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NFF Defends Aigbogun, Rubbishes Allegations Of Player Extortion, Infighting In Flying Eagles

NFF Defends Aigbogun, Rubbishes Allegations Of Player Extortion, Infighting In Flying Eagles

The Nigeria Football Federation has come out to deny allegations of player extortion and infighting among the technical crew of the Flying Eagles led by head coach, Paul Aigbogun, reports Completesports.com.

The owner of the blog known for attacking media men and spreading falsehood about players, as well as the Federation, also alleged that players were forced on Aigbogun after assistant coaches took bribe from them.

“It has come to the notice of the Nigeria Football Federation that a spurious message has been doing the rounds on social media with the aim of denting the image of the Flying Eagles coach Mr Paul Aigbogun and by extension the Federation,” reads a statement on the official Twitter handle of the NFF.

“The post, apparently emanating from a blog that is known to constantly spew lies suggested that coach Paul accused members of his backroom staff of conspiring against him as well as maliciously insinuating players paid monies to get called up.

“In as much as the NFF understands Nigerians are not happy about the exit of the Flying Eagles from the FIFA U20 World Cup in Poland, it is imperative that the Federation clear the air on the rumors.

“At no time did Paul Aigbogun give such an interview to anyone – formal or informal, and for anyone to suggest such, it can only the wild imaginations of the writer who despite quoting an imaginary source, never attributed same to anyone.

“The coach and his backroom staff are in unison and worked together in peace. Allegations of bribery, forcing of players on the coach and others are a mere fabrications, a figment of the author’s imagination and should not be taken seriously.

“Despite the disappointment of the exit of the Flying Eagles from the tournament in Poland, the NFF still remains unwavering in her commitment to developing youth football in Nigeria. That has been one of the core pillars of the Federation and will continue in the same path. ”

The Flying Eagles were eliminated from the on going FIFA U20 World Cup in Poland following a 2-1 loss to fellow West Africans Senegal on Monday.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Emma Daniel 5 years ago

    Why is the NFF quick to exonerate Coach Aigbogun? They should investigate before arriving at any conclusions.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 years ago

    Criminal badwagons shame on you Pinnick you have lost your self value of a late.

  • “the blog”, “a blog” why keep it anonymous??

    Anthony who get gist which blog they are talking about?
    AllNigerianfootball or scorenigeria? Or anther one?

  • My Nigerian people, see them criminals ooo. What about the over age issue, they did not address that. All of us know how a twenty year old boys look like, with the exception of few, who might look older because of Gene. Take a look at the flying eagles group picture s they look older than the main super eagles players. This stupid corrupt nff did not see that. Shameless people.

  • Sammy 5 years ago

    All liars! You’re all the same. Are you telling us that those are the best legs over 200 millions population could produce? What are Senegal and Mali’s population compare to Nigeria? What a shame. If that’s all we can offer then we should STOP! calling ourselves giant of African football.

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    I give glory to God for the talent given to me omo9ja. I will never stop saying the truth.

    Unfaithful Nigerians calling me different kinds of names but why? you are defending NFF but you are letting your Country down.

    They are dictators but failing to realized that Nigeria is not a private owned. Shio. What a pity. The system is very corrupt. Like Aiyegbogun like NFF. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Oakfield 5 years ago

    What I expected u people to do amid all these allegations flying everywhere against the coach was to immediately lunch an investigation to find out the truth instead of coming out immediately to debunk the rumours and allegations. It clearly shows that management of the nff which of course includes the top brass are in the loop of what has happened. Corruption is really a disease in this country. Efcc, leave yahoo boys and lunch an investigation A$AP!!!

    • Ashy Slashy 5 years ago

      After they are done lunching an investigation, they will dinner it as well. Hopefully one day CSN will provide us an ‘Edith’ button

      • Oakfield 5 years ago

        Lol…. U dy craze!! No be small dinner…csn, pls provide us with a ‘Ruth’ button

        • Ashy Slashy 5 years ago

          Oakfield my guy, you too much …. Lol . They will lunch the investigation after breakfast tomorrow

          • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

            Did they apologise for failing Nigerians. No they arrogantly defended the coach and NFF. What a shame. Why it cannot be substantiated now if they actually collected bribe or not but while selecting old men for the tournament. NFF over to you. I expect you guys to come out clean if you really want to prove you are not a party to this disgrace. I will be most disappointed if the coach is giving any coaching appointment in any capacity in future.

          • Oakfield 5 years ago

            Hahaha.. I thought u said after dinner… Lol

          • Oakfield 5 years ago

            @ndubuisi, ikegwuru….

  • the hands that typed this on nff’s page must freeze by thunder for defending a clear case that is so open to the world

  • Okponku 5 years ago

    As usual from Nff. I repeat, nothing, i meant is functioning in this so called Nigeria. Its hard time we do the needful. We gonna see the worst at the Women /U17 world Cups. Not evil hearted but the reality.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Dude GoldenEaglets have already won five WorldCups. The worst case scenario they will be knocked out in the round of 16. At least I’m sure they will make it out of the group. As for the SuperFalcons. They’ve only made it out of the group stage once in 7 WorldCup appearance so nothing is new if they didn’t progress from a tough group. But as Nigerian though in diaspora I have hope in any Nigerian team. Even beach soccer / SuperSandEagles I support.. ire oo. 

      • OKPONKU 5 years ago

        am sure u dont follow up African sports bro. if only u hav followed the African qualification serie , u should understand where am coming from. These U20 boys took 4th position likewise the Golden eaglets in Africa so bro dont expect something different, Their coach was also indicted of taking some bribes last time he handeled the U20 boys that sucked against Germany. like i said untill the needful is been done

        • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

          Those are just figment of imaginations by some biased media. Provide me with the proof of bribery first. I’ve been following African football forever. Amunikes team that won the U17 WorldCup in 2015 lost in semifinals of the African qualifiers. 

          • Yes, it is good to give proof to back up your accusations. However, that saying holds in a sane and lawful country but not in Nigeria where crookedness and corruption is the order of the day.
            There can’t be a smoke without a fire. So, when majority are accusing a coach of taking bribe to feature players, we really need to take the accusations seriously. In a lawful country, an investigation will be started immediately. But that is not what happens in Nigeria. Nigeria’s case is the way it is because corruption starts at Aso Rock, flows to NFF, and ends at only God knows where.
            We don’t need evidence to know that the players selected by Aigbogun were selected under questionable circumstances. Manu Garba’s decisions the last time he handled the under 20 were also questionable. Let us not forget so quickly how he handled the flying eagles team (majority of whom he coached at under 17), when he took them to the under 20 world cup.
            Whenever there is accusations of bribery and corruption against any coach, the best we can do is to clamor for investigation against that coach. We should not give them a soft landing in any way.

  • Why is anybody surprised, in a nation where the police will see white and tell you “my friend i said it is is red”
    In a lying Mohamed country, where lying to even in the public is a qualification to be made a minister?

    Did Buhari not tell nigerians that Abacha was not currupt but that GEJ is?
    How much of GEJ Loot has been repatriated but we all know how much Abacha loot has been sent back to nigeria.

    Did Buhari not tell us that IPOB isa terorist organization but the Fulani herdsmen and bokoharam are not?

    Don’t be SURPRISE this is nigeria the zoo of Africa.

    Next level of lies and misinformation.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    I told you guys, no consequences, no remorse, no penalty to for failure all symptoms of a failed country, in a sane society this fat turkey and is co conspirators would be in chains by now, negotiating with the prosecutors how to refund all the money collected from the sambisa eleven.Pinnick, Dikko, and other nff goons would not stop until EFCC steps in.Aigbogun and is cohorts knows this sambisa eleven are not good enough, but they collected money and decided to embarrass the country.Imagine that clueless Tijani wearing same number 9 Yekini wore, what a country.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    CJ, my brother I swear until we started killing some people with snipers in this hopeless geographical location called Nigeria, some Mumus thinks these Fulani are playing, is in their DNA  to colonize, to enslave and to destroy. Imagine that Fulani boy Tijani wearing number 9 same  number 9 our iconic yekini wore.

  • Sunnyb 5 years ago

    I’m taking it upon myself with some friends to send petitions to EFCC regarding Aigbogun and Pinnick how they collected $10000 from eight players through their agents, the money was paid  to a Barclays Bank account in UK. You guys will not continue to toy with us anymore. No more business as usual.Two of the sambisa eleven are willing to cooperate and talk if EFCC invites them.

  • OKPONKU 5 years ago

    pls are those guys Naija boys? Even the Chile 87 team that didnt perforrm well are far better that these crops of so called nig u20. the etim esin , adeolu adekola, willy okpara them group in chile 87 didnt perform well but u will see that naija fighting spirit in them, my brother nothing is functioning in this nation anymore. u see the boys refused to depart the hotel until their bonuses is been paid. which way nigeria

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

      Please can you tell us how Etim Esin career eventually turned out to be? Did he ever reach his potentials for Nigeria? He broke camp rules got shot by armed robbers while partying late night. Afterwards he was jailed in Belgium. Adeolu Adekola fled to oblivion afterwards. Apart from Thomson Oliha of blessed memories and Nduka Ugbade who else had long careers among that Chile 87 team with all the hype they got at the time???

      As far as I know U20 is developmental IMHO. It’s not compulsory to win it and we’ve already done great at this level in the past and Only had about 2 or 3 among them go on to the SuperEagles. Now I can be certain that 5 of this boys can go on to join the U23 and hopefully 2 or 3 can make it to the SuperEagles. If that can be achieved in a country with not too much infrastructures I’m ok with that. 

      • Your statement that we only produce 2 or 3 players from flying eagles to the super eagles is wrong. It is only those who don’t know the players that constituted 1983 and 1985 flying eagles that would agree with you. Go and check the green eagles from 1984 up to 1990 you will find more than 5 players from each set featuring for the green eagles during that era. Some of those players having played for Nigeria for some time decided to pursue educational careers, mostly in USA. Who would not do so, going by the way Nigeria has treated her heroes past and exfootballers?
        If we don’t get up to 5 players moving from flying eagles to the super eagles today, it is mostly because of corruption.
        A player like Thompson Usiyen stopped playing for Nigeria at his prime age because he saw into the future. He pursued education in USA and secured a future for himself. How did Nigeria treat people like Emmanuel Okala? How has Nigeria treated Segun Odegbami. Nigerians have to cry out before this NFF decided to come to the aid of Christain Chukwu. Should that even be so?
        Character destroyed Etim Essien’s career no doubt. But in terms of skills, he was miles ahead of this players that Aigbogun took to Poland. After Chile 1987, Adeolu Adekola got into the green eagles and was already sharing the outside right position with Benji Nzeakor (I hope I got the spelling of the last name right), and Wole Odegbami.
        Agbogun’s team has no discernable outside right or outside left. When Adeolu Adekola played for the flying eagles, he was a joy to watch, he scored great goals, and I can say his skills were way better than the ones possessed by players that Aigbogun selected.
        If players decide to stop playing football to concentrate on another career, it does not mean that they failed at football. That is the case with players like Andrew Uwe, Humphrey Edobor, and even Adeolu Adekola.

        • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

          But you failed to provide the names of those players from 1983 and 1985 FlyingEagles that went on to the SuperEagles. Why would I blame a young player who decided to pursue education abroad??? I did the same thing and I’m extremely proud of my decision.

          Typically or realistically, in life many are called few are chosen. That’s why among thousands or even millions of professional footballers around the world only Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are miles above the rest. That’s why they’re the only players with ten Ballon’dors between them.

          The only two recognizable players from the 85 FlyingEagles that went on to have long football careers with the SuperEagles were Samson Siasia and Aloy Agu. Please correct me if I’m wrong. What happened to Monday Odiaka? Andrew Uwe? Osaro Obabaifo? Ndubuisu Okosieme? Despite early promises.

          The only player I can recall from the 1983 FlyingEagles was Wilfred Agbonivbare and to some extent Yisa Shofoluwe that actually had decent runs with the SuperEagles. Chibuzor Ehilegbu and Sadi Dairu pursued careers abroad and never came back. Historically, since 1981 only about 3 among them usually went on to have long careers with the SuperEagles. 

          I don’t know about you, but from this set of FlyingEagles despite being underwhelming I’ve seen at least 5 players who can go on to have stellar or at least decent careers. If 3 can make it to the SuperEagles in the future that’s an accomplishment IMHO. 

          • I really don’t need to provide the names of the players. I had provided it on other posts on Complete Sports page. Those who were conversant with the flying eagles and the green eagles then will tell you that players moved straight from the flying eagles and took permanent shirts in the green eagles. If you know who Thompson Usiyen is and his story, you will be able to relate with what I’m saying.
            You’ve already mentioned 2 of them but I will give you another one. Samson siasia was part of the 1983 and 1985 teams. He was that good and young, that was why he made two different sets of flying eagles.
            You already said you can only remember the players you mentioned. But I want you to go find out the other players that made it to the green eagles from those sets. The fact that you no longer remember the players does not mean other people still can’t remember them. People who watched those players play in those days will never forget them.
            I responded to your post because I wanted to show you that if the NFF and all our age-grade coaches decide to do the right thing Nigeria will get more players progressing to the super eagles. That is one of the reasons FIFA established the age grade competitions.
            Before China 1985 under 17 world cup ( FIFA chose to call it tournament), Nigeria had produced academical teams that won Dana cup, Golter cup, and other age grade tournaments. When FIFA started the under 17 world cup, the NFA then, just organized these players together and they went on to play and win the cup in China. Those players were already winning international academical competitions at that level, so, it was not a difficult thing to win the under FIFA 17 cup in China.
            We even had principal cup, and later, the Pepsi competition for under 17. We had other age grade competitions in those days. But now what do we have? No meaningful age grade competitions.
            That is why Nigeria resort to selecting “fathers” and “grandfathers” to play age grade competitions
            When a players has played for more than 2 or three years for a clubside in Nigeria and that person still claim to be under 20, you know that can’t be true because we know the age range of players who play in Nigeria’s domestic league.
            All over Nigeria we have really young players with football skills begging to be harnessed by our national coaches for age grade competitions. They won’t do it because it is hard work. They would rather take the easy way out by going to clubsides to select old players for age-grade competitions. Corruption, kickback, quota system, etc will also not allow national team coaches and NFF to do what is right.

          • I already said players moved on to other careers. Osaro Obobaifo died while actively playing in Belgium. Others like Waidi Akanni, Andrew Uwe, Humphrey Edobor etc went to USA and moved on to other things. Wilfred was good in Spain and Alloy Agu was also a first team player in the green eagles. All of them could not play at the same time because we also had a Peter Rufai.
            Apart from John Fashanu and John Chidozie who were really making it big in football then in England, Nigerian players found it difficult to break into European clubs. It was somebody like Stephen Keshi that really broke the jinx by going first to Ivory Coast (no thanks to NFA who decided to ban them from playing in Nigeria) and then to Belgium. We all know how NFA treated players by refusing to pay them or even take care of them when they got injured while playing for Nigeria. How do you expect these players not to look for other careers when the NFA was treating them shabbily. Those who were very proactive among them decided to go back to school even at the peak of their careers. To me, that is a very good and wise decision because history has taught us that you cannot rely on NFA/NFF or even Nigerian government for support when the chips are down.
            So when people decide to stop playing to concentrate on a career that will put food on their table it does not mean they never made it in football. They only looked for alternative means of sustaining themselves. Mind you in those days players were not getting the mega bucks that players now get. If it was today that we had a player like Segun Odegbami, you think he would not have gone to Europe? Another example now is Courtney Dike who has chosen to complete her academic career in USA, thus securing her future after football. Yes, she may not have been able to get back to her previous level of fitness and form but does that mean she was not very good when she was actively playing football?
            Players in Europe stay long in football because the system works. They don’t need to rack their brains on how to survive when they are injured or stopped playing football. The system works for them but that is not the case in Nigeria.

        • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

          You can’t argue with facts bro. Those are the undisputed statistics I’ve given you. Siasia was not in the 1983 FlyingEagles that went to Mexico. He was only part of the team in 1985. Thomson Usiyen decided to pursue education in the US and left the then GreenEagles in 1977. The GreenEagles that won the 1980 AFCON emanated from 1973 All Africa games victorious side. Since the inception of the FlyingEagles historically without adding or mincing words only 3 at the most always go on to have long careers with the GreenEagles or SuperEagles. 

          You keep complaining about age. What have you on your part done about it?? What proof do you have to ascertain the ages of the players?? other than news from bloggers who only survives on anonymous figments of imaginations. Aigbogun’s team only lacks a natural goal scorer. They dominated most of their games just the finishing was their major undoing in Poland. 

          Like I’ve said if 3 among them can go on to have an ok career and possibly make it to the SuperEagles in future that is an achievement imho no matter how you want to look at it. 

        • EMMANUEL SHASANYA 5 years ago

          @Ayphillydegreat you are right siasia only played 85 u20 and seoul 88 d olympics team. But what you failed to mention was the u20 2005, where we had apam, mikel,taye taiwo, obasi, keita,adeleye all played for eagles at one time or the other.

      • In order to measure progression we don’t have to look further than the current super eagles and see how many have played youth football in the past for Nigeria.

        I’ll hazard a guess without googling:

        Ezenwa, Uzoho, Omeruo, Awaziem, Ndidi, Etebo, Mikel, , Musa, Osimhen, Ighalo, Chukwueze, Iheanacho.

        Approximately half the squad is made up of players who have represented Nigeria at under, 17,20,23 levels.

        • Okponku 5 years ago

          Hope you guys are aware that somebody like David Alaba attended once Golden Eaglets camp but intimidated. Naija corruption the cause. Never said that Chile87guys were good but they are real far better than these current u20. Pls! Let’s call a spade a spade. Nigeria isn’t working

  • I wonder what those coaches teach the players in training. Take for instance the begging one on one chance the Nigerian striker  fluffed against Senegal, the striker did not look up to see where he would place the ball beyond the keeper . Go and watch soccer greats like Messi and Ronaldo whenever they come face to face with goal keeper , they take their time to place the ball. When Nigeria wingers cross the ball, they don’t look up to see the positioning of strikers before they cross. I can go on and on

  • You know something cooky is going on when the NFF chairman rushes to the defense of a coach who failed woefully in a competition. Why rush quickly to Agboguns defense if something is not fishy.
    Nigerians are crying blue murder and that daylight robbery took place in this under 20 set. What does Pinnick do? He comes out to defend the coach that supervised this shambolic display put up by the flying eagles.
    We should even be calling for investigation of Pinnick and his cotravellers in the NFF. People wey no dey get shame.

  • Mr Hush 5 years ago

    There have been allegations and counter allegations against this coach and his team. the Nff have come out to defend them and failed to do the needful; which is to investigate and see this through properly.
    But my take is;
    Where are the investigative journalist in this?
    Sometimes,when the shove comes to push,it is up to reporters to carry out investigations of their own and do their bit to expose the truth behind the scene(if any is there to be exposed).
    Journalism in Nigeria is merely based on copy paste reporting and have no iota of doing what it entails to be good journalism.
    We have stuck at only reporting the news rather than take a step forward and investigating the news ,then reporting..you can have both!
    Journalist must know that they are the fourth arm of the law as well,and their report hold sway in society.
    CSN (and other sports or news agency) can help put this story to bed by just investigating.
    1. Are the accusations unfounded and baseless.or does it hold water.
    2. Is the NFF culpable in this regard or did a good job.
    3. Are the players over aged or really fall within the stipulated age bracket.
    4. What is their take on the outcome of the performance of both players and coach at the tournament?
    What’s the way forward..

    So many questions, yet no answers but accusations arguments and theories ..
    Something that can be quench by simple investigative journalism…

    All good…

    • When you have blogs sites like All Nigeria soccer saying they have audio tapes, but will not reveal who are in the tapes nor what is said on the tapes and that they will not publish them, then you know that they are either in the game for selfish reasons or are playing out somebody’s agenda.

      To be honest, these blog sites ANS, score Nigeria etc seem to carry “sponsored articles” that are unduly critical and refuse to give evidence of “rumours” and do not represent journalism in the true sense of the word. More akin to propaganda sites that mic fact with fiction and make it hard to separate the two

      • Mr Hush 5 years ago

        Sadly so,
        That’s what journalism as turned out to be these days.
        Totally propaganda machines and selfish tools,looking out for number one,rather than being objective with their duty and to toe the line of honour to themselves,their consumers(readers) and to the society,at large.
        It is such a shame we have generate to this level.
        You can see the cost of that.
        Affecting all facet of our social spectrum; sports not left out,judging by what is happening now..
        I can only hope someone take the bull by the horn ,and stand up to be counted on the side of facts and honour; but I am scared I push too far in the kind of society we live in..
        That said,we the fans,society,who knows good from bad,must keep pushing by been constructive with our criticism and our calls, definitely one day they would understand that all we care about is something working and progressive…

        • Glory 5 years ago

          Nice one @ Hush. Everything about Nigeria awwwh God help us..

          • Mr Hush 5 years ago

            Thanks for the acknowledgement..

      • Destiny 5 years ago

        Mad Nigeria, mad NFF ,mad and corrupt aigbogun with he rotten face and dirty belle,mad and corrupt assistant coaches when god go punish and mad amaju pinnick who his stupid,corrupt and knows nothing

  • Corrupt NFF 5 years ago

    Sharrrap there you F.00LS. Developing youth soccer when you collect bribes and be parading over aged players up and down. You guys will meet your Waterloo soon. Keep F.00LING yourselves 

  • Is the ages of the players the reason they failed to perform? No! They are not not just good tactically and technically. If they are older and good they would have bossed the opposition.

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