Live Blogging: Guinea Bissau vs Nigeria – Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2021

Live Blogging: Guinea Bissau vs Nigeria – Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2021

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations match between the The Djurtus of Guinea Bissau and the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua.

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  • Joseph 2 years ago

    Wishing the super Eagles all the best ⚽️⚽️

  • Jide Dola 2 years ago

    How this match is going to look like, we don’t have any fast striker among the two strikers

  • Aquilani 2 years ago

    Which link can one watch this match please?

  • Ruler 2 years ago

    Pls any link to watch this match?

  • Gbenga 2 years ago

    Sadiq is not performing

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Sadiq may be playing himself out of the SE if he keeps fluffing his chances. He should have buried dat chance after a nice thru ball from nwakali

  • It’s very certain Sadiq won’t make the cut after this Afcon. One time shot, you do dilly dally inside 18 yard box

    Meanwhile, it’s obvious this G. side watched the CAR-Nigeris game and are trying to replicate that strategy.

  • Sadiq Umar is a bad player afterall. Just playing like someone that has not eaten since last week

  • KING TUOYO 2 years ago

    Sadiq Umar should not come into the field after first half. I have seen too much nonsense of his play sonce match day one.

  • uclaw 2 years ago

    Hehehe, to think that GR received a lot of criticism for not inviting Sadiq Umar.
    Now we know that there a players for National team and those for clubs clubside football.

    • Jide Dola 2 years ago

      Don’t mind them, those people that don’t know football, they think football is all about inviting new faces all the time. They always want to believe that people that had not been invited before are better than people that are already part of the team. Everyone deserves his chance buh not by thinking it should be Everytime team will be changing players. This is their Sadiq that is better than Ighalo, una weldone.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    As Kel mentioned, GB are replicating the strategy CAR used against us in Lagos.
    If it remains scoreless until 10 mins to the end or thereabouts, they will now come out gung-ho for the winner.
    Very impressed with Nwakali so far. His value is obviously set pieces. He’s been whipping in quality crosses into the box, and combining well with Ndidi in the middle.
    Good one so far from the SE.

  • Jones 2 years ago

    I feel like Ejuke is holding back.He’s playing it too safe….no dazzling runs.
    I want to believe he’s playing to the gaffer’s instructions

  • John-I 2 years ago

    There’s no way this Sadiq is better than Paul Onuachu, no way!

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Olayinka should come in 2nd half for Sadiq abeg so he can get a taste of the tournament even tho i still think its too early to write him (sadiq) off however he hasnt covered himself in glory this tournament.

    • Danny 2 years ago

      Which glory. He should go and eat jor.
      Ordinary breeze go blow am commot ball

    • You can’t give what you don’t have. Sodiq has played in 3 matches so far (though they are not 90 mins football) but with the amount of time he’s been given and what his output, I don’t think he should be starting matches for Nigeria. Let them give other players the chance to show what they can offer.

      As for Ejuke and Collin, the best position for them is actually bench. Including Iwobi.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Sadiq is playing like he has mountain on his head.. why waste such an opportunity given to you.. olayinka was suppose to start but You were given another golden opportunity and you are playing like this.. he is obviously not super eagles material yet this Afcon has exposed his lapses so badly.. feel sad for him

  • Oya…Sadiq fans come out ooo… everything you blame rohr… this Sadiq should not near super eagles again oo

    • John-I 2 years ago

      It’s obvious that Awoniyi is now the first choice centerforward in this competition. Eguaveon should remove Sadiq and introduce Olayinka asap. He deserves to be given a chance

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    I sincerely apologize for fighting for Sadiq inclusion, the guy nah waste of space, very slow, sluggish, clueless no soccer sense, just running around like a donkey, sorry folks I’m very upset, I really wanted the guy to succeed, he failed himself today. Ajayi is another suspect.

    • Unfortunately, Sodiq and Onuachu are one of a kind. With their physique and style of play they can’t flourish in the super eagles

    • Jide Dola 2 years ago

      I like you, you are too much. I like it when someone is wrong and admit it. And no one can blame you, you haven’t seen him play for super eagles before @sunnyb. From now olayinka should be substitute for Awoniyi from what I saw today if care is not taken Olayinka may takeover as number 1 striker in this AFCON. I love his combination with Simon, may be if he had been given opportunity given to Sadiq, may be things might have been different. To be sincere am not yet confused with Nwakali performance, to me he’s slow in transition.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    This is why we should force players on the coach.. national team is not same as club football.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Sadiq, Nacho, Iwobi, Ejuke, Collins and Nwakali need to step up..
    The Guuneans are gradually playing better and they will come out to play in the second half..

  • Eguavoen, abeg bring in a No9 o. We are currently playing short one. This game should have been 1 or 2-0 first half.

    Yes @Pompei, Nwakali has been really impressive. Collins and Ejuke combining well too on that left flank. Ajayi has been really industrious. Iheanacho has not played to his full strength today. Iwobi doing a great job.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Sadiq Umar and Alex Iwobi are just low energy… Sadiq Umar is a waste of heingt. Very languidly sluggish…

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    My brothers and sisters . Everybody can see the reason why rohr don’t want to invite Sodiq Umar, that guy na cow, Ndidi even dey shout for him to mark upfront. This is not all about club football, umar no suppose near national team. Tuffiakwa

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    I want to see musa play in the second half. Iheancho is not doing well as the attacking midfielder, and iwobi looks like he doesn’t enjoy wing play anyone.. iwobi should play middle while iheancho or olayinka play top 9

  • John-I 2 years ago

    Does Sadiq think Afcon is Badawa Football Competition? One-on-one with a goalkeeper and you’re dancing ‘kerewa kerewawa’, mtcheew. The guy is not a bad football but just not worth the noise some crusaders have made in this forum

  • Ebuehi playing well, Collins not playing well very poor positioning.For Sadiq He is not super eagles level on a good day, Osimen,Awoniyi,Onuachu and Denis will be ahead of him.

  • Samson 2 years ago

    I want to see Henry come in for Ihenacho, Musa for Iwobi, Olayinka for Sadiq, let must play 7, Henry 11 and Olayinka strikes. Ejuke should support Olayinka behind. We will see goals dropping in.

  • You people go kill someone with Laughs here on Sadiq Umar

  • I don’t have anything for Sadik other than pity. He obviously has a complex that he’s handling very badly.

    One characteristic of his game is that he’s not used to African football. And it’s showing very negatively right now. I don’t doubt his quality and I’m not writing him off.

    However, we’re getting to the business end of things and at this point we can’t afford to be shoddy or tolerate shoddy performances. So for now, being somewhat a fan of Sadik Umar notwithstanding, I won’t fault Eguavoen or any coach in charge if they restrict his SE involvments to just inconsequential friendly matches.

    I wish him all the best.

  • I cannot even believe the score line.
    O my!

    Well, the players that should be substituted,
    Sadiq, Ebuehi, Ejuke, Nwakali.

    They are just playing tiring, safe… They play like they told them they are sacrificial lamb.

    I tired of watching nonsense abeg.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Sadiq Umar may have played himself out of the SE with this first half performance.
    I’ll be surprised if Eguavoen allows him step back on the field in the 2nd half.
    He’s good striker. But so far, we’ve not seen anything of note from him.

  • Mr. Nice 2 years ago

    Sadiq umar is a waste of player, no wonder no quality team is interested in his services.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Sadiq Umar staring the game ahead of Peter Olayinka may have been sanctioned from Aso Rock… I felt Eguaveon’s preference initially was Peter Olayinka but since Amaju Pinick is still under EFCC searchlight… a voice may have wailed with power from Aso Rock that he be allowed to start as a pride to the North since Musa no longer starts… The guy Sadiq moves like tortoise and hustles like a sheep. Very disappointed in his ball hustle and overall play… I want to see Olayinka… if Sadiq did nothing in 45minutes, he cant do jack anymore I am afraid!!!

    • Lol…baba u get problem. Start thinking straight. The coach just wanted to be sure of who the guy is and that was why he gave him a starting berth. Stop building bullshit on people’s head. A lot of people also thought Sadiq’s poor performance in those earlier two games were because he was subbed on. Abi, we thought he could do better when he starts. So, going all da way to twist things around Aso Rock is completely unnecessary and mischievous.

  • Four four two 2 years ago

    It’s a shame Dessers is not here.This will have been a perfect time to assess what he can bring to the table. Now , it obvious Sadiq Umar’s career with S.E is over for now. We have seen Onuachu. Seems he and Sadiq are birds of the same feathers. Ranking our reliable strikers going forward : Osihmen, Awoyini, finish for now.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    This is why it is important to play lots of friendlies , Sadiq would have played and we would have known he is not a good fit for the eagles but Rohr would persist with his regulars. How do you build a solid team like this?

    Anyway, we can see clearly now that Sadiq needs to face his club football, if I hear!

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      Rohr invited him for friendlies twice but he wasn’t released due to club engagements.

      Rohr actually built a very solid team for SE, I think the NFF has really frustrated him so much that resulted in his non-inspiring play in the past one year

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    The SE are playing it cool so far in the 1st half. My observation for the 1st 45 mins below

    Sadiq is definitely a SE material, we can now understand why Rohr is not much of a fan of his style an speaks volume on why he couldn’t cut it in Roma and Rangers. He needs to be subbed immediately at the beginning of 2nd half with Olayinka

    Nwakali so far hasn’t done badly in this match, he will benefit from more game time in the SE going forward. I think he will need to work harder at the gym to build some more stamina to be able to stamp his authority in the midfield. For now Aribo is far ahead of him

    Ndidi bossing the midfield as usual, I pray he avoids injury in this match because he will be monumental for us going forward in the competition

    Iheanacho and Iwobi are rather a bit quiet in this match so far, hope they will come to life in the 2nd half. Onyekuru may come in later for Iwobi if no improvement

    Ekong, Collins, Ebuehi and Ajayi has been tidy at the back so far, glad we have capable like for like replacements available in our defence, really wish Akpoguma was selected ahead of Ndah for this tournament as I still feel Ndah is a waste of valuable space

    Ejuke has been a bit unproductive so far but I still value his presence in the team, a moment of brilliance may just come from him later in the 2nd half.

    Let’s sit back and watch the 2nd half unfold

    Good luck to us all

  • Just imagine the player they want to crucify Rohr for not inviting. Imagine the players that delayed the Afcon list. Like Unuachu like Sadiq.
    Sadiq, Just know that Nigerians will not forgive you if you guys lose this match. No attacking threats, miss a golden chance and running like some one who is not physically fit! Only God knows what Ndah will bring to the table. Let me not face Nwakali because na we dey expect too much from am if not, he is doing just good.
    Eguavoen, do the needful ASAP!! We must not lose this match.

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    Is Iwobi playing 10…lol? That no. 7 position is empty

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Iwobi almost pulled off a spectacular “scorpion control” there….:-) 🙂 🙂

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Eguaveon please remove Sadiq and iheanacho the combo will not produce any goal today, especially Sadiq.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Push Iheanacho up to help Sadiq.
    Sadiq does not have the pace or strength to play as a lone striker.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    SADIQ UMAR!!!!

  • Goaaaaaal

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Sadiq nigerians go finish u today. What was dat nonsense u were trying to do from d center circle? U wan lob d keeper from dia? U get chance inside box 18 u no fit finish na from center u wan kon score from? Chai laff wan kee me oo. And sadiq scores

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Sadiq scores

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Sadiq should be giving iheanacho half of his salary

    • John-I 2 years ago

      Like say him miss that ball eh lol.

      Brothers, Kelechi Iheanacho get ball-sense

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Sadiq has silenced everybody ooo….LOOOOOOOL!
    His goal is his last contribution, as he’s just been subbed off!

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Olayinka and simon in. Sadiq and ejuke out

  • Even with the goal, Sadiq Umar is not welcome. He is finished. No strength atall. My 10 year old boy will score the ball

  • Sammy 2 years ago

    Dadiq has scored but was otherwise poor in this match. In addition to Nwakali and Alex Iwobi. Good game by the Eagles though…

  • Tap-ins!

  • Ayphillydegrea 2 years ago

    And Sadiq scores!!!! Fans should be patient a bit. Anyway that’s why we’re called fans. Fanatics.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      If he had missed such Tap-in I would’ve personally fly down to Garoua primarily to stone him dead Lol!!!

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Olayinka really wants to impress, he is already pressing from d front. Jimmyball ur man don enter ooo lol. He has something sadiq doesn’t which is more aggression and tireless running.

  • Muzammil 2 years ago

    Well-done my playars

  • Imagine if this Iheanaco they write off is not in the squad who create all this our goal.. he has involved in 3 goals all together now

    • Mirah 2 years ago

      Senior man is a good player but you don’t want to see on his worst days

      He’s got something unique in him, that his left foot is fire!

  • Sadiq has put all the doubters to shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone still dares to say he is not welcome!!!! Shame on you!!!!!
    First start, first GOAL!!!

    • Am not sure you understand football! So to you Umar is a player abi… Nonsense

  • pompei 2 years ago


  • Moses Simon, baller is your real name

  • Shegzz 2 years ago

    Moses na beast


    • There is no need for a player that falls like chicken even without anyone touching him. He runs to catch the ball and falls at the same time. That has happened about 4-5times since the first match.

      • pompei 2 years ago

        Chicken sef no dey fall like dat….e be like say de guy go fall yakata for ground if small breeze blow am. LOOOOL!
        I do appreciate his goal though, and I wish him more goals in the future!

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Simon carry people go skool ooo chai

  • onwajunior 2 years ago

    What of Onyekuru?

    • E don dey now @Onwa. I guess this will be his only match except someone is injured. He is like a third choice

  • pompei 2 years ago


  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    That goal was all about Moses Simon. He’s the best player in this tournament so far bar none.

  • pompei 2 years ago


  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Goal for ekong but all credit goes to simon. He is tearing up this tournaments and leaving men for men in his wake. Damn d guy don posterize people for this competition ooo.

  • Sammy 2 years ago

    Moses Simon needs to arrested by Interpol. He’s a killer!!! See dribble inside box 18..

  • My oh my,Simon! I used to wonder how dude kept winning player of the month and the year in his club with all the sub par, defensive play o. Ol’ boy, Rohr really did a damage on this guy, almost like what Mourinho did to Mikel. Simon should be the most grateful for the change of head coach. Obviously, it’s not just about talent, but the manager of your talent who could determine if you’re average or super

  • pompei 2 years ago

    I have to say Uzoho has looked really calm today. I don’t experience any apprehension with him in goal. This is confirmation that we have at least 2 reliable goalies – Okoye and Uzoho.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    There is nothing simple about Simon ooo.
    Simon slicing thru the GB defense like a hot knife thru butter!

    • Kudos to semi Ajayi, and jamilu colins, they both did a wonderful job. I think Semi is better off as central defender.

      I also think Nda has something that fans should also be looking forward too.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    What a fantastic block by Semi Ajayi to save Uzoho’s blushes!

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Ndah looking good.

  • KING TUOYO 2 years ago

    I won’t want to see Sadiq Umar play for the Super Eagles in this tourney. There is no difference between Paul Onuachi and Sadiq in their play. We have seen enough of too much nonsense.

    We need to see Dressers ability after the AFCON to see if he can over take Taiwo Awoniyi in order of strikers. For now, base on what have seen, Awoniyi is next to Victor Osihmen.

  • John-I 2 years ago

    Eguaveon should revert back to the X1 that played against Egypt and Sudan. Gabon or Morrocco won’t be easy game at all

    • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

      Aren’t we supposed to play one of the best 3rd placed team. Can u please explain why we are scheduled to meet morocco or gabon in round of 16

      • John-I 2 years ago

        I’m going by what the panelist said on StarTimes. Looks like only Gabon and Morrocco made it out of their group. I don’t think Comoros will qualify as third best lover. So, it’s likely Nigeria vs Gabon

        • John-I 2 years ago

          *third best loser* I mean

          • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago


          • My take is with Jay Jay okocha who was using his pundit role with supersport to promote Iwobi Alex. He has seen it now. Iwobi is just not in the game.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      2 – 0 just like predicted when that fool said we will lose 3-2 lol I don’t gamble but I should have followed my dream..

  • Looool…that Sadiq be like say in dey always play another game for in head. Person go just run go meet opponent keeper, fall for there. Laugh won kill me

  • Joseph e 2 years ago

    Congratulations to the super Eagles. Moses Simon is really a great footballer.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Nigeria is the only team with maximum 9 points. Unu well done ooo.
    Moses Simon na oga patapata. Big baller. Possible best player of the tournament.
    Ndah critics, how market? Nwakali critics, how far?
    Only Sadiq was below par today, and even he still put the ball inside the net.
    A good day for Naija. Let’s carry this momentum into the knockout stages.


    • William d conqueror 2 years ago

      Up Super Eagles!!!

    • Mirah 2 years ago

      Ndah isn’t a bad player at all. He’s good

      I think out bench are up to the task. Eguavoen break hin critics mouth …e sweet my body

      • pompei 2 years ago

        Ndah na baller. From the little we saw of him today, the space he is occupying in the team is not wasted.

        • Golden Child 2 years ago

          I did say he is a very good footballer, those who criticized him haven’t watched enough of him.

        • Mirah 2 years ago

          No lies

          Drey used to say hr isn’t good, he even said the guy is injured

          Good to see Ndah silencing his critics



  • Congratulations to troost ekong on scoring his second goal in consecutive afcon competition. Congratulations to coach eguavoen for making good subs and giving other players a chance to show their stuff.
    Congratulations to the Super Eagles for standing above every other team in afcon after the group stages.

    • Great game. With 8 changes. This shows depth.

      Collins was match rusty. He alwsy leave the guy on the right.

      Moses is a beast. Oh that goal should have gone in.

      Ekong dey surprise us at afcon. One of the best defenders in tournament so far..

      Semi ajayi showed strength.

      I apologize for pushing for sodiq. He needs help. He has potential but he needs to be more refined. Oshimen or desser or Dennis will bury those chances he missed.

      But we can’t write him off. It’s just that invitation to will not come very soon to him.

      This is the difference between eguavon and rohr. He had planned to remove sodiq. He was bold to carry out his plan despite the fact the he scored. That’s boldness. Rohr lacked that.

      Also eguavon has introduced competition into the team again. If you don’t play well, you go to the bench. Rohr killed that in the team.

      Nwakali is a good player. He may just find the competition for space in rhe midfield tough moving forward. Etebo is coming back. Ejaria is coming in. It will be tough for him but he is a good player.

      But Moses Simon should have had some luck to score the best goal in the tournament. What a strike that was. The good thing is that he did almost the same thing on three occasions. Great. I am sorry I criticised you. I eat my words.

  • John-I 2 years ago

    Anyone noticed how good Nwakali’s freekick and corner-kicks were? 100% perfect. All his deadballs were dangerous. He’s also a great-passer of the ball. He had a decent game.

    For me, Olayinka looks like a better player than Sadiq. He’s fast and aggressive too

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    Good game, my own takes are –
    – Sadiq should be kept around but just as a sub unless he can step up and massively increase his tempo and output, apply more pressure to defenders, be on the front foot more, until then he’s just a good sub for the last 5-10 mins of the game and if we’re in front
    -Moses Simon…Nuff said, I have tried to point his value out to people for a while but for a while many were just running him down, ok let’s just say the previous manager didn’t get the best out of him and leave it at that but I hope he now starts to get the respect from us he deserves
    -SEMI AJAYI!!! – Now I have been shouting from the mountain tops that Semi is currently Nigeria’s best centre half but again that seemed to fall on deaf ears, I hope now that everyone saw the Semi Ajayi we know too well and understand now what a defender he is, must be our number 1 for me no shadow of doubt!
    -Iwobi for me was somehow the weakest link in the team tonight, Aribo is now fully ahead of him in the team however and Finally

    Enjoyed the game tonight, a good evening to y’all and Come On You Super Eagles….COYSE!!

    • Bro, Karim Adeyemi is already a german international and cannot play for Nigeria again.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

        Are you sure because I know he represented them in the juniors but you can still switch after that
        What senior game did he play? can you refresh my memory? not that I’m doubting you

    • Mirah 2 years ago

      KAREEM ADEYEMI has been capped by Germany, you seem not to be following him well

    • pompei 2 years ago

      Field Marshall, Semi Ajayi surprised me today. Really good performance at the heart of the defense. Balogun will have a fight on his hands getting his jersey back when he returns. Ekong, Omeruo, Ajayi, Balogun, Ndah, Awaziem – they are all quality center backs.
      As for Adeyemi, if he’s still available, he’s one Eguavoen should definitely inquire about. The word on the street though is that Germany have capped him.

    • You de follow football upside down adeyemi plays for german senior national team

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    PS- Ejuke? Will he make it in this team?? a few football skills and fancy flicks is never enough without football understanding, application and player attitude, where it seems Ejuke may be naturally skilled, has he got the rest of the basic package needed? A player like Lookman seems a million years more cultured and effective than Ejuke imo

  • Emmanuel 2 years ago

    Congratulations all.I shall make a holistic analysis of the group matches by tomrw.Wldone guys.

  • Papafem 2 years ago

    Now we can all rest now on the issue of Sadiq. Reason I said it’s wrong for us start hyping a player just because of what we read about him on the pages on newspapers.

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    If I see sodiq umauru for super eagles lineup again! Anyway my guy Peter Oloyinka is a horse. Sodiq should watch how oloyinka dey Mark ball upfront.

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    Great game of football from the 2nd team of Nigeria, am particularly proud of the team and the coach Eguavoen. The coach has surely won me over with his tactical infusion in the past 3 games and I can surely beat my chest that we are winning this completion baring any mishap.

    Even though Sadiq scored a simple tap-in today, I still maintain that he is not a SE materials yet. Dessers should take his place after the AFCON but Olayinka can slot in as sub for Awoniyi going forward in the knockout stage.

    Oh my God, Moses Simon has taken his game to another level, what the hell did Rohr do to hamper his Talent? I am officially declaring that Rohr has an eye for a good player but doesn’t have the ability to utilise these players to mould them into a champion unit. So guys I denounce Rohr from this moment and never should I be considered as his FAN anymore.

    Congratulations to NIGERIA and all of us in this forum!!!

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      It is about time! A poor workman always blames his tools.

      Rohr: We missed Iwobi and Ndidi

      Rohr: Our players are not world class.

      Rohr: There are other teams ranked higher than us.

      Rohr: Our Players are not playing for big clubs.

      Rohr : We are not favorites for the tournament.

      Rohr: We do not have players like the USA 94 squad, the amokachi, yekini, okocha , oliseh.

      Rohr: We have a young team (5 years later).

      Rohr: It is not easy to play CAR.

      Rohr: Some draws are like a win (against Cape Verde).

      I am not a fan of NFF but what an inspired decision! Good Riddance if you ask me. He should be prosecuted for impersonating a coach.

      • Dr Banks 2 years ago

        I concur with your brilliant comment above @Golden Child

        • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

          SMH..@Dr Banks can’t believe you just sold out. Thats why I will continue to respect people like @Dr Drey. Mehn.. you are a disgrace(betrayal) to the struggle and an embarrassment to the family. You just lost my respect for a lifetime.

          • Radical 2 years ago

            Which struggle? Struggle to bring back Roar? And which family? Family of enemies of progress, abi. Gentleman go get a life. Your irrational and childish rants are irritating.

          • Mirah 2 years ago

            We should be ashamed of you. This is a public space, look at what you wrote

            Eguavoen is winning, you’re bitter

            U like better thing so??

          • Dr Banks 2 years ago

            @Monkey Post, I did not sell out or betrayer’s the progressives my brother but simply aligned with the truth and reality on the ground.

            Rohr did a great job assembling these wonderful players but I can see clearly now that he does not know how to harness and utilise their talents. So I see that Rohr can be a good Team Manager but never as a good Technical Adviser or Chief coach. He doesn’t have a winning mentality at all, likes playing safe without ability to take a calculated risks that may lead to success.

            I am currently at work now but I will explain and analyse Rohr in details when I get home.

            Apologies my brother but I had to be a true progressive that only identify with a way forward to success for SE but never a die hard Rohr Fanatics. Super Eagles of Nigeria is my primary concern and am such a Fanatic supporter of a team representing my Country of birth

    • Mirah 2 years ago

      I can’t stop laughing, you have seen the light , you’re doing well

      Team “Na Sidon look we dey” una well done o, hope those butts of yours won’t get glued to that seat with the way things are going. I no sure say una fit ever see this kind light wey Dr. Banks just see, una don make covenant with Rohr. Una better join the winning team

  • Papafem 2 years ago

    Why is it that no one talked about Chukwueze today? This team well rounded. It’s got width, depth and the mixture. Aribo didn’t play, and no one felt it. Okoye didn’t play. No one felt it. I’ve forgotten Musa is in that team. Kudos to Eguaveon. My best players today are Ekong, Moses, Ndidi and Nwakali. I’m very hopeful

  • Coache 2 years ago

    Rohr almost destroyed Moses SE career. Thank God for Cerezo.

    Congrats to the team, weldone Ajayi

  • KENNETH 2 years ago

    For me. Ejuke is just not Eagles material.he had begging chances on the flanks, but he wasn’t utilizing his wings. Just slowing the game. All those making case for iwobi can see that he is just a pass back or side ways player. For me, I will still give Sadiq time. He is gradually blending into the team. If only he had fell when he had eaten the goalkeeper, but he managed to still playing. He still tried his best in the match. Ihenacho is getting match rusty. He gets tired easily. Well next round is when we need to focus now. Simon is the man for me. See when he took the players one on one which ejuke didn’t

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

      Bro may your days be long ojare!

      I agree with everything you said there.
      The only other thing I would add is about Sadiq, I agree to some point with @ Pompei, I would leave him and let him grow and use him as a sub for now, I actually see something in him, okay he may never be the fast ultra aggressive striker type that we Nigerians are used to and expect hence why a player like Osimhen has been taken to hearts, Some say he did nothing throughout apart from the goal, I disagree, in the first half, he started slowly and then from about 10mins he stepped up and put some pressure and became a handful for the defenders but downsides are he never kept that up and seems to be a little lightweight and falls over rather than power up for a chance etc, for now lets continue with Osimhen, Awo, and if we can bring guys like that yeye Dennis back in and bring in Lookman and keep this same 9ja style and most importantly LEAVE EGUAVON IN CHARGE, then we may be about to embark on another golden era for the SE, either way If Eguavon continues like he has conducted his team selections, subs, game reading and management and all the other footballing dark arts as necessary then Eguavon must remain in charge – Picnic and co need to set that Portuguese fellow loose.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    @Field Marshal. General. Sir Johnbob… This your name sef… Most of you can’t find simple aliases to use here… It’s nit even easy to type this long username incase one wants to reference your comment. Are you really serious about Karim Adeyemi? What planet do you reside brother? Karim Adeyemi that Germany has already capped at senior level? Make una the make suggestions wey make sense…

  • pompei 2 years ago

    To get the best out of Sadiq, do not leave him alone upfront.
    Either have the wingers stay close to him, or give him a strike partner up front.
    Sadiq will do well if combined with the likes of Awoniyi, Olayinka, and especially Osimhen. A strong striker with pace will allow Sadiq to do his thing.
    On his own, Sadiq will struggle.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      Sadiq’s game is too lethargic for Super Eagles standard so he simply just doesn’t fit into this team. He is a replica of Onuachu so he should go an focus on his club football after AFCON.

      I don’t think he can cut it with any modest team in top 5 league either IMO

      • pompei 2 years ago

        I also think Ouachu would do much better in this Eguavoen’s team. The reason is simple. Onuachu thrives on crosses into the box, and the SE under Eguavoen have been doing that very well.
        Like Sadiq, Onuachu also needs a strong, fast striker playing alongside him.

    • John-I 2 years ago

      I disagree. A good player is a good player. Awoniyi was a thorn in the flesh of Egypt and Sudan defenders playing that same position. I even saw glimpses of pace, determination and courage in Olayinka. I’m sure he would’ve done much better had he started the game. Mek Sadiq go sidon

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      You are making excuses for him, at this level you need to take you chance and he fluffed his lines big time. He scored but was embarrassingly poor.

      There are other strikers willing to take their chance like Olayinka & Dessers. It wasn’t just that he did not score when he had that opportunity but he offered very little to the team, it was like we were short of a player. There was nothing about his game that you could look at and say ” I like what he did there”. Absolutely nothing! Hold Play was abysmal , off the space, zero balance, showed no strength , mobility =zero, He was completely lost.

      • John-I 2 years ago

        Well said. He did nothing aside scoring that tap-in. See how Olayinka was breathing down the neck of Guinea defenders. That’s what I want to see. Osimhen has it, Awoniyi has it, Olayinka has it, Sadiq doesn’t!

    • pompei 2 years ago

      Dr. Banks and Golden Child, I agree that Sadiq was poor. The only good thing from him today was the goal.
      I feel isolating him in the lone striker role further worsened his situation, given that he’s not strong or fast. With a strong, fast striker alongside him, I feel Sadiq will have a better chance to do well. I might be wrong about that, but I’m convinced that playing Sadiq on his own up front will not work, at least for now.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    This Ejuke matter don dey front and center.
    An obviously gifted player, who has simply failed to take off at this tournament.
    What I expected from him is what Simon is currently doing.
    If Ejuke can just spark to life, imagine Simon on the left and Ejuke on the right?
    That is what I hope to see. Eguavoen needs to work on Ejuke’s confidence. Calm him down, and help him to regain the confidence to play.

  • I came here to laugh…you guys comments today were like a comic relief. Congrats super super eagles

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Good match but my only worry is our lack of Wing play.. only Simon is playing well, Sam chuks, ejuke, iwobi etc are not too impressive . I wish we gave musa some mins if he could do better.

    Ajayi was a good replacement for omerue, Collins did well, ebuehi is not super eagles quality yet, nwakali did so well today ,good replacement for aribo, olayinka should be ahead of Sadiq, if he had started the match, probably there would have been more goals

  • Garre 2 years ago

    I’m glad all our efforts to ensure super eagles regained its lost glory hasn’t been in vain after all. I’m very happy that the whole world can now see the beauty of our darling super eagles. Gone are the days of boring and dead football display. May God continue to bless our new coach Egu and i pray our corrupt NFF doesn’t disrupt the joy we are experiencing.Bye bye to jati jati and bye bye to rege rege. No more excuses and there’s no more need of anyone trying to brainwash us into buying into failure idealogy. We are the giant of Africa and the true pride of Africa so we won’t settle for less.We know better thing when we see one and rotten egg when we see one.Perfume wey get level no dey hide.

  • KENNETH 2 years ago

    Guys no one is absorbing sodiq, but fact remains he wasn’t an integral player from day one. He needs time to adjust and i believe he will deliver. He has that killer instinct at goal. So lets just be patient with him. At least i will agree he comes in has a sub for now until he gets his bearing. Am beginning to get worried about the attacking options at eguavoen disposal. Come world cup qualifying proper who will they pick. Wished oshimen was here.

    Who noticed how the referee was running on the field of play. All the best eagles

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    I give thanks to God almighty for this achievement. Congratulations Nigerians.

    Three wins in three matches. The only coach in the history of Nigerian football that won his three matches in group stages in different tournaments. 2006 and 2022 to be precisely.

    Mr. No nonsense have shown Nigerians total football.

    Congratulations to the coach and entire team. Bravo.

    I also want to say thank you to Oga Rohr for his efforts. He did his very best for Nigeria.

    Congratulations to we patriotic Nigerians. Let’s keep the spirit up.

    Oga Rohr followers, kudos to you people for bringing the best out of our own. Remember, we are all Nigerians.

    As we are heading to nock out stages, let’s remain humble. We are not there yet. By God’s grace, the cup is ours. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Mirah 2 years ago

    Sadiq may not have pleased us well with most of his display last night but I see a real baller in him if properly worked on. His footwork held him back from getting a brace, that’s one of the problem of strikers with good footwork. That much footwork isn’t really meant for a striker, Osimhen got no much footwork, he would have shot on sight there and most probably scored.

    Morata has same problem, he’s a striker that can dribble and that sometimes doesn’t help him. Sadiq has big prospect, he just need some few adjustment here and there but I’m scared for him, who’s going to give him that much time to adjust with the plethora of strikers at our disposal.

    I must commend Eguavoen for the good job done so far, I wasn’t even a fan of his from the start (solely because of the obnoxious traits of most local coaches) but I’m happy he’s silencing the likes of Dr Drey A.K.A Na “Sidon look we dey”. Table Soccer is turning real soccer.

    Eguavoen’s choice of player is really topnotch, I’m wowed at how his second team performed. There’s real competition in this team, the rhythm is really nice.

    I knew a time like this will come, where Eguavoen will be doing well and some badbelle will be sad because the doom they are expecting isn’t happening.

    Thus far, Eguavon is doing very fine, anybody wey no like am fit go jump bridge

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