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Iwobi Relishes Everton’s Win Against Fomer Club Arsenal

Iwobi Relishes Everton’s Win Against Fomer Club Arsenal

Alex Iwobi is delighted to see Everton beat his former club Arsenal in Saturday’s Premier League clash at the Goodison Park, reports Completesports.com.

Iwobi, who linked up with the Toffees last summer started the game and was replaced by Seamus Coleman seven minutes from time.

Rob Holding conceded an own goal in the 22nd minute, while Nicolas Pepe equalised for the visitors in the 35th minute.

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Yeri Mina nodded home the winning goal on the dot of half-time.

Iwbi took to the social media to celebrate the win.

Nice To See Old TeamMates 🤞🏽
We Moveee 🤟🏽🍬,” Iwobi tweeted.

The 24-year-old has made 13 league appearances for Everton this season.

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