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NFF, Nike Set To Unveil New Kits For National Teams

NFF, Nike Set To Unveil New Kits For National Teams

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and its global brand kit-sponsor NIKE have taken a further step forward in the plan to unveil another set of kits for the Nigeria National Teams that would wow the world as did those launched on the margin of the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals.

At a virtual meeting on Monday that had NFF President Amaju Pinnick, Vice Presidents Seyi Akinwunmi and Shehu Dikko, NFF General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi, NIKE’s Tina Salminen, David Watson and Lee Murphy, NFF Board Members Ibrahim Musa Gusau and Felix Anyansi-Agwu, as well as Ademola Olajire (Director of Communications), Alizor Chuks (Head of Marketing) and Nasiru Jibril (SA to President), finishing touches were put to the designs with observations and comments taken, and NIKE officials fully briefed on the minute details of the preferences of the NFF chieftains.

The new designs were to have been launched earlier in the year, but plans went askew as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. The Super Eagles would launch the new wears during the FIFA window for international friendlies next month.

It would be recalled that American sportswear giant, NIKE received three million orders for the Super Eagles’ 2018 FIFA World Cup kit prior to the release of the jerseys into the market on 29th May 2018.

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On the first day of the sales in London, United Kingdom on Friday, 1st June 2018 (which also was the eve of Nigeria’s high-profile pre-World Cup friendly with England’s Three Lions at Wembley), NIKE shops ran out of stock within one hour of putting out the jerseys.

Apart from the tremendous success on the counter, NIKE has continued to express its delight with the running agreement with the NFF, initially signed in London in April 2015, with the various Nigeria National Teams qualifying for major competitions and impressing at continental championships.

Since the penning of the initial contract, the U17 boys have won the FIFA World Cup; the U23 boys won the U23 AFCON and took bronze medal at the Olympics in Brazil; the Super Falcons have won two AFCON titles; the Eagles B have achieved a record-high second-place finish at the CHAN and; the Super Eagles have qualified for the FIFA World Cup from a ‘Group of Death’ in the African series and have taken the bronze medals at the AFCON.

Presently, the Super Eagles comfortably top their 2022 AFCON qualifying group and would be guaranteed a ticket to the finals if they overhaul Sierra Leone home-and-away in the Day 3 and 4 encounters in November.

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  • olabode Samuel 4 years ago

    I am highly disappointed with the present NFF President and it members for the shambolic way of making decision concerning football in Nigeria. How can they explain the reason for the delay in naming the age-grade level coaches for both male and Female and the Falcon. They promised August 2020, but today is 2nd September, 2020 not a single word from NFF and the its crew. The last communiqué of their meeting gave us hope but hope has been turned to procrastination and disappointment. Is this the way to develop football from the grassroots? This NFF has not once kept to their word since they assumed office. May be by December we will have the names and have two weeks of preparation for qualifying matches. God will help us. But note this is the worse NFF in term of decision making. Other Counties like South-Africa, Ghana etc have named their own coaches and have started their preparing. This to me is confirming the remarked made by Mr. Sunday Dare the Minister of Sports that the standard of football is going down domestically under this administration. It is only in Nigeria under this present dispensation that we always have delay in everything with all kind of reasons adduced and known only to them and none have yielded desired results for the under-grade categories. We are waiting.

    • Eskibo 4 years ago

      You are on point. They are the reason why our darling super Falcons don’t make it to olympics

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      I very much concur with you.
      The NFF has a technical committee that is supposed to interview, recommend and liaise with coaches of all the national teams as well as a technical study group that is supposed to work with them backstage. The so-called technical committee has not held a meeting since 2017 while the so-called technical study group has not since 2018. Amaju pinnick will rather contract hiring of coaches to PWC…..I dont know what PWC knows about technical matters of football and coaching. We’ve been hearing that coaches will be named soon since last year, we are almost in the last quarter of this year and no news yet. And just like the case of the last set of our underaged teams, when it is 2 weeks to qualifiers, Pinnick and his cabal in the glass house will handpick stooges as coaches (the way someone who isnt even a coach yet was named as SE asst coach…only God knows who interviewed and recommended him), dictate players they should select and expect we qualify and do well ahead of teams who have been practicing, preparing and competitive for months….as if the god of football is an unjust god that just loves Nigeria above every other nation. Today we have probably the largest pool of quality U23 players in our history, but we wouldn’t be able to harness them properly since we couldn’t qualify for the olympics. Our SF too will not be at the olympics to consolidate on their WC performances……no thanks to this type of uncoordinated, one-man decision fire brigade approach to doing things.
      You guys should just relax and see the kind of crap coaches they will eventually name at the 11th hour

      • Sammy 4 years ago

        @ Drey
        Please allow me to disagree with you on the use of management consultants to hire Nigerian coaches for national teams. I believe this is the most objective way to hire these coaches, without any story of bias, favouritism or political influence; which is typical when the technical committee carries out the interviews.

        Phillips consulting will typically bring in people who are knowledgeable in these areas to do it; and Nigerians will have coaches who passed through an objective screening process.

        The consultants may even process the many applications and recommend 3 of the best candidates for each position to the technical committee. Even if it has it’s drawbacks, I think it’s advantages outweigh anything the technical committee can come up with working from the scratch on their own.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          @Sammy, hypothetically speaking you are very correct. But practically speaking, I disagree with you. We where also told PWC was handling the hiring of coaches last year only to wake up one day and have the least qualified person named as our Asst SE coach.

          Does Phillips consulting know more football technocrats than the NFF itself…? I seriously doubt it. The NFF technical committee has the likes of Mutiu Adepoju, Victor Ikpeba, Garba Lawal and co….13 members in total. The NFF technical department has the likes of Bitrus Bewerang, James Peters and so on. The NFF technical study group has the likes of Taribo West, Jay jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, Godwin Enakhena (GM of MFM FC) and others. You mean these guys are not knowledgeable or “techocratic” enough….???.

          I bet you, the technocrats these consulting companies will engage to do the job will still be those within the Nigeria/NFF football circles. So why the waste of time and resources. And does hiring a coach have so much complexity in it…? Did Chelsea hire a consulting company to replace Sarri, did Barca hire a consulting company to replace Setien, did Juve hire a consulting company to replace Sarri….??? Is sub-letting a basic job like hiring coaches for the national team not an indictment and confirmation of the incompetence of the current NFF set up…? If NFF should contract hiring of coaches to consulting companies, then we might as well hand the entire NFF over to consulting companies to run and sack the current leadership of the NFF beginning from Pinnick to the least of them all.

  • It’s sad that Pinnick started well and was hailed by the media and football fans, who even joined him in fighting off the combined forces of the troublesome Chris Giwa and the conniving ex-sports minister and kinsman, Solomon Dalung. But like Saul, Pinnick is fast derailing, taking unilateral actions and turning this jersey design thing into a business.

    Like @Dr.Drey mentioned above and as has been questioned over and over here, what process threw up Joseph Yobo? Who were the other shortlists and on what criteria did he beat them to such an important post as SE assistant?

    Another question begging for answer is this jersey business. What major ‘flaw’ did the previous one have? What are the details of the contract with Nike? EFCC should start checking NFF books and authorised parties should impeach Pinnick, if necessary and some of his questionable decisions (like Yobo’s appointment and new jersey business) should be suspended or overturned.

    It’s so sad we’ll be watching the Tokyo Olympics next year with no Nigerian representation in neither the male nor female football competition and this man is still sitting comfortably in his office as NFF chairman.

    • Sammy 4 years ago

      Honestly I agree with you guys that Pinnick has been making mistake after mistake in the past two to three years. However, if he is impeached or removed the eventual outcome is as clear as night and day. One of Buhari’s cousins will be installed as NFF Chairman, and he will go on destroy whatever good structures are left, steal the whole place blind, while maintaining a pius/condescending/holier-than-thou attitude with the public.

      Guys we made this mistake with Jonathan (at least I did); lets not repeat the same thing with Nigerian football. Please lets all support Pinnick to retrace his steps and do right by all football loving fans.

      Please don’t join the “remove him” brigade until we’re sure who and what comes after.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      @ Kel…Its ‘2nd Term’ syndrome. Inability to stay humble and manage success. A typical problem of Africa.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    there is nothing wrong with buhari cousins if they are competent enough; apart of security isues, i dont see any defference betwin jonathan and buhari. for me they are all thesame. i can recall wen maigari was there. we experienced more victories than wat we have now. though he was also found guilty of coruption but we celebrated more titles and our league was functioning well compared to this pilkmilk riggim. i am disapointed in mr peakmilk, (despite been a supporter of is early days) failing to qualify for two nations cup , failing to qualify for olimpic both male and female. the onlythin he got right was the apointment of our present coach, but have failed to give him the right assistants. i think we need to get rid of him. lets vote okocha or kanu in, even rufai mutiu celestine ikpeba these guys are sound enough to take their rightfull place and lets get rid of these politicians in disguise. for christ sake football is sport not politics. if weah can be liberia president why cant our ex footballers be our fa president? lets nigerians think about it.

  • Edoman 4 years ago

    Nemesis is catching up with Pinnick as he continue to wallow in self dilution of invincibility. Pinnick best days are over as the Nigeria football fans are bearing the crude brunt of his incompetency. In some ways, l am tempted to side with Omo9nj who do not fail to remind us, in so many ways, about the inadequacies of the Pinnick’s administration. Imo, corruption is the sole reason for changing the National jersey at this time. If not, tell us how many times have you seen Brazil, Argentine, Germany, England or even South Africa change their National football Jersey?. The World loves this current jersey that the National Team are using if so, why would Pinnick wants to change them to another if not motivated by corruption and greed?. In the meantime, all the Groups stage National teams have been knocked out and the Nigeria people are been embarrassed. Let Pinnick tell the Nigeria people how much Yobo paid for the position that was dubiously offered him for the position he occupied for which he was not even qualified for. Don’t tell us that Yobo got that plum job on merit Mr NFF President.

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