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Olofinjana: Rohr Has Done Well As Super Eagles Coach

Olofinjana: Rohr Has Done  Well As Super Eagles Coach

Former Super Eagles midfielder Seyi Olofinjana believes Gernot Rohr has done a remarkable job with the team, reports Completesports.com.

Rohr led the Super Eagles to a third place finish at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt and the team is currently ranked the third best team on the continent.

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The Super Eagles failed to qualify for two consecutive AFCON tournaments (2015 and 2017) before his appointment.

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The German tactician is keen to sign a new contract with his current deal set to expire in June.

Olofinjana, who represented Nigeria at three AFCON finals insists Rohr has done a good job given the players at his disposal.

“With the players he has at his disposal, he has done quite well,”Olofinjana, who is currently English Premier League club, Wolverhampton Wanderers loan player manager stated in an interview with Footballers connect on Instagram.

“He has managed those players quite well.”

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  • ONE of our true legend has spoken not abracadabra legends like akwuegbu and his uncle odegbami,God bless seyi,

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Omo9ja will never repost this kind of news. Mba…!

    That’s an Ex-international (with half a century of caps), a PhD holder in the field of Engineering, UEFA licensed coach, reserves coach and current director of football and head of scouting of a premier league team talking.

    But let riffraffs who have never achieved anything meaningful decades after their playing careers talk rubbish now….piam….he will repost it.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      Bia @Mr.Dr.Drey, what do you know about football?

      Young man, be very careful about our Super Eagles team. Can you please read Olofinjan’s statement again?

      “With the players he has at his disposal, he has done quite well,”Olofinjana”.

      He has these kind of players but he went to world cup and failed to progressed to the knockout stages.

      He went to Afcon and won Bronze medals while our local coaches went there to win gold and silver medals and Mr. Olofinjana said

      “He has managed those players quite well.”

      Who is deceiving who? So, over the 3 years of Oga Rohr now, Bronze medals its what Nigeria deserves from him and you guys and Olofinjana keeping deceiving Nigerians that coach Rohr is the best for the position. Is that not funny enough lolz? Wake up GR fans.

      God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Oakfield 3 years ago

        How long did it take westerhof to win the nation’s cup in 1994? How was his first outing at Algiers 90 just few years after his appointment. Pls, answer accordingly.

        • Omo9ja 3 years ago

          Good question @Oakfield. How many foreign based players westerhof used during the time you mentioned?

          How many home based players coach Rohr had during the world cup in Russia and in Afcon in Egypt?

          Wether you like it or not, coach Rohr is an average coach but we can manage him with our ex players but he is not the best for the job.

          I want you to use 1+1 together . Deep down inside you Oakfield, can you and the rest of the GR fans compare Westerhof’s team between his 3-4 years to GR’S team over his 3-4 years?

          NFF knows what they are doing and that is reason why we are still having Oga Rohr and Agu in the Super Eagles.

          @Oakfield, do really love your country? God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Senseless comparisons. How many foreign based
            players did we have in Nigeria as a whole in 1990….? Why didn’t Westerhof continue to use homebased players in 1992 and 1994…???

            Ehn…yes…Rohr is an average coach….we know…leave him for us like that. Your world class class local coaches couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON 3 out of 4 times.
            This average coach has taken us from the pit latrine where your world class local coaches dumped us to where we are now…and we don’t even seem like stagnating yet. Tell your world class local coaches to stop lazying around and depending on NFF for jobs. They should go and prove themselves as world class elsewhere.

          • Oakfield 3 years ago

            Your average coach assembled a team in disarray and in total shambles as left by your oliseh after he ran away and under 15 months or less, he was able to qualify us for the nation’s cup with a game to spare( beating strong teams like Algeria , Zambia and Cameroon), qualified us for the world cup with a game to spare just like he did before , took us from no 71 in the world to 30 and 3rd in Africa with a team made up mostly rookies and young lads with a few experienced players like Mikel, musa,onazi and co. This same team disgraced Argentina in a friendly and made them come for revenge during the world cup which we almost won save for the fact we were unlucky on that very day and other achievements that i cant list here for want of time. Look here, my friend, home based or not home based has nothing to do with my question. I asked you a very simple question but u started referring to home based and foreign based players as if the latter are not Nigerians. What kind of student are u? Is this how u used to answer questions when u were in school? Little wonder the way u and ur likes reason, it’s really disturbing. Honestly. If I begin to yab u na dem do go say I have come again but u don’t write like someone with common sense. Answer the question I asked u , simple!

          • Chuck 3 years ago

            All players in the team are Nigerians. We don’t need home based players in the team if they can not add quality to the team that is the reason Nigeria as a country is the way it is right now (i.e. quota system). The NFF and LMC have to man up to their responsibilities and improve the domestic league. If the league improves and the players performance move above the level that it is at the moment the coaches will have no choice than to invite the best performers from the league. Let’s be honest to ourselves, our league right now does not qualify to be called a league and the players are just not good enough. Have you asked yourself why the home based Eagles failed to qualify for the first three edition of the nation cup for players playing in their country’s domestic leagues, why they have never won that same tournament, why they haven’t been able to win West African Football tournament (WAFU)?, remember all those teams were coached by Nigerians.

            The job of a National team coach is to assemble the best the country has to represent the country in matches not a venue to preview and market players.

            Some people that are pushing the idea of home based players always miss the point when they try to make their case by pointing towards Westerhof and the fact that he had some home based players in his team then, but they fail to mention that Nigeria did not have a lot of players playing outside Nigeria at the time he was hired and that Nigerian league was very stong and successful then. He had no choice but to work with what he had and at the same time he encouraged the players to move to Europe and worked hard to get some of the players engaged with teams in Europe to make his job easier after a few failed attempts in the Nations Cup and world cup qualifiers. In 1994, how many players from the domestic league were at the Nations Cup and world cup,two maybe but some people want us to believe that 1994 and 1998 Eagles and the 1996 Olympic teams were all our domestic league players.

            NFF and LMC should get their act together and improve the League and stop shifting their responsibilities to Mr. Rhor, that’s not his job.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        I might not know anything about football….but my comments are not so senseless as to receive 30 dislikes like yours…you that knows everything about football…LMAO.

        Your local coaches who won silver and gold did not inherit a SE team that was ranked 16th in Africa and 70th in the world. So from no 16th in Africa to number 3 in just 3 years is a very commendable job done. Cape Verde is the country currently ranked 16th in Africa today…any coach that can qualify Cape Verde for 2022WC and win bronze in the 2023 AFCON must be praised to the highest heavens for a job Weldone.

        If e too pain you go drink sanitizer. E go calm your pains.

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

          Lol! I’m sure Cape Verde will build a statue for such a coach that can take qualify them for world cup and take them to third place in the next AFCON. Even when they were ranked higher than that they couldn’t achieve those lofty dreams but to talk of now that they’re way below the pecking order. For someone to have over 30 dislikes on a public forum tells you how senseless they think. I don’t need to read their comments going by the number dislikes I see LMAO!!!

    • Chidiomimi 3 years ago

      I am so blessed reading your point my brother.

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    Yes, we all know. Even the devil himself knows that. True word of a legend.

  • Ub.king 3 years ago

    This is a man that will go far in his career….. A true legend with sense of reasoning….. He acknowledge and credit other’s effort……
    He knows he can succeed without being a NIGERIAN coach….. He knows he must not need to CRITICISE others to become relevant in life…. He refuse to join the ban wagon…..
    Long live SEYI; long live faithful nigerians in this forum that put sentiment aside and still “call a spade a spade”…; long live nigeria…..

  • KangA 3 years ago

    Here is an objective analysis by someone who knows about the psychology of success and how to attain tangible goals. Contrast this with the woolly opinions of dreamers whose heads are in the clouds. Racists and liars. 

    The SuperEagles will survive. 

  • This are a well meaning ex player not some hungry nepotic tribalistic people calling themselves ex players who are bent on castigating the coach because of their personal gains.

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    Follow who know ROAD.

    Akwuegbu and his few cohorts are the biggest problems we have in Nigeria football.

  • Gideon S 3 years ago

    That’s the type we look up to, as a SE coach in future..

    person way read futbol for school.


  • Praise singing as usual

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Yea…. praise singing from an Ex-international (with half a century of caps), a PhD holder in the field of Engineering, UEFA licensed coach, Reserves coach and current director of football and head of scouting of a premier league team.

      He’s not one of those who owes anybody anything, not one of the exinternationals who have stagnated in life after retirement and are begging for jobs from NFF for relevance and survival with only the number of caps they had to show.

      Or are you more educated or more intelligent than him…do you know football more than him…???

  • Dennis 3 years ago

    Dr drey I have been an avid follower of your comments and I will like to say that not replying certain people will do you a lot of good. I think some people are paid to bring down our coach. We won the 2013 nation cup, went to 2014 world cup and got to the round of 16. All we needed to do was up the ante and defend our cup but we failed to qualify
    We got a second chance at qualifying for the 2017 edition but failed likewise. We had teams such as guinea, Congo, Zambia and Gabon ranked hire than us. An ‘average’ coach came and tinkered the team and we qualified for the afcon with a game to spare. We qualified for the world cup with a game to spare beating teams like Algeria, Cameroon etc. Rorh may have his flaws but only a mad man will say we haven’t made progress since he took charge. Players arrive to camp early, no fighting in camp and players are picked on merit. If we had played the match we were meant to play last month, our ranking would have gone hire cos we would have won. Rorh is no guadiola or klopp but we are pleased with what he’s done so far. There’s room for improvement and we will improve

    • Chidiomimi 3 years ago

      Thank you my brother. you know at times i look at NFF president when he makes comments about Rorh. I am sure, If Pinnick is as good as he claimed, CAF would have think twice before removing him from the exalted post of VICE PRESIDENT. Most of them in the glass house condemn Rorh as if they have football idea. olofinjana has done well by taking us back the memory lane.

      The worst of all as far as I am concerned is Chris Green. If he can be kicked out of NFF, that will be a massive progress for our football.

  • Francesco 3 years ago

    One thing that has made Rohr succeed in Nigeria, is because he is a very good planner, planner to the finer details, thats why he qualifies teams easily for competitions.
    At competitions proper, he comes a little short, due to his always constrained approach. When you compare Rohr to nigeria coaches like Siasia n keshi, they would be found wanting in qualification games, due to always adhoc planning.. But in the competition tournaments, a Siasia or Keshi could give you better results of Rohr, due to their higher risk approach over Rohr measured approach. Nevertheless, if NFF wants stability, they should keep Rohr..