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Oliseh Clarifies Statement On Super Eagles Coaching Job; Says ‘I Will Never Abandon My Country’

Oliseh Clarifies Statement On Super Eagles Coaching Job; Says ‘I Will Never Abandon My Country’

Former Super Eagles head coach Sunday Oliseh has clarified the statement he made on the team’s coaching job, reports Completesports.com.

Oliseh, a member of the Super Eagles side that won the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations title in Tunisia, was widely reported to have said in an interview this week that he would never manage the team again.

But the former Ajax and Juventus midfielder has denied the claim.

“I will never abandon my country, Nigeria. I’m a proud Nigerian and I will always be available to help my country. What I said clearly in that interview, I was asked if I would accept to coach the Super Eagles again,”Oliseh stated in a short video message on his Twitter handle.

Zenith Ziva

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“What I want to clarify is that as long as the situation is what it is now, as long as our citizens are not given the right treatment and deprived of the same working conditions like foreigners get when they come to coach our motherland, i’m not interested in coaching the team.

“I have sacrificed my life on more than one occasion to help my country, so the fact that at the moment i’m not interested in coaching the team has nothing to do with my people. The conditions that are there for Nigerian citizens who managed the Super Eagles are not the same as foreigners. ”

Oliseh, who was capped 54 times by Nigeria, took charge of the Super Eagles in 2015.

The 45-year-old resigned from the post in February 26, 2016 exactly a month to the Super Eagles encounter with the Pharaohs of Egypt in the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

He cited to contract violations, lack of support, unpaid wages and benefits to his players, assistant coaches and himself as reasons for his action.

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  • KangA 1 year ago

    Too late to refute your statement. You are hiding in a safe environment in the West, yet saying that a Westerner working in your country should be treated badly. Who are you deceiving?

    As for coaching the SE, forget it. You won’t smell the opportunity again.

    • Nickychidon 1 year ago

      Thnk u 4: sharing my thoughts @KangA

    • That’s not what he said. He said he would be ready to coach Nigeria when the authorities are ready to treat Nigerian coaches the way we treat their foreign counterparts.

  • Abi o @ kanga who even want him in the first place.

    • Naija Mazi 1 year ago

      Na wah o. But you all should remember sha, a father never abandons his children. A real father that is. Oliseh is Nigerian, therefore if there is a vacancy in Nigeria that he qualifies for, he is free to apply and can get the job. Period! Some of you here have not done shit for Nigeria and yet you open your mouth to declare yourself Nigerian than one who has shed blood and sweat while representing Nigeria. Please get a life!

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    “The conditions that are there for Nigerian citizens who managed the Super Eagles are not the same as foreigners.

    He cited to contract violations, lack of support, unpaid wages and benefits to his players, assistant coaches and himself as reasons for his action”.

    Is that not what I said on here yesterday?
    When I’m talking please listen attentively my people and most especially GR fans. GR fans said a lot about Mr. Olishe and I’m very glad today that the wise man love his country and came out to explain himself. Once again, thank you God for the gift you gave to me.

    Foreigners are enjoying the country more than the citizens. Is that not too bad?

    Is it a cursed that Nigerians are treating themselves badly and treating the foreign much more better?

    Do we like ourselves ba? Olishe was there before coach Rohr and he saw everything and knew everything about our oppressors. They treated Siasia, Keshi and Amodu the same way and someone have to put an end to that which happened to be Olishe, Mr. No nonsense.

    If you want to blame Olishe, first ask yourself if you can take one third of what he was taken.

    We don’t like the truth on this country but I have no choice rather than to say the truth because saying the truth is my daily bread lol. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Edoman 1 year ago

      I don’t agree with some of your assertions. This guy was given the opportunity to serve his father’s land. He blew it woefully. The way and manner he treated the best goal-keeper of our time was a disgrace to every right thinking Nigerian. He even took the NFF to FIFA Court even after he absconded to Europe for non-payment of his salary which he did not work for. Some Nigerians have so short memory that every body run over us and think Nigerians are fools. Nigerians are not fools but some of them are so disgraceful to themselves and to those who spend time reading their junks. Olishe has no job since he was sacked with ignominy from a second division club in Western Europe. The law of Karma most take its course. He is now paying for it dearly the way he treated our former goal-keeper Captain. There is a saying in Edo language that says ” The good or bad you do will leave after you” “There is God oo, there is God oo.” Mrs Jonathan. Olishe is now begging for a job he ran away from. Tell me, how many people you know that get a second chance in life ? Its always one life, one chance. Stay Home, stay strong.

    • Michael 1 year ago

      *I really love reading you guys’ comments most especially the ones that back up their arguments with accessible facts and figures (very educative…). Some times I wonder if some really did or privileged to witnessed school/class debate. Omo9ja, your arguments rarely holds water and are very subjective. And you are too stubborn to accept that you don’t know. Hardly do I complete your write ups cos they are extremely devoid of substance. To the elites don’t stop commenting cos l really learn a lot from you guys

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    We don’t like the truth in this country I meant to say. Fight for your right. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • My brother, abeg u don’t need to respond to some blind fools. Am shocked at some excuses some people are making here to say Oliseh ran away. When he was complaining bitterly of Non payment, where were this people. Rohr is getting his salary steadyly, even when he was making noise of Non payment the silly NFF came out to refute this that they owe him only one month. Who is deceiving who

  • Chidi 1 year ago

    Giving the tight atmosphere an condition oliseh is mile ahead of GR,it was quite unfortunate that NFF used him to break the cartel at seen then brought in GR,take it or leave it oliseh is a good coach and as a human has his own short comings,no doubt GR is a great coach n understand d Nigeria politics but believe u me there’s something fishy going on b/w him n his players that’s y nff is trying to give him make things difficult for him,secondly the possibility of going to the world cup n nation’s cup with a country like naija is 90% sure,d aura that surrounds those competitions is unbelievable so he wouldn’t want to throw it away like that,during 2002 nation’s cup semi final match between naija n Senegal SE almost lost d match before oliseh was introduced even d coaches was against him playing that particular game cos he was sick but because of his patriotism he couldn’t stand losing the match as a captain,report has it that after the match he almost died in d hotel room how many of us can make such sacrifice for our fathers land ,we should tell ourselves the truth naija needs total revolution everything is messed up d covid 19 drama has exposed us all to the world,I rest my case

    • Vitalis 1 year ago

      True talk my brother. He was the one who layed the pass to Julius Aghahowa to score the equaliser after coming on. Oliseh is a true legend. Just that he doesn’t take nonsense.

  • Chidi 1 year ago

    Giving the tight atmosphere and condition oliseh is miles ahead of GR,it was quite unfortunate that NFF used him to break the cartel at SE then brought in GR,take it or leave it oliseh is a good coach and as a human has his own short comings,no doubt GR is a great coach n understand d Nigeria politics but believe u me there’s something fishy going on b/w him n his players that’s y nff is trying to make things difficult for him,secondly the possibility of going to the world cup n nation’s cup with a country like naija is 90% sure,d aura that surrounds those competitions is unbelievable so he wouldn’t want to throw it away like that,during 2000 nation’s cup semi final match between naija n Senegal SE almost lost d match before oliseh was introduced even d coaches was against him playing that particular game cos he was sick but because of his patriotism he couldn’t stand losing the match as a captain,report has it that after the match he almost died in d hotel room how many of us can make such sacrifice for our fathers land ,we should tell ourselves the truth naija needs total revolution everything is messed up d covid 19 drama has exposed us all to the world,I rest my case

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    They have come again o

    “…as long as our citizens are not given the right treatment and deprived of the same working conditions like foreigners get when they come to coach our motherland…”

    Pls let’s all confirm if the working conditions foreigners get when they come to coach Nigeria are as fantastic and superb as these cry babies allege.


    Berti Vogts wants Fifa action over Nigeria unpaid wages
    By Ibrahim Sannie

    Former Nigeria boss Berti Vogts
    Berti Vogts was sacked by Nigeria after the African Cup of Nations in 2008
    Coach Berti Vogts has returned to Fifa to ask the governing body to act on Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)’s refusal to pay monies owed him.

    Despite the claim by the former Eagles coach, NFF boss Sani Lulu insists the issue was resolved two days ago.

    Fifa ordered the NFF to pay the German an undisclosed amount four months ago as his unpaid wages during his stint as Nigeria coach.

    With the 30-day deadline elapsing by over eight weeks the NFF has still not paid the amount due Vogts, his lawyer Stefan von Moers claimed.

    The dispute now looks set to rumble on with Vogts taking the Nigerians to Fifa’s disciplinary committee to take action.

    “We have no option but to return to Fifa to ask the disciplinary committee to act on the Nigerian FA’s refusal to pay up,” Moers told BBC Sport.

    “Fifa ruled in our favour way back in December and its now eight weeks since that ruling and we have heard nothing from the Nigerians.”



    01AM GMT 21 Feb 2008
    Berti Vogts resigned as coach of Nigeria yesterday because of differences with the country’s leading officials during this month’s Africa Cup of Nations.

    Football fans’ forum
    Nigeria were eliminated in the quarter-finals under the German coach, who was contracted to lead the team through the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

    “Too much happened during and after the African Cup. Most of all I don’t have any faith in the president of the Nigerian federation anymore,” Vogts said. “Working together is no longer possible.”

    Related Articles
    Ghana go through after late Agogo goal 04 Feb 2008
    The 61-year-old Vogts, whose biggest triumph was leading Germany to victory over England in the 1996 European Championship final at Wembley, did not elaborate on his differences with the Nigerian Football Association president, Sanni Lulu.

    In early January, Vogts complained to a German newspaper about late salary payments and delayed team bonuses for players. He expressed doubts then about his future as Nigeria coach.

    But Vogts, who also coached Scotland, lauded the Nigerian players at the time. His trouble, he said, was with the FA’s organisation. “Working with the players was a lot of fun for me,” Vogts said. “It gave me back my joy in football.”


    It is official. Nigeria is not mentally ready to beat Uganda in tomorrow’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifier. A row over unpaid winning bonuses; and moreover – for a friendly match victory over Kenya, confirms that the Super Eagles are thinking money, and not three points.

    Curiously, the highly paid professional stars who earn anything between $10,000 and $60,000 are the players who chose to stay in Nairobi along with their German coach Berti Vogts who is demanding $60,000 dollars in salary arrears. All 12 players who arrived yesterday are locally based players, yet they formed the bulk of the team that beat Kenya’s Harambee Stars 1-0 in Nairobi.

    Matters came to a head when officials from the Nigeria FA told the Super Eagles that they will be abandoned in favour of the U-20 team (Flying Eagles).
    In addition to the how Rohr is being treated currently, above also are all publicly documented and established facts of NFF’s treatment of another foreigner
    Let us see how some of our recent local coaches have been treated


    Samson Siasia is likely to earn a higher salary than former Nigeria coach Berti Vogts if he becomes the next coach of the Super Eagles.

    Vogts was paid $50,000 per month, but Siasia who demanded double that amount, has agreed to lower his wage demands, but not below what Vogts was paid.

    A close source to Siasia told KickOffNigeria.com that he met with the NFF and they have agreed to a deal in principle. “I can tell you that Siasia will get more than what Vogts was paid.”

    NFF Executive Committee member, Dominic Iorfa, declined to comment on what wages had been agreed upon with Siasia.

    “I cannot say anything now. All I can say is that we met with him, we agreed on some things and I have to brief the board.

    “It is only when the board have ratified the decisions that we can make it public.”


    Samson Siasia’s first pay packet will be ready next week, a top official of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) said. And his official car, a 2010 Ford Taurus will be presented to him before he departs for Europe Friday.

    Paying coaches wages has become difficult for the NFF, as previous indigenous coaches were owed for months, and sometimes years.

    Current NFF Technical Committee member, Christian Chukwu, is still being owed wages and bonuses from 2005. Foreign coaches such as Berti Vogts and Lars Lagerback solved the problem by insisting on advance escrow payments into foreign accounts.

    Samson Siasia is reported to have negotiated an advance payment of N12 million in his contract, but that has been denied by the NFF, that says only his N5 million monthly salary is due this month.

    ‘We are sourcing the money and we are confident that it will be ready next week, even though we still have up till the end of the month to pay,’ an official said. But his car has been bought, and will be handed over to the coach before his trip.




    None of our local coaches in the recent past earned anything less than $25-30k per month. None of them started work without a brand new car worth nothing less than $20k purchased for them before starting their work. None of them had to pay their assistants from their salary….their assistants (who ironically where foreigners LMAO) got separate paid contracts.

    But they and their disciples will come here to lie to us that foreign coaches are paid 4 times more….foreign coaches are NEVER OWED EVEN for a day….it is a crime for a foreign coach to be paid in dollars….it is a crime for a foreign coach to live outside Nigeria when all our BEST PLAYERS and potentials are out there in Europe.

    The records are there for all to see. Oliseh and his cohorts should go and look for another excuse for their failures. Rohr an oyinbo man is facing exact same situations Oliseh was facing…he is even having to pay 5 assistants from his own salary, making his net pay even lesser than what our local coaches in the last decade earn…..yet he is meeting his targets and making steady upward progress with the team…he has never abandoned the team even for a day….but lazy arrogant local coaches and their disciples what him to be sacked….they what his pay to be taxed without any increment….they will quickly play the race card to coverup their failures.

    God will help them to grow above their petty racist problems.

    Ignorance is a disease. But not being able to reason properly even when facts and evidences have been placed before an ignorant man is worse than being deceased.

    Yeye people.

    • Read what you typed and all the so called evidence you sent. All that was stated was an agreement by Zenith bank to pay his salary. Now are you now telling us that someone who is reporting that his salary was not being paid his a liar. Why didn’t zenith bank come out and refute his accusation that he was being owed. Please where is the proof that official cars were given to them. Bros we all know the politics being played in the NFF, Rohr is only playing along, When he claimed he was owed, the NFF was quick to make noise that they only owed him one month salary. Will he be the first local coach to complain of being owed his salary.

  • Olishe should stay away from SE. We don’t want anybody to messup the team again.

  • Mr Hush 1 year ago

    The simple question is,
    What does these have to do with Gernot Rohr?
    In fact,
    what does it have to do with any foreigner working in Nigeria?

    If the NFF,Nigeria policy makers are too incompetent and are non challant to treat their own with respect; what does the foreign expat do about it?

    These totally has nothing to do with the foreigners who simply came in to work, given a contract and do well to abide to such.

    Oliseh has a just cause to call out the FA on the issue of disregard for Nigerian coaches; but it would be unfair for anyone to blame the foreigners, albeit Rohr, for this discord.

    That said,no matter where you come from, I believe everyone should be treated accordingly; base on your personal CV, plans and needs. Every contract is never the same.

    And it is only common sense to know that, a foreigner is treated preferentially by the host not for anything,but common courtesy prescribed such. Every host wants to sell his/herself in the right way to a foreigner.
    Nigeria is no exception to chivalry.

    I am sure Sunday Oliseh enjoys such abroad during is time in Sittard.

    His rant is allowed.

    Nigeria has heard him

    • GLORY 1 year ago

      Just another deft touch on the [email protected] Hush. Big thumbs up. You must have been a midfielder during your playing days. Hope I’m not mistaken.lol

      • Mr Hush 1 year ago

        My greetings and appreciation @ Glory;

        Sorry to disappoint you, never played football professionally.
        But in the school days, I played recreationally as a striker.
        But never really that good ..lol…

        But thanks though.
        We just try to read the game and every discuss with a fair and open mind.

        We learn and grow that way

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Ah…Mr Hush. This matter tire me o.

      Someone who has never gone beyond handling some youth teams or some NPFL clubs somewhere will be angling for the same pay with a foreigner who has managed professional clubs and national teams before…as if the SE is federal civil service.

      The last time I checked, negotiations are conducted and agreements are reached before a contract is signed…..so abeg who hold local coaches mouth from negotiating £100k per month with NFF..??? And is there anybody that puts a gun to their heads to sign contracts if they are not satisfied…??

      But the truth is that their desperation is most times always their undoing. You can see most of them can’t get jobs except they go and prostrate at the feet of Pinnick/NFF…and then Pinnick/NFF starts tossing them around like errand boys. Most of them sell their souls to the NFF officials even before they are offered the job and by the time they start, they can’t have much say a basic stuff like team lists, camping, match venues and all that. Some even forget to sign contracts in their desperation to be SE. For example, I’ve not heard anywhere that our 100cap Asst Coach has signed a contract…anyone who has any links of this can please share them…but tomorrow the same person will come and make noise of being disrespected.

      Someone has been ranting here that NFF increased Rohr’s salary after qualifying for the WC from $30k to $50k….and SO WHAT…and so ****ing WHAT??? If the old man was sensible enough to tell NFF that ‘hey you guys are in position no 70 in the world now, if I pull off that stunt you must give me a raise’ and then he ends up pulling it off and gets his raise…Whose god forsaken headache is it that Keshi never believed he could win AFCON when he was employed and hence didn’t put such a clause in his contract…???
      The reason NFF has been unable to sack Rohr despite him being a big stumbling block to their “market” in the SE is because there’s a $1m payout clause inserted in his contract that prevents NFF from sacking him IF and IF he meets the targets they set for him when we where still languishing in our 70th position. Another intelligent clause is that Rohr has the rights of first refusal before anyone else can be employed to that position. So if Rohr wants to remain as coach till 2085 (LMAO) it is doable…unless NFF has $1m (20 times his current salary) to dash him….LMAO. Talk about being a smart alec.

      If you don’t act professional, how do you expect to be treated as one..? Our local coaches should go and brush themselves up and learn professionalism.

      The names of Senegal and Algeria’s coaches always easily pops up when
      To manage SE is not a must. If getting a job in Europe is impossible, our Nigerian coaches or ex internationals can manage NPFL clubs, clubs in other parts of Africa or even national teams. But the truth is that some of them do not have any CVs they can use to apply for such jobs. Ask Mr 100 caps.

      • Mr Hush 1 year ago

        @ Dr Drey

        Couldn’t be said better.

        Simply put, most of these ex rely on ‘ ex international privilege ‘
        And always singing the song of going local not necessarily qualified in terms of work Experience but qualifued by being a privileged ex international,and yeah; local based too can do…
        Yet they blame the foreigners who are more qualified for being paid more and treated “preferentially”.

        Many of us Nigerians,have had the opportunity to work abroad or in foreign owned companies, and we have being treated ‘preferentially’ mainly based on our qualifications and what we are offering and definitely based on chivalry. It is not abnormal to see Nigerians as head of department,companies and such in foreign land and are treated with respect even more than the natives.
        So what’s the problem if the qualified foreigners are treated as such in Nigeria,deservedly so I may add.

        Nigeria is a beautiful country manage by incompetent people (I don’t want to call leaders); the Nff falls into this category; this is no news.
        Oliseh knew all these before signing the contract at the first place.
        Things didn’t work out mostly due to what we already know as the mishap in Nigeria but also due to Oliseh’s attitude in handling issues.
        He is a great guy.qualified as well.
        But lack that vital skill needed know working environment to become the best at what you do;the interpersonal skill.

        For the fact he has to come back to make clarification from an earlier interview tells how Oliseh has both grip with his arrogance. He acts rashly,even when right, wisdom predicate we think before we talk cause words might come back to haunt you. Especially in a public domain and being in a profession that’s exposed to the world. That’s were Oliseh has always failed.
        I hope he gets to learn.He grows over it so he becomes the man I know who could be . Nigeria would need to change. And he might be needed. But only if.

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    Nice one Dr. Drey. All you need is to bring out the facts because facts don’t lie. Nobody disputes Oliseh’s services to fatherland. He remains a Nigerian hero forever, but to assume that he was treated differently to foreign coaches as SuperEagles coach is chronic lie. Westerhoff never had the best working condition in Nigeria until he was able to get to the presidency that led to the AFCON triumph in 94 at his third try. Because he was patient with the system and built the greatest SuperEagles of all time.

    Obviously, the NFF have a lot of blame to go around on this issue. From incompetent administrators in one era to greedy and corrupt administrators in other eras. That’s why 2 out of our 3 AFCONS were won by foreigners. Keshi won the AFCON with a team on ground and some fluke 2 match wonders home based players after he had failed In previous AFCONS with Togo and Mali. I don’t think he took any of those teams out of the group stage at the AFCON before he won with Nigeria in his third try. At a time he had the backing of the presidency he couldn’t qualify the SuperEagles to the same AFCON.

    After the victory in South Africa 2013 at a time when players like Mikel, Ike Uche, Emenike, the goalie Enyeama, captain Yobo were at their peak and some young talents like Omeruo, Onazi, Azeez(world cup) were coming from the U17 and U20. Keshi couldn’t add anything to the team that led to his sack before a calamitous 7 months with Oliseh that I just even want to talk about. A Nigerian coach coaching the team from his base in Belgium, what does that tell you?? That may have even pissed off the NFF in the first place. Thereby missing out on 2 concecutive AFCONS languishing in the 70th position in FIFA ranking.

    I know for sure that Rohr will leave someday, infact I thought he should’ve left after the AFCON in Egypt. Because that’s the call of most stuck on fans calling for the likes of Amrouche and Stuart Baxter and the Madagascar coach to replace Rohr at the time LMAO!!!! Very laughable. However, the ensuing results against Ukraine and Brazil, and also the two victories in the qualifiers saw a significant improvement in this current SuperEagles. Over the last 3 years SuperEagles climbed from 70th position to steady 31st in the FIFA ranking. There’s is still the potential to climb higher in the near future.

    Rohr have given debuts to Uzoho, Ebuehi, Aina, Ajayi, Collins, Awaziem in the SuperEagles defense and they have all contributed immensely since their debut. Samuel Kalu, Chukwueze, Osimhen, Arribo made immediate impacts when given the opportunity particular Arribo in his debut match. Azeez had been forgotten, but through hard work and the coaches recognition for quality additions he came back under Rohr and made an immediate impact.

    Furthermore, Cyril Desers, Kingsley Ehizibue are about to make their debut in the next qualifier again Sierra Leone. There is a possibility that SuperEagles will qualify with two games to spare this time around if we beat the Leone Stars home and away. Before we were qualifying with a game to spare now the possibility of qualifying with two games to spare is imminent.

    Finally, I also read recently that Rohr is planning to fast track the international switch of Ovie Ejaria. A player he describes exceptional and needed him in the SuperEagles along with Herenvem Chidera Ejuke whom he said he has been watching. Only players with the talent and the willingness to play for Nigeria are allowed in the SuperEagles. Well someone should educate me more about the rough diamonds that the coach is yet to identify except to continue to improve his team based on the challenges ahead. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE. SUPEREAGLES ON THE ASCENDANCY.

  • _ More of the Some from Oliseh _

    It was quite reassuring to read in the article above that Super Eagles legend Sunday Oliseh affirmed that he will never turn his back against his country. In building on that, the 45 year old elaborated on what he sees as the decadent way that football is run in Nigeria and the appalling way that workers are treated as among the reasons why coaching Nigeria under such conditions remain an unattractive proposition for him.

    Whilst it might be difficult to argue against majority of the points he laid out (others are quite debatable), what was missing from Oliseh’s reflection was what he has learnt about himself throughout his football playing days and coaching career and what he would do differently this time around if indeed he does find himself in the situation to serve his fatherland once more.

    The truth is, whatever Oliseh might have to say about football administration (or maladministration) in Nigeria is not new – we have heard them before. We have lived through the system and we continue to see how shambolic handling of football keeps both the men’s and women’s game in Nigeria under-performing.

    I want Oliseh to tell me something I don’t know!

    Perhaps journalists are not asking him the right questions.

    What did he learn about his part in derailing the concentration of the Super Eagles in the 2002 Afcon which led to the team being purged of him? What has he learnt from being sacked by Borussia Dortmund after head butting teammate Vahid Hashemian in 2004? What has he learnt from the stench in the way he managed the Super Eagles in 2016 which led to him being estranged from the NFF, key players, the media and a vast majority of Super Eagles fans? What has he learnt from the unpleasant and rather disgraceful media coverage around the tail end of his stay at manager of Fortuna Sittard (where he accused the club management of practices not too dissimilar to what he accused the NFF of – why is it only him who works with corrupt employers in Africa and Europe?)?

    The bible say: ‘let him with no sin be the first to cast a stone’. I am not condemning Sunday Oliseh. I am proud of what he achieved as a player and how he continues to work hard in his post-football career.

    However, I will be interested in journalists asking him the right questions so that we can determine whether the Oliseh we have now is a reformed version and not the irascible one that we have come to know.

    Oliseh has a lot to offer: his football playing experience, coaching exposure, punditry and overall presentation are recipes for success. However, when you add a volatile personality and an inability to learn from experience into that mix, then those recipes will be badly compromised.

    Oliseh remains a huge personality in Nigerian football, one I will always like to hear from. However, if what he has to say are more of the same, then, I think he should continue to stay away from the Super Eagles even if the conditions improve to his liking

    • Correction: ” _ More Of The Same From Oliseh _

    • Brilliant @deo. Sound questions. In fact, I didn’t know about the head butting part. No one is taking away his contribution in SE shirt, but Oliseh is largely a divisive personality. He does more harm than good at the end of the day. In terms of temperament, maturity and experience, he and Rohr are poles apart. Oliseh, why only you??

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Naija Mazi, ( you just nailed it and by extension put dagger into the hearts of those unpatriotic Nigerians who rundown and destroy the careers of their fellow Nigerians and make them unmarketable in the world that they were at competitive disadvantages due to their colour and the shabby treatment in the hands of their employers back in their country ;who never wanted them to succeed with suffocating condition of service so as to continue with their business foreign partners , who when they eventually messed up , would still fall back to them so as to divert attention to cover up . Our people would say “ when you sell your family member cheap in the market , nobody patronize you “ to think that none of them has ever record of sacrifice the likes of Oliseh did to his father land when at a time put his life on line , as a player and as coach where he uses his personal money to pay his assistants, his players with unpaid salary of which no Foreigner has ever subjected to such hell-type condition ( @Dr Drey , with due respect, you have access to information as you just shared one now, and sometimes you do come up with balanced submissions  without resulting to dirty languages on like some who do to their fellow Nigerians who don’t buy their scraps on “ If Not Foreigner , No Nigeria Local coach is qualified “ and then use derogatory remarks on their people in an internationally media viewed as Complete Sports , just because they are blinded and incurable in their inferiority complex. I will appreciate it, if you can furnish us with similar information on the foreign coaches who was owed months of salary who was using his personal money to finance his assistants and players to keep the job going  in ( at least we are all alive when Siasia on every his assignment from Under 20 to his two Olympic Games where he would be soliciting money to finance his team , with no salary, no allowances to such extent his last Olympic appearance was an embarrassment to the suppose giant of Africa where Siasia and his team was rescued by another country who bought them flight tickets to enable them landed in the Olympic few minutes to the kick off of their games , is that human and normal ?

    In comparison to our so called Super Foreign coaches who only turns Africans continent as a conquered territory as done in the slave trade by milking us dry , moving from one African country to another to devour and then quietly returned permanently in their country home , when they could not get any gullible African country again. The whites plays international politics in all ramifications, particularly in sports , African team faces bad officiating at global level , no black goalkeeper even our own the acclaimed best goalkeeper Enyama , the great Peter Rufai, are only good for for smaller team as Lile in France, can never see them being signed by the ManU , Barcelona of this world etc ; the bad Nigerians do to their country men and the way we run our country with negative minds , self defeatist of “ My people are senseless, my people are useless, it is white or no one else are part of why President Trump called is Sh……… Can’t we be wised for once ? Our Local ex international coaches who have served their fathers land are sacked with backlog of unpaid salary, Siasia , Amodu and Keshi all took the NFF to court without result nor any one helping them , but when white is owed even in face of poor result , he carried his bag and worked out on NFF and FIFA would rise up to defend their own and ensure the salary and allowances are paid prompt ! , is this country Nigeria a coursed nation ?

    Amunike went to another African country ( no white country would allowed such nonsense from an African for that matter , except he had naturalized to become their citizens) , he broke 40 years old record and was sacked for not performing magic in preceding tournament that non of the players were born when last the Tanzania country qualified for Afcon , that he achieved this with backlog of unpaid salary , yet Rohr that never break any record , whose best was 3rd place match and was bundled out in the first round of W/C had his money salary increased almost doubled from $30k to $50k just because some say, S/E was unable to qualify for the two previous Afcon , forgetting that Keshi whose team could not qualify for a previous Afcon tournament too surpassed set target by setting record, bundled out the highest assembled team in African coached by foreigner the Drogber & Yaya Toure lead team in the quarter final , yet Keshi was not given $1 rather , he was frustrated as he resigned but for the intervention of GEJ then.
    If Oliseh had not resigned he would , have sacrificed with his life and be a forgotten hero in the grave like Keshi & Amodu who always looked back or have his career jeopardized to the western world conspiracy as Siasia is facing now.
    Nigerian local coaches have made qualification for W/C which is higher than Afcon qualifier their birthright, won Afcon which was only won twice by a well paid and motivated coaches in the past , Nigeria local coach had reached second round in the W/C just like Westerhof even in an atmosphere where JM& Pep would have performed woefully . 
    No record of foreign coach ever winning W/C in foreign land , so why should Nigeria my country be applying bad approach on the same thing , same way and expect different result?

    @ Omo9ja, nothing to comment on your own , you are always on point.
    @ Chidi , nothing to add , yours was so brilliantly enumerated, this can only come from a great mind, maximum respect ✊
    @ Mr Hush , Nobody hates , Rohr , thee message we are sending to NFF is if opportunity is given to an average coach like Rohr with good condition of service and motivation, our local ex internationals coaches too who have served their fathers land should be given opportunity with good condition of services, we should not wait until Olisehs , Amunikes Siasia etc of this world die untimely death before, the system in NFF is overhauled for the right thing to be done .
    We shouldn’t be recolonized in our own Country.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Empty crap as usual….

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Now I can see you are just a racist. All these fake Pan-Africanists that will keep pointing fingers at the west for all their problems even after 60 years of independence as if the Asian Tigers of today too weren’t once under colonial rule.

      I’m sorry….but your rants are becoming more baseless by the day. I don’t know what good conditions of service you keep talking about….I’ve shared tons of links for people like to read and judge…but apparently you case is irredeemable…? Which opportunity is being given to Rohr that was not given to the rest….? Is it the $30k starting salary (even Keshi started with $37k), or the continuous owing of salaries, or the constant meddling with team lists (Pinnick has suddenly turned to a scout, only that his scouting never goes outside London), or the taking of SE to substandard stadia, or the non payment of players allowances as at when due, or the fact that Rohr has had to pay his assistants (about 5 of them) from his pocket since after WC, abeg which other opportunity is he getting that others didn’t get…? Is he living in Hilton hotel, or driving Lamborghini or flying a private jet…?

      Do you know what a contract is at all…? Do you know what takes place before a binding contract is signed and sealed at all…?
      If your local coaches don’t have enough sense to negotiate STRONG contracts with NFF and include performance base bonuses and upgrades…whose headache is that supposed to be. Is there anyone who puts a gun on the heads of your local coaches before the sign contracts with he NFF (if at all they even sign contracts). Did Keshi not see that $1 has not been added to his new contract after winning afcon..? Who put a gun on his head to sign it…? Did anyone stop Keshi from inserting a clause in his contract that his pay MUST be increased if he meets the targets his employers gave him…??? If Rohr was sensible enough to do that why has it become your personal problem…??? If your local coaches cannot show professionalism and negotiate strong contracts for themselves why are you taking aspirin on their behalf….?
      Imagine Amakpakabo was made CHAN and U23 coach without even an appointment letter, talk more of having a contract…??? Who are you blaming for your local coaches unprofessionalism.

      And where did you get the stories that Siasia and Oliseh never dragged the NFF to court to claim their unpaid wages…?? Do you know what you say at all all is it your hatred speaking through you. Pls save yourself some embrassment (that is even if it ever embrassess you that 90% of what you type are lies) henceforth before you comment. Do some research on what your hatred in tempting you to say.

      You keep shouting Keshi Keshi all over the place…was Keshi too not a foreign coach somewhere else..? Did he get the jobs because of the colour of his skin or because he was competent enough….? You claim Rohr is average, which one of your current local coaches is even currently in the level of being below average…? As much as you want to hype Amunike with “he created record with Tanzania…I can also tell you he led them to their worst outing at AFCON, because they couldn’t even get one point from Kenya in 2019 whereas they managed a point in 1980. You keep making excuse for his failure at AFCON as if Madagascar who was even making the debut at AFCON yet for to Qfinal are former defending champions, whereas Madagascar even didn’t qualify for AFCON as best looser, they qualified top of their group…infact they where the first team to qualify for 2019 AFCON after the hosts and initial hosts. So what’s all the hype. If the Tanzania team was really improving under him, why was he relieved of the job…? You say Rohr was an F9 coach in Niger because his win ratio was 28%, is Amunike an A1 coach with a win ratio of 26%….???

      Is it also foreign administrators that run your country…? Are your ministers foreigners..? Are you governors and legislators foreigners…? Is your president a foreigner too…?? Are their ineptitudes also caused by white people..?

      I thought u claimed to be an Aviation expert who has worked in many countries…??? The more you comment here the more it shows you have never been whom you claim to be. At most you appear to me as a technician who has been sent abroad for training a couple of times, not “an expert who has worked in many countries”. Don’t worry, there’s no need denying it. You can’t describe what you never experienced. You cant give what you don’t have. Because 90% of the things you say here are either outright lies or a complete opposite of what obtains.

      Anyone that says it’s impossible for a black person to be treated with respect outside Africa is a fat lair. Earn your stripes, be professional and be add value and you will be respected. Behave like a monkey and you will be treated like one.

      The fact that you spend hours composing these your messages only to latter discovered that they are all false is even paining me on your behalf…LMAO

      • Edoman 1 year ago

        Your points are well stated and clear. l gave you the first thump up. Wish l could give more. You are one of those Nigerians who made me not to give up on my homeland. I am proud of you, man.

        Some of them are a disgrace with 30 to 36 thumps down and still believed that it is something to be proud off.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    @ Hush.

    You have just hit the nail where it’s meant to be hit. Don’t mind those xenophobic racists.

    Sunday Oliseh is like that student who graduated top of his class sweeping all available awards….but lacks good character. Such student will never get to the top. It’s not a curse.

    An African adage says talents shows you how to get into the room of honour, character keeps you in the room.

    Oliseh should go and learn good character and also learn how to talk. His last interview was a ton of lies…ton of nonsense and ton of rashness. It was this same rashness that made him order security to throw then SE captain and safest hands Enyeama out of the SE hotel. Oliseh walked a whole sports Minister off the training pitch in Mali in 2002 and nobody called security to throw him out of the eagles hotel, not to talk of his other transgressions as a national team player and Captain back then. If all our coaches where to want to assert authority he would have been kicked out of the eagles since 1994 when he, without provocation, kicked Siasia (or was it Yekini) in the butt in training which resulted in a fight.

    I can’t still forget how he called us all insane before he as coach abandoned the SE.

  • The same way you guys (Rohr fans) are mentioning the good and bad sides of oliseh should also be the same way you guys should list Rohr’s own, or does it mean he is irreplaceable, perfect?

    This is why I called Rohr’s fans hypocrites! Very easy to see the mistake of others but to their own they turn a blind eye.

    So because Mr Oliseh displayed some imperfections we should now kill him?
    Reading all your comments(except some few) it was full of negativity, no solidarity at all.
    I do wonder whether some of you here are Nigerians.
    Is Rohr better than Oliseh tactically and technically?
    We all know he is not from what we have seen so far.

    Abeg make una leave Oliseh alone before una go kill am ooh, we no want lose another legend again like Keshi and others.

    • @Goal, can you refresh my memory. I’ve been trying to dig up any spectacular SE match/win under Oliseh. He couldn’t even get out of a CHAN group in Rwanda in 2016. Tactically & technically better? As in how?

      Although Oliseh was one of SE good players, as a coach, SE matches were often dry with slim 1-0 win or losses. Any memorable SE match under Oliseh you can recall with a wide margin win or where SE players held spectators spell-bound?

      For Siasia, I remember the Egypt-Nigeria match in Alexandria (even though we narrowly lost). Beautiful match. For Keshi, CIV-Nigeria at Afcon 13. Grit. Flair. Determination. A pure display of the true Nigerian spirit.

      For Rohr, I can count up to 5. Okay, let me pick out Argentina-Nigeria friendly in Russia pre-World Cup, which we won 4-2. I felt so proud as a Nigerian that day. For Oliseh, I’m still scratching my head.

      Not putting Oliseh down, just calling a spade a spade. He was great as a player (although always heady and with attitude problem). As a coach, erm, not so much. He’s always having problem with everyone. Why always him???

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        @Kel. Permit me to add as a coach Oliseh had problems everywhere he has coached since becoming a coach. His recent spat with Fortuna Sittard was nothing to write home about. How can you compare that tactically and technically better than Rohr. By the way I’m yet to see any true fan of the SuperEagles claim Rohr is irreplaceable another fat lie by the morons(with all due respect LMAO!!!) Rohr will leave one day, but not until he has accomplish his mission with the SuperEagles culminating in 2021 AFCON and the 2022 world cup. If you got a problem with that abeg make use of the nearest lagoon. LMAO!!! Or better still wait till the day Rohr draws or lost a match before tantrumizing the forum.

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        SCORECARD: All The Super Eagles Matches Oliseh Oversaw

         Nurudeen Obalola

        4 years ago

        After just being in charge for just nine months, Sunday Oliseh shocked everyone by resigning as head coach of the Super Eagles on Thursday night.

        Oliseh, who took over from Stephen Keshi in July 2015, cited poor working conditions as the reason for calling it quits.

        Following this unexpected development,
        Completesportsnigeria.com’s JAMES AGBEREBI reviews Oliseh’s time in charge of the Super Eagles in terms of results…

        TANZANIA 0-0 NIGERIA (2017 AFCON Qualifier)

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        Sunday Oliseh’s first game as the coach of the Super Eagles was a 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Tanzania in Dar es Salaam.

        With the likes of Carl Ikeme, Izunna Uzochukwu making their debuts, and a recall for Haruna Lukman, the Eagles played out an uninspiring 0-0 draw against Tanzania.

        NIGERIA 2-0 NIGER (Friendly game)

        Oliseh recorded his first win as Eagles coach following a 2-0 win against Niger Republic in an international friendly game in Port Harcourt.

        Ahmed Musa gave the Eagles a first half lead from the penalty spot.

        Then in the second half, Moses Simon sealed the win for the Eagles.

        NIGERIA 0-2 DR CONGO (Friendly game)

        The Eagles played two friendly games in Belgium ahead of their crucial 2018 World Cup qualifier against Swaziland.

        First, they took on the Democratic Republic of Congo, who had the duo of Yannick Bolasie and Deumerci Mbokani.

        At the end of the encounter, DR Congo defeated Nigeria 2-0 with Mbokani getting the first goal.

        NIGERIA 3-0 CAMEROON (Friendly game)

        Three days later, the Eagles took on Cameroon and emerged 3-0 victors.

        Efe Ambrose gave the Eagles a first half lead before second half goals from Moses Simon and Odion Ighalo secured the win.

        NIGERIA 2-0 BURKINA FASO (1st leg, 2016 CHAN Qualifier)

        After the conclusion of the friendly games against DR Congo and Cameroon, six days later the home-based Eagles faced Burkina Faso in the first leg final round qualifiers for the 2016 Africa Nations Championship in Rwanda.

        The home-based Eagles triumphed 2-0 in Port Harcourt.

        Yaro Bature had given the Eagles a first half lead, before Gbolahan Salami converted from the penalty spot.

        BURKINA FASO 0-0 NIGERIA (2nd leg, 2016 CHAN Qualifier)

        In the return leg of the 2016 Africa Nations Championship qualifier, the home-based Eagles forced Burkina Faso to a 0-0 draw and handex Oliseh qualification to his first major competition as a coach.

        SWAZILAND 0-0 NIGERIA (1st leg, 2018 World Cup Qualifier)

        The first leg of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier saw the Eagles go away to take on Swaziland.

        A star-studded Eagles side could only settle for a 0-0 draw against the southern African minnows.

        NIGERIA 2-0 SWAZILAND (2nd leg, 2018 World Cup Qualifier)

        The Eagles welcomed Swaziland in Port Harcourt for the reverse fixture of the 2018 World Cup qualifier.

        Surprisingly, the Eagles ended the first half goalless.

        But in the second half, Moses Simon broke the deadlock from a free-kick before Efe Ambrose added the second goal for the Eagles.

        NIGERIA 1-1 ANGOLA(Friendly game)

        The Home Eagles first pre-CHAN friendly was against Angola.
        After taking the lead and looking like securing the win, the Angolans scored a late goal to end the game one apiece.

        NIGERIA 1-0 COTE D’IVOIRE (Friendly game)

        Prior to departing South Africa for Rwanda, the Eagles played their last warm-up game against Cote d’Ivoire and won 1-0.

        NIGERIA 4-1 NIGER (Group stage, CHAN 2016)

        The home-based Eagles took on Niger Republic in their first game of the group stage at the Africa Nations Championship.

        A hat-trick from Chisom Chikatara and a goal from Osas Okoro gave Sunday Oliseh’s side a 4-1 win.

        NIGERIA 1-1 TUNISIA (Group stage, CHAN 2016)

        Up next for the Eagles was Tunisia. And after a very tight contest, Chikatara put the Eagles in front and also netted his fourth goal of the competition.

        But Ahmed Akaichi, who was the tormentor-in-chief for Tunisia, equalised to make sure both teams shared the points.

        GUINEA 1-0 NIGERIA (Group stage, CHAN 2016)

        Needing at least a draw to book a place into the quarter-finals, the Eagles lost 1-0 to Guinea.

        The loss proved costly, as Oliseh and his home-based Super Eagles side crashed out of the 2016 Africa Nations Championship.

        6 wins, 5 draws, 2 defeats

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        • Oakfield 1 year ago

          Are you…………………well??????? @goal. You trying to imitate drey??? Lol….mutant fellows …lol

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Have we lied against Oliseh like you and your cohorts continue to lie about Rohr…? If we have point out the lies…if we have not then either feel free to malign Rohr all you can or shut your gut. Oliseh is tactically better than Rohr but couldn’t qualify us for common AFCON. I’ll rather have an average employee with good character than have a “world-class wannabe” who lacks good character. That’s why even with all his “potentials” he always ends up being disgraced out of everywhere he goes
      Solidarity for the same person who called us insane…? Solidarity my foot. You can screenshot his picture here and be worshipping it every morning when you wake up

      • Character is something one can adjust if need be, just as I’m expecting you to do so and stop being a hypocrite @Drey .
        Oliseh never failed to qualify us to AFCON he only quit the job due to legitimate reasons.

        Oga Oliseh is tactically and technically better than Gernot Rohr (I’m judging based on their performance with the Super Eagles)

        Though I believe that every human being is work in progress, that being said we expect oga Rohr to improve in his weak areas only then can he have our full support.

        The Super Eagles deserves the very best!!!

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          The records don’t lie….they are out there of all to see. It’s just that the truth is alien to some people.

          Oliseh performed better indeed… that’s why he scattered the team and ran away after 7 months.
          Oliseh’s 11 matches reads 5wins 4draws 2 losses (win ratio – 45%) despite inheriting a team ranked 41st in the world and playing teams like Tanzania, Niger, Swaziland, Burkina Faso,Congo, Guinea. Only Cameroon and Tunisia where above us in the rankings then.

          Rohr’s 1st 11 matches as coach reads 7 wins 2 draws and and 1 loss (win ratio – 64%) playing Algeria, Zambia, Cameroon, Senegal, South Africa, Argentina and Poland. Only Tanzania was way below us back then, despite inheriting a team ranked 70th in the world.

          “Oliseh performed better than Rohr” ….ANOTHER FAT LIE BUSTED…!!! LMAO

          Did Oliseh qualify for AFCON….captial NO. Stop giving us excuses. He failed to qualify for afcon QED. We were no 3 in our group and needed at least 4 points against Egypt to even stand any chance…you tin-god ran away when is saw mission impossible just to save face. Give that team to Rohr then and we would have gotten 4 points from Egypt. The records speak.

          African Guadiola ran away from the same work environment Rohr has endured for 4 years. Let him leave our national team alone….we’ve made much more progress from where the gutters where he left us.

  • Hi Kel,

    In all fairness, there were some memorable wins under Sunday Oliseh as coach of the Super Eagles.

    The 2:0 win fantastic against Swaziland in November 2015 comes to mind where Moses Simon and Efe Ambrose registered their names on the scoresheet.

    Another monumental victory is the 4:1 victory against Niger in the group stages of Chan in January 2016 readily comes to mind. Chisom (Kolanut Kid) Chikatara wrote his name in the stars that day with a hattrick having come in in 58 minutes. Osas Okoro scored the other goal.

    There was also the match against Swaziland away in November 2015 where the Super Eagles ground out a well earned 0:0 draw in their opponents’ fortress.

    Oliseh did have his few highs with the Super Eagles but overall, off field attitudes were his undoings.


    • You forgot 3 – 0 win against Cameroon in Belgium @deo

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Lol,Come on @deo, we’ve always beaten these guys black and blue whenever met(check our history) U can’t use swaziland and Niger to compare to teams like Zambia, Cameroon, Argentina , Brazil, Algeria,iceland,etc,these teams were beaten hands down by rohr at some point with a very young and largely inexperienced team, not forgetting other minnows which he (rohr) took to the cleaners that are not even worthy to be used as a yardstick to make comparisons. Rohr is way higher than oliseh in all ramifications ranging from experience, qualifications, matches won, tough teams played etc.

  • I was too quick to post that….

    CS you guys have more work to do here
    We need edite button here

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      That’s how you’re took quick to post lies as well…..csn wil give u the “Mary” button as well, no be only “Edith”

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Dr. Drey , please , please don’t loose it , with due respect, I take exception to some of your remarks , Let us learn to accommodate divergent opinions without attacking ourselves, I tried as much as I could to respect other opinion except I am constantly attack . One thing I noted in most of you pro Rohr / white coaches is, you don’t tolerate others independent opinion and tends to loose it .

    If you believe, it is the right thing to completely run down your fellow Nigerians in your attempt to prove that you are not racist , I give it to you as you are entitled to your opinion but don’t blackmail me, I am far from being racist, my point of argument, is our Local coaches ( Ex Internationals coaches) are as good as their white counterparts if given equal opportunity and condition of services as given to the whites , oga Rohr in particular , I refused to align to the self defeatist  or Inferiority complex that our Local coaches are totally unfit to handle S/E except oga Rohr or white ( I should be entitled to my personal opinion, don’t attack my personality again , and don’t blackmail me , and this your theory of technician stuff , I expected better tolerant than that , please let us avoid loosing it so that we don’t attack ourselves ) .

    Lastly, please ponder on this , Oliseh is a Nigerian, if you cannot support him , you are very much right but to completely run him down against Rohr should be a concern , None of these coaches are from my region let alone from my clan , I am from South west but spirit of a patriotic Nigeria is in me , that our administrator NFF should get right and we as Nigerian , we should help them to get it right with balanced contribution that will make them to do the right thing to our Ex internationals coaches who have served their fathers Land with great commitment, otherwise, we may as well asked the glass house be run by whites since they have been failing to give right , for example you said they sacked Oliseh everywhere he goes ( if I may ask , how many places was he sacked ? was it where he accused his employer of being asked to embark on unprofessional fowl play ? I am sure , you know , you cannot make unsubstantiated allegation in western world particularly by the blacks without being investigated and paid dearly for such phoney allegations, up till today , Oliseh has not been taken up by his ex employer , what happened to Oliseh is typically to what average blacks faced in the western world, I am sure , you are aware, in UK premiership , France , Spain , Germany , Italy etc African players are exposed to a lot of racial abuse , so to think that .

    Oliseh , Amunike were not good and unfit  for S/E because Oliseh was sacked in his previous employment and as such he and other Nigerian coaches ex internationals are not fit to handle S/E but you could not give your audience right information on oga Rohr who was not only sacked in his first ever African country  he handled before Nigeria for bellow (42%) performance but was also dismissed in the preceding  other two countries he handled with embarrassing & woeful performance of   (13%&27%) , which going by that fact , Rohr shouldn’t have been given S/E job in the first instance because a coach is as good as his last 3 assignments. If what Amunike is being subjected to after breaking 40 years old records without paying salary for months is something you are proud of as a Nigerian, you are entitled to your opinion. As for me ,enough of the untimely death of our Nigerian coaches due to frustration in other countries and in their fathers land . We have lost Keshi , lost Amodu , Siasia career is almost ruined now , we shouldn’t wait till when they join them in their graves before we start crying for them . I rest my case .

    @Goal , @ Naija Mazi,@ Chidi, @ Goal @ Omo9ja,  I really acknowledge the way you dissect the subject matter , your submissions were brilliant and on point .
    Please keep it up .

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Patriotism devoid of truth and equitable judgement is nothing but Misdirected sentiments.

      Unfortunately it seems the truth is really not your friend. And I’m also beginning to suspect you can’t comprehend English or maybe it is the racism in you that has hardened your heart.

      Have we lied against any of the local coaches…? Have we…? unlike you who has been feeding us with lots of lies here (thank God for internet). Is it a lie that they couldn’t qualify us for AFCON…? Is it a lie that that they abandoned us when it mattered most…? Is it a lie that they manage the national team is fraudulent and questionable manner that often sees bias and substandard player invitations…??? Is it a lie that everyone gets what they negotiated by themselves in the contracts….and that nobody puts a gun on anyone’s face to make them sign these contracts…? If Rohr got what look like a salary upgrade (which is actually a salary downgrade because he now has to pay 5 other people from his salary) after meeting one of his deliverables as stipulated in his contract why are you dying of jealousy…? Is it his fault that Keshi didn’t negotiate and include things like that in his own contract, or is it his fault that the rest of them couldn’t even reach their target…?

      And Pls tell us the better conditions of service or preferential treatment Rohr is being given….?
      Rohr, Siasia, Oliseh all started with $30k salary…infact the NFF even added a brand new car worth $20k for Siasia and Oliseh. They were all given same targets – AfCON Semifinals and qualification for WC. They all suffered the same problems of being owed salaries, NFF interfering in their jobs, players being owed salaries and allowances, Siasia and Oliseh even had foreign assistants who were paid separately (about $20k) by the NFF, Oliseh was also coaching from Belgium and even took SE camp and friendly matches to Belgium (and we have never camped or played any match so far in Germany or France)….but while your underaged tournaments experts and African Guadiola failed woefully and abandoned their team…Rohr in the same working environment and under same working conditions has met all his targets plus building for us a very young and exciting team, not by playing kick and follow gather and play heart attack type of football we were used to and has never abandoned his team even for once, he has not fought any of his players or accused anyone of trying to kill him.

      Nigeria was ranked no 30 when Siasia took over, ranked 41 when Oliseh took over and ranked 70 when Rohr took over. But the same Rohr (whom you claim your local coaches are better than) has lifted us from that worst position where he meet us to where we were before Siasia took over. Yet you come here complaining of better conditions of service for Rohr…??? Pls tell us the better conditions they have given Rohr that they didn’t give Oliseh and Siasia.

      According to you, A coach is as good as his last 3 assignments….but Amunike who was demoted in Egypt, took Tanzania to their worst ever AFCON performance and couldn’t qualify for U20 AFCON….Oliseh was booted out of Fortuna (and even charged to court), abandoned the SE….Siasia has even been jobless since 2016 (I wonder why such a “world-class” coach will be jobless for that long) even before the FIFA ban….these are the people we should hype above Rohr because of blind pareiotism.

      If your local coaches what to be hyped….let them perform….we will hype them. Cape Verde, Uganda and Guinea are currently no 16, 15 and 14 in Africa today, any coach that can lead these teams to 2022 WC and 2023 AFCON Semifinals and no 3 in Africa in just 3 years (the way Rohr led us from no 16 in Africa to no 3 so far) deserves even a statue.

      Nobody is running anybody down, but I repeat none of our current local coaches can even be called average yet…. not it terms of achievements, not in terms of experience, not in terms of professionalism. The ones who were vastly experienced, exposed and competent enough to handle the SE have gone to the great beyond. Go and tell the younger generation to work harder and improve themselves and stop depending on the NFF for jobs (I can’t win 2 olympic medals and be jobless for more than 6 months…NEVER…if I can’t get a job in NPFL, or any national team in Africa, I’ll go to Ghana PL or SA league or Kenya or Angola….but to remain jobless for 4 years….lailai) . Being an exinternational is not what qualifies you for a coaching job anywhere (except in Nigeria of course)….it’s what you have on your CV that’s does.

      Patriotism is not calling zero one or calling black white just based on sentiments. For the sake of patriotism, If we are to be sincere with ourselves, most of us would prefer a white president and white legislators and ministers in Nigeria today. At a time when the rest of the world is committing funds to find solutions to the covid pandemic your own govt is sharing handouts as if that will feed the people for the rest of the year. Those and the kinds performances you want us to hype for the sake of patriotism.

      Patriotism devoid of truth and equitable judgement is nothing but Misdirected sentiments. It’s called SYCOPHANCY. And I refuse to be a sycophant.

  • the truth is now out, i got an information that Dr drey is a Ghanian, now i know why he is allways nagetive here , please leave us a lone this is super eagles not black stars, @Destar @omo9ja @Goal more grease to your elbows we are the true nigerians in this forum, dr drey and his boys are ghanians that is why they have been insulting people here, they are just pretending as if they are nigerians, their mission is to destroy our super eagles.

    • KangA 1 year ago

      Your argument is childish , but I’ll ask just one question: Is this giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it?

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Lol…. You don’t know what to say again abi? You’ve been condemned with the truth And have resorted to cheap blackmail that we are not Nigerians. Are u not ashamed of yourself? Did u actually think very well before posting this crap?? This to a large extent has shown the kind of person u are and how backward and barberic you are in your mode of reasoning. “Great minds” (according to one refraff) indeed. Wahala dy o.. Chai. Smh… Lol…

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Is your brain aware of what you just typed…?

    • Larry 1 year ago

      @stan, omo naija, Destar, I salute your wisdom and bravery. Do not bother yourselves about noisemakers, enemy of progress and foreigners on this forum.
      It’s pretty obvious that with the new sheriff in town, SE management will experience significant progress. Regarding SE, a more reasonable announcement from the nff is coming soon.
      Oliseh remains a legend at home and abroad.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahaha…who else are enemies of progress apart for FAT LIARs who want us to go back to people who Couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON twice and dragged us into the shithole of 16th position in Africa, whereas we are currently the favourites to win the next AFCON thanks to the wonderful progress our team as made both individually and collectively under Rohr.

        Pls you guys should dig deeper and tell us more lies….I’m beginning to enjoy busting your fat lies the was kids enjoy bursting bubbles….LMAO.

  • @oakfield you are complete mugu. Hausa goat.jobless man go and look for job. Mtn gave you free data that is why you come here to insult people, do you know me? What is the name of your village? What have you archived in your life as a man, idiot you cant even feed your self, did you have a house? You cant even pay your house rent, a nickompoop like you. i dont blame you because we are here to joke that is why you have the opourtunity to insult people, your parents dont even know where you are because you are useless to them, OLODO.

    • You completely immature for abusing someone like this, come to think of it, U, omo9ja, destar or whatever his is, and ur other rogues are have posting long meaningless epistle here devoid of any truth. And some people counter ur craps with truth u resulted to insult, that’s very unwise.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Lol…aw, that jibe got him… Oh! how it hurts. You’ve just mentioned all u have in this world and aside that nothing else. That’s your only source of livelihood. I don’t need to know u bcs you’re such a miserable fellow. In fact, I only know that one miserable idiot known as Stan exists only on this platform. U may as well be a mere computer program meant to be typing garbage all the time. Ur stupidity has exposed ur folly. If the things you mentioned above are the things that have made u think u haved arrived life, then, you’re the most poorest and good for nothing idiot in the society. As far as I’m concerned, what u claim to have is not even up to 1/3 of the least of properties some of my boys have in Nigeria. I can feed u and your entire generation without shaking. So calm down, stop making a fool of yourself here, son.

      • Patriotism devoid of truth and equitable judgement is nothing but Misdirected sentiments. It’s called SYCOPHANCY. And I refuse to be a sycophant.

        Hahaha… professor Wole Soyinka!!!

        People really need repentance in their life instead being holier than thou.

        All this while you’ve been attacking any one that speaks the truth about Rohr and the team,you haven’t mentioned the bad sides of your demi god and your talk of equitable judgement?

        Hypocrites Hypocrites Hypocrites!!!!!!

        The kingdom of God have been taken away from you.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahaha….you mean everyone that speak LiES…LIES and more FAT LiES. That is what you and your gang of LIARS including Oliseh has treated us to in the last 1 week…..hewing lies upon lies without facts or evidence to back them up….LMAO. Everything we say here we back them up with facts…. everything some “over the bar” people say here are direct opposite of facts. They themselves can’t substantiate them. If people can be sentenced to jail for saying things that aren’t true online….some group of people here will spend the rest of their lives in jail….LMAO. that’s how much lies they’ve told us here since they suddenly jumped on board.

          Rohr has never been owed even for one day – BUSTED

          Rohr has done nothing – BUSTED

          Oliseh performed better than Rohr – BUSTED

          Rohr is paid 4 times local coaches – BUSTED

          Senegal dominated Brazil – BUSTED

          Ukraine dominated Nigeria – BUSTED

          Rohr has a better working environment – BUSTED

          Thank God for age, rententive memory, and availability of internet. Otherwise liars would have thought they can decieve their fathers’ mates and tell us the history we witnessed with our own eyes.

          Some people must me direct descendants of Lucifer – the father of LIES.

          Just keep in mind the ALL LIARS SHALL PERISH.

        • Oakfield 1 year ago

          @goal. We never said rohr was the best. We never said rohr didn’t have his own flaws and we never said that he is irreplaceable but what we are saying is that at the moment, he’s the best we can afford. If you and the nff scribe provide a better alternative that is way better than rohr and take us way higher than where he (rohr) has brought us, then, go for the person and sack rohr. But if u can’t provide a better alternative, support him to see we make progress as we are already doing now. Anybody who is fighting against a good thing and cannot provide something better is a wizard and a hypocrite. So, use ur tongue to count ur teeth to know which category u belong.

          • Oakfield 1 year ago

            ***cannot provide****

          • Oakfield 1 year ago

            Abeg ur pardon ****can provide***

          • We never said rohr was the best. We **never said rohr didn’t have his own flaws and we never said that he is irreplaceable but what we are saying is that at the moment, he’s the best we can afford

            Your are beginning to have your own mind instead of following the chief hypocrites.
            That’s very commendable!
            Your tone of voice now sound civil and that’s the reason I’m replying you.

            The chief media officer of Gernot Rohr believe his client is incorruptible, world class coach and if you dare mention his flaws you become fat lier, miserable moron and enemy.
            I’m happy you are disassociating yourself from him, remember bad association spoils useful habit.

            I have said it here many times that Rohr is manageable but he is not the messiah to take us to semi finals of the world cup.
            If the NFF can’t give us a sound coach then a competent assistance is needed.

  • am not boasting of anything, am only trying to let you know that you are usuless, you dont have a job, you are no body, you dont have an adress as a responsible man, you are telling me about your boys do you know my work? do you know my base? My own boys will employ you, mutumbi,ewu, tu es malad, empoli, embesil comme tua. Go and face your wahala no be me cause your problem, idiot, big for nothing. ilfaut continue pa insulte des ganes tv va voir, IDIOT.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Lol….what’s chasing u. U don dy run abi? U never start sef. That’s how and your group use to run and digress when confronted with the truth in facts and figures. I thought u said I didn’t have money for data, couldn’t pay my rent, I am jobless, I don’t have a house and can’t feed myself. Lol. If this is not boasting I wonder what on earth it is. I’m beginning to feel sorry for u bcs you’ve just exposed ursef and your miserable situation but dont worry, Just give me a lead and i’d just send one of my boys to change your life and that of your entire generation completely forever even with ur mouse house, miserable job and money u use to buy airtime. Stupid boy.

  • @ola you have to be fair even if you see us as enemies, i did not mention his name for the first time, he insulted me becausd i was craking joke to make the forum lively, is he the only one in this forum? even his master dr drey did not insult me. You cant expect every body to go same way, (another man food is another man poison) you like rohr, i like oliseh,

  • Chidi 1 year ago

    Pls guys let’s face the bitter truth corruption everywhere,d education sector,military,sports,banking sector,d 3arms of govt etc,the point here’s is our nff should be compelled to meet international best practices in football admin since football is alike a religiou in our dear country,things like this can’t happen in Benin, Ghana Senegal Egypt or Tunisia,even small cape Verde,our nff should stop advertising their foolishness

  • KangA 1 year ago

    Guys, sheath your swords. We’re not here to boast about our personal fortunes. We are discussing soccer. We mostly focus on the SuperEagles, but we can also discuss soccer development in other African countries, too.

    Those who have resorted to blackmail, calling others Ghanaians, beware. Ghanaians are Africans and are not banned from this forum. If African countries start rising in FIFA ranking, won’t we be happy? We’ll start soliciting for more slots in the WC, increasing the chances of an African team lifting the cup.

    I do understand that a site like this attracts all sorts of characters, but please restrain yourself from your raw qualities and do well to keep your atavistic tendencies at home. After visiting this site you can go to your local beer parlour and behave like a tout. That’s your own business.

    While here you must remember that we are discussing soccer; we are not interested in how rich you are. Can we really verify your claims? Any retched fellow with access to the internet can claim anything. Do rich people even boast about their wealth? They don’t. They rather donate to ameliorate poverty. Bill & Melinda Gate recently committed $100M to fight the raging COVID-19 pandemic.

    Remember that we can appeal to CSN to delist your name if you continue to be a nuisance. OR we request the CSN to introduce subscription fees to wean off riff-riffs.

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Ola, let this be a warning on a lighter note , never you tagged my name to insult me, there are better way to pass your message without being biased and one sided . You mean the  3 gang pro Rohr/Whites  can turn the forum to where they blackmail, insult and make uncomplimentary remarks on their fellow Nigerians ( I should suppose, if @Stan investigation is confirmed not totally correct  on being Ghanaian stuff , since this forum is free for any nationals to join; that our Nigerian owned newspaper have a followers from other countries particularly from neighbouring country Ghana, is still a plus as far as I am concerned) . Have I ever abused you nor anyone until few days ago where the gang resulted to calling those of us supporting Nigerian coaches to be given their deserved opportunity with good working condition as their whites counterpart, using  derogatory foul words as Cr….. foo…. etc with our names tagged  ; I never read your comment of caution to let them know , this forum is supposed to be a platform where we show case the ability to reasoning, exchange of idea without having to run down our fellow Nigerians or insulting ourselves ( as majority of us in this loop are Nigerians ) just because we are not sharing the same self defeatist cum inferiority complex opinion of “ Only Rohr/ white coaches are good to coach S/E , Nigerian coaches are unfit , Keshi, Siasia, Amodu, Yobo , Amunike, Oliseh are zero “ ; @Stan & Omo9ja and myself have been severely undeservedly attacked , insulted with uncivilized derogatory remarks to such extent going personal , none of us reacted ,until recently, you look other way, @Stan kept his cool until this morning having done his investigation and came back to the forum to give back a little to the gang . You are a Yoruba man going by your name just as I am Star “Irawo”  I am sure you know , it is not part of our culture using fouls words on ourselves much more less our elders,  the best you could have done is to caution both sides for sanity to reign in the house not tagging only our names with such uncomplimentary remarks is very very UNFAIR .

    I am a proud Nigeria , that believe given equal opportunity and level playing ground , Nigerians can excel and stand shoulder to shoulder with their whites counterparts; I don’t have apology to anyone on that , I detest where we give undue advantages to foreigners at the expense of Nigerian or allow other nationals from another countries to negatively destroy  our ex internationals and make them unmarketable, it is our people’s parlance that “Charity begins at home “ when we destroy the career of our own or allow nationals of other countries to goad NFF in doing that , who would honour them outside their fathers land , hence the unfortunate predicaments of our great ones Amunikes, Oliseh in the hands of their employers outside the country;when they have been completely destroyed by their country men . Keshi and Amodu never had it good with NFF until they died at their prime time , Siasia never had it good with NFF until his career is now in jeopardy to the western world conspiracy ( the corrupt and inefficient NFF would prefer the poor guy career ruined and join the Keshi in his grave than helping him , thanks to Big Sege Odegbami that always stand up for his fellow Nigerians irrespective of region )  Oliseh never had it good with NFF until he resigned to prevent dying young as Keshi and Amodu . Should we allowed Siasia , Amunike, Yobo, Oliseh etc who have diligently given their best to our country in the past to continue being frustrated and go the way of Keshi & Amodu ?
    Nigerians are great anywhere , unfortunately when you use verifiable professional and personal experience cum exposure, where Nigeria have got it wrong in the past but now getting it right in the Aviation , some would attack your person .

    @ Stan , I know, you have been provoked and endured for long , not responding to the unrestrained constants attacks on your person from the 3 gang just as they do to @Omo9ja and myself , I will advise, you should not loose focus, don’t loose your temper ( even if your findings is totally correct of some being Ghanaian in the platform that are in the platform to destroy Nigerians, we would deal with them intellectually and if they result to return to their uncivilized wrong way again, I would not hesitate to come down to their level ). In the meantime, PLEASE, allow PEACE to reign .  I had at a time , choose to be silent without contributing again in the platform due to time constraints and majorly due to the gang’s trademark of uncomplimentary attack on those that didn’t buy their “ONLY ROHR PROJECT / NIGERIAN COACHES ARE ZERO “ but thank God , due to C-19 worldwide ,where I can spare little time and for the Nigerian blood in me where , I would not allow anyone either Nigerian or group from another country to frustrate me from having my say , in the happenings in my country to the detriment of Nigerian economy and to the expense of our Ex Internationals/ Nigerian coaches who are dying out of frustration.
    I am very sure , Nigeria shall be great again because , we have all the potential to be great as a Country and as a race.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Did I just step on poo again???? Ghanaians on the prowl. I never knew some us were internet investigators. That’s really an achievement u know. Funny people…lol!

    • @destar, You again with your long crap that devoid of any sense, who are u to warm me? Now that I have mentioned your name what will u do? Nonsense! Listen carefully, I have my opinion and you have yours, but for you to think you can impose your opinions on others, then you must be a joker. If you are presenting your opinion, you do that with verifiable facts and reasonable words that’s devoid of racism. All the allegations you raised against Rohr has been countered correctly, you either accept or remain committed to your cause but not by posting crap every minute to score cheap points or to drive whatever your aim is. This a forum that comprises of different people, with different intellect so before you post you must be sure of what you are saying not out of sentiment. We are trying to correct the wrong of our political Leaders, our moron policy makers, but if you still reason like this, then I doubt if the country has any future, because it’s views of people like you that our politicians based their insane decisions on. Please don’t come here and warm me or talk to me anyhow again.

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        Nice reply @ola.

        • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

          All you need is to look at the number of dislikes before even reading his comments. I don’t need to waste my time to read all those crap. Because they’re mostly rubbish and nonsense. People like this are the reason the country never grow.

        • Oakfield 1 year ago

          Hit him hard with the [email protected] ola. I like this line of yours “even when verifiable facts are presented”. Any man with common sense would find his way after verifiable facts have been presented during an argument. the law court makes use of facts and figures during proceedings and the final verdict of the judge is based on facts ( verifiable evidence) presented in the process. Anybody that continues to argue when verifiable facts have been presented to counter his line of argument must be very stupid. Verifiable facts and figures have been presented and yet these people still write and post crap! It really beats my imagination, honestly. All I can see in all this is that they have this innate hatred for rohr despite his glaring outstanding achievements and nothing can change it. Even if rohr wins the world cup , they still won’t be satisfied but like I always say, good will always have the last laugh over evil.

          • @Oakfield, thanks bro, it just common sense, nobody is an island of knowledge, we are learn every day, in arguments, there must be a lesson, but if you still continue after you have be shown the facts, then that’s what the English people called blind arguments.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Hahahaha…no more lies to tell again. We have deffused all their lies. Now they say we are Ghanians. Shey Ghana na only Ghana…? Rwanda no follow…???

    They think they can use lies to hype people who failed under the same circumstances in which another man is currently succeeding…all in the name of being pro-black or proudly Nigerian, just because of their hatred and racist tendencies.

    Yea give a Nigerian the right environment and he will excel.. yes I’m a living testimony to that….but not any Nigerian…one who has the right skills and competencies the one who has a CV that is commesurate with the task at hand. Not the one appointed by sentiments, or by paddy paddy or by colour or by tribe or by bribes and kickbacks or simply because he’s an exinternational.

    Nigerians are all other the world doing great and amazing things in every endeavour, working for foreign governments, even in their top military and intelligence units. If those countries were to put sentiments above competence, those Nigerians wouldn’t get there.

    Tell your locals coaches to go and build their CVs and stop waiting for the NFF to build it for them. Onigbinde had won Challenge cup and CAF cup winners cup with Shooting stars before he was given SE to coach. Amodu had CAF cup with BCC lions and got to final of champions League after winning the league with Shooting before he was ever given SE to coach. Keshi had served as Asst SE coach for 4years, Mali and Togo coaches before he was given National team to coach. They were COMPETENT Enough to be given the job. They had the type of CV that matches the job. Enough of giving our national team to people who have nothing on their CV to coach apart from 300caps or coaching U-this or U-that…SE is not for experimenting. All the rest to have had their chance and misused it.

    The man that is there now is using his chance under the same working conditions in which some fake guadiolas abandoned the team, and he is making progress every year. Enough of the jealousy, hate and lies. It’s his turn to leave him alone. When his time is up another COMPETENT AND QUALIFIED person (wether black or white, wether Nigerian or South African or Egyptian) must take over….not people who couldn’t qualify us for AFCON.

    Botswana is one of the fastest growing economies today because they have long killed nepotism and racism….South Africa is one of the fastest declining economies in the world today because nepotism, xenophobia and racism as been systematically enshrined in their national lives. The day Nigeria will kill and bury nepotism and embrace competence and professionalism is the day Nigeria will start returning to being giants of Africa and beacon of hope of the black race.

    Finally, STOP THE LIES…! Amodu and Keshi DID NOT DIE OF FRUSTRATION. THEY WERE NOT PAUPERS. Amodu was serving as the Technical Director of the NFF when he died. He even turned down taking over the Super Eagles coaching job on health grounds after that coward Oliseh ran away, before Siasia and Amunike were given the job. Keshi also passed on due to heart problems. He was a big boy. He was due to resume a coaching job in South Africa in few weeks leading to his death. CAN THESE NEPOTISM ADVOCATES JUST MAKE COMMENTS WITHOUT INCLUDING LIES FOR ONCE….????
    The more y’all think you can hype people with lies, the less your ideologies will sell.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Wow, wow , [email protected] drey….I wish I could just like this more than 1000 times. Very expository with facts and figure as usual. Ride on my brother, very soon, dem go say we be Germans…..lol

  • Prince 1 year ago

    Most times when I read some “clueless” comments from persons, I feel like asking for their identities, phone number and arrange to meet in a cool place where we will talk and let me tell them how I feel reading from their thoughts but thank God for the likes of Dr Drey!!!
    He is always here to tell them the TRUTH !!!

    But what actually surprises me is that clear fact that when someone is told the TRUTH, he finds another way to twist the facts to complement his BASELESS tales simply because he can not accept the TRUTH !!

    How can Nigeria move to glory with such people in our midst ???

    Dr Drey, May your days be long, my brother !!!

    And to all the positive minds, good citizens of the Federal republic of NIGERIA, we will keep saying the TRUTH and standing for what is RIGHT!!!
    God bless us all

    ***NFF, make una allow our German man continue him work with our national team (Super Eagles) ooo. It has being years now since I hear people call us “super chickens” ooo. Imagine our players born in The diaspora seeking to play for us, our team qualifying with match to spare, no more calculations & permutations!!! High ranked teams seeking to play us friendlys!!! All these are FACTS since German Oyibo took charge !!! A word is a enough for who get brain for him head ooo*****

    I hail ooo

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      It’s very funny @prince. Collecting their phone numbers wouldn’t solve the problem, it has a lot to do with racism mixed with sheer hatred and wickedness against a good man with a very good heart. Imagine if Nigeria was a white man’s country and rohr a black man. The same people talking trash now would be same people whining of racism against him bcs his black. I wish drey could forward these indispensable facts that he has dug up to the corrupt nff to enlighten them more about the enormous qualities possed by rohr if they pretend not to know. If the elders pretend not to know and want to take us backwards to the medieval period , we kick them into the bin straight! with the truth,(facts, figures (evidence) ). They have destroyed our lives enough!

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Stan , you don’t need to caution @Ola to be fair , doing so is wasting of your precious time , that is multiplier effect when pandemic disease of negative mind is not under locked as soon as possible , it will be more dangerous than Corona-virus .The moment he was one sided with his fellow Rohr / whites worshipped demigod , I knew he has lost it , can you read  rubbish , a pretender , that seemed to be gospel of being civil  in the forum just a while , only to be given a way moment later by joining in the usage of their trademark “senseless, rubbish, crap “ only that he has not advance to the level of his mentors level of decency “ thinking they have monopoly to such fouls language. The funning aspect is joining Ghanaian to run down your own country men in the name of the so called anti racist,.

    @Ola , please, read over your senseless comment again ( apology to borrow some of your words & fellow Rohr/ Whites attacking style ) , tell me differences between uncomplimentary remarks and your childish remark of “ I have mentioned your name” to that of trademark of the gang you were siding?
    One thing that is common with you Rohr/Whites apologists of mr perfect without flaw , are your mode of attacking anyone that dares to say the truth on Rohr as rightly observed by @Goal, now compare to the brilliant analysis from the great minds of @Larry, @Omo9ja,@ Chidi, @Stan,@ Naija Mazi devoid of such gutter fouls words as “Nosense, Rubbish crap etc , where they maturely put their thought in a civilized manner with sounds argument .

     Please grow up, and have independent mind of your own without being mislead by some unpatriotic Nigerians and Ghanaian who can never mean well for our country men. In as much as we don’t impose our believing in made in Nigeria on the so called anti racist propagandist that has been transferred to you , you are much entitle to what you choose to listen to and get your mind polluted with ; please don’t impose the self defeatist, inferiority complex of “ Nigerians can’t make it or anything Nigeria made can never be good “ by attacking those of us that believe Rohr that has his own flaws as our Nigerian coaches also have , but given the same level playing ground . We don’t buy into the fallacy of whites are always the best and Nigerians are failure . Oliseh like any good Nigerian coaches that should be given equal treatment. There is nowhere in the world except in Nigeria that a foreigner is given unequal treatment and  good working advantage at the expense of their locals . It is not down particularly in Germany, oga Rohr himself knows. On a final note , I do hope you will not upgrade yourself to the level of the gang you are backing by completely adopting their harassment strategies by insulting and kicking those that have independent opinion . I can as well bend more low to the level you want , should you decide to continue tagging my name with your borrowed fouls words, I descend to any level you are to meet up with you . For now, I rest my case

    @ Larry, thanks for appreciating all my contributions together with @ Chidi, @ Omo9ja,@ Stan, Goal etc , I must be honest with you, reading great analysis from a great mind like  you in particular and others gladden my heart that we still have great minds in our Country who can have self belief positive attitude that can make Nigeria great again as it were in those days.

    As you have advised, not to bother to waste my precious time with them , I quite agree with you , and that has been my position all along  ; I have serious time constraints but when I realized, the gang persistent attack on anyone of  us getting to frighten level where many forum members are afraid to air their mind for fear of being attacked by the unpatriotic Nigerians backed by Ghanaian who never wish good for their country men . Unfortunately, they are on collision with wrong person .

    • I give up on you, you a chronic addicts, exchanging words with you will mean I have same level of reasoning with you. And what do you mean by saying am not independent minded? You are just a funny joker… Because I don’t align with your rubbish means am not thinking wisely? you need a counselor

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        destar is a chronic liar. So who doesn’t have a mind of his own between you and him? Every time he comes here he only follows what Stan, Omo9ja, Larry and Goal have already said by acknowledging them. What does that tell you? His upbringing is quite pathetic to say the list..  Even when verifiable facts have been given to him he’s stick stuck on stupid. Destar is irredeemable.  You’ve already been found out. Just wait till the day Rohr draws a match before you can have a filled day here. For now destar is just a waste of space.

  • Yes @ola exchanging words with animals like you and oakfield no make sense.

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      You are the exact animal. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about other to come here to type rubbish bragging about a 17th century house you inherited from your folks. I get una time well welll now. Even omo9ja still recognizes what is right and give kudos to whom it’s due. The only problem with him is that he praises Rohr today and condemn him tomorrow. He’s never stable. Meanwhile you, destar and goal are most chronic liars I’ve ever seen on a public platform. You nether have no verifiable facts to back up your comment or just come here to expose your dilapidated upbringing.

    • It’s your entire lineage that’s animal, goat brain

      • That comment is meant for @stan, complete sport, do something about the Edit button

  • Sunday Oliseh you’re a good coach…but what conditions are you talking about??? Is it the one you were working from your home in liege that’s new with Rohr or the one you were being paid in Dollars???? Stop complaining because you were also treated like a foreign coach…
    In fact you had your chance you weren’t matured enough to tolerate somethings as Rohr is presently doing… Please work on your man & anger management because you’ve got the potential to be an African great as a coach.

    I think there are LIAR Mohammed clones on this forum who lie for a living…
    Please let’s hold on to FACTS in our journey to repositioning this nation in its rightful place…

    The Odegbami ‘made in Naija’ disciples apart from OLISEH,SIASIA,EMENALO,AMUNEKE,FINIDI & OLOFINJANA please name at least 5 homegrown coaches that are ready for the big time or employable outside this shores

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      After leading Ghana’s U20 twice, Sellas Tetteh of Ghana has gone on to coach Rwanda and Sierra Leone (till date). Aliou Cisse started coaching in French national championship, before becoming Senegal asst coach at U23 level and at Senior level and then finally landing the Manager job (over an 8years span). Algeria’s Djamel Belmadi (a born and bred French citizen) started with coaching in Qatari league as far back as 10years ago, he was 4 time Qatar league champion and 2 time Qatar Cup winner with 2 different clubs, coached the Qatar national team before getting the Algeria national team job.These guys had something on their CVs. They didn’t just get the jobs because they are ex-internationals or because they are local coaches or blacks.

      Onigbinde had Challenge cup and African Cup winners cup on his CV before getting the SE job in 1984, Amodu had FA CUP, CAF cup (1990 and 1991), Nigeria league, Seko Toure cup (CAF CL 1994 or 1995) on his CV before getting SE job. Keshi had 4 years Asst SE coach, Flying eagles, Togo and Mali coach on his CV before getting the SE job. These are as big as CVs get. These CVs can rival that of any oyinbo coming to Africa to coach.

      What do our our exinternationals of nowadays have on their CVs….??? Some of them only have 100 caps…LMAO. And they want to earn the same as what people who have coached multiple clubs and national teams are earning. Awon olojukokoro. Even when NFF gave them the chance, with same salary as people who have something substantial on their CVs….did they not flop…???

      There are only 4 Nigerians I know currently who have the CV to be manager of the SE of Nigeria…Eddie Newton of Trabzonspor, Gbenga Ogunbote of Lobi starts, Mike Emenalo and Seyi Olofinjana. In a clime when professionalism is the watchword, devoid of sentiments and mediocrity, where people’s CVs are properly scrutinized and assessed no matter whose name is on it, the CVs of the likes of Amunike, Oliseh, Finidi at best is still at the level of Asst Manager. Anybody with HR experience at the top level on this forum should indicate, I will gladly post the CVs of all these guys here for that person to assess.

      It’s the Super eagles of Nigeria we are talking about, not Flames of Malawi or Warriors of Namibia.

      Siasia could have come closest, but his performances with Bayelsa Utd (relegation), JUTH (relegation), Heartland (from final in CCl the previous year to last in the group stage after taking over) and finally failure with the SE was a serious dent on his “underaged” tournaments performances. Why he didn’t leaverage on those and go get jobs (club or national team) in other countries in Africa (before his FIFA ban) still amazes me till today. If he were to be employed at the time of the ban, I’m sure he could have been able to afford the appeal as quickest as possible.

      Our exinternationals should humble themselves and stop thinking they have arrived. They should stop dust off their asses and build up their CVs. They can’t sit down in their parlours and be complaining nobody wants to give them jobs. Or that they are not being paid $100k per month for jobs their CVs do not qualify them in the first instance. Even the Zidanes and the real Guardiolas of this world started with U18 teams, reserve teams, Asst manager positions before they finally because managers. Kolo Toure is assistant manager of Leicester city today because he has built his CV to merit that job (abi is he not black too). Our own Emenalo was Avram Grant’s assistant when Chelsea lost the champions League final to Man U in 2008 (is he not black too). He has gone on to be Technical Director of Chelsea and Monaco. They didn’t get those jobs because are ex-internationals. They got them with strong CVs.

      But most of our own ex-internationals want to start from the top by being employed as managers of first Division teams in Europe and the SE and will not hesitate to flaunt their ex-internationals status at every given opportunity. As if it’s a guarantee for success. How many ex-internationals have won AFCON….how many ex-internationals have won WC. Definitely not half as much as non ex-internationals who have.

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Ayphillildegreat OMG , when you did not mention my name again , I had thought, your medical team are getting it right on you . I may have to keep your medical team busy again , A Lunatic with deficiency upbringing like you should be put where you belong , permanently chained! !! Until you can reason right like a normal being as those that are not unfortunately raised in the animals kingdom’’s Clan where you kick your elders into waste bins . I am sure the elders in your animal  kingdom Clan , who you claimed you do kick into waste bins really never wanted you to recover from your mental relapsed , so as to start breeding those that can perfectly fits into a civilized society, otherwise, they would have changed your China medical team to a qualified Nigerian medical Doctor , even though , I doubt it, if you will allow a needed change because of your negative mind and inferiority complex , when it is glaring your China medical team are not getting it right . I now believe it , it is only a Mad man , that would keep the same medical team on the same mental disorder and yet expect different result.  !!

    I follow great minds when I see one ,appreciate their  brilliant submissions of great like minds @Chidi, Larry , Omo9ja ,@Goal etc that you mentioned  because, they put down there unbiased and well balanced thought for a reasonable and mental balanced mind to ponder and arrive at at reasonable conclusion, and these they do in a civilized manner to win great minds into their side devoid of gutter & fouls language; you couldn’t have expected me to follow your misfit gang , who cannot make any contributions in the forum other than attacking with uncomplimentary remarks as Senseless, Crap , Rubbish crazy  while intimidating others in joining you to destroy your fellow Nigerians and make them unmarketable even with support a non Nigerian . It is unfortunate, disease of negative mind is not easy to cure, most especially self defeatist inferiority complex like you , who never believed anything good can come out from our Nigerians coaches.
    Go and compare, their past and present submissions (except that of @Stan who decided to climb down a little today to your gang level ) , they give fact , put their thought down , never would you found fouls language on their contributions; but check all your gang’s submissions , full of uncultured & fouls languages , that would wonder the kind of abnormal upbringing you have, how can a sane person pride of coming the Clan that kick their elders in the waste bins  ( Thank God , you cannot edit your past posting in CS) . I told you your mental disorder is contagious, as it affected your defender who lost it today by joining in your senseless destructive comment. I do hope oga Rohr will remember you when he is appreciating, his business partner in NFF .

    Bye for now , until I see you sneaking out again from your chained quarantined  zone again , trust me, I will come down the more to you level and any of your misfit gang plus your defender that refused to be quarantined and tagged my name with your trademark of  senseless derogatory silly foul languages . Idiot. Must you forced your inferiority ideology on us , if you like , let Rohr and his whites people recolonize you and your gang . I refused to be blackmailed by any Lunatic and misfit gang as yours . 
    I am a proudly Nigerian ,who believes in the abilities of his people and not inferior to white skin. Let it sinks into your head when you are mental stable . I stand by the Amunikes , Olisehs, Yobos etc they are Nigerians, that should be given equal opportunity and enabling good condition of services and steady remuneration to work in their  father’s land ,as given average white coaches like Rohr Period! . It was this type of negative attitude that Nigeria from the giant of Africa becomes mosquitoes of Africa .

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      Total crap as usual. You are now crawling out of your mouse infested crave you call home. I’ve been mentioning your name since yesterday, but you never have the mind to face me until you’ve taken your medication now. The puff puff give that you’ve been smoking is now descending on your useless brain. Destar your mama don use your Star do menstruation that’s why you only come here to type crap anytime you found some cheap data to type with. F……g asshole like you destar. Bloody dumbass. Miserable moron of the the highest order suffering from chronic Alzheimer. That’s why even when the facts are presented to your miserable face you’ve already forgotten everything. Lmao!! Your legs are beggining to shake. I don’t need to force anything on you because you’re already stuck on stupid which is generations and irredeemable. I bet you your life will be miserable on this forum. You think you can come here to lie to us about what not and expect reasonable fellows to just be looking at your stupid ass deceiving the forum? At least omo9ja still say his mind expecting the best. While you’re just miserable in every nonsense you type here. Facts you don’t have, proof you can provide only to be typing the book of Moses whenever you’re privileged to borrow some data because it will take you another few days to be able to get data to type your stupid crap as usual. Bloody liar, miserable moron. All because Rohr is taking the SuperEagles to another level despite the working conditions you’re already beginning to bite trees. Don’t worry I’m here for you though I know it will take you some days to get another free data before you can be able to type again I will be here waiting for. Stupid asshole. Your chronic conditions is irreversible and irredeemable because your mama don use your do menstruation.

  • KangA 1 year ago

    Questions to answer:  Who forced Oliseh to resign? Was Oliseh hacked out from a tree-trunk or was he the product of a mother’s tender womb? Why was he so arrogant and power-drunk as you order the ex-goalie Enyeama out of the camp because Enyeama  reported late, not out of disobedience, but to participate in his mother’s burial?

    The SuperEagles has moved on since his betrayal and abandoning the team midstream, so why is he coming back, now that he is unemployed, to curry favour by fabricating lies? Is Rohr earning 4 times the salary he was earning? Even if Rohr were, what is wrong with that? Doesn’t it prove that Rohr has far superior business acumen and negotiation skills?

    Is coaching the SuperEagles his birthright?

    What is the moral for his noise making? Is Oliseh an empathetic human being? Has he apologised to Enyeama for the trauma he inflicted on him?

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      May you walk and never stumble @KangA. The SuperEagles have since moved from those forgettable 7 month or so Oliseh inflicted on the team. Competency is the watch word it doesn’t matter the skin color as long as you’re competent enough for the job you it. That’s why the Western world has continued to prosper despite any challenges they may face. While Africa and Nigeria in particular remain stagnant as if we’re cursed because we put personal emotions and sentiments ahead of competency. Now a foreign coach is striving in a stratosphere they couldn’t succeed while given the chance, despite nobody pursued or forced him to resign. Oliseh ran away despite even been given the privilege to be coaching the SuperEagles from his home in Belgium. So who then is a true Nigerian??? Don’t mind them my brother very soon they will say we’re Germans or French. LMAO!!!! Very laughable.

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        Lol….. That their secret agent would do an investigation again and find us to be Germans prowling on csn. These people are so shameless.

  • MY MESSAGE TO NFF, if you cant go for a world class coach the likes of roland blanc. Vangal. Rijkard. If you cant employ any of these coaches better employ our local coaches, Amunike. Finidi.yobo. Are better than rohr, we have players to win next afcon and w/cup. but it takes a good coach to archive that. I have not seen what rohr has done better than our previours coaches, a good coach will not go to afcon with only 3 mildfielders, 7 wingers and 2 injured players, 2018 w/cup he went with 4 injured players, a good coach will not bench iwobi. Ebuehi. Simy. We lost to agentina because we dont have a coach, we lost afcon because we dont have a coach, jamiu collins came back from injury and bench aina that was why we lost to algeria, i dont know why nff still retain this man as super eagles coach , nigeria is biger than afcon bronz. 1992 bronz. 2002 broz. 2004 bronz. 2010 bronz. We are 2 big to celebrate bronz. am not celebrating that draw with ukarine because we should have done better.

  • MY MESSAGE TO GR FANS, it took rohr 3 years before he won afcon bronz, KESHI use one year and 7 months to win afcon and qualied to w/cup, EGUAVOUN, one year to win bronz in 2006. AMODU, 8 months in 2002, CHUKWU 2 years to win bronz 2004, AMODU 2 years to qualiy to w/cup and afcon bronz 2010 . Even our local coaches are not celebrating bronz, 2006 afcon eguavoun did not celebrate with his players. Rohr has done nothing new, the celebrating his archivement because of his colour. NDI UWA.

    • Racism will kill you, people of your mindset doesn’t grow

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      It took Rohr 3 years to win bronze in AFCON…. How many AFCONs held between 2017 and 2019…???

      CAF should have organized another AFCON in 2017 after the one your local coaches failed to qualify for….LMAO.
      You will tell us if your local coaches ever inherited a team ranked 16th in Africa and 70th in the world.

      Cape Verde is the team that is currently ranked 16th in Africa and 75th in the world…tell your local coaches to go and qualify Cape Verde for 2022 WC and win bronze in 2023 AFCON first. Then we will know they are better than Rohr.

      From claiming they have it on good authority that we are Ghanians now this…??? How I wish common sense was as common as its name sounds. LMAO

  • Let me use this opportunity to thank brave Nigerians who have stood firmly to defend our great nations from people who are self defeatist/foreigners/Hypocrites, whose aim is to malign our legends who have worked hard for this great nations.

    Reading all your comments i was joyful seeing you displaying great maturity, zeal and love for the Super Eagles.

    You guys refused to follow after the crowd instead you always meditate over an issue before commenting.
    I thank you guys for your intelligence and unmoved spirit you have shown.
    Looking at you all I see great patriots who are ready to give it all to their beloved country.
    People like @Destar, @Stan, @omo9ja, Larry, @Chidi and @Naija Mazi.

    You guys should keep it up, Super Eagles must be great again!!!!!

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Yea…you guys should keep it up with your far lies with which you’ve shamelessly polluted this forum for over a week now.
      Patriotic LIARs. LMAO

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Super eagles is already great again…we are feared and respected globally now….big countries now want to engage us in friendlies….no more Jamaica and Guatemala. Our national team players are now attracting the biggest clubs in the world in the biggest leagues…..thanks to the “average foreigner” that took over after your over hyped local champions dragged us down close to the pit of hell, where even Birmingham city could not sign our players….LMAO
      Anyone who is praying for us to go back to those days when we used to die of high BP football, loose revenues from not qualifying for competitions and our players not being able to get good clubs will never witness progress in their own endeavours…..it not a curse…it the law of nature.

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    LUNATIC @Ayphilldegreat , you remain a LUNATIC !! until such a time your mental relapsed is completely rid off, and trust me I will not allowed you out of your quarantined confined zone until you are able to show a medical certificate of fitness that includes total rehabilitation which must be signed by a qualified Nigerian Doctor (that is a to tell you,I have just started with you , because I am very sure, it will not be all that easy to cure your negative mind of inferiority complex changing your China medical team to a qualified Nigerian Doctor) .I promise you, I will keep your medical team busy big time  for your animals kingdom clan elders also  to realize , the mistakes of breeding mental deranged bunch of Lunatics like you who are contagious in a civilized society as our

     I am getting there, only the rate of your recovery is extremely pathetic low ( I don’t have sympathy for for your Clan’s elders , they can’t give what they don’t have, the best they can offer Nigerian society, are the bunch of LUNATICS like you) , I am getting there, at least , you and your misfit gang no longer tagg  positive minded people again with your trademarks of derogatory fouls languages . It is unfortunate you and your Clan’s elders were not quarantined early , as they cannot give what they don’t have, breeding and thrusting bunch of LUNATICS with negative minded and self defeatist inferiority mentality into Nigeria society, is the manifestation of what Nigeria is today ,ordinary  toothpicks , we rely on the whites, our crude oil, it is taken abroad to refined .

    What a country, other lesser countries would build on the little potential they have, improved on it , patronize and then packaged it to the outside world ( Ethopia applied this same self belief positive minded mentality of “yes we can do it “ today Nigeria the then pride of Africa now takes aircraft for major maintenance , including  engine overhaul to Ethiopia not to mention South Africa) yet some LUNATIC like you would be insulting anyone that have independent opinion, that we should build on our potential, yet a mental deranged like you would rather destroy your potential  . @ Goal said ,if Nigeria did not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria, I beg to disagree @Goal , it is not only corruption in NFF, if Nigeria did not quarantined the bunch of lunatics like @ Ayphillydegreat and his generation that his clan unfortunately thrusted into Nigeria, even if Nigeria killed corruption, it will still not survive, that is basic truth . That we have a Lunatic like @Ayphillydegreat with his mentality is what that brought Nigeria to our current level .

    I am proudly Nigeria, with strong positive mind of yes we can do , Big Seg Odegbami has such strong mentality, brought up a rejected and written off Chioma Ajunwa and packaged  her to the world to become the first ever  Nigerian individual  Olympic gold medallist where she beats even the so called super whites.

    What has Rohr won with Super eagles in his 4 years journey that our Nigerian coaches have not surpassed less than 2 years to have made him your demigod and flawless, where you not only choose to constantly destroy your fellow Nigerians ( Coaches) but would attack anyone that have independent opinion, Rohr won bronze , I can’t remember any Nigerian coach that won bronze medal in the past that was celebrated even at a time we never qualified for W/C , not to talk of now that we have made qualification for W/C our birthright.  Rohr won Bronze , was bundled out in the first round of W/C, Nigerian coaches have won Afcon Sliver without being celebrated ( even in 1984 when eagles was disbanded, axed all the regular players except Mudashiru Lawal that was retained , what could have been worst than that , yet Chief Onigbinde lead team beat all to reach final without being celebrated, Keshi’s exploits, in Nigeria , qualified for 2nd round W/C and Togo, Amunike’s exploits with Tanzania are in archive for you to read when you complete your mental rehabilitation ).

    LUNATIC @ Ayphillydegreat; I am waiting for you again, It is a promised , I will keep you and your medical China Doctors busy until you are mentally certified fit by Nigerian qualified Doctor .

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      YET another Fat lie…!

      Onigbinde was celebrated across the length and breath of Nigeria and beyond for winning silver in 1984 after leading a young side comprising of largely U23 players (like Rohr did) most of them from our Moscow ’83 U20WC team to the finals of the then 8 nation AFCON tournament. Players like Keshi was 22, Rufai 20, Yekini 20, Henry Nwosu was 20 and others like Okornwanta, Edobor and shofoluwe still in their teens. Onigbinde was widely celebrated and even nominated into the CAF technical seat by the NFA.
      Chukwu’s bronze was celebrated as “the golden” bronze…Eguavoen’s bronze was celebrated as “the World cup Consolation”
      The Semifinals where your local coaches crashed out in 16 team AFCON is equivalent to the quarterfinals of a 24 team AFCON. Onigbinde’s final in 1984 is equivalent to the quarter finals in 2019. They would never even have been able to win the bronze Rohr won. Stop equating a butterfly to an eagle.

      And Stop coming here to tell LIES all the time. Bi omode ko ba mo itan yio mo aroba…aroba re Baba itan.

      Some of you might be babies here…but definitely not all of us on this forum. Stop lieing to us…!!!

    • @Destar you are chronic liar, which plane is Nigeria taking to Ethiopia to repair? Tell me which airline, Innoson is the one fixing 80% of Nigeria airforce fleets, just last week, he just finished work on attack helicopter H-12 series, and has been deployed. I thought you called yourself aviation expert and you know nothing about it. I guess innoson is from Germany abi… Yeye man. So it was Segun Odegbami that brought in Chioma Ajunwa?, another big lie, Chioma was discovered from the defunct Nigeria police games, often held yearly then, Chioma herself was a police inspector then if am not mistaken. What is the correlation of football and long jump that Odegbami was a talent hunt. You lie too much, that’s why everyone is against you, you are not more Nigerian than I am, and we all pray for the good of our country, we are an accommodating country

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Mr brother…Chioma is still a policewoman sir. I think she’s now an ACP self. Chioma used to play for police machines as a footballer. She evened played in the super falcons team at the 1991 world cup.

        Don’t mind that chronic lair. That is what he and his cahoot calls patriotism. Telling lies shamelessly in public. It is their lies, corruption and unprofessionalism that has killed everything Nigerian…from aviation to health to sports. Imagine NPFL players running to leagues in Uganda, Zambia, Sudan, Angola because those leagues a better run than the NPFL.

        He will tell us if foreigners are the ones running all our collapsed systems.

        • Thanks Jare @Dr Drey, I wasn’t very sure if she is still in police, but thanks for the update. I know she play football, she was even part of super falcon to world cup in China in 1991, but has rift with the then coach who seldom use her. That was why she left football for athletes.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Lol destar is a confirmed lunatic

  • @dr drey stop dreaming, rohr is not pep guadiola as you think, he cant take us to the promise land, stop celebratin failure, i pray nff will not renew his contract.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Yes….he’s not Pep guadiola. None of us has said he is….but he is succeeding under the same conditions your African Guadiola failed and ran away. Leave him for us we like him like that.

    We are making steady upward progress every year from the dustbin your tin-god dumped us like an aborted foetus and we will get to the promised land very soon with the way our graph keeps going up. A foreigner is standing by the team where our own blood abandoned us in the pit latrine.

    Tell your African Guadiolas to go and qualify Cape Verde or Uganda who are currently 16/15th in Africa for 2022 WC and win bronze in 2023 AFCON. That’s what Rohr has done so far. Once that can do that I’ll be the first to praise them and accept that they are better than Rohr.

    If it pains you too much that a foreigner is our current SE coach stop watching SE marches till when he will go. Anytime SE are playing put of your TV

    • ***Yes….he’s not Pep guadiola. None of us has said he is

      Are you the one saying this?
      Is Rohr no longer incorruptible,perfect ?

      I’m happy you are beginning to show evidence of repentance in you which is good, because hypocrites have no inheritance from God.

      If you continue like this I believe there will be relatively peace in this forum.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago


        Fat lair….go and copy and paste anywhere where anyone said Rohr is the FIFA coach of the century.

        It is you and your chronic lieing riffraffs who lie to be who they are not that shall never know peace on this forum.

        We shall continue to make this place uncondusive for your lies…LMAO

        • If Gernot Rohr is not FIFA coach of century as you said then why attacking any one who mention his weak areas?
          Shouldn’t we desire for the best?

          Don’t you know that Rohr’s weak areas can cost us a semi final spot in the world cup?
          Assuming you sound like this before there wouldn’t be any need for our argument.

          Or is it a sin on my part to desire the best for the Super Eagles?

          No one can bend the truth!!

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Klopps weak areas costed Liverpool for years before he won the UCL last season. Guadiola’s weak areas has been costing Man City. Arsene Wenger’s weak areas has been costing Arsenal. All coaches have weak areas….but only haters focus on people’s weak areas and tell fat lies against them.
            I don’t need to impress you by amplifying Rohr’s weak areas because his strength FAR OUTWEIGH HIS WEAKNESSES. Despite his so-called weak areas, he has succeeded where others failed woefully. His results as SE is still unprecedented in the history of Nigerian football….he took the team in our worst state, position and condition ever and we have been climbing higher and higher since when he took over and even the powers of darkness cannot debate that fact. So far he continues to take us higher we shall continue to support him.

            If it pains you go and drink valium 22 and wake up after 2022 WC….that is if he doesn’t even lead us to the qfinals or beyond. LMAO

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Goal OMG !!! ,  And some negative minded people would accused me of following a great mind like you , your brilliant highly spirited message of great hope for our Country can only be appreciated by the great minds, only Wole Soyinkas of this world , would make your type of statement that is full of voluminous meaning that can only be comprehended by the great minds . That you masterly did it in our usual style devoid of derogatory fouls and insane languages of their trademarks to send strong messages to great minds and indirectly to convert the mislead into a progressive, is highly commendable.

    In the main time, I will continue to bend low from our style to their low level style  , to hit whoever among them that dares to continue their silly trademark of tagging my name to insult me . One thing I have been able to achieved for now , is keeping their China medical team busy with them , they no longer tagg you and others with derogatory fouls language of their trademarks of intimidating progressives . You have just killed it for the wised only !!

    That we still have positive great minds with self belief and unconquered spirit of “ yes We can do it  like you and @Chidi,@Nija Mazi,@ Larry , @Stan,@Omo9ja etc gives me high hope , that Nigeria would be great again .

    Capital NO to the mentality of destroying our Legends coaching careers while we develop average coaches from another country like Rohr who has never won a tea cup as a country coach in his career, ( Never won Afcon Sliver nor Cup,No Olympic medal in any colour , his highest achievement  before employed by the corrupt NFF was quarterfinal crashing out in Afcon , it is only a corrupt country like Nigerian’s NFF  that would hired such uninspired and shameful Coach without winning mentality as it’s National Coach , while her own Legends are being wasted and exposed to a lot of shameful embarrassment outside the world, Amunikes Olisehs etc) When you don’t packaged your product well , no one would value them even if they break record or set records in another country ( Amunike broke 40 years old record with tiny Tanzania,Keshi broke and set century record with tiny Togo , they were sacked , because they were not well packaged by their country. it is not a rocket science, that Rohr with his shameful records of being dismissed in his 3 African countries with such embarrassment records of as low as 13% , 27% is packaging by the Germany systems to fool the negative minded black people , that is why , when he was dismissed, in Gabon , he moved to Niger 13% after sacked moved to Burkinafaso 27% sacked all in Africa, Germany dares not allowed Rohr near Germany team even as a trainee  ( rather than experimental with foreign coaches , if we cannot employ first class coach , we should rather develop our own, not average coach in the mould of Rohr that his employer would ask to proceed on compulsory training after a woeful repeated performance in a two tournament, you don’t ask a supposed “Technical Adviser “ to go for retraining, we were supposed to be dealing with a well equipped Technical adviser , who should know no the right thing to do ).

    I refused to be blackmailed , Nigeria should not be recolonized for the 2nd time . The 2 finalists in the last Afcon were Local coaches that were well packed and highly motivated by their countries  where our own imported Super Coach was taught a rudimentary of football lesson in the semifinal by a local coach of other country. We shouldn’t be giant of African on paper alone  , where our country currency continue to slides due to all manner of importation of what we have in our country that we can develop and even export.

    • Adewuyi Olaosenikan 1 year ago

      You have a point.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      And what was your Amunike’s win ratio after leading Tanzania to their worst ever AFCON outing…He won just 2 matches all through his time as Tanzania coach? What was your African Guadiola’s win ratio when he failed in Nigeria…He too won on 3 competitive matches only against the likes of Niger and Swaziland….even Tanzania almost defeated him thanks to Ikeme’s heroics on the day? It is where your African Guadiolas left us that the average Rohr (under the same working conditions and in our Lowest ranking ever) came and is lifting us back to where we are supposed to be beating every left right and centre…LMAO 29 wins so far. The only coach who has had 59% win ratio ever for the Super Eagles.

      Tell your African Guadiolas to go and qualify 16th position in Africa ranked Cape Verde for Worldcup unbeaten and win AFCON bronze medals too. I get am before nor be property. They coaches that played in the AFCON finals had been managing clubs and nationals teams since 8-10years ago….tell your African Guadiolas to go and get busy and stop licking NFF officials boots to get jobs. Their coaching destinies are not tied to the SE.

      You have told so many lies here so much that will make baba Lai look like a nursery school kid beside you. LMAO You can hardly comment without lieing.

      Another fat lie you’ve just told is that Germany will never allow Rohr near their national team…I’m sad to tell you that he was the Technical Director of the German FA before coming to Nigeria.

      “….The Nigeria Football Federation has announced that German Gernot Rohr has signed a two-year deal to work as a technical adviser.

      The 63-year-old ex-Gabon, Niger and Burkina Faso coach will be assisted by Salisu Yusuf, who was appointed as chief coach last month.

      The NFF’s technical committee recommended Rohr after the federation failed to reach an agreement with Frenchman Paul Le Guen last month.


      “I am enthusiastic to get to work,” Rohr told the NFF website.”This is a big challenge because Nigeria has big players everywhere and has the ability to do well internationally.

      “I have confidence that with the right atmosphere and the right support, the Super Eagles have the capacity not only to qualify for the World Cup, but get to the latter stages of the competition.”

      Ahmed Yusuf Fresh, vice chairman of the NFF’s committee, explained their recommendation.

      “The committee was impressed with Mr. Rohr’s profile and current activities for the German Football Federation (DFB),” he said.

      “He was very positive, showed great interest in the job and is ready and willing to live in Nigeria. He is also willing to work with indigenous Nigerian coaches and with the committee, and believes the Super Eagles can qualify for the 2018 Fifa World Cup, which is very important to the NFF.

      “He swayed the committee with his calmness, good knowledge of the African terrain, focus and maturity.”

      Sunday Oliseh was the Super Eagles’ last permanent coach before he quit in February in a row over his contract.


      He then coached Bordeaux when they lost to Bayern in the 1996 UEFA Cup final and last worked in Africa as Burkina Faso coach before joining the DFB. Before resigning from Burkina Faso, he led the Stallions into the final round of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

      His other past managerial jobs include French club Nantes and Nice, Young Boys Berne in Switzerland, the Tunisian club Etoile du Sahel and the national teams of Gabon and Niger.

      Rohr took Gabon to the quarter-finals of the 2012 Nations Cup on home soilhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36997728.

      Rohr didn’t flaunt 100caps to get the SE job. He presented a CV….tell your African Guadiolas to go and get a strong CV and stop hoping to get jobs by nepotism and paddy paddy

  • OmoEsan 1 year ago

    Hello dear forumites.
    It’s been lot of fun reading comments from everyone on this SE coaching issue.

    However, I must advise us that regardless of the side of the divide we belong, let’s try to be civil in our arguements and presentations. Let our views be devoid of insults and abusive expressions. Calling one another Ghanians(nothing wrong in being a Ghanian though), lunatics etc is totally uncalled for and I strongly advise we desist from such.
    I suppose that our objective in this forum is to analyze issues objectively, make our views known while learning from one another. We will not achieve this if insults and abusive language becomes the order of the day.

    Back to the Pro-Rohr vs Anti-Rohr debate, I must say that the Pro-Rohr group led by Dr Drey has been particularly impressive with their facts, presentation and analysis and I can’t but commend your intelligence and sense of reasoning. You know yourselves, no need to mention names.

    For the Anti-Rohr group, I will say that patriotism is good, but not at the expense of professionalism. You guys have been very dugged with your opinion but you must learn to accommodate superior views when you see one. We shouldn’t allow our emotions to override our sense of reasoning. To those in this group, I also salute your love and support for the SE and our local coaches.

    After all said, and after all the exchange of fireworks, one thing is common to both groups; we all love the SE and we want the team to live up to her true potential. So in the spirit of this one unifying objective, I advise we sheath our swords while we await the decisions from the NFF and the camp of Mr Rohr.
    We wish our darling SE the very best.

    • Nice and matured well composed comments, that sums everything up. Thumbs up @omoEsan

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      @omoesan, I think you’ve just acted like a judge here by passing the right verdict after hearing cases from both sides. It’s very clear even to the devil that Mr rohr remains the best at the moment and until we get a better replacement, we need to leave him to finish up the good work he has started. He won’t be there forever but will be the one to lay a very solid foundation from where other successive coaches will build from. Anybody who still says anything contrary to the truth as presented here in facts and figures would remain a fool forever and a miserable racist which has no place in today’s modern society.

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    Ordinarily, I shouldn’t have responded to your comment on Aviation stuff again at least going by the good intervention from our brother @OmoEsan , but  I will need to correct perceived wrong information/ knowledge that your person at Innoson was trying to feed you with and if not corrected, you may carry it elsewhere that may put Nigerian Aviation in a bad light  especially in this media that is read globally and in aviation ,worldwide we speak the same language, that is  why aircraft engineering license issued by CAA of any Country is recognized worldwide, because the process of various qualifying  exams are the same globally   ( Nevertheless, I appreciate your quest to seek for information because, no knowledge is lost ).

    Tell the Innoson person ( because you couldn’t have been an Aviation person to have believed such information, so I would rather appreciate your curiosity to get fact , but was  unfortunately mislead .

    1 Innooson dare not carry out maintenance on aircraft (private or commercial operated aircraft ) because they can never have such approval , so doing so would have landed them in jail ( it can never ever happen , even airline Quality Assurance & Safety Manager of any airline would not allow that , doing so would have resulted in the withdrawals of operating approval of such  airline , sanctioning of the Quality Assurance Manager who is the eyes of the NCAA authority in any aviation organization , withdrawals of aircraft engineering License of an Aircraft Engineer that involves in such illegal activities ( when aircraft license is withdrawn, no aircraft engineering can work in any part of the world , because the license are universally accepted) and finally , the aircraft would be grounded , it can never fly because there is a certificate issue to any aircraft by the CAA Authorities in each country before it can fly  , it is called C of A or FOCC & MCC , without this the aircraft cannot fly and it is only issued by the CAA ( so my brother, take it to the bank , it can never happen) .

     However , in the Airforce, they don’t subject themselves to civil Aviation authorities rule as their maintenance and operations activities are never under scrutiny of NCAA, and they are not inspected by NCAA ( I doubt it if they have Quality Assurance & Safety engineering department that monitors maintenance activities to enforce regulatory laws, because as military, the higher officer only give last command and the Helicopters must fly either it is airworthy or not , that is why you do see many times Airforce Helicopters crashes often with all the occupants dead without any serious investigation  ). The Civil authority NCAA don’t recognized also the aircraft engineering license issued by the Airforce, so any Engineer that want to work on normal aircraft ( private or commercial)  must start afresh the process of obtaining NCAA approved aircraft Licence from the scratch including all the stages of qualifying exams/Test – Writing & Oral  ( so the Aircraft engineering license as issued by the airforce  is as good as nothing except in the Airforce where anything goes ) .

    Now , where you can get your real information; get contact of any experienced aircraft license engineer, Quality Assurance & Safety Engineers in any aviation organization in Nigeria to ask them If Nigerians aircraft and engines are not taken to Ethopia for heavy maintenance and engine overhaul in the recent past . The type of the maintenance carried out outside the country is called “C” Check”are done in Ethopia, wouldn’t want to mention S/A , but majorly , aircraft are taken to UK , France, USA, Germany etc

    Now Aero Contractor , that was almost dead , are now coming back gradually, the same maintenance that are done in foreign countries including Ethiopia, Egypt SA  are now been performed in , Nigeria, to date , nothing less than 4 aircraft have been successfully accomplished, before Corona Virus another African country is already scheduled aircraft to be taken to Aero Contractors, so with enabling environment Nigerians have all what it takes to excel. The whites respect the blacks globally but unfortunately we don’t believe in ourselves.

    On Chioma, I never said, Big Sege Odegbami discovers  Chioma, rather when she had problems of dope test stuff while being a footballer then , she was abandoned by all including sports federations but Segun Odegbami took her case up , facilitated  her training sponsorship even with personal money and motivated because nobody believes in her until she made history.

    @ OmoEsan ,  I quite appreciate you for your unbiased and balanced contributions and call for normalcy in the forum . 
    We have always been civil all along until some of our Pro Rohr/ Whites continue to use uncomplimentary remarks on those of contrary opinions . It has never been part of us.

    On a final note , apology to many uncomplimentary remarks, I have used in the recent past to my brothers @ Dr Drey ,@Ayphilldegreat  @ Ola you are all Nigerians with sounds mind , and highly intellectuals, but please,  let us avoid using uncomplimentary remarks such , nonsense, senseless, crazy to ourselves or anyone; that is what I have always preach in the house .

    Appreciation to @ OmoEsan, @Stan , please let us calm down and embrace our brothers with one love ❤️ and go back to our normal style of contributions devoid of derogatory remarks 
    @Glory , @ Larry , Omo9ja, @Chioma @Naija Mazi etc , it is nice getting to exchange ideas with you all .

    • Thanks brother for clarifying this issue. I was shocked when i read that innosen now fixes aircraft. Was going to reply that which ever aircraft they fixing should fly within nigeria and no where else. Innosen is not even a repair shop. Had to google if they had a licence to repair aircraft let own build parts, Please forumites, do your home work before you misled by inaccurate stories

    • Are you an AME? if so you can reach me on [email protected]

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Ideye Thumbs Up Rohr For Super Eagles; Artificial Pitches Reason Why NPFL Stars Disappoint In Europe
    Published: April 18, 2020

    “…Out of favour Nigeria international Brown Aide Ideye on Saturday gave thumbs up to Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr who is expected to sign a new contract with the Nigeria Football Federation.

    Rohr’s contract ends in June 2020 with uncertainties over his time with the Nigerian national team but Ideye who was a key member of the Super Eagles that won the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations under late coach Stephen Keshi hailed the present team handled by Rohr in an interview with Smooth FM monitored by allnigeriasoccer.com.

    “Gernot Rohr is doing a very good job. They (current Super Eagles) have a very young team and when you have that kind of young team they will be strong.

    “The boys have a bond (with the coach) and I pray they win trophies because that’s the highpoint of playing football,” Ideye noted….”
    Ndi African Guadiolas…ngwanu go and fight Ideye since Una Sabi ball pass am. He too must be a Ghanaian…..LMAO

    • Larry 1 year ago

      Rather than aiming digs at people with opposite view. May be you should direct your anger and advocate for a better package for your demigod.
      Can you explain to me why Rohr is still hanging around to accept a contract with no improvement ?
      To justify your long messages and attack on everyone that sees GR as an average coach, you should tell us one country that is offering him a contract.
      To win a major trophy, the SE needs a coach with a self-esteem.
      Keshi explores his high self-esteem to instill a winning attitude and self confidence in average players.
      Keshi’s togolese team that qualified for their only World cup and the SE 2014 team share something in common.They are both composed mostly of average players and surpassed expectations beating top teams.
      The major secret is self-confidence and that can only be provided by a coach that possesses reasonable self-esteem.
      With the present crops of talented young and upcoming stars in SE, only a discipline coach with self esteem can being out the best in them.
      I’m pretty sure that if GR had performed beyond reasonable doubts, he would have called the bluffs when the nff president publicly expressed plans to send him on refresher courses.
      Worse still, the same nff is dragging his contract issues and prolly waiting for it to lapse. The type of contract being offered to GR suggests the level of confidence his reposed on him.
      The SE needs a gaffer with a combination of tactical discipline and self-esteem.
      These two qualities are missing in Rohr’s team. If the nff decides to employ him, they will have to add these two ingredients to win a major trophy. Otherwise, an experienced coach with these two abilities will have to be hired.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hehehehehe….Is it Rohr that employed the NFF or the NFF that employed Rohr…??? Maybe you should first explain to us why NFF is hesitant to SACK Rohr if he’s really of no use. Rohr is not a friend of the sports minister, he doesn’t know anybody in ask rock, he is blocking “market” for NFF officials, yet his employers have refused to sack him despite being a “failure” according to fickle minded retrogressives.

        The common factor among you and your cahoot is that your lines of arguement are always baseless and cynical. Now tell me…why will Rohr abandon a team he has suffered to build since 2016…? Why will he abandon these 2nd youngest SE squad ever, this team that can comfortably be called our U23 team, this young team that won an unprecedented 5 matches in one single AFCON, this team that only needed a world-class master setpiece from a world-class player playing for a world class club to break them in the last second of the Semifinals of the AFCON. You that is rabblerousing, can you suffer and go to the market, take your time to walk around the market and look for the best ingredients, buy them, take them home to cook and when the soup is about getting done, you then kick the pot off the fire…?? Would you do that…???

        When a coach builds a team, a team that is doing well and growing, a team whose curve is rising and has refused to flatten like Covid 19 curve, he forms a bond with the team that cannot easily be broken, not by the coach himself. Only a useless coach abandons his team when they are progressing. It’s like when you are teaching a class of brilliant students, you always wish they never graduate, sometimes when you have to leave, you prefer to complete the course or the semester with them before you leave. So if you are praying for Rohr to abandon his team….my brother, if you like bath in the river Jordan seven hundred and seventy seven times, that leprosy will never heal.

        As fickle minded as you are where have you ever heard that country A offered a coach in another country B a contract while he is still contracted to country B….? Hmmm…??? Tell us where you have ever heard that happen, that you want other countries to offer Rohr a contract while he is still contracted to the NFF. Even at club level, club A has to negotiate and seek clearance first from club B to have discuss with its coach. Otherwise A will wait till when B is a free agent before making a move. A certain Stephen Keshi was SACKED for applying for the cotedivoire job while he was still the SE coach in 2015….True or False…? A certain Julien Lopetegui was SACKED when it came to public that he had discussions with Real Madrid in 2018 …..True or False…..?
        Rohr’s contract states that he can only discuss with other countries 6 months to the end of his contract If and only IF NFF does not issue him and offer of renewal within that period. Morrocco and Cameroon approached NFF over Rohr immediately after AFCON and they declined…why…??? If he was useless, why didn’t they allow another country to take him away and even get compensation…? If he was useless why are they reluctant to sack him….? If he isn’t performing why are they even offering him a contract in the first place….??? When Keshi’s contract initially elapsed was it not Match by match contract they were offering him….??? Why did all your local coaches who had arrogance (which you call self esteem) fail to qualify us for 3…yes THREE out of 4 AFCONs. I’m sure if the 2013 AFCON qualifiers where to be a group phase qualifiers we probably wouldn’t have qualified, because we wobbled and fumble from the 1 day of Keshi’s reign till that quarter final match against CIV (even NFF had already bought our plane tickets back home) and then God took control, he had 3 good matches and after AFCON went back to wobbling and fumbling heart attack football till Keshi was eventually left off the hook.
        None of your coaches, including the fake guadiola, who are supposedly tactically sound had a win ratio of 59%. None of them lost only 1 out of their first 11 matches despite playing teams like Swaziland, Namibia, Malawi, Niger, Botswana etc….whereas the one who has low self esteem and is not tactically sound played the likes of Zambia, South Africa, Cameroon, Algeria, Argentina, Poland in his first 11 games. Does that make sense…??? Really does that make any logical sense. The one that is a failure has not lost 82% of the 49 matches he has been in charge despite inheriting the worst super eagles of all time at 16th position in Africa and 70th in the world…??? Does that make sense….??? The mumu coach has the highest win ratio in the history of Nigerian coaches local or foreign. Maybe he is using JuJu to win….LMAO.

        Onigbinde won continental cup before getting SE job. Amodu won continental cup before getting SE job. Keshi qualified Togo for WC (even though he crashed out of AFCON in group stages twice before and has Victor Moses to thank to 2 late penalties against Ethiopia else would also have crashed out in the group stage with Nigeria) before getting SE job. Even the “failure” Rohr won UEFA cup silver and Swiss cup and had coaching experience with African countries, guiding Gabon to their best ever AFCON placing till date before getting SE job.

        Tell your new generation African Guadiolas do go and do something substantial with their coaching careers before doing long throat for SE job. Their mates Aliou Cisse and Djamel Belmadi had 8-10years coaching experience at the senior level with something tangible to show for it before getting their national teams jobs.
        Your African Guadiolas are lazy gluttons who are waiting for the NFF to feed them. Cape Verde is currently no 16th in Africa…they should go there and qualify for 2022 WC and also win bronze at 2023 AFCON…that is when all your rabblerousing will be worth it…LMAO

        • Collins id 1 year ago

          I accept the fact that rohr is not doing bad, and maybe the best man for eagles at list for now. Why do i say for now? I believe that afcon 2021 is just less than a year close (if God dismisses corona virus before then) that means its dangerouse to try what we dont know yet. I think afcon outcome should determine the future of Rohr and eagles. If he wins or reach the final of afcon then he can take us to worldcup 2022 by that time the chemistry must have become strong. @dr drey i dont agree with your analysis last analysis, u call people fat liars but you are a diplomatic liar… you use lies to patsh ur deffends of Rohr sometimes, why should you belittle the glory of Nigeria and Nigerians in expence of rohrs exaltation, these actions disgusts me even when i try to stay away i know it does same to ur fans but they would rather keep silent than be truthfull for at list once. Now lets analyse_ you compare keshi to rohr and even tries to bring him down before your rohr with robust lies ,when keshi took eagles we missed out of afcon 2012 he took the team 90 percent homebase to qualify, without mikel, odemwingie, t taiwo, so many names.( mind u being the first to qualify for a turnament or qualifying with one match at stake is not a trophy rather its called qualification aswell) keshi won friendlies against teams like paraguayi and venizuela he also drew with catalonia much dangerouse than the ukraine we drew with of recent, keshi went to afcon 2013 in a group of death comprising of the then defending champion zambia and a team of burkina faso which later became finalist. Not easy teams like burundi madagascar and guinea. He almost defeated burkinas in the opening game though drew at the last minutes same with zambia until late penalty. We where on top of these teams and in control of our meetings, he bit ivorycoast and mali before beating burkina again to claim the trophy that we all cant forget. Now u are here trying to belittle that team a team that was better than 1994 team. They won the afcon without loosing a match and was never behind any team interms of scoreline we always score first. Let me reserve is wcup stories bcos u know that already. Eguavon beat algeria home and away and at afcon 2006 he bit ghana. Senegal. and zimbabwe qualify with 9 point from group and went on to bit tunisia before loosing to cotedvoir. Cris chukwu defeated the real cameroun with the big names not this present cameroun team. So why will you bring down all these great achievement bcos u want to praise rohr? You also dismissed our under17 worldcup trophies and our under 20 adventures claiming they are overage players. the worst part is when you reduces the olympics to nothing just becos u want to reduce siasia and his efforts. You put egypt ahead of Nigeria in football. Even my Egyptian friends here in my location havent dare to accept that lie that egypt is better football nation than us, in other to balance ur claim u put nations cup ahead of the olympic football gold. Bcos u want to reduce Naija before egypt. My guy i think u need to take it easy, you are right to defend rohr or surport him but not in expence of others great achievements. The under 17 and 20 boys you claim to be old they are the young team mr Rohr is making names with. If you keep falling our hands like this u will make people to look down on our efforts the olympic that u disregard is wat messi have in hand in terms of national glory. We are Nigeria the biggest football nation in africa. In all roundification we have proven our might. The trophys in our glass house can only be compared to that of brazil, argentina, italy, germany, france, and cameroun.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            If I’ve lied, I challenge you to copy and paste any links that disproves all I have said here for the world to see. Otherwise, forever hold your peace.

            If the truth that I say is what you claim as belittling people….then you can decide to believe lies hype them. The likes of DeStar and Goal are here to feed you such lies.

            Chukwu won 4 matches and drew 1 in 2004….FACT

            Eguavoen won 4 matches and drew 1 in 2006…..FACT

            Onigbinde won 1 match and drew 3 in 1984….FACT

            Keshi won 3 and drew 3 in 2013….FACT

            Westerhof won 3 and drew 1 in 1994….Fact

            Bonfrere won 4 and drew 2 in 2000…. FACT

            You and research the rest yourself and tell me who has won 5 AFCON matches in a single tournament.

            Keshi lost all group matches in 2006 and crashed out in the group stages ….FACT

            Keshi won only one group match in 2010 and crashed out in the group stages….FACT

            Keshi won one group match in 2013 (thanks to 2 late penalties against Victor Moses) and was 8minutes away from crashing out of the group stages…FACT
            Stop giving us stories about how water enter coconut. Rohr also lost against Argentina and Algeria basically due to player errors..if Moses had tracked rojo we would have been in R16 of WC and if Ndidi had not given away a needless freekick in such a Mahrez area in the last seconds of the Semifinals when he could have simply jockeyed the opponent to safety…we would have dragged that game to extra time and according to Mahrez we could have defeated them because they were all already tired and less fit with more ageing players than our team. But those who only see negatives will never consider that when they want to use 2 out of 49 matches to call Rohr a failure.

            Apart from Mikel, all our 2005 U20 WC players have either retired or faded away long ago…FACT Argentina players like aguero, Messi, Zabaleta, Formica, Gary etc are still playing for top clubs today…FACT we simply used 35year olds to play U20 tournament….FACT

            Apart from Ezenwa, all our Beijing U23 team have either retired or faded away from top flight football long ago…. Argentina’s Romero, Di Maria, Messi, Aguero, Zabaleta, Lavezzi, Lopez, Gago, Garay etc are still playing in the top five leagues to today…FACT. we simply used 35 year olds to prosecute U23 tournament. Give our Rio U23s 3 more years….it’s only Ekong and Umar you will still hear of….FACT.

            Only Ajiboye is left of our 2007 U17 team…FACT. Spain’s team still has DeGea, Merida, Camacho, Bojan etc still playing in top 5 leagues till today….Old men played U17.

            Only Omeruo is left playing top 5 leagues football from our 2009 team today…. Germany’s Ter Stegen, Lenart Thy, Mustafi, Bernard Leno, Kevin Holland, Mario Goetze, Toni Kroos, Zimmerman etc are still playing for top clubs and very active till today….FACT. Our own players are already nearing retirement because they we 30yrs only when they played U17.

            It is a good thing we are using the recent sets of U17s in the SE now…unlike before when we will be thinking they will grow. That was how we waited for Rabiu ibrahim, Chrisantus, Haruna lukman to grow…not knowing they were grown already. To today we are still waiting for them to grow.

            FIFA doesn’t give a hoot about the 1 million underaged tournaments we have won….we won bronze in 2016 but we sat on our 70th position on FIFA rankings with our seat belt on.

            Even Ghana cannot boast of being the number one in Africa where the likes of Cameroon and Egypt are standing. Not to talk of Nigeria.

            The day we win our 8th AFCON and qualify for WC semifinals that is when we can eat on the same table with Egypt and Cameroon…FACT

            If mama albino like,make she call her pikin oyinbo till tomorrow, e nor go turn albino to European.

            If the truth hurts you so much, you can choose to console yourself with fallacies.

        • Larry 1 year ago

          Hauling abusive language on someone like me doesn’t stop me from making my point clear. I’m not gonna fall for your antics and join you in that uncivilized attitude.
          I asked a simple question, why is GR not insisting on an improved contract ? Why is GR not attracting interest from other countries ?
          Your answer, why can’t his employer sack him ? Okay, let me tell you why..
          The reason why GR has not been sacked is because he has first option of refusal in his contract. The nff is trying to avoid breach of that clause and are using a more reasonable option of offering him an unattractive contract. Clauses that GR is not comfortable with are included in the contract so that he can reject it or be held liable if he accepts them.

          Also, you referred to V.Moses inlmpact in a SE match handled by GR superior.. Have you forgotten so soon ? V.Moses had similar impact in big matches under GR.
          I hope you learn to rebut in a civilized manner.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha…. option of offer of first refusal in Rohr’s contracts is what is preventing his sack….???? LMAO.
            I give up….LMAO.
            I give up on you.

            What a FAT LIE. The fattest of them all. Rights of first refusal is only activated when a contract ends or needs to be renewed… otherwise every breach of contract is as free as a bird to attract an instant SACK…!!! Let Rohr lose 10 straight matches and see if he won’t get booted out.

            Nor be only option of first refusal…..LMAO

          • Larry 1 year ago

            Right of first refusal is in his contract.

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Oakfield , I just visited the forum again , to read your normal trademarks, if you had not made references to @OmoEsan, I would have thought you have not read his contributions as wisely delivered for the great minds to note , that, while trying to pitch his tent indirectly with the pro Rohr devoid of uncivilized derogatory remarks but simultaneously, he  sent a strong peace and love message that any great minds would not have choice other than to embrace one another.

    You started all this beleaguered posture with your normal trade marks Senseless, Craps , crazy , fool etc 
    A civilized and well cultured man @OmoEsan read our derogatory remarks he felt bad and sent strong message of love and peace to us , @ Ola a well civilized man read OmoEsan message, he couldn’t help it , he must have felt bad himself going back to his normal civilized manner of contributions in the house devoid uncultured languages but very matured response from a great mind. I also read @OmoEsan message, I could well understood  that based on the subject matter he has his personal opinion  for Rohr of which another great mind may come and have another opinion for our Ex internationals Legends who are Nigerians, but he did not loose focus on the strong message of love and peace he actually brought for us . As a matter of fact, I felt bad myself the choices of fouls languages as strong as Lunatic and I apologized, I had to delete the initial response I had wanted to post , and I tendered apology to all of you.

    Now , compare to your beleaguered attitude , where after reading his message, you still continue with your trademarks of Devil , Fool etc as you were doing on those that have contrary opinion to yours . This is public forum , let us learn how to comport ourselves in a civilized manner . It is the more reason I do appreciate brilliant analysis and contributions from the likes of @Larry , @Goal , Chidi ,@Omo9ja @Stan etc because they delivered their submissions in a matured manner devoid of uncivilized derogatory fouls words just as @OmoEsan did that the great minds @ OmoEsan brilliantly delivered his message  even myself who he does not support my choice and our group choice did not have any choice other than give him thumbs up and appreciation not for his choice but for the cleverly admonishing us and preaching peace and love .

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Oh my people. Please and please, we are all Nigerians. We want the best for our country and let be patient with each others.

    I’m a peace maker and for that reason, I’m begging you all to be patient. One love.

    Please, stop using abusive words. We are all matured. It is well my people.

    May God be with us. I love you all. Omo9ja cares. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    Absolutely, most definitely everyone of us loves the SuperEagles irrespective of differing opinions. This forum is a global community therefore, we should treat each other with dignity. @destar, omo9ja, Stan,  Larry, goal even though it’s been really feisty over the last few weeks and our opinions differ we should treat ourselves with utmost respect. One way or the other there’s a thing or two we can learn from each. I apologize as well for using some strong words on a forum we all created since the good old days of Kickoff. Let’s celebrate the progress of our darling SuperEagles. It is well let’s keep our opinions civil devoid of derogatory vituperations. It’s been really debating with everyone here. Ire oo! And let’s FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE.

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Ayphillidegrate , I can never express my joy reading your down to earth message . Really tender my unreserved apology to you once again. I am SORRY

    @ Omo9ja, well done , one love .

    @ Larry , Well done

    One Love ❤️

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Loooool…. Nothing like the truth. It stands out wherever it is.

  • Nnamdi 1 year ago

    Most of u that re against the consistent stay of rohr as our coach re far from what football represent rohr has done well wth d team nd he should b supported nd encoiraged most of u that re usin all manner of deragotary remarks on ppl here u should ask ur self even d ones that re of the same opinon wth about retainig re u pple normal at all nd all this insult deragatory remarks is it whatfor

  • I must confess I always enjoy the exchanges between CollinsID and Dr Drey. Both offer different perspectives on the same theme. So long as you keep it either civil or moderately fiesty, we will continue to learn from you all.

    Stay blessed.

    • KangA 1 year ago

      We like objective arguments supported by facts and devoid of name calling. What I hate most is subjective, emotionally laden arguments, circular arguments, believing that lies repeated so many times become the truth.

      Lets not forget that our overall interest converges at a point: transforming the SuperEagles into an all conquering team. The first Nigerian president to touch the WC would be a lucky person indeed.  Obviously there are different routes to the final point–a erecipe for disagreements. But shall we keep the expression of different opinions civil and diplomatic?

      A tall call.

  • @Omo Esan thanks for your big advice Bro. sometimes men behave like children. i tender my sincere appology to everyone. One love.

  • Adeyemi 1 year ago

    Inasmuch as we are blessed with stupid leaders, we are also blessed with foolish citizens. There is a point in what Oliseh is saying people. Expatriates are treated preferentially in this country over own own normal citizen. We need to support our own. OLishe has its own fault and if he’s not competent, he should be out. I want the best for the job. Sorry to say this, GR has done well but there’s a limit to where he can take us. We have current crops of good players but formation is killing us. Before you compare eras, look at the environment and the players at your disposals. I have lived in several countries and I reside in U.S.A. I’m not treated preferentially because am a foreigner. Moreover, I am a black here. BUt guess what, Africans treat white people as if they are God. Africans have inferiority complex !!!!

    • Michael 1 year ago

      Are you an expat where you currently live?
      If no, then don’t expect preferential treatment

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Leave him. He will tells us if he was brought into the US as an expatriate.

  • DeStar 1 year ago

    @Collins id, you are absolutely on point , one thing pro Rohr have in common is ,belittle Nigerians coaches achievement while always defending the glaring flaws in Rohr technicalities with many very embarrassing weak alibi to defend his failure in the 2 tournaments he has taken S/E to ( I just hope tomorrow, Dr Drey & Co would  not come back to this forum after Afcon to blame NFF failure to pay for his refresher course, he was recommended to embark if oga Rohr did not win the Afcon ) they would also bamboozled us with  torrential foreign and local statistics that would confuse fans who are neither sports journalists nor degree holders in the sports science . On other hand Pro Nigerians coaches are always being objectives in their analysis, stating strong point of Rohr and his technical deficiencies with a times alternate option of given him another 3rd chance in the next Afcon ( in our secondary school days we called it promotion to the next class on trier ) with 3rd option of first class coach that can transfer winning mentality to their Nigerians assistants, so that after his tenure , they would effectively step in.

    @Dr Drey , you are one of the best brains in this platform, but you are simply limiting your potential due to the closure of your eyes on Rohr glaring technical deficiencies. His employer NFF were the first to admit Rohr numerous flaws , after his woeful performance crashing out in the first stage of WC as an average coach would failed, then ,NFF had erroneous impression, that Rohr was overwhelmed suddenly finding himself not in the Olympic Games but in W/C tournament !!! ( that was supersonic promotion that  Rohr was not mentally prepared for , for a coach that was recently dismissed  in the lower football competitions in 3 previous Africans countries to now found himself at the World stage can be overwhelming, so the NFF must have thought, I would have also shared that sentiment, hence NFF never saw premonition that , they need to take urgent action on Rohr, but when NFF carried out comprehensive evaluation of Rohr’s failure being bundled out in the semifinal of Afcon  not by foreign Technical adviser coached team but a local coach, where the 2 finalists team were coached by their countrymen with our white coached team was shamelessly struggle for 3rd place in Afcon , it was then it was dawned  on NFF, that if Rohr did not go for refresher training in overseas, he can never win even a tea cup) .

    @Dr Drey, when an employer recommended a technical adviser for that matter for urgent training overseas, what does that tell you other than passing a vote of no confidence in Rohr ? Can you also give us statistics information of a competent technical Advisers in other country, premiership, Lalilga etc  that were recommended as such ? It is not done in any where , it is only an upcoming coach who does not know his onions you give such recommendation, for God sake , Rohr is supposed to be a “Technical Adviser “not Technical Adviser trainee !!

    Rohr is doing his best as he is not expected to do more than his capacity but he needs to take his job serious, till date , I have not heard information that , he has gone for retraining as recommended, let no any of his fans blame NFF on that because we Nigerians would not allow NFF to pay for for such “mugu” money . He needs to come down to Nigeria for real work , our local talents here are also Nigerians . 4 years on the saddled, no dependable goalkeeper, 2 bad

    Secondly @Dr Drey , you are brilliant guy loaded with avalanche sports information that , a professor in sports would love to have in his library ; please stop al this excuses ( Rohr failure was the ageing players he took to WC, next excuse it was because players are too young , Mosses did not clear ball etc) . Honestly, if I were Rohr fans, I would be ashamed making this embarrassing excuses ( it is our people’s parlance that  , an ugly lady would deceived herself , blaming her ugliness on being beaten by rain as if Rain washes away beauty ) . The excuses are contradictory and is not adding up .

    Age has nothing big to do in football except Un17 (that is why no MIR test after that level )!rather , the technical ability of a coach , as age can either be a plus or minus ; that is how we get it wrong and frustrate our players from reaching their potentials , it is more reason , in Olympic that each country is allowed his best 3 overage players ( not sure of the number ) so that , no one would get excuse , in Atlanta 96 great Brazil did everything brought their best players like Ronaldo the aging Bebeto yet , it could not make differences . Do I need to remind Rohr fans , the so called ageing player among whom is Musa  , was the only one that gave Rohr the solitary win with 2 television goals of which one competed for goal of the tournament, in contrary Rohr continue to deceive himself, of his players were two young as if players old or young were forced on him , Rohr took a grownup guy as goalkeeper to the WC as 19 years old ( I don’t have problem with that as many players South Americans in particular uses football age, but Rohr shouldn’t use his age as excuse ).

    Enough of that excuses on age stuff (old or young) nobody forces any player on him ,Peles Ronaldos Messi, of this world were already great players at age 17 , at 32 , 35 Ronaldo, Messi cannot stop scoring goals , it is a lazy man that blames his failure on his tools that he willingly takes for work , if it were Club , he can have excuse of not being given big money to buy players, Keshi improvised look inward to fish out local players to bundled out Ivory-coast team of greatest stars ever assembled in African continent in the quarterfinals enroute  Afcon champion , that is the differences between Coach and Technical Adviser , winning mentality, if Keshi were Rohr, he wouldn’t bother to lead his team against the dreaded Drogba lead team with excuse of some of my players were local players that were not forced on him in any case , rather , Keshi unleashed Mba a local boy to send Drogba and his supers stars out of the competition. Technical competence and winning mentality  really matter, that is the problem of Rohr not only him even some of our local Coaches like Eguafon, he can qualify for any tournaments but at the big stage, he lost idea ; Siasia took Eguafon flopped under 17 team to a higher tournament under 20 and turned the team world beater , turned Mikel to something else where there was no differences between him and Messi then , after sometime Mikel could not function again as natural 10, Siasia took him to Olympic and brought him back to an effective awesome 10 . 
    Let us allow Rohr to do the job he is paid to do , and take his job serious , enough of excuses.

    On a final note @ Dr Drey , your information on Onigbinde records of 1984 achievement, I beg to disagree , S/E was disbanded due to issues with NFF, Onigbinde took Muda Lawal who was the only S/E player in his first Afcon tournament to reach final and won Sliver. If it were Rohr , it is an impossible task as he would blamed the axed players as his inability to reach final .

    • Destar,

      After all said and done, the central question remains: does Rohr deserve a renewal of his contract to coach the Super Eagles for another 2 years?

      I have read your points and those of others and in an effort to bring closure to this discourse at this time, we need to aggregate our points in very sharp, short and concise manner to answer this question.

      To be clear, that is the only question I will like you to answer.

      So,what do we have?

      1) A coach who made Nigeria qualify for the World Cup from a group of death at his first attempt ensuring that Nigeria’s flag flew at the World Cup.

      2) A coach who guided Super Eagles to amass 3 points and 2 goals at the World Cup (Nigeria’s second best world cup outing this millennium)

      3) A coach whose reign has seen Nigeria make exponential rise in the Fifa rankings.

      4) A coach that qualified Nigeria for the African Cup of Nations.

      5) A coach that oversaw the Super Eagles conquest against 2 perennial foes (Cameroon and South Africa) in the crucial knockout phases of the Africa Cup of Nations.

      6) A coach that helped Nigeria maintain the enviable record-setting tradition of reaching – at least – the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations.

      7) A coach who has restored a sense of professionalism to the national team.

      8) A coach who has been responsible in luring some exciting dual nationality talents like Ebuehi and Aribo to the national team.

      9) A coach who have achieved some impressive results in friendly matches against high calibre opposition.

      10) A coach whose results have brought the feel good factor back to the Super Eagles thereby making a vast majority of fans fall more in love with the national team again.

      Now, my question remains a straight forward one: will all of these key milestones, do you (as a human being) think that this man deserves his contract to be renewed?

      • Omo9ja 1 year ago

        @Deo, I will like to come in here.

        Coach Rohr deserve a new contract if two of our most intelligent ex players agree to work with him.

        Oga Rohr deserve a better contract if NFF ready to replace Agu as a goalkeeper trainer.

        Coach is not good enough to do the job alone. He need help. Super Eagles is a big team.

        We saw the results in Russia and in Egypt. If that Oga was really sound technically and tactically in those two tournaments, there’s no need to be arguing like this on CSN for the past few days now.

        What is the essence of qualifying Nigeria to a tournament and coming out of the tournament with undeserved Bronze medals? We are Nigeria not Lesotho or Togo. No disrespect to them.

        For instance, Nigeria deserves to be crowned Africa champion last year with the caliber of players we had in that tournament.

        Please, let be sincere with ourselves.
        If truly Oga Rohr is that good, other African countries will be running after him.

        How long did it take Renald to get a job after leaving Morroco national team?

        Only in Nigeria we celebrate average results. At this stage, if NFF like, they should go ahead and sign a new contract with Oga Rohr but all I’m really concerned about is to have a good team and to see Eagles playing total football period.

        However, “Destar” is a Nigerian like you and he is free to to his opinion. Let’s use love among each other no matter differences among ourselves. We all love coach Rohr but we need more from him because we have players everywhere. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Larry 1 year ago

          @ Omo9ja.. brilliant submission. Permit me to break it down for some of readers.

          1. Selecting a reserve goalkeeper of a team at the expense of regular GKs in the same league is not ideal for good technical adviser.

          2. Against Argentina at the last w’cup, we needed a draw, score was at 1-1 and about 30 mins to go, a technically sound and committed coach will not replace a striker for a striker. (He brought in an Igalo that was experiencing a goal drought in his career for a crucial match and the rest is history). It is only a coach that wants to loose a match that makes such decision.

          3. Against Algeria,a tJust like against Madagascar, am SE had defeated earlier. Rohr’s tactics was completely overshadowed by the Algerian coach.

          4. Against S.Africa, a great coach would have used that match to try other alternatives and may be introduce Osimhen earlier.

          5. Even with Osimhen form and prolificity, one coach is thinking of recalling Igalo to mentor him.

          6. The same coach is undermining a national legend (Yobo). Crying out about Yobo’s coaching license and on-call in public. A more technical coach not do pretty stuff.

          7. A coach that thinks Nigerians will fall for his young team antics needs to understand that not everyone will fall for that crap.

          Nigeria deserves a better technical adviser. If they insist on GR, any or a combination of our qualified legends like Rufai, Yobo, Oliseh, Emenalo, Shorunmu, Egyavoen, Amuneke and Adepoju should be consulted to work with the team.

          No nation has ever won the w’cup with a foreign coach.

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Yes no nation has ever won the WorldCup with a foreign, that’s only in Europe and South America. Not in Africa unless we want to keep deceiving ourselves. Africa’s teams that made impacts at the WorldCup were coached by foreigners with Keshi been the only exception and he didn’t move past the second round. So please save me that irony it only applies to European and South America’s teams. Those are the only two continents sharing the WorldCup. In fact the notion that an African team can or will win the WorldCup is quite laughable. We can only make an impact by reaching the Quarterfinals or the semifinals at most. But winning the WorldCup??? That will be the 9th wonders on earth.  Not saying it’s not doable, but The probability is very slim.

          • @larry, with all due respect, it seems your understanding of technical football is limited. You said Rohr shouldn’t have introduced Ighalo when the game against Argentina was 1-1, kel was under performing in that match and we need a like for like substitution, to balance the formation and keep the momentum going. Best form of defense is attack, bringing on a defender for an attacker to defend is disastrous, because it will invite undeu pressure on the defence. It’s allow an extra man to join the attack from the defense of the opposing team, there by creating a pressure on the 18yards. It happened at the champions league final in 2012, Chelsea VS Bayern Munich, the Bayern manager thought he could defend the slim 1 goal advantage by substituting the goal scorer, Muller, for a defender in the 82nd minutes, just 2 minutes after scoring the goal, it backfire seriously, as that invited Chelsea to pile pressure on the defense of bayern which resulted into the corner kick caused by Torres, we all know what happened in that game. Same year when Chelsea needed a draw against Barcelona in the semi final, Barca was pilling all sort of pressure on Chelsea but Di Mateo did not substitute Torres a striker for defender, that singular decision pays off, as same Torres end up in scoring that dreaded goal. My point, best form of defense is continuous attack to pin back the opposition. Another point is the issue of Oshimen in Afcon, he was still a rookie then, it will absolutely unwise to leave a highest goal scorer in the qualifier for a striker that’s not experienced at international level, remember it nearly cost us our first match when Onuachu was favored ahead of Ighalo, we can all see how calamitous he was until Ighalo came in to save us the day by scoring the winning goal, not many people clamor for inclusion of Onuachu in the SE ever since. Your Oliseh chased away the best goalkeeper in our footballing history then, and unfortunately Ikeme was diagnosed with an ailments, so we have no choice than to go to the tournament with those 3 goalkeepers who at best were all average if not poor, those are the best we got then, only if u want Rohr to manufacture one. If Enyeama was still around then, he would have been the undisputable No 1. Against SA, in Afcon, I hope u watched the match, because it was one of our best outing in the tournament, I don’t understand the technical deficiency you are talking about in that match. Do not forget that Rohr was the one that gave Oshimen his debut in SE, if he doesn’t trust him, he won’t. Sometimes we don’t know what happens behind the scenes in the camp, the coach technical strategy etc, will culminate in the choice of players that he will select for actions.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Pls copy and paste anywhere anyone said age was the reason for our 2018 world cup outster.

      If anybody should be ashamed of anything on this forum, it should be the lies you have numerously and still continue to post here.

      Pinnick recommended refresher courses to Rohr…and so freaking what…??? Guadiola went for refresher courses after leading the greatest Barca team of all times…..Mourinho went for refresher courses after leaving ManU… Pochettino has been doing courses with UEFA since quitting Tottenham, CEOs still go for refresher courses…Jürgen Klismann had to take refresher courses before resuming as Herta Berlin coach last years….I’ve obtained the highest degree in formal education going to 2 decades now, but still go for short courses and diplomas here and there. Infact most international certifications will tell you to go for refresher courses after 3 years to keep your registration or certification valid. So what’s the big deal with Pinnick recommending refresher courses…??? Going for refresher courses is never an indictment or vote of no confidence…as the name goes…it’s a “refresher”…it’s to keep you going for greater challenges ahead because only a still water smells…when water flows it continues to remain useable.
      If Pinnick knows coaching was he not there when the seat was vacant…? Why was he running around looking for a coach in 2016 when our African Guadiolas couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON back to back. Since he added scouting to his job and started going to prostate to his children’s mates in London, how many of them has he been able to bring to the SE…???

      I still don’t know why you keep expecting others to dig out information for you…LMAO. If you don’t have information to support your claims, then keep quiet and keep your imaginations which are bouyed by sheer jealousy and hatred to yourself.

      I have challenged you and every other person who claimed I have said something untrue, refute whatever I say with facts, figures and verified sources…. otherwise forever hold your peace…!!!

  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    I don’t ve faith in most of these local coaches.Most of our local coaches are just like our clueless politicians, with our local coaches mediocrity, tribalism, pay and play will be the new norms. I’m not a big fan of Rohr but most of his invitations merited. Guys forget Oliseh the guy is too temperamental to lead, Amuneke would be there to sell players, u don’t ve to agree with me this’s the bitter truth. Nigeria as a country we must continue to employ  competent foreign experts to lead the super Eagles for now.

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      Nice submission Sunnyb that is the utmost truth unless we just want keep sugar coating it. Rohr surely deserves a contract renewal based on the fact that he transformed the SuperEagles from a very low point to what they are now. That fans are now falling in love with the SuperEagles once again.

    • Letter to Larry (pt 1)

      Larry, thanks for your submission. I think you are being too pernickety about this matter by paying too much emphasis on very minor details and observations at the expense of the far bigger picture.

      There is nothing wrong with being pedantic at times but when you either brush off the wider context or choose to ignore alternative explanations, then you risk your submission being too imbalanced.

      Let me try to add to your points:

      1) this is merely your opinion. Even in South Africa, the coach of Kaizer Chiefs is being criticised for fielding a ‘reserve goalkeeper’. Jurgen Klopp, Alex Fergurson, Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger have all been criticised for squad selection. I, like some thousands of Super Eagles fans,fully supported the choice of Akpeyi. I understand (and fully respect) that it wasn’t a popular choice.
      Bigger Picture: Nigeria still broke a record by reaching the semi-finals of the Afcon.

      2) Again, the best coaches in the world have been criticised for squad selection. Westerhof did exactly what you suggested in 1994 world cup second round by substituting attackers (Amokachi and Amuneke) for midfielders (Adepoju and Oliha) in an effort to contain the Italians and preserve a 1:0 lead – we still lost! You and I are not experienced coaches. Making passionate suggestions will never qualify us for the real thing.
      Bigger picture: Under other coaches (home or foreign based) Nigeria has never won Argentina in the world cup for one reason – they are technically superior. That is a fact. Rohr at least maintained the tradition of not losing to them with more than 1 goal margin. Furthermore, Rohr could easily have been forgiven for not qualifying us for the 2018 World Cup in the first instance owing to the teams we had in our group. I – for one – was grateful that we even made it to the world cup under Rohr to start with!

      To be continued……

    • _Letter to Larry (pt 2)_

      I refer you to the first part of this letter underneath Ayphillythegreat’s response to Sunny B 3 submissions up.

      Now Larry, going back to your points

      3) This is merely your opinion. We should be careful to distinguish when we are lending our opinions from when we are stating facts. Yes Nigeria did lose to Madagascar and Algeria but my ‘opinion’ is that the coach had a well thought-out strategy in both matches but players let him down. Players have to stand up to be counted.
      Bigger picture: despite these loses, Nigeria still reached the semi-finals whilst heavyweights like Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Morocco and Ivory Coast all fell by the way side in the same tournament.

      4) Purely your opinion. Legendary Ronaldo went to USA 94 World Cup and he didn’t kick a ball throughout the tournament despite Brazil playing some inconsequential matches. Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho have often been criticised for not playing young players.
      Bigger picture: 1) Nigeria still won the match against South Africa and 2) Gernot Rohr eventually started playing Osimhen when he felt the time was right. He is the one paid to make that decision not you or I. We have to respect that.

      5) This is a matter of hot debate. With Ighalo doing so well in England, it’s impossible not to at least contemplate his return to the Super Eagles.
      Bigger Picture: to criticise Rohr on this matter is childish in my humble opinion.

      6) Yobo’s appointment divided opinions and was always going to initially unsettled the Super Eagles coaching team (under any manager) owing to the lack of experience, exposure (coaching-wise) and qualifications of Yobo.
      Bigger Picture: Rohr seems to be moving beyond this initial shock and is now settling down to work with Yobo. It is my opinion that this matter is a needless distraction manufactured by the NFF.

      7) Using “my young players” soundbite is not a monopoly to Rohr. The English, Romania, Bulgarian and a host other national team managers also use this soundbite.
      Bigger Picture: just like you, I am rather irritated by this soundbites. However, in the grand scheme of things, how important is it?

      Additionally, no team has ever won the world cup with a foreign coach simply because the number of teams that have won the World Cup in the world are less than 10% of the countries in the world (think about it).

      Larry, your points are valid insofar as you are perfectly entitled to your opinions, how you interpret events and what conclusions you choose to draw.

      But ask yourself this question, after considering all the granular irritating things that Rohr has done (to which some of the best managers in the history of world football have also been guilty), in the grand scheme of things, do you honestly think/feel that this manager deserves his contract to be renewed?

      Remember before you answer the question, just like me, even you are not 100% perfect in your chosen field of endeavour.

  • Pompei 1 year ago

    Talent vs temperament. The tug of war that characterize Oliseh’s careers, back then as a footballer, and now as a coach.
    As a footballer, Oliseh had tremendous talent, talent that could have propelled him to the very top of the game. Alas, he also had this hot temper and penchant to go into self-destruct mode, this temperament that kept pulling him back.
    In the U.S., there is a saying – “IF YOU INSIST ON YOUR RIGHT OF WAY ON THE HIGHWAY AGAINST AN 18-WHEELER, YOU COULD END UP DEAD RIGHT!” In other words, you may be right, but you could end up dead!
    Oliseh was very outspoken, and that cost him dearly. Even if the argument is to be made that he was fighting for just causes, there is a reason the English say – “YOU DON’T CUT OF YOUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACE”.
    Oliseh missed out on the opportunity to go to a 3rd world cup in 2002 as a fallout of wrangling with the powers that be. The administrators he was quarrelling with had nothing to lose professionally. A more rational approach could have been for Oliseh to go to the world cup he fought to qualify for, and then continue his fight when he returned. As it stands, he allowed himself to be denied a rare opportunity, because of his temperament.
    The same thing happened to him as a coach. Oliseh is no Guardiola. To compare him with Pep is ludicrous. He is a good coach. He received a wonderful opportunity to solidify his coaching CV when he got the Nigeria job.
    Even if he was mistreated and denied his entitlements while on the job, the question is – What did he stand to gain by staying and succeeding on the job? From a professional stand point, he could have benefitted immensely if he had succeeded as Nigeria coach. Thus, unless his life was threatened for some reason, it makes little sense that he walked away from such a great platform to launch his coaching career! Once again, Oliseh cut off his nose to spite his own face, in spectacular fashion, abandoning the team IN THE MIDDLE OF AFCON QUALIFIERS, and that singular action left his coaching CV in tatters. Additionally, he acquired notoriety as a poor man manager. His quarrel with Enyeama illustrates this.
    If Oliseh wants another chance to coach Nigeria again, he has to rebuild his CV which he ripped to pieces with his own hands. He also should attend anger management classes, proof of which should be presentable upon request. Otherwise, it is best he keeps his distance.
    At the moment, we have a coach who is succeeding in conditions where our local coaches struggle, in conditions Oliseh ran away from. A coach who has over-delivered on deliverables. Look at where we were when Rohr took the job. Look at where we are now! The truth is Rohr has met every target set for him, and even exceeded expectations. There have been some bumps along the way. That is to be expected. But Rohr has always emerged stronger from those setbacks.
    Rohr should be allowed to continue until after the world cup in 2022, at a minimum.

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    @deo those are significantly imports questions to answer. Obviously, some Nigerians at this point believe that Rohr has his limitations. Which is debatable considering how the team was when he took over. However, when we look at the way the SuperEagles have been gradually progressing over the last three years Rohr surely deserves another 2 years. Omo9ja and Larry, I quite understand your emotions. You guys forgot about the situation the team was before GR took over talking about how we should’ve won the last AFCON LMAO!!! When we failed to even qualify for the same AFCON, why shouldn’t Nigeria have won the 2015 and 2017 AFCON??? The WorldCuo in Russia was quite unexpected because nobody gave the SuperEagles any chance to qualify from that group of death including omo9ja and Larry.

    My point is that the WorldCup was our first major tournament since 2014 when we have missed two consecutive AFCON. About 17 of the players were going to their first major tournament under Rohr and I believe the SuperEagles held their own in Russia despite their inexperience. We left Russia with our global reputation intact. He qualified for the AFCON seamlessly and won 5 games to win bronze in a 24 man tournament. If it were an 8 team tournament like the one we won in 1980, SuperEagles would’ve won the cup against South Africa. If it were a 12 team tournament like the one we won in 94 when we had the golden generation SuperEagles would’ve also won the cup against South Africa. If it were a 16 team tournament like the one we won in 2013 the final match would’ve been against Algeria. Omo9ja you’re now claiming that we should’ve won the last AFCON when you never even gave the team any chance in the first place.

    Anyway me I’m seeing a SuperEagles gradually returning to the glory days under rohr and I think he deserves to finish what he started. About 12 qualify players or thereabout have made their debut under Rohr with have devastating impacts with more to come in the nearest future as we prepare for the next AFCON and the WorldCup qualifiers. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#

  • _Letter to Larry (pt3)_

    Following up from my 2 submissions which inadvertently lodged under Ayphillythegreat’s reply to SunnyB above, I want to draw your attention to the painful Super Eagles losses against Argentina and Algeria in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

    Didn’t you know it was always going to be a tall order for Rohr to beat either of these teams? Don’t you know that it would have been a monumental achievement to beat either of these teams?

    Argentina: Nigeria had faced Argentina more than any other team in the history of the world cup before 2018- 4 times to be precise. Yet they have always beaten us. Okay, had Rohr been the one to buck that trend, it would have been nice. But, to ask him to succeed where Westerhof, Onigbinde, Lagerback and Keshi all failed is a tall ask indeed.

    Algeria: it is a foregone conclusion that the Algerian team of 2019 were a tough proposition. They were a well drilled, well oiled and very balanced side. They had destiny in their sights and had already defeated the best team in Africa (Senegal) at the group stages. They would go on and repeat the same feat in the final to underscore their quality and determination to win the tournament. That Algerian train was never going to be derailed.

    To be judging Rohr’s reign largely on his slim defeats against these 2 teams without putting the wider historical context into consideration will be tantamount to doing injustice to the matter.

    Algeria and Argentina will tell you that they sweat tears and blood to milk out the slim 2:1 victory against Nigeria on each occasion. I recall Maradona almost dying of heart attack in the stands.

    We Nigerians should learn to see the cup as half full rather than half empty. Rohr showed Algeria and Argentina that, even if they managed to get a result against Nigeria, it would be at the expense of significant effort (and luck) on their side and so it proved!

    • Larry 1 year ago

      @deo, thank you for the analysis. I do understand the aggregated perspective you have introduced into the topic of discussion.
      I have to be sincere, matters could not have gone to this extent if some delusional comments were made by some fans just to praise GR at the expense of those that had served this country diligently.
      Besides, you and I have witnessed some derogatory comments against some of us who have decided to point out GR deficiencies.
      I stand to be corrected, the goalkeeping situation has been the bane of SE since Ikeme medical situation. A serious coach would have solved the problem within two years. Nigeria is known for great goalkeepers in Africa.
      To pivot to your letter, i do agree with your submission that we should see the cup as half full rather than empty. It is the more reason why a robust adjustment is needed. There is a way you can integrate an average variables for optimal performance.
      As a vital caveat to the issue on ground, Insisting that GR is the best is differenting the variable, but agreeing that GR is an average coach that needs to be integrated to incorporate some valuable propositions will definitely suffice for optimal SE performance. Thus, enhancing SE chances of winning trophies. If GR decides to accept the unimproved contract, I recommend that the nff replace the SE GK handler. The next nations cup is not far and we hope for a better outing.
      Sometimes, we need to be flexible and connect with constructively opposing views.

  • Larry 1 year ago

    **delusional statement made by**

    Sorry for the typos, I hope CS introduce edit button soon..

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    I’ve been reading so many comments here reeling with laughter.

    Imagine DeStar claiming him and his pro-Nigerian coaches have been speaking objectively, when almost 90% of all they’ve said on this platform for weeks have proven to be false. The facts, statistics and truth I have posted here severally which I have challenged anybody to refute in equal measure with facts and verified sources is what the tag as “belittling” their legends. Wether they like it or not…the truth remains the truth, you either accept the truth and face your problems head-on or console your self with lies and perish in your lies. Africa is where it is today because because our leaders hate the truth but love sycophancy and praise singers. The case study of Trump viz-a-viz the coronavirus situation in the US is a typical example of when a man ignores the truth and current realities for fallacies that sooth his heart.

    I’ve also read omo9ja claim the team we had at AFCON we should have won AFCON…LMAO..Really…??? The same Omo9ja that predicted before AFCON that we would not make it out of the Group…??? Am I dreaming…??? Where did the belief suddenly come from…If Rohr is not working…LMAO. Where our 2015 and 2017 teams too not good enough to win the 2015 and 2017 AFCONs…why didn’t they qualify…LMAO??? All of a sudden, from not being good enough to qualify from the group, the team became good enough to win the cup…LMAO. Man for Man we weren’t even as good as Senegal who were beaten twice by the same Algerian team in that competition. We are talking of a Senegalese team whose central core of Alfred Gomis (GK), Kalidou Koulibaly (DF), Idris Gana Gueye (MF) and Sadio Mane (FW) (not to talk about other supporting casts like Chiekou Kouyatte, Mbaye Niang, Keita Balde) are unarguably World-class, playing for World class teams in top 3 leagues in Europe. Even the Algerian squad man to man are not mates with our squad. Should we talk about Rais Mbholi (GK), Veteran Sofiane Feghouli, Mahrez or that their no 9 Bounedjah (who won the FIFA golden booth for 2018 or so for scoring 51 goals that season). Senegal unarguably the strongest team in Africa today couldnt even score 1 goal against that Algerian team. Apart from Ndidi, who else in our squad could we really claim was world-class going into the AFCON in a team where 18 out of 23 were just playing in their first ever AFCON….??? All of a sudden we now have belief in our team as potential AFCON winners, from not being sure if we can beat Tanzania in 2016….And yet these people who love lieing to themselves will say Rohr has done nothing….LMAO.

    The funniest I read was the one that said with 30minutes to go and at 1:1, the coach should have removed the lone striker we had upfront for a defender….LMAO. It seems that fellow just started watching football 3 years ago. Thanks to @Ola and @ Ayphilly who gave him apt examples of the calamity that befell coaches who did something similar even when they were leading. I don’t what to waste my time giving other examples because some people are just stuck on soothing their pains with fallacies and vague illusions. If only Ighalo had buried the 3 one-on-one chances he had after coming on for the ineffective iheanacho in that game (something @Chima has still not forgiven Ighalo for till today), they would be here talking about things the clearly have no knowledge of.

    What really pleased me is that these 2 matches out of 49 which the haters have always used to judge Rohr were against truely world class players who had to sweat blood and dig so deep before the could break this Rohr’s team in the very last minutes, unlike before when they will override us without any meaningful resistance.

    On this issue….I have no response for anyone anymore. Close to 2 decades in Research and Consulting, 12 countries and 4 continents, leading project teams for global agencies and earning a living from saying the truth, backed up with facts, figures and verified sources has taught me that those who are bound to perish will still perish even if you rub the truth in their faces and that this world is now a global village where if you can prove you have something tangible to offer, you will be highly sought after and respected, no matter where you come from or the colour of your skin.

    Rohr a white man, got off his damn ass, dusted his CV and applied for jobs and got them. Aliou Cisse and Djamel Belmadi got off their damn assess, applied for jobs achieved something tangible in their coaching careers and within a decade where contesting for the most coveted trophy in Africa….our own exinternationals sit down in their parlours and wait for the next SE coach to be sacked and start begging NFF for jobs.

    I’ve said it before… Cape Verde is currently 16th in Africa and 76th in the world. They have hundreds of players scattered in Europe too with some of them Portuguese born and bred. They are currently on the same level we were when this “failure” called Rohr took over the national team. Since they are better than Rohr, let them dust up their CVs, show intent and desire, get the job and qualify Cape Verde for 2022 Worldcup with games to spare and also win bronze at 2023 AFCON. According to BBC.co.uk

    “…Ahmed Yusuf Fresh, vice chairman of the NFF’s committee, explained their recommendation of Rohr. The committee was impressed with Mr. Rohr’s profile and current activities for the German Football Federation (DFB),” he said. Gernot Rohr was very positive, showed great interest in the job and is ready and willing to live in Nigeria. He is also willing to work with indigenous Nigerian coaches and with the committee, and believes the Super Eagles can qualify for the 2018 Fifa World Cup, which is very important to the NFF.He swayed the committee with his calmness, good knowledge of the African terrain, focus and maturity…”

    That was how Rohr got his job, he didn’t never mind that we were ranked 16th in Africa or that he would be paid a paltry $30k per month. Our Exinternationals should stop being jealous, spreading lies and quit their “argumentum ad hominaem” (appeal to pity) tactics and go and get jobs elsewhere. Rohr started on the same level our local coaches were placed, under the same conditions, did not abandon his team or run away and is where he is today because he is producing beautiful results with beautiful football and achieving the deliverables his employers set for him in grand style, not because he has right of first refusal in is contract as one ignoramus was insinuating. The day Rohr losses his fifth straight match for the SE or does not qualify for AFCON, he will get a sack letter typed in bold Times NEW Roman all capital letters the next morning wether he has a damn right of first refusal clause in his contract or not.

    When our exinternationals can go to Qatari, Belarus, Lativia, South African, Egyptian, Tunisian, Ghanaian or Morrocan leagues to win the league or cup or CAF CL/CC or qualify a team ranked 16th in Africa like Cape Verde currently is for the WC and win bronze at AFCON, That is when I will truely believe they are our hope to reach the quarter finals of the WC.

    There’s a reason why the first thing serious employers ask for when recruiting is a CV or a Portfolio. Not whom you know or who you are. Amodu and Keshi are gone and cannot be brought back…..Exinternationals….go and get strong CVs and expansive portfolios…#Finis & Klaar

    Enough said already…!