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NFF Queries Rohr Over ‘Breaching Provisions of Contract He Signed’

NFF Queries Rohr Over ‘Breaching Provisions of  Contract He Signed’

The Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, has queried Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr for several breaches of contract he signed with the soccer house, reports Completesports.com.

Technical Director of the NFF, Bitrus Bewerang stated that Rohr must explain reasons for revealing information in his contract to the media.

Bewarang further hinted that Rohr’s recent action of disclosing issues beyond technical matters to the media is highly unprofessional and against the spirit and letter of his contractual relationship with the football -ruling body.

“In as much as we appreciate the work that Mr. Rohr has been doing with the Super Eagles in the past 40 months, his recent penchant for breaching provisions of the contract he signed with the NFF and the Code of Conduct for coaches is not good for the relationship,” Bewerang told reporters in Abuja on Wednesday.

“The NFF wishes that Mr. Rohr continues in the job because of the team he is building for Nigeria which looks promising and has earned some good results since he took charge, but he cannot continue to nonchalantly cause the NFF as a body, and Nigeria as a nation, reputational damage through his utterances and action.”

Bewarang regretted that Rohr has continually and flagrantly disrespected the provisions of his contract and the Code of Conduct for coaches, divulging information at every turn to generate negative reports about the NFF and Nigeria in the public space.

“As at today, the only money that the NFF is owing Mr. Rohr is the differential in his new contract (about $30,000) which our financial advisors have to align and interface with AITEO before payment (as the improved contract came into effect in the last half of the year), and which process was concluded on Friday last week. He will soon be paid.

“Mr. Rohr has talked about bonus from the 2019 AFCON, which is not contractual but discretionary on the part of the Federation. The present NFF started the policy of paying players a percentage of tournament bonus during the 2018 FIFA World Cup just to motivate them, outside their bonuses and allowances.

“We did not pay any bonus for the 2021 AFCON qualifying matches against Benin Republic and Lesotho because we are in the process of negotiating with the players on a new template of bonus payments based on performance after qualification for championships. This is still being discussed.

“The NFF is very much alive to its responsibilities but will not tolerate disrespect for the body and the country Nigeria by anyone. NFF can never be happy owing coaches in its employ which is the reason why the present administration took the unprecedented step of putting in place a sponsor specifically to pay coaches’ salaries. Last week, we paid all the National Team coaches and we are putting in place mechanism to ensure we don’t owe them going forward. We commend AITEO for its belief in the NFF and for always making funds available to pay the coaches.”

The NFF Technical Director expressed deep appreciation to all the partners and sponsors of the football –governing body for their commitment to the letter and spirit of their contracts with the football Federation.

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  • Some cabals want this man out! #facts#

  • Samchi 4 years ago

    Mtchww_ Nonsense and ignoramus!!!
    So you people want to do your usual manipulative Leadership for on top Onyibo man head abi’ the same way our government want everyone to be Suffering and Smiling’ use LIES dey wash us since 1960′

    He’s causing you problems because he told us the Truth. Rohr’s a smart man, he knows that if you have to Eat with the ‘devil’ make sure you use a long spoon!! The man is definitely surrounded by crooks, thus; the need to think 2 steps ahead.
    Listen o’ Mr bewarang and the NFF, swallow that foolish pride and extend this mans contract make thunder wey wan go Kinshasa no boomerang come strike una 4 dat glass house.
    Person living in a Corruption plagued country like 9ja is talking of ‘Embarrassment’ and disrespect_ that’s what you get, when you tell Evil hearted Men the Simple Truth about them instead of them to be sober and REPENT they see it as an embarrassment.

    #Super Eagles is the Future

  • Ifeanyi 4 years ago

    Did NFF, Bitrus Bewerang and co queried under 20, 17,23 and home based super eagles coaches about their disgraceful outings?

  • PeePee 4 years ago

    It is getting clearer that the NFF is looking for excuses not to renew Gernot Rohr’s contract. Having seen that they can’t use performance as reason, they are becoming petty with unnecessary drama. The most annoying thing is that the NFF is not sober that they gambled with our national teams by appointing incompetent coaches like Aigbogun and Imama who messed up with their respective teams and now, they want to gamble with our Qatar 2022 world cup qualifying chances by trying to sack a coach who is on a mission of building a solid team for us.
    Is it a crime if we attend two FIFA World Cup tournament with same coach? Surely, it won’t be a bad idea and considering what coach Rohr is doing, it will be total madness to truncate his project and give a new coach that familiar excuse of ‘we are building a new team”
    For me, sacking Rohr may not be a problem but if ever we fail to qualify for the next world cup, all those NFF guys starting from Pinick Amaju should be jailed.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    What a Country? No freedom of expression. Hmm, Nigeria have turned a lawless Country ba?

    These oppressors making Nigeria looking bad. Shameless people. Barawo bansa. Shio. It’s coming again. They might not renew coach Rohr’s contract. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Paschal 4 years ago

    Bewarang wants to tqke over the coach’s job. These nff people are criminals. You dont have money to pay Rohr but you are being charhed by efcc and icpc for embezzlement. They are lookng for every reason to sack the man. I wont be surprised if Rohr resigns by himself anytime soon. These guys are not human beings.

  • Look Mr Berawang, Nigerians are too smart for the witches game you goons are hatching. Your tricks will backfire with this pretentious civil service lingo, which is in effect koro koro LIES. 

    Don’t ever toy with the ONLY national soccer team that is left standing. ‘Who is fooling who?’

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago

      This is the same Bewarang who heads the technical department of the FA.
      A department that has failed so far with the likes of U17,U20,Falcons,Chan Eagles,U23 etc.
      Someone that should be tendering his resignation, instead,is spewing out threats to the only good thing he could savour as technical director! What an Irony!

  • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

    Abeg…Abeg…Abeg! Just stop all this grammars and tell us the truth of the Mattter! which is to SACK COACH GERNOT ROHR because he is exposing your money laundering and evil agendas. Chai! What a Country. I can’t imagine they want this man out so they can put there own and control the team anyhow they want it and Super Eagles will be SUPER CHICKENS AGAIN! My hatred keeps growing daily. To contribute on this kind of matter sef don tire me. I don’t even like listening to news lately again cuz all you see are Liers and Evil leaders.


  • Chris 4 years ago

    GR:who has the backing of the real Nigerian football fan vs NNF:who has the backing of the real Nigerian football cabals (inactive since GR and super eagles, super activeness)..What I’m seeing developing between these two is that revolution lurking around Nigeria.

    The only source of happiness in Nigeria is not any other but watching the Eagles fly high and stay high against any footballing country they encounter…but as it stands now, this happiness is on  mb…

    somebody thinks a hungry, sleeping lion is dead abi? Ok oh, we’re watching…and real hatred building up inside the real Nigerian football fan…that revolution will eventually kickoff when GR is either sacked or forced to resign.

    For CSN pray that your media house doesnt end up like AIT or recently Channels TV…because it’s going to be a ruthless battle… Plenty comments here already shows oneness of mind (Dr.Drey and Omonaija finally agree against what the cabals in this country are preparing to do with our source of happiness) as swords are sharpened for the slaughtering cooking up.

    Fellow forumates, don’t blame the NFF heads oh. Where they not the same people who started this sweet journey for us by giving us hope that super chicken evently metamorphosised into a super eagles wholesale (that Jersey though)… This officials in the glass house gave us GR. But thats not the real reason not to blame them…its beyond them now. Why?
    If you win a case against EFCC or ICPC, you would have signed the dotted lines to play the script given to you…ask those who won their cases, their lifes never remained thesame.

    When it all started to go southwards was when GR assistant was caught red handed collecting bribe and have never been relevant ever since his return. Infact, his return meant everybody was going to go down too…the script had to be written…

    I go keep the insider info I have when the battle kicksoff…but mind you, this is not a hate speech…this is raw truth. Who know na him know.

  • Samchi 4 years ago

    All these Beasts at the helm of this countries affairs’ there shall no peace for all of you unless you REPENT.
    This was the same way one popular Rogue, the former minister of sport dalung shamelessly and heartlessly tried to impose Giwa his incarnate on us even when they KNEW that we stood at a risk of being banned by Fifa.

    The same wickedness is playing out again. This Animals don’t care about the Masses all they are interested in is there Selfish gains and interest_ If they could trade Nigeria Winning the world cup with just one million dollars, no doubt it’s done already.
    arhhhhh!!! these ones have Sold there soul to devil already.

    #Super Eagles Ought to be the Future’

  • Glory 4 years ago

    We should start taking down names n locating these evil doers. Those places where they can be reached. No jokes about this. Their evil will be met by devastating reprisal actions very soon. Sacking Rohr might just be reaching d breaking point of patience/ perseverance of this wickedness by our politicians. WATCH IT…..

  • Glory 4 years ago

    Bewawrong must be a nutter to expect any right thinking person to listen to the rubbish he spews with monkeys breath out of his sulking mouth. Shocking albeit expected of Nigerian politicians not to understand that service is to the majority n not to their dead brain persona, Rohrs services is for the majority n enlightened people all over d world understand that those majority hold the key, regarding Rohrs attitude to service and not one idiotic individual who only deserves every morning sound wake up slaps in d face to think right. No wonder we are seen as under developed even in a present 5g age,,because of these type of bornawrong .Idiot.

  • darlington 4 years ago

    But una own salary them no dey owe una,criminals in every governmental departments in Nigeria

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    You never queried Aigbogun, Manu garba, Amapakapbo, et al for their dismal performances with their respective teams coupled with glaring allegations of corruption against them despite the fact that they hve brought shame, disgrace and heart break to us. You’ll never try to query them bcs they are all ur stooges, u are all interwoven in the web of corruption but u have the guts to query mr rohr for exposing ur corrupt asses. You think he’s like Aigbogun and his group???? No, he’s not like them, he’ll say it as it is bcs he’s white and a man of integrity. He is so much concerned about his reputation and not his pocket. Shameless fools. You want to frustrate him so that he’d be forced to resign abi??? For crying out loud, he has the right to let the world know when ure not treating him well. As a matter of fact, we have the right to know, that’s what’s called transparency!!!! Bunch of shameless good for nothing corrupt idiots.

    • Ndubuisi 4 years ago

      You guys are wonderful we are united and we will stand for him to the end even Mr Rohr critics are not supporting this evil scheme. They want him to resign so that they will do the expected bring someone they will share his salaries with. You people has failed even if you end up frustrating him to resign or sacking him we have known the truth and no hiding place for you guys. We are watching keenly the unfolding drama. The question is, are you owing him or not? Why should you owe him in the first place. Are you guys not receiving your salaries? All of you are jokes. Nonsense

  • Query my foot, how will you beat a child and expect him not cry? how can a man work, and you will not pay him, you think he is a Nigerian that will swallow all your shit and keep calm, so that you will not sack him? and for your information, if eventually you sack Rohr, it is Nigeria that will loose, because many countries are waiting for the German’s signature. Has NFF not bridged the contract they signed with Rohr over and over again? is owing of three months salary part of the contract he signed. Nonsense!

  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    I just can imagine the number of countries that would rubbing their hands and licking their lips as this unfortunate incident is unfolding with regards to mr rohr. Loads of other countries have better offers for him, in fact, I don’t think mr rohr would like to be messed around with any longer, he has had enough of their nonsense. But Nigerians, it’s time for us to rise up against all these corrupt idiots. They’ve really pushed us to the wall and we can’t take it any longer. We shall give them what they’ve been looking for. Enough is enough!!!! What nonsense! They’ve taken us for a ride for too long and we can’t take it anymore. Our quietness have been abused by these wicked corrupt idiots that call themselves politicians. Power resides with the people and not with the corrupt few. Wetin Dy happen for Lebanon, Iraq, Bolivia, Syria Na small thing compared to what shall happen in this country soon. The people have taken it enough, they think making a hate speech or anti social media bill will protect them. ndi ara,it has reached a breaking point. God punish all of u and ur generation!

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