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Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Algeria (International Friendly)

Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Algeria (International Friendly)

Welcome to Completesports.com‘s live blogging of the international friendly encounter between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Desert Foxes of Algeria

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Stay tuned here for the live updates of the proceedings as they unfold inside the Worthersee Stadium, Klangefurt.


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  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    Good day to all well meaning Nigerians and Super Eagles fans wherever you may be on planet earth. Wishing you all peace, love and happiness and also wishing for a superb performance from our darling Super Eagles. One love

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    To God be the glory the match day is finally here.

    Fellow Nigerians, let’s join hands together to support our one and only Super Eagles, the pride of Africa.

    The day has come and as we are getting ready to watch today’s match, Algeria will be hard to crack down which is very good for Nigeria.

    I am so happy that we are playing Algeria and Tunisia this time around.

    This will test the abilities of the Super Eagles tutors and I’m pretty sure that the crew will learn one or two things from these friendlies.

    Also, I just want to say a big thank you to Oga Rohr for doing a great job with the team. Many thanks to you sir.

    Nonetheless, i will like to celebrate we patriotic Nigerians for bringing the best out of the gaffer. We asked for Dessers and new goalies and the coach provided them instantly. Good job my people.

    For Oga Rohr followers, hmmm… well, kudos to you too. We are all Nigerians due to the fact that we differences but one vision, one goal. One love my people.

    I wish our darling team a successful outing in today’s match. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Hmm wonder’s shall never end

      • Lol

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        Haha hah….. He doesn’t need ur appreciation. Abeg. Just remain in your stinking hole. Lmao…. Na so una go dy confess one by one. E remain ur oga – odemugu (the ex cricket international)

        • Sunny 2 years ago

          Wetin happen Mr parrots assistant hasn’t commented or no data to watch the game

  • i lost interest on super eagle bcus our new jay jay okocha was omitted from.. #aribo10.

    • @Victor…welcome back to the earth. Cos I’m very sure u have been away to other planet since. Welcome back

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hehehehe….your new jayjay was anonymous against Benin and Lesotho….the iwobi you claimed will soon be on the SE bench won us a penalty, scored 1 goal and had 2 preassists in those 2 games.Lolz.
      Una never see anything…!

  • pompei 2 years ago

    A clash of two African titans!

  • Ademola Adegbite 2 years ago

    Hello everybody, please where can get to watch the match online. I mean the link, I don’t want to miss this match. Thanks so much.

  • @Sean good day; am always on earth..

  • Will they show the match live?

  • Kenneth 2 years ago


  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Meanwhile, anyone can watch our next opponents currently taking on Sudan. They do not have big names but they are a strong and dangerous team.


  • I need the link to watch our match online.
    it will be of help to me if any one can drop it here.
    up eagles

  • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

    Algeria must fall.

  • Please any link to livestream the match will be appreciated

  • olaitan 2 years ago

    This new jersey sucks i swear

  • Emecco 2 years ago

    Pls the link to stream the match??

  • sunny 2 years ago

    goal to algeria

  • Sammy 2 years ago

    Onuachu is not the type of Striker we need for the style of football we play.

    He has no pace so can’t press or run in behind the opposition defence, and his poor hold up play means he’s of little use to the other attacking players.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    22′ Iwobi flashes a long shot just wide of the left upright

    Still Nig 0-1 Alg.

  • Austin 2 years ago

    Is it televise

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    If these boys disappoint us today. They will pay highly for it ooo

  • Austin 2 years ago

    How can I watch the match on my phone

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    We are struggling to get a foothold in the match.  It’s telling that we have a bunch of new guys in the squad as there seems an overall lack of understanding between the players in their movements.  Iwobi seems to be the most involved and certainly one who everything goes thru.  I think we’ll be fine

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    30′ Nigeria playing some pretty good soccer so far, but still lack a presence in the Algerian box. Zaidu Sanusi has done a good job keeping Mahrez quiet so far. But still, Algeria leads with the early goal from the corner kick.
    Nig 0-1 Alg

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    How can Algeria be beating us like this ? This is very painful ooooo

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    36′ Algeria come close to adding to their lead tru Delort flashing a left foot drive narrowly wide of the right post. Okoye has made 2-3 good saves so far. Onuachu still not looking like he is ready to give osimhen a fight for his spot.
    Nig 0-1 Alg

  • pompei 2 years ago

    So far so good. Our boys are doing well. To change the game, we need crosses into the box for Onuachu.
    Also, keep the defence intact. Algeria will tear us to pieces if we play a high line!

  • Sunny 2 years ago

    Algeria has so far outplayed the eagles. is this the team we plan on parading. Abeg where all those calling out names, this is better than this. Waiting for the excuses for non performance. Mahrez almost scored a freekick similar to what Akpeyi conceded at the Nations cup.

    • Are you watching the same
      Match? So far so good the goal is the diff. Both team playing good

      • sunny 2 years ago

        Yes, maybe you were watching the last nations cup semi final. This team is nothing to write about. The so called UEFA certified coach was out schooled again. What a shame. Even with you German walls.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    41’Great build up play between Iwobi, Samu, Kalu frees Zaidu on the left but his cut back into the box ends in the arms of the Algerian GK.
    Iwobi has been BY FAR the best Nigerian player on the pitch tonight.

    Still Nig 0-1`Alg

    • Onuachu is not a national team player, sluggish and he doesn’t hold ball, he is not in any way a threat to Oshiemen. I expect few changes upfront in the second half

      • Kenneth 2 years ago

        Why are you all faulting him, no one is feeding him the ball, both wingers were just playing for themselves, So don’t know what else you want him to do. Was he suppose to be running back to collect the ball

  • chuks haifa 2 years ago

    Onuachu is just disappointing. Hoping he’s taken out for Dessers or Iheanacho. He can’t fit into the style of play.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Mali just finished undressing Ghana 3 nil.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Na real undressing my brother… They really naked them…LMAO. But make I nor laff to much sha….we dey battle our own for hia.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Morrocco is also currently undressing senegal at the moment. They just scored their 2nd after a sweet build up from the edge of the box.

        71st min
        Senegal 0:2 Morrocco

    • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

      When I talk they said is hatred, Rohr is trying but his effort is not enough simple!!!!!

      Onuachu is minus one to us, Samuel Kalu can do better he hasn’t shown the quality we know of him.

      I can only give thumbs up to Ebuehi for keeping benhrama quite same also to sanusi, Balogun, Iwobi and some extent chukwueze.

      Oga Rohr has no excuse to perform simple!!!

      African indigenous coach is so far teaching him how football is played.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahahaha…..so-called no1 supporter of Rohr few days ago…LMAO.

  • Edoguy 2 years ago

    the game is evenly balanced..I think Onyeka going forward to join the attack is not as effective…Semi ajayi shows that he has been a defender. The game needs a balanced ball holder. Ebuehi recovery runs is spectacular…He is very fast, too bad he has not been able to join up with the attack.

    Apart from that, there are flashes of brilliance every where.

    • Jensen Josh 2 years ago

      Nonsense team, adojutini…
      Midfielders who sees no option than to pass to the back..
      Nice football from the left back, balogun, ebuehi, even okoye..
      The rest are nothing to write home about.

      Onuachu should not be called upon again ejor

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    So disappointed with the first half.. The midfield is so poor, we are missing the regulars.. Expecting changes in the second half

  • FrankL 2 years ago

    Nigeria out played them in the first half… With our full squad we will beat them silly…zaidu is a fucking beast!

    • sunny 2 years ago

      Even with the so called regulars, nothing will change. The midfield was no where to be found in the first half, Seyi Ajayi is so soft in my opinion. Paul needs to be given a chance in the next match and those wingers stop dribbling too much. They run and end up loosing the ball at the end

    • sunny 2 years ago

      With all the talk about him, there was nothing spectacular about his play. All he did was try to hack down mahrez. He wasn’t combining well with kalu, who just wanted to dribble everyone. Ebuhei for me was spectacular, and iwobi with some flashes.

  • MIchel 2 years ago

    Let me hear someone that will tell me that Ajayi can play in the midfield,onyeka would have imposed himself in that middle,I wish Rohr will play Tijani in that middle

  • remove onuachu but still our midfield is very poor, WE NEED SOME ONE LIKE MIKEL WHO CAN LAY SOME GOOD PASSES

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Half time

    Algeria leading Nigeria courtesy of a 6’header from a cornerkick. Onuachu lst Bensabaili and Bensabaili stabbed home on a 2nd opportunity.
    Okoye has pull 2-3 great saves tonight.
    Sanusi is keeping Mahrez and Delort quiet so far.
    Ebuehi has not put any foot wrong.
    The Oyinbo wall showing a bit of rustiness having not played together in a long long while.
    Onyeka settling in bit by bit as the half grew.
    IWOBI once again proving to be the architect of ALL good forward moves by Nigeria so far and also the one with the only shot on target.
    Kalu and Chukwueze have to do better than showboating tonight. This game is as important as it is just a friendly game.
    Onuachu….the less said the better. Lost his marker to the 1st goal, cannot hold up play, cannot pressure the Algerian Centre backs, Not present in the box.

    So far so good…for the neutrals…a good game of soccer by every inch

    Still Nig 0-1 Algeria

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Algeria are very good technically. Their high pressing game is giving us problems. Plus the presence of Mahrez is an advantage for them.
    If Onuachu is to remain on the pitch, then we must give him what he thrives on. Service into the box. Otherwise, we are better of with Dessers or Iheanacho. Would also love to see Ejuke in the second half. An attack of Ejuke, Dessers and Chukwueze looks better suited for this situation.
    Finally, no matter what, we must continue to resist the temptation to throw men forward! Algeria will pounce! Let’s be patient. Keep things tight at the back. And take our chances when they come.

  • AbdulA 2 years ago

    Zaidu is definitely a threat to the regulars playing in his position. He’s a super eagle.

  • Chris 2 years ago

    Our boys are playing like market men that plays Sunday Sunday games

    • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

      Drey come and defend your onuachu here

      Did I not say he didn’t fit the team style?

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahahaha……failure is an orphan.
        My onuachu or your onuachu.
        Nor be you and your brother Omo9ja dey provoke, raining insults the coach since because of Onuachu…?
        Have you ever seen me gloat about onuachu on this forum before…?
        Na you make you come carry your onuachu biko.

        • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

          Copy and paste where I praised him?

          He is a good player no doubt but didn’t fit Rohr style of play, in fact Rohr is not a good coach simple.

  • I expect Rohr to pull out Ajayi, Onuachu (and possibly Kalu & Ekong) and the team will play with more purposefulness. We are definitely missing Ndidi, Aribo and Osimhen.

  • Edoguy 2 years ago

    The one thing I can say is that Zaidu, could have chipped that ball in rather than trying to blast it in.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    I have to say, Onuachu isn’t covering himself in glory but the service hasn’t been great. But that been said he needs to up his game. Is it just me or does Ekong look jittery with the ball at his feet? He doesnt look comfortable on the ball fir me. He is strong and speedy but not very good footwork he is always playing those long balls to no one in particular. Balogun plays with intelligence while Ekong is brute force. Sanusi has been good going forward and defending. Onyeka guy is working hard but him been played in a new role isn’t helping him. His natural role is what semi ajayi is playing. Ajayi is doing well in the 4 position but he is not too far. We are missing Ndidi for sure. Chukwueze needs to release the ball quicker as he takes too much time on the ball. Without a doubt, iwobi has been the best player hands down. One body move he gave an algerians player d algerians guy fall for ground. The coach need to string in changes. If akpaguma should play, he should be paired with Balogun as they are both germans and communication will be easier. Take Onuachu out bring in Iheanacho or Dessers. Bring Ejuke for chukwueze. That’s my tots. We are doing ok overall but we can and will do better in 2nd half. I see us winning 2:1

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Beginning of 2nd half.

    Mikel Agu on for Frank Onyeka

    • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

      Rohr is gather and play coach simple!

      His changes is uninspiring, changing Iwobi with tijani a defensive midfielder.

      When we say we don’t have a coach people called us haters, make una carry the team alone na mshhhhh nonsense.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        At a time when Algeria was dominating our midfield, who should he have change iwobi with….Alampasu abi….LMAO. Continue ranting ehn. High BP is looking at you from one corner…LMAO

        • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

          What happened to ejuke?

          He is supposed to replace him.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Nor be only Ejuke….Emeka nor folo…? LMAO
            With Musa and Simon already on the wings, and at a time the Algerians were dominating the midfield, another winger should replace a midfielder…..lmao. Pls give us 1 example, just 1 example of any match you’ve ever watched with 3 wingers on the pitch. You really sabi….talk is cheap LMAO

  • dfhhdfhh 2 years ago

    9ja number 9 is useless. not fit for this match

  • Onuachu is the missing link in today’s game.

    We are one man down with him on the pitch..

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    55′ Its as we were in the 1st half. Algeria wins a freekick on the edge of the box. Mahrez lines up for the freekick, but Said Benrahma cant get it above the wall.
    Rohr pls save Onuachu some energy and remove him ASAP. And while he is going, chukwueze should follow. Bensabaili seems to have him in his wallet once again like in the AFCON semifinals
    Meanwhile Kalu was replaced by Simon after appearing to have taken a knock.
    The eagles will do well not to commit too many men forward. These Algerians break with pace and numbers.

    59′ Ebuehi drags a shot from the edge of the box wide of the far post.

    Still Nig 0-1 Alg


  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago


    Morrocco has finished undressing Senegal in rabat

    Morroco 3:1 Senegal

    These Upcoming qualifiers go sweet o

    • pompei 2 years ago

      Let’s hope Algeria do not undress us ooo 🙂

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Naim make I nor use full mouth laff others o. Na jus side of mouth i carry dey laff them….especially our noisy neighbors Ghana.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    65′ Ebuehi makes way for Akpoguma
    People wey dey provoke say Akpos decided to represent Nigeria, this is where you either off your TV or smash it on the floor o.

    68’Algeria win 3 consecutive corner kicks, they are beginning to come out. SE should watch it

    Still Nig 0-1 Alg

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      71 min Yassine Brahimi on for Mahrez.
      Zaidu has really done a great job in keeping mahrez quiet tonight. He don pass in own test.
      Na onuachu i dey pity bcos e be like say e go repeat this class o.

    • Peter 2 years ago

      No need because at the end of the day he was gasping for air. Is that the professional player we are seeking. Now we can see why the German team is not calling for him

    • Alaye o ti yawere

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Buahahahaha….you off ur TV abi you nak am for ground…? oku’gbe oshi.

        • Ani o ti yawere Se…lol.. Dìgbòlugi

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha….abajo to o fin bugi je…! ….shey na only TV you break today, you go still pour gasoline set your house on fire when another foreign born make in debut on tuesday….Lolz

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    75′ Fares replacing the goal scorer Bensabaili
    Musa on for chukwueze
    Meanwhile Iheanacho was on for Onuachu earlier.
    Formation change to 3-5-2

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    I don’t think Rohr knows what he is doing. It’s hightime we begin to do what is right. We are not assertive in midfield neither is anything spectacular about chikwueze or Kalu.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      A complete disjointed and uncoordinated showing. Invite talented natural born footballers they will say no and turn it to jamboree for players who can’t even assert themselves in games. The Samson Tijanni guy looked more serious than Mikel Agu and Onyeka to me… Is it not obvious we need Onazi and Okechukwu in that midfield? It’s obvious Iwobi is still not the number 10 we are looking for. I don’t ever want to see either Mikel Agu or Frank Onyeka again… It’s an insult to NIGERIA football to continue to railroad average players into Super Eagles…

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Pls suggest the world class players that should have been called up instead of Agu and Onyeka.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Forget….Balogun is a defender.
    Our most intelligent defender since Uche Okechukwu

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    I can’t even lie the Algerians looked like the stronger side and our team still needs some balancing in midfield. Rohr continues where he left from with late substitutions. Onuachu should have been replaced earlier. I think he is a club performer but will find it hard to fit into our style of play. Osimehn, Aribo, and ndidi were surely missed.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Onuachu replaced in the 65th minute (the 3rd sub of the night) is late substitution again…? Only God can save…..! LMAO

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        Yes 65th minute is late that’s my opinion. It’s a friendly and he could’ve made way. He underperformed in the first half.

        • He always under performs in national team

        • Sunny 2 years ago

          He will never accept that 65 minute is not late. When you see a player underperforming, is it not to take him out and replace with another striker. Please just off your mic, because this man will not let us rest. Maybe he was watching last years Semi final

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            sunny 1 hour ago
            Even with the so called regulars, nothing will change. The midfield was no where to be found in the first half, Seyi Ajayi is so soft in my opinion. Paul needs to be given a chance in the next match and those wingers stop dribbling too much. They run and end up loosing the ball at the end

            One minute “…Paul needs to be given a chance…” the next minute “…When you see a player underperforming, is it not to take him out and replace with another striker…” Yet Paul needs to be given a chance…..pls what was Rohr doing leaving him till the 65th minute….? LMAO.

            1st change 46th min….2nd change 50th min….3rd and 4th change 65th min…..yet Rohr makes late changes. Even our opponents made their 1st change in the 73rd min…..LMAO. Algeria coach too must be a master of late changes…..pls tell us what times the coach of your team in EPL or Laliga or Bundesliga majes their own substitutions….maybe middle of 1st half….LMAO

            When people jut wnt to join the bandwagon and talk, they wont know when they contradict themselves….LMAO

  • Well ask any team it is not easy to mis the caliber of players Nigeria is missing tonight VO9, Wilfred Ndidi and Joe Aribo Also Peter Etebo. I didn’t expect less in midfield we are missing Key players.

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    Can everyone see why we say Musa should either move to a more competitive league or make way for others? Haba, it’s not by force

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    And its Fulltime in Austria.
    Nig 0:1 Alg.

    A very drab 2nd half. Very evenly balanced game. Good defensive performance by both teams but poor attacking performance from both teams too. Algeria clearly won the midfield battle tonight.

    A very good test game for the SE by all means. Between Iwobi and Balogun, my SE MOTM will be one of the 2.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      Both of them really played well.

    • Tancosports 2 years ago

      Personally, I would have loved us to win this game but I’m satisfied by the performance of our darling SE. This young man call Sanusi really made my evening. That guy has come to stay and for Onuachu I don’t think that young man is a SE materials. @Drey just like you pointed out, I remember in one of my post on this forum I said our attack and defence is secured but our midfield needs serious attention. The Algerians were better in the midfield that is why we could not really play our attacking style of games well tonight. Well, I wish indidi and Aribo a very quick recovery. Congratulations to the debutants especially Sanusi. My man of the match is Leon the wall Balogun. He renders Algeria defence useless today.

    • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

      Make we hear word!!! This team is unorganized simple.

      Rohr is gather and play coach!!!

      There’s no how he can succeed without we the genuine Super Eagles supporters .

      African indigenous coach have taught him twice how football is played.

      Can you imagine replacing attacking midfielder with defensive midfielder ?

      What is onuachu doing on the pitch When he didn’t suit the team style of play?

      Rohr should better go for refresher courses or quit.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Have you finished ranting….? Oya go and sleep

        • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

          Being disrespectful wouldn’t help you and your oga.

          If you truthful to yourself you would have seen too many errors from your idol.

          Anyway there’s nothing prayer can’t do, so I will keep praying for you  to repent and always speak the truth.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha…he has become my idol….a few days ago…you were is number one supporter. Between you and I who is the lair now…LMAO
            There is now how he can succed without “you genuine SE supporters”, so what happened tonight…? Why didnt you help him succeed….??? LMAO

            When things are going well, they will become the supporters who are behind it, when its the other way, the coach becomes gather and play coach….LMAO

            Whom should he have replaced Iwobi with…? Alampasu abi…LMAO

            Like I said, wen you are done ranting, you know the way to your bed.

          • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

            **There is now how he can succed without “you genuine SE supporters”, so what happened tonight…? Why didnt you help him succeed….??? LMAO

            When all my genuine recommendations you tagged as hatred , how can I help him?

            A team that can’t string passes together is that a team?

            Why replacing Onyeka with agu?

            Rohr is a Defensive Coach no need to talk too much.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha….what useless recommendations did you give before this match that he didnt implement….So he shouldn’t replace Onyeka who took a knock in the 1st half…? He should have allowed him to continue to play with injury….LMAO….or replaced him with a goal keeper…? people wey sabi pass….lmao.
            Today is christmas for you…..you and your likes have lost your voice for a while now and have been praying the SE should lose so you can jubilate…..LMAO

      • Sunny 2 years ago

        Abeg tell them, they are consoling themselves with the nations cup of 2019. Don’t know what game they were watching, which sanusi is here to stay. Aina is better staying there, all he has is speed, for today the only outstanding players were OKOYE, Ebuhei, Iwobi. Even the Defence was jittery

        • @sunny did you watch the match at all?

          • Sunny 2 years ago

            Yes o i gladly watched the game, wetin happen. Abi na the nations cup you go watch. Please o we are all entitled to our opinions. We shall said it that wait till October 9, it has come and gone

      • You have a serious problem that needs very serious attention bro

  • HAd Ndidi not been injured.. Chai Ndidi with the Captains Arm Band like Riyhad Mahrez had for Algeria would have been a beautiful sight.

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    Some positives and some negatives as should be expected in the first match in 11 months and against a top calibre team.

    Positives: I join everyone in hailing Zaidu Sanusi.  Based on this performance today, he has given hope to the leftback position.  Ebuehi was unspectacular but did well and Iwobi was class. No big injuries seemingly.

    Negatives: Paul Onuachu, e no reach (enuf said).  Chukwueze and kalu didnt impress at all but hey the other team get players too.  Not much was expected from the midfield from me as most of those guys wont be sniffing the field typically anyways.

    Overall a good workout and I was just happy to watch my darling Super Eagles again.  On to the next one.

  • Nice question @ jimmyball am still wondering what is special about kalu and chuckwueze,for me they are just average player with no impact,we need creativity in that midfield,iwobi is not the man for the job,let’s stop deceiving ourselves,

    • Kingsley 2 years ago

      Where is that parrot Dr drey and his useless stats. Why didn’t it win us the game. All you do is rubbish others opinion with your stats, A depleted algeria team came back to school your statistic student. Where all those saying this current crop of eagles were better than the ones in the 80’s and 90’s.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahah….Kingsley…Olodo….u have remove Dr. from your name…..??? LMAO. Was it you that depleted the Algerian team…? So your own SE was not depleted…? Algeria featured only 3 players who were not at the last AFCON, we featured 9 players that were not part of our AFCON team…yet apart from the early goal, it was still a very balanced game…..so who was more depleted…? Thank God you’ve removed the DR. from your name otherwise u would have just riddicled yourself with this your useless rant.

        • Dr Kingsley 2 years ago

          Bring your Ndidi, oshimen, etebo etc, they will still be rubbished like today. I knew you will come up with ridiculous excuses, is that why the team was not organized. What happened to your statistics of the new players. Bros, abeg for tonight just go sleep. You have no case, The team was disjointed. Nothing to write hoem about. Less i forget your Musa who didn’t play for a month but called up because of experience, did you notice he was panting.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha…you have gone to add it back…you want to feel among…it remains your last name ‘Anonymous’. Oya quickly go and add that one too.

            Wait what exactly is even you arguement….becos you are just jambling and talking off points….LMAO. I gave statistics about players…..and then…? What has that got to do with the game…this they gather all their stats in one match…? Did I use the statistics to say we have better players than Algeria…? Or are there better Nigerian players u know elsewhere that are better than these ones…? Have you ever read anywhere i said we are better than Algeria…? If not for anyhing many people here made me an enemy the day I said Algeria is BETTER than us and that we shuld stop overrating ourselves…? SO what exactly is your headache with be giving stats about our players…?

            The team was disjointed…and then…? …are they always disjointed…NO…so why were they disjointed today….simple basic research question…LMAO. Ndidi, Osimhen and Etebo played even Brazil, Ukraine, Benin, Lesotho, our last 4 matches and we were not rubbished so it was today we would have been rubbished. More so in a match that was as balance in defence and attack as any other drawn game. They didnt create any moment of fear in our area, we didnt create any in theirs…so whats making you rejoice…?LMAO. It was you that was trying to ridicule yourself by claiming Algeria was depleted, now that I shot down that fallacy, you now say its an excuse. LMAO. Ahmed Musa was panting, the ones they removed for him were they not panting….which athlete doen not pant after a sprint…? LMAO.

            Its obvious you just want to talk tonight…yes everyone is talking…so its a good time for you too to talk, even when you have no direction or nothing sensible to say. Ok we have heard you

          • Dr Kingsley 2 years ago

            Don’t need to argue with you, because all your noise and hyping of all this players turned out to nothing. Can’t wait for the next game to see another rubbish play. Don’t worry keep beating small teams and get to the main event and fumble

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Ngwa name the ones that are better than them na. Tell us where they are playing. Enemies of progress. The cameroun, South Africa and Tunisia we beat at the AFCON are small teams, or the Ukraine and Brazil that couldnt beat us are the small teams. Tuesday shall come and we shall see. Las las all of una go still crawl back to una covens. Today na una christmas day. One of those rare days wey SE go lose match wen una go see happiness for una lives…LMAO

  • FrankL 2 years ago

    Mikel agu poor as usual…Him and Paul onuachu are not national team material

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Ekong, Kalu, chukwueze, Onyeka, Onwuachi and Agu, just played themselves out of SE starting 11. It is very clear that the Algerian team showed that they are more agile, more technical and more effective than SE.
    Hopefully, the technical team will be able assess the team and give a better performance against Tunisia.

  • Our midfield today was poor, I think iwobi is better when you play Him as an attacking mildfielder. We still need a natural central mildfielder who can effectively distribute ball.

    In all since many of them are just playing together for the first time, performance like is inevitable.

    • Unique 2 years ago

      To be honest, It’s obvious Rohr is a defensive minded coach and tactically not good enough. Our problem started from the defensive midfield (Ajayi), he put too much pressure on himself and on the midfielders, he can’t hold on play for 2 seconds to make Onyeka and Iwobi position before he pass the ball to them, everything is just giri-giri gira-gira. I don’t understand why Rohr can’t trust the natural defensive midfield in the team. I’m shamed of Rohr tactics, infact he fall my hands tonight.

  • No matter how today’s game might hurt anyone, we still to point out some positive things.
    1. Maduka Okoye did very very well today.
    2. Balogun still remian a great, experienced and ever reliable defender.
    3.Zaidu performance today is encouraging as well.

  • GLORY 2 years ago

    We played well, so unfortunate we conceded early,most likely due to nerves from new players in the midfield. Tyronne, Akpoguma, Zaidu, Tijani, these ones showed they deserve to be in the team. Onuachu, what else can I say? A good player but sure won’t work with this Rohr team, so no need to try again. He should just focus on club football and save himself the headache. It’s gonna take a whole total restructuring of this team, to get Onuachu to perform in it. But sadly, that won’t happen, so better he steps aside. Two best performers today? Balogun and Iwobi for sure. And lest face it Musa looks lost in the team. He has done great for nigeria, I’d advice he too step aside.

    • Ugwudede 2 years ago

      I was waiting for this. If this is what Kelvin will play for us pls we are doomed. He came in and Algeria uses that right side as if is their backyard which they couldn’t do all the while Ebuehi was their. Okoye is a sure bet. Sanusi is good to go. Balogun is solid while Eking has lost it all. I prefer Omeruo partnership with Balogun to Eking. Iwobi is still the main man in the midfield

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Feel so disappointed watching this game, aside ebuehi shot in the second half, and the last freekick by iheancho, I didn’t see our team trouble the opponents goal keeper..

    One thing is certain certain players like musa, onyeka, Mike agu and onuachu shouldn’t be in this team going forward.

    Kudos to balogun very impressive today, ebuehi, zaidi and iwobi.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    … Next game start Akpoguma and Balogun at central defence, play Tijani, Semi and Iwobi in midfield. Play two twin strikers… People blaming Onuachu, the game was not his fault, how many times were balls feed as good crosses to him today. Another thing I noticed again today is that our wing players are very bad with crosses… Ebuehi has not fully returned to the level we expected of him and Jamilu Collins and Awaziem should start at left and right fullback in next game against Tunisia… Let’s begin to play 3-5-2 instead of 4-5-1. To me the latter makes attack very static… Coach Rohr I want to be honest is really not doing much to show he is even average as a coach. Late substitutions and playing players out of position… Why bring Kevin Akpoguma to play at right full back… The guy is a central defender for God’s sake… Invite real midfielders… Okechukwu, Nwakali, Tijani, Onazi next time with Ndidi, Iwobi and Etebo.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Top notch performances from Iwobi, Balogun and Sanusi. Particularly impressed with Sanusi. To have to face somebody like Mahrez on your international debut, and succeed in keeping him quiet, is highly impressive. Okoye is also worthy of mention. Pulled some nice saves. No nonsense clearing of the ball when required.
    On a general note, the team did ok. However, we did not do well in the area of coping with the HIGH PRESS. When we get the ball in our final third, the Algerians swoop on us, because they know we are not comfortable with the ball. Most of their attacks came from winning the ball of the high press, and not necessarily any ingenuity of their own. We must cope better with teams that play the high press. As it stands, our opponents watching us know that to beat Nigeria, or at least give us a torrid time, all they need to do is perfect the high press game. If we can’t cope with the Algerian high press game, how will we fare against Belgium, France, Spain, etc? We must do better!
    We need to be more purposeful with the ball. The excuse of missing key players in the midfield won’t work for me. Even with our best midfielders, we still lack purposeful play in the midfield. Algeria won most of the 50-50 balls, and looked hungrier. They wanted the ball, they played with more purpose.
    I’m also disappointed with the lack of service for our main striker. Onuachu was poor, yes. However, he was not provided with what we all know he needs, crosses into the box. How 90 mins can go by with Nigeria failing to produce 5 quality crosses into the box is beyond me! Is wing play no longer one of our strengths?
    Talking about wing play, Chukwueze needs to evolve his game. His game has been way too predictable of late, and today against Algeria, it showed! The Algerian left back had Chukwueze in his back pocket for large porions of the game. Not good enough.
    Let’s hope we see a better performance against Tunisia.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @pompei you sabi watch Ball. People watching from back of television will come to blame Paul Onuachu now… He did not even get a single cross…

      • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

        We don’t blame him but the coach.

        If he can’t play to his style then why start a player that can’t run and can’t trouble defense when your team is playing counter attacking football?

        Believe me if Moses started the match in chukwueze’s  position and chukwueze started in kalu’s position onuachu will have enough crosses to score but the coach don’t know what he is doing.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          even at U17 or at club level, pls tell us if you have EVER seen chukwueze play on the left wing. If he was good there we would have seen him at least once playing there. You that you know what you are doing, tell us when last we scored a goal by crossing from a winger to a striker to head into the net since Bright Dike last did that vs Italy in 2013 or so…? Pls also tell us which of our current wingers you have seen put a pin point cross onto the head of a striker even at club level. Honestly, I dont know how people think. I dont know how they think players can do what they havent been doing for years in 1 match. Even if the ball is crossed to Onuachu, is it a guarantee…? will the defenders just be watching when they know he is good in the air. The long balls they played to him from defence, how many did he bring under control to the advantage of the team…?
          Easier said than done…talk is always this….the coach should have done this, the coach should have done that…it would have even been better if the solutions they are profering a feasible solutions….Ejuke should come in for Iwobi when Musa and Simon are already on the pitch….LMAO

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            We should have a flexible team. The natural place for a left winger is on the left… if the inverted wing pattern is not working play them like Amuneke and Finidi played for us way back… Right footer… right wing, left footer… Left wing. Rohr no be coach last last!

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha….and you where trying to lecture me the other day when you were trying to convince yourself that olayinka is a left sided midfielder on how football has changed and become modern. Pls tell us where you still see traditional wingers at the top level of football today…? So a player like Chukwueze who has been an inverted winger since his u17 days should suddenly become a traditional winger in 3 days, or Sam Kalu whose major part of his professional career has been as an inverted winger too should be forced to become a traditional winger…? The Semi Ajayi that we FORCED to become a DM today, how far…?
            We gree…Rohr nor be coach…you wey be coach, wey go play Olayinka for left midfield, go dust your CV make you apply for coaching position too. Na 1 head like you Rohr get.

    • SUGAR DADDY 2 years ago


  • Ololo 2 years ago

    We can now see the importance of ndidi, aribo, oshimen and etebo.. Their absence was really felt.
    We lost this game because our midfield was poor, but balogun was a joy to watch.. I really wonder why rohn didn’t invite shehu or a Ramon azzeez. This agu guy and onyeka are not super eagles quality

  • Zaidu, Okoye, Ebuehi, Iwobi, Balogun (although sometimes lethargic and can’t run well) all came to the party to some extent. Not sure others are going to be making the first 11. Some will not even get invites again. I really wonder how Onuachu became the player of the month in the Belgian Jupiter league.

    Anyway, the team didn’t really get a good rhythm to get going. They never gelled and many were still rusty. I wish Ndidi, Aribo, Osimhen quick recovery. Ekong is continually looking like a calamity waiting to happen. Osimhen still doesn’t have a serious competition upfront and that’s unfortunate. Rohr should scout for more creative midfielders to complement Iwobi.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Can Rohr stop playing inverted wingers and play chukwueze and another winger on their traditional wings… Let chukwueze play from left wing and whip in good crosses as well as either Musa or Kalu on the right… The inverted wings makes them only want to run, dribble and do leg-overs… The team play was poor… Onuachu did not get any service as evidenced from the fact we did not even trouble their goalkeeper in both halves… Nobody should blame Onuachu. Iheanacho seems to have developed a very big stomach… Is he really staying fit and disciplined?

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      Does a quality striker like Osimehn wait for deliveries? As a matter of fact he creates chances for other players. ONUACHU is not a super eagles material abeg! Didn’t even make any good run.

      • You are correct. Typical Nigerian strikers are hustlers upfront. Onuachu us not good for eagles. Simple. Let him go back to his club. Let’s see dessrrer next match abeg.

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          What do you expect Onuachu to hustle when even our midfielders could not even hustle anything from the Algerians…

    • pompei 2 years ago

      Lol JimmyBall, I thought I was the only one that saw Iheanacho’s chubby midsection. The guy looked unfit! Same thing with Musa. Iheanacho dey chop akpu for England, Musa dey chop shish kebab for Saudi 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Unique 2 years ago

    To be honest, It’s obvious Rohr is a defensive minded coach and tactically not good enough. Our problem started from the defensive midfield (Ajayi), he put too much pressure on himself and on the midfielders, he can’t hold on play for 2 seconds to make Onyeka and Iwobi position before he pass the ball to them, everything is just giri-giri gira-gira. I don’t understand why Rohr can’t trust the natural defensive midfield in the team. I’m shamed of Rohr tactics, infact he fall my hands tonight.

    • You are right. The team play failed from Ajayi. How can Rohr start ajayi ahead of natural defensive midfielders? Rohr approach to match seems old school.

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        Very old school… He brought Akpoguma on for Ebuehi… A central defender for a Right back. See how Akpoguma could not even function there yet he left Ekong who is always jittery and playing “beri-nbuga” as hausas calls ballooning the ball aimlessly.

  • Top performances from sanusi ebuehi iwobi balogun, okoye I only came to watch sanusi and mahrez and I am satisfied with sanusi. We be got a 3 after babayaro ben iroha. We can’t judge akpoguma yet because he was played out of position.

    Onuachu us not it at all. When he rises to head the ball he does not use his brain at all. Deserss should start the next match.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    … Honestly I really believe Emmanuel Amuneke, Siasia (if not for the fifa ban), Amokachie and Finidi can do better than Rohr… Walahi Talahi coach Rohr is an outdated and expired coach. Under him, Nigeria has lost its football identity. Only Coach Siasia and Amuneke has that mentality of Nigeria attacking play and solid midfield ball distribution when they coach,unfortunately, coach Siasia is banned… Rohr’s confused defensive tactics and lack of confident play won’t ever win us anything of substance… I rest my case. Ask Rohr why he keeps inviting Mikel Agu… he won’t be able to say. I rest my case…

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha….the last time i checked, Siasia was in charge wen we couldnt even qualify for afcon in 2012…..he was also in charge and amunike was his assistant wen we couldnt at least defeat Egypt at home to qualify fpr 2017 AFCON. Pls where was their “..Nigerian attacking play and solid midfield ball distribution…”then…? LMAO

      We loose a friendly narrowly to the African champs via an early corner kick goal in a largely balanced game and all of a sudden people who couldn’t qualify for ordinary afcon have become the savior anointed….lolz

      • kenneth 2 years ago

        What happened at the nations cup. Did you defeat Madagascar, same Algeria you lost to. Lets go back 2018. With all your stats you lost to Croatia, lost to Argentina. So when your world class PE teacher starts winning nations cup and world cup, then you can comment. But for now off your mic biko

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahahahahaha…at least we qualified to the nations cup and world cup with games to spare won a Iceland at WC and lost narrowly to Messi and in the 96th min to the eventual AFCON champions in the Semi finals and still defeated Tunisia to win 3rd place in a 24 team afcon…abeg wia your World class African Gaudiolas wey get “Nigeria attacking play and solid midfield ball distribution” carry us reach….LMAO.
          You nor ecen get shame to talk….See person dey carry compare Hawk with butterfly o. Na u make you chook your mic inside water….LMAO

        • onwajunior 2 years ago

          But we came 3rd at the nations cup, drew Brazil, are ranked high in Fifa rankings. Before that we qualified for Nations cup and World Cup with games to spare. And still look set to repeat that feat. We now have players that are playing at top clubs.
          You know the difference between Rohr and the local coaches is that Rohr is not from Nigeria, hence no tribalism or whatever you call it. He selects the best we have. I think this is common sense, but unfortunately when our local coaches get there they forget common sense and work for their pockets or fight the players to show them who is boss. Let’s enjoy Super Eagles for the brief period Rohr is here before our local pick pocket coaches convert it to look like our economy.

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          @Kenneth… Thank you… Coach Gernot Rohr is just an old Physical Education coach. He won’t get division 3 anywhere in Europe to coach. Very outdated coach… Rohr has ran out of excuses… if it’s before he will say his team is young. Hahaha… that narrative don wash!

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Pls remind us where your local coaches wey sabi “Nigeria attacking play and solid midfield ball distribution” dem dey coach again…? LMAO
            Remind us wia dem carry us reach before this PE teacher come….?

    • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

      Now you are talking bro.

      Welcome to the progressive Eagles supporters club, we have being saying it from time immemorial but some of you guys always join the bang wagon calling us haters, regressive fellows and and all that.

      This is judgement day.

    • Kenneth 2 years ago

      We all know that his Physical education assistant has been collecting bribe on his behalf. But there mini rep will be writing epistle here like we having another version of the bible. What happened to the stats he has been collating, thrashing other forum members opinion. the one that knows it all

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahahaha…Anonymous, Kenneth, Kingsley….LMAO. So what is your point…..what has stats got to do with today’s game. Na me say make you nor know nothing. You go tell us wetin you sef dey do for where you see the PE assitant dey collect the bribe. Person wey say he see in friend for ashawo house go tell us wetin him too go do for the ashawo house…LMAO. Bloody lair. As you see the coach dey collect bribe ngwa tell us how much he collect na. LMAO

  • OmoEsan 2 years ago

    This game wasn’t even from my perspective.

    The Algerians played better, had better posession and distributed the ball well amongst themselves.

    Nigeria’s midfield was a disaster. Ball distribution was non- existent and we lost posession too quickly, hence we couldn’t create decent chances upfront.

    My Observations;

    1. Okoye was very good in goal. He needs more matches for club and country to boost his confidence. He has the potential to be Super Eagles ‘ number 1.

    2. Balogun: Arguably the man of the match on Nigeria’s side. Save for injuries, he should pick a starting shirt ahead of his competitors any day. His intelligence and flamboyance is worthy of mention.

    3. Zaidu Sanusi: True to my suspicion, his movements with the ball is admirable and he’s very hardworking, but needs to work on his final balls. With Aina’s beauriful assists against Burundi (AFCON) & Lesotho, Aina seems to still have an edge over Sanusi.

    4. Ekong: I said it here about a week ago, Ekong gives 100% of whatever he’s got, but unfortunately he can’t give what he doesn’t have. Name his competitors in that position; Omeruo Awaziem, Ajayi, I will pick any of these trio ahead of Ekong.

    5. Ajayi: This dude have since stopped playing in the midfield and has grown appreciably in central defence for club and country. I beg Oga Rohr to leave him where he belongs. I suspect we will achieve more if he’s partnered with Balogun.

    6. Kelechi Iheanacho; Arguably the best set piece taker in our team. His corner kicks and free kick were all placed in extremely dangerous positions. Rather than have the team play for Onuachu, I will rather have the entire team play for a combo of Kelechi and Osimhen upfront. We will only get the best of Kelechi when we play him as a support striker in a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 formation.

    7. Our midfield; I was surprised that Ramon Azeez was put on standby in a team missing Aribo, Etebo and Ndidi. We may need to watch his assist for Osihmen’s last goal against Lesotho to understand what he can bring to the table. Our midfield was in total disarray today and it has become obvious that we cannot do without the trio of Etebo, Aribo and Ndidi, at least for now.

    8. Samuel Kalu; Seems to feel he’s got nothing to prove again , hence he didn’t throw himself deep into the match like he would do in more competitive matches. I suspect he did this to avoid injuries, but unfortunately he finally had one. Oga Rohr should have rested him and play Ejuke instead. I think we would have gotten more from an Ejuke that’s got a lot to prove.

    9. Chukwueze; This young lad seems to have fallen on the wrong side of publicity. Whenever the ball is directed at him, you see a minimum of two markers on him, both at club and country. It’s obvious the skills are there, but his teams( club and country) now need to learn to play in a manner that attention will be taken away from him in order for him to play to his strengths.

    Overall, it was a good game and I’m sure Oga Rohr & Co must have learnt a lot from the match.

    Let’s look forward to a better one against Tunisia.

    • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

      I totally agree with you. I wrote something similar. Another part I loved about your write up is Iheanacho-Osimen combo. It will be a really good frontline. So GR should play him and Desser next game. Also I like the point u made as regards Ejuke. Ramon azeez’s is a good player but u no go compare Lesotho to Algeria but he definitely could have been invited.

      Good write up bro, thumbs up

  • I’ve been reading some funny comments here. Its no news again that the midfield was managed but to my surprise some people here kept mentioning names like Onazi and Shehu here. To come and do what?
    Kudos to Okoye, Ebuehi, Sanusi, Balogun and Iwobi They all tried. To me I still prefer Ajayi to Onyeka and Mikel Agu. We really missed Indidi, Aribo and mostly Osimhen. He scored twice with two assist in our last match and his absence is one of the reason why Chukwueze under performed today. Till Tuesday again.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    I know people are upset with the outcome of today’s game, am upset as well, however we should say the positives and negatives about the game and see how the g
    team can improve going forward as some people have already done. What I observed today are the following:

    Sanusi tried alot for a debut, he was very energetic and made several forays upfront. He is however still raw and will definitely get better if he keeps working hard.

    Ebuehi also did well but still needs more games to get in top shape.

    GR needs to make early changes, substitution immediately at 2nd half was needed in this game but one can see it as improvement as he used to make his 1st substitution at 70-80th min.

    Like someone said he should play the players in dia natural position. There is no reason playing Semi (tho he tried) infront of the defense, he doesnt have the ability to hold, ask, move, and pass the ball. he can only give one-two ball. People are saying Onyeka played poorly, it was his 1st game and overzealousness and trying to impress the coach worked against him today. He pressed alot in the 1st half, he was everywhere, trying too hard. I think he would have had a good game had he played his usual role. Agu in my opinion played himself out of the SE. too rigid. Tijani tried, due to our lack of 1st team midfielders I will play Tijani and Onyeka in midfield with Onyeka holding and Tijani pressing and pushing.

    Chukwueze needs to improve in his decision making, like someone said he is getting too predictable, he should understand that teams are now planning for him by doubling on him whenever he has the ball. He should use his teammates more by releasing the ball on time, when he releases the ball quickly a few times, defenders would respect his pass and he can now be 1v1 where he can now do damage. People saying he has played himself outta of SE are just upset with today’s game. Who do we have to replace him with. Lookman is not available yet.

    I will concede, Onuachu can’t adapt to the speed at which SE play so his non invitation next time wont raise any eyebrow.

    The following guys still need more time to adapt (Kevin, tijani, Onyeka). Okechukwu also needs a look in to fight for a place in the SE.

    Guys it was an important friendly that we wanted to win but a friendly all the same. Algeria too no come sell moimoi, na dem win last AFCON ooo, remember wetin dem do for Brazil, their teams dey compete for CAF champions league, dem also get system in place ooo compared to ours. Am not making excuses for SE but they are a good team too.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Wonderfully said my brother. When sensible comments are written you wouldnt know you’ve read till the end till you actually reach the end. Thumbs of to you on this one.
      But No…Algeria are a bad team….we were supposed to overun them even with our patched up midfield….unfortunately, the midfield (especially the defensive and central midfield) is the engine room of every soccer team. I have been laughing since Monday when some people were predicting 3-0 scorelines. Algeria was coming so sell bread and beans in Austria.

      • Shina 2 years ago

        Abeg keep quiet, we don’t need your silly excuses. It is obvious you can’t coach an under 12 team. All you like to do is showcase stats that at the end of the day proves nothing. Your Super Chicken were out played.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahaha….Come and keep me quiet na…LMAO. What is silly about the excuse….every sane person wey see the game saw our midfield was an issue, and that was because it was patched up…but you, From Kenneth, to Kingsley to Annonymous, to Shina….your next name go become Ekaete now. You just dey change name like armed robber but still ranting about the same senseless issues about stats of players since…LMAO. I dont know how that concerns the matter on ground. E still dey pepper you for body the way I dey shut your mouth always with facts. Olodo. Super chickens where in the days of your African guadiolas…wey nor dey fit beat even swaziland, at least we lost to the african champions by a fluke goal. There’s absolutely no shame in that. What is shameful is changing your names and still spewing the same nonsenses from your mouth, if you nor get anyhting to say again you nor go go sleep…? abi na Maigaurd you be wey you dey form dr….? LMAO

          • Shina 2 years ago

            Responding to you is a bloody waste of my time, Don’t know who is changing names. When people call you out for your errors, you fail to want to accept. So this your okoto meow meow you singing here

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      Blame Onuachu when your wingers and midfield were kak today… Make una free Paul Onuachu abeg!

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Na our wingers and midfielder say make he nor fit defend the corner wey Algeria score…abi na our wingers say make e nor fit control all the long balls wey come out of defence. Na our wingers too say make e nor high-press algeria defence…abi na dem say make e nor fit make diagonal runs. Tall for nothing player. So all the tall Strikers for this world, all them mandzukic, lewandowski, Muller, Adebayor, Drogba, Harry Kane, Dzeko dem na only head them sabi use….no other contribution on the pitch of play. Later you sef go claim say you play for highest level. Lolz

        • Sunny 2 years ago

          You suppose shut up, all the hype you were giving them nothing worked, Free paul, your 2 wingers were selfish and self centered. Didn’t feed the guy one sing ball. Cross they can’t, both playing like they were in Under-17

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Sunny thank you so much. It’s today I know that this guy Dr. Drey knows zero about real football. Any realborn that has played football before knows no sane human being should blame Paul Onuachu at all! If you do not know how spacious a football field is… You will tell Onuachu to be running all available spaces to mark ball and hold up play all by himself… He was not feed even a single ball. Go and watch Mali vs Ghana and see the wonders of beautiful crosses… as Nigerians we know how we used to play, our football had identity that earned us respect the world over but the physical education coach Rohr has come in with a defensively fake tactic that has only been making us play second best in matched since preparations for world cup of 2018.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            HAhahahhaha…. you wey you play for highest level, i don tell you since make you tell us the highest level wey your lieing mouth play…wey make you fit play Olayinka a confirmed forward as left midfielder, till today that highest level nor get name. Spacious football ko…galaxy football ni. Go and watch the highlights of the matches against Ukraine, Brazil, Benin and Lesotho…see all the high-press, runs, hold up play and link up wey Osimhen dey do. Against Brazil it was his movement that paved way for him to get the ball across to simon for the assist to Aribo, Against Benin only is runs were tearing the Benin central defense apart only for chukwueze and kalu to be throwing away begging chances, against lesotho, his pressing from deep got us our 1st goal, hold up play got us our 2nd and his movemnet got us our 3rd, but this longjinus nor fit do enything for pitch than to head ball, even to defend corner your tall for nothing onuachu nor fit do. Only to wait for inside ball and be expecting crosses. Nor be only spacious football, Airforce football even follow. You really play to highest level true true…LMAO you don see your village children wey you fit lie for on top CSN…LMAO

            Na you sabi ball pass. Go and check the ratings given to Onuachu on all sites….ABSOLUTELY POOR ratings….Na you sabi pass all of them. Everybody wey talk say Onuachu na short one today too never kick orange before abi…LMAO. ..they too dont know nothing about football. Na footall you know tru tru wey make Nwakali better than all SE midfielders including Mikel…LMAO

            You get respect all over the world naim your national team dey 70th position for rankings before….? LMAO

        • Jozzy 2 years ago

          I hail u @dr drey
          U know some people just watch football dey did not understand what dey are watching ,how can a esperinmenter mid feild beat a solid mid feild dat won afcon? Some people way dey blame rorh ask them did they use to watch ball in d time of there african gladiola when people know us as super chicken?(playing kick and follow with no pattern)africa morinho wey no fit take us to two consecutive afcon wey we dey route for num 70 in fifa ranking I beg if u wan die go die jeje oga rorh still d best we can get for now we are happy with him ABI no all of u dey cry for onuachu now u don see your lewadoski,messi,aguero,suarez onuachu person wey no sabi our style and he no possible to change our style of play cuz of one player any wey I take positive of dis game and am happy 1.iwobi show is a pure class not in eze level 2.okoye is future enyeama 3.naija mid field nah ndidi,iwobi alot and tired early bcoz of over marking no ndidi to do dat for him

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Jimmyball, good talk, as u know I too clamoured for Onuachu big time but to be honest na those 2 wingers play with Osimen against Benin & Lesotho (tho compared to Algeria they are minnows), u saw how well osimen was asking for balls as he was always running into space. Osimen was also harassing the backline of those teams which Onuachu didnt do today if you are to be honest. They are both two different players but u have to admit that in a game like today’s where Onuachu needed to do more to make SE fans have a rethink in terms of his quality, he didnt accomplish that today. He is not fast enough for this team based on what I saw today and previous matches. But your point as regards him not getting enough service is definitely correct.

    For me Sadiq Umar and Osimen are the SE strikers for now in my opinion. Iheanacho is a support striker, he will struggle whenever he is played as a lone striker. He did very well with Ideye when he started playing for the SE. Like u said a 2 man front line of Kelechi-Osimen or Dennis-Sadiq will do the SE a whole lot of good.

    Also GR needs to start experimenting with some formations where we are not using the wings as much cos we are getting predictable. Long balls to the wingers, they dribble or cut in, shoot. That how we play. GR needs to sometimes play through the middle with ball playing midfielders. However, he GR can only use what is available at his disposal, so if we dont have ball playing midfielder he can invent one.

    I don’t wanna agree that our wingers are poor crossers of the ball, it’s just that they dont practice it as frequently as they should, GR should also emphasize balls been seeped into dangerous areas for others to attack, sometime crosses can be over hit making them seem they aren’t good crossers. Most of us don miskick some balls wen go wia we no intend.

    To me sha, d game no good for eye but the game overall was even. But winner na winner sha.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      …How can you compare Lesotho and Benin Republic opposition level to Algeria who has beat you in one year back-to-back? We need to stop starting Chukwueze and Kalu period. Their game is not mature enough yet…