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Onyekuru Bags Assist, Helps Monaco Clinch Ligue 1 Milestone In Win Vs Nantes

Onyekuru Bags Assist, Helps Monaco Clinch Ligue 1 Milestone In Win Vs Nantes

Henry Onyekuru came on and provided an assist in AS Monaco’s 2-1 win against visiting Nantes, in Sunday’s Ligue 1 clash, Completesports.com reports.

The win means Monaco have now won their 1000th game in the top flight of French football.

Also, they are the fourth club to achieve it in the history of the Ligue 1.

In action for Nantes was Super Eagles winger Moses Simon who played for 90 minutes.

Onyekuru who came on in the 63rd minute, set up Willem Geubbels to make it 2-1 in favour of Monaco.

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Sofiane Diop gave Monaco the perfect start after opening scoring in the fifth minute.

Randal Kolo Muani thought he had equalised for Nantes but his effort was disallowed.

In the 61st minute Ludovic Blas eventually drew Nantes levelled.

The win was Monaco’s second after three games  (one draw) and place them in second position on seven points.

Nantes are in 10th position with four points and have now suffered their first defeat in the league this season.

By James Agberebi

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  • Sir Phill 4 years ago

    Good to see Onyekuru play. I wish him a fun filled season.

  • Keep shining bros, Musa no fit give dat kind assist wey you supply for the 2nd goal. Kudos to you I hope you make SE ahead of Musa from hence forth.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


      Musa has been giving assists in football before Onyekuru started walking….LMAO

      When Onyekuru scores his 4th Worldcup goal, then he can sit on the same table with Musa

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


      Scroll to 4.05 mins.

      When Onyekuru begins to give this kinds of chest pass assist under pressure, then he can start dreaming of retiring Musa.

      • JimmyBall 4 years ago

        I agree with @Drey. We must not argue for the sake of argument. Musa produces results any day. He has been a top performer for Super Eagles for long… He is also a humble player. The guy who won the last Afcon for Algeria also plays in Saudi Arabia… A league may not be as commercially viable as those in Europe but let’s not shoot down an organized league. Asia has top footballing countries but Saudi Arabia with products from their league always makes it amongst the few slots available for Asia in most world cup tournament.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


      2.40 mins

      Musa nor fit give assist indeed.

      When you tell dem to quit drinking alcohol, they will say you are insulting them.

  • Musa is already Retired guy only time will tell. Rohr will have no option. @Dr Drey times change ooo. we won’t be stuck on Musa forever, because he is a flash in the pan type of player.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      In which media did he announce his retirement.? We won’t be stuck on any player forever. Let time, form and performance determine how much longer Rohr will have to choose between the two of them. But at the moment, Onyekuru is the flash in the pan. A15 goals and 13 assists as winger in the national team cannot be a flash in the pan player.
      I don’t have time for arguements that are bereft of intelligence. Like I said before, the day Onyekuru scores his 4th world cup goal for the super eagles, then he can sit on the Same table with Musa.

    • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

      “flash in the pan kind of player”?? Really?? And he is Nigeria’s world cup hero till tomorrow. Drey provided evidences with those videos amongst many but you have not been able to provide a single evidence to back up your statement. How can you discredit Musa because Onyekuru gave a cheeky Assist after 3 league games. People sef. Talk about the real flash in the pan player, it’s Onyekuru here. Despite the daily rising of star strikers in Portugal, if Ronaldo decides to keep playing in the National team till 40 he won’t be disregarded because of his legacy and he keeps producing Everytime. So is Musa to Super Eagles

  • Sura the tailor 4 years ago

    Musa has been fortunate to still be part of the current national team set up despite his steady decline since 2017.There is no point flogging a horse on its last legs. Musa’s accomplishments for the Super Eagles are well documented but no one would blink twice if he is omitted from Super Eagles squads moving forward. Dude can’t even send pulses racing in Saudi Arabia and you expect him to be selected ahead of a Principality player. Get real Amigo. I scored 4 goals at the World Cup is for history books. Save it for the teacher. Can he still perform at ancient historical levels? Now that is the question for you to answer, Mr Senator. If not, save the history lessons for the lecture theatre.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      The so-called principality player warmed the bench all through AFCON just 1 year ago when the same Musa from the Saudi league was bailing the SE out of tight situations against Burundi and Cameroon.

      If Musa is ommitted from the SE squads moving forward, we wont blink twice…not because of Onyekuru, but because of the likes of Chuwkueze, Kalu and Ejuke. Even Musa has a higher probability of making the SE currently than Onyekuru…LMAO

      Tell onyekuru to tie down a confirmed starting shirt in Monaco first. At his Age Musa wasnt warming benches at club and national team level or going on loan all over the place.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago


      Let Onyekuru prove that he should be a guaranteed starter in the SE and start giving us performances like these before we believe that he is worth the hype.

      Ahmed Musa at his age was not a SE bench warmer, he was always the first name on every SE team list.

    • Sura the tailor 4 years ago

      Governor, we’ve got to get the angle of our discourse straight here so we don’t overshoot the runaway of shoot the sheriff rather than the bandit. It will be an exercise in futility to put Onyekuru’s international and club credentials side by side with Musa because the logical conclusion is clear. Dude, what I am saying here is that if Onyekuru plays regularly for Monaco this season with the sort of performances that we know he is capable of then the possibility exists for him to be selected ahead of Musa moving forward. Are we in agreement? Brandishing Musa’s world cup heroics and reputable outputs for CSKA Moscow many moons ago should not be a barometer to invite him to the Super Eagles now. Governor, we have far too many exciting wingers waiting to float like butterflies and sting like bees for the Super Eagles now for us to be wasting time on a desert Eagle whose wings are starting to wilter with the sands of time. If your Musa continues to provide sands of goals and assists in the Gulf, then maybe we are in business. But for now, Amigo, leave his accomplishments in the pages of books in the library shelves. That is where they belong unless he continues to perform well, well into his twilight years like Ronaldo, Messi or even Mikel who is still turning heads in Stoke.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        “…what I am saying here is that if Onyekuru plays regularly for Monaco this season with the sort of performances that we know he is capable of then the possibility exists for him to be selected ahead of Musa moving forward….”

        The question is, has the Onyekuru even started being spectacular for club and country yet, before talking crap about 87 caps captain….capital NO. Onyekuru’s best in a SE shirt so far isn’t even a tad better than what Musa is offering currently….LMAO.

        Its just like when someone came here to tell us a kid who hasnt even played in the 1st div all his life is far better than all our midfielders including Mikel….LMAO

        And then what happens also if Musa still keeps showing he is the Mr big strong reliable of the SE even till tomorrow…? What happens if he still keeps giving such delightful performances as we saw of him in the past years…?

        That “..desert eagle whose wings are starting to wilter with the sands of time…” came on (alongside Ighalo) to bail us out from imminent disgrace vs Burundi only a year ago at AFCON when your exciting young wingers became clueless. That delightful chest flick of an assist under pressure for the equalizer vs Cameroon only last year is something your exciting wingers haven’t yet shown they have to capacity to give to us consistently yet.

        Wait for Musa to die completely before talking about an Onyekuru that is not even sure to start Monaco’s next game or get an invite for SE friendly matches in a month’s time.

        Like I said before, If Musa is omitted from the SE squads moving forward, I personally wouldn’t give a hoot…..and that will not be because of Onyekuru, but because of the likes of Chuwkueze, Kalu and Ejuke. But for someone to now start spewing rubbish just because Onyekuru gave his first assist in a Monaco shirt………??

        Musa even still has a higher probability of being at the 2022 world cup than Onyekuru….LMAO.

        Show some respect…!

      • Seriously!!??? Are you like seriously advocating Onyekuru to play ahead of Musa in an SE match? Is Musa injured? If he is, are Chukwueze, Simon, Kalu and the other wingers injured as well?

        Is Onyekuru even going to make an SE list for the foreseeable future, given how he literally caused the SE midfield collapse in the Afcon semi-final match (after Rohr introduced him) against Algeria with Mahrez netting the winning goal not long after (And Onyekuru taking a weird blocking position by lying on the ground rather than extending the wall to shield the post)?

        I really don’t know what the hype is about Onyekuru. I won’t bat an eyelid if Rohr omits Onyekuru in his lists for the next 2 years! But Musa is a legend.

        It’s okay to try to compare Henry with other wingers if you want to feel good about his leg-overs without goals or results. But it’s not good to pick Musa to be comparing him with. Dude, you’re committing a footballing sin. Oh, that reminds me, Henry’s never even scored for Nigeria in any competitive match.

        Musa might be in Saudi Arabia and not making headlines there, but he’s about Nigeria’s most important player at the moment. Practically, every African team fears him when they see him in the line up against them. He’s got everyone’s number. If Musa moves to Monaco today, Henry will be benched!

        • Sura the tailor 4 years ago

          Kool it Kel, a glass of 7up will not be out place. With how hot it is over here, I could sure do with a cold drink. Let’s leave Onyekuru and Musa alone and get on with our own day job. You might find my reply to the good Doctor below helpful.
          Peace out!

          • Oakfield 4 years ago

            @Oga sura the tailor, how far. Its been a long while. Where have u been all this while…??

      • Dr Kingsley 4 years ago

        The question to ask is what happened to “players for the SE must come from the top 10 leagues in Europe”. Will not be surprised if he is invited from the friendlies. Nothing against Musa, he is a great player i admire. Just like you stated all the noise about Musa is past glory. If he is still that good he should have returned back to europe by now. Or whats the excuse for not playing in europe. If i was Henry i will just focus on my career, and environment where you not welcomed and appreciated should be avoided

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          All the noise about Musa is past glory….yes we agree. Let Onyekuru show us his own “present glory”. Then when we will believe he is worth the hype.
          He should focus on being a super regular at monaco first before being deceived he is worthy enough to even tie the laces of Musa’s boots

  • From Rohr’s View….
    Simon is the Best winger so far(his club’s Best last season)
    ..then Chukwueze.
    Others are: Kalu, Ejuke, Dennis, Bazee then Musa before Onyekuru but the funniest part is, apart from Simon,Chukwueze and Kalu or Ejuke, any of the rest can be dropped for Musa due to experience and as a Captain.
    …remember, Aina was once dropped for Echiejile.

    • Edoguy 4 years ago

      Biafra man, Ejuke is not even considered yet!

      He needs to first seal a starting spot at his club. It is good he came of the bench to score but Rohr is not considering him yet.

      From listening to Rohr speaks and the NFF in terms of precedence and action, they prefer to get Eze and Osayi Samuel more than any other player at the moment. Yes we do have alot of strikers and wingers at the moment but all of them will fall below Osimhen, Dessers or Onuachu/Iheanacho/Maja, Kalu, Musa, Simon, Chukwueze and then the rest.

      Bazee is a classic attacking midfielder and he stands a very good chance of making the SE squad if he continues making a starting berth for his club and working hard. Someone tell Nwakali to be hardworking and tough because he stands a good chance making the SE squad, we are currently short of midfielders at the moment with only Ndidi, Etebo and Iwobi with the 2 latter not even playing regularly. Aribo needs to be stronger and be more involved in games. Until he pops up to score, we didnt see him in the friendlies and I think he will struggle against african oppositions.

      I think Rohr has put competition back in the SE and I hope we do well and qualify for the world cup. Stop the sentiments and speak the truth @sean, Ejuke is not even in the picture yet….

  • Larry 4 years ago

    I think some fans are ethnic jingoist. Immediately, The name of a player determines their their point of argument.
    Before, it was Kalu is better than Simon, now it is Onyekwuru is better than Musa or Nwakali is better than Ramon Azeez..
    Initially I didn’t take it as ethnic issue but now that the comparison has gotten to one of Africa’s best performer in a major event against an overhyped player or comparing a player that is just getting a chance in LA Liga to an established la liga player or comparing a player that won his club’s player of the year and selected for team if decade, africa team of the year with a bench warmer.. i know it is more than football, it is a barbaric belief and I won’t fall for that.
    For some of us yearning for the best for SE, football is not about ethnicity or where you come for, it is about ability, current form, team and performance. 4 goals in 2 world cups are no fluke, Onyekwuru is no Musa..
    Stop supporting players based on ethnicity, allow GR to decide on team selection.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      @larry, You always sound like a bitter tribalist. Why should your posts always be painted with ethnic or tribal under tones?? . Everybody’s post or position on issues that differ from yours is always seen as being tribalistic. Dude, u need to change this backward attitude of yours just for your health sake. You need to have an open mind to issues. Sura the tailor and kel made their comments without any ethnic or tribalistic inclination but yours came with tribalism written all over it as usual. Just my observation and piece of advice

      • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

        Oakfield, like you actually have a beef with Larry before now because HE ACTUALLY MADE A POINT.

        • Oakfield 4 years ago

          @chairmanfemi, what point did he make? Dreys position was that “if” onyekuru continues like this, improving in form with each passing day and “maybe” is in great form ahead of musa that he (onyekuru) might get the nod ahead of musa “if” his form doesn’t measure up. Everything he said was based on probability. You could read in his write up where he (drey) outlines the great qualities of musa and affirms that onyekuru doesn’t stand a chance against an inform musa. @sura the tailor takes the same position. Now, where does tribe come into play in the entirety of dreys post which Larry is pushing some (including u) to believe? Why is sura and kel not taking or thinking in the same direction as Larry?

          • Josiah Ndugbe 4 years ago

            U people should stop this tribalism madness and think like one naija and the good of the SE to greater hight

  • Sura the tailor 4 years ago

    Dr Drey, let me perform a surgical operation on your submission so we can dissect it delicately and accurately. I sincerely hope this settles it once and for all, partner. Step 1, no one is talking crap about Onyekuru, Musa or any other player to start with. Their acts on the field will all be archived at some point and be consulted and referenced when looking back at their time as players. Dude, if Onyekuru performs consistently and solidly in France this season and Musa continues to find goals and assists too hard to come by in Saudi Arabia, even you will not fault Rohr for dropping Musa in place of Onyekuru. All these are conjectures. Perhaps a waste of yours and my time talking about suppositions but if that is how things play out in coming months then Onyekuru will merit his invitation, pure and simple. Step 2, as you and I have already said in agreement, if Musa continues to play well in Saudi Arabia and Onyekuru continues to play well in France, Musa stills merits invitation ahead of Henry. It is a no-brainer and no point in dwelling too much on this. Step 3, by sheer magnitude of his stature and how well he has performed at the World Cups coupled with how inconsistent Onyekuru has been in the last few seasons, it stands to reason that Musa does have higher probability of going to the next world cup ahead of Henry. Dude, I think what we agree on far outweigh areas of disagreement but, Doc, Onyekuru now has every opportunity to stake a claim in the attacking position of the Super Eagles. Comparing his achievements with that of Musa in sheer insanity because the facts are out there for even the partially sighted to see. But, Musa cannot just rest on his world cup and Afcon laurels to secure future Super Eagles invitations. He has got to work hard and he has to prove that he can reprise his roles of 2013, 2014,2018 and 2019. He not getting any younger, he is not getting any faster and he doesn’t seem to be getting any better. If Onyekuru can reproduced the sort of performance that he did over the weekend on a consistent basis, then, why should he not attempt to wrestle a winger shirt off Musa. Listen Doc just put this matter to bed.

  • The Super Eagles at this time has an abundance of left wingers. Ahmed Musa, Moses Simon, Samuel Kalu, Henry Onyekuru, Chidera Ejuke and Dennis Bonaventure. Some can also double as Right wingers or play in a variety of positions.

    Quite simply, the coach just needs to pick the two on best form at the time of call up and based on squad needs. Thereis no room for sentiment or bringing up what they did in 2018 or 2019.

    It is now 2020 and what they have done before is no guarantee that they are on form right now. If we want to do well, we simply have to pick the best two performing left wingers at this time without fear nor favour. The two picked for next month will not necessarily be the two picked for the next three competitive games

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      @ Big D and Sura

      No one is promoting the perpetual turbaning of Musa as the Sarkin Magani of the SE. The National team is no player’s father’s property. Players will go and players will come. And per Rohr’s selction policy, only those who are active, fit and competitive will get called up…..and as much as Musa is still doing his stuff as he has always done, apart from being the captain of the team, he will still get invited as one of the most consistent and super regulars. Like I said before, If Musa doesnt make the SE lists going forward, I personally wouldnt give a hoot about it. Even Musa himself is well aware of the fact that he wouldnt enjoy as much regularity as he used to due to the emergence of the younger ones. He was left out of the friendlies against Ukraine and Brazil last year and was very cool with it.

      But for someone to start telling us “…Musa no fit give that kind assist…”, “…Musa is a flash in the pan…” for an onyekuru who is not even sure of starting Monaco’s next game or a call up to the SE next matches is pure crap. What was so spectacular making a pass into space for a centre forward to finish….that we have not seen Musa do over an over again even as at last year?? Those video clips i posted above was to show those who have short memories of what Musa has been capable of and is still capable of in a SE shirt. In his last match against lesotho, he still came on as a sub to good effect and almost grabbed us another goal within minutes of coming on.

      A winger does not play 87 matches, grab 15 goals (including 4 at the world cup) and 13 assist for his national team by being a flash in the pan. If Onyekuru likes let him play his football in the moon. As long as Musa is still fit and on form he will still make the National team ahead of him. Onyekuru should rather think of displacing the trio of Simon, Kalu and Ejuke before even dreaming of displacing a fit and on form Musa.

      Enough of all these overhyping players who have not even cut their teeth yet. “….Nwakali is better than all SE midfielders including Mikel…”, “Musa nofit give that kind assist…”, “…Isaac Success is Far better than Ighalo…”, “…Musa mohammed far better than all our full backs…”, “…Alampasu is the best Nigerian goalkeeper…”. ALL THESE ARE PURE CRAP. If we think we are helping them, then we are mistaken. We are killing their careers more with all these nonsense statements like these. Youngsters who havent even been anywhere start thinking they have arrived.

      • Vitalis 4 years ago

        In my own opinion, onyekuru only started being a bench warmer when he moved to Monaco. He has always scored more than 15 goals as a winger for every club he has played for. There was a time he was even performing more than all our wingers at club level but he is still made to be on the bench in the super eagles. He doesn’t have the trust of the SE coaches. For me, Onyekuru should be given time and freedom to play his game. Musa has been good for the super eagles no doubt but Onyekuru hasn’t been earning enough trust and time in the SE. I am very sure he can produce spectacular moments like musa does (some times) and even more. At club level, Onyekuru has better records. He is a more than 13 goals winger per season bar Monaco.

        • NA ME TALK AM 4 years ago

          @Vitalis .. Henry Onyekuru has never scored 15 goals per season as a professional footballer . Please stop all this hype about him . Henry Onyekuru has only ONE good season at ( EUPEN with 12 goals and 5 assists ) and ( Galatasary with 14 goals and 3 assists )

          He played for EUPEN , ANDERLECHT , GALATASARY and MONACO and he only had one good season at EUPEN ( 2016 ) and GALATASARY ( 2018 )

          HENRY is a ONE SEASON wonder footballer until he proves otherwise . Everyone needs to stop the hype and just let the guy grow into a proper and standard player.

          Yes he has the talent but then he’s not a super-star as claimed by many in this forum .

          I repeat Henry has never scored 15 goals per season as a professional player .

          God bless Nigeria

          • Vitalis 4 years ago

            Get your facts right bro. He also scored more than 10 goals for Anderlecht. I have been following his progress and I am very sure of what am saying. I am not hyping anyone, just saying things as it is. Anderlecht never wanted him to go but he left because they prevented him from being selected for the world cup by claiming he is injured. This guy didn’t do well only in Monaco where he wasn’t even given much opportunity. Mind you, that a player seats on the bench or doesn’t play and sold doesn’t mean he isn’t a good player it only means he doesn’t fit into the coach’s philosophy. Great players have been and are still being benched, so what’s the thing about this guy.

  • Sunnyb 4 years ago

    Nigerians  at it again oooo, onyekuru is now a superstar that would bench Musa just like that. Based on one fluke performance onyekuru is the new messiah of Nigeria soccer abi, continue guys. Thank God most Rohr’s selections  are based on merits.  I like onyekuru I promoted the guy on this forum even before most guys knew about him, but common guys comparing him with Musa is a joke taken way to far. 

  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    This issue is a big headache to the gaffer, musa has done very well for us but you can’t ignore upcoming talents also.

    It’s a sensitive topic and I feel we should allow the coach to deal with it after all he was payed for it . 

    Wing positions of chukwueze,Dennis, kalu and ejuke will be a nightmare to any team in the world.

    These are really quality players that can give any team in world a run for their money, but Musa’s experiences shouldn’t be underestimated.

  • Emmanuel 4 years ago

    A great disservice to these players when u put them up for a debate of this nature.We give them up to all forms of abuse and unwarranted remarks.I saw the game, not just the pass but the over all play of Onyekuru was good.The quality of that pass shows the quality of that guy.However,I hate where comparism of this nature is made.This is the reason Rohr will keep offending the likes of the guy who raised this topic,cos Rohr will strive to keep the chemistry of his team together no matter what.I do not mean competence will be sacrificed on the alter of mediocrity,but come to think of it Musa is playing well where he is and when he’s not scoring he’s making assist.Onyekuru will always get his chances.They are all Nigerians and we want them to do well.

    On this point,only Rohr and time will be the ultimate deciders.

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    Only if Onyekuru can tie down a regular shirt at Monaco will he get a chance to get back to the SuperEagles. Musa is currently not doing bad in the gulf. If im not mistaken i think he’s already scored and provided assist since the league started. We have abundance of options on the wings and im salivating the competition brought to the team by Rohr. However, as long as Musa keep fit and inform he will always be the first name on the list going to the next AFCON and Mundial if we qualify. Oga Sura the Tailor welcome back. Good to see some old folks back on the forum all thanks to the progress on the SuperEagles made by Rohr.

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