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Iwobi Gets Very Good Rating In Everton’s Win Vs Arsenal

Iwobi Gets Very Good Rating In Everton’s Win Vs Arsenal

Alex Iwobi got very good rating for his impressive performance for Everton in their 2-1 win against his former club Arsenal on Saturday.

The rating was compiled by Liverpool Echo and was for every Everton player that featured against Arsenal.

Iwobi was in inspiring form as he helped the Toffees inflict more misery on the Gunners who are 15th and five points from the relegation zone.

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And for impressing in the colours of Everton Iwobi got seven out of 10.

Commenting on Iwobi’s performance Liverpool Echo wrote:” Rewarded with an assist for the opener. Always available and willing to drive at Arsenal. 

“Looks full of confidence and his work-rate is understated. Subbed for Coleman.”

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  • Collins id 6 months ago

    Aleandro iwobinho don santos bangers.
    Iwobi reminds me of 2002 ronaldinho, the ronaldinho of PSG, Eze reminds me of 2008 ronaldinho, the ronaldinho of AC Milan lol, sometimes your character shows in your style of play, iwobi is verry commited player and person, he never misses any eagles calls right from day one and always gives his maximum. Keep it up bro.

    • GLORY 6 months ago

      Nice one @ Collins Id. Alex commitment to Nigeria and SE just reminds me of late Samuel Okwaraji of blessed memory. Just why I love him so much and will always stick out for him whatever be the case. TO GOD BE THE GLORY, I AM BEING VINDICATED. THESE DESERVING SE DESERVES OUR SUPPORT DURING TRYING TIMES BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALWAYS SHOWN THEY CARE UNLIKE OUR CRIMINAL POLITICIANS DESTROYING EVERYTHING GOOD ABOUT NIGERIA.

    • Igbekun Abo 6 months ago

      Thumbs up Collins ID. You always make sensible comments. Iwobi deserves a lot of praise for turning his form around. You know, it could not continue like last season when Iwobi’s form was nothing to write home about. CONTRARY TO WHAT SOME FOOLS WILL HAVE US BELIEVE, IWOBI’S POOR FORM WAS NOT DUE TO CONSPIRACY THEORIES. He needed to up his game and so far this season according, he is doing just that. This platform used to have a lot of contributors like you. But unfortunately, we have to also put up with brainless fools.

  • Igbekun Abo 6 months ago

    Football is a results oriented business. If a player performs magnificently, he attracts the praises it deserves. If a player’s performance drops, he will attract the feedback consistent with such an output. IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. This simple concept is lost on some people whose delusion will only allow them heap praises on underperforming players out of misguided loyalty. Worst still, they come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories to explain the player’s underperformance. Such delusional theories include:
    – coach Anchelloti does not like the Iwobi.
    – the players do not pass to Iwobi.
    – Iwobi should never have gone to Everton.
    – Everton’s defensive style does not suit Iwobi.
    – the Everton fans do not like Iwobi.
    What we are now seeing in Iwobi’s output is that all the conspiracy theories postulated by these people were UTTER RUBBISH. Iwobi is playing in the same Everton under the same coach with the same players and at times playing as a defender,and he is now doing well. Who is vindicated, those who pointed out Iwobi’s flaws? his coach who worked with him to bring out the best in him? Or idiots who made lame excuses for Iwobi when he was underperforming all in the name of blind loyalty? This reprobate went as far as saying that people who pointed out obvious flaws in Iwobi’s game at the time did so simply to promote players like Ramon Azeez. (I am shaking my head as I type this message). The length they will go to concoct, peddle and promotion gibberish is mind blowing. And now we are hearing vindication. Wonders shall never end. IWOBI IS PLAYING WELL TODAY SO I GIVE HIM PRAISE. IF HIS PERFORMANCE DIPS, I WILL CRITICISE ACCORDINGLY. ANYONE WHO HAS A PROBLEM WITH THIS CAN SUCK MY DICK.

  • Collins id 6 months ago

    Thanks @igbekun and glory, you guys are great contributors aswell, i remember when i was residing in Lagos(naija) my room was always full of complete sports magazines both old and new, and one other popular sport magazine I can’t remember the name now, that was before the internet era, whenever I manage to buy other news papers that are not generally sport news i will just go straight to the back pages where there is sport news and throw away the rest news lines becos I wasn’t really interested in the stat of the nation only football was my priority, in cases when I had no money I will stylishly hang around the magazine seller and read freely i was never embarrassed for reading free like the traders do to other fellow readers bcos I was a regular costumer, I know some of you sports lovers had thesame experience abi na lie? Just to say how passionate I am when it comes to sport, but one thin I learnt about sport right from those old times is that there will always be rooms for arguments and disagreements inrespective of who you choose to support, everybody will never reason thesame and that is the fun in the sporting world. For example in front of ajah market while reading free news somebody came up with an argument asking why is kanu nwankwo called papillo, i didn’t know the answer, one igbo guy said it has been kanu nwankwo’s Nick name right from his early days in heartland(inwanyanwu national) then another yoruba guy said that was a fat lie, he insisted that peak milk invented the name for just an advertisement which kanu stared as am ambassador, as the argument continued one delta guy jumps in and said una sabi lie lie and I asked him if he knew how kanu got his Nick name he said that arsene Wenger gave kanu the name lol, then the igbo guy asked when and how? the delta guy replied saying whenever the arsenal game is to fast and tensed, Wenger will bring in kanu into the match to slow down the game instructing him personally by shouting kanu! pap it low, pap it low, pap it low meaning slow the game down, and that was how he got the name papillo, I laff laff and got tired of laffing thins; though I didn’t believe the guys version but he made my day by his hilarious invention. @ igbekun and glory, Sport issues ends up with quarrel and laughter not quarrel and fight or quarrel and quarells. Up till now I still don’t know who was correct among them but whenever I think of the matter I still laff over it.

    @igbekun, when i was much younger I never believe any player was better than okocha not even zidan(for my mind oh) okocha was the God of sucker, nobody dare’s to criticise okocha where I am those days, in 2004 I felt very sick guess why? Bcos okocha lost africa player of the year award to eto, it was like okocha was my immediate elder brother, I am a Chelsea fan, but not when Chelsea play against Bolton, I was blindly inlove with our midfield maestro, I am telling you this for you to know that I understand how Glory feel about iwobi and you can’t blame him much if you can imagine how I felt for jayjay, then, please I urge you to understand and telorate his passion

    @Glory, as time goes on I realised that okocha wasn’t the god of sucker and the likes of zidan lampard Gerard pirlo and some few others will always be rated ahead of him despite been superiorly talented than them, and i began to see reasons with his critics and believe me most of them where verry correct, okocha of 90s was a shadow of himself dribbling without caution and results wasn’t there to show for it, Nigeria Zambia final is a good example jayjay was indirectly minus 2 in that game making alot errors passes, aimless dribblings, Jayjay was the major reason we lost to Italy in the world cup though he made history with his dribblings, but he spoiled so many goal chances with his childish decisions of which yekini was very upset. I now see reasons why he couldn’t win africa player of the year ahead of alhaji diouf and hadji despite been talented than them too (though he deserves 2004 award, ahead of eto) I later realised that I was in love with okocha of the new millennium(from year 2000 to 2006) bcos then i could watch their club matches compared to 1990s it was a different okocha. an okocha that has learnt from France 1998 lessons an okocha who hardly make mistakes okocha of Bolton wonderers. I got to know that the people who criticise jayjay was actually reacting to his 90s performances and I was more familiar to his millennium performances, especially afcon final 2000 in Lagos, but after re watching those matches he played in the 90s via YouTube unlike our old black and white tv of the 90s i now begin to see reseans with his early critcs. In conclusion they where right and I was right too, it was a matter of 6 and 9 depending on which direction you see the number from, please I urge you to stop been critical of others people opinion about Iwobi they may not see wat u see and you are perhaps not seeing wat they are seeing aswell only the end shall tell. your argument with igbekun is just an issue of 6 and 9 you guys will come to agreement some day barring pride and ego, I love you guys and I urge every one of us to love our selves as we love the super eagles happy new year in advance.