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Isaac Success Joins Serie A Club Udinese On Three-Year Deal

Isaac Success Joins Serie A Club Udinese On Three-Year Deal

Nigeria forward Isaac Success has linked up with Serie A club Udinese from Premier League outfit Watford ,reports Completesports.com.

According to the Mirror, Success penned a three-year contract with the White and Blacks for an undisclosed fee.

Originally, the 25-year-old had wanted to stay and fight for his place at Vicarage Road, but after an influx of striking options were brought in through the door this summer, it was made clear that he is not needed for Watford’s Premier League challenge.

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The striker played 10 times in the Championship last season for the Hornets and scored one goal.

Success joined the London club from Spanish side Granada in 2016, netting his first goal against AFC Bournemouth in 2017.

He was on loan to Malaga FC before returning to Watford in 2018/2019, scoring four goals in 13 appearances for the Hornets.

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  • It is a surprise that three days to the camping of the players for world cup qualifier, the incompetent nff is yet to decide on the players to use in for the first two matches. Because how one explain the reason for the delay in the release of the players invited up till today Thursday 26 August, 2021. Other serious countries like Ghana,South Africa, Egypt, Zambia and Senegal have already published the invited players. I wonder what is delaying the release.
    I will continue to say it that this nff board is not fit to lead us to the desire level we all crave to attain.

    • Is it not amazing? When will the players arrive? How many days will they train? Maybe hours now sef? Good ground for excuses loading for Rohr if anything goes amiss with the results. He will not waste time to remind everyone that he had only 2 days to prepare whereas the opposite coach had 2 months training his team.

      That’s one of my gripes with him. He’s fast becoming a typical Nigerian politician? Or which international coach worth his onion will play along this much and stay mute on player invitation less than 6 days to a WCQ?

      In the last Mexico fiasco, he was also playing ding dong, excusing himself from the ‘stain’ early on, rather than challenging some of Pinnick/NFF’s meddlesomeness. Westerhoff was very outspoken and didn’t care whose ox was gored.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Westerhof had the backing of the Vice President of Nigeria….that was the only reason he never got the sack before he was able to qualify us for world cup and win AFCON. He had unfettered access to the SEAT OF GOVERNMENT. So he could dare and bullshit anyone. The DG of the sports commission was not his friend, neither was the NFF but he had a bigger and more powerful friend who believed in him and ensured he got ALL he and his team ever wanted.

        Rohr has nobody’s backing even though he has been on course with all the deliverables given to him. If it’s not the NFF owing emoluments dating back to 2years today, it will be locquacios sports minister tomorrow. If it’s not locquacios minister of tomorrow, it will be jobless exinternationals who feel this position belongs to them even though their CVs are empty, ganging up all against him and telling us all sorts of lies about him being given “preferential treatment” and “enabling environment” they were not given.
        The only thing Rohr has is and has been the letters of his contract which protects him from any unfair dismissal.

        The fact that the list has not been released doesn’t mean players have not been invited. Players have been invited and they’ll all start trooping in by Sunday.
        The uncertainties surrounding the England and Spain based players is what is delaying making it public. There’s no point releasing a list today and altering and changing it every other day in the media.

        Every other country that has players based in Europe will also open camp on the same Sunday ours will open theirs….so why the hullabaloo. Players who have been invited have already been notified.

        • Dr. Drey I always respect your opinion but Nigeria is not the only one in this situation. Other countries like Egypt, Cameron to mention few are also in the same situation yet it did not deter them from listing their players. If you listen to sunset sport splash just relayed on Brila at 6pm today,. Cape Verde has released their players list which compose of all foreign players but not in the case of Nigeria because of Nff incompetent and laziness period.

          • Greenturf 3 years ago

            Cape Verde has players predominantly in Portugal.Egypy has 90 percent home based squad, Cameroon most of its players are based in France.Not every country is affected,some countries are playing opponents not in the red zone but in Nigeria’s case most of our players are based in England,Spain and Italy this three countries won’t release their players to countries in the red zone unfortunately.
            Nigeria is affected because of where our players ply their trade as well one of our opponents Cape Verde are in the red zone,so I believe our officials are try to sort things out behind the door until sorted we may have to wait a little longer for the list to be made public I’m afraid.
            In my opinion,if this three European countries maintain their stands on stopping players in their league honouring invitations,It would be wise to cancel the world cup because it’s not fare to those countries affected aside that FIFA will not get the best 32 nation going to Qatar so there’s no point for it to go ahead.

        • Dr. Drey this definitely below your standard. Come to think of it, the COVID-19 rule has always been there. Fa should have have had a second option or plan B.

          If other countries that are affected have released names nothing stops us from not releasing names..

          If there will be modifications nobody will raise any eyebrows because we know the situation is.

          It’s really absurd that the makes are not yet out.

          If they have sent out invitation letters then the more reason why they should release names to the public.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Which countries having the volume of number of players we have in England, Italy and Spain have released their lists…? Please tell us…I’ll like to know those countries.

            I’ld like to know if Senegal has released their final list…..I’ll also like to know if Cote-divoire and Brazil have also done same.

            Please kindly tell us which country has a plan B for 13 players whose unavailability was just confirmed 2 days ago and have released their final list for the upcoming qualifiers.

            Cape Verde who most likely have Zero number of players in England or Italy JUST released theirs today…and we who have to make alternative arrangements after just being officially communicated by the respective FAs 2 days ago should have released our own plan B list last year right…?

            Like I said earlier, an extended list was compiled and invitation letters have been sent across to all those involved. The moment clarity has been established between who will be available and who wouldnt be, then a list can be made public.

            It makes no sense for a list to be released on Monday, then on Tuesday English FA says they wouldnt release players, then that list gets modified and re-released on Wednesday and then the Spanish FA comes out with their own statement, and the we modify again and re-re-release a new list on Thursday and then Italian FA comes out on Thursday and we keep re-re-re-re-releasing new lists everyday…It just doesnt make sense that way. That is not how administration or operations are implemented at that level.

            Its not like these FAs made these pronouncements 4 weeks ago or last week.

            Even CapeVerde that isnt really much affected just released their list today…..so whats all the fuss about.

            Even I as a layman, I have a list of 23 Nigeria-eligible who arent playing in England, Spain or Italy at the back of my mind already….not to talk of the handlers of the National team or the NFF.

            If we release ours on Friday, its still not too bad. Its if we dont see players trooping in by monday that we can start pannicking……and who says these FAs cant be gotten to change their minds before then…? Was this not also how we were told we wouldnt have our players in the march window but somehow eventually got them released…?

            Some of you are just unbelievable. Really its easier said than done.

  • This is why people have been advocating for nff to always have a good plan B to avoid this type of situation. A good organization always work with foresight but not with this nff. Each time Nigeria is to play it comes with problems we believe an effective organization suppose to have taken steps to curtail. For me, I will hold nff responsible. It is solvable through effective planning.

    • glory 3 years ago

      @ Samuel Olabode I agree with you in blaming the NFF to a very large extent. While I will support the cancelation of the world cup, I will want to state that this scenario has once again expose how inefficient how sports ala football administration is in this country. Severally, I and few others on this forum have being crying out for NFF to raise a parallel SE team of predominantly homebased lads, to be managed by Manu Garba. Such team with some really good fringe foreign based players could have readily come handy in situations like this. But lo, our inept football administrator will always choose to be reactive than proactive.

  • A lot on my mind regarding this “Red list issue”.

    The final round of AFCON qualifiers, England, Spain France declined to release players without condition. This meant that Ghana players plying their trade in England were not permitted to travel to South Africa for that match and they were released under the agreement that they would play only one of the two matches. No such provision was made this time for Nigeria and Cape Verde (CV is on the Red List). We should have been able to get players with the agreement that they only play one of two games. it seems that England, Spain and Italy have shifted the goal post, given that they got away with restricting players last time, they have now gone a step further. So much so that both FIFA and CAF have pettitioned the British Government.

    Now, even though they restricted African and South American teams, they are not restricting European teams. the net result of this is that Uefa countries are enjoying a competitive advantage in the run up to the world cup next year. Uefa countries are playing 3 matches per FIFA window, and African and South American countries are lucky to play even 2. This means Uefa countries will race up the FIFA window and get better rankings and in return be better seeding and a better result in the group draws.

    Back to Nigeria. We are victims of our own success, we have most of our first team and at least half of our squad playing in the top 5 leagues (EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1) this rules them out. We have A LOT of players in the 20 best leagues and there is no problem mustering a decent squad if we call people on merit. Players in Portugal (Awaziem, Zaidu), Netherlands (Okoye), Russia (Ejuke), Belgium (Alhassan Yusuf, Onuachu, Dessers), Cyprus (Uzoho and Shehu), Turkey (Musa, Nwobodo, Nwakaeme etc), Greece (Onyekuru) etc etc etc. 95% of the names are already Super Eagles and regulars, the others good quality alternatives.

    The other issue is what was the point of the game against Mexico in Los Angeles if we cannot call upon any of the players there whom did well to boost the squad? or was that a flight of fancy?

    Truth be told, we are not lacking options, what we are lacking (we:NFF) is critical thinking and investigating viable options/ a decent plan to say This is our team A, this is our team B and this is our team C. get these meeting up regularly and step them up as required.

    If there is a crises, it is a crises in the mind.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      100% Big D. 100%

      “….If there is a crises, it is a crises in the mind….”

      Minus the players in England and Italy, we can still raise a team of players who are not all entirely new to the SE set up.

      A squad list like

      1 Okoye
      2 Uzoho
      3 Akpeyi
      4 Awaziem
      5 Pius
      6 Ozonwafor
      7 Akpoguma
      8 Shehu
      9 Zaidu
      10 Collins
      11 Izuchukwu
      12 Agu
      13 Azubike
      14 Micheal
      15 Marcus
      16 Nwobodo
      17 Alhassan
      18 Muazam
      19 Bonke
      20 Onyekuru
      21 Kalu
      22 Musa
      23 Simon
      24 Ejuke
      25 Onuachu
      26 Moffi
      27 Dessers

      And a starting XI in the mould of


      should find it difficult getting 4 points out of a possible 6 from both matches. The team is no team of slouches.

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago


  • List finally released this evening:

    Okoye, Uzoho, Akpeyi, Troost, Awaziem, Collins, Balogun, Aina, Omeruo, Akpoguma, Zaidu, Abdullahi, Ndidi, Etebo, Onyeka, Aribo, Musa, Iwobi, Kalu, Simon Osimhen, Iheanacho, Onuachu.

    EPL replacement Onyekuru, Moffi, Ejuke, Bonke, Ozornwafor, Ebuehi, Kingsley Michael


    • Very rigid cos your favourite players is not there. You that is adventurous why don’t you apply and ensure you get the job mtcheeeeew.

      • @ tayo, I believe you meant this as a reply to me (likely you were in a hurry to slam my view, you missed where to click reply).

        Anyway, you believe Rohr is flexible and adventurous (or whatever you think of him and his methods), I think otherwise. Your opinion vs My opinion. End of story.

        Do I need to explain my views? I could, but no. I choose not to based on assessment. So, my opinion is still very proudly the same regardless of your attempt at intolerance and suppression of my view. Nothing changes and I can argue it without flinching when I choose to. But this time, no, thank you.

  • Ebuehi, Ejuke on standby? SMH. And what is it with Rohr and this unspectacular Ozomwafor? Akpoguma on main list? And where’s Obinna Nwobodo? SMH X5. This gaffer just keeps losing my confidence. Very rigid. Non-adventurous.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehehe…..very rigid and unadventurous…because he has chosen the players HE wants and not the ones YOU want to see…..LMAOooo.

      And latter same set of people would come back and insult him for not having a regular squad…..LMAOoo

      Are the ones listed incapable of getting the job done…??? Or are the ones not listed the messaihs that the team cannot afford not to have in order to get the job done…?

      They wanted list….they got the list….now its complaints galore about people who werent invited

      You can never please the men of this world.

  • Good luck.success. set Italy ablaze with goals.

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