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IAAF Threatens To Sanction AFN Over Missing $130k

IAAF Threatens To Sanction AFN Over Missing $130k

The Athletic Federation of Nigeria (AFN) have been given a two weeks deadline to return the sum of $130,000 to the covers of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) or face sanctions, reports.

The IAAF erroneously transferred the sum of $150,000 to the AFN instead of $20,000 on May 17, 2017 as grant for the 2017 Warri Relays.

The AFN, then under the leadership of Secretary General, Akawo Amaechi following the dissolution of the Solomon Ogba-led board, failed to notify the IAAF of the $130,000 overpayment and committed the money to other uses.

The IAAF promptly notified the AFN when it discovered the overpayment but the money has developed wings and flew far away from the AFN.

At a stage, the Minister for Sports, Barrister Solomon Dalung was involved in what was turning out to be a scandal of monumental proportion and the number one sports man in Nigeria promptly promised to pay back $65,000 (50% of the misapplied amount), leaving so many questions unanswered as there were no indications a probe panel was set up to investigate why the AFN hastily spent an amount they were not expecting from the world governing body for track and field.


IAAF letter to the AFN

With the minister expected to leave office sometimes next week when President Muhammadu Buhari dissolves the Federal Executive Council and the seeming inability of Ibrahim Gusau, the sitting AFN president whose board knew nothing about the money to get the overpaid amount returned, the IAAF, in a letter dated May 12, 2019 have now
given the AFN a deadline to refund the money or face severe consequences.

”We understand that the Minister of Sports will be stepping down soon and it is imperative that you arrange for the return of the full amount within two weeks, at the latest. Failure to receive the funds back within that period, we will have no alternative than to apply appropriate sanctions against your federation,” wrote Jee Isram, Senior Manager, Governance, Member & International Relations Department at the IAAF in the letter.

Isram, in the letter, wrote a detailed account of efforts the IAAF have made for almost two years to get the AFN return the $130,000 paid in excess to the Nigerian federation.

”You were informed on 14 March 2018 by our CEO of a payment made by the IAAF to the bank account of your federation on 17 May, 2017. A sum of $150,000 was transferred by the IAAF of which $130,000 were wrongfully credited. We promptly notified you of this overpayment and followed up with several written correspondences as well as a meeting with you in November 2017, requesting that you reverse the bank transfer for the overpaid amount,’ he wrote in the letter and recounted the IAAF’s meeting with Dalung in August 2018 in Asaba, Delta state on the occasion of the African Senior Athletics Championships after he failed to fulfil the promise he made on June 28, 2018 to refund 50% of the money.

By Dare Esan

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  • Charles 5 years ago

    Efcc no go do their job now oo,bunches of thieves

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Snake don swallow that money as long as its Nigeria. This shows how much thieves we have in various administrative post in this country. Shame everywhere is it only Nigeria that can not say no mass stealing???

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Hahahaha……abeg make I laugh. So the money grew wings, ba? Abi, maybe it grew legs and went on a casual stroll. 🙂

  • Where is Mr integrity the president buhari, when you need him? I raff in Chinese.

  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    Shamless country.why is he not being investigated by Mr integrity? If it were Mr pinick who’s a southerner, all hell would be let lose. What a shame!!! Mr dalung should be ashamed of himself. Can u just imagine??? Ndi Ara…..

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