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Okocha Predicts African Teams Will Struggle In Qatar 2022

Okocha Predicts African Teams Will Struggle In Qatar 2022

Former Super Eagles captain Austin Jay Jay Okocha believes North American and Asian teams are playing better than African teams ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Senegal, Morocco, Cameroon, Tunisia and Ghana will be the African representatives at the mundial.

Okocha predicted that African teams will struggle to make impact in Qatar.

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“It’s the first time I’m not confident about Africa’s chances in the World Cup,” Cartonsport.com quoted Okocha as saying.

“If you look at Asia and North America, they seem stronger and more advanced than us. We were already 50 paces behind South America and Europe, and now North America and Asia seem to be ahead of us.

“We have hopes in Senegal and Morocco, they seem the strongest. Tunisia, Ghana and Cameroon seem to be a stepping stone for other teams to reach the knockout stages.”

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  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    And this man ll eat a humble pie!! We ll come back to ur comments God willing 

  • Papafem 2 years ago

    Truth is bitter

  • KangA 2 years ago

    The legend (colourful masquerade) speaks.

  • Ohswaggs 2 years ago

    Exactly…Only Senegal and Morocco are going there to compete..the others are just ladders to be used by the other teams to climb.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 years ago

    If senegal lose their first game against the Netherland, they may not come out of the group because Ecuador and Qatar are not going to be easy at all. My fear in that group is that Qatar as the host may be favored by the officials, just like they did for South Korea as host in 2002; i don’t know what’s between Fifa and Qatar in this world cup and many people are seeing how that group is tricky. Senegal and Morocco may find it difficult in their group, while teams like Tunisia and Ghana can spring surprises even if they didn’t make it out of the group.

    • Football is more advanced now with VAR in display you can only say the only advantage they have is the crowd that’s all

  • Nonsensical talk,jealous guy, hypocrite. OK, take out ghana and replace us with Nigeria and you will become confident again. You see why Nigeria does not get anywhere? You always think you are the most qualified to represent Africa in every international competition…you think the world cup is your birthday right? Looking at the way Nigeria is playing now, you don’t deserve to play in the world cup either. You played algeria team a and b without any plan. Your team is very useless. Think about that and leave the teams representing Africa alone. I know ghana will put you to shame.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      He was honest with his assessment you obviously is the one with the rage making it a country Vs country war because of your profound animosity.
      Ghana at the moment have not played to a level to assure confidence especially when it has to do with predictions of a possible upset,but this is just a pundits opinion based on teams pedigree going to the world cup.
      Okocha is true and honest with his analysis on Africa chances however,it’s not definite because teams you won’t put your money on may pull surprises,so I won’t be surprise Ghana does well to advance to the later stages,should they play with same determination I always see in them against the super eagles.
      Ghana take the hate to the pitch against the super eagles that’s why they hardly do well against other teams,for your team to be champions again hate every opponent just like you hate Nigeria!

    • Not yiur fault at all. We gave you the ticket. It’s out fault..

  • Hassan Tia 2 years ago

    Yaw how can you describe Nigeria as useless the team which drew against Brazil 1-1 in 2020 with the same stars players of Samba, this team defeated you 3-0 all tow encounters are freindly; you havn’t any football mentality, if Nigeria encounters you in the next African Cup of Nation in Cote De’Ivore I will pet you so and so much Super Eagles will defeat you; in World Cup qualifier Ghana used Juju to eliminate Nigeria;I think Ghana in World Cup can’t do any thing, why? cause Ghana hasn’t strong attacking style with weak and elephantine strikers who always shoot the ball over the goal bar, also has weak and shaky defence who had 7 goals at tow matches Japan and Brazil.

    • Badge 2 years ago

      Ghana will whip you well well whenever we meet you as usual

    • Cyprian 1 year ago

      I don’t expect this from some people look up to as source of inspiration Okocha is limited 

  • Another stupid talk. You are saying “if you meet us”…what did you do when you met us twice? What did you do in all the previous times we met and you left with your tail between your legs. Agree that your so called legend spoke rubbish. And did you say we used juju to beat you? Your brain is weak. I’m sure you are a 20year old boy with very weak mind. How many goals did you score against the weak defence of Ghana? @ greenturf, ghana doesn’t have time to think about Nigeria. We beat you when we meet. Very simple. If you understand your football, then tell that overhyped okocha or whatever his name is, that ghana has been the lowest ranked team in all the world cups we have played in yet represented Africa very well. If there’s anyone who hate someone, it is Nigerians who are always pained and do no understand why Ghana always beats Nigeria. Ghana will once again surprise you, you and your okocha can go to hell!

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      That’s not true,you invest so much energy thinking about Nigeria that’s why you are on our forum.

      • You are the one obsessed with Ghana. Why are you always talking and writing about ghana? If you stop writing and commenting about ghana, we will leave here. Have you seen a Ghanaian commenting about your local league or any other story not concerning us? Every time Ghana, why don’t you write about Cameroon or even Tunisia the same way? Why doesn’t csn go to a Tunisia website to bring stories to you instead of always bringing ghana stories here? It shows that without ghana there no news here. So now tell me, who invest energy thinking about who? No Ghanaian website writes about Nigerian football because we don’t have time for you. You are not our standard and cannot be because we beat you when we want to. Our standard is Brazil.germany etc so stop the self aggrandizement because you don’t have a team.

        • Greenturf 2 years ago

          Your website doesn’t write about Nigeria because of the hate and evil you have against a country who sees you as a brother whereas Nigerian websites do the opposite,they write about Ghana and others just like every other news going round because that’s how a global reputable sports website should run.You are here always because you love the website you aren’t used to this kind of sophistication besides you enjoy the banter which is welcome,it’s a global website not limited to Nigerians only,so you guys are welcome but be nice and stop constituting nuisances.
          Brazil,Germany your standard,is that supposed to be a joke??Keep dreaming.By the way I don’t have a problem with you guys attaining such standards,it’s not a problem and shouldn’t be.
          Meanwhile,you guys should enjoy your world cup participation in Qatar,I wish you guys well but stop rubbing it in our faces because you won on away goal rules which doesn’t apply everywhere, technically it was a draw show some respect.Football results could change with time its never definite.You won against us today,it could be us winning tomorrow.Different players, different managers,administrators all this could bring about different results.We planned badly and made terrible decisions,injuries to key midfielders gifted Ghana the ticket because it probably meant to be because everything worked to your favour.Thanks Dare! But things could change in the nearest future you can’t be riding on that luck forever so show some respect even when you having it all your way,because no condition is permanent learn to be humble even in success that’s the way to sustain success and show respect to others you think you’re well off.

  • Badge 2 years ago

    Senegal has the easiest group. Netherlands, Qatar, Ecuador. No matter what group Ghana find themselves in they will still qualify to the next stage. Nigerians will be heartbroken by Ghana’s performance in this world cup, just as it happened when Ghana dumped them out of the world cup.

  • Monte 2 years ago

    The world is a GLOBAL VILLAGE. What is this our forum thing

  • Is anyone still taking Yaw seriously? He is filled with hatred and bitterness..he is always butter about things that does not even concern him. Ghana players don’t know him. He is so bitter Inside and he is cursing okocha who will never know he exist..

    Yaw has to deal with bitterness in his life first. If he observes things around his life, he would habe noticed he has not really achieve anything meaningful..

    So it is not about football ir Nigeria or Ghana, Yaw is filled with bitterness against hisniwn life.

    My advice Yaw. Take it easy. Ghana will not guve you a dime. The players di not know you. You will never meet them. Your life is going down the pit. Please bewaryand taje precautions. Enjoy football. The players of both countries are hanging out together. You are here spewing out bitterness. Don’t kill yourself.

    What about if Ghana do very well at world cup, what does that add to.you. nothing.

    Okocha gave analysis based on present happenings and you wan to kill yourself. Common enjoy football and celebrate anyone who does very well whether they are from your country or not.

    Have you not noticed that your president amd ambassadors don’t behave like you. It’s because they are important people. The mentality is different.

    They are in high places. The reason you are no where..you nityer and wrong mentality.


    Though Ghana is not doing well presently but is till wish them well at tge world cup. Sometimes, friendly matches before a tournament does not determine what a team can do at the tournament.

    • Pls send your last paragraph to that your okocha. Anyone who speaks rubbish about Ghana will have me to contend with. You guys should mind your business. And that greenturf is always making incoherent arguments; hasn’t Nigeria benefited from the away goal rule? So what I that rubbish you are saying? If your website is international why do you talk about us and still have the gut to ask us to leave here? No one hates Nigeria. We only return the hate. Like I said Ghanaians aim higher and look up to bigger countries like Brazil, Germany etc. How do we look up to a country we beat anyways? We have been beating you since your great grandfather’s time and during okocha’s time so tell him to show some respect and shut up with those voodoo predictions. Are u not ashamed to blame your elimination on an injured Ndidi? A country of over 200m people? Even with ndidi in your team what have you achieved. Masa shine your eyes and stop talking nyaa! I will be nice to Nigerians who are nice to me but won’t hesitate to decend into the gutters with any Nigerian who disrespect ghana. You sitting there talking nonsense, which super eagles player knows you?

      • KangA 2 years ago

        This WC qualification has really gotten into your head. Watch it! I foresee you taking off your clothes and heading for the street with manic excitement. Is it worth it? Only qualification? What if BS plays only 3 games and returns to Accra? Will you hand yourself?

        Think of what is more likely achievable. With the SE’s current skill set compared with the BS, do you think the BS will win the AFCON ahead of the SE?

      • Greenturf 2 years ago

        Apparently,Ndidi,Iwobi this two midfielders would have made the difference.Aside the above mentioned absentees,the likes of Etebo just returned from a long-term injury and Frank Onyeka had fitness issues,this were our regular midfielders,it all worked for you guys to qualify.
        Sometimes in life you’re faced with this kind of difficulties,we accept it and move on.But you coming to our website to talk shit all the time like you have achieved something others haven’t makes me wonder your obsession.Even with our problems you could only qualify on away goal rule after both ties finished in a draw (1-1)It was a draw I don’t count it a victory for Ghana because results on technical grounds is not acceptable worldwide,so stop bragging like Ghana destroyed Nigeria.After all we have beaten you 3-0 to qualify for a world cup in the past but we hardly mention it because we aren’t obsessed like you,for us it’s just another game.

  • Be careful you don’t go mad when the world cup starts and you see the black star dazzle the world with the rich Ghanaian brand of football. Where was the SE skill set when they met the black star in march? Mumu talk! You are always talking as if you have a superior record over the black star. What is the guarantee you will beat us the next time when the records prove otherwise. This same arrogance caused you the world cup ticket and you have not learnt from it. Boss, with your over 200m population what have you achieved in African senior mens football? How many afcons have you won compared to Egypt, Cameron and ghana? What is your best performance at the world cup? I beg stop the yeye talk! 200m waste of space!

  • Papafem 2 years ago

    Patriotism without common sense! That describes the passion of most Ghanaians on this platform. They fight dirty on needless issue, thinking they are defending their country, especially if it’s an informed opinion from a Nigerian about their country or her football team.

    But wouldn’t that be a classic case of deception coming from Okocha? Wouldn’t that be lying to fellow brothers that they could do what they themselves know they can’t do?

    If Okocha had said Ghana would win THE WC in Qatar, these zealots would have had some nice words for our legend. But can Ghana really win this WC? Can they even make it out of the group? Besides, he’s not talking just about Ghana; he referred to every nation representing Africa at the Mundial. Why are Senegalese and Cameroomonans not raining abuses on Okocha for making such comment? Why hasn’t a Ghanaian international, past or present, condemned Okocha’s comment? Truth is, most Ghanaian fans are pathetically disillutinal. Reason disappointments in international competitions hit them like a ball of fire. This won’t be an exception. Disgrace could be an understatement after the group stage in Qatar.

    • Another stupid talk. Why don’t you use your informed opinion to better your useless teams? Okocha should use his experience to better the pathetic super eagles. I don’t expect him to say anything nice about a Ghanaian team anyways. He still remembers the many times he suffered defeat to ghana when he was playing. You must be ready to rejoice if we go out after the first game so why do you worry? Your obsession for ghana is crazy, that’s why you write rubbish on this page and attack Ghanaians at no provocation. Okocha is not God. I can also have an opinion about him same way he has an opinion about other teams and expresses them freely. And oh, you are asking if ghana can really win the world cup; did you win the world cup on the many occasions you represented Africa? Your best performance is a second round so pls shut up when the real forces of African football are talking. You are not qualified to advice or criticise ghana same way a bachelor may not be the best person to advice a married man. Come again

      • Greenturf 2 years ago

        I don’t think so Okocha was part of the Nigerian team that beat Ghana to qualify for the Korea/Japan 2002 world cup.

    • Top it 2 years ago

      Ghana has a superior record in the world cup than Nigeria. Ghana has a superior record in the afcon than Nigeria.

  • My brothers, make una leave the imbecilic Yaw to continue to foam in the mouth. He’s an arrogant twat that’s about to be brought crashing down to earth with a loud, spine-breaking thud in November. GBOOOOAAA!

    Okoacha, the globally respected and African football analyst (and for good reasons) has spoken and his judgements are rarely faulted. I am 1 million percent sure Ghana would be pumelled blue, black and red 3 times next month and go take an early shower back to Kumasi or Accra.

    We all know why Nigeria no qualify. No because of Charlie Ghana no be am. Country wey Comoros teach basic football come collect ticket for Nigeria hand. Dat one nah ordinary something? People wey be say on normal dey, nah for their home we go don qualify, come play formality for Nigeria.

    Ghana no reach yesterday. Dem no reach today. Dem can never reach tomorrow. We be mate? On the global stage, from sports to politics, you don’t mention Ghana when talking Nigeria.

    Nah condition bring all the disrespect with loud mouths like Yaw. And, charlie, if you tickle me anyhow this night, you go understand why Nigeria is Nigeria. Dynamite gbas gbos you go collect. Unlimited wotowoto go befriend you this night. You go understand how far.

    You dey here since dey talk yadayada, dey spit saliva with your leaky mouth, dey bamba, I dey look you.


  • Fetch 2 years ago

    Only about 47 percent of Nigerians have access to electricity when it is available, yet you guys are obsessed with Ghana. Beating Nigeria is nothing special to a Ghanaian. Ghana has a WORLD CUP to play. You can go on with your AFCON preparations

    • Papafem 2 years ago

      Poor argument! How does this relate to what okocha said. No be only electricity. You go see fire.

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