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Nigeria Vs South Africa Live Blogging – 2026 WCQ: Group C Matchday 3

Nigeria Vs South Africa Live Blogging – 2026 WCQ: Group C Matchday 3

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the 2026 WCQ – FIFA World Cup qualifier between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Bafana of South Africa at Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo.

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  • what sort of Line up is Finidi putting out?.. Oya na, na Siddon look we day oo

  • Samson Agbebaku 5 days ago

    Which site can one watch it

  • Taho 5 days ago

    Link to watch the match guyz

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 5 days ago

    What a funny line up, my fear is our defense, no experienced defenders. It was the same kind of line up we presented the last time we lost to them in Uyo. I just hope we win today.

  • KING 5 days ago

    Good evening all, does anyone has the link to watch the match?

  • Philip 5 days ago

    WHy is lookman playing selfish

  • Philip 5 days ago

    Please take lookman out abeg he is the weak link in this attack

    • Footballfanatic 5 days ago

      at 20 minutes take him out???? Na wa for some of una

  • Chike 5 days ago

    We miss Osimen

  • KELS 5 days ago

    Osimhen would’ve scored atleast 2

  • Peter Ubi 5 days ago

    I don’t think so for this is a bigger stage for football intelligentsia not dundee united. Eagles can only get a goal.

  • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

    Goal South Africa…..LMAOOoooo

  • Onwajunior 5 days ago

    E don start… Seniorman is minus one on the field.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 5 days ago

    Not surprised about the goal, our defense lacks experience and the line up is weak, just like the last time we played them in Uyo.

  • TONY 5 days ago

    Our foreign-based players are over-rated.
    Being taught footballing lesson here by home-based South African players.

    • Bashiru 5 days ago

      Abi loud am, next they will say we have players begging to play for Nigeria. Lazy bunch

  • JimmyBall 5 days ago

    Why invite players if you can’t play them… osayi Samuel at left back

    • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

      There is nothing like natural position in football…..any professional player can play any wing on the pitch effectively….LMAOOoo

      Or have you forgotten so soon….??? LMAOooo

    • Kanayo 5 days ago

      Am not surprised, he is not a player in my view. He plays with no head on his body

  • Hmmm goal against Nigeria.

    Right side if defense is terrible. Tanimu and Osayi Samuel. The goal is an embarrassment.

    We better switch to 352. Trusting inexperience Tanzanian based Tanimu to pair Ajayi who is probably match rusty is not going to work. The best central defender is on the left.

    Has anybody seen anything from onuachu. Same onuachu. Just standing like a tree.

    I wonder a coach in his right senses will put Boniface on the bench for onuachu.

    We may concede more goals with what I am seeing.

    • @Christian Ministries exactly why you can’t leave out Ekong if he says he is fit and Leave Awoniyi out for Onuachu.. Boniface should start this Match. Infact I don’t Know whatelse to say

  • Onwajunior 5 days ago

    Lool…oboi…almost scored again

  • chuks haifa 5 days ago

    This is not super eagles. Looks like enyimba playing. Maybe they will start playing in the second half

  • Monday 5 days ago

    Super Eagles without Victor Osimhen is finis.

  • Respect is reciprocal 5 days ago

    Watch the match at

    • Edoman 5 days ago

      Tamuinu of Tanzania is finidi’s choice ooooooooooooo.
      l said it finidi’s is rookie.

  • Playing a crucial game without a striker. Midfield left to the South Africans.

  • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

    Osayi (a RWB) playing at left back……Tanimu (a CB) flung to right back.

    Dele Bash and Iwobi paired together for the first time (in a competitive qualifier)

    Lookman and Iheanacho flanking tall for nothing Onuachu (also paired together for the first time ever – in a competitive qualifier)

    Ladoies and Gentlemen….a standing ovation for “YOUR OWN” Guadiola, Mr Finidi George

    • Very funny indeed Dr Drey. This finidi na wa. The signs have been there right from the Mali match and the invitation sent out.

      Now benching Boniface for onuachu. Very funny indeed. I learned onyeka is not fit. Why invite unfit players. Ajayi is also not fully fit.

      Someone should tell him to save face by switching 352 to help that defence. Bring in chukuwueze and Boniface and take off iheanacho and onuachu. Two players who should have come in the second half.

    • King Travolta 5 days ago

      lol …. no need for portrait

  • @Christian Ministries exactly why you can’t leave out Ekong if he says he is fit and Leave Awoniyi out for Onuachu.. Boniface should start this Match. Infact I don’t Know whatelse to say

  • It’s not really the boys. It’s the coach. Player invitation was poor from the beginning. Formation too not good.We hope for the best

  • Blessed Ukekei 5 days ago

    Almost another goal, almost. Osimen get well abeg. NONSENSE

    • Onwajunior 5 days ago

      Not Osimhen…. It’s the coach. Almost everyone is playing in experimental positions

      • Blessed Ukekei 5 days ago

        There’s nothing about tgr coach, wish Osimhen was fit. Onuachu is a minus.

  • Onwajunior 5 days ago

    SA is parking bus!! Ndidi wants to score William from halfway.. Lol

  • Respect is reciprocal 5 days ago

    Playing 433 against a team that has their players in local league. Players that are well drilled is a risk .why not play 352 to close the gap. Besides what is the yardstick of playing Iheanacho who has not been playing regularly over Moffi

    • Thank you @Reciorocal Even if ekong is available, I will always trust a 352 formation for this team. Ajayi, Bassey and maybe awaziem. Ajayi is not getting younger. So he get covered up and feel comfortable with a 3 man defence.

      Finidi goofed by not thinking about a left sided defender from the beginning. He only invited s left back later when s player was not available.

      It shows finidi is confused. He does not really know this team.

      You will see his response in the second half..He may not make changes on time and even at all. I miss pesero.

  • Seun 5 days ago

    For Christ sake why playing Bright out of position as left back and an inexperienced Tanimu as right back???? Onuachu has no bit upfront

  • pompei 5 days ago

    Nigeria throwing men forward in desperation, and SA sitting back and catching us on the counter.
    Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

  • Respect is reciprocal 5 days ago

    Heavy players . Why use Onuachu when there wont be several crosses. I hope they will bring their NPF players to rescue us. Indiscipline look at how Bassey was made to look like a fool. Have 3 weeks of break just coming to to camp two days

    • Femi 5 days ago

      Bassey the worst player on the pitch, taminu and kelechi that most guys questioned there inclusion are even playing better, name dnt play football, now i think I’m done with onuachu anywhere near this team henceforth.

  • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

    Dr. Drey 1 hour ago

    If Finidi can go into the half-time break with this line up without being on the losing end, I’l get his portrait and hang it in my living room till the end of this year.

    That guy must be a damn magician.

    It doesn’t need a Mourinho to rip the useless selection made by this giringori coach into pieces.

    When we talk people should listen…!!!

  • Why playing Bright out of position as left back and inexperienced Tanimu as right back? Onuachu has no bit at all upfront.

  • Amadi 5 days ago

    Rubbish team. Nothing is super about this guys. Abeg we don’t need all this players begging to play for Nigeria. This is jus pathetic to say the least. Abeg bring in Boniface and moffi. Lookman and Onachu should go sit down. How will players that came in on Wednesday start this game.

  • The players and the coach don’t deserve to be at the world cup with this kind of performance. Very sluggish and uninterested. So many round pegs in square holes. The pitch is good and no sun. I wonder what their excuse would be this time.

  • Mr Hush 5 days ago

    Simply put;

    Finidi is daft.

  • Golden Child 5 days ago

    Wow! What did I just watch?

  • Jide Dola 5 days ago

    Just as I predicted, I understand an home base coach very well, we’ve been seeing them in awhile now, they always set out the same way.

    • Greenturf 5 days ago

      Blame the sports ministry who take advantage of NFF lack of fund to impose indigenous coach on the team.
      We may not be going to world Cup a second time because of this reason.
      The sports ministers are politicians who aren’t interested in football for them they think they’re promoting made in Nigeria but in the other hand damaging our football.
      The truth still remains,we can’t grow with a local coach at the helms unfortunately.

  • Philip 5 days ago

    UYO don dey bring bad luck. Hope una eyes don dey open gradually. Some players just need to excuse themselves from this team. Starting from the goalkeeper, osayi samuel(selfish), Iwobi, Kelechi, Onauachu. Please just go. It’s like watching under 20 players. Even lookman is playing rubbish. his head is already swelling

  • Larry 5 days ago

    Right from players invitation , it is obvious that Finidi is corrupt, dishonest and echnically bereft.
    The match team selection further exposed the fact that he was a waste of space and time under Pesseiro.
    The foundation had already been laid, the team can do with few suitable adjustments
    The only.match the team lost, the right wing was attacked effortless and
    this same Kelechi was the major
    reason for it. Now Broos is exploiting same side..
    Remember the ranking position left the team, now under Finidi the team ranking is going south.
    Only a fool would not recognized that the team is playing under short 4 (Samuel, Iwobi, Onuachu, and Kelechi).
    Local coaches are crap!!!

  • Onwajunior 5 days ago

    It’ll be funny if Rohr qualifies Benin

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 5 days ago

    We are back to the basic . But time is not on eagles side . My belly ooo my head o .my belly oo my head oooo .
    I said eagles must play a friendly game before the game even if it is awka street boys .
    Reason all wat u are witnessing in this game .
    I watched all games in this qualifications since Wednesday only eagles play this weak . Rwanda/ Benin Lesotho/Madagascar Ghana/Mali Algeria/guinea even with home loss dey play strong.
    If eagles survive this with a draw men dey need camping and friendly with clubs in Europe to gel as a team.

  • Respect is reciprocal 5 days ago

    I think these guys are comfortable playing in East. We need to take them to lagos where they will smaell their Yansh.They play as if nothing is at stake. Is something fishy Aina withdrew from the match then Tella too and even Osimein that played his club’s ladt match sighting injury.

  • BigCole 5 days ago

    You guys see the south African side composure? That’s the professional coach effect…. We need a foreign coach (an expert not Peseiro type) ASAP.. Almost everyone played out of position.

  • Patrick 5 days ago

    Nff there is time for sowing and reaping. Nff is reaping the seed of nepotism and incompetence they have sown. Even if we beat this south Africa team the coach and the boys dont derserve to be at the world cup.

  • Bomboy 5 days ago

    Finidi is proving to us that he didn’t contribute anything meaningful to Paseiro’s success. He was there as excess baggage.

  • Respect is reciprocal 5 days ago

    Finito must be feeling the hit sest now . As a coach know permanent friends or foes. Invite only those that can lay down their lives.

  • pompei 5 days ago

    D BASH!!!

  • Dr. Drey 5 days ago


    • Benson 5 days ago

      You get hand to type goalllllll, yeye man

      • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

        Idiot….okopnu oshi. Your are Benson now again….LMAOOo…..You are no longer Jesse, or Bashiru, or Kanayo any longer….LMAOoo

        Shame cannot let the idiot use his real name to comment….LMAOOO

        Better go and tell you inlaw Finidi to give himself brain or get his filthy incompetent hands out of our national team.

        Ode omo lasan lasan

        • Kenneth 5 days ago

          Coward who can take the heat, will not join words with a narcissist. Just a waste of my time. We know how much you want to see the downfall of Finidi. So when the paseiro drew against Lesotho and Zimbabwe, the world didn’t fall. Now it is finidis neck that should bear the rubbish. Abi na finidi tell moffi not to score or chukwueze.

          • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

            Hahahahaha…..Okponu rairai….of course you can never have my time, because you are too daft for me to handle…..LMAOooo. You are a small fly that I will crush with the wave of a hand even if you use 1000 names…..LMAOoo.

            From kanneth to jesse to benson to Kanayo….who is the coward here….LMAOOOO.

            Ode, continue to be singing about peserio there o. Peserio is still the coach of the SE…..LMAOoo. He is still the one coaching them and making stupid selections upandan…..LMAOO

            You will tell us if Peserio was the one that was scoring when we won Silver at a 24 team AFCON.

            Okponu oshi

            Shameless liar

            Shebi you claim you know Finidi personally…..LMAOoo…better go and tell him to get his incompteent brains off our national team b4 we sink back into 70th position in the world……because it is sure that like his overrated 94 sqaud teammaates, we will never qualify for anything under his tutelage…….LMAOooo

      • Femi 5 days ago

        Like seriously, reading all the comment and fear no let me comment what I feel abt the game, like seriously everybody make it seems like SA are completely outplaying us, yes our first half wasn’t that good, but common the guy tried in the second half, calling terem moffi as if he will safe the team and we saw that miss, 3pts from
        3game and the top team is on 5pts. So what’s the big deal? Who said the team won’t improve? To me I rate the performance above average.

  • Sunnyb 5 days ago

    This guy actual started  iwobi, iheanicho, and  Dongo what a joke, the uncivilized animals must not allow to go free if Nigeria loses this match. The present administration must do something about  the tribalism , corruption, incompetence killing our soccer. Imaging iDongo and iheanacho starting in  a very crucial match .finidi you and ur backers will never have peace  if we loses this match 

  • tayo 5 days ago

    When you sacked a coach who almost won a competition of AFCON with a man from Eyimba all in the name of our own. When you let go of a man who always made qualification easier and begin to brag that you have the world class players that any coach can always succeed with them this is what you will get. Like I a lways we are the problem of our self until we remove nepotism, tribalism and hatred from our doing then we will be able to made headway. Sign are there that even if this team manage to qualify for this competition of which they can not if they fail to beat SA tonight they will disgrace us at the competition with this kind of coaching crew. How many time are way going to assemble all Nigerians coaches all in the name of it must be our own. We did with Eguavon 7 or 8 of them we failed last last

  • Mahmud Shuaib 5 days ago

    Mahmud Shuaib 2 hours ago

    Laughable to say the least. Doesn’t matter the outcome, this lineup is crap. Iheanacho, a bench warmer in second division starting as a Winger?? IWOBI who came to camp late benching ONYEKA and ONYEDIKA? Tanimu in Tanzania over AWAZIEM?

    • Mahmud Shuaib 5 days ago

      I wrote that when I saw the line up. Still wondering how an Onuachu who plays in lowly Turkey will bench Boniface or Moffi who play in top 5 Euro Leagues

      How on earth do you start IWOBI and BASHIRU when you have Onyeka? Infact going by what we saw at Afcon, Onyeka is a less mistake -prone player compared to IWOBI and Ndidi. I will always start Onyeka and Ndidi.

      Bcos IWOBI came late, a better coach will bench him.

      Why bench AWAZIEM for Tanimu? Why even Tanimu when iGBO ogbu is far better?

      What is a bench warming, second division Iheanacho doing in that team, especially as a right winger? A player who doesn’t track back on the wings?

      Why leave Onuachu for 80 mins when you have Boniface and Moffi on the bench?

  • Papafem 5 days ago

    I think we can all see what I’ve been talking about. Those clamoring for a local coach, how exactly are you feeling seeing the circus going on that field? What exactly are we expecting from a coach who lacks basic experience in international coaching? Just because you played for Ajax FC doesn’t mean you can coach Ajax. It’s painfully clear that Finidi doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing.

    You can judge a coach by the kind of players he selects for matches. And when these geniuses in Abuja filled the gaps created by injuries with home-based players, did anyone actually expect us to win? Players like Balogun, Ekong, and Aina (I heard he’s super fit) were sacrificed for Taminu and his pals. How exactly did we expect the match to go against a South African side that has been playing together for ages?

    Now, let’s talk about this lineup. It’s one of the worst I’ve seen from a Super Eagles’ coach in ages! The defense is woefully inexperienced; even Ajayi, who looks a bit seasoned, is match rusty.

    Pairing Iwobi with Dele Bashiru is a catastrophic decision. Why on earth would you experiment with the midfield combo in such a crucial match? Ndidi isn’t getting into any position at all to help the defense. Everything out there in the middle is just a topsy-turvy mess.

    Is Onuachu even in this match? A striker so isolated out there, he might as well be playing in a different planet! How is he supposed to score? He’s been a disaster for the Super Eagles from day one. Benching Boniface for him is highly questionable. Is this the new Super Eagles Finidi is promising us? Why is Awoniyi not in this squad? And Lookman, who’s supposed to help us create and score goals, has been selfish all day.

    I’ve said it from day one, Gusau is a big disaster. His decision-making and appointments across different levels of our football have been horrendous. Bringing in Finidi is a great testament to that. They know the guy lacks the qualities to manage the team, but being a soft and easily manipulated guy, they brought him in. Not only to get a cut from his contract but also to force every bad decision on him, including sidelining good and experienced foreign players for home-based players. This is a masterclass in how not to run football.

  • pompei 5 days ago

    E be like say this ref don smoke igbo.
    See clear penalty. Abi is it until they dismember Fisayo that he will blow?

  • Coachhhhhh finidi please substitute Onuachu

  • Edoman 5 days ago

    What do you expect from rookie coach. Home grown coach is nonsense. Where is Omo9ja that are always talking about Home grown coach who do not know his left hand from his right hand?

  • Footballfanatic 5 days ago

    Onuachu is the most useless striker in the history of Nigerian football

  • Respect is reciprocal 5 days ago

    Players like iwobi Onuachu Iheanacho Chukwu Taminu dont have business in this team even Ajayi

  • What did I tell you people about Chukwueze and South Africa?

  • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

    So Onuachu gets to play 80 mins in this match when we have Boniface and Moffi….??? LMAOOooo

    Kenneth come and carry your fellow werey inlaw of a coach o.

    • Papafem 5 days ago

      Let him tell us why Moffi and Boniface are on the bench while Onuachu and Iheanacho will probably see 80+ minutes of action. When did Onuachu become a starter in the SEs line up? Someone that hasn’t scored or played admirably for the team in over two years.v

    • Dr Drey I am surprised o. Finidi must be high on something. I am not surprised anyway. He did that in the Mali friendly.

  • pompei 5 days ago

    Otu Ukwu, I see your hand work!

  • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

    Ah…….Onyedika for Semi Ajayi…???

    Ladies and Gentlemen……Nigeria don buy market o…! LMAOooo

  • Footballfanatic 5 days ago

    Now y’all remember when Finidi said he doesn’t believ e in formations….The fool is standing on business lmaoo

    • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

      Hahahahaha……the team must just know when to attack and when to defend….LMAOoo

      A whole national team coach vomiting trash from the mouth like that

  • Poor selection killed this match for Nigeria, even Ajayi is match rusty. Heanacho and Onuachu are complete mess

  • Onwajunior 5 days ago

    Can’t believe SA is pulling an away draw from Nigeria

    • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

      We will be lucky if that draw doesn’t end up as a win.

      SA has had the better chances in this game by faaarrrrrrr…..!!!

  • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

    Where are those fools who said Rohr did not do us a favour by derailing Rwanda for us….?? LMAOOoo

    Imagine if Rwanda was still topping the table with 7 points now….???

    Ndi ara….!

    • Onwajunior 5 days ago

      It’s still like film trick in their eyes. Omo e don be for Nigeria sha…magical coach Osayi Lb, Taminu Rb, seniorman lwf, Onuachu top 9.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 days ago

    Aye mi temi bami!! We are using WorldCup to play. 

  • Respect is reciprocal 5 days ago

    Poor Super Eagles . It was a game between a very good south African Coach and Good individual players of suoer eagles. We should just forget the world cup. Finidi is not the right man for this job. Why did he wait till eternity to remove minus Onuachu. Well It’s the NFF that has a lot to lose. South Africa is a team that prefers not to lose to Nigeria and got beaten by other teams.

  • Hmm Findi Finidi Finidi How Many times did I call your name this game was there for the Taking please what did Victor Boniface do to you?. We should nvestigate Findi Village maybe there is beef with Boni Boni side.

    I will take the draw sha but we should reverse this get a good Foreign coach and revert Fnidi back to assistant if we are to qualify it is that simple

  • Golden Child 5 days ago

    How right thinking human being can play onuachu for 80 mins is shocking. Finidi is a air head, absolutely clueless.

    It is safe to say that the world Cup is gone.

  • Bomboy 5 days ago

    It will be very embarrassing for us if Benin beats us.

    And, the way Finidi is coaching this team makes the prospect of a loss to Benin a very strong one.

    What made NFF believe Finidi was the best choice

    • Golden Child 5 days ago

      They are all clueless, from top to bottom.

    • Onwajunior 5 days ago

      You’re eve talking about beat. I think they may actually clinch the WC ticket, knowing Rohr it’s not impossible

      • Greenturf 5 days ago

        Haha this one got me..I’m not bothered anymore everything dom scatter yeye dey smell hahaha.

  • 3 points out of a possible 9 points. Now, it’s out of our hands.

    • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

      Better go and buy Calculator now before it becomes expensive…..LMAOoo

  • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

    Where are those good for nothing riff-raffs who were saying “Nigeria just needs to win all our matches”….yen yen yen yen yen……LMAOOo

    Even during our golden generation, did we ever win ALL our matches during world cup qualification…..??

    “Nigeria just needs to win all our matches”….yen yen yen yen yen……LMAOOo

    Imagine if Rwanda had won Benin yesterday and then go ahead to win Lesotho on Tuesday. Thank God we just still have only 2 points to catch despite being bottom of our group

    Imagine……. Nigeria is BOTTOM of its WCQ group…..LMAOOo

    • ….. Add:

      After nearly 5 HOURS of qualifiers football. 5 freaking hours, 2 home matches out of 5. They are not going to the world cup.

    • Kenneth 5 days ago

      We are here, Nigeria Just need to WIN all its matches and worry less about other teams result . Isn’t it your white ass coaches that got us here. @ easy games we should have won easily, he turned the team to a defending team. The blame goes to Paseiro. And todays game boils down to selfish play of some players most especially your so called Lookman.

      • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

        Hahahahaha…..you are tired of changing names like you have been doing up and down since….??? LMAOooo

        it is the players that selected themselves abi…? It is the players that trained themselves……LMAOooo.

        Peserio is to blame for this useless display today…..not your fellow okponu of a coach…..LMAOooo

        Nigeria just needs to win all its matches….beacuse we have ever won all our matches in world cup qualification since 1945 when NFF was formed abi….LMAOoo

        Ode lasan lasan.

        • Kenneth 5 days ago

          I no be those ones wey dey fear to respond to your yeye comments. Abeg carry your hatred commot. Werey wey no wan see Benin for world cup

          • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

            Hahahahaha…..compound fool.

            The truth always sounds like hatred commments to a dumb idiot.

            Are you tired of changing names like a dog…?? LMAOooo

            Answer simple questions ode is vommitting blood already…LMAOoo

            Shebi it is the players that selected themselves abi…? It is the players that trained themselves…LMAOooo.

            Peserio is to blame for this useless display today….not your fellow okponu of a coach…..LMAOooo

            I’ll rather Benin qualifies for the World cup if this is the nonesense you Uncle Finidi is coming to do as SE coach…..LMAOoo

      • Footballfanatic 5 days ago

        Easy to win like that??? We already bungled 2 home games lol

        • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

          Ma ma da okopnu ara e loun.

          O k’eyin soke, o n kpariwo Nigeria just needs to win all its matches….yen yen yen yen yen…..LMAOoo

          Even our much worshipped 94 squad (our greatest squad of all times) never won all its World cup qualifying matches…..LMAOoo

        • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

          Abeg even Brazil dey win all their World cup qualifying matches….?? LMAOooo

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 5 days ago

    Little by little a team wil be formed.at least the South Africa got a bit of scar ..
    The group is wide open.. but eagles need to gel . Fast passing to opponent weakens d defense.

    • Onwajunior 5 days ago

      Gel??? We have a team that almost won the nations cup. What gelling do they need again?

      • Selfmade KING 5 days ago

        Qualification is different from tournaments

        Qualifications are tougher! 

    • Papafem 5 days ago

      This is self consolation. Why do we have to start from point zero again? This is a team that got to the final of the AFCON just a few months ago. It isn’t a totally new team. And the coach has been part of the set up for 2 years. They appointed him because they thought he doesn’t need to start from afresh again, like some other new folks would have done coming in to manage the team. This guy isn’t a good coach, trust me.

  • osaretin 5 days ago

    Upon all the trouble we endure in this country. they have now added nonsense to it. please pay this finito guy after Benin match and ask him to go and even if it is Super falcon coach as long as he is white. it is better than any Naija coach

  • Gregory 5 days ago

    What yeye favor did benin do for us, abi dem no wan go world cup too. Please stop screaming here like someone dashed you data. Na every team for himself going forward.

  • Gregory 5 days ago

    All those yelling bring this bring that, even almighty lookman was selfish and looked ordinary. Abeg leave the coach alone, is he the one that will convert all the chances we had. Abeg tell your heavy body players to go lose weight. Today i just watched an under 23 team play. Not fantastic about some of this players

  • I have died if we south Africa gets a draw here then they deserve to qualify ahead of us

    They showed grits. Though eagles stepped up in the second half not because of the coach but because of the players.

    Truly we don’t deserve to be at the world cup. Truly.

    And Oshimen who played the last match for Napoli withdrawing from this match does not deserve to play at the world cup. He has not played the three matches during the qualifiers.

    Finidi is clueless. I have my doubt about him.

    I will always remember his foolishness in he friendly against Mail. That was a sign.

    Pushing tanimu Into the team is a sin. We don’t have anything to know whether he is fit or good or on good form. Who watches the Tanzanian team.

    Even if he had brought a Gabriel Osho or an ogbu or even a tourinaya and they perform woefully we will still understand. But not a Tanzanian based player.

    It’s a shame that these home based coaches are not trustworthy and they are shameless.

    • Seldmade KING 5 days ago

      Is not all over! Chill bro 

      Draw is better than a lose 

      Is a long qualification 

    • Papafem 5 days ago

      Bro, there’s no way South Africa should qualify ahead of Nigeria, given the caliber of players we have. Forget this pseudo-Brazilian nonsense they play; it won’t take them anywhere in the World Cup when they face better teams. Didn’t you see their female team at the last WAFCON? With all their gra gra, their “free-flowing football, what exactly did they achieve at the WC in NZ/AUS? The World Cup is a different ball game, Bro. It’s not just about grit and passion fuelled by rivalry we saw SA display today; it’s about the quality and experience of the players in global football. Sundowns, Javier Chiefs or Orlando Pirates players won’t take SA anywhere at the WC, trust me.

      South Africa isn’t even my main concern at the moment. My headache is the NFF under this fraud called Gusau with their terrible decisions. Why would you bring in an inexperienced coach in the middle of key qualifiers? That question still blows my mind. The nonsense you saw on the field today is exactly how the coach wanted us to play. It’s got nothing to do with the players. Under a different coach, one who knows what he’s doing, this team would look a lot different and far more purposeful. For instance, compare the organization of this team now to the organization under Peseiro. A team is only as good as its coach. But our NFF is looking for a “folk” hero as a coach and expecting world-class results.

      It’s like trying to cook a gourmet meal with a roadside food vendor. The ingredients might be top-notch, but if the chef doesn’t know how to use them, you’re going to end up with a mess. Finidi George may have been a great player, but that doesn’t automatically make him a great coach. The NFF needs to stop making sentimental appointments and start looking for real, experienced talent to lead our national team.

      • Greenturf 5 days ago

        Blame the sports ministry not the NFF.
        Nff wanted a foreign coach but the sports ministry was against a foreign coach.
        Same scenario of last failed world Cup qualification.

  • Concerned Nigerian 5 days ago

    Paul Onuachu hasn’t really proven his mettle enough to lead Super Eagles attacking line.

    Late substitution largely contributed to this unpalatable outcome.

    As it stands, the Eagles would need to win all the remaining games in the world cup qualifying series to stand a chance of making it to the mondial.

    Its quite a dicey situation for Nigeria.

  • Olos 5 days ago

    Finidi messed up the match with nacho and onachu. The only positive for me is bashiru, the injury really affected the team I was already seeing him score another goal. Osimen injury also a big minus

  • Dr Bank 5 days ago

    Guys I don’t know what make you all hopeful for this match, I said it earlier after seeing the starting line up that Finidi is not even fit enough to be assistant coach in this Super Eagles team, win or lose he has shown how bereft of ideas he really is.

    How can a right thinking coach invite a team without a single natural left back? What did Aina do to him?

    No formidable back up in the central defence, no back up for right back. Calling up inexperienced local players in a competitive match where you need an outright win? Played Onuachu and Iheanacho for 80minutes?

    Finidi is simply gambling with Super Eagles here, it’s a shame to see this is all that NFF can offer us fans. 

    Now you guys will appreciate Rohr who always get the job of qualification done with so much ease, qualifying with 2 games to spare no be moin moin o.

    @Omo9ja beg come and defend your old of a coach here oooo

    • Kanayo 5 days ago

      Aina was injured, lets get that straight. And what was Paul’s fault in the first half, who was feeding him, you want him running up and down like victor, don’t know which game you watching. The ones to blame are the selfish ones like Lookman and bright. In short all the players looked heavy, none was able to chase after balls.

  • pompei 5 days ago

    Why was Boni not used in this game? Is he injured?
    Why invite Awaziem when you have zero confidence in him? Sotey, Ajayi got injured, and you drafted a midfielder to replace him at center back?
    Why were the substitutions so late?
    Onuachu should do himself a favour and retire from international football. This Nigeria team will never give him the crosses he needs to thrive. We had Onuachu in there for 80 mins, only 2 good crosses came in. One, he narrowly missed in the first half. If he had connected, it was more or less open net. The other, also in the first half, he headed towards goal, which the outstanding Williams saved.
    We obviously need to look at more strikers, strikers that can hustle and come up with something out of nothing, on their own.
    Onuachu, Moffi, Awoniyi, Sadiq are all good strikers. But they are never going to thrive the way we currently play. Unless we change the way we play.
    I strongly suggest we go for Elijah Adebayo. Dominic Solanke is another good option. And Lookman should be allowed to play thru the middle. This is his preference. With Lookman, you can expect that he will at least make the goalie work.
    I can’t fathom why Boni was not used today. If he is not sick, fatigued, or injured, he should have had some minutes, at least. And when are we going to give Gift Orban a run out? We need strikers, REAL STRIKERS.

    • Kenneth 5 days ago

      Pompei, no sub was late. He made the first 2 subs in the 60 min, Onuachu came to live in the 2nd half. I want to believe its either Boniface was injured. Please lets stop calling outplayers that are not strong for the national team. Iwobi, lookman osayi etc were all garbage today. SA just wanted to play us offsides

      • Footballfanatic 5 days ago

        Osayi was garbage? Playing at left back? Smh u must be an NFF backroom staff

        • Philip 5 days ago

          Even at right back, what’s different from his headless display today, the same selfish play. Did you see when all he had to do was lay a pass in the box and wanted to dribble 3 SA players at once. Please don’t come up with that excuse that he was playing LB. His game was poor today

        • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

          He claims he knows Finidi personally…..that is why he has been going around with differed IDs biting anybody that passes a valid vote of no confidence on Finidi like a local homeless street dog…..LMAOoo.

          From the daft behaviour Finidi has been displaying since being named as SE coach, you can easily tell that him and Finidi share the same blood…..LMAOooo.

          Finidi displaying his own daftness in SE camp, the idiot displays his own here on CSN

          • Kenneth 5 days ago

            Wetin come happen if i sabi finidi. Why he dey give you sleepless night, at least your PE teacher don manage to win one game, so go focus on them and leave finito alone. Bustard narcissist. Abeg go wipe your yansh your comments don dey begin to smell

          • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

            Hahahaha…..e dey give me sleepness nights because it will be a disaster to have 2 of your type from 1 country…..LMAOoo

            Isnt it evident now that we are headed for disaster with your imbecile family memebr as coach of SE…..LMAOoo??

            Imagine, ordinary PE coached a much younger, less experience SE and top all his WCQ tables from matchday 1 to matchday last….LMAOoo. Ordinary PE teacher o.

            PE teacher still go lowly Benin rep with 2nd and 3rd division players and he still dey top your imbecile fake coach uncle for WCQ group….LMAOOo

            Didinrin oshi

            Continue biting everybody on behalf of your family ehn…..LMAOOo

  • tayo 5 days ago

    When we got those two oyinbos they said they are average then they got us our own in-between disaster part 1 now part 2 is about to unfold. Upon all the talk that this people are being own salaries going to months some people are still shouting give us our own and give them the kind of support given to those oyinbos and they will perform wonders now we have the kind of coaching set up we have never had with our own.How many assistant? They even employ match analyst wonderful lol. Did I heard some people saying qualifying with games to spare is not a big deal? The era of using calculator has started watch out,…

  • osaretin 5 days ago

    you see in my humble opinion, the coach of the national team is the important structure in building a good team. we have been hampered by selection process in hiring one and in our foolish belief in the Nigeria home grown talent ability we think we can spin it off. the last time Nigeria probably had a good coach was onigbide. his tactics might be outdated but he had self confidence in himself. somehow it is the self confidence that made keshi win the nations cup too. Finito was not succesful at eyinmba and come to think of it is there any Nigerian coach up sto the standard of Psito Mosomane (but himself in my opinion is not a coach to handle super eagles). so why are we suprised on this shambolic performance. it is what you put in apot you will get out of it

  • I agree with you @seun.Ajayi has not played for West brom for some time, Ditto for Iheanacho, Onuachu game is so predictable .How the first two made the starting eleven with Onuachu benching Boniface is matter for discussion from 6pm on Monday.CB is not Ndidi best position.Nobody shielding the defence that is why South Africa have an easy go at us.We played long ineffective ball from the back whilst south Africa played from the back.We must step up Tosin chase( doubt he will come now that he is at Chelsea.He will fancy his chances with England now that Maguire is been eased out gradually) This is for the long term.Ekong should be on the plane to Abidjan to provide that needed leadership in defence.I don’t see the south Africans beating us in the return leg as well

  • Well you all could have a field day with your negativity. There are many of you here who are poor in your individual lives. Ppl like that one that calls himself dr drey, always negative as if living is a disaster for him. Chill out. The team played well and if you think otherwise it’s your problem. The only minus I see here is using onuachu but there is no guarantee using boniface will be different. We all saw it play out at the nations cup, how many goals did osimehn score! It was an interesting game and all the players did their best, if u think otherwise it’s still your problem

    • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

      You that is rich in your individual life, where are you on the forbes list…LMAOooo?? How many companies have you owned…? How many do you have stakes in….? How many Patents or Products do you have to your name….?

      Ode lasan lasan

      This was a terrible game. SA played better, created more chances and missed more goals. Anyone who cannot see that is simply daft deceitful sycophant.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 days ago

    I just redownloaded my calculator apps after not even thinking about them since 2017. Let’s hope Rwanda beat SA and hope Lesotho beat them too. Then we can get a result in Benin and hope to beat Lesotho and Zimbabwe. Insha Alah we will beat Benin at home and hopefully Benin beat SA. Ah God Abeg O!! 

    • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

      Hahahahaha. South Africa still has another 6 home games to play out of their remaining 7 games in this qualifiers o (4 home games against Nigeria, Rwanda, Lesotho and Zimbabwe and 2 “away” games against Lesotho and Zimbabwe in South Africa)……LMAOoo!

      I hope everyone is listening….LMAOooo

      So yall should better buy calculator that can even calculate when rapture will take place

      • Selfmade KING 5 days ago

        South  Africa  ll buy Zimbabwe match! Watch and see 

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 5 days ago

    Overall prognosis:
    Thank you o Finidi – your eye don clear now abi? You had ONE chance to do your bit and help the nation a little bit but you fall every man hand – congratulations, oya clap for your bald head self – yeye man! SMH!

    I said it even before the match started – when I saw the interview on YouTube and he was leading with Iheanacho, I knew that the guy had his loyalties misplaced but when I said something, some enemy of progress here started telling me that I was not making any sense – lol, yeye people dem!

    And like I predicted, he started the game with short -3!

    Using Iheanacho as our main man supported by Onuachu wey no sabi run or head ball at 6″7 chaii! SMH!

    Anyway, there is still a very slim mathematical chance of qualification because the group leader is still only on 5 points but we must WIN every game from now on and then fast and pray that results elsewhere goes our way, but as for Finidi, If you leave that guy in the job, then forget the WC and he will fall all Nigeria’s hands pata pata!

    Finidi has no footballing IQ, he is easy work for old soldiers like Broos and Rohr mark my words, If he sets the team up like this again against chairman Rohr ehn, na woto woto dem go chop for Benin hands- mark my words!

    Good night all!

  • Wait oh.
    Who watch this match1? The second half was superb. It was just unfortunate Finidi started with Onuachu and misplacement of some players. Iheanacho, Ajayi,and Awaziem need to be excused. I believe these boys. Taninumi was a big plus. Will need die hard players. Sanusi was good. Lookman, was good also, Onyedika played well. Ndidi was not too fantastic but Iwobi played well with no African mentality, Bassey was okay. Chukwueze was on point. Bright was played out of position but tried.
    With little addition of Osihmen, troost, orban, Aina and any NFPL player, the spot is ours. No team can beat this Eagles. Mark my words.

  • Carl 5 days ago

    ‘As long as he is white’. How does that sound to you. Is that not demeaning of your folks. You dont need to sound as if you worship whites. Do you mean blacks cant be good coaches or what.

    • Onwajunior 5 days ago

      Baba..na statistics, they alway done better qualifying us. Whites no dey look face, dem no sabi anybodi, dem no get tribes for naija or family member to settle. That’s why we prefer foreigners. Some things are basic, like playing people at their normal positions – LB at LB, RB at RB etc., not Iheanacho as winger (in which world?) or Bright as LB. When Rohr qualified us, there was no tactical wizardry…he simply invited the best players and played them at their normal positions. Now even invitation, we are guessing for something that is black and white. That’s the reason we prefer whites for now. Blacks can be coach, but the 94 set that have been worrying our football should at least coach our CHAN to medal placement or even take a clubside to semis of any CAF competition.

      • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

        It took an injury to Osimhen for this fake coach to realize his 23 man sqaud does not have an out an out left back….LMAOOo

        Lord Jeez…..How did we get here…?!

        • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

          He could not see from the onset we are going to be deficient at CB and ignored, Ekong, Balogun, John Pius and Igho Ogbu for Tanimu.

          Even if you will invite an Africa-based player, does it have to be someone who plays for one nameless team in the Tanzanian league when we have Olisah Ndah who plays in a far better league and club and even had a far more accomplished season…..??

          Finidi does not just lack common sense, he also lacks foresight.

          I can now understand his own type of gentleness. It is not the type that is as a result of an overflow of wisdom.

  • Kenneth 5 days ago

    @Dr Dry oloooshi weerey, why you dey beg CSN to remove responding back to you directly, i get your size tonight. I don’t know what truth you and your ass-lickers are spilling out. When paseiro dey play draw with minnows, no be una say because dem remove Rorh, abeg free finidi, it’s his first game and and he is learning like every other coach around the world. Carry your hatred go clean your filthy yansh.

    • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

      Hahahahaha…shameless multiple ID fool. Pls dont stop using your multiple IDs na, I enjoy wipping multiple people like an idiot, knowing that it is the same fool called Kenneth/Ade/Jesse/Jackson/ etc that I am wipping on the floor like the rag that he is….LMAOOo

      Your Okopnu brother is learning on the job…..LMAOoo

      Pls carry cardboard and draw big L on it and give him to be wearing up and down so that we can know we just employed an incompetent imbecile like you to coach our national team.

      Stupidity apparently runs in run in your family…..LMAOooo. Otherwise who else will start Onuachu and give him 80 mins ahead of Boniface and Moffi if not a stupid coach

  • Four four two 5 days ago

    iy8uy oyi8 yqoiuqiu iuv0qs8iy1qjhgsq1 iysw81`u8ouws 1uw ujiy 9q08`n nhbshqjhsw9
    uytiqiysw oiiyduov9dh091 oedce81t1gwhvo90v iou7e9ucerb i97we92jhgu82, ti9y8 p-g
    u yqy po9-0v 9q p099geti7t7 mo8gr8y0867 iu7ry8ytiuyr9867rhio3r oi9v7rtqgtgtuh09823tyri2ug smh

    • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

      ce81t1gwh 8gr8y08 oyi8 yqoi oi9v7rtqgtgtu tgtuh09823tyr….LMAOoo. yqy po9-0v i8 yqoi gtuh09823tyri2ug y8ytiuyr 0qs8iy 1 chance. LMAOOo

    • If you throw a piece of bone at a dog you are sure to get the reaction. I am sure you are not less than 40 yrs of age. How you think throwing insults around at everyone baffles me. You must be really toxic to family and those around you. My life does not revolve around super eagles and it’s just a sport to me @ dr drey. How can you be so shameless at your age? Don’t you get it? It’s just a sport and no one cares about you or your opinion. No one knows you!

      • Four four two 5 days ago

        AK abi na Akpuka brain or na wotin dem dey kal you please
        okay na, but you here written thesis in reply abi? MUMU
        89hi hdiu o7wy7v9f o78e9kjd iov9yi8e 9 idikef b8nhbwjh i e897r8ienbfv97 ei897fuefgiuv7diyoiyuef 98e osoi8ty vnb v87 kiu 9edaikuyskujhvn vdeuyfehfbvu vyfe okso8y rf o9sho8 yrn fo 9879fgn b srfoi97y 0swikohg ois8 yr0td ngfyu

      • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

        Hahahahaa….coming from a hypocrite whose very 1st comment on this thread was riddled with insults…..LMAOO

        Remove the timber in your eyes before acting all sanctimonious….!!!

        You are indeed right, If you throw a piece of bone at a dog, especially a homeless waste dump scavenging one, you are sure to get the reaction…..we have seen your reaction and it is loud to the ears and clear to the eyes.

        Sorry, how old are you…? 12…? Because I can see that your thinking faculty is that gravely unformed.

  • Let us look at it this way:

    1..Finidi has shown he is clueless right from the beginning.

    2. I always use the match against Mali as a reference point of how clueless he is. It shows he is not an intelligent coach. How can you leave players on the bench in a friendly in a match you need to score goals. Against Mail leaving ademola, sodiq and Tella on the bench was awful. And no explanation has been given till date. Even if they don’t score at least do your own. It shows he is confused.

    2. For these two matches in the world cup qualifiers. His invitation was questionable.

    3. Semi Ajayi only played some minutes in the last 5 matches of his club. Yet you invited him to come and do what.

    4. Semi is not getting younger. 343 formation covered him at afcon. The same with ekong too.And also Bassey too. The reason they all excelled in a 3 man defence.

    5. I have noticed this and have always talked about three man defence to cover the weaknesses of this team.

    6. I made some noises about the central defence when I saw this list. Semi was not fit but a Gabriel Osho who played more minutes was not invited. Is finidi blind to leave out Igor ogbu. Even tourinaya clicked more playing time in Belgium.

    7. But finidi showed his lack of understanding about this team and the players. We should not deceive ourselves. Prior to afcon bassey has not really done well for us in a two man defence. Check the records. Even ekong had lost pace. We also had an akpoguna who was also struggling too. So the best bet was the three man defence that made all of them excelled st afcon with ekong becoming the MVP.

    A wise coach should have observed that and stick to that. Bassey messed up and Ajayi asked to be substituted. Tanimu who we don’t know his form because our Finidi thinks he is better than the one who plays in the EPL.

    Finidi surely needs help.

    How can he justify inviting only six Central defenders for two important matches and one is not fit, another played in one useless Tanzania and one like awaziem is serial calamity.

    Findi is definitely clueless.

    Pesero observed we were conceding cheap goals and not scoring many goals, he chose a pattern that will make us concede less goals even if we don’t score more goals.

    I will never fault him for using 343 at afcon. That was smart. If he had used 433 or 424 he was using before afcon, we would have lost out in the group. Look at the goal we conceded in the first match at afcon. The man changed the pattern in the second match.

    A smart coach will set a pattern that suits the players at his disposal.

    One thing that Rohr did for us (though I am not s fan of his) is that he showed us how 352 can suit us with the friendly against Argentina which we won. That was even when ekong and balogiun were younger.

    So we should look for defenders that are fit and younger if we want to continue to play 433. We will stop conceding stupid goals like the one we conceded against South Africa today. The boy made a messs of ajayi and bassey to score. Very embarrassing.

    Finidi will destroy this team. Errors are too much. And it’s even too early in the day.

    He said it is not his duty to convince players to play for the team. What a statement from a clueless person.

    He almost caused a captaincy problem with his interview

    He has sent Tella away from this team with his foolish decisions in the friendly against Mali. That boy opted for personal reasons but we know.

    Imposing one Tanzanian player on us and even playing him off position

    Not calling a left back in the first place. We thought he was going to use Bassey but wait for it,

    He pushed Osayi there!!!

    Made so much unnecessary noise about home based but can’t trust then to play. Sodiq should have played instead of Tanimu at right back if he was sure home based players are good.

    Benching Boniface for onuachu. What a decision!!!

    Using dele Bashirru with iwobi for the first time in the middle. When onyedika, Yusuf are on the bench.

    You will see him stick to his follies in the match against Benin.

    I wonder who is giving him the foolish confidence he is demonstrating.

    It’s so sad that a coach can be this clueless.

    I support Pompeii call for really strikers like Oshimen. Strikers who have succeeded with eagles have been fighters. Not the likes of onuachu, sodiq or even awoniyi (though he is better)

    Check out siasia, yekini, Amokachi, aiyegneni, aghahowa, ighalo. Ighalo was playing soft with eagles initially but he changed. Check his goal against Cameron in a world cup qualifier in Nigeria under Rohr..

    You see I don’t know what these coaches think. We have our uniqueness, play to uniqueness. If Oshimen is not scoring you will see the work rate. Check out his assist for ademola at afcon against Cameron. And the penalty against he gave us against South Africa.

    That’s the model Nigerian striker.

    The reason why I want to see Boniface in that position to see if he can be that. If not we play him behind the main striker.

    Somebody suggested ademola playing as a main striker, he will struggle. Use him the way pesero and gasperini used him. Don’t push him too far to the wings. The only two players that should bench themselves in the super eagles playing behind Oshimen are Boniface and ademola. Their best position is behind the main striker.

  • Dr Drey. I noticed you are always extra active when we don’t play very well (laugh). Where is Deo. Where is Glory. Where is omo9ja.

    • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

      I’ve noticed too that you eat whenever you are hungry.

      You have been typing more lengthy epistles since yesterday….do you type this much when we win….??

      • Hahahaha Dr. Drey. You almost caught me there. But I usually type that much anytime I want to comment.

        Super Eagles is our brand and ni matter what we hope for the best for them. I only just think some other teams are putting in more effort than us at admin, coach and player levels. The reason why said they don’t deserve to qualify.

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