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Odegbami: I Choose To Be Foolish – Let Gernot Rohr Go!

Odegbami: I Choose To Be Foolish –  Let Gernot Rohr Go!

This week I was in the clinic for an ‘emergency’ check-up. My Blood Pressure rapidly headed northwards!

Professor Akinyanju told me as soon as he checked me that it should never be reported that the Enough Ambassador for Africa, NCD, Champion of ‘Exercise is Medicine’ in Nigeria, and a consultant to the Nigerian Heart Foundation, fell to Stroke.

I understood immediately what he meant. It was a wake-up call.

For three days in this past one week ‘sleep’ and I were enemies. The anxiety created by the endless news of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world was taking a toll.

I was frustrated and depressed by the absence of clarity about the ‘killing’ virus as I surfed from one news channel to another.

In Nigeria, the situation is even worse and more frustrating. The only thing that is clear is that we are sitting ducks considering our situation and our reactions to what even the most advanced countries are struggling to understand and stop as they continue to lose lives in tens of thousands.

So, to survive this, we must find and take our future and actions in our own hands.

There is an inevitability about certain things now. The pandemic has arrived on our shores and we are unprepared for it. So, we are on our own in the world to solve our problem or perish. The numbers have started to mount in deaths.

So, I left the clinic knowing I had to reduce my ‘relationship’ with the new media that was raising my blood pressure.

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I decided it was time to put on my thinking cap, to recalibrate my mind and to begin to draw inspiration from outside the conventional box. I shall now put my trust in the simple and practical things that take their source from the rich reservoir of local knowledge, history, traditions and values of my people, that gave rise to my vision some two years ago when I campaigned to become governor of Ogun State.

So, what is that?

I start to look for the brighter side of this pandemic, if there is one. I start to look beneath the darkness for the treasures that lie in the unfathomed caves of vast natural resources lying just beneath our feet all over Africa, at the still-virgin environments and luxuriant vegetation, at the deep throve of African human capacity outside the continent building advanced cultures, at local knowledge and research products appearing in Madagascar, Senegal, Ghana and other African communities being disregarded deliberately by the West for their own purpose but which can serve us.

I start looking forward to the ‘tomorrow’ after Covid-19 (it will remain with the world for some time to come, we are told). That ‘tomorrow’ will usher in a new order of things in the world. Nothing will be the way it was till now. I can start now to live in my political vision of the emergence of a new Black consciousness and civilization in a new world led by Nigeria, with its epicenter in Ogun State. Post-covid-19?

The emerging picture recalibrates my mind and body, and takes me away from the negativity of the present to a new place in the nearest future, removing my anxiety and beginning to feed my creative spirit and heal me physically, mentally and spiritually.

I now choose to look at Nigeria’s ‘loss’ of its economic mainstay and its bane, oil, as a blessing in disguise. I turn my mind towards the vast untapped (or stolen) reserves of the world’s most important other minerals lying buried in the ground underneath our feet all over the African continent.

I turn my mind to the now-inevitable return to Africa of its well-trained sons and daughters, the largest pool of the most educated persons on earth, human capacity across all disciplines now scattered in major Western capitals. I start to see the possibility of a rich Black diaspora population eager to return home as a consequence of what they went through in foreign countries that refuse to shed their cloak of racism during this pandemic. I see a return of Blacks to their roots and motherland, to settle and to invest, to strategically and smartly deploy their acquired expertise in new science and technology to redesign and sensibly rebuild a new Africa that will not chase the West but create and nurture a new environment. Nature will smile ‘happily’ on Africa as the last un-spoilt frontier and hasten the continent’s recovery even from the current coronavirus pandemic.

Now, I chose to be foolish. I shall explore the Coronavirus local remedies found in Madagascar, in Ghana, in Sierra Leone, and other places, but deliberately underrated and disregarded by the West and Eastern scientists, to provide new possibilities of succor for Africans. There is nothing to lose by looking internally and researching local options.


I even chose to be ‘foolish’ on the matter of Nigerian football. I shall address the issue of NFF chieftains about to renew the contract of German coach Gernot Rohr. I shall disregard what the promoters of Gernot Rohr are saying that no Nigerian coach is qualified enough to handle the national football team of the country even after the German had failed in his years as manager to deliver on the soft mandates given to him. To think this way is disrespectful and denigrating to all Black people.

To imagine that the German is now willing to accept new conditions deliberately designed for him to reject, means there is more to the whole matter than meets the eye, or he knows the value of the Super Eagles’ job more than his Nigerian bosses do. Is it because he loves the country more than Nigerians?

Who really loves the Nigerian? Covid-19 pandemic has become an eye-opener.

So, I choose to be foolish on the matter of Gernot Rohr. Let him go ‘jeje’ with his ‘superior’ knowledge of football and serve elsewhere.

We forget our history and the capacity of Nigerians to succeed. In 1968, for example, at the Mexico Olympic Games, a Nigerian, according to some people the best Nigerian player of all time, Teslim Thunder Balogun, coached the Green Eagles that played against the greatest football nation on earth at the time, Brazil, to a pulsating, well-earned 3-3 draw. That’s over half a Century ago!

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The surviving members of the 1973 All-Africa Games Green Eagles that won the Gold medal can testify that brain behind that victory was another great former ex-international player, Captain and then assistant coach of the team, Mr. Dan Anyiam, a very intelligent, eloquent, well-trained and educated coach.


The exploits of Stephen Keshi of recent years as a coach are unmatched by any coach local or foreign in our entire history.

Are these not Nigerians?

If we had continued in the trajectory of using the best trained Nigerians as our national coaches, inviting foreign coaches without pedigree to handle their national team in concession to their ‘superiority’ would not arise in 2020.

Gernot Rohr has done his bit and collected his wages. Every month he was paid $50,000 Dollars? Who earns that kind of money for the amount of work he did in the years of his stay in Nigeria? It is ludicrous.

What did he really do? Did he win any international trophies for Nigeria? Did he impact the Nigerian league and domestic players in any way? Did he train any Nigerian coaches to be able to take over from him? The longest time he stayed with the national team for any stretch was a maximum of four weeks, twice in the 4 years of his expiring contract – before and during the World Cup in 2018, and before AFCON in 2019. Every other time all he did was assemble players from Europe two days to a match, selected his lineup for the match and returned to his paid ‘vacation’. Which Nigerian coach worth any salt cannot do what he did for Nigeria? Is that what anyone should earn $50,000 Dollars a month for?

Even the scouting for Nigerian-born players in Europe that constitute a large percentage of Gernot Rohr ‘s team presently is done by a hardworking Nigerian man, Tunde Adelakun, we are told.

Now with Covid-19 and its economic consequences, no one should even be thinking of expending unavailable foreign exchange for a job Nigerians can handle and that does not require rocket science, period. To suggest a wage-cut is even annoying. Was the size of his wage the reason for his failure?

We are entering a new phase in the ongoing War of global Civilizations. No African should promote color or racial superiority in African football. No Nigerian dares do so at this point.

So, I choose to be foolish. I shall thank Gernot Rohr for what the good services he has rendered and release him. I shall get one of our own qualified sons, and sink or swim with him into that emerging new world order beyond Covid-19.

Segun Odegbami

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  • Arinze 1 year ago

    It’s no brainer that the only National team doing well right now it’s the super Eagles. Let’s allow Rohr to fail for all to see.

    • Akunde 1 year ago

      To fail or finish killing us.
      Nations Cup, he failed.
      Work cup, he failed.
      Despite huge pool of talents and free hand from NFF.
      Do you mean death when you say failure?
      Rhor is a scam. He is offering nothing to the team, just running his hand in it to make us think he is working. Abracadabra

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Your African Guadiolas couldn’t even meet the simple target of qualifying for ordinary AFCON…Rohr was given a target of qualifying for world cup and semifinals of AFCON, equivalent of finals of the AFCOns your fake guadiolas couldn’t qualify for….he achieved both with one of the youngest SE squads we’ve ever had despite inheriting the worst SE squad we ever had (the last time we were 16th in Africa was in the 1950s).

        Meeting targets and deliverables must be failure in your village. No wonder you are a nonentity. Your African Guadiolas didn’t have pool of talent when they couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON…???


  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Looool….just look at you.Thank God u knew u were foolish. What’s the connection btw an unconfirmed cure for coronavirus and our football or rohr? This truly shows how foolish u are,you should be ashamed of ursef. Continue to wallow in your folly. That ur high BP go very soon give u stroke when rohr pens a new contract. Old Stupid man.

    • Dammy 1 year ago

      Your comments are highly disrespectful to a Nigerian legend. I disagree with Segun Odegbami but I will never insult him. To wish him death is unbelievable!

  • You will forever remain foolish! Common Mr mathematical, are this the reason you lined up for Rohr to be sacked? Simply because he’s not a Nigerian? Should every other countries in the world decides to use “their own” what will be the faith of millions of Nigerian n African earning their survival in diaspora? The world is a global eclipse, each depends on other for survival. You claimed that western world rejected African solution to covid19, does your news media reveal to you that America just gave Madagascar around 2.5million dollars to research more on their findings? Do you know WHO has despatch a team to Madagascar are currently studying the drugs in view of developing it for modern use if it’s pass the test? Coming back to football, you heralded the success of Teslim Balogun, n Keshi, did you point to the failure of Oliseh, Siasia, Eguavon, when they took over the team n couldn’t qualify for 3 straight Afcon? Which local coach build any team for us? None! It’s a case of pay n play as recently be revealed. Did you say anything regarding that? No, it was overlooked simply because locals are in charge when it happens. You claimed Rohr has did nothing this past 4yrs,OMG! did you just say that or it’s a mistake? I don’t want to bored myself writing about Rohr achievement, but if you insist he has done nothing, then you are foolish as u claim. Westerhoff that you supported with your life in 1994 was from Ogun State I guess? It took your little idol to qualify for world cup and win Afcon for us 5 solid years. The stock of our footballers keeps rising every day, we are now being respected by great footballing nation n our national icon said the gaffer has did nothing, incredible! You pointed to Adelakun, as if it wasn’t same “clueless” Rohr that employ him and pay him from his salary. Do you even know the guy exists if not for Rohr? Now he is the one doing all the work, Nigerians! You keeps harmerring on 50k salary, when the guy has continually said the amount is for 4 people, pls is 50k too much for 4 people compared to other football federation? Aba! So you know all this while that NFF drafted his new contract for the purpose to be rejected and Rohr plays a smart one and pure understanding on u all and you became so frustrated and furious… I can’t stop laughing.. Better go n manage your BP, Rohr issue might be part of the cause.

    • Akunde 1 year ago

      Ola you are non-mitigable with myopia, lack of self belief accruing from colonial mentality or sale out to foreigners who are failures because of the color of their skin.

      Thus, take it or leave it.
      Rhor has bright nothing to our national team and football. Compare his achievement with Keshi. If you follow Nigerian football very well should be dumb with words on this point.

      Rhor is a tick on Nigeria and some guys in glass house are using him to suck the resources, the evil that Oliseh fought against and has vowed never to come back to face. Put on your thinking cap. Rhor in not interested in the job and Nigeria but mocking the fraudulent guys who are using him to destroy themselves as long as he gets his own share. Worse coach we have ever had. He is killing our football, with all that local coached built from the scratch. Don’t be an esthetic fan, but a critical one. Unless by your age, you are an adolescent.

      Don’t you know no that a baby has to walk and fall and walk and fall untill it becomes perfext with its feet? We must piss in one place to make a hole: return to local coaching and grow on it. Please and please, don’t remain syndromically and pathologically a dependent of imperial subtleties. I imagine you are one of Africa’s problems, no true in thyself. Oyibo worshipper? At this age? Damn it.

      Finally, let me educate you:

      The AU said for all things:
      1- Try Africa first
      2- African solutions to African problems
      3-;Return to the local
      4- Indigenize our social processes

      This is a roadmap.
      You and I like Odegbami should awaken to this paradigm for freedom and growth by ourselves, for ourselves, with ourselves and ourselves.

      You and I should use this paradigm to challenge leaders who fail to refer to it as sale outs, which you must extricate yourself from.

      You and I should appraise with appreciation and support local coaches in Africa and suggest ways of improving them.

      You an I like Odegbami should commend Madagascar and support it. Whether the Water likes it or not, the people are taking the organic and is helping them. In your country, you are being monetized for a draconian bill and you are mopping at it as a mule or in accent?

      Wake up Ola. Don’t be idolatrous of the yanky man or oyibo or or-batur

      • Sean 1 year ago

        @Akunde, apart from omeruo, may be Balogun, can u name some of keshi’s young stars from 2013/14 and where they are now…remember..Pogba, Matuidi, Mendy,sissoko, Kante are Africans and they played 2014 world cup. Answer that and wait for the next question.

        • @Sean, don’t waste your time on that man, no matter what you say, he is a chronic adents hell bent on their mission because of their selfish gains. That is why I don’t reply him. Let them continue, Nigeria belongs to all of us, we will all be here to see the results.

      • Ndubuisi 1 year ago

        You are using grammar to complicate issues and unfortunately I don’t have dictionary to find out the meanings. I have great respect for Mr Odegbami right from my youth days and I enjoyed reading his columns in complete football especially his predictions that turns to be true most times. I will be the last person to call him names, insult or use derogatory words. I want to say without mincing words that am highly disappointed in his continuous attack on Mr Rohr. We all witnessed what happened after bonfrerre left and the indigenous coaches were allowed to manage our darling super eagles. Starting from the late Amodu, keshi and later eguavoen, siasia, oliseh they were all taking bribes on invitation of players and their man management were nothing to write home about. Nigeria lost their respect in African football/world. Any team can come here either draw or beat us. Today all that has changed with Rohr in control. Players are invited on merit and we are gradually regaining our respect back. You claimed that Rohr had ulterior motive that’s why he accepted the contract purposely designed to frustrate him to resign. Let me answer you by telling you Rohr has built a strong team and he believe he can make name with this team and that will serve as springboard to getting better offer elsewhere. Who say this team cannot win the next afcon and get to quarter or semi finals of the next world cup? Rohr has paid his dues, and we his unbiased fans says Mr odegbami, omo9ja and their supporters should let him be. Corruption which has eaten deep into our system will not allow indigenous coaches to succeed. If for any reason Rohr is sacked we should employ another foreign coach.

    • It’s a known fact that Tunde Adelakun, is a spiv and football agent, he facilitated the appointment of Rohr and there by became his scout and later one of his assistance.
      Looking at the current SE squad, except Aina and the two new guys (Cyril and the Koln fullback), there is no new addition. The rest are from either from Keshi, Oliseh or age grade squad.
      Rohr assistants are just there as they add no value to the team, from goal keeper coach to his video assistant (we all saw what happened during World Cup and Afcon).
      We all know football is now a big business with billions of dollars involved and Nigerian football is not left out, the scramble continues.
      I am not a fan of Rohr and I am not sure if he can move our football further, but I believe his 23-man squad is always spot on, however his tactics is suspect (team play and substitution). So I will not mind him changing his assistants and upgrade himself.
      More so Nigerian coaches have shown how corrupt they can be when allowed to handle the team.
      The situation is difficult.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahaha….Tunde Adelakun is now Arsene Wenger that recommended Rohr to Pinnick…No, maybe Tunde Adelakun is the NFF technical committee that interviewed Rohr for the Super Eagles job.

        @Destar, you now have a new player for your Lairs Utd team o. Pls come and carry ya player…LMAO.

        You should have told us that all the 23 players Keshi and Oliseh were calling up during their time as SE coach were from their personal academies and not from previous SE, FE or GE squads. Rohr and his assistants are doing nothing indeed, that is why we have moved from 70th position to 31st in 4 years…LMAO. No new additions to the team but we are now doing far better and playing better soccer than we were under the previous coaches,yet Rohr and his assistants are doing nothing…LMAO. People who couldn’t help themselves when they were in charge and have been unemployed for years are the ones to help Rohr who is clearing all the mess they created…Lolz

        Pls tell us another lie

  • larry 1 year ago

    Uncle Sege, let me start by saying my position on GR contract renewal has not changed. Besides, anticipated impact of Covid-19 on the economy calls for new ways of managing every facet of our life.
    I do agree with the fact that the country is blessed with tacticiancs with extraordinary abilities, however past and recent revelation of the corrupt and unethical practices makes it really hard for me to buy into your idea.
    Sir,to buttress my point, the case of underage competitions (male and female) comes to mind. Our coaches made a strong case for consideration for the top position in this regard. Perhaps, i do agree with some opinion that over-age effect played a huge factor in our past victories. It is my hope that some will agree that since the introduction of MRI, our coaches have not done badly.
    It won’t be wrong to attribute recent failures to a lack of commitment on the part of the coaches. In the past,, great local coaches like Amodu used to upgrade his skills by attending international training courses which is very rare in present local coaches.
    By and large, before we can start thinking of considering our local coaches for top position, an effective organizational structure, good training incentives, good welfare package and massive support need to be put in place (nff&sport ministry).
    A good solution will be to consider some of our xoaches that have done well with upgrading their coaching skills and have good coaching credential.
    Otherwise, we find a way of solving GR deficiencies or get a coach with better capabilities than GR.
    The potentials of SE have been on the rise, we have the players than can match or achievement of 94 team, but we need to match the coaching crew of the 94 team to make meaningful progress.
    Current SE coaching set up needs to be overhauled intelligently.

    • @Larry, spot on and well written. Couldn’t agree more 

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      @larry, thank God you’re beginning to see the light. I hope others will follow suit. Only a fool would like to remain in darkness.

  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    Uncle Sege, you are wrong on this one again, Obasi just came out with some serious allegations against our so called local tacticians, Rohr’s is doing good, his invitations are based on merits, more foreign born players are pledging their soccer allegiance to Nigeria, allow  the man  to stay and continue is job peacefully. With these local coaches the Eagles would  be hustling backwards again, there’s no difference between our local coaches and our politicians. Uncle Sege please leave the man alone. 

  • Akunde 1 year ago

    Uncle Segun, thanks for once saying the truth I have always contemplated of and saying it finally on behalf. Refer to my reply to Ola’s post above. It is rations and passionate.

    As for you, see below:

    Welcome to the band of Afro-indigenous believers, the MATHEMATICAL ODEGBAMI, as you opt for African options to fight COVID-19 and Football imperialism in the continent. Gbosa!!!

  • Akunde 1 year ago

    To fail or finish killing us.
    Nations Cup, he failed.
    Work cup, he failed.
    Despite huge pool of talents and free hand from NFF.
    Do you mean death when you say failure?
    Rhor is a scam. He is offering nothing to the team, just running his hand in it to make us think he is working. Abracadabra

  • Kachi 1 year ago

    Please forget diz Segun Odegbami,he is living in the past.How may players or athelets his sport college has discovered.Years back he promoted the school and promised the world talents his school will discover. He even requested for government support in way of funding but not knowing that everything is solely personal biz.Modern football administration has gone pass him. Imagine calling the name of Teslim Balogun. He wants FA to employ a local coach he will control and influence.Mr Right has done well and his contract with FA should be renewed.

  • Bomboy 1 year ago

    7 Reasons Why I am Voting Against a Nigerian Coach

    I have said it a thousand times that I am not a fan of Coach Rohr. However, I am not in support of this suggestion of a home grown coach taking over from him.

    1) The NFF have no respect for a home grown coach. They will mess him up and demoralise him.

    2) The NFF want a home grown coach because they know they can control him and push him around

    3) Our foreign born footballers may be more receptive to a European coach convincing them to switch nationality. Don’t forget that most of these foreign born are not used to our way of life because they have lived in foreign lands all their lives and even consider themselves a part of those nations

    3) There have been too many accusations of bribery and corruption among our home grown coaches. Some have even been caught red handed by under cover journalists posing as agents!

    4) 99.9% of our best legs play for foreign clubs. Our coaches go there for training and refresher courses. This implies that the best football brains are foreigners. Why don’t we invite them to come teach us? We have the raw talents, but these Europeans are more advanced in the technicalities of the game. The only way we can beat them is to learn from them. That is the humble truth.

    5) Our best football ‘season’ so far was in 1994-96. And foreign coaches were in charge then.

    6) The foreign coach we have at present hasn’t given us any reason why we should detest foreign coaches. He has endured all the ugly politics of the NFF and all the difficuties associated with working in Nigeria. He has not given us any good reason why we should not go for another European if we let him go.

    7) If our home grown coaches were suitable for the job, why did we go for a foreigner in the first place? Is it not because we got fed up with our own boys that we sought the services of a foreigner? Why do we like taking one step forward and two steps backward?

    I believe that home grown coaches will one day handle the Super Eagles and make us proud. But that time is still in the future. For now, let us stick with the services of willing coaches from Europe. Let the home grown coaches assist and understudy them. Their time will come.

    I apologise for the long write up…

    • You have summed it all perfectly. It is not that we don’t have the coaches, but the NFF will never respect such coaches. Thats what Keshi and Oliseh fought against that many feel they were arrogant. Remember they were ex players, and know how the NFF operates. Well lets see what Rorh has to offer going forward

  • Mr. Segun please leave Mr. Rohr alone. If you have any personal issue with him please go and sort it out privately. Rohr has performed well with the super eagles. Rohr is not a corrupt coach, u don’t see him collecting bribe from any player. Not like some of our so call indigenous coaches

  • Kachi 1 year ago

    Please forget diz Segun Odegbami,he is living in the past.How may players or athelets his sport college has discovered.Years back he promoted the school and promised the world talents his school will discover. He even requested for government support in way of funding but not knowing that everything is solely a personal biz.Modern football administration has gone pass him. Imagine calling the name of Teslim Balogun. He wants FA to employ a local coach he will control and influence.Mr Rohr has done well and his contract with FA should be renewed.

  • Odegbami we can see ur love for nigeria nation, dont mind those lazy men in this forum. we the the good nigerians appreciate you. the truth is they unable to see what you seen.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    No comment NFF already knows what the outcome will be, guys will just be wasting your time commenting because tomorrow we shall see another news. When we stop answering to politics they’ll use their brain!

  • Ya-Ya 1 year ago

    When we build up on our history of past successes, progress is achieved alongside success. If we cannot have BLIND CONFIDENCE and faith in ourselves and people as well, who will?… Someone once told me: if you cannot respect yourself, no one will.

    I know NFF e-diots or perhaps Pinnick himself will see everything wrong in The Mathematical’s post, and beging to undermine it for their selfish reasons because they choose to sabotage the entire nation for the sake of money, I even expect them to throw jibes at this comment too. Anyone who believes that Rorh has progressed our football or taken our football to the highest level of our footballing history is either an to success, or closely related to failure, and such a person deserves to be pitied, because although his level of poverty may not be of material needs, but of the mind.

    • Ya-Ya 1 year ago

      …footballing history is either an ***ALIEN to success, or closely related to failure, and such a person deserves to be pitied..

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    “So, I choose to be foolish on the matter of Gernot Rohr. Let him go ‘jeje’ with his ‘superior’ knowledge of football and serve elsewhere.

    Even the scouting for Nigerian-born players in Europe that constitute a large percentage of Gernot Rohr ‘s team presently is done by a hardworking Nigerian man, Tunde Adelakun, we are told.

    So, I choose to be foolish. I shall thank Gernot Rohr for what the good services he has rendered and release him. I shall get one of our own qualified sons, and sink or swim with him into that emerging new world order beyond Covid-19.

    Segun Odegbami”

    Fellow Nigerians, don’t you think that this man has some tangible points?

    Based on what you said Mr. Sęgun, I’m 100% with you sir. NFF should start treating our local coaches like foreign coach and I’m pretty sure that they will delivered.

    Corruption is everywhere but its manageable.

    We must start using rules and regulations of our County if we want Nigeria to move forward.

    Everybody is corrupt, we are humans. What is eradicating the bad habits from humans its fear of God and rules of law.

    If it is in Western world, NFF president and his company would have been in side the prison yard by now. Are they not the people ruling the Nigerian sports till today?

    A great country like ours that can’t produced a world class coach is a shame.

    A great nation like Nigeria, giant of Africa that can’t produced a world class team is a shame.

    A great country that have so many players and goalies like Nigeria, NFF and the gaffer in charge of Eagles team can only boasts of Akpeyi as Nigerian No1 goalkeeper over the 3 years should be a big shame.

    Truth is hurt and bitter but I have no choice, I have to continue saying it. As long as I am doing this for my dear Courtry,
    No matter how the insult maybe, I’m satisfied.

    As long as Nigeria is moving forward, I’m okay with that.

    So therefore, I am using this opportunity to call on every Nigerian to fight for their nation. No place like home.

    We hate the truth in this country. For that reason, I don’t want to talk too much today.
    God bless Nigeria!!!

    • bros you have said it all. I meant Uncle Segun on a flight to Nigeria. Honestly i couldn’t believe he spoke eloquently. Everyone wanted to have a word with him, and he responded so positively. This is a man that is passionate about Nigeria. How i wish all those saying negative stuff about him could take time and sit one on one to address issues like this. He is an insider, who knows so much about what transpires in the NFF. Well lets see what Rohr has to offer going forward

      • Chux 1 year ago

        Eloquent speech does not make a truthful speech.Put your thinking cap on as you listen or have listened to an eloquent speech.
        Is there any Nigerian that has the credentials and requirements to coach the SE as at today? If the answer is yes,i bet you that they already engaged abroad and will not want to work with this corrupt NFF.
        Do we want Nigerians to coach the SE? The answer is yes but the ones we have had in the recent past has failed woefully with their “PAY AND PLAY” virus.So it is not a matter of being white coach or black coach.
        At the 2018 WC,is it GR’s fault that Ighalo was not able to convert the chances that came his way,at AFCON 2019,GR instructed the SE not to avoid foul anywhere near the box18.You already know the rest of the story.
        Please leave GR alone to do his job.

      • Chux 1 year ago

        Eloquent speech does not make a truthful speech.Put your thinking cap on as you listen or have listened to an eloquent speech.
        Is there any Nigerian that has the credentials and requirements to coach the SE as at today? If the answer is yes,i bet you that they already engaged abroad and will not want to work with this corrupt NFF.
        Do we want Nigerians to coach the SE? The answer is yes but the ones we have had in the recent past has failed woefully with their “PAY AND PLAY” virus.So it is not a matter of being white coach or black coach.
        At the 2018 WC,is it GR’s fault that Ighalo was not able to convert the chances that came his way,at AFCON 2019,GR instructed the SE to avoid foul anywhere near the box18.You already know the rest of the story.
        Please leave GR alone to do his job.

        • Chux 1 year ago

          In addition,our local coaches were not able to qualify us for two afcons back to back.GR may not have won AFCON and WC,but we are already on the path that will take us there.

    • The only tin u can do for me to forgive and forget all ur SIN OMO 9ja is to tell uncle to please leave our SUPER EAGLE ALONE hence……
      Bro sege introduce Yobo to us,d guy was giving appointment d following week.(is Yobo appointment on merit…?) If indeed,ur BP is rising, reason sud b because of our U17,20,23 and SUPER falcons.
      I ll b glad if U can find solution to all dis problem not our SUPER EAGLE. Thank you.

      • Omo9ja 1 year ago

        @Jaye, so I have offended you for a very long time and you didn’t say anything? Kai, this is very interesting o.

        Waiting a bit, what did I do wrong?
        I want to know my offense before I apologized.

        If indeed I offended you, after your explanation, then I will come out and say I’m sorry sir/ma.

        It will be very difficult for 99% of Nigerians to understand what Mr. Segun have said but only 1% of Nigerians will understood him quite well.

        Mr. Ódęgbami is try to do what Ghanaian’s president is willing to accomplished as well. If you people can see the way the president of Ghana did an interview with the president of France then, you will understand Mr. Sęgun. France president was speechless. I’m not sure if the video is on YouTube now.

        However, Gadafi.

        He, President Gadafi was trying to accomplished uncle Sęgun goal during his lifetime but “Oyibo” saw that and acted quickly to stop that.

        Moreso, they brainwashed the people of Gambians and they even manipulated everything so that they can take care of their belongings which they did eventually.

        The same problems that Nigeria is facing now, Ganbia is facing the same problems. They can not do without these Oyinbo people.

        In one word, these people I’ve mentioned their names above are trying to make Africa staying on their own. Isn’t a great idea?

        Oyinbo can do without Africa and why Africa can not do without them?

        Don’t get this tweeted my people. I’m not racist. It is all about freedom. Enough is enough.

        China did that they succeeded. Africa can do it and be successful as well. 1+1=2

        What do they have over there?

        But in Africa here, we are blessed. Thank God for that.

        Our leaders are the problems of Africa. We can use sports to make our country and our content greatest. Nigeria should live by example because, we believed we are the giant of Africa.

        We have what it takes to be on our own.

        I’m trying to educate the 99% of Nigerians on this platform while the 1% of Nigerians already knew this.

        For example, President Buhari disgraced our doctors by bringing Chinese doctors into Nigeria to do what?

        None of you said anything about it. Instead, you keep saying Sai baba, Sai Buhari. Hmm, what else can I say. It is very painful that we have putting ourselves in this situations Nigeria/Africa.

        We don’t even know our rights anymore. It is a shame if we don’t know. What can we do by ourselves now? Just tell me my people? An ordinary coach, we can’t produced. Na wao.

        Hmm, so sad. We like ready made stuffs, that is the main issues of Africa.

        It took them over there so many years to accomplished their goals.

        Some of our leaders are waking up in Africa to do the right things so that we can take our values back. I hate nobody. It’s a matter of our country, Nigeria and our continent, Africa. Ire o. God bless Nigeria. God bless Africa!!!

        • Oga keep quiet and park one side. You will sit down and be conjuring nonsense together… What is the sense in all those garbage you wrote? I can’t even comprehend any meaning to it. You said 99% of Nigerian are against uncle Sege, ur boss, that means both of u are talking nonsense. Abeg go Sidon for one side n stop looking for undue attention here with ur myopic n baseless comments.

        • Omo9ja,Please sir list accordingly how our soccers as been FAIR from u17-super eagle also,u17-super falcons present situation.

          The present situation,causes of the problem n solution….?

          If ur response is good den I ll forgive U.

  • Prince 1 year ago

    Greetings dear ones!!

    I just finished reading Segun Odegbami’s write up and as I read the words, I wanna cry!!

    However, I felt I should not blame him that much because that’s his mindset and he has the solemn right to express his opinion !!

    But, I felt ashamed that such a national figure should publicly let the entire world see how myopic and self-centred he sees, reasons and expresses his feelings.

    Great minds always think alike !!!
    A man with a liberal mind see things different because his heart seeks for everything that is pure, just and right.

    The world is more of a village right now, ….and it is advisable for everyone most especially of someone in the caliber of a Member of the Order of the Niger; to be very mindful of expressing biased comments on the media….because everybody around the entire globe will single you out and keep your biased views for future references.

    What baffles my widest imagination is why should Segun bend on seeing Gernot leave as coach of the Super Eagles when clearly the German is doing a good job?

    What is actually Odegbami’s factual reason for labeling Rohr a flop?.. This is because I couldn’t pick out any single justifiable case from the LONG piece published up there !!!
    Maybe soemeone else should help me out….

    Lets reason together fellow great minds;
    If Gernot Rohr was appointed as coach of Super Eagles to replace a departing coach; who prior to his departure has won the AFCON consecutively (like Egypt in 2006, 2008 & 2010 or Cameroon in 2000 & 2002) and then Rohr came in and fail to qualify and defend the title in the next competition; then we can ask for change of coach.

    But in this case, this man took over a SE team in August 2016 that having a tough and horrible times (67th in FIFA ranking, fail to qualify and compete in AFCON; Equatorial Guinea in 2015 and Gabon in 2017, AFTER BEING CROWNED CHAMPS IN 2013 in South Africa!!!);…so He gradually steel the team forward…(On 7 October 2017, his Nigeria-led team became the first African side to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup after a 1–0 win against Zambia… On 17 July 2019, Rohr led Nigeria to a third-place finish at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations…..least I forget, both group qualifications of the World cup & AFCON were done in style with a GAME TO SPARE against African finest sides!!!)…fast forward to 2020 and He has lead the team to 49 matches; (WON 29, DRAWN 11 and LOST 9)…and guess what…the team is on the rise with some extraordinary youthful talents of Nigerian-born kids in the Diaspora opting to play for their motherland instead of their adopted birthplace!


    Well, if Segun wants to sound “Patriotic” in his views, let me ask this’ “na which person wey be true pickin of 9ja dey properly qualify and competent to be lead SUPER EAGLES as Head coach?
    my answer….NOBODY !!!…..nobody has the standard required qualification to coach the massive talents the current national team has.

    So wait ooo, Segun said he will get one of our own qualified sons, and sink or swim with him….my question is; “why didnt he mention a name….and lets check the person’s credentials !!!

    If a 60 yrs old man behaves and talk like a 16 yrs old boy, I will regard him as a Teenager….and vice versa!!

    I think it’s about time all this distraction stops.
    Respect is given to those that deserves it.
    I have lost my respect for a man I once look up to as a national hero.

    And truth be told, if God sends us a foreigner with a Nigerian blood flowing inside him to sit on that chair in Aso Rock and lead our nation to the path of Glory, Prosperity and National bliss…I WILL STAND FOR HIM with immense support and no fear!!!

    We have enemies of progress among us. However, We will succeed because God no dey sleep!!!

    Greetings once again to all the true lovers of truth and distinguished kinsman of Nigeria!!!
    I hail ooo

  • Debo 1 year ago

    I am very glad Mr. Odegbami admitted that he is being foolish with his suggestion. However, someone of us had refused to join his bandwagon of foolishness. It amazes me when I see people with this “I too know” sundrome thinking the whole world revolves around them. If the part of the unsaid things in your article is that Super Eagle’s matter is giving you high BP, I would rather prefer that you alone have high BP rather than many people you are wishing high BP by the choice you are trying to impose on us. This is because your reasoning and intentions have nothing to do with the good of Nigeria or the Super Eagles. Instead of many of SE fans going to buy calculators again and many of themn having high BP because of the corruption and incompetence of your mentees you are promoting, its better you alone have high BP and simply deal with it. We do not give a damn about you because your intentions are purely evil.

    Your intentions are evil because you shamelessly admitted that you guys deliberately gave Rohr a contract that will make him resign and he did not. Now he has thrown you into confusion. And now you have come out to publicly declare how evil and diabolical you guys are. Rohr categorically told you why he did not want to leave yet so there is nothing to hide as you are insinuating. The only problem here is that your bitterness against him is retarding your ability to read and comprehend. The last thing you touched that worked well for you were in your glory days as a player. Afterward, everything you touched you have been a perpetual loser. The wisdom that you have that has made you to keep losing, please use that to take care of your family and stay clear as far as SE is concerned.

    This man is an hypocrite. All the players are coming out to point out that the corruption with the local coaches has been of endemic proportion and he had absolutely nothing to say about that. If you want to sink go and sink on your own. Do not sink the ONLY thing that we can be proud of as Nigerians. If anyone like they can hug a transformer but as things are now, kindly leave Rohr alone. Yes, he would eventually leave but this is a very wrong time.

    To buttress how evil and self centered your intentions are, we know you are part of people that imposed Yobo on the team. So, Yobo is the very best you can think of as the Assistant Coach out of all the options we have amongst the locals. That alone showed that you have no good intention for the team.

    Many of us work outside of Nigeria and are not even planning to come home anytime soon as you’re insinuating. So if Nigerians can secure jobs in the western world, there is absolutely nothing stopping a foreigner from working in Nigeria when the options we have amongst locals are fantastically corrupt. What is the big deal if we suffer racial discriminations outside of Nigeria when the ethnic and class discriminations we suffer in Nigeria is far, far worse??? Please spare us that cock and bull stories of the western world joor. Southerners who go to north are terribly discriminated and alienated. Even Oyo state discriminate against Osun indigenes and vise versa. Same Yoruba tribe! Can you see how many of our youths are going thru unimaginable ordeal to leave Nigeria, despite the racism you are talking about? That already gave us a clue about which of the discrimination is more bearable. Despite how challenging it is for Africans in the western world, the discrimination we face in Nigeria is far worse!

    You can keep living in a fool’s paradise but not everyone is foolish (like you just admitted you are). This is not meant to be an insult. I’m just repeating what you said about yourself. Your generation had messed up the country completely and you would never stop until you have turned the country to a complete empty shell. As you guys keep destroying everything, kindly leave the ONLY thing free of corruption presently, which is the handling of Super Eafles.

    A word is enough for the wise. Otherwise, if you choose to give many more people stroke regarding SE, we would rather have God allow you have the stroke for a while to save many the unpleasant experience. After you have learnt to reason wisely, we will pray for God to heal you just like he did to Nebuchadnezzar.

    • Michael 1 year ago

      You guys are really failing to understand something. Odegbami is really powerful. He’s more like the mouthpiece of the glass house.

      It saddens my heart that Rohr will be relived of his duty and Yobo made SE coach.

  • Nnamdi 1 year ago

    Odegbami, amaju is smarter than u he undersyand nigeria football more than u do u re simply an enemy to migeria football what u wnt is an indigenous coach u can use nd force players to for ur own selfish interest the same thin that played during keshis era with the super eahles that is how uche obasi haruna ideye nd so on were sideline during the 2014 wcup based on nigeria factor u wil nevr succeed rohr has come to stay win nd conguer the super of today wil bring joy to nigrrians we re on the right track we nt fools all ur mathematics includin ur almoghty formular for example the uneducated media u re using cannot solve differential eguation which is embeded in our new super eagles setup

    • Michael 1 year ago

      Amaju is part of the game. Rohr’s contract won’t be renewed. This is like a sequential process that has been planned, but rohr is unyielding.

      Remember how Yobo was appointed, Odegbami announced, NFF appoints. The plot is to frustrate Rohr
      out of the job with stringent conditions, while Yobo takes up the mantle of the leadership. But it seems Rohr is beating them in their own game. That’s the reason for the rage, aggression in the above comment and subsequent brute force that will be used on Rohr.

  • Pompei 1 year ago

    I hope the QUALIFIED SON that Mathematical is looking for to handle the Super Eagles will not be one that will need EGUNJE or want to become a PLAYER AGENT. Can you imagine the reaction of the likes of Ejaria, Aribo, etc to a request to SHAKE BODY and drop EGUNJE? Refer to Obasi’s outrageous claims. How many other players experienced the same thing, but are unwilling or lacking the courage to expose it?
    I don’t have a problem with a qualified Nigerian handling the Super Eagles. No problem at all. However, timing is key! At the moment, we have a good coach. Replacing him now will mean getting a new coach who will need to cope with the learning curve, when we are so close to major competitions (Afcon 2021 and Qatar 2022 qualifying matches). Why try to fix something that isn’t broken? After Qatar 2022 is the right time to talk about Rohr’s replacement. Until then, Rohr stays. Let’s give him our full support!

    • Bros while will they result to egunje. If there salaries are paid on time, and you are not owed 6 months salary. The last time coach rohr made noise in the media that he was owed salary, you saw how quickly the NFF came out to debunk his story and that they owe only one month, But when keshi, Siasia, Oliseh came out screaming that they weren’t paid, Did your NFF come out to debunk the story, what did they do, they fired them or they stepped down. Obasi should go and sit dowm, my issue is why wait this long, why not speak up then, i bet if he was european, he will definitely come out and say something.

      Is it a crime now for Uncle sege to speak his mind. Even you i want to believe don’t like buhari and the situation going on in the country. Please it’s his right to voice his opinion.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Your NFF claimed they owed Rohr only one month, but few weeks later they released a statement in the press that they have payed 50% of his owed salaries which was $75000 and that they will offset the rest in another few weeks.
        You and your fellow lairs will tell us when Rohr’s salary increased to $75000 per month…LMAO.
        Lies can run for years, the truth only needs one day to catch up….LMAO

  • Nnamdi 1 year ago

    Pls odegbami leave the super eagled alone u hve more issues to sort out ur health issues should b ur concern super eagles of today are far better than thpse of ur time we rr happy with the team frm our amiable lovable nd workholic rohr we re proud of him we re sincerely proud of him for d good work confidemce stability unity nd love he rohr has brought to the team even u nd ur associate cannot achieve half of what rohr has achieved so far rohr carry go we re fully in support of u

  • Godsown 1 year ago

    Someone said Nigeria has football history, which history one Nations cup triumph 1980, another one in 1994 another 2013, one Nations cup triumph in every decade from 1980, if you want countries with football history in Africa, ask Egypt with 8 trophies, ask cameroun, ask Ghana, Nigeria does not have good football history. Nigeria has produced good players in the past but other countries in Africa has done that too, Liberia produced a world best player, Cameroun produced 3rd best player, we don’t have any player right now in the mould of Mane and Salah, our best player is Ndidi in Europe, let’s be realistic, Nigeria coming third in last Nations cup was a success considering the players we have compared to Senegal , Egypt, Cameroun even Mali, we don’t even have a goalkeeper in a top European club. Elder Segun Odegbami is just closing his eyes to reality base on racial issue, we can win the Nations cup if the coach can make our play like a team and pray that other countries don’t get to play like a team, imagine if Senegal or Cote de voir able to get a good coach to get them , Forget it Nigeria cannot win them.

    • Michael Temidayo 1 year ago

      Real truth

    • @Godsown, maybe you can tell us the star players we had when we beat Côte d’Ivoire in 2013 and went on to win the cup. Football is a team sport and not an individual one.

  • Sammy 1 year ago

    All our national teams handled by Nigerians in the past 2 years have been unmitigated disasters. Please see U23 Olympics qualifiers, U17 and U20 world cup teams, Super Falcons Olympics qualifiers etc.

    Pray tell, in a new world order where Nations look for the best talent anywhere to manage critical positions, what place do we have for antiquated men like Segun Odegbami?

    The man is referencing the football environment of the 1060s and 1970s to draw conclusions on a completely unrecognizable world over of 2020 (50 years apart).

    I think rather than be sources of wisdom, these old men have constituted themselves into a burden the young must carry on our way to achieving progress.

    How long shall we continue to be weighed down by these people?

  • Sean 1 year ago

    In summary…
    The main reason why Rohr should be sacked is because he’s not a Nigerian.
    The home grown coaches are the best we need wether they underperformed or take bribes, he’s ready to sink with them so far they are Nigerians.
    If we like, we shouldn’t qualify for any tournament again…
    Age and Maturity are two different things.
    I don’t know why some people chose to remain in the past.
    To this man, the best players we’ve had were Thunder Balogun, Muda Lawal, etc..players without football records.
    Nawa o!
    Well..I pray you are healed but Rohr stays.

  • KangA 1 year ago

    Odegbami won’t relent over Rohr’s issues. It is now his personal crusade to see Rohr go—for selfish reasons. His subsequent articles are becoming more brazen, filled with lies, promoting racial hatred. And this is a man who claims to be a politician, desiring to become a governor. A politician touting an unpopular opinion and thinking he’ll get the people’s mandate? 

    He has openly acknowledged that he is foolish, so let him tune down. Foolishness is not a virtue. Not all of us are foolish. We have seen the good works of Rohr and want him to take the SuperEagles higher. All the talk about patriotism, employing your own, promoting the black race are empty remarks meant to deceive. His real interest is to have a malleable indigenous coach that will do his bidding. 

    We know!

    Go get medical help with your BP, and consider mental health check . . . just as a comprehensive touch. We are happy with Rohr. 

    • Odegbami is myopic and his comments are becoming a signpost of a frusrsted footballer. He is living on the past.. its a pity Complete sports still gives him a platform to spew out his stupid and incoherent analysis.

  • KING 1 year ago

    Gone ar de days when words of elders were words of wisdom.
    Nowadays the reverse is the case.

    No wonder nigeria is stil like this. Our elders ar de ones with wrong advice.
    Bringing de success of 1930s to 2020s thinking it will work.

    They use to tell me nigeria is this & that in african football.
    But today going by history one can see that EGYPT, CAMEROUN & Ghana ar TROPHY MECHANT in africa.
    Nigeria can only manage her 3rd trophy in 2013 afcon.
    Wich football history is he talking about???

    My candid advice to those of u that ar supporting the thrash, jagon, rubbish & imbecilic write up of this self acclaimed icon or elder is that; they should seize from it.
    Remember, this self acclaimed elder has achieve all what he could, but for u; u still have a long way to go.
    As u join him to discredit the effort of a foreigner remember the law of “kama”.
    The cup u measure to ROHR; some day some time, another man wil also measure it plus “jara” to u.
    I rest my case……

  • Douglas 1 year ago

    Please which of the local coaches are we talking about here, is it siasia that cannot qualify us to two nations cup. He blame Austin eguavoen for lossing first match against equatorial guinea but he forgot Austin eguavoen was in his shoes 2006 World Cup qualifies. Or is it Sunday that is very arrogant, someone who ranway from duty citing that is life was not safe as a Nigeria coach, the same person that causes alot of confusion in the team. Who, may be Austin eguavoen. At least he tried the few time he spend, he was able to humiliate might Algeria in their ‘Oran’ 2-4 goals from Martin’s, ayila, utaka and he paraded the youngest squad then in Africa. Outside him who are the coaches please. Hope they are not referring to those that won under age cup. Let me ask, apart from Nigeria which other country have promote their under age coaches to senior team coach. Apart from Austin eguavoen which other local coach took us high in FIFA ranking. How many trophies our local coaches that are alive have won for us during their duration. If the only achievement rohr has is lifting us from bottom pit of 70 in the world and 16 in Africa to 30 in the world and 3 in Africa, then I am grateful. If a failure coach can make me to throw away my calculator by qualifying with one match spell, God bless him. If a unqualify coach can bring in high quality players who can walk into any first of world class country first eleven with question then such is my coach.

  • Samuel 1 year ago

    Genot ROHR has done well.The day we put our super eagle on the hands of local coaches,we will fall and fall.Odegbami i dont have your time again.Take it or leave it,Genot rohr will achieve something before he leaves.

  • bros you have said it all. I meant Uncle Segun on a flight to Nigeria. Honestly i couldn’t believe he spoke eloquently. Everyone wanted to have a word with him, and he responded so positively. This is a man that is passionate about Nigeria. How i wish all those saying negative stuff about him could take time and sit one on one to address issues like this. He is an insider, who knows so much about what transpires in the NFF. Well lets see what Rohr has to offer going forward

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Omo9ja ( I must admit this is best brilliant analysis you have eve made in recent time , you simply killed it , nothing to add )
     [email protected]@ ( where were you since all these days , your fire power entry today especially @ Akunde, is simply announcement of great minds that would never be intimidated nor succumb to the spirit of inferiority complex syndrome of anything white man do is the best and anything black does is bad , in due course, you will see brilliant analysis of the great minds like @Goal @Larry @IIuwa & other progressives great minds who always delivers very robust analysis devoid of insult that you will be proud of that , yes there is hope in this Nation ).

    I read some comment and I cannot help it , but to wonder how did we get to this level , can Nigeria be ever great again , with the type of generation that would rather burry her country potentials with a very frightening self defeatist African inferiority complex. today ordinary toothpicks we rely on white , what a country!

    Segun Odegbami is a stakeholder, ex successful player that his 2 goals ensured Afcon was won for the first time,  sports administrator/ Journalist who is very much entitled to his opinion, it is absurd that those that has never played U17 in their life , never being an online freelance would be insulting an icon , a role model that proved to the lazy youths of this day that one can successfully combines academic with soccer and that is why he remains the most relevant among his peers ( even his acclaimed and highly respect Captain Chukwu look on to him as their spoke person ).

    An average coach with average performance that was overwhelmed in the WC, taught football basics lessons by local coach of another country in Afcon with shameful bronze medal was  ridiculous rewarded with $95%  salary increment from $30k to $55k , given an embarrassing contract clause to be living in his home country as if he is doing Nigeria big favour ( never heard of such clause anywhere in the world, even Pep & JM combined cannot be given such shameful clause ), and some people would want us to continue with this type of corrupt arrangement with NFF who always frustrates the Nigerian coaches out with unpaid salary so that they can continue doing business with their whites coaches where they share their salary 50/50 .

    Rohr should be the last foreign coach in Nigeria, would never support his sack with the employment of another white,  rather corruption in NFF should be killed first to see the wonders our ex internationals coaches would do. In this reality of post pandemic disease where every sensible countries are looking inward, we cannot afford to be wasting money on a good coach better than Rohr who is an average, yes I agree , Rohr is an average coach whose contract renewal may likely  be likened to PMB 2018 re-election, instead of sacking him to employ great white coach , we should give him competent assistants who can cover his technical deficiencies or we sack him outright and rightly forward 

    • Tunde 1 year ago

      Uncle Segun pls leave dis man alone.We don’t need high profile coach.It is not like b4 we beg opponent to play for draw for us to qualify.Or tell me which players Bonfrere built for future from Sydney 2000 and AFCON 2000.

  • De Star 1 year ago

    … his contract renewal may be likened to the PMB 2019 re-election. At big stage , Rohr does not have that winning mentality to deliver except NFF is ready to support him with very brilliant assistants who can cover his technical deficiencies   

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    I’ve told myself I wouldn’t respond to Mr Odegbami’s tirades anymore…the most ludicrous part of this latest one is even the Adelakun part…LMAO. It’s better I don’t talk about it since it’s Mr Odegbami that does everything in his sports academy, from the job of the cleaner, to that of the secretary, the accounts manager, the driver, the HR, the trainer etc….I’m very sure he never delegates duties. He must be the one running the whole show….no wonder he is a few notches away from having a stroke.

    The world can now see the evil plot going on behind the scenes in our football, some of which Oga is beginning to let his frustrations mistakenly reveal. So just as we have known before now, Rohr’s new contract was “…deliberately designed for him to reject…” but the Willy old fox is beating them to their game…LMAO..no wonder their blood pressures are beginning to rise to boiling point due to fraustration….LMAO. Of course they know they can’t sack him because there’s absolutely no reason to..the team is getting stronger, getting better, winning matches, playing beautiful soccer, the man has met every target given to him in his contracts so far, and with him accepting to negotiate this new contract which they thought they had designed for him to reject, he has become a huge bone in their throats….LMAO.
    All of Una never see anything, shey na only high BP Una dey get, Una go still get wetin pass that one wen time reach…LMAO

    My real response to Uncle Segun is captured by this wonderful piece of news;


    Above is the story of a Nigerian getting appointed as a coach in Europe. The dude was not an exinternational, neither did he play at the “top level” like they always say of our exinternationals, most of whom had at best average careers in Europe, nor did he have the phone numbers of the club chairman or an Odegbami-like fellow who can prop him up on news, print or online media as the next best thing after garri+sugar+groundnut and ice-water combi in a hot weather. This young man got this job simply because he had requisite training, licenses and experience needed by the management of the club for such a job.

    But the lazy exinternationals whose cause this Racist, Mr Lai Odegbami, is fronting will sit down in their parlours and lie to us that nobody wants to give them jobs because they are black…..ehennn..??? Remove NFF jobs from their profiles and they have nothing noteworthy to show. The likes of Emenalo, Olofinjana, Kolo Toure and this young Nigerian who just got a job in Poland must be albinos because even in Africa too the can’t get jobs…..I’ve said it before….they have nothing on their CVs to get any reasonable job anywhere, unless NFF makes them a charity case by giving them SE to turn to Yaba market.

    If it where one Kennedy Boboye or Fidelis Ikechukwu or Abdu Maikaba who took over the SE from 70th in the world and 16th in Africa having missed 3 out of 4 AFCONs and went ahead to qualify us unbeaten or with games to spare to tournaments and even reach touching distance from equaling our best feats ever, straight from the dustbin where we were picked up from…If it were to be a Nigerian who is in Rohr’s position today and has managed the SE the way Rohr has managed it to the point where we are today, by now what Mr Mathematical would be writing about how NFF MUST as a matter of national importance erect a statue of this coach at Murtala Muhammed International Airport. But because its a foreigner and a white, it all counts for nothing. That’s the height of inferiority complex, xenophobia and racism.

    1. Can anyone be contented with NFF employing a certain Jan Van Brooke who has only ever coached a 3rd division club in France for one season and a 2nd division club in Belgium for half a season as the next SE coach…??

    2. Can anyone be contented with NFF employing a certain Stephan Camacho who has only coached for 1 season each in 3 Kenyan clubs and 1 Sudanese league club (with no trophies), was former U17 coach of Mexico and coach of Ugandan national team for only just 12 matches (winning only 2) before he was sacked, as the next coach of the SE as from July when Rohr goes…???

    3. Can anyone be contented with NFF employing a certain former 128 caps Argentina captain Riquelme who has retired since after 2014 world cup but has not coached or trained as a coach ever since as, the replacement for Rohr…?

    I’m sure we will set the NFF secretariat ablaze if coaches with the profiles above are appointed as Rohr’s replacements, not just because they are oyinbos, but because their profiles are nothing near those of the calibre of Nigeria’s National team. But are those profiles any different from those of our so called exinternationals whom Odegbami and other “promoters of nepotism and mediocrity” are clamouring for…???

    Is the profile stated in 1 above not similar to that of that arrogant lair Sunday Oliseh…?

    Is the profile stated in 2 above not similar to that of Amunike…?

    Is the profile of 3 above not similar to that of Yobo…?

    If we can’t hand our national team over to any of 1,2 or 3 above, then which one of our world class exinternationals has a profile that is up to or better than that of Rohr (even though rohr is such a useless scumbag who has had F9 all through his over 20year coaching career as most of these racists claim).

    It’s such a shame that a black Nigerian who didn’t even play football can get a job in Europe ahead of our lazy exinternationals…fake guadiolas.

    We have said it before and we will say it again….THE BEST AVAILABLE THAT WE CAN AFFORD WITH A BETTER PROFILE THAN THE INCUMBENT SHOULD BE EMPLOYED AS COACH OF OUR DEAR SUPER EAGLES whether white or black, whether Egyptian or Ghanaian.

    Enough of Nepotism, Favouritism and Mediocrity as 1st consideration for employment in Nigeria….Enough of it.

  • Debo 1 year ago

    @Dr. Drey, My God bless you with this submission. You made the point clearly. But unfortunately, common sense is definitely not common and some people on this forum really affirmed that. I know no matter how brilliant your submissions are, some people had chosen NEVER to reason objectively. It is very unfortunate to hear fellow Nigerians justifying corruption with racism. That is evil on many levels and they do not even pause to think about it. Worse still, to think an Elderly person like Uncle Segun can stoop this low, I mean extremely low. It is highly disgraceful to say the least.

    There is nothing sensible in the argument he made. He knew he had no sensible argument left to discredit Rohr, then he resorted to this ridiculous chant of racism. I had lost every iota of respect I’ve got for him. All the enemy of progress like him will continue to have high BP. They need something to keep them busy.

  • De Star 1 year ago

    The problem with Rohr’s promoters is ,they over hyped his average achievement just as the way his business partner NFF celebrated his mediocrity. And they will allude to every good things to Rohr but looked other way if it is not positive , when they run out of idea as there are no major achievement to be counted on a coach that messed up in WC and Afcon, they would count  as achievement any Nigerian players that agreed to play for Nigeria as achievement as if many players like Balogun, Victor mosses & Co have not done the same in the past ,any good players that is playing very well in his club it is Rohr’ achievement ( what a joke ) 
    Probably we need to ask them who is the coach of S/E when Tam Abraham, Fikayo etc refused to play for eagles, is it Oliseh, Amunike ? 

    Celebrating his 3rd best rated in Africa , 31st in the world as if he has won Afcon gold or 2nd round in WC. Yet the the highest ranked African team was coached by a local coach 
    Keshi & Onigbinde in their first attempt as Eagles coaches won Afcon gold and sliver with both especially Chief Onigbinde built team from the scratch with Muda Lawal was the only player retained as the team was disbanded due to indiscipline 

    Westerhof in his first year built a new team made up of mainly young players like Amokachi less than 20 years old and only loose  to the host in the Afcon final , within 4 years he was already 18 in the world and in the 5th year the super eagles was 5th ranked. So what is spectacular in Rohr , with the number of years given him , arrays of players available , plus arrangee salary that has never been given to any previous coaches , to whom much is given much is expected.

    We should stop celebrating mediocrity, Rohr cannot do it at the big stage , he is an average coach that needs help . A good and marketable coach would not be tossed around 1 month to the expiration of his contract, in fact the day he accepted to be paid in Naira is the day he lost my respect , as a professional, that is desperation taken to another level . If he is that good as his super supporters would want us to believe, he would have been given good tempting offer by other great football nations .

    NFF should either sack him , we look inward or retain him and support him with good assistants that can cover his technical deficiencies. Uncle Segun Odegbami cannot be totally wrong , period !

    • Well done De Star

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Your African Guadiolas need help first….they are jobless. Pls help them get employed, A 24yr old BLACK NIGERIAN just got a job as a coach of the professional club in Europe, your world class exinternationals are coaching in Twitter and Brilafm. Busy yourself with helping your tin-gods get jobs first, after that we can now talk about your FAILED MISSION of undermining someone who is currently employed and has been offered a 2nd contract after meeting his employer’s targets…LMAO.

      Most of these racists know that with the rate at which the SE is progressing under Rohr, it is only a matter of time before we start surpassing our best ever feats and if that happens the clamour for foisting of unqualified local coaches on us will be buried for ever for good. So the plan is to try a means possible to ease him out before we reach that destination….LMAO
      But the white old man is beating them at their own tricks…. hahahaha….that is why they all are having high BP.

      @Destar you better take a cue from your coach Uncle Sege by going for a medical checkup ASAP, we don’t want to hear that you suddenly got paralysed on the right side of your body o. Lolz

  • OmoEsan 1 year ago

    To say I am extremely disappointed in Elder Segun Odegbami is an understatement.

    People with critical reasoning ability have since proved him wrong and he now falls back on racism to push his evil course.

    @Dr Drey, I can’t thank you enough for your detailed and analytical response to the Elders rantings. You couldn’t have said it better.

    With the Elder’s rantings, I’m afraid the NFF may be hell bent on relieving Rohr of his job. Their initial plan of giving him stringent conditions may have failed and I guess they may be set to activate a Plan B.

    This was the same manner the Elder clamored for a certificateless Yobo and one week later he got the job, a case of the witch crying last night and the child dieing in the morning if you ask me.

    I’m not a prophet of doom but I’m beginning to foresee a terrible Plan B targeted at forcing Rohr out.

    What if the NFF renews Rohr’s contract and begin to frustrate him on the job by owing him salaries, unduly interfering in team selections , making his camp uncomfortable for him , using their cronies in the media against him or using his assistants or some of his players against him.

    Recent accusations of bribery within the NFF has shown how dirty the glass house is and my suspicion above is a possibility going by this track record.

    It will indeed be a pity if Rohr is frustrated out of this job and our darling team is allowed to go on another downward spiral.

    Whatever happens, Pinnick’s intentions will be known in few weeks.

    Until then, we siddon look.

  • GLORY 1 year ago

    Witches number 1 characteristic is foolishness, as they will destroy everything good around them, including their own children,just because of trivial issues. So Odegbami saying he rather be foolish gets me thinking. Besides been a good football player back in the days, it just beginning to seem Odegbami dovetailing into a serial failure in everything he ventured into has become too frustrating to bear for him, hence all of these cry baby ranting. Yes I personally will be happy to one day see our ex internationals become SE Managers,especially those with good experience playing football in Europe n also with good experience coaching. BUT PLEASE ODEGBAMI IS THIS HOW TO GO ABOUT ACHIEVING THAT? ARE YOU STILL IN THE CAVE AGES HENCE DONT UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYTHING NEEDS TIMING AND WELL STRUCTURED PLAN, DONT YOU KNOW THST THERE ARE LOADS OF STAKEHOLDERS INVOLVED IN NATIONAL TEAM SET UP, SUCH AS SPONSORS? DONT YOU KNOW GETTING SPONSORS TIES INTO THE TEAMS PERFORMANCES, TEAMS MAKEUP, DONT YOU KNOW TOP FRIENDLY MATCHES IS A CONSEQUENCE OF THE ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF THE TEAM, DONT YOU KNOW THAT THE PROFILE OF THE NATIONAL TEAM POSITIVELY IMPACT ON OUR LOCAL TEAM IN SO MANY WAYS? I CAN GO ON N ON.. I’D DECIDED NOT COMMENT ON ANY OF YOUR VERY BASELESS WRITE UPS, ALWAYS PORTRAYING A FEW CARDS SHORT OF A FULL DECK. BUT ITS HARD TO IGNORE A FOOLISH PERSON, ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT FOOLISH PERSON IS TRYING TO USE HIS FOOLISHNESS TO DESTROY WHAT BELONGS TO EVERYONE. IF ITS YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS, PERHAPS YOUR COMPETITORS BY NOW WILL BE DOING NUMEROUS THANKS GIVING IN CHURCHES WHILE EARNESTLY PRAYING THAT GOD ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS.

  • Tola 1 year ago

    Mathematical odegbami is entitled to his opinions. Why are children of nowadays insulting a national icon? SHAME!!!

    • Sean 1 year ago

      @Tola..let’s hear your own opinion.
      Are u in support or against the write up up there ?

  • Samchi 1 year ago

    Like the Israelites whom there elders never saw the glory of entering into the promise Land this Old man called Segun is beginning to walk in the same direction, stiff necked generation that put This great country in its present mess’ just can’t cease until they meet their Doom_
    This Men are so blind to see #that super Eagles is the Future and Rohr can’t be taking out of the Occasion_

    This Man should have a little respect for himself and stop transferring babaric, mafia and zero-discipline of their playing days to our young and purposeful generation.

    • @ Samchi, irrespective of Mathematical’s opinion, I am sure you never watched Odegbami played for either shooting stars or green eagles in the 70s till the 80s when he retired due to injury. His set was the most dedicated team of players, well disciplined to have worn the green white green. From captain Chukwu, Odiye, Usiyen, Okala, Ekeji, Muda, Atuegbu, Ojebod, Awesu, Adokie to mention a few, those men played for Nigeria out of love for the game while been camped in a hostel along surulere with no bus, no adequate football or training kits to train with, no to talk of little bonus being given to them. Still they gave it all.
      It’s been a pleasure to have watched them live.

      • Sammy 1 year ago

        I don’t think it gives him the right to impose his outdated, mediocre and racist mindset on football fans.

        He may have been a giant as a player, but on the subject of football administration of the 21st century, he knows nothing.

        The world he grew up in has faded and is gone forever. He should be quiet if he is unable to reconcile himself to that fact.

        In the world of today, people want better results and a better life, there is no concern for race, ethnicity, federal character or other such nonsense in football. The same mindset killing the general Nigerian society today.

  • @Destar, click this link and read write up from people with brain and honest patriotism, not one hungry exinternational. https://thenationonlineng.net/super-eagles-manager/ This is from Ade Ojekere

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      I respect uncle Sege as a former great Green Eagles player and a pundit. No disrespect to his achievement as a football ambassador. However, if he chooses to be foolish as he has rightly claimed that Rohr should go then I implore him to remain foolish until after the 2022 Mundial.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      @ola, just read it. Thank God we still have people in this country that are bold enough to speak the truth whilst exposing the sinister plans of the wicked. Odegbami is a shame to Nigerian football as far as I’m concerned. He doesn’t in any way deserve my respect. Overrated fool like him. Bet me,if he had the opportunity to play abroad, he’d not be reasoning like this but his mediocritic attitude pinned him down in Nigeria. Shameless local champion like him. I wish that guy (ade ojekere) would post that article here to counter the rubbish this idiot has been dishing out here on csn. Is it a crime for rohr to refuse denting his hands with corruption? His football college has failed to be marketing players ever since rohr came on board and hence he wants him out to be replaced by a stooge (yobo) who he can control back and forth like a puppet! The Lord God Almighty shall scatter their evil plans and i prophesy that anybody who has evil intentions against Mr rohr and his great team shall be put to shame. His evil schemes shall fall on his head and it shall not be well with him (them). Elders (wicked elders) are the reason why there is so much suffering in Nigeria despite the abundance of resources (human and material) in the country, hence, we are saying enough is enough of their evil! We can’t take it anymore! Odegbami should go to hell and burn to ashes.

      • BigD 1 year ago

        Here David Alaba can be heard refuting that story of people demanding a bribe. He says it is not true it’s fake https://youtu.be/Gk3CVW6HcjQ

    • petual 1 year ago

      @ola i hav read the write up and i found this. https://thenationonlineng.net/i-was-asked-to-pay-bribe-before-playing-for-nigeria-says-david-alaba/ If its true please baba odegbami fans should help me ask him if this is the kind of coaches he want for our SE.

  • KangA 1 year ago

    As a matter of urgency, the government should investigate Odegbami’s and consider stripping him on the MON national honours. His self-declared foolishness and overt hatred for Rohr, who is carrying out his legitimate duties as a law abiding citizen,  is akin to hatred of humanity, and hatred and scorn for Nigerians. He is not befitting of the MON honours conferred on him. 

    His write-ups are anti-Nigeria at a time we are all praying that other countries treat Nigerians with respect and compassion. I am sure that his racial hatred will reverberate not only in Germany and France but also also all over Europe. It’s a good guess that up to ten people from his own village are living and working in the West, earning vital foreign exchange.  The same applies to most areas all over Nigeria. What if these people become victims of xenophobia?

    Odegbami should not be allowed to continue portraying Nigerians as racists. If his close friends and family have refused to raise a red flag to his face, the government should. 

    If he were not a demented guy, one would advise him to try his popularity at the next NFF presidential polls, but that would be a waste of energy. 

    We need a response from government. 

  • Mr Hush 1 year ago

    The mind crosses the river before the body.

    There is a very thin line between patriotism and nationalism.
    A nationalist is a patriot subject to the fallacy that a nation can survive alone in this jungle called earth when facts and logic shows him otherwise.

    A patriot devoution is bound by his love for his country and would do all to see her success,not minding yielding and working with others out there for the development of his country’s interests.
    A nationalist takes it further. A nationalist interest is all about the country not minding who they burn to keep such interest. A nationalist tends to swing towards isolationism; seclusion from other nations and people of other.
    The thing nationalist fail to understand is that, no one is an island and no one would ever be.

    Segun Odegbami is a nationalist but he is swinging towards pure arrogance, sweeping away logic over emotions.

    The question is;
    If they really wanted to let go of Rohr, why didn’t they do it immediately after the Afcon,so we would be well ready before the qualifiers for the next Afcon and world cup?

    Why now?
    Is it reasonable to sack a man that has almost qualified us for the Afcon,again?
    Having a perfect record so far,home and away wins; filling in with a blend of the young exciting players and new exciting prospects!

    And I am tired of hearing that Nigerians did it in the past.
    The past is not the present and the past never defines tomorrow.

    These same Nigerians that did it in the past still cost us a lot.

    If Rohr is to be let go (which I am totally against). Then we should go for better hands. Wherever they come from doesn’t matter.

    Like every patriot out there that sees things beyond emotions, Rohr is doing reasonably well and he should be allowed to continue. We are sitting on a gold mine ,we should be too eager to blow it up with our own dynamite. Patience is what we need.

    After all, they have put Yobo as an understudy (against popular demand); Yobo is Nigerian,so let’s wait and see how it goes with Yobo and Rohr. It is a win win.

    My loyalty lies with the Super Eagles and Nigeria.

    • Mr Hush 1 year ago

      *we are sitting on a gold mine,we shouldn’t be too eager to blow it up with our own dynamite….

  • Mercy 1 year ago

    I shook my head in shock as I was reading this article by uncle sege. What I saw was nothing but pure hatred for fellow human being. For many of us, particularly we Nigerians in the diaspora working in a reputable organizations when we read some articles such as this, we cry in agony for the evil being perpetuated by the so called leaders who are unwillingly to stop until they fulfil their evil agenda.

    Those that were seasoned followers of Nigeria football will agree with me that there are some players in the wc 2014 list who had no business in the team especially considering players like obasi, ideye, ik that were dropped for the likes of uchebo, azubuike etc I have never read in anywhere where those in charge of our football including uncle sege coming out to say a word about all the allegations that has been coming out in the past few weeks but we have read tons of times where mr Segun has come out to condemn GR.

    If in deed uncle sege has thinking cap and has children, he will understand that his children might in future be in oversees working with the white men that he hate passionately….know this “what you sow today,you shall reap and the evil that men’s do live after them.”

  • His your turn to SINK with all ur follower, no problem about ur choice sir.

    But for me, I will never SINK with you again cos,me don SINK frm 2014-17 soo-tey, I dey num 17 for Africa. Where were u and all ur locally made coaches dey all dose yrs……?

    Now wey I don dey manage SWIM small small, wey God don put butter inside my bread,dey wait for the coffee wey I go take drink am, U con dey get BP wen me don get am past.

    I will suggest u continue with the BP till further notice sir.

  • KING 1 year ago

    But wait o!

    What makes him an icon (according to his followers that claims he is) ?
    No WC appearnce, no CAF CL, CAF CC. (trophy)

    What makes him an icon?
    They say he was this & that.
    Yet GHANA were stil ruling africa & when they catch nigeria they thrash the hell out of us & their self acclaimed icon was there.
    Why didn’t he perform magics against elite countries like GHANA, CAMEROUN, EGYPT to deny them the numerous afcon they won at our expense?
    All their footballing prowees, skills, strength was against minos like SUDAN, MALAWI, ZIMBABWE, NAMIBIA, ERITEA.

    What makes him an icon?
    He started his career in 9ja & still ended in 9ja.
    No european honors like UCL, UEL, LEAGUE TITLES (whether in average leagues).

    What makes him an icon?
    His fans says he was a magician yet he cant take his nation to the WC.
    THEY WILL MENTION GREEN EAGLES (U23). Where a 37year old nigerian will be playing against a 20year european…. Spare me diz crpas jare.
    I reject this type of self acclaimed icon.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      [email protected]….I’ve been asking myself that same question. I researched but what I found was just a sham of a record, very empty. He’s just overrated and over hyped. He doesn’t deserve any of those honours, honestly. If he had sense, he should have remained quiet and be basking in the euphoria of being a “legend” but his wickedness and foolishness have forced the younger generation to carry out an extensive research to find out the truth and the result is absolutely nothing to write home about. There’s nothing in his profile that qualifies him to be a legend, nothing!!!! Read the profile of people like roger Miller and abedi Pele. You’d see that these people really contributed immensely to the development of their country’s football respectively, winning laurels multiple times and playing both at home and abroad for different notable clubs. These are people who deserve the legend tag not this old shameless fool that has nothing to show for his claims. I think he’s just a frustrated jealous wicked fellow.

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Where was he when in those days football in Africa was still in archaic stages, when Cameroon and Ghana capitalised on that fact and were winning trophies back to back, making history as multiple title holders. Why didn’t he help Nigeria win laurels at the time apart from the 1980 nation’s cup and all African games trophies? This guy is just an overrated idiot that should be stripped of whatever honours he has received . He’s a bad example to the younger generation and and such has no place in our today’s world. Aside from being a racist, he’s equally a core tribalist.

  • Tancosports 1 year ago

    Let me Start by saying that I’m a Togikeaey by descent but a Nigerian by birth, had my primary, secondary up to a tertiary education in Nigeria. I have been following SE since 1996, the passion I have for SE makes me cry anytime we lost a game. Let me start my proper analysis based on what I know as a fan and a follower of Round leather game.

    I don’t have a passion for club football, neither am I a fan of any club, but I support any team that any Super eagle player plays in. At the moment, I’m a big fan of Man U, Leicester city, Everton, Lille,westbrom, Legannes and so on.

    Apart from late shuaibu Amodu, No Nigerian coach is qualified to handle Super eagles. Late Stephen keshi was business man, we all know that except we have to be sentimental about it. What happened to his team immediately after the 2014 WC? We were beaten right here in our backyard by Congo. Keshi didn’t build a team, rather he was using the team as platform to sell some players to European clubs bases on %. We had Gabriel Ruben who didn’t have club, Uche Nwofor who play only one or two competitive game for whole season in his club beveren in Dutch league, and many other mystery player like babatunde et al. The funniest thing was that before and after the world cup those group of players were no where to found.

    I really like Sunday oliseh, he was able to lay a little foundation to the team Rohr is been building, he gave iheanacho, Iwobi, indidi, Moses Simon, Shehu Abdulah their national team cap and these set of player are still very much relevant with this Team but Oliseh failed us in his man management skill, he had mis understanding with Enyeama which forced the man to retired untimely.

    Pls uncle Segun or should I say Baba segun Odegbami, pls leave Rohr alone, we love thi man and what he’s doing with the team. He’s building a team for us, a team that can play together for many years to come. Forget about NPFL players, they don’t a single quality to play for us. Let the LMC redevelop and standardized the league back to the it used to in the 70s,80s and early 90s before you start advocating for local player being part of this great team.

    More to come,.,.

    • Sammy 1 year ago

      I whole heartedly endorse your message. Amodu Shuaibu was the best local coach Nigeria ever had. Nobody comes close. His team selection was spot on; he qualified the country to two world Cups. The man deserves a national honour for serving his country meritoriously.

      It was clowns like Segun Odegbami and their satanic allies in the press who diminished the man’s achievements, denied him the chance to take the country to the world cup twice while replacing him with people parachuted in to do his job in less than 6 months, and in so doing hurt the country badly in the process.

      Men like Amodu, deserve our respect for their competence and patriotism, the same sadly cannot be said about the author of this article.

  • KING 1 year ago


    Dear CLUELESS, MYOPIC, RACIST & BRAIN-WASHED followers of ODEGBAMI, we are tired of ur high BPs, rivers of tears including ur self acclaimed elder/icon….
    Pls do us a little favor….
    Cry us pool of BLOOD….

    But note that; Rohr to the next level is an achieved mandate….. Take it or leave it….

    Pls don’t fail to cry us pool of blood…. U can extend it to ur locally made and self acclaimed icon or elder or what ever local meaningless title u may wish to give him…..

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago


    My next move has to be to a club where i will get assurance of gametime, firstly, to continue my progress and also to keep my spot in the national team – Cyriel Dessers

    For Ejuke, its a done deal, he only needs to maintain his consistency when football resumes, there’s always a spot for good players

    I’m more focused on my club football. Without doing well in my club, there is no way I will get the call-up – Brown Ideye

    When we got to Abuja, I wrapped my hands around the coach (Rohr) and asked him why I wasnt playing, You know what he said to me…He said I should go and play in England. He doesn’t like the level of the Isreali league insisting that I should move to a better league to play. – Nosa Igiebor

    Those are quotes from Nigerian Internationals. Is anyone still surprised why/how our players are suddenly moving to the top leagues in Europe and are ensuring that they make the XI in their clubs…???

    The man behind it all is the one long-throats are ganging up against to push out of his job so they can replace with their stooges and take us back to the land of Egypt.

    Shey na only high BP Una get, don’t worry, all the enemies not Nigerian football will never have rest of mind until they desist from their evil plots.

  • GLORY 1 year ago

    Good one @ Oakfield. I honestly feel your pain hence I find it hard to ever criticize your strong words. Everytime I think of nigeria n it’s state of thing my blood runs cold, weeping profusely in my heart. And truth be told, the bane of our progress as a nation, has been too much respect for “elders” simply because they are elders.

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Dr Drey, well done with your uncompleted information, you should have completed your news on Nosa Igiebor, the remarks from Rohr that made him not to honour the next invitation where his name was on the N01 list ; Where he claimed Rohr made remarks that many of them are only coming to camp because of the camp allowance , which was the reason he never honoured the next invitation.

    Now as coach , was it right for him to have made such remarks for the players he invited to himself to the camp ? Uncle Segun Odegbami  made similar remarks against Rohr that he was only getting monthly alert without impacting on the players , choosing to stay in his comfort zone in his country, without discovering raw talent  from the local league,  you called him names , as if it was not the same league that Sunday Mba was discovered by the hardworking Keshi.

    Why invited a player to the camp when you know , you will not allow him to play because he is playing in Isreal and not in England ? when I tell you that Germans are the most racist in the world because I have worked with many nationals , you called us names when I said nobody from Africa would try 30%  in Germany what we tolerated from Rohr , you called us racist . 
    I am sure you read interview of JJ Ockocha when he said , he never knew he was black until he gets to Germany. 

    Enyama was player from local league in Nigeria when Onigbinde put him on duty in WC 

    Obaobona was a local league player when Keshi mandated him to stop the almighty Drogba and Yaya Toure 
    Sunday Mba was a local player when Keshi audaciously unleashed him on the almighty star studded CIV to bundled them out in quarterfinals Afcon 

    Amokachi, was a rookie local young boy when Westerhof brought him to compete with Baba Yekini and Siasia 

    That is the differences between great coaches and average coaches . 

    You Rohr’s promoters would come up with news that favour Rohr and skip the one against him just to destroy the potentials of your Countrymen , insult them ( can you see why western world would never respect us , because mentally many Africans are still colonized ) . Ade Ojeieke news that was shared here in this platform, you people mischievously didn’t tell us where he made remarks that Rohr did not have the required skills to perform well in the 2018 WC .

    Now, was it different from my previous analysis that an average Rohr was overwhelmed in the WC and do loses idea at the big stage and that if he is to be retained  , NFF should support him with highly skilled assistants , so why are you calling us names when I said Big Sege is not totally wrong on his verdict on Rohr ( why can’t you also fault Ade Ojokeere who claimed Rohr did not have the required skills to excel in that WC 2018 ?

     would you people prefer we go to the next WC or Afcon again with Rohr who does not have the required skills to succeed for us to continue to celebrate mediocrity ? 

    I refused to be mentally recolonized in the name of not being called racist  . Big Segun Odegbami is equally a stakeholder even more than many that are calling him names , he is not totally wrong , Rohr himself knows Uncle is saying basic and bitter truth to the wised ones . 

    • Mr Hush 1 year ago


      I respect the fact you are strongly opinionated.
      But I totally disagree with your view.

      I stand to be corrected but there is no yardstick to measure racism, most human tend to be racist,black or white or yellow,simply out of egotism or just plain ignorance. People fear what they don’t understand and people stem to always favour their own,thinking they are better over the person of other. It is just human nature.

      If you say the Germans are more racist then you have never met the Chinese, who are simply putting it out right now. What about the Italians or the Slavic nations like Russia,Serbia, Poland etc.
      Or what would you say about the BLACK Americans who totally can’t relate with Africans and totally find them outrageous.
      or the BLACK South Africans attacking everyone,blaming everyone else but themselves.
      The point is;it is sad but Racism goes beyond Germans.
      It is totally myopic to just lay the blame solely on German society just because you want to prove your point against Rohr. There are better ways.
      There are many Nigerians,blacks doing well in Deutschland and have been given he much needed respect by Germans. Based on my personal experience, Germans would always respect productivity and hardwork no matter where you come from.
      Point in case;the refugees in take in Europe is mostly done by Germany.go to Koln ,Franfurt you would see. In fact,The Germans just recently sent financial palliative to your Nigerian government for support with the Covid 19.
      Yes.there might be racist Germans but it would wrong assertion to claim they all are.

      Further more,
      Do you really think the Nigerian league during Rohr’s era is the same as the time of Westerhof,Onigbinde or Keshi?

      In the 80s and early 90s.the best of Nigerian players play in the Nigeria league,it is only commonsensical that Westerhof would get his players from there.

      Don’t forget Enyeama was in an Enyimba team that conquered Africa and was flying high.

      And Keshi’s time, we got a fully functional league, working full throttle not the off and on suspended Nigeria league running during the Rohr’s era.

      I assure you, if all the past coaches(Nigerian or Foreign) had the robust cast of quality players we have playing abroad right now, none would look to the NPFL that is not even functioning properly. That is fact.

      I would ask you this.

      Are all the players Rohr invited so far not Nigerians ?
      Are they not good enough?

      Haven’t Rohr invited any local based players?

      At the time, who would Igiebor have benched?

      Is the Israeli league as good as other top European leagues?

      Isn’t it an honour for Igiebor to have been invited at the first place?

      Was it not fatherly and professional on the part of Rohr to have adviced him to seek a better league to improve himself and his chances to get back into the starting berth in the Eagles?
      So many questions come to mind.
      I respect your thoughts,but we should be logical cause our ideology show who we truly are as a person. Perception is like a mirror,it shows who you really are.

      Remember,merit and productivity is what we seek in the Eagles. Not mere mediocrity and emotions.
      After all,all we want is the best for the Super Eagles and Nigeria at large.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Thanks for your fabbles.
      I will rejoice the day you post without including at least one false statement. It’s like you think it’s your village children you are narrating your adventures to in moonlight.

      I’ve spent the last 2 decades of my life working on 4 different continents and 12 different countries….it’s so very easy for people to pull out the racism card as if there aren’t worse things than racism which they themselves do. I’ve paid my dues everywhere I’ve worked and never have I been disrespected. I’ve bossed blacks and I’ve bossed whites and I can tell you for free that there are bad blacks and bad whites. Go to South Africa and see what blacks are doing to fellow blacks. The only time I would have worked in Nigeria some people felt I took the job of their son. 3 whole months they put my office under lock and key and I went back to my base and their son took over and that project has remained a white elephant project till today. That one is Nigeria to Nigeria. What will you call that.

      What is Rohr doing that you can’t do 30% in Germany…?? He’s following religiouly what is stated in is contract and delivering all the targets in it and you are here talking trash about not doing 30% of what Rohr is doing as if you are the first Nigerian to ever live or work outside Nigeria. You mean you can be 30% professional in Germany…? If that is what you mean then I agree with you…In Germany you have to be 100% professional and Rohr has been nothing short of professional since he has been coach.

      You think they tolerate lies, lateness to work, untrustworthy and non accountable people and unprofessionalism out there…You think they tolerate all the nonsense and lack of work ethics you People display back at home…?? I am one of millions of Nigerians living and working outside the country and I can tell you for free that if you wash your hands well out there you can dine with kings. Nobody tolerates sentiments or excuses out there…that is why they are moving forward and most of you are trekking through the Sahara and swimming through the Mediterranean to be in their countries. Your own country where every Nonsense goes, where nepotism and tribalism is the first criteria for getting a job, where exinternationals who have nothing on their CVs will be begging on pages of newspapers for jobs. Your own country where people who didn’t have secondary school certificate are your ruling class has remained in darkness for 60yrs. After Oil, the next biggest income for Nigeria is money sent home from diaspora. If the hosts choose to be foolish like Mr Mathematical and his followers are choosing to be now, let’s see how that huge source of national revenue will be sustained.
      I greet you Weldone once again.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Now that Rohr has world cup and AFCON experience, people who have chosen to be foolish now want to chase him away for incompetent exinternationals who can’t get jobs unless NFF makes them charity cases to take over from him. How foolish that will be.

      The homebased players picked by other coaches that you are talking about took their chances when given (even though some needed quota system to be in the SE)….more than 15-20 home based players have been invited by Rohr so far and they’ve not been able even make SE bench for games talk more of even playing…even foreign based players are struggling to make the SE bench…that’s how good, unbiased and unsentimental Rohr has gone about his team. Aribo came in and walked straight into the SE starting XI…can anybody dispute his quality seeing what he has brought into the team so far…? All the homebased players who have been invited since 2016, where are they today…??? Most of the are playing in obscure clubs. Junior Lokosa that was NPFL top scorer is struggling to make the bench at Esperance of Tunis. Ikuowem Udoh the one time MVP of NPFL is struggling in Israeli league…that’s how low quality they are. Maybe it’s Rohr that is coaching their teams too. I’m sure you will give excuse of racism again for their struggles….LMAO
      I have said it times without number…stop having high BP about Rohr.. you have called him all sort of names and even called him F9 coach, how 55% win ratio as Gabon coach and 60% win ratio as Nigeria’s coach equals F9 beats sensible reasoning. Worry rather about your local fake guadiolas who are either getting booted out of jobs or getting bans left right and centre. Worry about your world class exinternationals who cannot get jobs and are begging NFF for jobs on pages of newspapers and the internet whereas even a 24yr old fellow Black NIGERIAN who didn’t even play professional football is getting employed in Europe.

      Rohr needs help….every coach does, that’s why they always have a team of assistants….but it’s not your exinternationals who cannot help themselves get or stay in jobs that will help Rohr. When they have helped themselves and are breaking grounds like Amodu was doing in the league and winning trophies, then we can call them for help.

      Your African Guadiolas are as helpless as helplessness itself. Tell them to go and get employment without godfathers first, then we will start taking them seriously.

      I’ve never begged anybody to get a job or contract in my life or my career….I see an advert…I send in my portfolio…we chat via Skype, if they are satisfied they tell me to come over to sign my contract. Shikena. It’s that easy….but only for people who are competent….not arrogant lazy inexperienced fellows who have next to nothing on their CVs.

      F9 in coaching comes with a lot of lessons learnt and experience gained. Whoever doesn’t have that F9 performance that Rohr has had in his close to 30year career (which includes continental and national cup medals) so far shouldn’t near our national team. Including your lazy exinternationals. None of them have portfolios not to even talk of having F9.

      Finis en Klaar..!

  • Uncle Segun: foolishness or stubbornness? (part 1)

    Uncle Segun Odegbami really surprised me in the article above by stating that he intends to be foolish in espousing the sentiments he so painstakingly yet neither unexpected nor uncompromisingly express with much energy and vigour not devoid in most of his commentaries.

    I genuinely don’t think the Mathematical One is foolish, far from it. He has elected to pitch his star against a particular wagon and nothing on earth will make him shift his position.

    Love it or hate it, the 1980 Afcon hero has something to say, a medium to say it, audiences ready and willing to pounce on him and a determination never to change his mind regardless of all the vituperative criticisms that come his way.

    Make no mistake about it, this man is not a fan of foreign coaches, but in particular, he appears to loath everything that Gernot Rohr stands for. His perceptions of Rohr are based on his world view and how he interprets information around him. This is a Pan-Africanist who (I think) will tolerate a local coach who fails miserably than a foreign coach who succeeds mildly so long as it fits the overarching narrative of Africa for Africans.

    Is he foolish, are his views foolish? I don’t think so.

    But I think Uncle Segun’s views are merely a reflection of his interpretations of the world around him and what he proffers as the solutions. Every man, woman, adult and child have a right to express their views after all.

    To be continued…..

  • Uncle Segun: foolishness or stubbornness? (part 2) – Conclusion

    First and foremost, I actually agree with Honourable Segun when he says: “I shall disregard what the promoters of Gernot Rohr are saying that no Nigerian coach is qualified enough to handle the national football team of the country.” End of quote.

    To me, that statement is not foolish at all. Whereas we have credible indigenous Nigerians who can coach the national team, it still makes sense for Gernot Rohr to be engaged to finish off the project he started in 2016 more so as irrefutable evidence show that the Super Eagles have made tremendous progress under the German.

    If Uncle Segun feels that Gernot Rohr has failed, it is a view that he is very well entitled to but not one shared by a large swathe of Super Eagles fans and stakeholders.

    In his piece above, it’s all well and good (but not foolish) to peddle the many achievements of local coaches in the history of Nigerian football. However, conspicuously missing in his write-up are the many failures, farces and foibles of these same local coaches over the years and immediately preceding the appointment of Rohr (who has more or less mopped up the mess left behind by no less than 3 indigenous coaches) . But I don’t expect Uncle Segun to mention those; they will not fit neatly into his outlook or his position – his carefully calibrated content will be tainted by such a sense of balance.

    In one paragraph, the Cristiano-Ronaldo-of–Nigerian-football (in his time) went on to catalogue his perceived shortcomings of Rohr in quite colourful and engrossing language. To me, this is not foolish – it is just the utterances of a man and his interpretations of event around him. However, if he was to counterbalance his own points with positives of Rohr, that will now be foolish simply because it will not rhyme with his overarching viewpoint.

    I absolutely love Segun Odegbami and thoroughly respect his willingness to express his opinions on this matter based on how he sees them. What will be foolish of me is to accept his point of view as gospel – more so as these are laden in selective, subjective and superfluous points which aren’t counterbalanced by alternative facts.

    He is an extremist (in these matters); clearly leaning TOTALLY to one aspect of the matter whilst deliberately choosing to either downplay or ignore (in its entirety) other aspects. He is perfectly entitled to do that as much as I am entitled to pay his comments the ultimate compliments by simply brushing them aside.

    No society will be complete if we don’t have people like my dearly beloved Uncle Segun Odegbami. In a sense, he provides a sense of balance when you combine his write-ups with other events.

    He has taken a position and will stick to it against all odds; against alternative facts.

    That is not foolish, it is just stubborn!

    • Mr Hush 1 year ago

      Masterfully written.
      Well thought out opinion.

      As much as I respect Mr.Odegbami’s freedom to his opinion; there is a very thin line between stubbornness and foolishness.
      When someone is too stubborn to see otherwise,even when facts and logic shows him otherwise, it s fair to say that’s just simply being foolish.
      We should understand this,even the most brilliant minds make foolish and underwhelming decisions too; those that read the bible, would see how the wise King Solomon got to cause the collapse of his dynasty based on his stubbornness that led to him been foolish in the eyes of God.

      An elder do make mistakes in assertions too. It is up to us to be honest enough to tell them when they do; stringent actions call for stringent measures.

      I am not one that would ever disrespect the person of Odegbami. He has served us well. He is a legend to me. But it is for this reason I would call out his foolish statements and ideology when he makes them; not for anything but for the respect I have for him. Cause I expect he would do the same for me,if I am too stubborn to see my agenda is between idiocy and ruin.
      We want to be believe life is rainbows and colours but reality always tell us otherwise.

    • Bomboy 1 year ago

      @ deo (and Mr Hush), thanks for striking a balance to this ‘debate’ and approaching the issue with sound reasoning instead of emotion laden and unprintable words!

  • KING 1 year ago

    “Can an ETHIOPIAN change his skin color? Or can a LEOPARD remove its spot? ”

    Once u discover that a person has made up his mind never to do the right, just leave him alone to continue with his blind hatred for a fellow man like him.

    But as for me i cease & refuse to use any derogatory, downgrading or defaming words on him & there4 i apologise for any of such words or harsh words i used against him in any of my comment @ ODEGBAMI.

    But my prayer is;
    Except this plot to sack OGA ROHR is out of sincerity and a true heart, but if it’s for any selfish interest, it will scatter by fire.
    It will not stand.
    ROHR will stay & continue to put smiles on the faces of over 100million super eagles & soccer loving pple in the world.

    I want to begg my fellow sincere, truthful and faithful citizens (DR. DREY, CHAIRMANFEMI, OLA, OAKFIELD et al) to cease from hiting back at ODEGBAMI.
    I know it’s always hard for a sincere revivalist like the names i listed above to close their eyes, mouth & mind & watch things go the way it aught not.

    For those of u that are in support of this poster i pity u all.
    Remember, the benefit & dividends this poster will get if his plots are executed will never reach u in any way except u are his real child.


  • KING 1 year ago

    The same cup any man, woman, boy, girl or infant measure for OGA ROHR today, another man, woman, boy, girl or infant will also measure for him….

    The same way u pple are blaspheming, defaming and discrediting the effort of this foreigner that is trying to build a wall that was scattered by its citizens,,,,
    men will also do same to u in ur offices or place of work….

    No man on earth will ever see ur effort in life since u refuse to see the effort of this humble and selfless foreigner…..

    U will be discredited in all ur endeavours even in ur hard fought and won success since u have decided to discredit this sincere foreigner…..

    It will stand and no man, demons, spirit will change it except u change and repent of these evil…..


  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Well said as usual @ DEO
    Mr Mathematical’s statements are like a bikini….they reveal everything else but hide the real thing….Lolz

    He boastfully told us that Thunder Balogun led a Nigerian team to pull a 3-3 draw against Brazil…and so what…??? What he refused to tell us was the quality training the same Balogun received in the UK before he became a coach. What he also refused to tell us was that those days, professional footballers were ineligible to participate in the Olympics. That Brazilian team we played 3-3 draw with were Sunday morning non-league footballers from Brazil. What he so didn’t tell us was the results of the other matches we played at that Olympics and why we have to wait till 1980 under a foreign coach to win our first AFCON.

    He also forgot to tell us how in 6years under local coaches we missed 3 AFCONs and dropped from 19th in the world to 70th in the world. It has taken 4 years to erase all that despite it being easier to destroy than to build
    In the 6 years we had local coaches are players were unattractive to big clubs even the championship club that managed to express interest in Onazi couldn’t sign him because we weren’t in the top 60 in the world…but currently it’s almost a case of if you are not playing in a top 5 league you don’t get to play for Nigeria. But people who choose to be foolish feel Rohr is a waste of time, space and resources. They want us to go back to the land of Egypt.

    They can’t keep being foolish and let their BPs continue to rise.

    • KangA 1 year ago

      Makes me wonder whether he thinks it is a favour to spread foolishness all over the land. Our so-called elites need self-examination before climbing the rostrum to  open their mouths. Odegbami is so knotted in self-deceit that he no longer has any positive thing to offer Nigerian soccer. 

      A rational man would keep quiet. Yet he prefers to make himself a laughingstock. His mantra is: “Rohr is a flop, Rohr is a flop” without a single objective proof. So sad. 

  • Thanks Mr Hush, Honourable Bomboy and Dr Drey.
    Much respect.

  • KING 1 year ago

    From my observation, u would hardly see a successfull player that won laurels in their club coming to struggle for the NFF jobs….

    All these our ex-cricketers are the brain behind all this criticism.

    Imagine OKOCHA, KANU, or even UTAKA, EMENALO etc running away from the plethora of coaching opportunities pleted all over european leagues just to come and struggle for coaching the SUPER EAGLES….

    All these our ex-cricket internationals are so shameless….

    Bcos they were average in their playing days now they want to come and plague us with their below average HOME BASE PLAYERE that TOGO harrassed 4 goals to nothing….

    The main reason they’re clamouring for all this home base is bcos; this home base will be willing with all readiness to accept the “pay b4 u play policies”

    Can u tell players like NDIDI, OSIMHEN, CHUKWUEZE to pay b4 they play?

    No room for ex cricketers o!….


    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Lol….. Jobless ex cricket internatinals indeed.

  • Larry 1 year ago

    @De Star, you have never disappointed me with your level of maturity and intelligence. B
    What else will it take to distinguish a foolishness from cruelty.Foolishness may be perceived differently by people with different level of intelligence. Misleading people with wrong info is cruel. Just like some self-acclaimed ntelligent fans think it is foolish to point out valid deficiencies and undeserving pay raise for their demigod. These sets of people freely denigrate a living legend who served this country, developed his skills in other disciplines, played a huge role in our first olympic gold metal, a globally recognized journalust cum sport analyst.
    Uncle Seg acknowledgement of his foolishness will be synonymous to GR proclamation as a world class tactician or the best SE coach.
    it is okay to defend GR’s my young team narrative as a plot or mind games, but not okay to give a living legends view a benefit of doubts.
    Well, the clock is ticking and the outcome of positive foolishness or negative foolishness is just around the corner.
    If GR contract is renewed, the next afcon determines his fate. There are no permanent friends or enemies, GR can still win my support.
    If a Nigerian is employed as next SE coach, the next afcon determines his fate. Uncle Seg can still be proven right.
    I think a discipline and self-confidence tactician with good players management can maximize the present corps of SE players.
    If nff decides not go for foreign tacticians, With improved human management, Sunday Ogochukwu Oliseh has shown that he has the international exposure, discipline, self-confidence and local ingredients to take us to the next level.

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      The fact you can endorse Oliseh to take us to the next level sums up your level of reasoning/intelligence. What spectacular achievement has he had since running away from the SuperEagles job?? Leaving the team in disarray. The CHAN team couldn’t even progress past the group stage under him and you’re here promoting him to take the SuperEagles to the next level!!!! Bros no Nigerian is better that Rohr at the moment unless you want to keep deceiving yourself. You and your cohorts can choose to be stuck on like the great Odegbami has rightly claimed it doesn’t change the fact that Rohr took over a team ranked 70th in the world and 16th in. Africa after failure to qualify for two consecutive AFCONS to the WorldCup and the AFCON. The next AFCON will determine his fate as long as the SuperEagles can make it to the Semis anything is possible. Now you’re no more complaining about his substitutions after you’ve been busted with facts by @deo. LMAO!! Now it’s the outcome of an AFCON that’s not even been played yet that will determine his fate??? Lol!! You and your cohorts better go and focus on your health and check your BP so that you don’t fall victim of Odegbami’s current predicament. 

      • Larry 1 year ago

        May be your level of intelligence needs re-evaluatiion. What was GR achievement before he became SE coach ? Compare Oliseh’s achievement as SE coach with GR achievement as Niger coach and tell me who has a better record in his first assignment.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahaha…. I never knew you where this shortsighted. Maybe it’s UEFA cup silver medal that your Oliseh has or Swiss cup medal or the 55% win ratio Rohr had as Gabon coach or the 60% win ratio as the coach of the same SE.
          Hahahaha…blind arguement.
          Tell your African Guadiolas to go and get jobs elsewhere first before dreaming of ever coming near our SE again. They need more help than Rohr at the moment..! LMAO

    • Did you say Sunday Oliseh? Hahahahaha. You needed to see how loud I was laughing here. This defies logic. Like how Oliseh? Why? What criteria?

      Why do we like running round in circles. Make no mistake, I’m from the same state as he. Delta. But he’s a big no-no. Bitchy attitude; boring, laborious football. No flair. Too loud with misplaced overconfidence. Please remind me of any memorable SE match under him. I can’t recall any. They seem all faded cos none was remarkable.

      Matches under him we’re just ‘there.’ So-so. Meh. Not enjoyable. Super average; ordinary. Plus he caused the retirement of arguably both of our best goalkeeper and striker of the current decade. Oliseh should go and apply to coach Enyimba or Warri Wolves. He should leave SE permanently, biko.

      As for Oga Sege, it’s sad to see he’s totally lost respect and clout with over 90% of people who use to rever him. All these his constant shallow, roundabout and racism-induced babblings are incredibly disappointing. But I know – like in the case of the unmerited appointment of Yobo – he is simply flying a dark kite for Pinnick & the NFF to test public opinion.

      Mumini Also and Sunny Ojeagbase should please close the ‘Matgematical’ column. It’s lost relevance in time.

      • larry 1 year ago

        @Kel, I do understand your disagreement. You are entitled to your opinion, i wld rather base my selection on performance. Among current Nigerian coaches, Oliseh is the only Nigerian coach to have handled an European club and performed credibly well.
        I suggest you look up the performance of GR with Niger Republic or you ask people from Niger Republic about GR.

        • Mr Hush 1 year ago

          @ Larry

          Come on man.

          You have better ways to argue your case but Sunday Oliseh is totally a ridiculous call.
          For one, he has been given his chance and we all know how that turned out.
          He never did nothing extraordinary and quite frankly his player’s management isn’t the best. He has that destructive tendency like a sitting bomb waiting to happen.
          Rohr is by far better and there are simply no Nigerian coach in that place right now like the German. If any,maybe Amunike,and for me, he is still cutting his teeth.

          Bringing up Rohr’s past managing Niger just to discredit his recent progress is nothing but cheeky.
          Why didn’t you bring up his time at Bordeaux?

          Do you expect Niger to win an Afcon? What quality does Niger really possess?
          What can anyone do with the likes of Niger or Gabon?
          Highest is to qualify to an Afcon and maybe ,just maybe have a quarter final outing. Everything else is a bonus.

          And you should know your past as a coach doesn’t tell the future.
          Great coaches like Alex Fergusson was almost sacked from Manchester United when he begun his helms at the club cause he started badly.
          Arrigo Sacchi too with Italy before taking them to the world cup final in 94.
          Not forgetting Voeller who lost disastrously to England at home before taking Germany to the world cup final.
          The point is simple, every coach no matter how good had a bad time at a point in their career what matters is the present. Football is played in the now.every coach is good as their last game.
          Rohr’s last game has been nothing but commendable.
          Facts and results says so.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            At least Rohr even threw in his CV to get a job in Niger. Tell him to tell his African Guadiolas to submit their CVs elsewhere and let’s even see if they will get jobs in the first place.
            Is their any rope that tied their coaching destinies to Nigeria…???
            Why can’t people even have honour and respect themselves. They gave you a chance the first time you retired all the star players and claimed the remaining ones hide JuJu in their pockets to kill you. You refused even shaking hands with them…scattered the whole team and ran away when mission became impossible.
            You went to 2nd division in Holland and by mid season who had fought with your team captain, your top striker and physical assaulted your assistant coach.
            Which fool will give you another job…??? LMAO.

            All oliseh’s coaching experience so far reads 1 season in Belgium 3rd division, ½ season in Dutch 2nd division and 7 months as Nigeria’s coach and one ignoramus is claiming he will take us to next level after taking us down to 70th in the world….???

            Some people must be high on hand sanitizers

          • Larry 1 year ago

            @Hush, your response is spot on and I’ve just been wondering why is it difficult to rise in defence of Oliseh like you do for GR.
            Based on your comment, Oliseh’s only misgiving is leaving the team while on duty.. have you ever wondered why he left his job ? and why is it okay to use Oliseh’s past as a reference and not okay to use Rohrer record with Niger..
            Why is it difficult to blame the NFL for the shameful manner they treated our local past coaches (Amodu, Keshi, Siaone and Oliseh)?
            A coach that failed at the world cup was awarded about 90% salary raise. Where in this world, you reward failure with contract improvement. Would this have happened in a serious organization ? If GR were a Nigerian, would the nff have raised his wages ?
            Agreed a coach is as good as his last match and it is the only reason why I suggested that if his contract is renewed, the next afcon will be used for appraisal.
            I have decided to respond to civilized comment on this forum.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha….Mr man.
            Stop dancing soapy up and down with blind arguements. Organizations reward you based on your meeting the deliverables you were given in the contract you sign with them.

            NFF gave Rohr the same “impossible” deliverables of qualification for WC and AFCON Semifinals for which Paul Le Guen rubbished us and Rohr passed with flying colours. Per terms of his contract he met his target and was a success. Per terms of his contract he was entitled to his rewards.
            When your own African Guadiolas too start meeting targets in their contracts instead of running away when failure is imminent, they too will get the rewards written in black and white in their contracts.

            Next time when you have not qualified to 2 AFCONs back to back and your are ranked below Zimbabwe on the African continent, make reach WC semi finals your next target. You will enter field and coach the team by yourself…..LMAO

        • RulerOfMen 1 year ago

          Oga Larry e don now. Wetin sef? Shame nor dey catch you sef. Endorsing Oliseh whose short stint was calamitous at best. He wasn’t even in pole position to qualify for AFCON. Wetin sef? Regardless of whatever you say, the truth is, Oliseh is the kind of man who runs away in the face of imminent failure and then clouds  it with pride. Aweful in man-management, unspectacular playing style (if there is even a style at all) and really, like someone said, nothing memorable about him. Okay, at least, we have not heard he asked anyone to pay to play. So there’s that. 

          Meanwhile, Taye Taiwo has also spoken out against Stephen Keshi.

          Let me hear what people like @Ola will say now. 

          • Pls read my comments carefully, am sure this link is not for me…

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            I’m sure it’s @Ade you wanted to refer to. That one that claims Nigerian media are lairs but keeps posting links from Nigerian media to defend corruption and sharp practices in our national teams.

          • RulerOfMen 1 year ago

            Oh, I meant Ade. @Ola sorry ooo. You are a good man. @Drey thanks. CSN you people should do and add edit button biko. 

          • Bros, no need to argue you with you, since you have joined the bandwagons of attention seekers. Guess you staying in there backyard in vienna to figure out what other stories that can’t be verified to sell to us on CSN. I guess from the link you said, even Taye taiwo is being careful to not mention exactly what transpired. Am an objective thinker, my case is why wait till now to start ranting. why not speak up when the issue was boiling. Why wait 6 years later to be making an accusation without no proof. Wish Keshi was alive to defend himself. This guys are hypocrites in my own view.

            Quick question abi were you there when Keshi demanded for bribe. Like your cohorts who will be seeking attention here.

          • @Rulerofmen, I know it’s a mistake. One love bro..

          • @Ade, even Amokachi that was the assistant then confirmed that such happens, so what other proofs are u looking for? Your claim of timing of the revelation is not applicable, this is when they are all been quized on why they didn’t make the cut. Join your voice against inpunity our system. Check the link below

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Oga Ade.

            Mr ‘I Sabi pass BBC and ESPN’, Mr ‘I don’t depend on Nigerian media’…..LMAO.

            I thought you said Nigeria media are lairs….how come you are now using a Nigerian media to defend corruption…??? LMAO.

            I thought you said Keshi never had a foreign assistant…? I guess Valere Houndinou is from your local government….LMAO.

            You are truely an objective thinker…LMAO, that’s is why your only defence of crime and corruption up till now like your fellow lairs is “why now” and not “I have it on good authority that it didn’t happen”.

            You too where you there in the SE camp back then to the 100% sure that all the 4 people who have accused Keshi of corruption are lieing. Can 4 people just out of the blues lie and all their lies add up perfectly….???
            You are truly an objective thinker…LMAO that is why even BBC and ESPN doesn’t come close to you when it comes to objectivity….LMAO

            The respondents didn’t even completely refute the allegations…all they are saying is “why now”….and so fucking what..? A crime is a crime even if it is commited decades ago. I’ve seen people jailed in 2020 for the rape they committed in 1985. Charles Taylor and another Congolese warlord are in jail for crimes against humanity they commited in the early nineties. Germany is paying reparations to Namibia today because of crimes they committed over a century ago….AND SO FUCKING WHAT IF OBASI IS JUST COMING OUT NOW…? It takes the courage of one person to expose past evils done to many.

            One of them even lied that OBASI was invited but couldn’t displace anybody……abeg where is obasi’s name in the provisional list talk more of being in camp to challenge for a shirt…so if OBASI was injured, was Ezekiel Imoh (31 goals in 66 games in Belgium) too injured..? Was Abiola Dauda (27 goals in 66 in Holland) matches injured…? Was Micheal Olaitan ( attacking midfielder with 22 goals in 78 matches in Greece) too injured…? Was Abdul Ajagun (midfielder with 6 goals in 37 appearances in Scotland) too injured…? What about Ideye, Ogu, Uche, Martins…where these ones too injured. All of these players were active and inform in Europe back then o. Was it Nwofor, Uchebo, Gabriel Ruben (all 3 of then didn’t have a combined 25 appearances for their clubs), Eguekwe, Uzoenyi, Babatunde etc that was fit or better than these aforementioned players…? Can you beat your chest and declare that our 2014 WC team was selected on merit…??? And your are still looking for evidence…? Don’t worry, I will show you evidence from my mother’s cooking pot. Objectivity my foot..!

            They even said Yobo too had knee problems. That is to show you how our national teams was being mismanaged with invitations to unfit and substandard players. Point out to one unfit or substandard player in the super eagles today..!

            Infact Amokachi even said such things happen….he is talking from what he experienced when he was with the national team.

            You and your lairs Utd colleague are looking for ways to support your corruption infested exinternationals. Even Siasia has severally been accused with similar allegations. Salisu was even caught on camera.

            Your lies are coming back to catch up on you….LMAO. Nigerian media are lairs but you keep sharing links form them and remain stuck on CSN like flies to shit.
            Keep decieving yourselves….lmao

    • Ndubuisi 1 year ago

      @larry Sunday who? You are simply a joke. Tell me is a lie.

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        Lol! The reply from Mr Hursh, Kel and Ndubuisi has already sums up the level of Larry’s reasoning/intelligence. LMAO!! I’ve been rolling in laughter since he mentioned Niger as a yard stick to condemn Rohr. Why can’t Oliseh go and handle Niger??? Niger of all teams what do you expect to achieve in terms of football from a country like Niger??? Only God knows when last they ever qualify for a CHAN tournament talk-less of the AFCON itself. Why didn’t you talk about Rohr’s achievements at Bordeaux or when he took Gabon to their best ever achievement at the AFCON?? Gabon never progress from the group stages of the AFCON until Rohr took them to the quarterfinals in 2012 and they’ve never achieved that feet since he left. Abeg mention another name definitely not Oliseh or any of our current local coaches are ore qualified than Rohr at the moment to take the SuperEagles to the next level. All your lies about Rohr have already been busted just keep exposing your level of ignorance we’re here to bust your lies. LMAO!!!

  • RulerOfMen 1 year ago

    Rohr must go for an ex player to take over yet your best achieving ex player is having his memory and success tainted all over by demeaning allegations of corruption. Taye Taiwo has also just spoken out.


    LMAO. Truth is, this bribe shit is modus operandi with local coaches. Let’s tell ourselvesthe truth. From the Nff to the coaches, there’s no way super eagles will do well if we follow people like Odegbami’s mouth. Nuff said

  • Mr Hush 1 year ago


    Why blame the Nff calamitous relationship with Nigerian coaches on Rohr?

    It is the NFF prerogative to get her house in order and not the foreign coaches.
    Every coach to be hired by the FA has his contract negotiated on a personal level. So all contracts are different.
    That’s up to the FA.
    It isn’t Rohr’s fault he is been paid better than our fellow Nigerians in the past( if he is really paid better). It is just pure of negotiation and agreement.

    And I totally made reference to the past engagement of Rohr while pointing how cheeky you were mentioning Niger but totally leaving out Rohr’s time at Bordeaux.
    If you want to judge someone on past records go full in or better yet leave that out of the context.

    I did mention Oliseh’s past which was disastrous ,at best plain old manageable. Nothing special. Nothing deserving of a mention.

    That said, I am glad ,you agree that we should give Rohr his chance to keep proving himself based on the doctrine that every coach is as good as his last game; so let’s be patient enough to see how these goes.

    Yes.He has his flaws like every coach out there and we never know what tomorrow might bring.
    But as of right now,he is doing a good job.
    And I totally do not see any Nigerian coach that at the moment that is as qualified as Rohr.
    Tomorrow might be different but for today.Rohr is good enough.

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      You couldn’t have said it better Mr Hursh. 

  • De Star 1 year ago

    @Mr Hush &@Deo, I cannot help to applaud your critical evaluation and submissions of the subject matter even though I may not totally agree with your entire opinion but many I agreed. Particularly commendation to the way you deliver your contributions without insulting your fellow forum opposition members and never for once failed to accord the required respect to the legend Big Sege Odegbami who by every standard is an accomplished sports man , a legend and academically he remains a role model ( heaping insults on him or our fellow countrymen just to defend Rohr is nothing but recolonization of mind , that I will never be a party to) .

    To say fact , your contributions are the only plus to the Rohr in this platform that could aid support to Rohr in the final decision by the authority in charge of sports, no one will be interested in reading contributions that is full of insults but rather contributions from the great minds devoid of derogatory words.

    @ Larry, you are on point irrespective of what many of Rohr’s promoters would have said otherwise. Oliseh, Amunike, Emenalo, Finidi etc have their own strong points , though not without weak points as well, but if Rohr’s weak points can be accommodated to such extent NFF recommending for corrective training to work on his technical deficiencies in WC & Afcon,  why would Nigerian ex internationals coaches in particular could not be accommodated 

    My disagreement with the Rohr’s Promoters is many of them would want to dig out only information that cast aspersions on Nigerian coaches but turn blind eyes on the one against Rohr or white coaches, and would resulted to derogatory remarks to insult members and insults even the legend that have any contrary opinion, only few like Mr Hush,@Deo are very objective with unbiased analysis, without insults and would even point out the technical weaknesses of Rohr .

     Ade Ojekere equally a stakeholder like Segun Odegbami supported Rohr but not without admitting that Rohr failed particularly in the last WC when , he admitted that Rohr lacked the required skills to succeed in the last WC 2018 but if it were to be from our progressives group, you would read all manners of gutter words “liars , senseless , racist, fools “ etc  

    The begging questions are, has any of our Nigerians coaches being given long years as given Rohr despite his failure in both WC & Afcon?

    Why was a failed / average coach in WC & Afcon with shameful bronze medal was rewarded with ridiculous 95% Salary increment while Keshi that surpassed set target was not encouraged even with 1% salary increment but always rewarded with backlog of unpaid salary?

    There are many begging questions that needs to be answered 

  • Bentopsy 1 year ago

    The interview Udoh Collin had with Amokachi in 2018 about the exclusion of Ideye from 2014 world cup


  • Dammy 1 year ago

    I don’t know if Segun Odegbami truly believes in his comments or he has an agenda.
    He should be careful not to make the same mistake twice. He was in the forefront of those who ensured that Christian Chukwu became Super Eagles coach after the 2002 world cup. It’s on record that was the only time we failed to qualify for the world cup in 2006. He later distanced himself from the Chukwu appointment after the failure.
    I know that Odegbami has children working in the UK, so why he’s against a foreigner working in Nigeria?
    Often in Nigeria, we abandon projects, that’s why the country is littered with uncompleted projects and the Rohr project towards 2022 world cup should not be abandoned. We can reevaluate after the world cup.
    One of the key selling points to dual nationality players to switch to Nigeria is the continuity with the coaching team, what happens if we suddenly decide to do away with Rohr?
    The Super Eagles selection is pan Nigerian global and Odegbami and his cohorts need to move with the times.
    Football is an emotional sport and the legend should be careful about his comments so as to avoid vitriolic responses which are incompatible with his status.

  • Nnamdi 1 year ago

    I wonder y some pple re still pushing for local coach whereas we know d difference btw local nd foreign seondly we all re nigerians we re aware of what has taken place fpr the past 10yrs before rohr took over as our coach bt for some that tr not aware we failed to qualify for 2afvon keshi was ethnicised in his team selection proy to tha world cup oliseh came nd scattetrd the team migeria super eagles was badly rated in d world ratin nd someone came durin a short period of time instal unity love discipline hope nd gave us a team we re all proud of today mind u that u hve the best players doesnt mean u must win trophy bt patient trust support and love is what rohr is expectin frm us nd wth adequate preparation rohr wil bring smiles nd happiness to us let us continue to support him nd pray for the team to succeed in major competition amem