were actually quite generous. Left to me, I would subtract an additional 1 or 2 points from your current score for each player. Except Okon and Makanjuola. These two tried. Unfortunate to be a part of this hapless squad.

    • Bomboy 5 years ago

      @ deo, you know one glaring truth your rating tells me? It is the fact that the next generation of the Super Eagles are yet to emerge.

      We can’t depend on these ‘Flying Eagles’ that can’t fly!

    • onwajunior 5 years ago

      Lol @deo… Forget, that Eletu is a star. Hated his inclusion but as the game progressed I saw what he was made of. Shame he only played bit part roles.

      • Onwajunior, all jokes apart, I quite agree with you.

        Dr Drey has said it all: even in the hands of another coach with a more sound football sense, these same set of players may not have performed so badly.

        I saw Eletu ease pass two opposing players in heart of midfield to retain possession and ignite attack – it was an eye catching move.

        However, the overall performance of the team has left a bitter taste in the mouth.

  • Are you saying Amaju Pinnick is corrupt or what? Can you prove it? Remember he was football guru in Delta when his brother in law was the governor. Warri stadium was supervised by him on behalf of the governor. I don’t know if the stadium is in use. You people should hail the boys not castigating them.

  • Omaskels 5 years ago

    Paul Aigbogun is a disgrace to coaching..he lacks idea n technical depth of d game.nothin dey e head at all..i jst wonder how he got d job in d first place..we AV other beta coaches na..even the old papa players could not even do anything..if dey dnt sack dis coach then i smell corruption in NFF..Am so pissed rite nw..

    • More than an absolute disgrace. He has effectively ruined his coaching career like he had any to begin with. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Nigeria coaches are so shortsighted. He could have scoured the country for talent brushed up on his technicality this past 2 years he was in charge and put up a good showing instead of collecting bribe. That money will be gone in no time whereas he could have advanced his career. Do these people even know that coaches make a lot of money if your good. 
      I blame NFF too they could have appointed Siasia or even Sunday Oliseh or any of past Nigerian players in coaching would have done a much better job and will value their reputation not being tarnished 

  • Right from the first match, it was glaring that the players and coach did not have was it takes to win a competition of this magnitude.
    Apart from selecting coverage players, he selected coverage players that did not know how to play football. At least, if you wan chop frog you go chop the one wey get egg. Aigbogun chop frog but em no know how to choose the one wey get egg.
    Without mincing words, majority of these players are probably between 30 and 40 years. Now if the current super eagles players are also between 20 and 35 years when do we think these flying eagles players will mature enough to displace the current super eagles players – probably when they are 50 years abi. Okay o we dey watch and wait.

  • Saint P. 5 years ago

    Even if you are over-age you should still have the basic knowledge of the game isn’t?, they playing like they just enroll them in an academy, staying in the camp all these while and this is the best they can come up with, from the very first against Qatar which they won you will notice they don`t have it, this is just a shame, is this really a coach?

  • Today marked a day of shame to foot ball naija. The coach is an error, the players are object of mockery to our national team. This show of disgrace will continue if not address. At the beginning, the players were sentimentality selected based on tribe, religion,nepotism, and money change hand factor. No talent in that team, no individual brilliance input, no tactical and technical contribution from the coach. NFF are confused administration body. Next time, especially the forth coming Under 17. Nigerians should talk. Remembered the calibre of players Garba Manu feeded that brought shame. Hope he selects better players this time. God bless Nigeria.

  • Adisboy 5 years ago

    What baffles me is that Aigbogun had TWO YEARS to produce a team yet look at the players he presented. The only good local players in the team were Okon & Makanjuola yet he didn’t start them till the 3rd game. I wonder where he found Tijani who i bet wouldn’t get into an NPFL side. He was scandalously poor similar to that right back Rabiu. If these are the best we can produce then we have no future as a nation in football. If the aim was to get scouted by European teams i doubt any would be looked at with that performance. Utin was the homebased player people were making noise clamouring for his invitation to the SE? God forbid! He is useless.I think with this performance and the fact that he moved to Isreal, i think he has blown his SE chances. I predicted at most the quarters but they couldn’t even get there. What a waste of opportunity to expose real talented youngsters to the World. If the NFF care about the progress of our U20 team, Aigbogun should be replaced immediately.

  • Well said. At least we have all seen what mess they have brought globally. Our football philosophies were called to question by the erudite football analysts across the globe. Nigeria is known to be a country that produces talents who can then graduate to become superstars. Bribery and corruptions have taken their positions in this manner. When we all know already that we can’t win this competition, at least we should present a team that will guarantee us a silverware in the foreseeable years. The coach should be sacked alongside his coaching crew. Who gave him the job in the first place? No natural playmaker, No skilful wingers. The striker look like a giraffe that has not been fed for years. May God punish PAUL AIGBOGUN.

  • Bunch of nincompoops, the worst U20 team that Nigeria ever assembled. The goalkeeper was a joke, can’t even do common kick, the striker (Tijani) was an embarrassment. I’m one of the people clamoring for the inclusion of Utim into the SE after what I saw of him against Atletico Madrid; but he had a very bad tournament. The coach really failed us as a nation, and shouldn’t be allowed to take any national side again. He had 2 tournaments to choose a reliable squad, and yet this is the best he could come up with, that Tijani won’t make MFM team. Let’s start preparing for 2021, it’s a developmental competition, we need rookies to play, not men.

  • Well…I wonder why people are complaining about some players. We all know from day one that there is something about the coach. He was arrested in UK before the nation’s cup, that alone shows how serious he is. From day 1, Salaudeen, Rafiu, Tijan has been suspects. from just 3 or two matches, We’ve already known they are not good..now imagine a coach that have been we them for months and weeks yet still assembled them. Even condemned Nafizi is better than Tijan. There’s suspect in his selections. Ozomwafor and Ogbu did not play together through out the tournament..yet Salaudeen played all through. I wonder y that Nanso was selected…he didn’t play single match. Even an Idiot will know that the combo of Oforborh and Dele-Bashiru will provide something Nice. If the likes of Jayden Bennett (just signed new contract with Watford) , korede (new contract with Everton) can be dropped for this set of players then there’s something about the coach. The problem is not the players, the problem is the coach. Even pinnick mentioned Dele-Bashiru among his best players in this tournament. But the coach kept him on the bench because he hates good players.

  • Ayomide 5 years ago

    please how old is our keeper, he behaves childish and timid

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    All these boys are not good. Utin Oremade Ozor ogbuh tijani oforboh all are not good they utin especially always sending passes to opponent in fear. I keep saying it the only bright spot is Makanjuola and Okon. Bashiru is good but he doesn’t understand the coach’s dirty pattern of football. Now he must taking the medal he dreamt of home.

  • Amaju pinnick should be relieved of his post as the president of the nff immediately.

  • It shows that we went on sight-seen and not fully prepared. Too bad for our reputation.

  • luomo 5 years ago

    Those of us in the know knew this team won’t go anywhere considering the selection process and all the ugly things that went down, its so sad our media covers up a lot of atrocities and have refused to expose this ills cos they are also beneficiaries,I remember questioning the selection before the commencement of the tourney but one was seen as a prophet of doom. I wasn’t surprised one bit by the elimination. First time I will feel like this as a Nigerian football fan

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    I think Pinnick and other corrupt Nff officials knowingly installed Aigbogun as our coach to do their corrupt bidding.how would a sane coach takes Rabiu, tijani, Salau, and other useless clowns to a major tournament, for real folks EFCC should open investigation on this team.This is a serious crime and a great embarrassment on a whole nation, if something serious is not done this useless fools will continue to penetrate this fraud on us.Accepted Nigeria is a failed state but common folks, these guys are pushing it too far.

  • daniel 5 years ago

    this is where EFCC should show they power, the coach need to arrest and probe all the bribe he and Nff officail did to break peoples heart,so poor man child thats talented cant play football in Nigeria? go to Aba abia state ,Ajegule Enugu, you will see raw talented real under 20 who dont attend academy at all but very skilful and football wisdom. we have finidi Geogde and other ex international who can nurtur talent for us but NFF will go for retired drunker in uk. i dont blame white that call black race monky both educated and non educated.

  • Glory 5 years ago

    I chose to stand by the coach and the team despite all criticism because I believe in giving people a chance to prove doubters wrong n also because d media have become tools for promoting falsehood. But saddly AIGBOGUN n crew and most especially This NFF OFFICIAL called Shehu Dikko selfishly decided to bring NIGERIA FOOTBALL GLORY IT’S ALL TIME LOWEST EBB. Besides Okon, Makanjola, Tom Dele, Oforbhor, honestly can’t pick any other player there that even deserve to call himself a footballer talk less of representing Nigeria. We gave them d necessary support n encouraging words but still they failed. Such a massive let down. Aigbogun should just forget about coaching or anything else about football. He is 100% bereft of every atom of football knowledge. This failure is sure gonna become an everlasting perfume where ever he goes. As for Pinnick. We have stood by you all through the difficult moments, but be sure to know that if you don’t call Shehu Dikko n Co to order, something really bad is gonna happen soon n the massive support you have enjoyed will turn against you. We are watching.

    • Glory 5 years ago

      Sorry I forgot to add the name of Igho Ogbu as one of few that impressed.

  • Now that we are out, my question is that, what was the criteria used in the selection of a coach without any international experience to go and managed a world cup team.
    He lacked the quality required to be at the top level, thus his team was full of averaged players that lacked endurance and mental strength required at that level.You can imagine going to world cup without a single striker, defenders that lacked spatial awareness and goal keeper with a very low reflexes.Just thinking of John Obi Mikel, Dele Ajiboye, Alampasu, Taye taiwo, Chrisantus Macauley, Kelechi Nwakali, Musa Yahaya, Samuel Chukwueze, Victor Osimeh. Now I know how good was late Yemi Tela, Samson Siasia, Emmanuel Amunike, e.t.c.
    Another question bothering my mind was why was Victor Osimeh and Samuel Chuwueze were not part of this team since they were still within the age bracket but I later remembered that NFF has misplaced their priority of grass root football development through progressive age grade cadre to Super Eagle must win world cup and nations cup at all cost.
    One day is coming that our federation would be managed by the right people and our country will rule the world.
    I believe in Nigeria and the intelligence of her people as a nation.
    God bless Nigeria .

    • onwajunior 5 years ago

      Obviously, it either the coach sold the spots or someone @ d top, presidency, senate etc. influenced him. It wasn’t clear in the previous matches but yesterday’s game exposed him. In the 1st match Tijani started and played poorly (the 4-0 scoreline covered his performance), second game he came in as substitute and 3rd started the game. Even though he was the worst player, the coach still gave him the responsibility to take penalties – this shows that the coach or someone @ d top desperately wants to market him. Against Senegal he was a liability to the team, most of his touches were terrible, in fact he was defending for Senegal, and still the coach left him on the pitch. Same for Rabiu. I’m tempted to say Saludeen too had a godfather bcos we all saw that Igho and Ozornwafor were the ideal pair, but Saludeen stood his ground to some extent.
      The only positive is that we saw some good players – Okon, Dele (yesterday’s game convinced me), Ozor, Igho and Eletu (the best player yesterday in my opinion, don’t know why nobody is talking about him). The huge loss is that we may never get to know those talents who were deprived of the opportunity because they couldn’t pay their way through.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

    FlyingEagles are only a springboard to usher a few bright potential talents into the SuperEagles. That has been the case since 1981 only about 3 or 4 players at the maximum always go on to have stellar careers with the SuperEagles.

    Our greatest collection of talented U20 team went to Chile in 1987 and disgraced us before the watching world to crash out in the group stage. Over the last 3 editions we’ve participated our team hasn’t made past the round of 16. However, since 2013 we’ve had some players progressing into the SuperEagles.

    Ndidi, Shehu, Simon(2013) Ndidi, Iheanacho, Musa Muhammed, Success, Awoniyi(2015) Amunikes team that failed to qualify in 2017 have given us Chukwueze and Osimhen, to some extent Nwakali. So far we’ve identified a few bright spots in this team.

    Obviously, the coach lacks technical and tactical input to steer the players to raise their game. But I’m absolutely certain that Igho Ogbu and Valentine Ozonwafor will go on to have decent careers at least. I’m also optimistic for Okon and Makanjuola though Makanjuolas game needs a little finesse. Dele Bashiru I’m sure will be one for the future starting with the U23 team. If about 4 players from this team can go on to have good careers then the developing process has been fulfilled in my opinion. 

  • Emmamarvel 5 years ago

    I want to believe that d selection process was compromised. Those mediocres are not the best Nigeria could offer

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    You guys are trying to bring omo9ja down by all means… no way. God is my strength. I remembered what I said and if to say I said a wrong thing that day, many of you would been pasting the actual comment here since yesterday. God, I think you ooo. So therefore, I’m not a prophet.

    Go and find the comment and read it from beginning to the end and come back here to apologize to God. I’m not God and if you guys doesn’t fear God, don’t do so.

    However, I said NFF were the biggest problem of our football. Go on Instagram now on NFF page and see how the patriotic Nigerians has been blabbing NFF over our under20 team since yesterday.

    Coach Aiyegbogun wasn’t at fault at all but NFF. If you truly know this game called football then, you should understand. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Franklin 5 years ago

    Absolving aigbogun of any blame is like blaming d mother that sent a child on an errand and d money got lost without blaming d careless child. If u re saying Dat those players were forced on aigbogun against his choice then he would av done d honourable thing and resign but he didn’t. Av stopped taking aigbogun serious ryt frm d nations cup d matches during dat tournament was tepid @ best. aigbogun is just Mr. speak English

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