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Ghana Coach Zito: We Are Ready For Flying Eagles Challenge

Ghana Coach Zito: We Are  Ready For Flying Eagles Challenge

Black Satellites of Ghana head coach Abdul Karim Zito is confident his side will start their campaign at the WAFU B U-20 Championship on a positive note.

Zito’s side will face the Flying Eagles of Nigeria in their opening game at the Stade de G√©n√©ral-Seyni-Kountch√© on Sunday (today).


The two rivals battled to a draw at the last edition of the competition.

Zito however stated that they will beat the Flying Eagles this time around.

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“Nigeria began camping for this tournament four days after we started in Prampram. They got here earlier and have played two friendlies against Niger but we are poised to qualify to the AFCON “, Zito told ghanafa.org.

The Black Satellites won the last edition of the competition and went on to win the Africa U-20 Cup of Nations beating Uganda 2-0 in the final.

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The gaffer believes his team have what it takes to successfully defend their crown in Niger despite the unfavorable weather conditions in the country.

‚ÄúWe are trying to cope with the weather condition which is hotter than we expected. Nonetheless, we are trying to adapt to it and are for the competition,” Zito declared.

‚ÄúI have been here previously for about a year so I knew what to expect around this time of the year but am happy since we got here the players have shown signs of adapting to the weather conditions.”

Zito also stated that, while he had more time with the previous squad, his current team is more adaptable.

‚ÄúWith the previous squad, the league had been halted due to Covid so I got to spend more time with the players in camp but now the league is ongoing so after training the players return to their clubs to honour the league matches before they return to camp. However, I believe that in terms of flexibility the current squad is more flexible‚ÄĚ, Coach Zito intimated.

The two finalists at the competition will qualify for the U-20 AFCON in Egypt.

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  • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

    Ghana are using proper league players to execute youth tournaments.Ours are a mixture of academy and league players.
    Well i wish Ladan Bosso good-luck,I hope we are able to see one or two quality attacking midfielders in this team.
    Since the under 20 serves as feeder to the super eagles we hope to use this opportunity to shop for grey areas,the attacking midfield needs new and quality talents and we hope Ugbade and Bosso was mandated to make sure we cover grounds on this areas.
    Hoping to find a link to see this game.

    • If you don’t know what you are talking about just shut up. A lot of those players play for the second, third and forth tier of ghana football. Bismark Anim plays for Tudu Mighty Jets, Mohaison Mahmoud plays for united fc, Mustapha Yakubu play for Hearts of lions,Moses Salifu plays for baffour academy, Gilbert Narh plays for golden striker. I can go on and on. Obviously these are mostly academy and lower league players. Of course we have players in the Premier league who are U20 just like any country. England has Nketiah,Odoi, lamptey, Smith Rowe, Eze, tanganga, ramsdale etc. These are all Premier league players. I fact 90% of the England u20 players ply their trade in the EPL. The Ghana team is an excellent blend of Premier league and academy players who will inflict pain on the baby chickens again. Next time have your facts right.

      • Zoomman 2 weeks ago

        But flying eagles just won. Pride comes before a fall mate.

      • You have not used your satellite very well this time around you have been beating by the baby chicken.

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      We ll still beat them and again the writer said that Ghana and Nigeria played to a draw in the last edition 

      Pls check ur records well … Ghana beat the flying eagles by a goal to nothing 

      We beat them 

    • Papafem 2 weeks ago

      Where exactly do you these players to come from when most Nigerian clubs don’t have functional academies. I can assure you if the team is dominated by NPFL players, there is 100% chance that many of them will be overaged players

  • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

    Dear forumites… I found this link for the game for those who would like to stream.



    • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

      Guys… This link is working as I am watching it live.

  • Ghana all depend on juju that’s wwhy i hate watching their games. They’re terrible creatures

    • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

      I won’t be surprised they used JuJu each time they square up against us they are that desperate.You can tell after every Nigerian game they lose the next one because they hate Nigeria so much they use all their energy plus charms then afterwards too exhausted and knackered to repeat the performance,they usually fail in the next assignment.
      I have never known anyone or people to hate another country the way Ghana does to Nigeria,but for us it’s just a game but for Ghana it’s we either die on the pitch than lose to Nigeria wow!

      • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

        Lives scores… Nigeria 1 vs 0 Ghana. Sweet roundup of Ghana keeper.

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        U sound retarded…. Sorry for the womb that pop ur dirty stinking BOKOM ass 

        Stupid moron … 

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

    Nigeria up 1-0 thanks JimmyBall I’m enjoying that link. 

  • KENNETH 2 weeks ago

    This boys need to slow down this game. They getting jittery for me. Any mistake and Ghana will come back into the game.

  • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

    We might have made a few discoveries top on the list is the goalkeeper Nwosu,attacker number 11 Muhammadu, defensive midfielder Daga.
    My primary concern is the attacking midfield occupied by Mohammed Aminu on the number 10 jersey I’m not sure of his impact so far,I think Ghana has dominated the midfield since going down but not outrightly.
    This Ghanaian side is a better team than the one that won the tournament two years ago.In my opinion this Ghana side is very good hopefully they and Nigeria go through.

  • My Ghana noise maker, half time presently Ghana 0 vs Nigeria 1

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      SHAPP for there lol

      Until the day these babe eagles do this, u can’t compare urself to Ghana in under 20 tournament 


      It ll take AFRICA another 100 years to repeat this lol!!

      These flyin babe eagles all looked over aged and fifa ll ban most of them when they check their bones haha 

  • Where’s yawning Yaw and selfmade idiot with all his incoherent “dumb fuck” gibberish saliva everywhere?

    I don’t know when Ghana became a problem in football for Nigeria. I only regard Cameroun, Senegal and CIV in West Africa. I group Ghana with Benin, Mali and Togo (2nd tier). And countries like Gambia, Liberia, Niger and Sierra Leone as Tier 3.

    We’ve heard about when Afcon used to be played between 3 countries and Ghana enjoyed cheap Afcon wins (technically for me, though, it shouldn’t count). When the competition became crowded with 12 teams, their juice ran out and they’ve been stuck in 1982 since then.

    Now they managed to qualify through an outdated away goals by archaic CAF (they never and can never beat Nigeria in 2022 or in this era). I don’t mince words to say I’m rooting for sound 1st round beatings by Uruguay, Portugal & South Korea. I’ll be celebrating those. We’ll then meet in CIV 2023 Afcon to complete the rout.

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      U retarded tho …. Ghana is going to the biggest theatre on earth which is the wc and ur dirty BOKOM self says what!!

      U dirty BOKOM scumbag 

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Again u talking as if Nigeria has done anything extra o at the wc

      The last time I checked,the BIG FOR NOTHING one failed project called Nigeria has zero records at the wc lol

      Ghana is the most successful AFRICA nation at the wc 

      U retarded BOKOM dog!! Lol

    • You are a fool. Was Nigeria playing hockey at that time?

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        Nigeria has won the afcon under 20 7 times using over aged players but whenever they go to the proper fifa under 20, they always choked haha 

        7 times African champions and zero fifa wc trophy shows that these guys has no football talent lol

        Ghana won it for AFRICA and we were the champions last year after eliminating Nigeria on our way to the cup 

        We don’t want this cup again!! We won it only last year 

        We are looking at the greatest theater on this rock which is of course the senior fifa wc and not this bullshit 

        The Nigerian players in today match looked OVER AGED as usual haha 

        Bullshit cup apuu 

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

          We beat your team today sha. Now you don’t want this bullshit when you lose. Lmao!! Sorry eh

          • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

            Enjoy ur self meanwhile ghana is preparing to go the biggest football theatre on earth lol

            Congratulations to the flying eagles at least they have brought a bit of pride 

            But it ll take AFRICA another 100 years to repeat this 


            Ghana last year beat Nigeria in the same tournament so nothing serious here 

        • Emecco 2 weeks ago

          Idiot, Selfmade, you have been beaten 2-0, let me see your bastard face on this site again. Chineke kpoo gi oku.

          • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

            A piece of BOKOM shit … when did ur stupid daddy ever open a website 

            Nigeria is associated with mediocrity and hence u celebrate mediocrity , u stupid scumbag 

            Am here and what can ur criminal BOKOM head do!!

            U dirty ANIMAL

      • Stupid Yawning noisemaking boy, I’ve been too busy to take you on and toast you like boli. I see all your yidiyada slobbering all over here.

        My question is: What happened since 1982? As far as I’m concerned you have only 1 Afcon. 3-coubtries competition is meh. It does not count. Just invitational friendlies.

        I repeat, Ghana Stars (I don’t know if a star can actually be black cos stars are supposed to be bright. Set up a committee to find another name. It’s just like your colour-riot flag – totally ingenous. Lazy design). I repeat Ghana can NEVER beat SE fair and square in this era. I don’t bat an eyelid when it’s Ghana. You scaled SA through Anartey’s abracadabra penalty and you got a ticket without actually winning – no thanks to CAF old school rule.

        In Qatar, you’ll be the first to be knocked out. I’ll be openly rooting for all your opponents. Don’t let anyone deceive you or Houghton. We won’t cheer you. End of Story. Uruguay 4-0 win. Portugal 3-0 win. South Korea 3-1 win. No away goals or Amartey magic. VAR is on ground gidigba.

        We’ll be waiting for your fluke winning bottom at Afcon 2023. Today’s Flying Eagles’ win is just a sign of what’s to come. Boy, you have no idea. Humility will clothe you like tampolene starting now.

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          U retarded tho….

          Ur have an iq comparable to a caged BOKOM baboon haha 

          Ghana beat these same flying eagles only last year on their way to annexing the cup 

          Ghana are the defending afcon under 20 champions 

          Mediocrity should be ur stupid middle name lol

          How 200 million mugus can’t get anything right is shocking to any discerning mind haha 

          This was only last year!!


           Celebrate mediocracy whiles Ghana is celebrating this 


          Who care about this cheap cup that Nigerians are using GRAND PAPAS as under 20 

          Fifa ll ban a lot of these cheating babe eagles haha 

          • Papafem 2 weeks ago

            Cheating baby Eagles. Excuse don start.. hahahaha

  • Sammy 2 weeks ago

    Nigeria 2 Ghana 0

  • Kwesi 2 weeks ago

    Its 2-2. wow. Ghana is really superior

  • Kwesi 2 weeks ago

    Wow, its a draw, what a comeback by Ghana.woooooow

  • Emecco 2 weeks ago

    Idiot, Selfmade, you have been beaten 2-0, let me see your bastard face on this site again. Chineke kpoo gi oku.

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Toilet self has a better iq than u haha 

      Dirty BOKOM bastard celebrating mediocrity 

      The last time I checked, ur stupid daddy hasn’t opened any website, u dirty scumbag lol

      • Papafem 2 weeks ago

        This animal is still taking. Shameless bastard! You surely think Ghana has got that permanent winning right over us. That WC wey dey shak you, your eye go clear after 2 matches. You can as well kiss this championship goodbye because you’re losing your next match too.

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          We did this to u only last year, u stinking BOKOM son of a shitty slut haha 

          Toilet self has a better iq than u, u BOKOM barking dog haha 

          Ghana beat the same BOKOM bastards only last year eliminating them in the process haha 


          U ll continue to celebrate mediocrity afterall, we don’t expect nothing good from 200 BOKOM mugus, u stupid ASSHOLE …. lol

          Hopeless motherfucker and u ll rot in that lightless hopeless enclave haha 

          Ghana is celebrating this and not that GOOD FOR NOTHING cup with Nigerians using over aged players haha 


          U dimwit haha 

          • Papafem 2 weeks ago

            Hahahahahahaa…the loss choke. Lol.. it suddenly becomes mediocrity when Ghana lost. Poor soul. What would it have been if Ghana had won? Alacrity? LOL. if the competition wasn’t important, your government would not spend tax payers money sending your rag tag team. Get life, big head

  • Bosso got it right on this occasion. His formation, tactics,drills and approach all worked to the T.

    The 49 year old veteran tactician has been around the blocks. It is high time he starts to make his vast experience count.

    Bosso is not alien to qualifying a team for the world cup. He is not unfamiliar to getting beyond the group stages of the world cup.

    He now needs to get beyond the group stage of the WAFU B Cup and give it a damn good fight in the semi finals.

    It is squarely up to Bosso to prove his critics wrong. He has started well, he just needs to finish strongly.

    Any Nigeria coach who defeats Ghana at any level in any gender of football deserves huge commendation.

    Nigeria 2:0 Ghana.

    • Akosa Ike 2 weeks ago

      You see why it’s good to give our coaches time and more chances.Allowing Bosso to continue with Flying Eagles has paid off.I pray Emmanuel Amuneke will be given another chance with the Super Eagles,but this time under a foreign coach,a high profile one.
      Now the Youth and Sports Minister insists the NFF should go for the best, interview more qualified exptriate coaches,as the federal government has agreed to pay the salaries the shortlisted high profile demand, which forced the NFF to settle for the ‘affordable Portuguese journey man.

    • Omo9ja 2 weeks ago

      You are absolutely right Deo, the coach came out with full force and his boys gave the best of themselves. His tactics was perfectly executed by his troops.

      This is what was lacking when Super Eagles was playing against the black stars of Ghana.

      In today’s match, our team did not give any space for the Ghanaian team to operate or breath. Kudos to coach Bosso.

      I still believe our own have what it takes to be the head coach of the Super Eagles if NFF choosing the right indigenous coaches for all our national teams.

      Congratulations to our darling Flying Eagles. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Greenturf 2 weeks ago

      Absolutely @deo,apparently,his team was unfortunate last year,they played so well but luck was against them.
      I never dissed Bosso even when most forum members were disgusted on his reappointment because he has always impressed me the way he sets up his team.
      Most people have forgotten twice he has qualified Nigeria for the under 20 world cup has also won the African youth championship.
      Bosso is a much better head than Eguavoen he has always presented teams solid on all grounds.His first choice goalkeeper Nathaniel Nwosu will man the super eagles post in the nearest future,I see a very good goalkeeper in Nathaniel.The number 11 and scorer of our first goal is another super talent,he plays with his head,selfless speed and an eye for goal.
      Meanwhile,we should endeavour to finish tops to avoid ivory coast in the semi’s their under17 winning team of last year was a great team and I’m sure most of them are in the current under 20 side which defeated the host team only yesterday.
      Good-luck Bosso and your wards,you sure will need a lot of it.

  • KENNETH 2 weeks ago

    Hope this ccoach zito is not from Brazil. He claimed the weather was why they lost. Abeg whats the tempearture in Niger and Ghana. Has he forgotten that black absolves heat a lot, so why are they the called the starlets.What a silly excuse