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Napoli Fine Osimhen Two Weeks’ Wages For Recklessness

Napoli Fine Osimhen Two Weeks’  Wages For Recklessness

Victor Osimhen has reportedly been fined two weeks wages by Serie A club Napoli after he took part in a birthday party without a wearing a protective mask.

Osimhen tested positive to coronavirus upon his return to Naples from Nigeria for the Christmas break.


The former Lille striker held a party to celebrate his birthday on December 29, 2020.

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A video on the social media, show the 22-year-old gathered by several friends and kids, none of them wearing a protective mask.


Napoli manager Gennaro Gatusso according to reports didn’t take Osimhen’s behaviour well and has decided to punish him for his recklessnes.

The striker picked up a shoulder injury during the international break in November and was reportedly ready to return to action after the break.

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  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    I hope Victor Osimhen does not continuesl this way… He should learn from Isaac Success. It’s very irresponsible for a player of his standing to be this sloppy with professional discipline…

  • Peter highstar 2 years ago

    Since Chukwueze bought a 50m naira car his career has stall… 

  • Here we go again , later we will come here and blame the coach for not using our players, this act of stupidity ,you just don’t do this knowing fully well the pandemic is still very much arround, I support the fine though.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Saw the party video.. It is really a Shame.. He was spraying money and dancing with ugly girls who should likely be prostitutes.. Oshimem go and marry and focus on your career.. If not you might regret it.. Talent is never enough..

    • Doctor Koyemi Oderinde 2 years ago

      My guy leave story. I saw the video too, those girls are beautiful. That Osimhen is a lucky guy. If I had one of those chicks beside me, the Xmas would have been merrier.

  • Olusegun.B. 2 years ago

    Victor oshimen needs to be well behaved especially with how he handles himself both on and off the playing field . Not having a face mask on is careless of him . And his attitude hasn’t been commendable.

    Look at the time he arrived during the AFCON qualifier against Sierra Leone. One day to the start of the match doesn’t speak volume of his professional personality at all.

    He needs to be careful

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Hmm. I love Osimeh too much but what I saw Osimeh doing in a video clip was very embarrassing.

    As a professional you have to be disciplined and more focused. You don’t joke with your career like that.

    You can fun but at the same time you have to be extra ordinary caution as well most importantly during this time around that Covid-19 pandemic is still threating millions of lives?

    Well, I wish you a speedy recovery.

    It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Is it because he has no body(no parents) for him to look up to why he has forgotten so soon where he has come from ?. Some kids soon lost their ways when there is no parents to guard them in their lives. No one to remind him about his values and his importance in a society of high western entices. l felt sorry for him because he is a victim of his youth and lack of parental/adult multinational control. Everyone who is near to him should suggest to him to seek professional help before it is too late.

  • He needs help and prayers. He is still struggling to make impact in the aerie A. Africa and their problems. Indiscipline will kill his progress. He should be prayerful too. He should remember he is from Africa.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    this is January, yet he hadn’t played yet, it might take him till February before he gets to play first team football in SeriaA and might not be fit and in hot form when super eagles play next in march. If care is not taken awoniye who is on fire woukd likely get his top striking position from him.. Awomniye is married and a very focused man.. I see him taking that number 9 shirt soon

  • Lloyd 2 years ago

    What a shame!

    Village people have finally won the battle over this guy too. Injury first, then Indiscipline, now COVID-19. This guy just wants to waste away like this! What a pity

  • Yinkus 2 years ago

    If truly oshimen scarter money in the air like Tuface will say, then that two weeks without pay suite Him well.

    You need to learn serious lesson from those who have gone through that path before, they will tell you there is more to life than this.

    Keep partying and keep scattering money in the air, just know satan is moving about like a roaring lion seeking to devour you and when he does, those that you were spraying money on will leave you and move to the next bus stop.

    Osihmen don’t see the advice of ppl here as hatred at all, they only want you to progress further.

  • Hello All,

    Why are you guys so quick to condemn Osimhen? I can bet that many who come out here to speak ill of him would probably do worse given the same circumstances and situations (i.e. Money, age, many friends from his root yearning for him to celebrate the yuletide for them etc.). Maybe I should remind folks here it not any kind of African thing, Neymar is presently under investigation for partying as well, Mason and Phil Foden faced some disciplinary actions for such frivolities as well. Please, let us just advise these guys and not compound their woes. Many folks will do worse if they have access to the kind of money these footballers have access to. He who has no sin should cast the first stone. I definitely come in PEACE

  • Obidee 2 years ago

    Really this guy need to be extra careful but he has not landed in serie A mind u if Care is not taking he might end up wasteful player as he won’t met up with his rate as high profile player in serie A
    His head is growing up now like Iseac success whom unprofessional attitude has cost him a place in his club infact he is a wasteful player there season to season no show
    He is only in the book of Watford but not as a player

  • daniel 2 years ago

    problem with Africa players is when they make little money, them will forget how they started

  • MAJOR FLEX 2 years ago

    Mother fuc kers don full here now dey condemn am, na the reason why una country no go better, en make mistake yes! But una done dey condemn am like sey en don dey do bad thing for long, bastards them, make una dey talk trash. Osimhen has done something stupid sure, let me show you fools how to address the situation
    ‘osimhen has messed up this time, he must learn from this and never do it again, in the past, he has shown to be a disciplined lad, and this is definitely a one off’ full stop. But i see some maga, mara faccker, here dey compare focused osimhen like this, way stuggle to come back from the darkness of Wolfsburg to isaac success, shey your mama no born you well or what?

    In fact sef, make we look the party matter self, this thing na right thing for the wrong time. Una no appreciate the fact sey osimhen no surround ehn sef with celebrities wey dey mumu anyhow, instead he surrounded him self with people from the slums, look at that boy with the black Napoli shirt dancing with him, he wants people like that to have access to him and not just the top guns, humility, showing fully well that he has not forgotten were he came from.
    I see some fool over there talking about dancing with prostitutes, chill bish, osimhen already has a girl he wants to marry mumu, you no go leave osimhen balls.
    Honestly what’s it with the black man always wanting the down fall of his fellow black man, una just dey wait on one mistake so that una go pounce on am like hungry dogs wey never feed for weeks, whites go condemn am, una go join too, una wey aim to enter politics na to embezzle money