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Ideye: I Will Expose Corruption In Nigerian Football Soon

Ideye: I Will Expose Corruption In Nigerian Football Soon

Brown Ideye has revealed that is there deep corruption in the football circle in Nigeria and promised to reveal the names of all the perpetrators in future.

Ideye, who now plays for Greek Super League outfit, Aris Thessaloniki was one of the key stars in the Super Eagles side that won the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa.

The forward also played a key role in Nigeria’s qualification for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil but was surprisingly dropped from the squad to the mundial.

Little known players like Uche Nwofor and Micheal Uchebo were included in the squad by the then handler of the side Stephen Keshi.

Ideye’s former teammate, Chinedu Obasi recently revealed that he was asked to pay a bribe in order to be Included in the squad for the 2014 World Cup finals.

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Following the revelation , the former Olympiacos of Greece star has promised to one day write a book to tell his own side of the story.

“Before I retire, I will write a book and pour everything out,” he said in an Instagram chat with sports journalist Oma Akatugba.

“We all know that there is a lot of corruption in our football. But, there is a limit you can go when it comes to corruption and bribery.

“So many things didn’t add up at the time. I was asking myself if I did something wrong or there was something I didn’t do. Not going to that World Cup, God used Keshi to sideline me for the West Bromich Albion job.

“I haven’t told anyone what really transpired, only my spouse knows about the story. It was painful, I felt like saying something but I decided to get hold of myself.”

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  • Please tell us what we don’t know. Na now day break? Yeye dey smell.

  • Bomboy 4 years ago

    Sh*t is about to hit the fan…

    • Nothing anyone says will come as a surprise to me. From underaged footballers allegedly falsifying their age to attend age grade competitions to agents, journalists and administrators allegedly influencing team selections via underhand means, corruption pervaded every facet of football in Nigeria.

      For one coach (who is not here to defend himself) to be used as a scapegoat is gravely unfair by every conceivable standard.

      Even if that coach is guilty, if he were alive, his legal team will stop at nothing to uncover and unearth corruption against those very players who have brought him down.

      Then you will see that it is a case of a thief calling another person a thief.

      • Bomboy 4 years ago

        You are one hundred percent correct. However, I don’t think he is trying to accuse Keshi. There were many other people who could influence the list at that time.

      • You are right @deo. I trust Keshi to provide a robust, no-holds-barred reply if he were alive – like he did in the case of Ik Uche. Despite the mounting allegations of corruption, I still hold him in esteem for his unique achievements and personality.

        I think the searchlight should start to shift to the puppeteers in the NFF, those powerful officials and cabals behind the scenes who have agents and cuts from forcing some players in through the back door.

        The investigating lens should also shift on colluding coaches of the age grades teams (male and female), where after 2015, we have strangely suddenly began to fail both in Africa and at the world stage.

  • Streams 4 years ago

    Keshi was corrupt ..he(keshi)value bribery over talents wat was Michael uchendo, nwofor & other average players doing in dat world cup Team if not for bribe

  • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

    Hahhahha…E don happen!

    I really love how this guys are coming out and making the news. If this will help to at least curb the rate of Corruption amongst Nigerian Coaches, if it will help create fear in them at least to stop Collecting bribe from players thereby ignoring Super talents then I urge as many more players to Come out and reveal there evil deeds

  • Am anxiously waiting for your book. But i didn’t get this statement you made.(Not going to that World Cup, God used Keshi to sideline me for the West Bromich Albion job.). Maybe someone can unterpret it for me

  • Sammy 4 years ago

    I think these stories and the way we internalize them should have the proper context.

    In my opinion the context should be:

    1. How do these events help us make better decisions now and in the future;
    2. What kind of controls do we put in place to make sure they don’t happen again.
    3. Can we even stop them from happening; given the active participation of some people at the NFF and the connivance of certain figures in the media (those who know, know).

    Most great people have conflicting legacies, and for great Nigerians the negative aspect usually has a stain of corruption. Keshi did his job like a good, hardworking and dedicated Nigerian; but a Nigerian non the less.

    Keshi was a distinguished captain and coach of the Super Eagles, one of only two people to both captain and coach their country to AFCON Gold. That is no joke people. Most people will not achieve these things even if they live ten lives. People should remember that and show him the respect his achievements deserve. He’s earned it.

    The bad things that happened under his watch are Nigerian bad behaviours, very normal to us. Those things are still going on as we speak, and it is worse at age group level.

    It is left to those “running the show” right now to decide whether or not to draw any lessons from these stories.

  • greenturf 4 years ago

    Apparently,it takes for just one person to open up about corruption in Nigerian football to spur others to follow suit.Obasi opened up a complex,troublesome situation arising from a decision,actions which produces considerable subsequent problems by our previous coaches,practices which is still experienced in this day and age,and which unfortunately has bedevilled progress in Nigerian football.
    Now more players are confident enough to come up with a part to their own story fuelling a major catastrophe in Nigerian football,and hopefully the beginning of a redemption to bring a drawback to practices which has stunted the progress of football in Nigeria.

  • Kingston 4 years ago

    That is why I always say no home base coach,for many of them is either bribes or tribalism, let foreign coach always do the job, whether his good ooh or bad in coaching as long as he gives us the best players base on form,we go manage am.

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    This is Nigeria’s version of the ME TOO MOVEMENT. Only our own is about bribery and corruption, not sexual misconduct. Players are now coming out of the woodwork to speak out on the issue. Hopefully, enough breeze can be generated to expose the fowl’s backside. I hope the Super Falcons ladies will also have the courage to come out and be heard on this issue.
    Then, with all things exposed, the corrupt egg heads wherever they may be in our football landscape will find it a bit harder to make a living by illegal means. If this can happen, it will be well worth it!

  • Layi Lawrence 4 years ago

    Why are u coming out to make useless noise, we all know that our football is not clean. Am surprised that when the person is no longer at the helm of affair or he is no more to defend himself that is when u are coming out to point accusing finger, am 100% sure that you won’t dare to come out to mouth bad him if he was still alive.

    Since you did not come out when the matter was hot and fresh it is better for you to keep your mouth shut and move on with your life.

  • Chuks 4 years ago

    Sylvania Okpala’s Account:

    Let Stephen Keshi Rest In Peace

    opera.comMay 15, 2020 2:52 PM
    There have been many unverified allegations of Coaches asking players to pay if they wished to be in the National or World Cup teams. There were also allegations of board members imposing players on the coaching crew. Coaches have also been accused of inviting players who were of no value to the National team just to appease an agent or just to showcase the player to international scouts. These are part of an unverified but syndicated game playing allegedly playing out at the National teams level and even at the U-17 cadre.

    In July 2018, a video footage of the then Super Eagles Coach Salisu Yusuf, allegedly collecting a cash gift of $1000 from investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, who posed as a representative of Tiger Eye Agency to influence the selection of two Nigerian players Osas Okoro and Rabiu Ali was published.

    Yusuf, according to the undercover, had collected the money as bribe to get the players selected for the 2018 Africa Cup of Nations.

    He was tried and found guilty by the Nigeria Football Federation’s Committee on Ethics and Fair Play after pictorial evidence was presented and banned for one year with a fine of $5,000.

    Four years earlier, the Super Eagle technical crew of home grown coaches had qualified Nigeria for the 2014 World Cup In Brazil.

    The formidable crew of Stephen Okechukwu Keshi popularly known as the ‘Big Boss’ led Daniel Amokachi also known as ‘The Bull’, Sylvanus Okpala aka ‘Quick Silver’ in his hay days and goalkeeper trainer Ike Shorunmu.

    The Big Boss is late but a former Super Eagles player will not let the Big Boss rest in peace. Four years after the most successful Nigerian coach passed on, Chinedu Ogbuke Obasi alleged that he was asked for money before putting him in the 2014 Brazil World Cup bound team.

    Though Obasi didn’t mention names in the famous Instagram interview, Stephen Keshi the coach who won the Africa Cup of Nations in 2013 and under whose leadership the allegation took place has been indirectly fingered.

    Sylvanus Okpala, a retired Nigerian football midfielder, ex International and former Super Eagles assistant trainer has quickly rebuffed Obasi’s damaging allegations and queried him for taking six years to speak out.

    “After the Africa Cup of Nations, I was asked to leave the National team so I wasn’t at the World Cup but Obasi wasn’t even part of our plan. Even when we went to the Nations Cup, he was not there and he never trained with us.

    “When we were there, we picked players based on merit . If you were not performing, we had no business with you and trust me, I don’t bend anyhow. So all we did was the right thing and I think Keshi performed well. If Obasi was truthful and confident that somebody demanded money, he should have said it when Keshi was alive. What stopped him from saying this since 2014? Was he dreaming of coming back to the National team? You have to check your age then you can damn the consequences and come out to say the truth. I’m not trying to defend anyone or say that it’s not happening, but I didn’t experience this in the squad that went to the Nations Cup and while I was there, there was no such thing.

    “Everything we did was based on merit. If you’re good, you’re good but if you weren’t good, sorry, we picked players based on merit. We did not look at faces”.

    Quick Silver is one of those dreaded Nigerian coaches because of his forthrightness. He calls a spade a spade without mincing words.

    “Obasi said he played in Europe and in the Champions league when he was dropped. What does that mean? That you’re playing in the Champions league doesn’t mean that a player who is not playing in the Champions league cannot be better than you. Football performance is not measured that way. The only difference is that your team is playing the Champions league and you’re fortunate to be in the team, but it doesn’t make you better than a player whose team is not playing in the Champions League. That is not the yardstick for measuring a good player. “These are some of the parameters we use that are wrong because football is not mathematics where two plus two gives you four.

    Obasi mentioned failure to bribe their way to the World Cup was why players like Brown Ideye and Taiye Taiwo didn’t make Keshi’s team to the 2014 edition but Okpala pulled his hair as he explained what transpired in the team at the time .

    “Brown Ideye helped the team a lot. He was instrumental to the team winning the Africa Cup of Nations in 2013 and made a lot of sacrifices. However, I wasn’t there during the World Cup but playing very well in the Nations Cup doesn’t mean that your form will be intact for the World Cup. You must continue to be in form to make the next competition.

    “In 1980 when we won the Nations Cup, Nigeria overwhelmed the Algerians here but the following year during the World Cup qualifiers, they defeated us both at home and away. It was the same Algerian team with almost the same Nigerian team. So, in football, you have to maintain your form and not rely on your previous performance because other players are trying to break into the team and the coach wants to take the best to the competition.

    “However, if you ask me, I know that not all the 23 players will play in the World Cup. If you’re lucky without injury, you may play the World Cup with only 18 players. Based on his contributions during AFCON, maybe I would have asked Coach Keshi if we could add Ideye’s name for his contributions in the past. He was one player then that if you say you don’t have a player on the left, Brown will go and perform creditably well. But that didn’t mean he had to relax because he won the Nations Cup. You must be in form for a coach to pick you. So, I’m still waiting for those who want to say rubbish about Keshi.

    Ikechukwu Uche had 46 caps for Nigeria and scored 19 goals while playing for the Super Eagles. His issue with Keshi went viral when Emmanuel Emenike took over his place in the team unceremoniously back then.

    “I was not surprised that Ike Uche did not make it to the World Cup because I know what we went through with him during the 2013 AFCON. In our first game, we were playing 1-1 but were reduced to ten men and he was asked to come in. The coach told him what to do. When he got onto the pitch, he refused to do those things.

    “We had to change another player to fortify our defense . When that player was going in, Stephen Keshi told him what to tell Uche but he still refused to play to instruction. We were one man down and Uche was not falling back to defend. It was mass attack and mass defense but Uche refused to adhere to instructions and always challenged Keshi’s coaching ability. Moreover, he was not in form.

    “He was dropped from the team because he was disobedient. He kept on telling us that in his club, this was how they used to play and this was what our coach used to tell us. Then at a point in time, I called him and said Ike Uche, there is a way we want you to play here. This is the Nigerian National team and not your club, so this is how we want you to play. Don’t come and tell us about your club.

    He said well… it will help me but I asked him that if he played for Villarreal and Liverpool bought him, will he go to Liverpool and start telling them that this is how they play in Villarreal? You don’t tell the coach how to play you in Liverpool .

    “I also read about Taiye Taiwo’s outburst in the papers. After our experience with him, we never invited him again.

    “During our AFCON qualifier against Rwanda, Taiye didn’t play well in that game. Keshi complained after the match but the players went back to their rooms and started plotting how to remove Keshi. They never knew that Keshi’s room was the next to Taiye’s room.

    “Taiye was telling other players that Keshi was shouting on him on the pitch and that he will do to Keshi what he did to other coaches and ensure that Keshi was sacked.

    “Keshi was in his room listening to all their conversations. Now, most of them are now coming to talk about money. It wasn’t about money because I knew about these two issues involving Taiye and Uche. Which coach will like to invite a player who wants him sacked in his team? It’s not possible . I am telling you what happened as an insider.

    “One of the problems we had then in the National team was that some NFF officials had too much contact with the players. They called them on the phone and became too familiar with the players. You don’t do that with players.

    “I had an experience during one of the days in camp. I was in charge of training the players in 2012 before our qualifying match against Rwanda. I took a decision to do a little ball work instead of strenuous training as warm up since we will be playing a match and it will help them get used to the game early.

    “So, I introduced the ball work but some of the so-called big players went and complained to Keshi that he should see what I had introduced and that they didn’t want that. Keshi now called me and said that I should change my warm up format because the players didn’t want that. Do you know what is happening today? Almost all the teams in Europe and around the world have adopted what I did so many years ago. I never saw anyone doing it back then but that is what is in vogue now. They use ball work to warm up now. The players rejected it many years ago. Is it because I’m not a white man? Is it only the Europeans who can develop a tactics? Today, some of those players are coaches and they’re doing what Okpala initiated more than ten years ago.

    We must have to find players who want to play for the National team.

    Why Coaches run from Home based players

    The issue of including home based players in the national teams has been controversial for long . We have many good players. What is making the coaches to run away from the home based players is the work load. You need to train and coach them and you also need to teach them. This takes a lot of energy .

    “I know what we suffered to painstakingly get those home based players that we took to the Nations Cup and the 2014 World Cup. It was because we wanted to prove a point. It’s not because the players are not good. You can polish them to a standard but it takes a lot of hard work.

    “Remember it was even the home based players who helped us to qualify for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. During the qualifiers, we used about five players from the domestic league to execute the matches because most of them coming from Europe were not fit. We went to the Nations Cup with about three or four of the home based who also played and won the cup!

    “Which one is now better? A coach who took home based players and about three or four of them played and won a Nations Cup or a coach who never took home based players and never won the Nations Cup? Even in that Nations Cup, there’s no team that you’d say that overwhelmed the Super Eagles.

    “We played the Zambians, we played Burkina Faso twice..in the group stage and in the final. We played Mali and the Ivorians that everybody was afraid of playing. When we mention Cote D’Ivoire, it’s not the Ivorians of the last two or four years. I’m talking about the Ivorians of then… Yaya Toure and Didier Drogba. These were top players and our team dealt with them. We used the home based to win convincingly. They were taken to the World Cup and about four of them played while the rest were in the reserve team. They went to the 2014 World Cup and qualified for the second round of the mundial only to be defeated by France 2-1 and you all knew what happened.

    “The game was very tight but France later won 2-1. How can you compare this performance with a coach who said home based players have nothing to offer? He went to the World Cup with all the professionals he talked about in Europe and he couldn’t get to the second round. These are the questions we need to ask”.

    During Okpala’s stint with the Super Eagles, he recalled how the late Stephen Keshi invited the players in the domestic league to the national camp and released them for their club matches at weekends.

    “When Keshi was the Super Eagles Coach, he gave me the responsibility of inviting home based players to the national camp. He gave me the assignment and I remember encouraging him to keep the players because we could make something out of them. I remember telling him that by the time we start coaching these domestic players, he may tell them to go after two weeks , but if we are patient and keep them beyond two weeks, he will see the best of them.

    “It did happen that after the first one week, Keshi said no… no… these people have to go. I reminded him of my earlier warning. I told him to be patient and we were able to get about six home based players who won the Nations Cup and went to the World Cup and did well.

    “Now, there are more talented players than before because I watch the league but the stress of bringing them to be at par in performance with those coming from Europe takes a lot of time and energy and that is what coaches are running away from.

    “Stephen Keshi went to the Nations Cup and won it. He went to the World Cup and qualified for the second round. He was not offered a contract rather they criticized him everyday in the media for nothing. Then, we had an assembly of good coaches. We had Stephen Keshi, Amokachi, Ike Shorunmu and myself and we knew the direction we were going.

    “Suddenly, they came and disintegrated and destroyed the team. They removed me and caused a lot of trouble in the team because we won the Nations Cup or for whatever reason. I don’t know. We had a very formidable coaching crew. We set a goal and said this is where we are going.

    “Westerhof is being regarded as the best coach that ever tinkered the Nigerian team but it took Westerhof 5 years and 6 months … let’s say six years to achieve the same thing that Stephen Keshi and his crew achieved in one year and six months! So who is better? Is it because we are Nigerians?

    “I needed to reply them because I was an insider and nobody can say I’ve taken money from him to do this or that, Okpala said.

  • Francesco A 4 years ago

    Okpalla couldnt answer the Ideye Omission.. Taiwo, Ike Uche caused their own omission.. As per Obasi own, it was his injury history that hits against his story.. But however he didnt say if he was asked by an intermediary /NFF memeber of the big boss..

  • Ayodele 4 years ago

    Bribing or Corruption is bad for the sport no doubt about that, but what I don’t understand is a Coach drop you from the squad o which you feel you deserve a slot just because you refuse to pay a bribe, give a commission or whatever reason and there is Facebook, youtube, twitter you didn’t use any of those medium to expose them right away, then after 5-6 years, you wanted to write a book? to tell who what? I hope you won’t mention Keshi`s name in your book because that will make you a Capital Coward, If you can’t call him out when he was alive then you have no business doing it now. I remember people were accusing Keshi of playing you instead of some more prolific strikers back then so I don’t really understand what all this is about. Stuff also happens in Europe between players and coaching staffs ( not bribing though) and you will see players hitting out at their coach which they usually get dropped from the team but they will still speak their mind out, but our players will wait for 4,5,6 years before they say something, ridiculous.

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