Hollywoodbets Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Hollywoodbets Payment and Withdrawal Methods

If you’re a South African who enjoys betting on a reliable and entertaining platform, registering on Hollywoodbets is your best bet. This bookmaker knows what you’re looking for and offers an amazing welcome offer coupled with secure payment and withdrawal methods to ensure that you have no trouble gambling on sports events. When it comes to online gaming, secure and convenient financial transactions are essential. This guide provides information on Hollywoodbets payments including deposit and withdrawal options,how to deposit on Hollywoodbets and how to withdraw.


Hollywoodbets Deposit Options

In this section, we’ll explore Hollywoodbets’ deposit options to cater to the specific needs of our South African punters. Discover secure and convenient ways to fund your gaming adventures.

Hollywoodbets deposit methods

How to deposit on Hollywoodbets using a Voucher

Depositing funds into your Hollywoodbets account via voucher is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to quickly top up your account:

  • Register and log in to your Hollywoodbets mobile account.
  • Look for the green “Top Up” on the top right corner of your screen.
  • To deposit a voucher, choose one of the providers and enter your voucher number in the designated field. Select the corresponding checkbox before entering your voucher number if you need clarification on your provider.
  • Click “Submit” to complete your deposit. It’s that simple! Your account is now funded and ready for an exciting gaming experience.

Vouchers are available at selected outlets like Shoprite, Shell, and others. 

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How to top up using a credit/debit card

If you want to top up your Hollywoodbets account using your credit or debit card, it’s easy to do. Follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Hollywoodbets mobile account.
  • Locate the green “Top Up” button on the screen’s top right side.
  • Select “Make a Deposit” to access the Hollywoodbets payment portal.
  • From the list of deposit options, choose your preferred credit card option, such as Virtual Card Services, Peach, or PayU.
  • Enter whatever amount you wish to deposit and click “Submit.”
  • Verify your details on the confirmation page, and click “Proceed to Secure Credit Card Payment.”
  • Complete the credit/debit card form with your card number, expiry date, and CVC number. Click “Pay” to proceed.
  • On the Payment Authentication page, enter the one-time PIN (OTP) sent to your phone or email, and click “Submit.”
  • Once your payment is successful, you will be redirected to the Hollywoodbets website.

Your balance will be updated immediately to reflect your deposit. You must avoid jumping right into the middle of the action.


How to deposit on Hollywoodbets via Instant EFT

Deposit funds into your Hollywoodbets account quickly and easily using our recommended Instant EFT method, which eliminates the need for manual notifications. Follow these steps:

  • Start by registering and logging in to your Hollywoodbets mobile account.
  • Look for the green “Top Up” button at the top right of your screen.
  • Select “Make a Deposit” to access the Hollywoodbets payment portal.
  • Among the deposit options, choose your preferred Instant EFT option, such as Capitec, Ozow, Peach, SiD, or PayFast.
  • S Enter the intended amount you wish to deposit and click “Submit.”
  • Choose the bank you want to use for your Instant EFT payment.
  • Enter your online banking username and password, then click “Log In.”
  • Verify the payment to Hollywoodbets through your online banking app.
  • If your payment is successful, you’ll be redirected to the Hollywoodbets website, and your account balance will be promptly updated. 

Instant EFT by Ozow and PayFast ensures a swift, hassle-free experience with immediate verification and notification of payments, eliminating the need for proof of payments and two-day waits.  

Is PayPal Accepted?

Hollywoodbets does accept PayPal as a payment method. However, you cannot use it in South Africa to deposit funds into the bookie. South African authorities have imposed restrictions on the use of PayPal for this purpose, which affects players in the country. While affecting South Africa, these regulations align with PayPal’s legal compliance in various jurisdictions. Despite legal betting in South Africa, PayPal currently needs to be made available for online betting due to these regulatory constraints. 

Can I Deposit with Crypto Currencies?

Unfortunately, Hollywoodbets does not accept cryptocurrency deposits. While Hollywoodbets offers various payment options for your convenience, cryptocurrencies are only accepted as a method for funding your account.


Hollywoodbets Withdrawal Options

Let’s talk about how to withdraw your winnings from Hollywoodbets. We know how important it is to access your funds quickly and easily, so we’ve made sure to provide various withdrawal options to our South African audience. In this section, we’ll go over these options so you can have a hassle-free and efficient experience.

Hollywoodbets withdrawal options

Hollywoodbets Withdrawal

Before we go into options, you must know one vital step. You must provide your identity document and proof of residence during account registration. Submit these documents before their first withdrawal. Otherwise, regardless of your selected options, you’ll be unable to withdraw. 

How to make a Hollywoodbets withdrawal online

When it’s time to enjoy your winnings, making a Hollywoodbets withdrawal online is straightforward. Follow these steps to access your funds:

  • Log in to your Hollywoodbets betting account.
  • In your account, navigate to the Withdrawal section.
  • Choose your preferred withdrawal method, whether a bank transfer, EFT, or eWallet.
  • Specify how much you wish to withdraw from your account.
  • Review the withdrawal details for accuracy and confirm your withdrawal request.
  • Patience is vital. Wait for the designated withdrawal processing time to pass.
  • Once the processing is complete, you’ll receive your withdrawn funds in your selected account or collect them at a selected Hollywoodbets store. Enjoy your well-deserved winnings!

Hollywoodbets EFT Withdrawal

Hollywoodbets offers the quickest and most efficient withdrawal method through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). EFT withdrawals are processed weekly during bank hours, and Hollywoodbets strives to have your funds ready within 24 hours. For even faster access, submit your withdrawal request before 2 pm EST on a weekday, and you’ll often see the funds in your bank account on the same day. 

Weekends are covered, too, as withdrawals requested on Saturdays and Sundays are diligently processed the following Monday. With Hollywoodbets’ EFT withdrawals, you can count on swift and hassle-free access to your winnings, ensuring you enjoy the fruits of your bets without unnecessary delays.

Hollywoodbets Withdrawal Using E-wallet

Hollywoodbets provides the convenience of eWallet withdrawals, allowing you to swiftly access your winnings through a mobile money or cash-send method. With options such as ABSA Cash Send, FNB eWallet, Nedbank Send-Imali/MobiMoney, and Standard Bank Instant Money, you can receive a unique code via SMS, which can be used to collect your funds from a bank ATM. 

The beauty of this service lies in its efficiency, as cash-send requests are typically processed within 24 hours. You can withdraw amounts ranging from R100 to R3,000 per day, with a maximum limit of R25,000 per month, making it a convenient and accessible choice for Hollywoodbets account holders. Here’s how they work. 

  • ABSA Cash Send Withdrawal: After depositing, you’ll receive a 10-digit reference number via SMS. To complete your withdrawal at any ABSA ATM, simply enter the reference number, Hollywoodbets access code with six digits (123456), phone number, and desired withdrawal amount.
  • Standard Bank Instant Money Withdrawal: Hollywoodbets users receive a voucher code and PIN via SMS with Standard Bank Instant Money. These credentials are used for withdrawals at Standard Bank ATMs and selected Spar, Choppies, Game, Builders, Makro, Rhino, and Cambridge Food stores. Select “Instant Money” as your method to withdraw, and enter your Hollywoodbets Standard Bank phone number.
  • FNB eWallet Withdrawal: Upon notification from FNB, dial 120277# to obtain your PIN (ensure you have a positive airtime balance). Then, head to an FNB ATM and enter your USSD code, phone number, and desired withdrawal amount. Click submit, and your withdrawal will be initiated. 
  • Nedbank Send-iMali/MobiMoney Withdrawal: Choose “Send-iMali/MobiMoney” as your withdrawal method, then enter the desired withdrawal amount and your mobile phone number at Hollywoodbets Nedbank. Click “Submit” after reviewing and agreeing to the T&Cs. Any unclaimed vouchers after 48 hours of withdrawal processing will be reverted to your Hollywoodbets account.


ATM Withdrawals

When it’s time to cash in your Hollywoodbets winnings at an ATM, follow these straightforward steps for a hassle-free experience:

  1. At the ATM, select ‘eWallet’ or the name of the bank’s mobile money service.
  2. Enter your cellphone number and select ‘Proceed.’
  3. Input the ATM PIN you received via SMS.
  4. Choose the amount you wish to withdraw.
  5. Take your cash and enjoy!

Withdrawal Related Information

Before withdrawing, you must know the terms and conditions associated with all withdrawals on Hollywoodbets. Also, if you encounter a problem, you can contact the bookmaker to help resolve it as soon as possible. We are going to provide all that crucial info below. 

  • Hollywoodbets Withdrawal contact number: Telephone: 087 353 7634 Email: [email protected] 
  • Hollywoodbets Withdrawal terms and conditions: Clients must provide their identity document and valid proof of residence during account creation if they haven’t done so already before Hollywoodbets may request additional documentation, such as identification, depending on the withdrawal amount and the chosen method.

Additional Information

We will provide Hollywoodbets bank account details to help you with direct deposits. 

  • Standard Bank

Account No: 250759128
Branch Code: 043626
Account Type: Current/Cheque

  • First National Bank (FNB) 

Account No: 62107054554
Branch Code: 220526
Account Type: Current/Cheque

  • Nedbank

Account No: 1305895991
Branch Code: 131426
Account Type: Current/Cheque

  • ABSA

Account No: 4065090549
Branch Code: 632005
Account Type: Current/Cheque

 Hollywoodbets Payment Methods FAQs

Can I withdraw the money I deposited at Hollywood?

If you deposit money on Hollywoodbets, you intend to use it to fund your bets. Therefore, it goes straight to your account. You can withdraw winnings, so if the available funds meet the withdrawable threshold, go ahead and initiate a withdrawal. 

How long does Hollywood instant withdrawal take?

They are quick. Usually, it takes less than 24 hours, but sometimes it may take up to 48 hours. If it takes longer than that, contact Hollywoodbets. You can also contact your bank. 

What is the minimum deposit in Hollywoodbets?

The minimum amount of money you can deposit into your Hollywoodbets is R10 via the voucher system. 

What’s the minimum withdrawal in Hollywoodbets?

You can withdraw R100 and up but up to R3000 per day. There’s also a limit of R25,000 per month. 

How long does Hollywoodbets deposit take?

It can take 24 to 48 hours for your funds to reflect, depending on your choice of bank. 

Why is my Hollywoodbets withdrawal taking so long?

It could be a delay between the Hollywoodbets and your bank. It could also mean you didn’t input the correct info. Sometimes, you cannot withdraw because the bookie is protecting your account. Contant Hollywoodbets if the issue persists. 


Depositing and making withdrawals from Hollywoodbets is quite simple and flawless. No wonder it’s one of the top bookmakers in South Africa. Many punters prefer it, not just for the ease of transactions and the many options available, but also for the availability of different games to bet on stretched across many sports disciplines and for the favorable odds and a user-friendly platform. The availability of Hollywoodbets mobile apps for iOS and Android devices also makes it super popular. Be part of the excitement. Join today, enjoy quick withdrawals and deposits, and have all the fun in the world!

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