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Onuachu Bags 20th League Goal In Genk’s Home Draw

Onuachu Bags 20th League Goal In Genk’s Home Draw

Paul Onuachu netted his 20th goal in the Belgian Jupiler this season as he scored in 10-man Genk’s 1-1 home draw against Gent on Thursday, Completesports.com reports.

Onuachu opened scoring in the seventh minute in his 21st league appearance in the current campaign.

However, Onuachu was replaced in the 31st minute for  Kristian Thorstvedt.

Also in action was Cyriel Dessers who was brought on with five minutes left in the game.

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Genk were reduced to 10 men after Carlos Cuesta was shown a straight red card.

Gent capitalised on the man advantage and equalised on the stroke of half-time through Roman Yaremchuk.

In the 68th minute Genk had the chance to take the lead for the second time in the game, after they were awarded a penalty but Junya Ito missed.

Genk have now failed to win their last three league games  (two defeats, one draw).

The draw saw Genk remain in second position on 39 points, nine points behind leaders Club Brugge.

By James Agberebi 

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  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    This guy’s summer move will be massive… I see him becoming a Frontliner in our attack soon. He will get 30 goals by season end… Germany or France will be smooth upward slope. I like the guy die… Sometimes we have no hint on the pressure these players face to deliver, to feel approved and accepted! Humble Igbo boy.. Paulo all the way!

    • Obidee 3 years ago

      Yes my brother I buy ur idea and just that some of us don’t see him as such but soon or later Paul Onuachu will be the headline all through as he is headlines Europe top scorer week to week.

    • Kingsley 3 years ago

      Abeg o let the guy focus on his career. How is he able to score 20 goals and making name for himself. But yet some noisemakers will say he is not aggressive enough, he is not like this person or that person. But yet those that are better than him haven’t scored 10 goals this season

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      “When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?” _ John 8-10

      Paul Onuachu, where are those thine accusers? Hath no e-diots (fake Drey, Amaju and Rohr’s boyfriends) condemned thee?

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hehehehehehe……even the devil quotes scriptures, that is why an impostor quoting scriptures doesn’t surprise me…..LMAO. Go and beg God to erase the curse you have brought on yourself first since it seems you know him. Las las after all his 50 goals in 50 matches in Belgium Onuachu will still come and sit on the bench for Osimhen in the SE….LMAO…and still will be unable to trap a simple ball when he eventually comes on as a substitute….LMAO. Eyaa…what a pity…!!! Infact Sadiq Umar will still come in and get a shirt ahead of Paul when time reach….LMAO. Maybe that time you will quote Kama Sutra join the one who are quoting now……LMAO. Senseless e-fool…!

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          What else should anyone expect from you, Nurse Drey? A hired character assassin, saboteur general of his fatherland all for what, a loaf of bread?

          You are despicable.

          People of goodwill have advised that you learn proper grammar, and improve on your spellings, this way you can apply for a job and be a responsible citizen, but you stubbornly refused. Look now, your inferiority complex is destroying your future one post at a time.

          I wonder what you will say or do after your slave master Rohr leaves. Think of your future fake being.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahaha…if only you knew proper grammar and could construct a simple intellectual argument, you wouldn’t have needed attempting to use my name to gain recognition and significance on this forum. As “bad” as my grammar is you still copy them into yours to show your stupidity as always. Generational failure. You and your cohorts have continually failed on this forum and will continue to fail…..LMAO. I’ll rather be a slave to Rohr and earn a daily living than be a worthless scavenger who impersonates to stay alive. If Rohr leaves I will still support the next COMPETENT coach who will be engaged. The worthless nitwits like you who ganged up against keshi on this forum years back when I and many others like me put out our necks for him are the same useless touts who come here to praise him today. Sometimes I wish keshi’s ghost can one day rise and give them a dirty slap that will permanently shift your lower jaws from front to back for even daring to mention his name. I will support ANY coach…black or white who continues better the lot of the Eagles. If it pains you go and hang yourself over CMS bridge. Fake e-fool. I’ve never seen a fool who will impersonate someone and behave differently from the original…..LMAO….such a fool. No matter what name you chose to disguise yourself I will continue dealing with you….LMAO. Oponu oshi.

            Buy the way, you dont comment and reply your own comments anymore….LMAO….are you getting tired of your own stupidity…??? LMAO. Pls dont be tired……keep it up. Ode

  • He is silencing his critics on the pitch. No doubt he has been outstanding. Keep it up lad

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    I like your spirit oh my pikin Onuachu.

    Don’t listen to what people say back home.

    Just keep scoring and we patriotic Nigerians will fight for you.

    Oh Onuachu, you are making me proud each and every time you score for your club.

    People want you to do the same thing in the national team but I’m sorry, we don’t have what it takes to do so.

    Keep proofing your worth to the world and I’m pretty sure by God’s grace that big clubs will come soon.

    Oh my lovely Onuachu is adorable, excellent and exceptional.

    Your brother Dessers will kuku make me proud one day. Everything has is own time.

    20th League Goal is not a joke. This calls for a celebration.

    I hope they are watching the way you have bn using in your club and improving themselves because have no other strikers at moment that has 20 goals. That alone is big record for you.

    I appreciate you a lot Onuachu, Our hero. Hmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    This Onuachu conundrum is not really as complex as people think. We all know what the deal is. With regular service, he will score goals.
    Our wingers and fullbacks need to get away from the dribbling mindset, and shift more towards providing service into the box.
    When you have someone like Onuachu in your attack, all you need to do is float the ball into the box for him to attack, or knock down for other runners into the box. Onuachu’s height makes him a very potent weapon, if he is used correctly. On the flip side, starving him of service, and expecting him to play on his own like Osimhen will not work. That is not his game.
    If Onuachu will not be provided with service, there is no point inviting him to the SE for games. A hammer is a useful tool in the right conditions, but if you take a hammer into the forest to cut down a tree, frustration galore.
    Same thing with Onuachu. Use him correctly, give him the service he needs, and he will deliver.

    • Adeniyi 3 years ago

      All the ones they have been floating for him in his 6 or more caps for the SE what has he done with them? The Onuachu that plays for Genk is not the same that plays for the SE….In Super Eagles colours, he appears to lack speed, skills and all, man couldnt even use his aerial prowess well…lets leave sentiments apart, go to youtube and watch his previous matches for Nigeria..get your notes and pens, put down what he did right and that that he did wrong..analysis this yourself….Man should stick with his club abeg…aside the first match against Egypt…he hasnt done anything spectacular for the SE

      • pompei 3 years ago

        You too, go and watch his games with Nigeria all over again, this time without bias. In all those games, you can count the number of times crosses came into the box on the fingers of one hand! On the other hand, at Genk, Onuachu is sure of getting 5 or more quality crosses per match. At Genk, his teammates are focused on getting him the ball the way he likes it. With Nigeria, his teammates are overdribbling and holding on to the ball for too long! As I mentioned earlier, he is not blameless in this issue. The guy needs to be more mobile and assertive in the number 9 role. Put himself about, be a nuisance to defenders. He needs to do this. However, if we want to see the best of him, we must give him what he needs. A good pitch to play on, and abundant crosses into the box to attack.

  • Nice one Pompei. You make the case convincingly.

  • I have observed these about fans on this forum:

    1. When players begin to score in europe, he becomes the angel that we have not seen before.

    2. When he begins to have a bad run if games, then he becomes a devil not useful for anything.

    3. We have forgotten that there players who will do well in europe but will not cut it out fine in the national team. Richard owubokiri, Jonathan akpobirie etc.

    4. There are players who will not really do well in europe but will be a hit with national team. Julius aghahowa, austin eguavon, ademola adesina. Even the siasia if this work never really achieved much in europe. Even when Moses was having a bad run in Chelsea, he was delivering for super eagles.

    There is no sensible coach that will bench oshimen for onuachu as we have it today even if he scores in the moon. Onuachu will get the invitation but he should prove Himself when he is brought in as a substitute. Look at what dessers did within few minutes of coming in. That’s the hallmark of players who will be great with national team.

    Look at aghahowa of those days, he stole the show whenever he is brought in.

    Let us stop this nonsense of wingers not playing for him. If he is great a player for the national team, he needs to adjust too. Rasheed yekini did that with his game. For some of us who are old enough to witness the rise of yekini with national team. In 1987 and 1988 he was second to siasia. He only led our attack at maroc 88 because siasia was not available.

    Yekini adjusted his game and he became a hit.

    Good for onuachu that he is scoring in Belgium but he has to to prove himself in another league and in eagles.

    It’s his responsibility and not our responsibility.

    There has been balls that have been floated into the air for him which he did not bury.

    His overall play on the field is not encouraging at all. Nigerian strikers are hustlers. He needs to be one. That is our style. He needs to see that from oshimen. Ore o God bless Nigeria @omo9ja

    • Correction sir: Yekini did not adjust his game to become a hit for the Super Eagles. Conversely, it was when Westerhof was employed and he mandated players around Yekini to feed him that Yekini became a hit.

      Clemens Westerhof built the Super Eagles around Yekini. Any striker, winger or midfielder who didn’t feed Yekini wo would incur Westerhof’s wrath.

      Early in their careers, players like Amokachi and Amuneke wanted to be in Westerhof’s good books so they fed Yekini and he scored basket load of goals.

      However, just before the USA 1994 world and in the tournament proper, these players had grown wings and were not as ‘scared’ of Westerhof as they were 2-3 years prior.

      What happened? Yekini could only manage 1 goal in 4 games at the World Cup.

      Amokachi notoriously chose not to always pass to Yekini. If he had, Yekini would have scored earlier than he did against Bulgaria.

      Collins ID (a contributor after my heart) has his own theory: he believes that Okocha’s inability to pick out Yekini with passes from deep contributed to our immortaly painful loss to Italy in the second round of the world cup.

      Siasia could have passed back to Yekini against Argentina but he elected for a glorious chip that cemented his reputation as one of the greats of USA 94.

      You see sir, Rasheed Yekini’s goals scoring feat was a direct result of Westerhof’s rebuilding process. Which is why he had his greatest period for Nigeria at that period.

      Before and After Westerhof, Yekini was just any other player.

      Yekini was bitterly criticised at home and on the continent. The like of Abedi Pele and other strikers believed they relied less on service from wingers and others around them like Yekini did. For all his goals scoring exploits, there were fans back then who felt he was (still) wasteful.


      • Lord AMO 3 years ago

        @deo, may i add one more thing to your analysis about YeKing’s success with the eagles? It is that as Yekini was becoming a hit with the super eagles, he was also doing it at club level! 

      • It’s likely you did not about the development I am talking about. You need to go and watch tunisia 1994 and analyse yekini’s play. Check out the qualifiers too. Yekini did not just sit back to wait for crosses. He was always coming back to fetch balls. He scored many goals from outside the box and from the flanks. That was not the yekini of 1984 and before 1990. Yekini can’t play like onuachu in eagles and expect him to be the too man.

    • GLORY 3 years ago

      Thumbs up man, for your well articulated submission. Westerhof came whilst Yekini was already there. So it makes sense for Westerhof to define a pattern/ style around Yekini. But that scenario doesn’t apply to Rohr, who has for about 4 years now being building a style founded on inverted wing play, yes years before discovering Onuachu. So then what? Rohr should abandon the style he is being building and start all over again just to accommodate Onuachu even when there are numerous players out there that can fit into the style he’s been building all these while.ehn? What if Rohr starts building a style that Onuachu and just when it matters, Onuachu start experiencing loss of form? Na wa for nijja fans shall. No sensible coach that knows his onions will do that. ONUACHU’S GAME DOESNT FIT THIS PRESENT SE PERIOD. HE HAS BEEN A GREAT APOSTLE OF NIGERIA FOOTBALL. GOD BLESS HIM BUT MIGHT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL AFTER ROHR AND UNTIL AFTER NIGERIA START LACKING OPTIONS FOR HIM TO BECOME NUMERO UNO FOR INVITATION. A FIT AGAIN ISAAC SUCCESS, SADIQ UMAR, NACHO DESSERS,AROKODARE, DENISE ETC LOOK THE TYPE THAT SUIT SE STYLE OF PLAY.

      • MaziNaija 3 years ago

        Only coaches without imagination like Rohr have only one method or style of play. Sensible coaches have several methods depending on the style of play of the opposition and some even change the styles mid-way in a match to win or prevent defeat. Your submission exposes the inadequacy of Rohr and that is why other coaches in Africa, eg Bemaldi will always be better than him. Rohr’s inability to use Onuachu profitably shows he is not good enough to be the coach of a football nation with a diverse talent pool like Nigeria. I don’t have Rohr, but if he cannot study the way Paul is used and devise a method with appropriate wingers to use him, he is a failure as a coach in Nigeria. Only a fool blames his tools.

        • Mazi Naija 3 years ago


          Westerhoff came and used the tools at his disposal. Rohr should use the diverse talents at his disposal or ship out. That is the honorable thing to do. He is 0-4 in all matches since signing his contract. If he fails, I will setup a gofundme to get him his dismissal money o. lol.

          But seriously, he cannot play one pattern. Other nations have figured out his style and now we look like a third-rate football nation. Rohr should study Onuachu in his club and find the wingers to do the job.

          Three changes in a match is enough to turn things around for those that know what they are doing. Unless he is saying that we lack those kind of wingers and then we have to comb the world to find them. Nigeria is too blessed for that flimsy excuse.

    • Obidee 3 years ago

      Point of correction Paul Onuachu was a hit when he was in Denmark and leading goalscorer in Denmark… So SE has not given him a Chance enough to settled in well bcos the coach then feel he has a better strikers that he Paul is.which is normal for a coach to do but I bliv soon he will find his way permanent in super eagles squad

  • What baffles me a lot is the fact that these same people singing the praise of PAUL LEWANDOSKI VERDY ONUACHU were the ones criticising Rohr for ONUACHU’ invitation.

    Rohr even decided to use him ahead of our RED HOT IGHALO at afcon first game. We all saw what happened.

    There was another match that Onuachu was brought in & almost everybody in the viewing centre were shouting.

    Today Onuachu is their Messiah which we haven’t seen him & his game b4. May be Onuachu is just coming from another planet today.

    But to me & other right mind thinking pple, sincere & always ready to call a spade a spade no matter who’s affected(in person of DREY(original), OAKFIELD, GLORY, LANRE, et all our likes which we all know ourselves), we’re fed up & tired of his game in the SE color.

    No need or point of pointing out those flaws in his games, we all know it, no need of arguement.

    Transform ur clubs fortunes to the national team ASAP.

    AGHAWONDER, OBAGOAL, IKE UCHE IGHALO, OSIMHEN did not wait for all the 200 million nigerians to cross or float-in balls for them to score.
    We’ll not start it now.
    We play our normal pattern of game….
    Fast, ground ball, using the wings, dribbling past the opponent.

    We cannot, i repeat…. WE CANNOT depend on cross and nord to score…..

    Tell your ONUACHU to adapt to our SE game and make his name.

    Else he’ll get the invite and continue playing behind a little boy he’s older than.

    I rest my case….

  • Congratulations to Paul Onauchu, but I will pick Dessers ahead of him in the National team becos Dessers is a national team material. Onauchu only wait for the ball before he could score. Mr. Rohr should pls give Dessers and Maja chance to prove themself. As for Onauchu, he should continue to score for Genk.

  • Well…Onuachu is a Nigerian so I am happy that he’s performing well.
    His debut against Egypt had shown he can be good for the team but something is still not right. Even Rohr needed an answer which has been the reason for his constant invitations but I know one day there will be a solution.
    Looking back at those matches against Ukraine, Brazil and the qualifiers, Osimhen is a better team player than Onuachu (those combos with Iwobi, Chukwueze, Kalu etc).
    As for me , i will support Whoever Rohr invites, whether Osimhen or Onuachu, Dessers, Sadiq, Simy,, Moffi etc.
    In Rohr I trust.

  • Chris 3 years ago

    The primary reason why eleven players are put on a field to work as a team is to achieve a set goal which is to put the ball behind the net as many times as possible so as to defeat their opponent, each team player has a specific role in the team and if each of them stick to the plan, they would achieve the ultimate goal. The role of the striker is to put the ball in the net while the midfielder and the wingers are supposed to work it out for the striker. Now you are saying you would choose Dessert ahead of Onuachu when it is obvious that Onuachu scores more than him, this doesn’t make Logic sense. What is expected of the coach is to work on his game plan, change the strategy to suit the playing style of the striker who has the tendency to score more goals because the most important thing here is to get the desired results. In my opinion, Onuachu is the striker to focus on because he has proven himself again and again.

    • Naija Mazi 3 years ago

      The arrogance of failed men! Smh. If Westerhoff had insisted on YeKing changing his method to adapt to the team, we would never have gone to that world cup for the fist time then. Good coaches find a method that fits their players or lose their jobs. History should not be allowed to happen to Rohr. Those who think because we point out the deficiency in Rohr as a coach mean we hate him, are missing the point. We want a coach that can think like Bemaldi. Period.

      If you are saying that the National team coach should ignore the most prolific striker right now because of his inability to fashion out how to use him, then you are not thinking like a Nigerian. You are probably a paid agent of Rohr. Let Rohr bungle more matches (0-4) and watch as he is bungled out himself.

      • Onuachu advocate, u pple should try and apply a little sense when commenting….

        All this cry for Onuachu is on what basis?

        Is it that we have not been scoring goals??

        Do we struggle to score goals??

        Infact, we always struggle to score when we don’t have OSIMHEN in our attack….

        So what is the cry all about?

        Is it that the coach has not given him chance to prove his worth?

        Aribo as a midfielder had only one chance(against Ukrain) and make good use of it.
        He now has 2 goals.

        But a striker want over 200 million nigerians to float ball for him b4 he can score….

        Una shame dey shame me…..

        If i were u pple i would not be doing this kind of a think even if i’m paid.

        Looking for opportunity to present an “underperforming” player in SE color good when we all know this guy is not good enough to depend on as a SE NO.9….

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Congratulations to Paul Onuachu…as they say in local parlance…..you are doing well!! For all the goals Tosin Dosunmu scored in Belgium….he was a miss in the SE. For all the goals Joseph Akpala scored in Belgium……he was a miss in the SE. If Paul likes let him score 50 goals in Belgium and still not be able to make life a hell for central defenders in the colors of the SE…..not even a shot on target, a knock down, or hold-up play since his 1st minute goal vs Egypt….he will continue to get invited, sit on the bench, and watch Osimhen add more goals and assists to his name.

  • Congratulations to paul onuachu, he is really doing well in Belgium. I hope he wins the highest goal scorer award this season. But with that said, I still think he has a lot to do if he is to be a mainstay in the national team. You cant score 20-30 goals in a season for your club, and score zero goals in your national team in the same season.
    I have said it before, its either the coach plays to onuachu’s strength or he stops inviting him to the Super Eagles. There is no need inviting a player that can’t adjust to your style of football. He will be taking the space of other potentially good players who are waiting for the opportunity to show what they can do in the national team.
    Rohr should consider this when compiling his list for the next game.

  • I once read an article written by Brendan Hodrien on rousingthecop.com in which he encouraged Jurgen Klopp to consider signing Onuachu as a viable ‘Option B’ for Liverpool. I totally agree with Brendan’s position for the Super Eagles.

    To be honest, I don’t think Onuachu’s style of play suits the Super Eagles ‘Plan A’ even before Rohr. The team has in the past 20 years (for the most parts) paraded strikers like Obafemi Martins, Ike Uche, Aghaowa, Yakubu, Emenike and now Osimhen. One common thread unites them: pace.

    Despite his goals scoring output towards the tail end of his Super Eagles career, many fans never warmed up to Ighalo because he didn’t fit the mould (in their eyes).

    The thoughts of him coming out of retirement to challenge Osimhen horrified them still.

    But yes: I too belong to the body of Nigeria fans who want pacy, fluid, flamboyant, nifty and marauding centre forwards. That is what I am used to; these sort of strikers almost seamlessly slot into the pattern of the Super Eagles under any coach.

    But, is there anything wrong in having a ‘Plan B’?

    Tall and slow Peter Crouch offered Liverpool an explosive ‘Plan B’; Slow Headmaster Olivier Giroud offers France a heady Plan B.

    World class coaches worth any grain of salt would have a plan b, c and d. That is dynamism. That is flexibility and that is adaptability.

    Onuachu has shown me that if a team is set up to take advantage of his strengths, he can deliver. I remember Euro 2000. Often when Michael Owen (a speedy striker) was well caged, he was removed for a more ‘conventional’ or ‘practical’ approach.

    Route 1 football – in which Onuachu has the tendency to thrive – is unattractive. but it is still known to gets goals when all else fails.

    I am not saying that the Super Eagles should throw away its identity built over many years for just 1 player. I am saying that it is possible for coaches to have a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C and then populate their 23 man squad to implement strategies that make best use of each player’s attributes.

    Jo Bonfrere rotated his squad constantly in the 2000 Afcon to take advantage of the weaknesses of each opposition and the (unique) strengths of each of his players. Hence his starting 11 was never predictable.

    Onuachu can score 200 goals in 10 games in the English Premier League. His style of play however would still make him (in all probability) to be second choice to the likes of Osimhen or any other pacy striker even if they are playing in Scotland.

    But, if the national team management set up is neither too rigid nor too predictable, there should be times when Onuachu can be called upon to cause much harm to Super Eagles opponents.

    You can’t populate your toolkit with instruments of a similar nature and expect to tackle a wider myriad of tasks.

    • Mr Hush 3 years ago

      Why I partially agree with @Deo; a coach having different systems of play but accordingly;
      Why it’s never an enigma to build a team around an individual, it could be self destructive.
      If necessary at all, that individual must be someone really extraordinary and have the ability to consistently deliver. There must be that trust on his ability by both his team mates, coaching staff and the fans. Such trust brought about by precedence.
      For example; there would be no worry building a team around Messi, C.Ronaldo, Kane etc. They have consistently delivered in national team colours. Their aura smells deliverance.
      So the question arise; based on past record at the national team; do Onuachu give us similar aura of belief?

      Even at that, we have to look in to what we have right now in terms of players as regards playing different styles. NIGERIA is blessed with manageable quality at best going forward; Umar, Moffi, Maja, Awoniyi, Dessers etc all Centre forward that can equally play the line as much as Onuachu; so we can as well build plans based on the aforementioned rather than an Onuachu, who has unequivocally faltered when given the chance. Cause how are we certain he wouldn’t falter even if we built a plan that is preferably suited to his playing style? It is not that we haven’t given him the chance on the big stage!

      Besides, I feel it is wise the coach builds a system or systems that players would adhere to rather than the reverse. Preferably build a system or systems that would suit the bulk of your squad rather than one man. So in case of player unavailability , another that suits that system can always be called upon. The system keeps on going.

      Onuachu is a good player but it is quite unfortunate that his qualities is clashing with the Nigerian style, which is ball playing ,speed and quick movement. It is going to be unfair to the qualities of Chukwueze, Kalu, Simon et al, if we asked them to kill their style just to suit Onuachu. It is simply limiting. Yes we can ask them to improve with the crosses but to what end; what if they don’t have that ability?! Do we throw them away?

      • Mr Hush,

        The more players available to Gernot Rohr, the better. At any of the top 10 Europe league, scoring 20 goals in 21 games is a story worthy of Hollywood.

        By us having these lively debates, Onuachu continues to make himself relevant to Super Eagles stakeholders with breath-taking number of goals in the Belgian League.

        He has us enchanted and mesmerised – mesmerised enough to criticise him and declare him surplus to Super Eagles requirements.

        Either for praise or criticism, Onuachu has my attention and yours (lol).

        If Rohr decides to give him a longer Super Eagles rope to pull, I hope he makes the best of it. If not, I hope the other strikers in your brilliant piece above rise to the occasion.

        Onuachu is doing his job to keep us all captivated. I have to go back and do mine or else my manager will not be best pleased.

        Have a pleasant weekend ahead, Friend.


      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Thanks very much @Mr Hush.

        For a very long time, we were famed for our wing play, ever since a certain Otto Gloria defined a pattern with which we swept the whole of Africa and indeed the world in all cadres of our national teams for almost 20 years between 1980 and 2000. Just like the barracks, players came, players went…but the style was there and the results kept getting better and better.

        In the last 4 years we have evolved a new pattern, in line with the evolution of the game of football in the last decade or two, which consciously or sub-consciously Nigerian players both established and emerging, home and abroad are beginning to evolve into, and then we should crumble everything just to accommodate one man who hasn’t even trapped a ball successfully in the green and white shirt…??? From u17 to u23, Im struggling to find any winger in the last 10 years who can work the wings like an Ikedia and swing in pin point crosses like a Finidi. Anybody that knows any should mention one. We keep saying our wingers should put in crosses….. our wingers should put in crosses….is it about just drilling in crosses into the 18 yard box or getting the crosses on target….??? Not every player has that ability to find the bull’s eye with a cross….not to talk of wingers who havent even played in such manner all their careers. We all saw chukwueze from U17 till date….who can remind me of ever seeing the kid doing a finidi or an amuneke…..?? What of Sam Kalu…? What of Simon…? Denis Emmanuel nko…? And onyekuru….?? Ahmed Musa is the worst of all when it comes to crossing. Infact in the current SE, i can only vouch for 2 players to be able to get 3/5 crosses to the required target – Iwobi and Ebuehi. Even the ones emerging in europe nowadays, the mukairus, the Sekikidas etc are not the ball crossing types. So we should ask Innoson to manufacture Wingers for us now or what…?? And then 2 days to qualifiers, with just 2 training sessions per match, we want every one to suddenly perfect the art of pulling out just like that, just for one man….??

        I follow RC Genk’s games jealousy, bcos of the Nigerian influence in the club – Paul and Cyriel, and I make bold to say Paul can never bully African national team defenders…not even Lesotho defenders the way he does in the Belgian league. Moreover, if I as a coach knows that all you do is float crosses into the box for your tall no 9, do you think I will let my fullbacks and wingers even avail you the opportunity of doing such for the entire duration of the game….??? How did we nullify Cameroon in 2nd half of the AFCON 2004 quarterfinals, simple, we isolated Geremi Njiptap by placing Ifeanyi Udeze on him to man-mark and playing Garba lawal as left back, because in the 1st half, all the dangerous balls where coming from 4-8-9 – Song-Geremi-Etoo. Osaze was asked to always put pressure on Song so he cant get the balls from defence to Geremi and if at all the ball got to Geremi, Udeze was always there to disturb his rhythm and Mallam Garba on standby to mop up…and that was how Etoo was starved and rendered missing.
        Its only a dumb coach that will watch his opponents floating crosses to their tall no 9 for 90mins and not find an antidote to it. So this idea of floating crosses to Paul is not an almighty formula. He will still need to do more to outwit the hard as nails defenders we have in Africa in order to have that split second inch of space to nod any crosses on target…..not the static wait and get thing he does in the SE at the moment. Its either Paul shapes up and integrates himself to the current style of the team or make do with just getting invites and coming on as a sub. Hell he cant even come on and helps us to hold on the the ball upfront to protect a lead….or keep a press on the opponent’s defence. Only Osimhen kept the entire 5 man defence of S/L busy, yet grabbed a goal and 2 assists. And then we should change our currency and national flag for onuachu because he is the 1st Nigerian to be top scorer in Belgium or what…??? Very funny indeed.

        • Mr Hush 3 years ago

          My greetings @Dr Drey

          In total agreement with you ..

          I appreciate Paul’s effort. More so, his loyalty to his fatherland.
          He is doing well for himself but I don’t buy into his style as it relates to the Super Eagles .
          That is all down to him not taking his chances when he given; no one can deny he wasn’t given his chance. Life is all about time and chance.
          We can’t sacrifice the bulk for nothing given.
          We can’t tweak a system for just any one. You have to key into the system.
          Especially, a system that has served us right.
          Unless you’re special with extraordinary abilities. But we all know Onauchu isn’t extraordinary. He Is good but nothing out of the ordinary.

          @ Deo
          If that time comes and Paul decides to change style or put more grit into his game( as regards playing in the Green and White) and give us what we expect. I would fully embrace him. But for now…

          Hope you did your duty and the manager is pleased..lol..

          Happy weekend to you bro..

          • Gattuso 3 years ago

            Paul Onuachu should go into the history books and learn from the art that accounted for blistering, electrifying and successful careers for both clubs and countries for the likes of Victor Agali of Nigeria, Petr Crouch of England, Jan Koller of Czech Republic, Demba Ba of Senegal, et al.

            Regardless of the playing style, these tall, lanky and long legged players were no push overs at club and club and country. They strove to strike even balances and not settling for a lopsided career, except for injuries which is also part of the game anyway

            By and large, I believe Paul Onuachu has more to do in transforming his club performances to the National Team as well

            God bless Nigeria

            God bless everyone who has contributed

    • Naija Mazi 3 years ago

      Thanks Deo! Better said than me! This is what we have been saying and someone called us advocates of Onuachu. I and am sure others like me are not advocates of nobody! We just want the available pools of players to be maximized. Any coach unable to do that, cannot and should not be called a good coach. Something tells me though, that Mr Rohr knows this fact and that is why he keeps inviting Onuachu. Rohr just fails in understanding who to surround him with and thats the problem. He needs to search wide and far for the type of players that will make Onuachu sparkle. Thats all!

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    https://youtu.be/u6dmoYa7GJg. This kinda Brute force players with frightening pace,is what fits our style at the moment. Yet Ayegun is not even considered. Options are many; then why continue with a player who’s obviously struggling to fit in. Has anyone ever wondered why, with Onuachu’s rich vein of goals scoring form, non of the big clubs are scrambling to get him? A one game one goal ratio, most especially happening almost consecutively, is no brainer for every managers delight. But somehow strange it’s not d case here with Goal machine Longinus. Not even a struggling Arsenal, Fulham, Westbrom etc pushing. It’s not all about No. of goals. Managers now Understand that sometimes balls do head players n get into the net as well.They not looking for such.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Thumbs up @ broda man Hush and good point from @ deo but many attacking options available to us at the moment makes it hard to go dancing to Deo”s rhythmic opinion.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Just for some comic relief tho….Lolz… But this clip highlights what Onuachu has been in a SE shirt so far


    The Onus lies on him to rise up and be counted. He made his SE debut almost the same period with Osimhen but today even with his 50 goals in 20 matches, an osimhen on crutches will still start ahead of him in the SE. Ighalo is not the same type of striker as osimhen, osimhen is not the same type as onuachu, onuachu not the same type as Ighalo, But Rohr’s template made Igahlo AFCON qualifiers and tournament top scorer…Osimhen came in, stepped into the same template and is currently top scorer of the AFCON qualifiers…..so why the mold be smashed and recast to fit one man…when there are others like Sadiq Umar, Awoniyi, Kayode, Olayinka and lately Terem Moffi who will step into it without much Ado.

    • GLORY 3 years ago

      Hahahaha.. No no Drey I thumbs you down for this . Nor good for public view abeg.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Some pipo ehn? Anybody that does not agree with them is an armchair critic. Looool! Armchair critic/analysts, I salute una!
      The need for crosses into the box does not revolve around Onuachu alone. Osimhen for instance would have more goals to his name by now if he received regular service.
      We are not asking that our style of football be changed for one player. Our style of football is beautiful to watch. Nobody is asking them to change that. We can put the ball on the ground, play tiki taka, or taka tiki, spray passes with accuracy all over the pitch in a way that makes Xavi jealous. That is fine. However, all the tiki taka and taka tiki in the world without end product is completely useless. End product = assists and goals. Assists = crosses and through passes. Our boys should be more mindful of end product. If they imbibe this mindset, ALL our strikers will have a lot more opportunities to score. Not only Onuachu.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Some will see this and wonder how Onuachu managed to become a professional footballer. Not so skillful, poor ball control. Yet, float a cross into the box, and this same Onuachu will shake the net.
      20 goals no be moi moi. Whatever water they are giving him to drink at Genk that is helping Onuachu to score goals, let us learn from them and do the same for him .

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Abeg, I still dey laugh ooo. This video is just too funny!
      Onubaba, why did you mess yourself up like dis na? Which kain wahala be dis? That step-over ehn, chai! Even a giraffe would have done a better job 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Not to worry, Onubaba. Nobody is above mistake, although some mistakes can be very costly, and make you look quite foolish. Hope you have learned your lesson.
      I want you to come back big from this, and prove to your detractors that ball dey your body. Show dem that you are a bonafide baller!
      The ball is literally in your court, Onubaba. Show yourself! If you are fortunate and Rohr gives you another opportunity in the national team, make sure you seize it and silence your critics!

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        What is football without comic relief, enjoyment and good spectre… Make una free Paulo joor. What about the sublime skill and against Egypt?

        • pompei 3 years ago

          JimmyBall, people are quick to forget when you do something right, but they remember quickly all the wrong things you did. Such is life. I doubt that Rohr will invite Onubaba in the next list. But if he is invited, I wish him all the best. He should just relax and get rid of all the tension and anxiety. He should also talk to his SE colleagues, ask for their help. If I was him, I would even promise them gifts if they give me good crosses in the box 🙂 🙂
          Onubaba, best wishes to you!

  • Fatai Amoo said Burkina Faso plays from flanks. The wingers delivers dangerous crosses into the box for the striker to score.

    He said he studied the team very well and had to stop those wingers from pulling dangerous crosses.
    He won the game and his “boys” started praising him to the heavens.
    But CIV taught them how soccer is played.

    All our “armchair” analyst are suggesting this “cross-and-nord” pattern of game just for PAUL VERDY IMMOBILE ONUACHU to be effective.

    What if the opponent stops our wingers from pulling those crossess into the box?

    B4 Onuachu came, SE was known for ground football.
    We didn’t depend on “cross & nord”.

    We were called “african brazil” not bcos of trophies won but bcos of our “similar” pattern of game with the SAMBA BOY. (keep the ball on the ground and play TIKKI TAKKA).

    Our world best PAUL KANE LEWANDOSKI ONUACHU would not come and lead us to what we’ll all regret at last.

    Some pple say we should build SE team around ONUACHU….
    Wonders shall never end in 9ja.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Meanwhile is anyone following the ongoing CHAN tournament in Cameroon…?? What do you say about the quality of football being displayed….??? Is it right to affirm that home-based footballers have a long way to go in Africa…?? When you watch the U20 AFCON too, most times you don’t see good, technical and tactical football until probably the final. Same with the U20 AFCON. Football on the African continent really has a long way to go. Apart from the beautiful stadia and the awesome pitches Cameroon has offered so far, the tournament leaves a dour taste in the mouth in terms of the action on the field.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      I am particularly impressed with the quality of the pitches! With all due respect, if Cameroon can provide high quality pitches for football games, is it not shameful that a whole Nigeria, so called giant of Africa, struggles with this? I was saying the other day that if we don’t have good pitches in Nigeria, we should rent from South Africa, so our boys can perform to the best of their ability. I guess we don’t need to go that far anymore. Wetin we dey find for Sokoto, e dey for Shokoto. Our next door neighbour Cameroon can rent us their football pitches! It’s incredibly shameful to contemplate!

  • Onuachu advocate, u pple should try and apply a little sense when commenting….

    All this cry for Onuachu is on what basis?

    Is it that we have not been scoring goals??

    Do we struggle to score goals??

    Infact, we always struggle to score when we don’t have OSIMHEN in our attack….

    So what is the cry all about?

    Is it that the coach has not given him chance to prove his worth?

    Aribo as a midfielder had only one chance(against Ukrain) and make good use of it.
    He now has 2 goals.

    But a striker want over 200 million nigerians to float ball for him b4 he can score….

    Una shame dey shame me…..

    If i were u pple i would not be doing this kind of a think even if i’m paid.

    Looking for opportunity to present an “underperforming” player in SE color good when we all know this guy is not good enough to depend on as a SE NO.9….

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Onuachu haters, na una wey come get sense?
    Bad belle pipo dem, the boy is banging in goals in Belgium and making progress in his life, enemies of progress can no longer sleep at night!
    SE wingers, please work on putting crosses into the box! Osimhen too would love that. He would have more goals by now if we played like that. Look at Liverpool. Crosses coming in from the wingers and fullbacks regularly. That is why they create so many chances! Man United under Sir Alex played the same way. Crosses into the box create chances, which lead to goals! That is what we all want!
    We need crosses into the box, not to benefit Onuachu alone, but to benefit all our strikers. Period!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Let me be very clear on this. I’m not advocating that Onuachu must be invited to the SE. We have many other quality strikers in the selection pool. Onuachu’s invite is never a do-or-die thing. If we accept that our boys are incapable of crosses into the box, then let us do ourselves a favour and stop inviting Onuachu to the national team.
    However, I refuse to accept that our boys are incapable of producing quality crosses! If we can produce quality crosses, and we have a striker who thrives on crosses, then let us give him what he needs to thrive! That’s all I’m saying! At the moment, Onuachu is arguably our most in form striker, with Osimhen’s absence. If Rohr decides to invite him based on this fact, how is that improper?
    As I said earlier, not only Onuachu will benefit from regular service into the box. Any and every striker who is given the privilege to lead the lines for us will benefit from this as well.

  • Oga go and form ur own national team and leave our SE alone….

    After all our boys “SE”are BALMEDI’s boys…. So why must u pple be interested in Balmedi’s boys….
    Leave them for us…. Go and watch and enjoy ur world best Balmedi and his algerian team.

    Base on ur reasoning, i never have any hatred for him…. Infact i always defend his inclussion in the squad…. Bcos the coach knows why he’s there.

    It was pple like u that keep criticising him when he wasn’t performing but now u pple want to claim u love him more than those that stood for him during his worst moment.

    The same thing u pple did to BALOGUN.

    Right from MIDTJYLAND i use to cry for Rohr to invite him.

    Don’t come here and claim u love ONUACHU more than anybody.

    We all know u pple’s intention and the end products in ur mind.

    U want to say the coach doen’t know how to use him hence his ineffectiveness in SE colors.
    We know it hence we woun’t allow u to pop up with such criticism when we all know where the fault is actually from.

    Let PAUL KANE ONUACHU play to the team’s system and see if Rohr would bench him for any underperforming player.

    Comment with sense.

    How would u expect BARCA to change their TIKKI TAKKA pattern of game bcos of one AFFALEY?

  • Mercy 3 years ago

    I have heard alot of people saying the wingers do not cross the ball into the box for onuachu hence the reason why he wasn’t effective for SE. Please watch the below link and fast forward to the following time and judge for yourself what other crosses he needs from the wingers.
    18:03, 38:10,38:40, 48:30


  • pompei 3 years ago

    Your SE? You take money buy am? Na your property?
    Mr man, park well oooo. You dey yarn okpata since, putting us to sleep with your comments. But you’re entitled to your opinions, so no wahala. Where wahala go dey be if you wan come join insults to your arguments.
    Your problem is dat you are so eager to criticize and ridicule others, without taking the time to READ their comments first. This sense that you claim to have, try and use it, stop disgracing yourself here.
    I don’t care who is invited to the national team, as long as they are the best we have. That includes Onuachu. If he was not scoring goals with reckless abandon in Belgium, nobody will mention his name here. But he is doing so well over there. So it begs the question – are we not doing something right, as far as Onuachu is concerned? Ultimately, it is Rohr’s decision to make. If he excludes him from the next list, fine. If he invites him, then he should talk to the players to give him what he needs to perform.
    I hope your name does not mean U BE FOOL EEEEEEH.
    That will be too bad. That sense wey you say you get, use am ooo.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Very nice writeup, Deo. I agree with most of your sentiments expressed. Particularly love the plan B argument. There is nothing wrong in having a different type of striker in a team, a striker who brings something different to the table. It is in fact a very wise move.
    In my humble opinion, route 1 play is not the only environment in which Onuachu can thrive. Onuachu for instance would do well in a club like Liverpool. Simply because they will feed him crosses all day long. Robertson and Alexander Arnold will keep him well supplied with crosses. And Mane and Salah will do same. Henderson and Wijnaldum will give him quality passes from the middle. In that environment, Onuachu will shine. Liverpool do not play route 1 football. They put the ball on the ground and can play with the best of them anywhere in the world. The SE are also a team that plays an attractive brand of football. The only thing they need to add to their style is REGULAR, CONSISTENT SERVICE INTO THE BOX, like Liverpool have perfected.
    Yes, good coaches can take steps to mitigate the damage caused by crosses into the box. But they could not stop Liverpool from going unbeaten last year. They could not stop Man United from dominating English football for years under Sir Alex. My point is, the system works, and is almost foolproof. And it would benefit not only Onuachu, but also all the other strikers. Which striker does not like service into the box? Show me one, and I will show you a vegetarian lion.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Good talk @ Pompeii albeit not happy at you n UBFE, both very respected forumites descending to names calling. Anyway about crosses to Onuachu, I totally beg to disagree, that lack of crosses,is why he has failed to perform for the SE. Onuachu on several occasions got crosses floated to him but made nothing out of them. I guess you played football irrespective of the level and you will agree with me how frustrating it can be for a player fielding another with passes/crosses to score and the other wasting it. That alone can demoralise the entire team. For me Onuachu’s failings with SE is not due to crosses not coming in but the problem is with Onuachu himself. He seems to drop his balls when wearing SE shirt in what I call suffering from complex. Also he hasn’t been able to key himself to the SE pace of play which kinda translates into arriving at the end of crosses. In fact herein lies his major problem with SE. This chemistry of playing at same pace with the team only happens over a long period of time which sadly has become a dream than reality in modern day football where fans have become sooo impatient. Now everybody wants a players/ managers that can hit the ground running, so unfortunate for players like Onuachu. I strongly believe, putting aside Onuachu’s lack of repertoire of variant skillset in handling the ball, that if he is giving well enough time to keep training with the other lads maybe during some 2 to 3 months camping, he will starts banging the goals for SE but such can only happen with patient fans who won’t come and start crucify ING the gaffer and also where there are no begging options.Maybe it’s in respect to this, that Rohr despite all critisicm against Onuachu, still keeps inviting him, just so he can gradually blend into the team. But have you not noticed, that most of Rohrs fans are the ones calling for Onuachu to be dropped while those in strong support of him being invited are those constantly attacking Rohr even calling for his sack? Herein you understand why the call for him being dropped. Not because we don’t appreciate him but because many are waiting to use his struggle to perform for SE to get a get sharp finger on Rohr’s balls to finally crush it. Finally, Onuachu is a big 6ft 4in man. He must invoke the aggressiveness, that sleeping lion inside of him especially when on national duty. Defenders ala footballers in Africa come very very aggressive n all our players must be made to understand this. Against Sierra Leone in Benin, it was almost so laughable watching a Sierra Leone player aggressively brushed Leon Balogun over the shoulder with Leon almost toppling 3times over in a minute; only wished I was there to tell him ” this is Africa and thats how we roll”, not taking anything away from my man, the resourceful ressurected BIG BOSS LEON BALOGUN. GOD BLESS HIM AND ALL DESERVING SE PLAYERS.

    • Jason Burroni 3 years ago

      @ Glory
      Onuachu is actually 6 ft 7. He’s super eagle’s tallest striker and player of all time.

  • _ Onuachu in the 2nd vs Algeria _

    Liverpool fullbacks (Trent-Arnord Robinson) are renowned the world over for the exceptional overlapping capabilities and thier world class crosses. Manchester City score a lot of goals from cut ins and pull backs.

    Crosses are still integral to many winning strategies in football. Thanks Pompei for your Lucid points.

    _Tweak vs Radical Overhaul_

    In international or club football, managers regularly ‘tweak’ their formation even within a game when a particular type of player is introduced.

    This happened against Nigeria in Brazil 2014 World Cup when France introduced Griezman for Giroud. It happens in the English Premer League this season whenever Newcastle introduces big tall Andy Carroll. They go direct and the crosses start flying in.

    This is merely a ‘change of emphasis’.

    These teams did not radically alter their overall strategic make up. Rather they ‘tweaked’ their formation and ‘adjusted’ their approach to make best use of the players that have been subbed in.

    This is called tactical realignment. It is by no mean a radical departure from a team’s identity.

    Allow me to draw your attention to the clip supplied by one contributor above which I have also tried to share below.

    After Onuachu was largely rendered ineffective by the Algerians in the first half, Gernot Rohr tactical realigned the team’s approach to (now) make best use of Onuachu’s attributes and it almost paid dividends (Nigeria almost scored twice).

    _Route 1 in action_

    1) If you fast-forward the clip to 1:16:29 , you will see that in a classic “Route 1” manoeuvre (46 minutes, just after the second half commenced) Maduka Okoye played a glorious long ball that by-passed the whole of the Algerian midfield all the way to Onuachu whose delicious headed flick-on picked out Samuel Kalu who would have been through on goal had he reacted quicker.

    2) Again, kindly fast-forward the clip to 1:18:40 (48 minutes and 25 seconds into the match), you will find the second instance where Maduka Okoye’s elegant ‘Route 1’ delivery picked out Onuachu whose flick on located a more alert Kalu who trapped the ball, helped Nigeria maintain possession and ultimately delivered a sumptuous cross into the 18 yard box.

    3) Again, kindly wait for cross I described above to be delivered into the 18 yard box in 48 minutes and 29 seconds into the match. You will see, in a fine competent display of centre forward play, Onuachu (who delivered the first flick on that sparked off the move) was again at the end of it.

    He met Kalu’s cross deep in a delicate area in the 18 yard box with another glorious headed flick-on that was begging for an alert teammate to connect with and lash home.

    The frightened Algerians had to scramble to clear the ball from danger. Two defenders now renewed their attention on Onuachu because, for the first time in the match, they were starting to feel the threat he posed.

    We can see from just these 3 instances that when Rohr changed the emphasis to address Onuachu’s ineffectiveness, it brought instant results and almost resulted in goals for Nigeria instantly.

    We are not saying that Super Eagles shoud abandon its overarching identity for Onuachu. That is ludicrous. What we are saying – as evidenced from the clip – is that a few tweaks here and there, a few adjustments here and then can bring out the best of Onuachu for Nigeria.

    Onuachu could so easily have had a brace of assists or pre-assists in the match against Algeria had others around him had reacted swiftly as the manoeuvre demanded.

      • Edoguy 3 years ago

        @deo, In my own opinion…Nigeria could benefit more from a better coach. We have a golden generation here again on our hands. The midfield is not upto scratch. they dont build up well from the back and the algerians almost worked through the midfield easily. Rohr’s selection is suspect and may be he doesnt understand midfield play

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      Thanks for this video @Na me talk am, guys should watch this and you all will realise the the current crop of players are nowhere close to that generation of players then. If only not for that useless President Abacha who ordered AFCON ’96 Boycott that lead to us being suspended until 2000, these generation would’ve dominated African soccer from 1994 till 2002 and be a great force to reckon with in World soccer.
      And guys, please stop all this debate on Paul Ronaldo Onoachudowsky………the guy is simply not good enough and he can’t give what he doesn’t have. He might be scoring in Belgium but if you watch most of his goals you will agree with me that he’s nothing close to spectacular. SE needs spectacular players like in this 1994/2002 generation, who can you compare Onoachudowsky to in that team? A good National team material will not rely on killer assist only to score but contribute immensely to the team play. A good striker always has eyes for goals, good positioning, strong and fast, dribbling skills, bullies defenders and be a torn in their flesh, tricky, and packs shots on both legs……..which one of these does Onoachudowsky possess? 

  • Please listen y’all… Onuachu’s problem is confidence related not pattern strategy or talent

  • @Deo

    u said when PAUL was rendered ineffective in the first half Rohr change the “TACTICS” & cautions his lads to throw long balls to him which almost resulted in goal…
    (But they normally deceive us by saying Rohr doesn’t have tactics and is always tactically defficient… How come this your comment???).

    Oga @Deo one thing in this life is that u don’t give what u don’t have.


    1)Our current crop of players were brought up in the nigerian culture/pattern of game right from their U17/U20. (Keeping ball on the ground, short passes).
    I can’t remember our underage team that depended on longballs/cross & nord.

    2) Most of our wingers play the inverted style of football in their clubs which allow them to cut in & shoot & they thrive well with this style.
    Remember they play week-in-week-out with this style.

    3) How do u expect them to use 3-4 days of camping/training to master the art of floating long balls/cross & nord style of play?

    4) This issue of floating long balls/cross & nord style of play to make PAUL effective is not for the betterment of our SE at all, it’s a kind of a point or (alligation) used by these pple to criticise the gaffer.
    Since the man has refused to dance to their greedy, selfish & stingy ambitions, he also deny them the opportunity of turning our national team to ALABA INTERNATIONAL MARKET “THEY ALL GANG UP AND START PEDDLING LIES ON HIM.”


    A sane person would ask this questions;

    1) Is it that PAUL has not been invited?

    2)Has PAUL not been given opportunity?

    3) Does PAUL creat any impacts, (influence or fear factor) when he leads the line?

    4) Is the SE struggling in front of goals without him?

    5) Is PAUL the only out-and-out striker?

    6) Does he creat room for others to wreck havock?






  • Kingston 3 years ago

    @ubfe you too get sense

  • Dear UBFU,

    It is always helpful for us to be able to read in between the lines. If you went through my various contributions with a fine toothcomb, you would realise that Onuachu is not my cup of tea.

    My first preference is for pacy strikers. I have always been a fan of centre forwards like Olanrewaju Kayode or even Sylvester Igboun. Quick, agile, nimble, strong.

    As for Onuachu, he is making me happy as a Nigerian. I celebrate his achievements in Belgium.

    When it comes to the Super Eagles, I still believe that, as a Plan ‘B’, Onuachu has something to offer. My ideal Plan ‘A’ would be any of the following leading the line: Osimhen, Iheanacho (if in form physically and mentally), Josh Maja, Sadiq Umar or even Taiwo Awoniyi.

    But, I don’t think Onuachu is a waste of space. He is a player I am happy for and proud of at the moment. With slight adjustments here and there to our tactical formation, he can play his part when/if called upon.

    If Rohr chooses never to invite Onuachu again, sai gobe! I will not lose a sleep over it. But for one doing exceptionally well in club football, he deserves some respect (I think, but then, what do I know)

    I will conclude by indulging myself in answering your questions above. I think it is a rather amusing exercise and also because I consider myself sane:

    1) Is it that PAUL has not been invited?

    No, it is is because his goals scoring exploits make him qualify for Super Eagles invitation.

    2)Has PAUL not been given opportunity?

    Just like Yekini and Ighalo, Paul has been given some opportunities but he is turning out to be a slow starter. Caveat: he did score on his debut.

    3) Does PAUL create any impacts, (influence or fear factor) when he leads the line?

    I think so. Onuachu had 2 efforts on target against Burundi; he scored against former Afcon champions Egypt; and his flick ons almost led to 2 goals against Algeria in the friendly last year.

    4) Is the SE struggling in front of goals without him?

    Not exactly but this question also applies to strikers like Sadiq Umar and Taiwo Awoniyi who fans are clamouring to be invited to the Super Eagles.

    5) Is PAUL the only out-and-out striker?

    No, neither is Osimhen. The more the merrier (don’t you think so?).

    6) Does he create room for others to wreck havock?

    I think so. In the clip I provided above (in the friendly last year), Onuachu created room no less than 3 times for others to wreck havoc.


    We are advocating for all eligible strikers to be considered for Super Eagles invitation so long as the are churning out quality performances for their club – moreso in a top 10 European league.


      No, he is not. Only time will tell whether Paul Onuachu will find his range with the Super Eagles. He is not the only slow starter in the history of the Super Eagles.


      No one is making any mountain out of a molehill. Onuachu’s achievements are simply awe-inspiring. Nigeria fans are merely celebrating a footballer doing exceptionally well in club football.

      – LET’S WATCH OUR Ways.

      I couldn’t agree more. We should all watch our ways and be respectful of the views of others.

    • Very objective analysis. Kudos to you

  • @Kingstone

    thanks a lot….

    But the fact isn’t about having sense…. My watchward is “sInCeRiTy”…..

    The problem we’re having in this country is lack of SINCERITY…..

    It’s being displayed every where even on this forum.

    I like the likes of DR DREY(ORIGINAL), OAKFIELD, GLORY, KINSTON, LANRE et all not bcos they can talk but bcos of that minute trace of sincerity in them.


    @KINGSTONE; nevertheless; ur are highly appreciated. Thanks…..

  • @DEO
    I always respect ur well selected points/views though this time u are far from it….
    U sound more DIPLOMATIC & SCEPTICAL….


    But some times we must learn to take the bull by the horn irrespecctive of who’s affected….

    U actually answered the questions no doubt, but u aren’t “SINCERE” to yourself which i strongly believe u know it deep down ur heart….
    Your aim is to strike a balance which isn’t possible.

    I’m a fan of Paul…. I remember when me & some guys on Facebook were crying for his invitation when he was at midtjyland.

    But the fact is that, Paul can’t match up with the speed, pace, style of play in SE for now.

    This’s a bitter truth that @OMO9JA & his bathalion would never accept. But we have to say it out. We have to enlighten them.

    We shouldn’t blame anybody just bcos Paul isn’t delivering as expected.

    See a striker like FIRMINO, he may not score loads of goals but u see what he does in LIVERPOOL for MANE/SALAH to come in and wreck havock.
    This is what we need. If u can’t score then bring other on using speed, pace, dribles etc.

    My opinion though…..

  • Goal ⚽️ 3 years ago

    I have been enjoying all the excellent analysis going on here since yesterday and I must say that you all made some fine contributions.

    Onuachu may not be my type of striker but the truth is that he is doing well and deserves Eagles invitations, it’s also true that oga Rohr is clueless on how to use him.

    I love the idea that Eagles needs to improve on their crossing abilities for it will not only benefit onuachu but also other strikers, it’s a  strategy .

    It’s  also true that we have other strikers begging for half of  the opportunities given to onuachu and i strongly believe players like Sadiq(especially),awoninyi and terem will take it.

    I leave it for Rohr to decide who he wants in his team, if he fails we will finish him here.

    The team really needs to improve tactically and able to produce good crosses for the betterment of  everyone.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      @Goal ⚽️, you won my heart. God bless you for achieving this today.

      Hmm. I don’t belong in any group on this forum but if you say the truth, you have my back.

      That is why I’m using the word “patriotic Nigerians” whenever I’m addressing our people on this forum.

      Agali was properly managed during his time in the national team but why are we not seeing the same thing with Onuachu?

      Onuachu doesn’t need the entire 90 minutes of action when playing for Nigeria but Oga Rohr just need to study him and know how he can play him in the Super Eagles team that’s all.

      You nailed it too well. Keep it up. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Goal ⚽️ 3 years ago

        Thanks @ omo9ja 
        Respect ✊ 

        • Omo9ja 3 years ago

          You are very welcome @Goal ⚽️. God bless us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Collins id 3 years ago

            Onuachu can not do morethan a dead rat, with the eagles. If rohr keep inviting onuachu and playing him as usual like he has been previously played Rohr might endup been sacked becouse of onuachu. Cant you guys see the Elephant
            Footwork the guy displayed in the video Drey posted, that is not the firsttime i have seen him in such an unusual relationship with the ball, super eagles is not Genk. Let me also remind you guys that belgium league is like english 5th division football, there was no time a striker from belgium became our hero apart from amokachi and osaze who are clearly genius in the football game. dessers couldnt cope because Genk is a horible team to watch, go and watch them play, its not every striker that can play with such low level of understanding. They keep depending on bazuka style of play, lunching the ball into the yard and onuachu taking advantage of wick deffenders, i pray oh.

            Its very logical for amateurs to see him better than dessers because he scores more than him in thesame club. But let me remind you guys that its not always about potential but prefference and adaptations can also influence coaches decision making. At a time this same Genk saw nothing good in troost ekong and they where benching him all the time. It took the super eagles worldcup display for ekong to move to seria A and secure a starting shirt in a stronger league and a stronger team. Or is genk better than udinese? Or will you compare seria A to belgium league? Diego folan was always 4th choice striker in manchester united but if i ask you by now bitween forlan and vanisteroy though both of them are retired players who will you pick as the greatest? Without sentiments most of us will go for forlan. Thiery henry at a time seems like in the shadow of kanu nwankwo but at the end henry became the greatest arsenal of alltime.
            Ahmed musa was the hottest Nigerian striker befor afcon 2013, during the turnament after many loose control and enthelop runs, stephen keshi as a Guru have to bench him for the likes of emenike and ideye to move on. Nobody can continue to disturb the feelings of a nation becos he is doing well in is club. Somebody comparing agali to onuachu please go and watch agali highlights before you start insulting him by such comparism or are you just looking at the height. Agali have great footwork great skills and superb control, he shoots from all angles and run faster than a our lebron james.
            If i were to be the coach onuachu will not get anychance near my dressing room unless i am coaching sycheless then i will consider him. The guy with the eagles is worse than a red card.

            Awoniyi for me is another scam, he may come good with the eagles but i doubt it. Like i said before, by their touches we shall know them, that guy lacks the courage (the lion heart) to be a trusted eagle striker. you cannot sit in the box and score for national teams in a highly competative match unless you are lucky to be left alone by deffenders. Alot of us likes to mention girou of france dont forget that guy didnt score one goal in that world cup despite playing all matches. And if not for the issue with benzema giruo nor get business for that worldcup. You need to do extral to score in the worldcup. When a good striker comes we will kno at once. When dike scored against catalonia and italy we knew he was the one. No thanks to injury. We saw how aghahuwa flew like a bird to reach the yobo cross and score against sweden in the worldcup 2002.
            What we have now is Osimen, sadiq, terem moffi, the portugal based striker, cant recall his name and once again the new Dike, the idea is that we are looking for a bull or a leo. Not elephants.

            Its better to recall ighalo back than to call onuachu or taiwo i refused to be decieved by tap in goals.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Goal, be very careful! Some people will say you are not SINCERE because they don’t agree with your comment. They may even call you SENSELESS. Na dem wey get sense pass everybody else.
      I don’t understand how it is a bad thing to ask SE players to produce more by concentrating on crossing the ball into the box and making better passes for strikers. I don’t understand! Onuachu would benefit greatly from this. And if Rohr decides Onuachu is not needed and does not invite him, the striker that takes Onuachu’s place will also benefit from this.
      Deo made some great points, including how having a plan B can benefit the team. But some people just love to criticize and ridicule others, without properly reading and understanding what the others are saying!
      Anyway, to your tents, Oh Israel. Onuachu haters, maybe if you can find him, you can kill him and use him to prepare nkwobi, since you hate him so much. I have no idea how he has offended you. Even if he failed to perform in SE jersey, cut the guy some slack! It is not easy to play football, especially for your country at the highest level! The tension and expectations can drive you out of your mind! We don’t know what pressures and challenges Onuachu goes through, so let’s be slow to condemn him. Remember the case of Ighalo, who started so poorly, but grew into the task, and became one of the best strikers we’ve ever had. Yekini too started slowly. He was criticized a lot in his early days, for being GANGLING and wasteful. But the guy improved with time, and became a legend.
      Onuachu may not be good enough. But if Rohr chooses to invite him, let us give him a chance. He has earned it with his exploits this season. If he was not doing so well, then there would be no basis for looking in his direction. But as we say in Nigeria, if a child washes his hands, he will eat with kings. If Rohr decides to invite him, let us support him and the entire team. Perhaps his problem is psychological. If he sees love and support, it may do the trick and unleash the beast that lurks within.
      Let us encourage our own, not tear down and destroy. The stone that was rejected, may yet become the cornerstone.

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