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Dare: Only A Competent Coach Should Handle Super Eagles

Dare: Only A Competent Coach Should Handle Super Eagles

Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, says only world- class coach should manage the Super Eagles, reports Completesports.com.

Current handler of the side, Gernot Rohr is currently negotiating a contract extension with officials of the Nigeria Football Federation.

Rohr has been in charge of the three-time African champions since 2016 and qualified the team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The 66-year-old also led Nigeria to a third-place finish at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

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Dare refused to rule out Rohr from the job, but insisted that whoever was appointed must be competent.

“All I want is a coach that is competent, I don’t care whether it is Rohr or not. The name doesn’t matter, but does he have the credentials? Dare said in a video made available to Completesports.com.

“Look at our footballers, they play in some of the best clubs in the world and are coached by some of the best coaches.

“So if you want to coach a Nigerian team, you better be sound because the invited players that are going to represent the country train under the best coaches, therefore, we don’t want a player that is sounder than the coach.”

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  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Short and simple!!!!! U know one thing about the truth is that, no matter how u bend, twist, hide, conceal, bury, pin or whatevwr u do to it, it must surely stand and Mr Dare has just spoken the truth as it is without mincing words. This is a clear message to all those clamoring for jobless ex internationals to take up the job from rohr and to the shameless overrated foolish ex cricket international. His high bp will surge to the highest level after reading this. The best is what we want and if the best is not better than what we have now, just quietly go and sleep or better go look for a wet transformer and hug. When a man with integrity speaks, you’ll definitely know.

  • Nnamdi 1 year ago

    Amaju hope u heard mr dare as ur mouth is bendin oneside mysteriously hope ur mentality is nt bendin aswell bcos the man has said it all what we need is a competent and sound coach better than wht we hve at the moment apart from that no space for any local or ex internatinal bcos foriegn is far more better than lcal in terms of competence discplin transperence truthfulnesd. Experience knowledge. Success nd so on i rest my case

  • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago

    Well, so I wrote few days ago responding to @Pompei’s comment about “Coach Rohr instilling Confidence, ruggedity and desire to win at the expense of big names in World football when we eventually meet at the World stage or anywhere”. I then paraphrased Minister Sunday Dare’s statement concerning who should Coach the Super Eagles.

    As much as I love how Gernot Rohr has handled the Super Eagles over the years, if he should be handed a New Contract, he just have to stick to this article cuz this next contract(if he’s given) is a Must win 2021 AFCON and at least a Quarter Final finish at the 2022 World Cup. And for him to that, he has to instill Confidence in the team. Stop calling them Young boys abi na Young team! Yes we know they are young but stop giving them average mentality and stop making them feel inferior to Big teams. The world has really evolved. The Young ones are even the ones tearing Old Cargos apart. This team I thought to myself few days ago while lying down on my bed can wreck havoc on any team in the world if they are handled well. Give them a Guardiola kind of Motivation! I watched the Off-Field speech Guardiola gives to Man City players before, during half time matches as a Man City fan…mehn! Even you wey no be player will feel motivated and the boys will be so hungry for Victory. That Mentality has helped us win matches big time. Manchester City fan I Stan…winks lol

    So, GERNOT ROHR. Please anything short of those heights we’ve set for you this time, I as a Loyal Eagles fan will be the first to campaign for your instant removal! I listened to the Minister of Sports this morning on AIT concerning the Coach of the Super Eagles and I’ll try to quote him word for word:

    “Rohr(though he called him Roar) has done well. Yes, we deserve the Best Coach in the World. If you take a look at the players we have in the Super Eagles today, they play for the Best clubs and are coached by Top Coaches and they are very sharp. So we need a coach who is even sharper and smarter. So I don’t care if he’s a Rohr or a Roar”

    Those words sounded to me that Gernot Rohr’s contract is not sure. Though am not happy but my own is if the Coach they are going to hire is not better than Rohr, they shouldn’t try it! No Indigenous Coach can beat him at the moment for example so it’s a No-No to them please. Go for Top European Coaches if not, leave our Rohr jejely.

    #Soar Super Eagles

    Sums it all up.

    • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago


      I share your sentiments without any reservations. I’ve always said it here, I don’t give a damn if it’s a Kwesi from Ghana or a Vilakazi from South Africa or a Van Damme from Holland or a Camacho from Spain or a Ladan Bosso from Nigeria. I don’t give a damn if it’s a black or a white. The coach with the best credentials that we can afford should lead the super eagles QED.

      Selection should be based on the content of thier portfolio and a proof of previous performance on similar jobs, not on quota system, nepotistic or racial basis. Merit above sentiments…that’s how great entities become great.

      We’ve not heard anything from NFF about inserting performance based clauses in Rohr’s contract yet, all we are hearing is strengthening the Naira (as if it is Rohr’s $50k that was responsible for the shabby state of our economy) and domesticating a coach who according to the team’s media spokesman already spends more time in Nigeria than outside Nigeria. It would be foolish of the NFF if they forget to include such targets in his contract. But wether they include it or not….the least I as a person expect from Rohr if he stays is the next AFCON trophy and a place in the last 8 of 2022 world cup. I wouldn’t claim we can beat ANY team in the world yet, yes, we can scrape the head of some big guns once in a while, but consistency they say is what makes a man, before we can boast of beating ANY team in the world our players should be winning league and cup medals in the top 5 leagues and getting to the Semifinals of the UCL first. The day we can have a starting 11 where half of the team won medals with their clubs and got to the later stages of the European club competitions is the season gone by, then I too will join the band wagon of we going to challenge the best wrestler in the village in his own compound.

      Every coach deserves support and a benefit of doubt (especially when it’s apparent his team is on an upward trajectory) and that he has gotten so far from someone like me….same way I’ve supported every SE Coach until they themselves choose to mess up their destinies. Ask @Ayphilly, we were both always at each others jugulars over Keshi during the defunct KON days…this same Keshi some people think they love more than us now. I always maintained fans should back off and let Keshi have the time and space to do his thing and be responsible for whatever consequences that comes afterwards himself. Likewise, Rohr will have to architect his destiny and where he goes with the team from this stage on having been given his own time, space and benefit of doubt.

      But the worst thing we can do to ourselves now is to push him away because of our “perceived” inadequacies some of which are totally unfounded and rather cynical for people who do not have even 25% of what Rohr has to offer all on the alter of nepotism and left wing racism and nationalism.

      The sports minister has spoken like a true professional and he has spoken wisely.

  • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago

    “…The name doesn’t matter, but does he have the credentials?…”

    “…we don’t want a player that is sounder than the coach…”

    A sucker punch doesn’t come heavier than that. Ndi ‘I choose to be foolish’ a competent and professional sports minister has just said the same things some of us have said here over and over again, ngwanu…over to you!

  • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago

    @Evolution’s Response to Pompei’s post is also worth reposting

    He(@Evolution) wrote:

    This is the tonic the players need from time to time, a winning mentality.
    You see these skippers;
    They had winning mentalities and were rugged andbit robbed off on the team.
    Jay Jay Okocha
    Are players that can play out all their heart, great winning mentality but not so rugged.
    You see that Osimhen, that young man is rugged, infact, we are yet to see half his potentials.
    Super Eagles need a combination of both in their key players.
    Rohr needs to be schooled on winning mentality and ruggedity. He is a good coach though, but he needs it.

  • Now,I hope the incessant clamour for ‘our own home grown’coaches will come to an abrupt stop. All we want for our dear Super Eagles is a grade A level coach in the mold of the Guardiolas, Zidanes, Mourinhos (if we are to replace the current man in the saddle whom i think han done a yeoman’s job as it is)and the like irrespective of colour, nationale or creed. Enough of these backward thinking and damning racial slur beind bandied around. NUFF SAID ALREADY!!!

  • Nice Piece minister, but can you afford a competent coach without issues of delay is salary. DOes your budget permit for a top coach? The NFF is only going by what is in there budget, well lets wait and see what happens next

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      If we cant foot the salary of a competent world class coach why then do u want to oust the the competent one we already have for below par jobless lazy people? It baffles me how some people reason.

      • Please o where did i mention for the current coach to be ousted in my comment. Don’t know how you are reading my comment. Please who are the lazy people you referring to

        • Oakfield 1 year ago

          Pls don’t deny, u don’t have to say it here. It’s been the main body of your posts since u surfaced here. Any of our ex internationals who has failed to upgrade his CV or get a job somewhere else in Africa or the world whilst waiting on the nff for a job like a hungry dog are the lazy people I’m referring to. They are all lazy. The super eagles is not a team meant for training coaches but a team meant for made coaches who have proven their mettle on the job. That’s the standard rohr has invariably set. Anybody who must be employed to take over the job has to be better than what we have now. If the nff feel they don’t have the resources to constantly pay the salary of the so called world class coach without hitches, then , we just have to manage and support what we have who based on available facts and statistics is not doing badly.

          • Hmmm, ” Main body of my post” am a bit confused bro, can’t even recollect when i joined CSN, but i know am not a rookie. Have never for once said an unqualified local or ex-international without the right credentials take up the coaching position of the Super Eagles. Yes, i agree the NFF went about installing Yobo to quickly, knowing fully well that people will be on his case. But am looking at it differently, i want to believe that he will eventually go for the right licence, part of the requirements in getting a Uefa licence is being an ex-player, secondly you must be attached to a club, thats were the on the job training comes in. Yobo as an ex-player for both club and country has gone through several coaches with different playing formations. So for me he can still instill the little he has learnt in the team, which will make his licence procurement quicker. Below are the Modules for getting a pro license

            Handling professional players
            Styles of play
            Key game analysis
            Mental preparation
            Sports medicine
            Specialist training
            Game related training
            Fitness and conditioning
            The media and technology
            Ethics and code of conduct
            Business management
            Club structure
            Contracts and agents
            Planning including rest and recovery
            Study visits
            Practical work and problem solving

  • Glory 1 year ago

    Reading this effervescent speech from a well informed Minister Dare, who is gradually becoming the missing link in Nigeria’s strive to get to the very height in sport, we truly belong, it’s easy to see  that, that speech has been necessitated by pressure  been mounted on him by the evil clan lead by Odegbami to get rid of Rohr. Reading between the lines, you could see Dare knows how difficult and senseless that decision present, when weighed against the very difficult workable Nigeria environment. For no honest very competent manager, in other words  top manager, like the Guadiolas, the Frank Rijkaads, the pochettinos etc, will survive two months of working in a Nigeria setting. So what then, only our local coaches n some few manageable Foreign coaches of which Rohr belongs to these , can manage working in Nigeria with all the negative bottlenecks. Now with this scenario, Rohr is more qualified/ competent than our present local coaches n by virtue of having been in the job for some years , progressively improving the team n gaining more experience together, Rohr has got an edge over any other manageable foreign manager. With this understanding of Dare’s statement it’s not out of place to believe that the sport Minister is advising NFF to get reasonable n be sensible to just give Rohr a new contract.

  • greenturf 1 year ago

    I think a lot is going on behind the back on the issue of Rohr remaining or getting sacked from his job.
    Many stakeholders with selfish interests are working assiduously to make sure the German tactician is ousted and the NFF chiefs lately seems to be wooed into achieving this evil act.
    Unfortunately for this evil plotters who are the real enemies of Nigerian football,Rohr’s performances over the years which has drawn many applauds speaks volume and puts them in an awkward situation to perpetuate their plans.

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Chairmanfemi, I share your sentiment on the so called adjective of “my team are young “used to describe the team , a lazy worker would blame his inefficiency on his tools, the Peles , Ronaldos were already lifting the WC as low as age 17 , such description doesn’t instil needed confidence and winning mentality in the boys , besides, how would one qualify a fully grown up married adult and a father of a child like Uzoho “young “ As a matter of fact if Rohr is to be given a life line , goalkeeping is one of the area of his notable failure with S/E. We have never been short of great land reliable goalkeeper since the day of Okala , Ogedegbe, Rufai, Shorumi , Enyema , Cal Ikpeme. NFF will also do well by replacing goalkeeper training, Agu simply does not have business in that team , as he lacks required exposure that would have helped Rohr in that area , Shorumi , Rufai or Cal Ikpeme ( aside from being competent, it will also serve as being identified with considering his career that abruptly came to end on health ground 

    However, regards your conclusion on a take note from the Minister which suggest Rohr’s contract is hanging on a very tiny rope for the more competent and world class coach , that I will not agree with Minister on that , can we afford to secure service of competent world class coach with guarantee regular payment salary ?  I don’t think we need to overburdened ourselves this time around that the world at large may have to tighten their belt, particularly in view of the fact you don’t owe white coaches and if happened, FIFA will come in and ensure the owed salary is paid to the last dime ,( that is part of the ways FIFA plays his racism politics, when it is the black , FIFA looks other way as the case of Amunike who was embarrassingly stranded in Tanzania fighting for the backlog of owed salary before the Afcon) 

    Definitely, I am not a great supporter of Rohr , but would prefer him to be the last foreign coach to handle S/E , rather his assisting department should be overhauled for more competent assistants in our ex internationals coaches for successor plan. Replacing Rohr now apart from the needles financial burden, it will be counterproductive due to many factors which I will enumerate later.

    The current sports minister is no doubt , the best since the exit of Late chief Akinyele and would say , the only very few positive in this directionless PMB’s 2nd term maladministration , going by his giants steps and brilliant decision he has taken so far in his very shot period on the hot seat but replacing Rohr with the so called world class foreign coach will not be a good decision 

  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    The Sports Minister’s logic is faulty. Under Clemens Westerhof Nigeria was in the top 10 of FIFA rankings, yet Westerhof was unknown in his native Netherlands, and no Nigerian had ever heard of him before he landed in Lagos. Will Nigeria pay a “world class coach” in Naira and owe him 6 month’s salaries?

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Look at coach Rohr fans exchanging words with each others. Bending and twisting what Mr. Dare said and they are all happy with that lol. Hmm, who is deceiving who?

    The message was clear, simple and short. Only the wise ones would understand.

    The sports minister is rising up to use the power of law.

    Indeed, Nigerian doesn’t care if Mr. Rohr still remains the coach of the team but our concern is, when by the time he almost win something good for us, he fumbled.

    Is that what his fans called better? Just a question ni o?

    Another scenario is that, we have ex players that can work with the manager and bring the best out of him. NFF got it wrong there. They should have introduced two ex players instead of one if indeed they loved their fatherland.

    Third option, if Nigerians want to do something, they will do it exceptionally good but if they don’t wantto, they will talked down the issue in a way that you hate the move.

    Before I proceed, Mr. Dare still have a lot of work to do. We need to use our products.
    We need to start selling our products and we must start from some where if Nigeria want to be among the great NATIONS.

    We can not do without rules of law in everything we do in the firstplace ba. The best way to go is to make it known to whom it may concerned in NFF that, there most be freedom to who ever may be appointed to be the coach.

    No misused of power in NFF. No corruption and anybody that refused to put an end to this will end up in prison for several years with fine.

    Now, our ex players can comes in. By signing the paperwork, they most make it known to them that any allegation with any stuff of national team will result in prison yard.

    We all believe that our ex players can do more than what we are getting from Oga Rohr but the only concern with our ex players is corruption. This shouldn’t be a problem because we have law and as long as we have practicing the the law, we will surely get there.

    Out of the three our options that I have mentioned above, one should make sense to those in power.

    I love coach too. He has laid a solid structure in the Super Eagles already. The best help or support we can render for him is to get him the best ex players to help the manager carry out the structure he have laid out. I am saying the truth here and I promise to continue this way but if NFF can not get him good assistant coaches, NFF should have a rethink. Once again, thank you our sports minister for a job well done. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Do u really know the meaning of exchange of words? U need help.

    • @omo9ja, I disappointed myself for reading your disjointed article… Plenty nonsense as usual.

    • Phynum 1 year ago

      This dude sabi type garbage sha
      U got some very few points right tho

  • Prince 1 year ago

    “So if you want to coach a Nigerian team, you better be sound because the invited players that are going to represent the country train under the best coaches, therefore, we don’t want a player that is sounder than the coach.”
    – Hon. Sunday Dare, Minister of Youth and Sports Development (15 May 2020).

    My dear Beloved;
    The statements of Honorable Sunday Dare were brief, precised and detailed.
    There was no form of biased or myopic hints.
    He doesn’t care who the gaffer is or what he is or where he comes from…provided he or “she’ is Competent, Qualified and SOUND to lead the team!!!

    In summary, he would thumps up a coach for the Super Eagles who is COMPETENT and WELL-LEARNED..A coach that went to a School or institution in related to Soccer Technics, Technology, Programs, Tactics and Mgt… A coach that got trained on the field of operations by working in a coaching clinics, coaching youth grades, involve in tactics, playing formats, etc…A coach that passed his exams in the school and GOT A BADGE OR CERTIFICATE) !!!

    This is applicable to all professions.
    Before one becomes a Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, Pilot, Engineer etc; he or she will have to meet the required steps to get enrolled into the necessary educational institute to study; along the lines of study he or she passes through the steps of on-the-job training, projects, exams and after completion; is presented with a Certificate.
    Then he seeks to get a job and pursue his or her Career !!!

    Even A man aspiring to become a Military Officer or a Rev. Father GOES TO SCHOOL… be it at the MILITARY DEFENSE ACADEMY or AN INSTITUTE OF THEOLOGY STUDIES … because he has to be well educated; get learned and obtained a means of certification !!!
    After the certification, he is attached to a senior and well-tested colleague to lead him through the paths and after periods of well-grounded “apprenticeship”, he is released and cleared to give it a shot on his own with little or no supervision!!!

    My beloved,
    “How comfortable will you be after sitting down in a plane about to hit the road for take-off and you over-heard two of the air hostess gossiping that the man about to operate that aircraft is not a trained Pilot but someone that has acquired multiple years as a Baggage ground-operator while working for the same airline ?!”

    “How about if you got involved in a case which you sincerely believed in your heart and head that you are very innocent and the person that showed up for your defense in court is a law clerk with 10 years working experience in a highly reputable law firm ?!”

    My younger sister once told me that most pregnant women in the labour room becomes very comfortable as soon as they see The doctor walks into the Theatre !!!

    WE MUST NOT CONTINUE TO PUT a “Square peg in a round hole” !!!

    Stay Safe and God bless !!!

  • tayo 1 year ago

    It is good as the honorable minister has spoken but my question is! Can Nigeria afford any of this world class coach has pointed out? Can the entire budget for ministry of sport be enough to foot the salary of this world class coach? I don’t think the honorable minister can vow for that. I keep saying it, even if Nigeria employ both Guardiola and Mourinho has coach the team can not be better than what we have presently besides, we can not even afford them. Moreover, they will not even agree to come. So why are we disturbing ourselves when we have in Rohr a coach that has given us what we would have been looking for in the so called world class coaches but some people due to their selfish gain are doing everything possible to push the man out. Nigeria why are we like this? I could remember when our football was in total mess they were clamouring for foreign coach, now the foreign coach is not a world class coach because their local coach can do what he his doing now.pls where was all this local coaches before Rohr came?

  • Goal ⚽️ 1 year ago

    This is a very big good news to we the progressive minds and a warning to coach Genort Rohr that’s it’s no longer business as usual, we need a competent coach,a coach that commands confidence and tactically disciplined.

    I love  two aspects of Rohr’s  coaching skills,which is man management and fair players selection.

    Genort Rohr is a good man,I want him to continue but he needs a match reader to compliment him.

    I’m sure Yobo can help instill confidence to the players.

    • Pompei 1 year ago

      It is a goal!
      Goal, you scored today! You were not offside, and the ball is in the net, not over the bar.
      Well done, bro!

    • Chairmanfemi 1 year ago

      I concur with Pompei. @Goal scored today. He made a succinct point

    • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago

      A player that earned the nickname “Calamity Yobo” during his playing days is the one that will instill confidence in Balogun or Ekong or Ajayi…??? LMAO.
      Make I nor talk…Lolz

      • Prince 1 year ago

        Most people always say; ” Yobo captained the SE to victory in Africa Cup of Nations South Africa 2013″….

        But let me ask this; How many matches/mins did he actually play in the entire tournament

        In the Group stage:
        1st match: Nigeria vs. Burkina Faso; Yobo starred for the entire match and score line was 1-1.
        2nd match: Zambia vs. Nigeria; Yobo was not selected and score line was 1-1.
        3rd match: Ethiopia vs. Nigeria; we were already 2 goals up when he came in the 90+2 mins in place of Jon Mikel Obi.

        In the Quarter-finals; Ivory Coast (1) vs (2) Nigeria
        Yobo came in the 90 mins in place of Victor Moses and thats in the 4 mins added extra time.

        In the Semifinals; Mali (1) vs (4) Nigeria
        Yobo came in the 81 mins in place of Efe Ambrose.
        We were already 4 goals up and Efe Ambrose got a yellow card in the course of the match in the 26 mins. So I believe Keshi wanted to make sure he did not get another card and miss the final.

        In the Final; Nigeria (1) vs (0) Burkina Faso
        Yobo came in the 89 mins in place of Sunday Mba, the match winner.

        After the first match, Vincent Enyeama was the Active playing captain and Yobo was benched by Godfrey Oboabona and Kenneth Omeruo in the preferred center defense roles!!!

        Ofcourse he played minutes in the course of the tournament…and he was the captain of the squad…However, let’s not forget that from the second match onward, he was on the bench watching his colleagues win matches on the pitch.
        Or was he converted to a player/coach after the first game by Keshi?

        Yobo is a player I admire and respected as an ex-international.
        He serve his nation so well.

        However, I am beginning to feel bad for him because some people are actually pushing him into a circle that consist of bad advisers and evil intentions that might ruin his hard earned legacy.

        I pray he seek wisdom, withdraw from this unripe path and do the right thing by acquiring the needed and standard qualifications.
        The future is still bright !!!

  • Pompei 1 year ago

    This sports minister continues to impress. The man has been saying the right things and making the right moves from day one. It seems he is ready to really change the landscape of sports in Nigeria for the better.
    More grease!

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Goal , it is indeed good news to our progressives group but my worry now is , in the face of impending post C-19 economy effect ,  Can we afford the cost implications to higher competent and world class coach , without owing him salary ? would any competent and world class coach accept to be paid in Naira ? 
    I can bet it , no coach in this world worth his salt would accept to be paid in Naira ( you can take it to the bank ) .

    If answered to the above observation raised are No,  is it not better to properly manage the technical deficiencies of Mr Rohr and support him with skilled assistants in our ex internationals coaches that can well cover Rohr’s deficiencies, rather than embark on a venture that we may not be able to sustain ?

    As far as I am concerned, scoring 4/5 or 95% is an excellent result any great student would be glad with , that our progressives group have succeeded in achieving in this platform with our robust analytical submissions that are always delivered wisely without noise nor insults.

    1. We said no to padded salary, we won ( even Rohr shouted  well in advance that , he does not want the so called improved contract of Salary increase as mischievously done 2 years ago )

    2. We said No, for a coach to have a clause of staying in his comfort home country as if he is doing Nigeria favour , that we won , as Rohr had also agreed that, we are the real progressives that told him the bitter truth as it is never done anywhere .

    3. We said No to sending Rohr on corrective retraining at the expense of Nigerians tax payers money, the opportunity that has never been given to any Nigerian coaches in the past , that we won ; as NFF never went ahead with such ridiculous plan 

    4. We said we cannot celebrate nor reward mediocrity of failure in the 2 tournament with 95% shameful salary increment as was never done to the past Nigerian coach that achieved gold in Afcon and better results WC and in the same tournaments that our Rohr was ordinary; we won ; as the the padded salary of 2 years ago is about to be corrected with Rohr agreeing to lower salary .

    5. We said Rohr should either be sacked for a competent and world class coach or NFF should support him with skilled assistants that can cover his technical deficiencies and lastly if we cannot afford competent and world class coach, we should look inward and give our Nigerian coaches deserved support to succeed particularly regular salary payment as given to Rohr ; part of this have been achieved. 

    My brother, 95% 4.5/5 results is a great one , your humble self, @Larry,@[email protected] @Stan @Chidi E Emanuel and other progressives great minds in our group should rather take a deserving bow to have a second thought on hiring a competent and world class coach that his salary will be a burden to us . I should think rather than going for another foreign coach ,Rohr’s deficiencies should be managed accordingly with skilled assistants. 

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      @De Star are you sure your account hasn’t been hacked??  So rather than going for another foreign coach or your world class coach Rohr’s deficiency should be managed LMAO!!!! So you know all this all this while that’s why you’re scoring your regressive group negative -95% on all the lies you guys have been telling the forum for the past few weeks now. It is now finally done on you that no matter how emotionally backward one can be merit will always be required than mediocrity.  Unless we can afford a world class coach no coach is more suitable for the current SuperEagles than Rohr and he’s been doing a good job so far. With all due respect. Only the emotionally  backward  thinkers will not see that. 

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Loooooool….who doesn’t have deficiencies? So u now know that Rohr’s deficiencies can be managed instead of being replaced by a nincompoop less qualified that him. It’s very funny and unfortunate that you’ve been wasting your time all this while misleading the gullible with false information which in the long run was countered by well meaning folks here with facts and figures. The truth is, only the wicked will never acknowledge the fact that rohr remains the best for the eagles at the moment going by past and present records and hence can’t be substituted for a less qualified entity but someone who is better than him. This has long been our stand right from time but a whole lot of factors ranging from racism to sheer wickedness and acute myopia have caused a lot of people to think otherwise.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      “progressive group” indeed..lol….so, you’ve already formed a “progressive group union” csn branch of which you are the head…..lol….chai…people sef..

    • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago

      Hahahaha….4/5 = 95%
      That sums up everything you and your group stands for on this forum…LIES AND FAILURE

      What happened to let’s promote our own…?

      What happened to Rohr must be replaced by our exinternationals..?

      What happened to Rohr has not done anything…?

      What happened to Rohr earns 4x what our exinternationals where paid..?

      What happened to Rohr has never been owed salary even for one day…?

      What happened to Rohr gets preferential treatment..?

      What happened to Rohr is a F9 coach and his contract MUST NOT be renewed…?

      What happened to Rohr makes late and ineffective substitutions..?

      4/5 is now 95%…..and you called yourself an Engineer….LMAO. No wonder you failed even here on CSN…Lolz

      If you like, score your self 101% and score 200% to your jobless, lazy exinternationals and African Guadiolas whom you were campaigning for to replace Rohr in June….Whether the devil likes it or not …

      #Rohr stays…! And he’s not just staying, he has now been placed in supervisory charge of ALL the national teams, to monitor your local engunje coaches and ensure that they stop turning our national teams to Mammy Market.

      Who God has blessed, no man can curse. The man whom Lairs Utd wanted removed as SE coach has now been raised higher and put in charge of not just the SE but incharge of ALL the other coaches and national teams.

      Failures and their “mathematical legend” can continue scoring themselves 95% for all we care. LMAO

    • larry 1 year ago

      @Destar well said Aficionado!! I salute the steadfastness of our group.
      Honorable Dare has provided a blueprint and a hint of how the next chapter of SE management will be structured.
      Besides, to those undermining the potentials of Yobo even going to the length of calling him calamity Yobo, Let me remind you that in the history of Nigerian Football Yobo is one of the most successful defenders on and off the field. Taribo, Yobo and Cele in that order.
      The same calamity Yobo captained Everton, the same calamity Yobo broke the record appearance at Everton, The same calamity Yobo captained the SE to their last Nation cup victory, same calamity Yobo hold the record appearance for SE and W’cup matches.
      Honorable Dare shares same sentiment with some US. Current SE profiles deserve a better management. It’s either we get a foreign coach with superior record than GR or fortify GR bench with better assistants than we currently have. If we decide to look inward getting Oliseh, Rufai and Yobo to work with GR won’t be bad idea. These three ex-internationals were fully involved as captains of the best outings of SE in national and global competition.
      Rufai will do a great job with the GK and management department and learn more from GR.
      Oliseh will do a great job in providing technical assistance, instilling self belief and improving our midfield. He can use that opportunity to improve his players management skills.
      Yobo was SE last successful captain, he brings in leadership skills while upgrading his technical and management skills.
      The success of a team is a collective effort, GR’s deficiencies can be improved with these captains that have made us proud. These captains can improve their match planning and players management from GR or a world class coach.
      Current SE bench set-up needs to be overhauled or replaced with be better handlers.

      • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago


        Thank God say nor be me nickname your greatest defender of all times “calamity”. Just go on Google and type calamity and the next suggestion Google itself will show you is Yobo… LMAO.

        The image of your best defender of all time sitting on the floor watching a goal being scored against his team at the World Cup will live long in the memory of the world for ever…LMAO

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    Looking at the top teams in world football there’s something they all have in common which is continuity and gradual progress. Belgium under Martinez have been progressing with wonderful results over the last 3 years after taking them to their best ever WorldCup place in Russia. France lost to eventual winners Germany in the quarter final at Brazil 2014. At the time Didier Dechamps called it a progress considering the state he met the team after the 2010 abysmal show in South Africa where they couldn’t make it past the group stage. The French FA kept faith in him and the result was that France will eventually go on to win the WorldCup under Dechamps. 

    Brazil allowed Tite to continue with the team after a WorldCup quarterfinal exit then he went on to win the Copa America on home soil. Croatia, England, Uruguay and Portugal have all followed this trend which has  reflects on the standard and progress of those top ranked teams. How world class are those coaches??? Martinez, Tite, Fernando Santos(who by the way have won two major championships for Portugal) Garett Southgate, Oscar Tabarez, Zlatko Dalic of Croatia are not really world class coaches by every standard of imagination, but they’ve built great teams and had great results and propelled their national teams to greater heights since assuming the position. Even Germany despite Joachim Low’s forgettable WorldCup outing they still retain him and he’s gradually building another team that looks promising. 

    As far I know and with every other SuperEagles fans that reasons objectively we all can see that the current team is very promising and the imminent future is very positive under Rohr’s guidance. SuperEagles will be a force to be reckoned with in the next AFCON and 2022 Mundial. I’m not particularly worried about winning the AFCON at all cost, but we’re definitely a favorite. A very solid outing at the WorldCup possibly a Semi final or at least a quarter final outing will be wonderful if we qualify. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#

    • KangA 1 year ago

      You’ve said it all, my brother. We know that concrete goals can only be achieved in any area of human endeavour by sustained effort and progressive improvement.

      Rohr has paid his dues, doggedly building a formidable team, a team now playing with cohesion and determination, stamping its authority and sending shockwaves down the spines of opponents. The SuperEagles has become a team that top football nations yearn to test the strength of their teams against.

      Rohr is not a coach that runs away from challenges. He will not abandon the SuperEagles midstream but will lead it through to the promised land. He will use the next AFCON to silence his critics and make a loud statement.

    • greenturf 1 year ago

      @Aphillydegreat Rightly,you are spot on about continuity lack of it which has cost a major upheavals in Nigerian football and this has in many ways disrupted the progress of super eagles.
      Meanwhile,the deployment of Adegboyega Onigbinde to the super eagles in 2002 and the sacking of Shuaibu Amodu who literally qualified the team to the mundial due to a disappointing nations cup despite getting to the later stages,led to a broke in consistency due to a change in mantle and the rest today is history.
      We have had cases before and after that and the end results are regrettable.
      A team is built on consistency especially when it’s in good hands.If the results are good so why change a coach with a favourable winning percentage?a coach that has brought calm,discipline and enthusiasm to a team embroiled in controversies,fracas and inconsistent results over the time from previous handlers.

  • Goal ⚽️ 1 year ago

    @Destar my brother we will always win because no one can bend the truth.

    We can’t turn a blind eye when something is not going well with our dear team, we refused to be disciples of no one.

    We always complain of corruption but forget that when something is not going well and we look the other way simply because our man is in charge or he has done better than others before him and then neglect the weak areas that needed improvement that is a big corruption itself.

    I’m happy to have people like you here.

    CS please work on notification so we can easily know when someone replied, we can’t be glued on here because we have something else to do.

  • Wow, someone talked about continuity, very hilarious, so why weren’t our local coaches given the chance to continue when they failed, if you believe continuity will bring progress in the future, why interfere in the team, why owe salaries ( Last time i checked, it is only local coaches who are always owed). How are they different from the foreign coaches. So please let fairness be practiced.

    • @Ade,don’t you realize you are really looking and sounding funny in the public views with your unsubstantiated claims?

      Rohr was owed 3 straight months salaries in 2018, same thing in 2019, go and Google search it.

      Mention one local coach that his sacking was not deserved when they sacked him

      You continue supporting nonsense, no one is taking you serious anymore, you are fast becoming a jester

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        Ola thank you jare. Very funny indeed. Ola I’m sure he will come out and say the report that Rohr was owed salaries are just hear say. Lmao!! 

      • Very funny, Please send the link abeg, the last time he said he was owed money, the NFF were quick to debunk such claim that they only owed the current month. So please tell me who is sounding stupid. When our local coaches were owed for several months, we didn’t hear the NFF come out and say a word about it.

        • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

          The last time Oliseh your African Guardiola said he was owed salaries the NFF came out to debunk the story immediately that they don’t owe him any money whatsoever. Maybe that one too is an hear say LMAO!!! Berti Vogts during his time with Nigeria was owed salaries that he even took the then NFF to FIFA. Dr Drey has already provided you most of those links so I don’t need to waste my time providing you links. I thought you should be smart enough to navigate the internet and find those links yourself. You can ask google anything he will give you the needed answer before coming here to expose your ignorance. LMAO!!

          • You said it @Ayphyllidegreat, that will ask for links, you sure knows the guy very well, that his brain is being programmed in one direction, it’s really so difficult for him to twist. @Ade, your data is not only meant to type rubbish on CSN, you can as well use it for research. Google is always your friend.

          • Please send us link where it was debunked. Even zenith bank that agreed to pay his salary was mum, when the accusation was made. So please don’t come here and be seeking for needless attention. At least your boss claimed in vienna he couldn’t find link, well i was able to find him some, so please do the same

    • Dr. Drey. 1 year ago

      So we should give people who dragged us from 19th position on FIFA rankings as at 2010 WC to 70th position in just 6 years more time to drag us to 170th position..we should give people who didn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON 3 out of 4 times more time to extend it to 7 out of 9 AFCONs. We should give people who never improved the quality of the National team but chose players based on the fatness of brown envelopes offered by agents more time….more time to turn the SE camp to Mammy Market where street footballers will be listed on the bench and even given the no 10 jersey…!
      Weldone….we will give them more time

      The last time you checked only local coaches are always owed….checked where…??? I thought you claimed to know more than BBC, ESPN, Google and Wikipedia….No wonder your thinking is so shallow and you argue blindly.

      Why are you begging for links for something like Rohr’s owed salaries that isn’t news again. Consult your village oracle that told you foreign coaches are never owed salaries now…LMAO

      Some people can lie for a living.

      You and your Lairs Utd friends seem to be the only ones on CSN who has never heard of Rohr being owed|…https://www.completesports.com/rohr-owed-150000-three-months-salary-by-the-nff/….|

      That was after AFCON. Earlier in the year, he was owed 4 months salary. Your NFF initially lied that they weren’t owing salaries, only bonuses….later the claimed it was only September salaries they owed the man….they even owed Dennerby salaries too…

      …Later, from not owing Rohr 3 months salaries, they paid off 50% of the 3 months salaries….


      ….abeg how do you pay off a debt you never owed in the first place…LMAO…


      …other public spats over unpaid wages are there for you to read….





      From as far back as 2017, they’ve been owing him salaries…in 2018 they owed him 4 months salary in early 2019 they owed another 4 months.



      Berti Vogts wants Fifa action over Nigeria unpaid wages
      By Ibrahim Sannie

      Former Nigeria boss Berti Vogts
      Berti Vogts was sacked by Nigeria after the African Cup of Nations in 2008
      Coach Berti Vogts has returned to Fifa to ask the governing body to act on Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)’s refusal to pay monies owed him.

      Despite the claim by the former Eagles coach, NFF boss Sani Lulu insists the issue was resolved two days ago.

      Fifa ordered the NFF to pay the German an undisclosed amount four months ago as his unpaid wages during his stint as Nigeria coach.

      With the 30-day deadline elapsing by over eight weeks the NFF has still not paid the amount due Vogts, his lawyer Stefan von Moers claimed.

      The dispute now looks set to rumble on with Vogts taking the Nigerians to Fifa’s disciplinary committee to take action.

      “We have no option but to return to Fifa to ask the disciplinary committee to act on the Nigerian FA’s refusal to pay up,” Moers told BBC Sport.

      “Fifa ruled in our favour way back in December and its now eight weeks since that ruling and we have heard nothing from the Nigerians.”



      01AM GMT 21 Feb 2008
      Berti Vogts resigned as coach of Nigeria yesterday because of differences with the country’s leading officials during this month’s Africa Cup of Nations.

      “Too much happened during and after the African Cup. Most of all I don’t have any faith in the president of the Nigerian federation anymore,” Vogts said. “Working together is no longer possible.”

      In early January, Vogts complained to a German newspaper about late salary payments and delayed team bonuses for players. He expressed doubts then about his future as Nigeria coach.

      But Vogts, who also coached Scotland, lauded the Nigerian players at the time. His trouble, he said, was with the FA’s organisation. “Working with the players was a lot of fun for me,” Vogts said. “It gave me back my joy in football.”


      It is official. Nigeria is not mentally ready to beat Uganda in tomorrow’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifier. A row over unpaid winning bonuses; and moreover – for a friendly match victory over Kenya, confirms that the Super Eagles are thinking money, and not three points.

      Curiously, the highly paid professional stars who earn anything between $10,000 and $60,000 are the players who chose to stay in Nairobi along with their German coach Berti Vogts who is demanding $60,000 dollars in salary arrears. All 12 players who arrived yesterday are locally based players, yet they formed the bulk of the team that beat Kenya’s Harambee Stars 1-0 in Nairobi.

      Matters came to a head when officials from the Nigeria FA told the Super Eagles that they will be abandoned in favour of the U-20 team (Flying Eagles).

      You and your fellow Lairs Utd members @ Destar @Owngoal @Stan etc should stop coming to feed us lies here. If you don’t have anything to say keep shut. It’s better to be mute than to be a pathetic lair. I won’t be surprised if you come and tell us all those links are lieing….LMAO

      • @Dr Drey, thank you for enlightening Ade, and his co-liars. But I must say you are pampering the guy too much by providing him with links.. Lolzz, anyway am sure he will still have one jagon to say after this reality u just showed him. Happy Sunday bro

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      Lol! Mr attention seeker. I guess you shouldn’t be crawling out here on CSN every time if you’re not seeking attention LMAO!!! I laugh in Japanese. When you claim you know more than BBC and ESPN including Google, what else are you seeking? Very laughable.

  • Stan 1 year ago

    I dont understand why GR fans are clamouring for continuty. I want to know what he has done better than KESHI and AMODU. me and my guys will never celebrat an average coach with average perfomance. the friendly match with ukarine really expose GR. Watch the replay of that match you will see that GR is not a coach. i dont know why his fans are making noise here. he has done just well but not better than our previous coaches. I tank GOD for my guys in this forum @ Destar @omo9ja @ Ade @Goal. GOD with continue to bless you guys. GOD bless 9ja.

    • Maybe you should bring back Amodu N Keshi to come and take over the SE.

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        Ola don’t mind them regressive people’s Congress RPC LMAO!! What else do you expect from Stan?? He neither contributes anything or say anything meaningful since he’s been pestering around the forum. Maybe he should go and bring back Keshi and Amodu to come and coach the SuperEagles again from their grave. I’m sure Keshi is spending all the bonus sharing and bribes he took in his grave now. Regressive association.