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Nwakali Joins SD Huesca On Three-Year Contract From Arsenal

Nwakali Joins SD Huesca On Three-Year Contract From Arsenal

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Arsenal have announced that Nigeria midfielder Kelechi Nwakali has joined Spanish Segunda B side, SD Huesca on a three-year contract, reports Completesports.com

“Kelechi Nwakali has joined Spanish Segunda Division side, SD Huesca in a permanent deal,”reads a statement on Arsenal’s official website.

“We would like to wish Kelechi all the best for the future.

“The deal is subject to the completion of regulatory processes.

Nwakali linked up with the Gunners in 2016 after captaining Nigeria to win the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup where he won the Golden Ball as the tournament’s best player.

SD Huesca also announced the signing of Nwakali on their Twitter plaform and website on Monday.

“TRANSFER | The young Nigerian
midfielder Kelechi Nwakali signs for
three seasons with the @SDHuesca,
coming from @ArsenalEspanol.
You are welcome, @Kelechi
nwakali!,” the spanish club tweeted.

He spent the first half of the 2017/18 season on loan at VVV Venlo in the Ditch Eredivisie, before joining MW Maastricht. During these two loan spells, he made 30 appearances.

Last season, he spent time on loan with FC Porto in the Portuguese Primeira Liga.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • According to the announcement of Nwakali on their website,SD Huesca described the youngster as ‘a versatile and promising footballer (known) for his outstanding performances at such an early age,(who) has a great physical power that allows him to reach the area on many occasions, in addition to a very good shot from medium distance.’

    What an introduction!

    The memory of Nwakali’s long range blast that tore into the net against Atletico Madrid in last year’s friendly in Uyo remains as fresh as wet paint.

    At a time when we are yearning for a top quality attacking midfielder, will Nwakali be the answer?

    The youth International has a lot to prove after largely forgettable loan spells over 3 years since signing for Arsenal who clearly feel he didn’t show enough to be considered anywhere near first team football in North London.

    Now he has signed for SD Huesca who is reported will instantly send him on load to play 3rd division football in order to gain full fitness and hopefully return in January to help them regain promotion back to the La Liga.

    The question for me now is that would they persevere with Nwakali as an attacking midfielder or will the try to accommodate him into the team by converting him into a centre or defensive midfielder (as has happened to several Nigerian players).

    Whatever the case, I hope Nwakali joins the growing list of Nigerian players who we read about their exploits every weekend, sooner rather than later.

  • Go unto big things my brother. I dare say, if Cabellos can make that squad you can. And that’s not me being patriotic,it is the true reflection of who you are.Well,clubs have a right to their own opinions.
    So please keep moving on until you find a proper nest to rest your head. If it’s got to be Spain, so be it. Hopefully it would hasten your ascendancy to where you truly belong.

    Wish you well Kelechi and that you join,repeating that line,”the growing list of Nigerian players who we read about their exploits every weekend,sooner rather than later.”
    Stay strong man.

  • Olusegun. B 2 years ago

    When Nnwakali emerges from the u – 17, I was like yeah now we can watch as he makes it into the senior national team. But a lot has happy, from going on loans to being overlooked by Rohr, I really don’t get it. Is it that he’s not done enough or what . I believe the nations team and the NFF are not doing enough to encourage him into the team . I also hope where he’s going to do not change his position from attacking midfielders to central midfielders. Because at this moment we need at the moment we news at least 2 -3 guys who can play the numner10 position. Apart from Joe Aribo who’s been called to the team , nnwakali and Bashiru are also to be looked into. . I hope they don’t take too long over this ….

    • presh 2 years ago

      please leave Rohr out of it, who are his agents? what did they do for him since his inception from the under 17? is Kelechi not in Leceister? And if Agent did their job well, maybe its not his luck yet to be flying high, for him to also humble himself, did we forget Rabui Ibrahim who was suppose to be the next Jay Jay, did he fly high despite how good he was, some clubs don’t just want you don’t mean you have to lambast the national team coach. Time will sort him out.

      • And time is sorting out Rabiu. His club just beat Esiti’s team to qualify for the Europa league. He starts for his team and is doing really well.A lot of people didn’t get excited about this,as if he is an outcast.He’s 28,peak years it is called. We should support our boys more.

        Now back to matter,many times,it’s not the player’s or agent’s fault,it’s not easy over there. A club doesn’t want you,it doesn’t.

        That’s why I like Brazil model,great football admin,so their players don’t rush to Europe like ours. Thus they pick from home and abroad for their teams.It limits heart breaks happening to Brazilian players.
        Even their players abroad who,of no fault of theirs,are having hard times in clubs(like our Kelechi or Chidi-ebere), they still give them invites to their national teams because of their quality. Brazil is such a good example to follow.

        We don’t have that for now,so even if WE GET THE BEST MANAGEMENT AGENCIES IN THE WORLD,for our players,my brother truth is Europe is brimming with too many players,then ofcourse racism is still there and many other factors.
        I blame neither Kelechi nor his managers. Rabiu is dazzling now and would be playing in d 1st eleven,against the Arsenals and Sevilla’s in the Europa league, Kelechi can also find a place to show his quality soon enough.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    I must say I am completely disappointed at the fellows who are managing the careers of the Nwakali brother. They say only a fool does same things same way and expects a different result. An enterprising Chidiebere was wasted in man city even when it was glaring he would never get a work permit. Several loan moves and the boy is nowhere to be found now. This same foolish people dragged the younger brother down the same path. Signing for arsenal when there was no hope of securing a work permit and several loan moves down the line and kelechi the MVP of 2015 u17 WC is now in the 2nd division in Spain (and may probably be loaned to the 3rd division) while osimhen,chukwueze, Kingsley Micheal have all showcased themselves in top divisions already.
    I could remember when Chidiebere was at man city a few seasons ago, on this same platform I advised he quit that club and move to Belgium or Holland. One uncought kid rained all sorts of curses on me and even prayed for me to choke to death on my next meal (lmao) claiming Chidiebere should stay put at city and FIGHT for his place….i simply replied time will tell. I hope Chidiebere has won himself a heavyweight belt by now.
    Kelechi on the other hand never reported back to Porto after that u23 qualifier against Libya…he claimed his permit had expired..only to report at arsenal for preseason. He thinks he is Cristiano Messi abi. No wonder arsenal decided to fling him off for free despite still having years left on his contract.
    If you knew your visa was expiring soon, why did you travel, why not stay back and excuse yourself from the national team and renew it.

    Some of these kids sef…I don tire for dia matter. If these 2 brothers don’t get to make it to the top, their senior brother who manages them should be held responsible.

    • mr Hush 2 years ago

      @Dr Drey

      I share your opinion regarding the management of the Nwakali’s, I really don’t know the indepth of their management team,but I know for sure they aren’t really good at their jobs.
      That said,if they are really managed by their brother,then one can start to draw reasons why they are in this ‘go around’ they find themselves at.
      For one,closing family members to manage you shows that you care more about money,uplifting your family members rather than your career. Don’t get me wrong,it is always good to be money conscious and very responsible to take care of your family, but must they manage you?! What if they have no idea about the venture they are supposed to manage? There are other ways to uplift your family members rather than putting them in a business of managing you,when they aren’t good at it; thereby bringing you down in the process. Business is business and unless the supposed Nwakali’s brother that supposedly manages them knows his onions in football management,i think he has no business managing these boys.

      Further more,it should be noted that most clubs don’t like doing business with family run management system,they find them really problematic, psg has a problem with Neymar(manage by his dad), same PSG had a problem with Rabiot(manage by his mum) and just recently inter had a problem with Icardi(manage by his wife).
      It is no brainer,that they won’t enjoy working with the Nwakalis, especially being an African!
      The reason Chukwueze,Onyekuru,S.kalu,Osimhen and even Awoniyi are getting good deals,they got good management.from the US or European.
      Even Mikel in his youth was well managed by Shittu,who has a British passport and British partners.

      The talent of the Nwakali brothers should have taken them higher than were they are right now.for crying out loud a division two side,loaning you out to third division team! Kelechi! That’s outrageous. You deserve better.

      But well,the die is cast, I hope he does his best this season, I know he is quality and he would Do such,barring injury.and maybe when Nigeria qualifies for the Olympics, he would be seen and get his chance at a better place than now or maybe Huesca does well and make it to la liga or better yet,he changes his management.

      • Since 2015, Kelechi signed to be managed by one of the biggest football agency in the world- Stellar Group.
        A company that then managed Graeth Bale, Jonjo Shelvey,Luke Shaw, Joe Hart,Ashley Cole,etc.

        • mr Hush 2 years ago

          Off course
          You could be signed under the same management but with a different contract.
           I am certain kelechi’s is totally different from the Bales, Cole et al.

          And remember,they are all from different background in terms of place,and football.

          • At least now you know Kelechi’s managers.

          • Okay my check reveals that this brother partners with Stellar group. Not bad.

  • It’s not [email protected] Dr Drey that there was NO chance for work permit for both of them. There was and Elder bro knew it. There is a sure provision in the law to grant workpermit to very promising young talents.You take your case to the FA with evidence that the player has everything to be a future big hit.That’s why if Vinicius junior or even Neymar jnr(at his young age) joined an English club,even without any national team call up,their club performances at their young age is enough substance to get a work permit.
    Our Nwakali’s had something that is weightier than impressive club performances,they had outstanding age-grade World cup performances- even individual FIFA awards.
    Surely we can forgive their elder brother for being positive.

    Yes,I agree that the English FA is tough,even in academics I’ll prefer an American author to a British on thesame subject.
    I see your worry then, @ Drey–”since you know that the English man is a hard nut to crack why try? Take these boys to more friendly climes and by now they would have been making headlines.” Fair enough.

    But life is not always like that,someone must venture.He may not succeed but doesn’t mean it’s a failure. Many of our players enjoying life in various clubs don’t even know that a certain Nigerian or African that played for that club donkey years ago was one key reason the club favorably considered them.
    Yeah,it didn’t work for Kelechi,but make no mistake,he has left an impression, some people within Arsenal know his quality,but are not in the position to take the final decision. 10yrs later a 19yr old Nigerian could be signed by Arsenal or ManCity and given a first eleven slot just because Kelechi and Chidi tried today. This is not being philosophical, this is life and it’s realities.

    We want our players in the big teams,in the biggest leagues,someone must try directly,while others try indirectly. Their Elder bro chose the direct route, that’s life. I know if Elder bro had offers from Barca or Real then,he would have tried.Well,he sees it hasn’t worked just yet,so he moves Kelechi on. Yeah,it’s painful, it looks like unnecessary time wasted,but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think it is. He has sown a seed.

    I recall when Ndidi was being courted by Leceister city many feared for him. They said,”o boy,dey were u dey o,dey enjoy ur futball,England fit purge u o.You even fit replace a whole Kante(best player of d season)?”. And well not a totally bad advice, England could be horrible-I don’t refer to their football(which we knew Ndidi could cope with) but their mindset. Well Ndidi took the risk and here we have him today. Someone must venture. At times it works,other times it doesn’t seem to yield immediate dividends,which is what people refer to as failure.

    I think I like the boldness to try out big teams,for those who dare. It may work like Ndidi,it may seem not to work like Onyekuru,Kelechi,Chidi-Ebere,but in the grand scheme of things it’s no failure. Teams like Brazil often invite one or two players in situations like Chidi-Ebere’s to their national team camps because,they know that these players haven’t lost their quality but just going through clubs travails that aren’t their making. This encourages such players and also helps fir visibility-playing in your national team can attract clubs. So it is a win-win situation for their national team and the player.
    I think what many of our players need is encouragement. Many of them are more serious with their craft than many of us know.

    • mr Hush 2 years ago

      @ Oge

      Well said,and I share your understanding that in life,no risk no reward. You have to venture,to get something.you need to always try,especially when you have the quality.

      But you should also know that life is broad; life is the big picture and there are many aspect to it.
      Business is one of them.
      It is OK to dream,but dreams are totally a different world. To achieve a dream,there have to be concrete plans,or you are doomed to fail.
      And that’s where the Elder Nwakali missed it.
      He had a bold dream for his brothers,to take them to the best,arsenal and man city came knocking.here is the opportunity.yes,it is OK to be bold.I would take that chance; but in business,there is what you call terms of contract.the offeror and the offeree have to furnish enough consideration for such deal to be concrete and accepted. The big clubs here have nothing to lose but all to gain; you don’t have to show desperation,cause you know what you are selling,the, Nwakalis are quality; read the term,was the offer good enough to accept? What is the long term goals for the boys? Everything should be about the boys and the boys alone.not the club,no matter how big they are!

      It is always good to be patience sometimes,after all,it is a virtue.

      It is good to make big moves but only when it is favorable for you at the long run.
      Life moves in process and it works when it works;

      The reason Ndidi made that move is because he is already established in a favorable club in a respectable league( Belgium is respected),besides Ndidi had a good agent, with a good offer,we all knew he was going to replace Kante.He was bought for that purpose and that purpose only.what happened next was left to Ndidi.that was a good deal.

      The elder brother meant well,but didn’t really think it through on the footballing and future level.he was thinking of the now,when he signed that deal.
      Now they are stuck in a virtuous cycle and learning how not to Do business.

      We wish them well

      • Imagine if he had left f
        Exclusive: Manchester City Reject Approach From Celtic For Chidiebere Nwakali
        Published: June 04, 2016
        Exclusive: Manchester City Reject Approach From Celtic For Chidiebere Nwakali
        Scottish Premiership champions Celtic have made enquiries about signing Chidiebere Nwakali from Manchester City, according to the midfielder’s camp.

        The Nigeria youth international has impressed since joining Norwegian Tippeligaen side IK Start in March, starting the last ten games in the topflight and scoring one goal against Aalesunds FK.

        With his loan deal with IK Start set to run out in the coming weeks, Nwakali recently traveled to Manchester to discuss his future with the club and it is not ruled out that he would take part in pre-season training.

        “Celtic wanted to sign Chidiebere last week, they approached Manchester City but the club gave them a negative response,” Chidiebere’s elder brother Allwell Nwakali told allnigeriasoccer.com.

        “He was in Manchester to see the officials after he was given a two-week break by IK Start to find out if he will take part in pre-season. We are working hard for him to start playing for Man City. ”

        Chidiebere is currently in Lagos and will travel to Owerri on Sunday to attend the birthday of his younger brother Kelechi Nwakali, who is with the national team.

        The ex-Flying Eagles star is now managed by very influential agent Pere Guardiola.

        Ifeanyi Emmanuel wrote.

        Imagine if he had left for Celtic to join up with the impressive coach- Rodgers- then, it would have been a match made in heaven.
        But ManCity refused. It’s not always the agents fault. Neymar signing to Barca was not viewed as desperation,so we should not view the Nwakali’s as one until we have clear evidence. Truth is,it wasn’t common knowledge Ndidi will replace Kante,haba it goes without saying na.Amartey was bought forthat purpose before Ndidi and it didn’t quite work. Ndidi took the risk and it worked.
        I like the boldness of their management team then,I don’t think they lacked foresight. Some people will venture into new terrains, give them ventilation to do so.

        • mr Hush 2 years ago

          It is like you don’t get the rhetoric;

          You can always aspire.
          Boldness is vital in building capacity,as long as you believe you have the capacity to match such boldness.
          So you can always aspire.
          It is a good thing to.

          But you should know,that without plans to build such aspirations,boldness becomes arrogance,and that means you begin to crumble.

          You have to be certain you the right plans,before you move.
          You don’t move base on be bold alone.
          Being bold on what ground? 
          A top general without the right machinery,having no plans for the war ahead, would always lose a battle.

          And yes,i might be wrong,i don’t know the Nwakali’s and their plans, but from what’s going on,it isn’t good.

          Clubsides Do mess up too,but most clubs are in it for the business as well, if the deal is favorable for them, why sell?

          And for Ndidi replacing Kante,yes!that was the plan from the word go.
          Amartey was first signed in the January window,cause he was a stop gap replacement.not the long run.
          Leicester have always seen Ndidi as the potential replacement for Kante,due to his outstanding performance for Genk.
          But Genk held on till they could get a fair deal. Which they did at the end.
          And since Ndidi came in, where is Amartey?
          The rest of the story is self explanatory..

          Ndidi’s case is totally different from Nwakali.

          And I must end with this,
          Don’t get the wrong notion I am not one for bold moves.
          But be bold with wisdom. Have a plan,and a second plan,in case number one messes up,and if there is no plan after number two,build one immediately.always be on the move in your mind.

          I am just pained by the digression of our boy Kelechi Nwakali,cause I know how good he can be.he is always going to be a positive addition to any team,Nigeria as well.

          Hopefully,he turns out good.

          • mr Hush 2 years ago


            *if the deal isn’t favorable for them,why sell?

          • OK I won’t get you wrong,but really I understand you all through. Looks like it’s you who is not getting me.
            Basically I am saying I haven’t seen evidence of rash boldness or “A top general without the right machinery…” That it isn’t working now for both brothers is not enough evidence.

            On Ndidi I said:

            “I recall when Ndidi was being courted by Leceister city many feared for him. They said,”o boy,dey were u dey o,dey enjoy ur futball,England fit purge u o.You even fit replace a whole Kante(best player of d season)?”. And well not a totally bad advice, England could be horrible-I don’t refer to their football(which we knew Ndidi could cope with) but their mindset. Well Ndidi took the risk and here we have him today.”

            I didn’t say Leicester City didn’t have a plan for him. The subject matter in that,is that it was a RISK.He easily could have backed out and people will still congratulate him for backing out,after all he was&is still young.
            Also refer to my post above on the Brazilian model and see the disadvantages in the Nigerian way.

    • mr Hush 2 years ago


      For some reason couldn’t respond to your earlier thread.

      Yeah,i did know he was signed by Stelar group along with Chukwueze,and some others..

      But I know Stelar group is a big agency that involves lot of scouts and other agents who work as co-opts for them. Kelechi’s elder brother,ALlwell is one of those representatives and represents his brother’s interest on the field.
      He is part of the agreement between Stelar and Kelechi.
      I remember reading somewhere then, that it was the elder Nwakali Arsenal contacted via Kanu to get the signature of Kelechi.

      So the ball always starts with the elder brother; Stelar group is more like a means to an action..

      • @ Mr Hush,thanks for the reply.

        At least the initiative to partner with such a reputable company can not go without it’s due commendation.E nor easy abeg. Stelar group too would not partner with every Tom Dick and Harry on the street. They have a reputation and vision to protect. This should be clear enough.
        So it’s not a Neymar and his father thing or an Icardi and his wife thing,with all due respect to these.
        The ball starting with Allwell is an option,it could be vice-versa. Such is the nature of the business.
        The major thing however is,a company called Stelar is in the mix, which without doubt has a significant bearing on things involving Kele.

        • Mr Hush 2 years ago

          You are very right on that;
          Stelar group is lead as comes to Kelechi,with major advisement coming from Allwell..

          I am just disappointed by the way they managed Kelechi.

          I hope he has it good at Huesca.
          It is for his and our good as a country..

      • Why can’t allwell advice his siblings or better still push for loans/long-term deals in top Belgian clubs so the can hone their skills further while also getting the requisite exposure they deserve?

  • Francesco A 2 years ago

    The downfall of Kelechi nwakili was the low transfer fee of around $2.5m Arsenal paid for MVP 2015 U17 WC and expect English FA to give a work permit. if Arsenal has dropped serious money like City did for kelechi ihenancho or Watford did for Isaac Success, he would have easily gotten a work permit. This would have brought some type of stability for his career..
    Finally, recent experiences of Chukwueze, Osimhem has shown, that at young age, it is better to choose to go play in countries like Holland, Belgium , France or Spain over England, Germany or Italy. I hope our new upcoming talent follow this model and don’t chase early dollars, that ruined Chrisantus, almost Osimhem at Wolsfburg..
    kelechi Ihenancho has had period success, but now fading away due to his buying time for Indefinite UK stya.

  • Charlesemeka 2 years ago

    I’m surprised at the rate folks here are trying to defend Nwakali jnr for flopping in Europe for the past 3 year now since he left the shores of Africa.

    Let’s not give room to sentiment but face the fact that Nwakali is not living up to expectations at the moment which gets worst as the day goes.

    What case do you have to make for a player who flopped in the eirdivisie in the colors of lowly rated vv venlo, moved to Porto B team and couldn’t make the team competing in the Portuguese 2nd tier?

    Huesca signing him and loaning him immediately to a 3rd tier team in Spain says it all. They club to move him there simply shows they re not convinced yet on his qualities and his signing is more or less a risk.

    Some make points of how good he was at the U17 world cup but fail to face the fact that he hasn’t lived up to the huge expectation since then, even many made case for him to be included to the super eagles team to the last world cup just because he scored a screamer against an experimental ATM team in a preseason friendly in uyo few months to the world cup.

    I had high hopes on Nwakali after emerging from the U17 team and was rated as the best at the world cup but lost all hope when he couldn’t make the team of lowly rated vv venlo in the eirdivisie, a league reputed for giving youngsters a platform to launch their careers in Europe.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    This is one great talent I truly believe,that when he finally finds a branch, will make his nest n rule the tree.You have got that special talent KELECHI. Your time will come. Now you re now at Huesca, give God thanks n make the most of it. Stay focus n don’t allow yourself to be distracted about SE invite. IF it comes brilliant but put in more than 100% into helping your team gain promotion n see what happens next. God bless to KELECHI NWANKALI.

  • @oge kelechi & chidiebere Nwankali are managed by their brother allwell Nwankali please get your facts right… and like drey i believe allwell Nwankali is the problem to these 2 dynamic soccer brothers

  • Mercy 2 years ago

    Playing under age category is a different ball game to playing at top flight football. The essential ingredient missing in the Nwakali brothers game is lack of proper developmental football and not all european countries are well suited for Nigerians footballers in this regard. One country that has produced a spring board for Nigerian footballers to launch their career to a greater height is Belgium. Many of our football legend like keshi, siasia,oliseh, cele and even of late, players like osimen, Kalu, ndidi, Simon, onyekuru are some of the few examples of Nigerian footballers that have used Belgium league to develop themselves and also used it as a spring board to better clubs in europeans.

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    From the above comments, are we to conclude that ALL IS NOT WELL? My initial expectation, like many other Nigerians, was that the Nwakali brothers would be core members of the Super Eagles midfield by now. Perhaps not starting, but at least in the squad. If these boys had been playing regularly all this time, their development would have been obvious for all to see. And playing games for the SE would have added to their market value. To nip this downward spiral in the bud, the boys need to roll up their sleeves and start putting the work in, developing their all round game. With time, things will hopefully fall into place.