Live Blogging: Algeria Vs Nigeria (AFCON 2019 Semi-Finals)

Live Blogging: Algeria Vs Nigeria (AFCON 2019 Semi-Finals)

Welcome to the Completesports.com’s live blogging of Nigeria’s Super Eagles vs Desert Foxes of Algeria- a semifinal fixture at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt

Stay tuned here for the live updates of the proceedings as they unfold inside the magnificent Cairo International Stadium

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  • Agnes Liz 4 years ago

    Watch the match live online; http://www.skorlive.com/soccer

  • Prince 4 years ago

    Currently watching the Tunisia vs Senegal Match …and something wierd just strike my thoughts after that harsh penalty decision on Senegal!!

    This tournament is taking place in Egypt …and I have already seen the officiating between Tunisia vs Senegal …and oh my…there is some level of biase and “favouritism” here !!

    Haba CAF … must we do like “FIFA” in our own African tournament??? Must the officiating favours a particular nation because of their location and origin against another ???

    Abeg MY SUPER EAGLES PLAYERS  …. against Algeria…just know you are playing against the Algerians, the officiating team and even against majority of the crowd in the stadium …  e ready for their antics and try to play it out, clean tackles and 110% focus on the entire duration of the game !!!

      Believe in your team mates, play to your strengths and bury your chances when you get one!!!
    The God, we serve will be with us as always !!

    Success Super Eagles !
    God bless Nigeria !!!

  • Agnes Liz 4 years ago

    Super Eagles is winning today with or without Algerians and officials antics

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Bismillah. The victory is ours in sha Allah. Good luck Super Eagles and coach Rohr. This is the site to watch the match: FEED4U

    God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Ara Nkita 4 years ago

    Chai….. This green Jersey again!!

    Oh no….!!!

    Please o let’s break the badluck jinx of this green Jersey today.

    Go Eagles!!!

    • onwajunior 4 years ago

      Our bad luck jersey. Whatever happens sha we dey their back.

  • omg why this jersey, hummm, soar high eagles, we are winning.

  • Segun 4 years ago

    Liveblog @ 14:04 (or 17:04), Troost-Ekong scored the winner, not Leon Balogun.

  • Lord AMO 4 years ago

    Akpeyi don start

  • Akpa basket oo,God help us from this man

  • Ruler of men 4 years ago

    Ehhh! Own goal oooo

  • Ara Nkita 4 years ago

    Ighalo still his old self…..SELFISH!!

    So annoying!!!

  • Ruler of men 4 years ago

    His concentration has always been suspect since the beginning of this game

  • is there no way to stop wearing this bad luck jersey forever? anyway game on.

  • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

    How can one be so selfish in a gamenod such magnitude…

    • Ara Nkita 4 years ago

      That’s Ighalo for you!!!

      Always costing us matches with his unnecessary selfishness..

      That guy….

      You see am?

      • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

        You will think that after the Argentina match in the Worldcup, this guy will be a.passer to the person in the besy position to score.. I hope those misses won’t come back to hunt us.

  • Ara Nkita 4 years ago

    Bad luck Jersey….


    I don’t like this Jersey one bit!!!

    Ekong why naa??

  • Nawa for this our green Jersey,the Algeria is leading through own goal..Really sad.I know we are going to loose today.well all the best for second round.

    • U are going to loose ur miserablr life today,not super eagles loosing,[email protected]

      • Ubah what is wrong with you?do u know who I’m?don’t worry ok.I said I know we will loose bcos of this green Jersey..Just wish they come out stronger in second half..Pls try respect everyone,we are not in this forum to fight rach other.we are all Nigeria.goodluck to our super eagles.God bless Nigeria

        • Sorry to everybody i wrong it was match tension.gud night all

  • There was nothing ekong could do there. Well lets keep fingers crossed

  • XXXXXXXXXXPLAY 4 years ago


  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    If coach Rohr really want to win this match, Ighalo must be substituted. I have warned him but he won’t listen.

    We need someone that can hold the ball in the middle. Mikel must coming in at the beginning of the second half. Osimhen and Onyekuru as well. I believe by God’s grace we are winning this one. No shaking. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Chukwueze is not in this game. we need more pace in this game.

  • 9jaVision 4 years ago

    I don’t usually like to criticize any players in my team when things go wrong but I must sy that Akpeyi is a massive liability to the team, he is so shaky that any time Algeria (who are real foxes by the way) come anywhere near our box with that Bgdad snooping around, it’s panic stations throughout our backline and Akpeyi’s ineptness makes it worse, I know it’s too late but I wish he hadnt started this game and if I were Rohr, I would sub him at the start of the second straight away. Again, I must say, Algeria are playing really well, they have been on top so far and throughout the first half without a shadow of a doubt, I hope Rohr has an effective plan B because we need it now! Algeria are not trying to give the SE any chances in this game, they are preesing high and closing down at very close quarters also I think the Se have slightly underestimated them, we really need to step up or it’s 3rd place match if it stays the way it is!

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    I think we need to stop playing this fast paced football the Algerians are forcing us to play at the moment…because its not our style.
    We are known for patient build ups and switch only gear in the final 3rd.
    Lets stop trying to out-pace algeria and settle to our own game.
    Finally we need to close them down more in the midfield…!
    Its game on…. We are coming back strong….!

    • Ruler of men 4 years ago

      Dr. Drey thank you for building up some optimism in this otherwise scary encounter.

  • I am not boardered by the own goal, we are winning this match

  • i want to see wat rohr will do here at hlf time, 3 5 2 formation needed here and onyekuru need to come in for ighalo and kalu for chukwueze and balogun needed here for omeruo.

  • Ara Nkita 4 years ago

    Against Madagascar, this Jersey, own goal,we lost…

    Now this.

    Father in heaven,let this jinx be broken today….


  • 9jaVision 4 years ago


    • I wonder why no one is talking about ndidi,s error three free kicks his giving away in this competition and three goals is the result,madagasca,south Africa and now algeria,he is great player but for me etebo is better.

  • Lord AMO 4 years ago

    It just looks like the boys didn’t play confidently that half.  The goal was unfortunate but it had been coming.  Algeria can be beaten however we would need to step and act like we understand a final is at stake.  If we pressure them they’ll crack.  We were just starting to connect offensively before the unfortunate own goal.  Credit to Algeria though.  They have marked out chukwueze and musa.  

    Let’s get the ball to Iwobi much quicker and have our forward show better off the ball movement. 

  • All the Rohr supporters am waiting for your excuses.

    I think am the only one seeing the big hole in the defence and midfield.

    Ighalo stinginess should have kept him on the bench since.

    All Rohr supporters am waiting for all of u

    With your new excuses..

    We lack definition, precision and tactical discipline.

    No game plan


  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    I have a feeling that onyekuru will have a say in dis game. I see him as our joker kinda how amuneke was in Tunisia 94. GR should bring him on after 15 mins. If igalo is not up for it today as it currently seems, I would advice GR to bring in osimen for speed. I wished that thru ball to igalo fell on samu, I bet we would have been 1 up but the fact that igalo is aging and d speed isn’t there was why d algerians defenders were able to recover. We need to start playing our game as it seems we are giving them too much respect. it also seems Algeria are the well rested team by d way they are playing. if we equalize we will win this game. They will be tired if we go to extra time and we can finish dem off

  • Bomboy 4 years ago

    We will win this game via penalties after extra time. The finals will be relatively easier. THAT TROPHY IS COMING HOME!

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    Musa needs to stop raising his hands up whenever he loses possession of d ball as if he made a good pass only for his teammates not to be in d proper place whereas it’s his pass dat is poor. 60th min should be wen he is replaced for onyekuru but I see d coach warning Simon and onuachu

  • James 4 years ago

    Please, substitute Ighalo

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Its at times like this we need a Mikel…!
    A water carrier who can move the ball from midfield to attack…!

    • One more game to go for eagles .it is not all about winning. It is how yu play to win . I m tired of checking up with d holodoscope when d eagles play . I wrote in dis space dat dey ahud go and watch germany vs Algeria in 82 world cup to get prepared for dis game. It ended 2 1 . Den. Same today . 2 1 . Over confidence. Cost dis March. Den again wat are d positive. If care is not taking godforbid nigeria might not qualify for d next Olympic football competition. Wit d way things are run.over there. With d array of players dat are bound all over but will not be released by their clubs.wen d time comes.

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Did etebo’s shot not just hit that algerian defender in the arm in the penalty box…?

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


  • Guy’s when I see this All Green jersey my spirit become low and gbam here comes own goal which is not his fault either so for what ever the outcome is I will take in good faith win or loss but we must scrap this All out green for good

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    I saw it even without VAR…! Gassama couldn’t have denied it…!!!!
    Pls Ighalo……Plsssssss

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    penalty for 9ja. please convert this wan oooo

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Gooaall……..Game on…!

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago


  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Now we need to seal that midfield and ensure the Algerians do not have as much space as we allowed them in the 1st half…!

  • By now der shud be a change to d line up

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    VAR na 9ja name oooo

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    Thanks etebo the monster.

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Musa and chukwueze also need to track back more to shield collins and awaziem in the wings. Collins in particular. Mahrez is definitely too much for him to handle all alone.
    Etebo should do well to help us shackle feghouli…!

  • Bomboy 4 years ago

    I said it! This game will go into extra time and we will win by penalties. Mark my word.

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Finally….we get to see onyekuru in this AFCON.
    Henry…this is your time….grab it nowwwww…!!!

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    The algerians are tired. and here comes Henry but fir d wrong person in my opinion as I think musa should be d one coming off

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    Rohr please do something about Ekong now 

  • 9jaVision 4 years ago


  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    We should run at them now as they are tired. we need to use our God given speed but still be resolute at d back especially wen they bring in Adam ounas.

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    Musa is tired and lost , the coach substituted Chukwueze instead.

  • Chukwueze was well shackled in this game.

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    GR should be strategic in dis final minutes, we should be smart wen going forward without leaving any holes at d back. it is ok if we go to extra time as we will be alot more fresher than dem.

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    Now I understand why GR prefers Simon, kalu, samu, and musa ahead of onyekuru, the reason is dat they are better defending wen we r under attack than onyekuru in my opinion

  • ok can sombody explain why they drop the tempo after the goal pls?

    • Unique 4 years ago

      Because the coach is stupid to subtitute Samu, the only player holding the right fullback to operate.

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    Rohr please  beef up the midfield these guys are tired 

  • 9jaVision 4 years ago

    Why are they letting Algeria play??? Why are they not closing them down???

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    What a sad way to loose…!!!

  • Had to walk away, because i knew it was a goal. Only if the Algerians knew how to beat Akpeyi, they would have scored a lot of goals in the match

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    I just knew Mahrez would aim for that far corner..!
    I just knew it…!

    • i tell u, told my son its worst than penalty, free kick from that angle for a very good lefty like marez, its either a goal or nearly a goal.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        My brother…..its only thosse who do not follow the EPL that wouldnt know what mahrez would do with that ball.
        When Akpeyi was arranging his wall, I was just shaking my head because it was obvious he was simply wasting his time…!

    • Abah-fada 4 years ago

      End of the road for Nigeria. We fought a good fight, just that the better team won at the end of the day.

      Congratulations Algeria. I will support them from now on, they are really hungry for title.

      Better luck next time Super Eagles.

    • Akpeyi isn’t just a SCAREDY CAT he’s alsò very poor in gk positioning…
      And dat was our bane…
      All thesame kudos @NgSuperEagles!!!
      The better team carried the day cos we showed them 2much respect & mahrez is a class act!

  • 9jaVision 4 years ago


  • good game, they try, but my question is why they always drop there game, and pls can sombody tell the FA to condemn this jersey for real, even if its a mere superstition.

  • 9jaVision 4 years ago


  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Congrats to Algeria…!
    They’ve not hidden their ambitions in this year’s afcon from the first day…!
    Great stuff from both teams….!

  • Lord AMO 4 years ago

    The better team won

    • Exactly. You can’t give what u don’t have. The team has his own fault, but the players are guilty as well. Inaccurate passes all over the place. The Algerians were better and were unlucky to have conceded that penalty. T’would have been an injustice to quality football, if we had won the match

  • XXXXXXXXXXPLAY 4 years ago


    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hehehehehe…..”.ITS NOT THE TECHNICAL IMPUT OF THE COACH THAT HAS SEEN US THIS FAR BUT THE TENACITY OF THE PLAYERS.”…..So now that we lost….it has to be the tenacity of the players too that was responsible..!

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Heads up SE….heads up…!
    We live to fight another day….!
    Wow…what a game…!

  • Philip willie 4 years ago

    It would have been an injustice if Nigeria would have been won the match…. I appreciate what the coach has done but we need a new coach… Wrong changes… Defensive mind is what cost us this game

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    Rohr lost this game, wrong substitution he supposed to beefed up the midfield, we told them to play compact football against Algeria, instead they allowed them to dictate the game. Iwobi resulted to is amateurish soccer, while muss and Ighalo look lost throughout the game.Their luck finally runs out today, where do we go from now?

  • Proudly 9ja 4 years ago

    So sad, we allowed him to dance like dat with d ball? it’s a shame we lost so naively. But kudos to d team, it wasn’t as if they were better than us. it was an even contest. We scored late against SA and now we were scored late on. it’s part of d game. it will be futile for anyone to be asking for d head of d coach at dis point. Let dem play their 3rd place match and d coaching crew needs to write a report and recommendation going forward. The NFF should then review d report and see areas to improve on d team. I personally will advocate for d coach to stay and continue tinkering d team but he needs to understand d 9ja mindset and do d needful. my humble opinion

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahaha…..there’s no need to appeal to the naysayers.
      They have been praying for the eagles to loose so that their candidate can be asked to replace the coach. Lolz

  • Xhuxhu 4 years ago

    The goal post was empty..Did we have a goal keeper today? Akpeyi..Akpagoals..The guy brews high blood pressure.
    Third place that’s where the Super Eagles belong.
    After the AFCON, we should search the whole globe for Nigerian eligible best hands to take up the goalkeeper position. We need to beef up our defense too and the Midfield will need more personnel especially the creative midfield.

  • Larry 4 years ago

    The game was completely dominated by the Algeians. The better team won. I didn’t see any technical input from Rohr. It was clear in the first half that Omeruo-Ekong had collapsed and Collins was no match for Mahrez. Balogun and Aina could have salvaged the situation.

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    A gallant performance by the Super Eagles. Not enough today. From the few minutes Onyekuru played, one wonders why we did not see more of him in this tournament. The whole team did well. We were undone by some freakish misfortune. Ekong’s own goal could have gone anywhere, but ended up in the net. Mahrez’s sublime freekick could have been prevented if the defenders cleared their lines better. And our goal came via an unlikely ally today, VAR. Well, the end has come. We thank Rohr and the team for a fine tournament. Now the NFF need to sit down and decide if Rohr is the man they want to take charge of the team going forward.

  • Churchill 4 years ago

    Proud of my super eagles despite the lose. We have a future team that I know of. Afterall, we nor get goal keeper and that bad jinx jersey wen get bad luck. Love my super eagles anytime anyday.

  • Am suspecting there was an issue b4 this match. No cohesion, no atracking threat, no leadership, even rohr had to go and sit down at a point. This is shameful

    • Our boys has done well but we need to look for goal keeper biko,Akpeyi is a huge joke plus indiscipline of our defender’s for this last minute free kick with a very poor defensive wall for this free kick that make Mahrez look like a hero . Finally first thing first this All Green outfit need to be scrapped by Amaju Pinnick NFF ( Bold Green with a Mixture of white to brake this All out Green outfit Jinx for good is neccesary going forward, As for the Technical crew Rohr has done well putting this boy’s together but he has to go because he doesn’t understand the mindset of Nigerian player’s, we play high pressing football not defensive minded, imagine super Eagle playing to contain Algeria in the first half.Garnot Rohr doesn’t understand mentally of Nigerian playing pattern … defensive is not our way of play. His substitution is tactless in big competition and it’s not good for us if we must win competition’s because we have huge talents that need to be harnessed for big stages and Garnot Rohr doesn’t fit in the billing going forward as big football Nation in the Continent. Good luck to the boys in our third place match .

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    On a sad night when we missed the final of AFCON by whiskers…the Legend Passes on….PELE passes on…but he still lives on…!
    Sad sad night for me…!

    • Lord AMO 4 years ago

      Bro please check articles for authenticity before spreading news like this na.  Just a look at the date would tell you this is fake news

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Oh…thanks bro. Pls IGNORE all…!
        I just checked now…its fake news…!
        Someone was just trying to play with my head at a time like this when I’m in a sober mood.
        How I wish CSN has got an edit button so I can take that crap down…!

  • Prince 4 years ago

    Nigeria 1: 2 Algeria 

    Nigeria lose and will play Tunisia for the Bronze !!

    This defeat is not the Coach fault !!
    It is the players !!!
    They blew it !! They simply bottled it !!

    I believe when a team recovers and come back from a lost to put a draw, they become more determined and purpsoseful !!

    Two accusable faults from the players that leads to Mahrez winning goal;
    – how can you draw a score line with 4 mins of extra time to go and the SE players could not their own by defending until the final whistle .. and then come out on the extra time to grind a win or go into penalty !

    That’s one lesson this group of players have not learnt after that exit at the World Cup against Argentina !!!

    – Any soccer fan watching the EPL knows that Mahrez have a good left foot…so why can the wall stay more on the left side of the goal post instead of leaving that side exposed for him to strike !!
    (goalkeeper is not learning …and imagine Ndidi that once played and trained with Mahrez in the same club in the EPL not playing a leadership role here!!! Painful and unacceptable !!!)

    One lesson about this game … The most hungrier team won !!!

    Our boys tried … let’s support them for the 3rd place match!
    We will only but get better !!!

    The future is bright…it would be brighter if we strive forward !!!

    God bless Nigeria !

    • The team dropping to defend is the fault of the coach. The coach decided how the team plays and not the assistants. What did the coach do when the players decided that, that was the best time to defend? Why did the coach play only one pattern from start to finish, using only 3 midfielders against Algeria’s 4 midfielders? The coach only changed like for like.
      Akpeyi set the was and not Ndidi. So the fault is Akpeyi’s. If you set a wall then you are saying that you got the other side of the post covered. He set a wall and did not cover his own end of the post.
      Apart from all this the Algerians were simply better and they deserve to win.

      • Prince 4 years ago

        You are absolutely right 

        This team wil only but get better !

        If we must ask for a change of technical head, it might backfire or who knows, move us toward !

        However, Gohr has made a fairly good report card.
        I suggest we stick to him and look for two well seasoned ex-super (Oliseh, Amunke, Amohkachi or any other good technically and patriotic coach who has the integrity and die-hard spirit of the nation at heart) to come and assist Gohr in building a solid nation team !!

        I swear, Any Nigeria team will make it to the top with a sheer combination of a gifted Oyibo man along with a fearless Nigerian assistant … It has always being like this … Check the records !!

        I stand with the team to grace this hard-fought tornamnet with a medal (a bronze will boost their effort for greater years to come for the youngsters !!)

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    When I’m talking you listen my people. I asked a question here yesterday and I hope you all read it?

    I said did Coach Rohr has plan A,B and C?

    We only made one sub and no solution after that.

    The assistant coaches can’t help. They can’t read game. Mikel service was needed and another striker as well. God really helped us but we did not have what it takes to go through. The better the team wins.

    Who can we blame? Ourselves. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • The Algerians won because they were better. Their coach also got his tactics right. He played 4 midfielders while Rohr played 3 midfielders. In the 2nd half I thought he was going to shore up the midfield but he did not. Also, removing Chukwueze was wrong. He needed to remove Musa and bring in a midfielder since since it was clear that Algeria was winning the battle inn the midfield. He used the same strategy from start to finish and that was wrong.
    Dropping back after equalizing also killed the team. why try to defend when the game was still 1-1? They only invited pressure on themselves and the Algerians made good use of it. As for Akpeyi, no need to say anything. He set a wall and the wall was not effective. As lon as the wall was ineffective there was no need thing that he could catch the ball because we know how good he is.
    In all, the Algerians were better and there should be no arguement.

  • Lord AMO 4 years ago

    Our midfielders gave it their all but tired out at about the 80th minute.. not too surprising considering they’ve all been playing 90 minutes since the knockout round.  Not having any reliable backup midfielders has cone back to cost us.  

    However, the boys gave it all they had but Algeria were just a notch higher in quality so I truly have no qualms with losing to them.  It sucks to give up the goal with the last kick though.  

    By the way, what were you expecting onyekuru to do.  This is a guy that hasnt played a single minute in this tournament.  Anything out of him at this point would have been a bonus. And please don’t bring up Amunike in ‘94, completely different circumstances

  • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

    In a big gsme like this, I think Aina and Balogun would have made a difference….Jamiu was Mahrez’s bitch lol and Ekong was just not in top form today..

    • Unique 4 years ago

      Don’t blame Colins, he tried his best throughout the game even Mahrez wasn’t spectacular in the game, if not for the own goal and the free kick. Rohr kills the game for stating Awazieme ahead of Aina, in this kind of match you need an attacking minded right fullback to build up play with Chukwueze, that’s where he got it wrong. No excuse for the defeat, Rohr is tactically poor. He can’t coach a team to win Nigeria league 2

      • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

        I completely agree with you my brother. In a gsme where the algerians would’ve have studied our last two games and seen that chukwueze is our game changer, I would bring in aina as right back….start simon. And in the later stages brin on chukwueze to run down the now tired Algerians… I think Rohr could have done better. Now some players need to just chill from the nationsl team lol.

      • Patrick 4 years ago

        I went on sabbatical to see what our coach will do in this afcon let us not deceive our selves Nigeria need a new coach , new new goalkeeper. We have players like Bonaventure in club brugge yet we took ogu to afcon .you all saw how we struggled against Algeria in the midfield. We have players like osihimen , awoniyi ,Stephen odey even onyekeru yet we have to rely on ighalo to score our goals. The coach is incompetent.

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    We told them to deny Algeria spaces in midfield, Rohr gave us onyekuru, our players were tired especially Iwobi and Musa another midfielder  was needed, Obi or Aina.i guess the coach was watching a wrong game. 

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    Nice one boys, we tried but our efforts weren’t good enough. Up eagles, never say die. Rohr stays to continue building this great team for the future.

  • Michael Adelami 4 years ago

    With what I saw, the super eagles still have a long way to go though to be honest,they have improved a lot.
    Algeria have better players and they played better than us.
    Now we must understand what the coach is saying whenever he says the team is young and still developing. It really showed today.
    We need to either plea to our players to upgrade themselves or do more to unearth better players, however the latter option is not really easy to do since we do not have a good league. Therefore, we need these players to play more together so as to understand themselves more.
    Kudos to Genort Rhor he has done well.

  • Nicolsen 4 years ago

    Pls can we sack Rohr…

    • Michael Adelami 4 years ago

      That will be a fatal mistake of our lives.

      • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

        Not in support nor Against but why do younsay so sir?

        • Michael Adelami 4 years ago

          Rhor has built a team from nothing. If we sack him now, another coach will come with another philosophy, break down the cohesion we are gradually building and then we’ll start all over again.

  • Glory 4 years ago

    God bless SE, God bless Gernot Rohr n God bless Nigeria. Only one team wins d cup n only one mistake decides. Nothing to cry about. We look forward to another opportunity.

  • Unique 4 years ago

    I said it that playing Awazieme ahead of Aina can hurt us. We need an attacking minded right fullback to operate with Chukwueze, he should have brought in Aina for Awazieme and introduce Onyekuru for Musa, that’s how we could have won the game. But this man called Rohr is a bastard that knows nothing about football, he’s just an idea coach like Eguafon. Nff sack him before tomorrow morning.

  • We don’t have a good midfielders and our defense are not good enough. Any time super eagles put on dark green jersey they don’t always perform well including super falcons. The dark green jersey should be replaced. Nff should please look for a better technical adviser to the super eagles. Mr. Rohr have tried his best.

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    We lost gallantly, but our efforts wasn’t enough despite spirited performance by the SuperEagles. We lost the midfield battle today against a very slick Algerian front four. I knew that ball was flying into the net from that range after Ndidi gave away a needless free kick in a very dangerous position. There is a bright future ahead for this SuperEagles team we just need a very reliable goalkeeper and more options in the central and creative midfield. We keep the core of the team and continue improving for the next AFCON in 2021 which is fast approaching. Now it’s up to the NFF to decide the future of Rohr, but left to me I will let him continue what he has started because he was able to meet his target for this AFCON. Now we focus on qualifying for the Olympics with a core of these players with the mindset of taking that team to the next AFCON and build on from their till the 2022 Mundial if we are able to navigate the qualifiers to those upcoming tournaments. 

  • Where are the ROHR SUPPORTERS?

    I hope u guys saw my predictions yesterday



    When football analyst speak the Lilliputians should listen and sit down.

    I may not be a professional coach.
    But I know am better than ROHR.


    I told u guys even if they won the cup, which I thank God they didn’t, I will maintain my stand on this team and the coach.

    A coach who cannot read a game and know who to substitute and when.

    Simple tactics.


    -Remove Ekong bring in balogun.

    (he is not confident, he causes pressure on the defence)/do u need a prophet to tell u something was psychologically wrong with him today

    – Remove Musa bring in Simon
    (He lacks leadership, idea, and his passes are to God’s know where and who.From the first game I said Musa need to sit on the bench, but you and your adamant and stubborn Rohr say he must play)

    Leave Ighalo for a while though he is not in the match he could cause issues for defenders.

    Bringing in Onyekuru was the best thing to have happened to usz but he removed the wrong person. Musa should have been substituted.

    Final words.

    I think this coach and the super eagles team has some touch not in the team.
    The coach is stubborn and adamant and doesn’t take advice.
    If he reads completesport and our comments he would know the cup ought to have been ours with the crop of players we have.

    Musa, ighalo and a selected few seem to have a great deal with the coach and they cannot be touched.

    Poor display from the team

    Even with extra time they would still have beaten Niger.

  • U mean he set a wall and stay behind the wall…leave the other space open in the process and Mahrez is not a fool

    • that was exactly what happened. I don’t know why we were expecting to win with the type of keepers Rohr took to the nations cup anyway

  • Pls lets stop reasoning per match. If he had started aina u people would still have complained. If he had played obi na still thesame. Rohr don try pls. He cant kill himself na

  • Only a foolish or a blind bat will advocate for ROHR CONTINUITY.

    Some times I wonder which eyes them take dey watch the match.

    From day one, I said the coach has nothing to offer.

    Check out the Algerian coach.

    He came with a game plan.

    Rohr zero% plan.

    I know someone wants me to say the boys tried.

    That’s nonsense and mediocrity.

    We came up this far by providence and luck not because they had a good game plan.

    Algerians were beatable!

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahahaha..The Algerians were beatable….didn’t you see how they lost all their matches (even to almighty senegal) to get to the semi-final…????

  • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

    Lesson still not learnt by Rohr and the team from the last world cup. If you are lucky to come back from a goal down in a semi final match that you sre being outplayed, one would think he would makenquick substitutions on the hour mark. Try to communicate with defence to shield that open corner Marhez directed thenball to. There are similiarites in this defeat and to the Argentines at the last world cup.

  • onwajunior 4 years ago

    We lost because of the Jersey.

  • @Iszy…I support you jare but can I recommend a coach that u think can do better?

  • I mean can [email protected] recommend a better coach?

  • Alamin 4 years ago

    A good fight today, we all know that Algeria has been the best team so far in this tournament (not losing any match), we fought hard against a good team though it pains but true fans and people who understand football knows that u win and lose in games so we should all root for the eagles to grab the BRONZE(at all at all na him bad pass, cos we will carry something come house).
    One of our mistakes is when we equalise we should have pressure them more cos of the rising morale but we now went back to defend and I accept some people up here that we should have introduce a midfielder cos some player are tired but we didn’t and still allow the Algerians to rumble our defense till we commit a foul which pave way for the winning goal.
    well they must be mistake in game cos we only need one winner in the game. we should root root for the super eagles to grab the BRONZE. up up super eagles!!!

  • I remember the days of Enyeama. That goal wouldn’t have gone in. If you doubt me, ask Messi.

  • The view of the match is, Collins offers nothing going forward. that make Musa to be stressout as the match goes on.Aina could have been a better option but I know the reason the coach pick him ahead of Aina..the substitute made was a wrong one,because it was done at the moment Samuel was growing into the game.and Henry never made an impact when he came in.
    Today also shows we lack a good keeper, Uzoho, Akpeyi and Ezenwa are not the future for our goal keeping department. The coaching crew have to search for a keeper. It can be someone with a dual citizenship
    I must commend the team and the coaching crew for their performance and effort .it had really rekindle the heart of many nigerians and strenghten their believes on the Super eagles.

    Finally,The critics of Rohr should know where he took us from before opening their mouth to call for his sacking. Everybody want quick success but no body is prepare to build structures that will bring the Success to book. Taken Germany national team as an example, they went out of the 2018 world cup at the group stage and failed to qualify for the euro league but they still stick with the same coach.that shows the spirit of continuity Nigerians have to copy.
    Let keep on building and 2022 world cup there will be a reward for our Continuity.

  • Pls for once let there be continuity. We cant keep sacking and getting back to zero point abeg. If u sack Rohr now who do u want to bring that wont scatter the whole system?

  • Iszy please submit your CV to glass House,I promise you will be named the next Nigerian coach,Even local team in our league ,you will not be able to conquer them not to talk of conquer Africa.
    Stop criticising a Coach,in a football match you reason game out from a different angle as a coach

  • Chudynak 4 years ago

    These eagles lacked the skills of shooting. Their shots were weak and could be likened to back passes. Iwobi is a good example

  • Hmmm….one problem about some Nigerians is that..they think to manage a national team ends on the field of play.
    During the time of Rohr…
    Our Top players stopped going to any how clubs.
    Ekong to Udinese, Kalu to Bordeux, Balogun to Brighton, Onyekuru to Gala, Ebuehi to Benfica all because they want to compete.
    All those German/European Borns e.g Maduka Okoye(GK), Bazee, The Bennetts,udokhai and many more..u people think the manager with the scouts didn’t contribute to there commitment?
    Even the likes of Okereke to club brugge etc. Before..our former coaches won’t care to call players from Vietnam and Turkish second division or from Finland and make us believe that they are what we have.
    I’m not saying Rohr should remain by force…it’s not his birthright but do we really have a coach that can do better? Because we don’t want a coach that will make us believe that a player from Kano pillars and eyimba can do more than what Iwobi and Chukwueze are doing o.

  • Or..when last did u hear that we call a player from Boavistar, jargonsrzpor or from fire house FC in Jamaica? Now we have players from udinese, Leganese, Porto, Torino, Stoke city, Leicester, Arsenal, Villarreal etc.

  • hanif 4 years ago

    all dis motherfuckers ill wishers , coming out in numbers to campaign against d coach ,,, u shall b disappointed,, we lost d match but to my surprise I wasn’t sad bcos I saw my team held deir own against a very standard team ,, d Algerian ax bn outstanding frm day one but dey didn’t run ova us we gave Dem a gud fight .. only a fool we say dat match wasn’t tough ..

    Rohr av no reason to b sacked ,, he used all our best legs wot we nid now is gud players ,, let chuckweze grow let onyekuru grow osimhen too ..

    u wnt him sack but u dnt av a worthwhile replacement are u not stupid lik dat